- I am a Gypsy Prince 2 -
Harry AnderS, Dutch psychotherapist and writer of many 'books with a message'

' Book 2 - Our Lucky Mascot '

(This is the SECOND book of my famous sequel 'I am a Gypsy Prince')


19. 'Communism'; narrating mode; caught in a nasty police raid.

    Some time later, I saw the same wrecked old bus I had seen before. However, this time, it seemed to be inhabited by even more thin and filthy gadjo kids!
Feeling sad about their obviously very difficult situation, I started to think... Wouldn't we be able to help them, by sharing our own sudden wealth with them?
I was sure we had now more than enough food and money for all of us...

    However, before I could ask my question to Michail or Pietro, we had already left the old bus behind. Now, it was too late to ask Michail to stop, turn around, and help them.
Maybe, a next time, I would ask him a bit earlier.
I leaned into Pietro's broad chest, pulled his safe arms around me, and started to think some more...

    Of course, I had to wait first, until I would be old enough to be a powerful King and reign...
But, then, I would change the way the world behaved, by forcing everybody to share their own wealth with all their fellow human beings! That way, nobody would ever be hungry again, or be compelled to beg for their daily food. Both gadjo's and Gypsies would work together brotherly, earning the same amount of money.
Then, everybody would be the same, sharing all their possessions among each other!

    It was a shame that, up to now, nobody else had thought of such an easy and practical solution...
It was time to change the world, by rooting out all poverty and inequality!
After some more thinking, I even found a name for it. Because the entire world would change into one big Community like ours, I would call my solution 'Communism'.
I almost couldn't wait to start...


    Then, I saw our own mountains with their glowing snow-clad tops, showing up in the distance!
My heart jumped up in my chest, while I nearly started to sob from my powerful emotions of recognition. This was where my home was; and it also was where I belonged, for all eternity!
Nothing would ever be able to pull me away from our own campfire and so well-known circle of caravans!
I heaved a deep sigh of content, while I looked for the intersection where we would leave the highway and go home.

    Soon, our truck slowed down; and Michail adeptly turned it into the narrow path that led us to the friendly 'hotel'. A moment later, my Big Friend parked our combination in the clearing, and stopped its engine.
Hastily, we left our truck and caravan, to take a fast leak and enjoy our short break, before we went on. We wanted to be home as soon as possible, to tell our waiting parents about our adventures!

    However, the nice hotel owner already appeared in the double doorway. Enthusiastically, she invited the grown-ups and me in again, smiling broadly as usual.

    This time, I took Misha's hand, and dragged him with me through the double doors! I was sure the nice woman wouldn't mind at all; and I wanted my friend to have a look for himself at the enormous room inside this building...

    A minute later, Misha and I drank our tasty lemonade with an ice cube, while the grown-ups sipped their steaming coffee.
A man showed up and offered us some inviting looking pastries, but both Misha and I declined politely. Our stomachs were still filled to the brim with our gadjo goodies!
The man smiled, put the pastries away, and disappeared outside with a full platter of cups of lemonade...

    After some small talk with our grown-ups, the nice hotel owner turned towards me, and asked:

    "And, my young Prince; how was your first day in a gadjo town? Did you help your friend?"

    Immediately, everybody turned their chairs towards Misha and me.
Of course, they already knew what would come; but they obviously wanted to hear our story for a second or even third time...
Okay; I decided not to disappoint them!

    This time, I wanted to try out a new kind of 'narrating mode'. Therefore, I rose upright onto my chair, so that everybody could see and hear me even better.
From my makeshift pedestal, I looked at my waiting audience, one by one, to build up some tension...
Then, I started to tell them enthusiastically about Misha's and my adventures in the strange gadjo town.

    Vividly, I described the many houses and multi-story flats; where lots of gadjo's were living together as bunches of huge rats in their over-crowded nests.
Their always fully clad children thought that all gadjo's were nasty throat-cutters; and they chased us away by yelling and throwing pebbles at us.
The central marked looked like sort of a huge and busy anthill, full of swarming gadjo's who never paid any real attention to each other.
Although the grown-up gadjo's used very mean words and tried to shoo us away, they still seemed to have preserved some compassion...
Therefore, after they saw my teary eyes, they suddenly offered me lots of food and money, before they told Misha and me to leave immediately!
Then, some strange gadjo man offered quite a lot of flaps of money to Misha, because he wanted to 'play' with me in a stinking restroom stall...
However, Misha and I cleverly locked him up in his own stall; and now, the big crybaby started to curse and beg for mercy!
Feeling proud of ourselves, we returned to our waiting caravan and handed our money to Michail; and everybody now called me their 'Lucky Mascot'...

    I looked at my audience, and suddenly felt a bit shy and timid.
Everybody's eyes were on me, while they listened intently to my story, with their mouths agape!
For a moment, they were dead silent, slowly closing their mouths... Then, they all started to cheer and applaud, making the windows rumble!
Obviously, they liked my new way of storytelling very much.

    I sat down again, silently basking in the nice feeling of being applauded.
In the meantime, everybody started to talk at the same time, about nasty gadjo's wanting to abuse innocent little children...
Fortunately, their little Prince had escaped such an ordeal, albeit with the invaluable help of his big friend, Misha. Thus, he certainly had proven to be able to fend for himself, even in an unknown gadjo town!

    Then, the nice hotel owner turned towards Misha, and told him:

    "Please, Misha, always be extremely cautious with such a dangerous 'game'! Fortunately, this time, everything turned out for the best.
"However, a next time, you could be in severe danger! Please, never again provoke such a venture with such a small and vulnerable boy..."

    Misha looked a little bit guilty, but he responded:

    "Yes, I promise; but Harry is NOT a vulnerable boy! For example, he is capable of reading any human mind effortlessly.
"Last year, he forced a police officer to leave our camp in a sudden hurry, by filling the officer's mind with pictures of dancing devils.
"I am sure he would do a similar thing to this weird gadjo, or even worse, in case the man would ever try to attack or abuse him!
"That is why I trusted my friend to do exactly the right things; also because he knew what I intended to do, by reading my mind.
"With any other little boy at my side, I would have told the man to go play with himself; or to go to hell, whatever comes first!"

    Everybody started to laugh, even the still worried looking hotel owner.

    After drinking our coffee and lemonade, we wanted to go home, because we felt rather tired. We thanked the nice woman politely for all the good things she always did for us. Next, every single man got an enormous bear hug, and she tried to crush me against her huge bosom!
She walked us to the door; and told us to visit her again, anytime we were on our way to a gadjo city.

    We entered our truck and caravan, Michail started the engine; and, again, we were on our way home.
Again, I sat glued to the front windshield, looking at all the huge boulders and nasty potholes that tried to block our way.
Fortunately, Michail was a very competent driver!


    Within half an hour, our truck-and-caravan-combination reentered our circle of caravans.
Immediately, all my people crowded around us, feeling happy to see us back in good health.
After receiving many hugs, Michail emptied a couple bags of gadjo goodies onto a big platter...

    A little cannonball wrestled through the herd, until he reached me.
Next, he launched himself onto me at full speed, with a loud Indian yell!
    Using all his little limbs to octopus himself onto my neck and chest, he sobbed:

    "Harry, I've missed you terribly! All the time, I thought of you, hoping the nasty gadjo's wouldn't harm you or kill you..."

    "Well, as you can see for yourself, nobody harmed or killed me! And, I'm bringing home a lot of money and a bag full of tasty gadjo goodies."

    "Really? Where are they? Can I taste one?"

    Little Dimi's built-in sun started to shine again, while he untangled himself from my chest and raced to Michail to have his share of the goodies.
Chuckling, I mused that it was extremely easy to soothe such a small child! I only hadn't realized he would be this worried about me.
My own little son, from one of our past lives...

    Our cars with all the other grown-ups showed up; carrying lots of nice gadjo clothes and other useful things. They had visited another gadjo town, far away, to snatch away from rich people anything valuable they could lay their hands on.
Immediately, we helped them stow away all the goods into our special caves along the ravines.
In rank, we marched on and off, until our cars were emptied.

    Next, we sat down around our campfire, while our men told us about a day without any difficulties or troubles.
After we had told them about our strange adventures, and earning such a lot of money, Misha and I were the day's heroes! We had to tell them our story over and again, until we started to be hoarse and had to drink lots of water.
Everybody around us wanted to ruffle our hair and slap our shoulders!

    My proud Dad beamed when he heard our story; and he lifted me high into the air:

    "Boy, now I am very glad I've allowed you to join Misha to that gadjo town. You certainly are our Lucky Mascot!"

    Again, I marveled in the nice feeling of being a 'Lucky Mascot'; although I still didn't understand what I had done to earn all those praises...

    Michail stowed the remainder of our gadjo food away, to serve us during the forthcoming days.
Our violin players started to play beautiful melodies, full of joy and happiness.
Soon, everybody was singing, dancing around, and having lots of fun!

    We all sang and danced all night, until we were too tired to lift our feet off the ground...
Finally, we wavered towards our caravans, to have some sleep and dream of joy and happiness.
We were planning to sleep through at least a huge part of the next morning...


    I woke up in total darkness, and needed a moment to realize what alerted me.
Outside our caravan, I heard the sounds of several cars, entering our camp at high speed!
Not knowing what to think of all that sudden noise, I sat upright in my bed and listened...
Car doors slammed, and many strange sounding voices yelled and shouted all over our place.
What the heck was happening to our always so peaceful camp?

    My Dad showed up in my sleeping den, looking nervous and worried, while he whispered:

    "Please, my son; be swift! Flee to our spare caravan, as I've told you before, and hide inside it until the coast is clear!"

    He opened a small hatch in the floor of our caravan, and hurriedly pushed me through.

    I landed in the small space between our caravan and the ground, and shivered from the sudden cold on my naked body. Over my head, I heard my Dad close the hatch and drag something heavy onto it.
Still feeling drowsy from sleepiness, I slowly crawled from under our caravan; while trying to orientate myself in the darkness outside our circle...
But, what was all that strange yelling and shouting around our campfire?

    Slowly waking up some more, my natural curiosity took the upper hand...
After a moment, I decided to have a quick look at what was happening!
Of course, I remembered what I had promised, about fleeing immediately towards our old spare caravan... But, just looking at the pandemonium in our camp couldn't cause much of a problem, or could it?

    I crawled back under our caravan, hid behind one of the cartwheels, and peeked through its spokes... Suddenly feeling shocked, I stared at the strange spectacle around our campfire, almost forgetting to hide properly...

    Wherever I looked, police officers carrying flashlights were running around our camp, loudly shouting their orders.
Many police cars with burning headlights tried to light the environment, causing spooky shadows.
The officers yelled at everybody, opened all our caravans, and harshly told our people to leave and wait outside.
Other officers dragged several of our confused looking men to their waiting cars, where they roughly pushed them into the back seats.
Why the heck did they do that, and where were our men going?

    One of the officers marched to our black-and-golden Royal caravan, and opened its door without knocking first. Without asking permission, he rudely entered our home, without wiping his feet or excusing himself, the brutal.
Our own people would never do such an impolite thing!

    A moment later, the officer returned, roughly pushing my protesting Dad towards one of the waiting police cars.
My Mom starting to cry, while my Dad tried to turn around to reassure her from a distance...

    Suddenly, I exploded with anger, almost growling from hatred! Those nasty police officers had to keep their stinking hands off my Dad!
Who did they think they were, with their rude and almighty behavior? My Dad was our King, and they should pay him their utmost respect!

    Forgetting all my promises, I crawled from under our caravan, as fast as my legs would let me. I was NOT going to hide in that old spare caravan; because I was our Prince, and my Dad needed me!
Immediately jumping onto my feet, I stormed blindly towards the nasty officer who dared humiliate my Dad. Uttering a loud growl, I bumped my head into his stomach, making the surprised man sway and pant for air.
Then, I started to kick and pummel him, using my feet and fists as furiously as I could.
    Almost hiccupping with anger, I shouted:

    "Keep your stinking hands off my FATHER!"

    Another uniformed officer looked at the spectacle, and started to guffaw. Still chuckling, he came over to rescue his surprised companion, who desperately tried to fend me off...
    He grabbed my still flailing arms; and lifted me high into the air, while he snickered:

    "Look at what I found today! Here is a little half-breed Gypsy, as naked as the day he was born!"

    Bellowed with laughter, he slung me onto his shoulders, and marched off.

    Of course, I tried to fight the officer with all my might, by pummeling and kicking him; but to no avail. He just dragged me towards the waiting police cars; where he dropped me into one of them, upside down!
Not realizing what happened, I landed on my head and injured my knee.
Ouch, that hurt!

    Still trembling with hatred, I grabbled around in some car that smelled of gadjo.
For a moment, I felt confused and dizzy, while I tried to find out where I was. Then, I suppressed my emotions and forced myself to calm down, by taking a couple of deep breaths.
Looking around in amazement, I tried to find out where all those upside-down legs came from...
In the meantime, I licked my painful lip, rubbed my knee, and tried to repress my upcoming tears.

    Suddenly, the car door slammed shut, the engine came to life, and we drove off.
Where were we going, in this smelly upside-down police car?
And, where were they taking me and all those strange legs?

    A couple of hands helped me to my feet; and, now, I recognized several well-known faces.
Immediately, I felt a lot safer, because I was with my own people! I was sure they all would defend me with their own lives, if necessary.
    Still licking my painful lip, I crawled onto one of the inviting laps, from where I asked:

    "Where are we going? And, why are those police officers so rude and mean?"

    Before anybody could answer my question, one of the police officers turned around angrily...
Unexpectedly, I slammed down onto another lap, because the officer forcefully slapped my face!
    He turned back towards the road, while he snarled:

    "Shut up; and I warn you not to make another sound!"

    My world whirled around and around, while my painful left ear started to sizzle and whistle...
For a moment, I didn't understand what had happened, because this was the first time ever anybody slapped my face. I felt disorientated, and had a strange idea of our Supreme Being pulling a trick with his rope of gravity...
Then, I started to cry from the shock, the frustration, and the sudden humiliation.

    Again, the officer turned around, while he barked at me:

    "Stop crying NOW; else I kick you out of the car and leave you to the wolves!"

    I felt severely shocked, into my deepest core, by his harsh and merciless voice.
And, of course, I also didn't want to be eaten alive by a flock of hungry wolves!
I knew they were out there, although they never approached our camp...
And, why had that officer slapped my face this forcefully, for the first time in my life?
What had I done, to deserve this cruel treatment?

    Suddenly, I gasped; while I started to panic at a dreadful thought...
Had the officers now started their 'crazy gadjo habits' Misha had warned me about?
Were those gadjo officers now going to 'abuse' me, whatever it might be?
Misha had told me that all gadjo lunatics wanted to do that to little boys with innocent eyes like me...
Although I still didn't know what 'abuse' was, the word sounded very creepy...
An unexpected wave of sickness overwhelmed me, and I started to puke.

    At seeing me panic and puke, all my people rose to their feet! Acting as one man, they attacked the officer who had slapped my face, and nearly killed him.
They only calmed down after the other officer drew his gun and threatened to shoot everybody...
Reluctantly, they sat down again, still looking furious and ready to murder both officers, if necessary.

    The officer who had slapped my face, continued to cough and groan for quite some time.
Now and then, he threw up some reddish slime, while he rubbed his painful throat.
The other officer carefully kept his eyes on the road, not daring to look at me or at my people.
The coward...

    In the meantime, my people tried to clean my face, using their hands and some spit...



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Harry AnderS, Dutch psychotherapist and writer of 'books with a message'