- I am a Gypsy Prince 2 -
Harry AnderS, Dutch psychotherapist and writer of many 'books with a message'

' Book 2 - Our Lucky Mascot '

(This is the SECOND book of my famous sequel 'I am a Gypsy Prince')


20. Entering a restroom; and again winning over a police officer.

    During the remainder of our trip, I sobbed silently, inwardly dreading what would come next.
Both police officers in their front seats looked very pale, not daring to utter any more words.
They just drove on and on, silently following their companions, while keeping their eyes on the road...

    My own people kept silent as well, except for a few softly whispered words to cheer me up.
However, their cheerful whispers couldn't really reach me in my worrying.
I had slumped down onto some lap, still trembling all over, and stinking of sour smelling puke.
While trying to repress my sobs, I started to worry even more...

    What were those nasty police officers going to do with my people, and with me?
Were they going to abuse everybody, or did they 'abuse' only innocent little kids like me...
Would being 'abused' be very painful, maybe even more than being slapped in my face?
Misha told me that all gadjo's wanted to 'abuse' sweet little boys like me, to have some strange pleasure out of it...
However, he did not tell me WHAT exactly the gadjo's wanted to do with little boys, besides 'feeling them up'...

    Stealthily, I tried to read the minds of both police officers in their front seats.
However, I didn't pick up anything of value, because my Inner Self felt way too agitated.
I only sensed that the officers were afraid of us too; and that made me feel a little bit better!
Obviously, I wasn't the only one who dreaded what could happen next...


    Finally, the row of police cars drove into the backyard of a huge gadjo police station, where they stopped.
Both still very pale looking officers left 'our' car in a hurry, without looking at us or uttering any words.
Silently, they waited outside the car, until all the other cars had stopped and all the officers had crowded together.
For a moment, they all put their heads together and deliberated among each other...
Then, they drew their guns, opened all the car doors from the outside, and harshly told us to enter the police building.

    We left 'our' police car, and slowly followed our line of people towards a huge steel door.
Shivering in the nightly cold, I got goose bumps all over my naked body, while my teeth started to chatter uncontrollably.
Inwardly, I wondered how I would look now; as our little Prince, having dried puke smeared all over my tear-stained face...

    From some distance, my Dad stared at me, with a worried face and teary eyes.
Immediately, I smiled at him, to let him know all was well and that I was still alive and kicking!
Looking relieved, my Dad smiled back at me, silently telling me not to worry about him either.
Fortunately, he wasn't mad at me, for not obeying his orders...

    The police officers drove us into their building; where we walked into a long corridor with several closed doors.
Near the end, they opened one of the doors; and we entered a dull and cheerless looking waiting room...
Harshly, while swaying their guns, the officers told us to sit down on a couple of wooden benches against a wall.
All our men sat down, next to each other, huddling together, silently waiting for the things to come...

    Because I didn't want the officers to focus on my Dad, I crawled onto on of the other laps, to feel safer.
Of course, my Dad wanted to stay incognito; without letting the officers know who he was in reality, or that they had caught his little son as well!
And, if my Dad had wanted me to join him, he surely would have let me know, by winking at me or beckoning me to come over.
Okay; even here, in this gadjo lion's den, my Dad could trust me and count on me!
I would not give our secret away.

    After a moment of silence, a couple of police officers huddled together and deliberated with muffled voices.
They seemed to be in some heated discussion, but I didn't pick up what they were talking about in their gadjo language...
After they finally fell silent, one of the officers came straight up to me!
    Grabbing my arm and pulling me off my safe lap, he told me in my own language:

    "You come with me!"

    Suddenly feeling frightened, I panicked again, because I certainly didn't want to be torn away from my own people!
I was sure that, for so long as I stayed with my own folks, my people would help me and protect me with their own lives...
But, what would happen to me, if this gadjo officer took me to another room, to 'abuse' me?
Ultimately, I was only a five-and-a-half-year-old small and vulnerable little boy, for crying out loud!
Couldn't I just go home, to resume my sleep in my own safe and cozy sleeping den?

    I started to fight the officer, kicking and pummeling him with all my might, while I shouted:

    "Leave me alone! I don't want to be here! I want to go home..."

    The officer didn't listen; but he just scooped me off the floor and swung me onto his shoulder.

    That seemed to be the signal for my own rescue team to intervene!
Suddenly, all my people rose to their feet, as one man, with grim faces.
They stomped towards the officer and me, clearly planning to rescue me from my assaulter!
Yes! They WERE going to protect me...

    Unfortunately, all the other officers immediately drew their guns, while one of them barked:

    "Go back and sit down, NOW; or we will shoot you down!"

    For a moment, my people hesitated, looking at me and at each other...

    All of a sudden, I realized that they really were offering their own lives to me, to rescue me from being abused!
Did they really love me this much?
But, I didn't want them to be shot down, only because they wanted to help their little Prince!
Whatever being 'abused' might be, being 'shot down' certainly would be much worse!

    I stopped my struggle; and told the officer who carried me, with a fierce voice:

    "Please, put me down; and I am coming with you voluntarily."

    Everybody fell silent; while the surprised looking police officers hesitantly lowered their guns.

    My own people looked surprised too; but they also slowly retreated towards their benches and sat down again.
Obviously, they knew me well enough to trust me, knowing that my bright brain had already cooked up some clever plan...
I sent them a thankful look, while 'my' officer slowly lowered me towards the ground and put me onto my feet.

    Without any hesitation, I took the officer's hand, while I told him with my firmest voice:

    "Let's go!"

    Inwardly, I shuddered from all my built-up fear and tension!
However, outwardly, I forced myself to be calm and at ease, as befits a real Royal Prince.
My beloved subjects had been willing to offer me their own lives, to rescue me...
Now, it was my time to pay them back, by rescuing them from being shot down!

    The gadjo officers could do with me as they liked!
That is, for as long as I let them do what they wanted...
However, they would only have my body; because my mind and my soul belonged to ME and to my own people!
And, they had to pay me for it, as Misha had taught me while we were begging in that gadjo town.
Two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand LEI, and that was only for 'feeling me up'!

    Determinedly, I dragged the officer towards the door; at the same time winking at my own people.
My beloved subjects could trust me, because I was doing the only right thing.
Their 'Lucky Mascot' would again survive and triumph!
Of course, I still didn't know what would happen to me; but I would play it by ear...

    The surprised officer followed me without any protest, like some huge puppy dog!
I opened the door, dragged him through it, and closed the door behind after again winking at my own people.
Now, we were back into the hollow sounding corridor with its many closed doors...
Where would my puppy dog officer want to bring me, to start his 'abuse'?
Would it be very painful?

    Suddenly, I felt a lot less sure; now that I was without any protection, other than what my own bright mind offered me...
I still didn't know for sure what this police officer had planned to do with me!
Was he really going to 'abuse' me; as Misha had told me all gadjo's always wanted to do with innocent little boys?
Involuntarily, I started to tremble all over again, feeling very tiny and vulnerable.
Wasn't I grotesquely overplaying my 'lucky mascot' hand?

    In the meantime, the officer had taken over; and he guided me towards one of the many closed doors...

    In sudden shock, I stared at a colored gadjo sign on the door, showing a picture of a man next to a toilet!
I was sure I had seen such a strange sign before, in a small deserted alley in some gadjo town!
I could almost taste the same stale smell behind the gadjo restroom door...
Or, was that my own dried puke?

    The officer opened the door, and gently pushed me into the already brightly illuminated room...

    I looked around, and involuntarily gasped from my suddenly upwelling fear, while I nearly started to puke again!
Almost panicking, I stared at a long row of small stall doors, all of them opened invitingly...
This room WAS a gadjo restroom!
Oh NO; please, not AGAIN...

    Trembling all over, I was sure the gadjo officer would 'abuse' me here, or whatever else he had planned to do!
For what else could he want me to enter this restroom?
Only, this time, Misha would not be here to rescue me; by locking my abuser in with a broomstick.
This time, I had to fend for myself, relying solely on my own clever inventiveness...

    However, what could I do against such a strong police officer, probably soon followed by all his companions?
I was way too agitated, to even think of sending pictures of nasty devils into their heads...
My beloved Ancestors, please, help me!

    A second later, I forced myself to calm down, while taking a couple of deep breaths.
I would bear everything the officer did in stride, as a real Gypsy Prince and Lucky Mascot!
I would show him that I was PROUD of myself, whatever he was going to do with me!
And, of course, he had to PAY me for his 'feeling up'.
Two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand LEI, to pay in advance!

    The officer put his huge hands onto my shoulders, and gently pushed me towards a small washbasin...
To my utmost surprise, he took a couple of tissues from an automatic container, and wet them under the water tap.
Carefully, he started to clean my face and chest from all the dried puke, throwing the soiled tissues into a waste bin.
Next, he dried me all over with another couple of tissues.
Finally, he dried my still teary eyes, and helped me blow my nose...

    Would the officer want me to be spotlessly clean, before he started his abusing?

    However, suddenly, I started to doubt; while I looked up and stared into his eyes.
The man's ministrations felt as if he really cared for me; and I was sure he tried to help me respectfully!
Maybe, this gadjo man was less mean than I expected him to be...

    The officer stared back into my eyes; while he smiled at me, seemingly a bit bashfully...

    However, now, I remembered the other gadjo man; who also had smiled at me, before he wanted to 'feel me up'!
Shuddering from a new wave of fear, I decided not to fall into his tricks!
I knew what smiling gadjo people wanted to do next...

    Unfortunately for the smiling officer, he was interrupted by the suddenly opening door.
A tall gadjo man entered the restroom, carrying a pair of gray and dull looking gadjo trousers.
This man looked at me as if he pitied me; while he too tried to smile at me...

    However, I didn't respond, and just stared back at him.
I didn't want to be pitied; but I wanted to go home and resume my much needed sleep, preferably as soon as possible!

    The bashfully smiling gadjo man handed me the pair of trousers, telling me to put them on...

    Oh yeah; I totally forgot about their strict nudity laws Michail had told me about.
They were forcing me to wear some garment to cover myself, unless I wanted to be put into jail for a very long time...
Trying to look a bit more grateful, I took the trousers and tried to clamber into them.

    However, the gadjo trousers immediately turned out to be way too big for my tiny frame!
In vain, I tried to hoist them up; feeling clumsy, and undoubtedly looking utterly ridiculous...
Why did I have to wear those way too big and stupid looking gadjo things?
Was this another part of their 'abusing'?

    I looked up at the gadjo man; but he seemed to be even more bashful and averted his eyes.
He rummaged in his pockets, and came up with two small pieces of rope.
Hesitantly, he handed them to me, now showing me a faint smile.
To my surprise, I sensed that this man felt even more ashamed than I was...

    Both he and the police officer left the restroom without saying a word, leaving me alone!
Feeling very surprised, I stared at the now slowly closing door.
Were they NOT going to 'abuse' me, or 'feel me up'?
For a moment, I felt relieved...
But, then, I started to doubt again.

    Would they return soon, this time accompanied by all the other officers, to resume their 'abuse'?
Well, then, they would have to pay me for their strange gadjo pleasures!
Two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand LEI, a person, to be paid in advance!
Else, I would gather all my shaman forces, and wreck their minds by sending lots of glowing embers into their weird gadjo brains!
Suddenly, I felt a bit better, chuckling inwardly at my own bravery...

    Feeling a bit more determined, I sat down, and wrapped up the way too long trouser-legs.
I also tried to fasten the stupid things, by knotting the pieces of rope together and put them around my too small waist...
However, the same moment I rose from the floor, the trousers immediately sagged down towards my knees!
After a couple more tries, I gave up, and just held onto the unwilling things with my hands.

    Next, I stepped towards the door, and tried to open it.
I wanted to flee from this nasty police station; preferably before the officer returned, followed by all his companions!
However, much to my disappointment, he seemed to have locked the door from the outside.
Obviously, he had been afraid I would try to flee the very moment he left me...
Well, of course, he was absolutely right.
I certainly didn't want to be here!
I didn't want to be 'abused' either.
I wanted to go home and resume my sleep...

    Now that I was alone, I felt dead tired from deprived sleep and all my built-up emotions.
I went to the small water tap and gulped a lot of water; using my hands as I always did under our waterfall.
Next, feeling very uneasy, I jumped into one of the open stalls, and hastily emptied my bladder without closing its door.
Almost stumbling over my own feet, I left the stall, panting from nervousness.
One could never know...

    Finally, I slumped down onto the floor, with my arms around my legs and my head resting on my knees.
This time, I felt grateful, for wearing my gadjo trousers on this rather chilly tile floor!
    Slowly, I started to doze away, being very sleepy and dead tired...


    I woke up, because somebody suddenly opened the door and stepped inside the restroom.
For a moment, I squinted at the very bright lamplight, trying to see how many officers would follow...
Then, I saw that only one police officer had entered the room, smiling at my still very sleepy face.
    He offered me his hand, to lift me onto my feet, while he told me:

    "Sorry, my young friend; for letting you wait. We had to interrogate all the others first. Now, please, stand up and follow me."

    Well... this smiling police officer looked and sounded very friendly.
He even called me his 'young friend'...
However, what the heck was 'interrogate'?
This unknown gadjo word sounded very creepy!
Had it to do with the 'abuse' they had planned?
And, was it now my turn to be 'interrogated'?
I shivered at the unwelcome thought, and felt myself panicking again...

    The officer saw the panic in my eyes, and immediately tried to reassure me:

    "Please, don't be afraid. We only want to ask you a few questions. Trust me, and nothing will happen to you."

    Did this gadjo police officer really ask me to TRUST him?
Didn't the man know what had happened to me, during the last few hours?
How would I ever be able to 'trust' one of the officers who kidnapped my Dad, and threw me upside down into a police car, in the middle of the night?
And, he really told me 'nothing will happen to you'?
How about slapping my face, threatening to throw me to the wolves, and all the other humiliations I had to endure?
Were all the nasty things he and his companions had done to me, only 'nothing' to this officer?
I will certainly NOT trust him, or any of his nasty gadjo companions!

    I glared at him, while sending him as much disdain as I was able to muster...

    Suddenly, the officer staggered and gasped, grabbing his head as if he was in pain...
At the same time, he hastily averted his eyes from my furious stare.
The smile left his face; while he prevented himself from falling over, by holding onto the still open door.
Obviously, my eyes full of disdain and fury had made him feel very unsure...

    Looking at him, I started to feel quite a lot better, almost chuckling inwardly.
Again, I had stared a police officer down, for the second time in my young life!
Now feeling very proud of myself, I straightened my back and sat more upright.
I never knew that winning over a gadjo grown-up would be this easy!

    Of course, the police officers were much stronger than I was...
They certainly were a lot bigger than I was...
They even could do me some bodily harm, like slapping my face...
But, they would never WIN.
I clearly was the mentally strongest one!

    Deliberately ignoring the officer's still outstretched hand, I rose to my feet without any help.
Next, I went straight through the open door and entered the corridor, proudly leading the way.
Our Lucky Mascot was in full action!

    From now on, I would be fearless; knowing the officers could never win, not even over such a small boy as I was.
I would let myself be 'felt up', 'abused', or 'interrogated' by them, without crying or uttering any audible sound!
I would show them I was a real Gypsy boy, and that I was proud of my origin!
And, of course, they would have to pay me for my services, in advance!

    The still dazed looking officer trotted after me, following me into the corridor like some faithful puppy dog following its master...



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Harry AnderS, Dutch psychotherapist and writer of 'books with a message'