- I am a Gypsy Prince 2 -
Harry AnderS, Dutch psychotherapist and writer of many 'books with a message'

' Book 2 - Our Lucky Mascot '

(This is the SECOND book of my famous sequel 'I am a Gypsy Prince')


21. Interrogated; and the officers were protecting me, from what?

    For a moment, a joyful thought entered my mind, while I stepped into the long corridor.
Maybe, this officer had NOT planned to abuse me; because he let me leave the restroom without intervening.
Perhaps, he would bring me back to my own people, after he had 'interrogated' me?
However, that strange word, 'interrogate', still sounded very creepy!

    What would the officer do, if I went straight to the waiting room where my own people had been?
Would my Dad still be there, after being 'interrogated', impatiently waiting for his little son to show up?
Probably, he would bellow with laughter and slap his knees, at seeing me clad in these loathsome gadjo trousers!

    I missed my Dad terribly; and desperately wanted to sit on his lap and be squashed in between his strong arms, as usual...
In the meantime, I held on to my too big trousers with both hands, thus prohibiting them from sagging down my knees.

    Determinedly, I started to walk; towards where I thought the door to the waiting room could be.
Only, all these doors were looking exactly the same; and my 'abilities' still didn't work, because I felt way too tired and agitated...
Feeling unsure, I walked from door to door, hoping to feel or hear my own people...
What, if I started to shout for help, and my people heard me and came over to rescue me?
However, I also didn't want my folks being shot down by the other officers...

    Before I had decided what to do, my puppy dog officer reached me and took my arm.
He guided me towards one of the nearby doors, and opened it.
Next, he beckoned me to enter the room...

    For a moment, I felt happy.
Could this be a waiting room; where my people were waiting for me, to go home together?
I entered the relatively small room; still trying to keep my silly gadjo trousers onto my hips, with only one hand...

    Suddenly, I felt utterly deluded in my hopeful expectations!
 I forgot to hold on to my trousers; which immediately slid down onto the floor, with a soft thump.
Feeling very disappointed, I stared at a small wooden table, surrounded by four wooden chairs.
One of the chairs held another police officer, obviously waiting for us to show up...

    The new officer saw me, looked at my sunken trousers, and started to laugh at my obvious dismay!

    For the first time in my young life, I felt strangely ashamed of my exposed nudity.
I didn't know why, but this chuckling gadjo police officer had no right to laugh at my displayed body like this!
So far, nobody had ever ridiculed me, or laughed at me, for being unclad...
In our own secluded community, we always wore our clothes only for protection against the cold.
For example, we didn't even have a proper word for 'being naked'!

    My face felt hot, undoubtedly coloring a deep red; while I dived towards the floor, and pulled 'my' trousers up towards my chin at lightning speed.

    Now, I almost started to cry, from my disturbing feelings of sudden shame and humiliation.
However, within a second, I repressed my tears, forcing myself to return into my feelings of pride.
I was NOT a crybaby, for crying out loud; but a proud Gypsy boy!
This still chuckling police officer would NOT corrupt my Inner Self!
I only had to be strong enough...

    The still smiling officer rose from his chair, and politely offered me his hand.
However, I stubbornly refused to cooperate with the enemies!
I didn't fall into this too obvious trick, because I knew what he wanted to do next...
Staring straight into his eyes, I tried to let the officer feel my rejection and disdain.
In the meantime, I took a chair and sat down, waiting for the things to come, still feeling dead tired and sleepy.
I wanted to get this all over with as soon as possible, so that I could go home...

    The police officer looked at me with a stunned face, as if he couldn't believe what he saw.
Clearly, he felt rather taken aback by my obvious determination and my still piercing stare!
After a moment, he shook his head as if he wanted to get rid of something, while he averted his eyes.
Slowly, he slumped back onto his chair, now looking at his companion for any help or advice...

    However, the other officer only shrugged his shoulders.
He sat down onto one of the other chairs; while looking at me, curiously, but also with some respect.
Obviously, both officers didn't know how to handle such a small boy displaying such an enormous amount of Inner Power...


    After a long time of silence, the new officer hesitantly asked me:

    "Why were you naked when we found you? Are your parents forcing you to walk around like that? You can tell me everything..."

    What? Did I understand his question correctly?
This had to be absolutely the silliest presumption I ever heard in my young life!
Why would my parents ever force me to do something that felt totally natural to do so?
Everybody in our Gypsy camp always slept naked; both our grown-ups and their children.
Except for little babies and our 'diaper kids', who had to wear their diapers at night because they else wet their beds...

    Had this silly question to do with their gadjo 'nudity laws', forcing all the gadjo's to be dressed all the time, even when sleeping in their own beds?
Would the officers now try to put me in jail for a very long time, for walking around naked?
Or, had they finally started their 'interrogation', whatever that might be?

    Suddenly, I sensed what the exact meaning was of their strange word 'interrogation'!
I started to snicker, while I inwardly almost cheered from sudden relief.
'Interrogation' was only their gadjo word for our own concept of 'asking questions'...
I had nothing to be afraid of, for so long as I offered them the correct answers!

    The 'interrogating' officer looked very surprised at my suddenly smiling face.
Obviously, he didn't comprehend why I almost started to laugh...
    Sounding a bit impatient and angry, he told me:

    "Stop laughing at me! You know that we can keep you here for a very long time, unless you answer all our questions.
"But, maybe, after I am satisfied with your answers, I will let you go home."

    I stared back at the officer, in total disbelief.
Didn't this man understand how stupid his own promise sounded?
Was this really all that this official gadjo police officer could come up with?
Then, I was very disappointed in his 'interrogating', and in his mental abilities!

    However, I also realized that this gadjo man HAD the power to let me go home, or to keep me here for a very long time...
And, I wanted to go home as soon as possible!
Therefore, I decided to switch into, what my own people always called, my 'brainiac mode'.
    Staring the officer down with all my might, I told him, speaking slowly, as if talking to a little kid:

    "Sir, it looks like nobody ever taught you how to think properly. However, I will answer all your silly questions, because I really want to go home.
"Every Gypsy always sleeps in his 'birthday suit'; except for little babies, or too small children who still have to wear their diapers at night to keep them dry.
"We only dress outside our caravans if it's too cold during winter; or when we have to visit a gadjo town, to beg for money and food because we are hungry...
"Only perverted gadjo people, like you, force us to cover ourselves from their prying eyes; like that silly trouser thing I am forced to wear now...
"You promise to let me go home after you are 'satisfied' with my answers... But, that means you can always tell me you are NOT satisfied, and keep me here!
"Besides, by using 'maybe', you tell me you have already planned to keep me here, whatever my answer might be. Am I right?"

    I was a little bit out of breath, from talking while sending him my powerful disdain.
At the same time, I was rather curious about how the officer was going to answer MY question!
Inwardly, I had a lot of fun looking at his fazed eyes and heated face.
Obviously, this so easily outwitted officer didn't feel at ease at all...

    Suddenly, the other officer started to bellow with laughter.
He looked at me with a lot more respect in his eyes; and I even sensed he wanted to help me!
Would this gadjo man really want to help me find my own people and go home?
But, how about the 'abuse' and 'feeling up' all gadjo grown-ups always wanted to do with little boys like me?

    His frustrated companion sent him a fierce look of disdain; and the laughing officer calmed down considerably.
First, he coughed a couple of times, as if he tried to hide his sudden outburst of laughter...
    Next, he turned towards me; and told me, still showing little fun lights in his eyes:

    "Boy, you certainly are a clever thinker! Only, we gadjo's are NOT 'perverted'. We only always hide our 'private parts', because our laws tell us to do so...
"And, don't be afraid. We WILL let you go home, after you've honestly answered our questions. For now, I only want to know one more thing...
"While you and your people were begging in our town, did anybody take any things that clearly belonged to other people?"

    Again, a grown-up gadjo police officer in function was asking me such a silly question...
Even our youngest toddlers would have formulated this supposition a lot better, supposed they were able to speak properly!
I was sure that Misha would have told both officers to 'go to Jericho' with their silly and immature interrogation.
Little Dimi would effortlessly have them wrangled up in his thousand-and-a-lot-more 'why', 'what', and 'how come' queries.
Even Michail's small twins would have laughed their little behinds off...

    This way, being 'interrogated' was no fun at all; even without using my 'brainiac mode'!
However, so far, this particular gadjo officer had only been nice to me; and I even sensed he really wanted to help me.
    Therefore, I decided not to be too harsh to him, while I told him:

    "Excuse me, sir; but doesn't 'begging' mean: 'taking' things from 'other people', which clearly first belonged to them, and now are given to me?
"As such always is the case while we are begging, my only answer can be a 'yes'."

    For a moment, both officers looked stunned, staring at each other with very surprised faces...
Then, they both started to bellow with laughter, looking at me with a whole lot more respect!
Obviously, my 'brainiac mode' was making quite an impression on them.
I only hoped this would really be their last silly 'interrogation' question.
I wanted to go home and have some more sleep...

    However, after they calmed down, the other officer tried to formulate the same question a bit more precise, frowning from his effort:

    "Did you ever see any Gypsy people take away anything that weren't their own property?"

    This time, I had more than enough of their totally impossible stupid questions!
Nothing in the world could ever be our 'own property'; because nobody was able to carry it towards their next life on earth!
All 'our' things were only temporary 'ours'; and we had to leave them behind the moment we passed away and went 'home'.
Even our smallest kids knew that from the heart; that is why we never had any quarrels about any material things!
We always happily shared all our so-called 'possessions' with everybody else...

    I stared at the still frowning officer; again sending him my disdain:

    "Dear sir; nothing will ever be your 'own property', because you will have to leave everything behind after you pass away and go home!
"But, now, please, stop your interrogation, and start with the 'feeling up' and the 'abuse' you already planned to perform on me...
"I feel tired; and I want to go home, immediately after you are ready with whatever you want to do. You only have to pay me for my services, in advance."

    I stared at my naked feet, which were partially covered by my way too big gadjo trousers.
Finally, the moment of truth had come; and I wanted to get it over with as soon as possible!
I had some vague idea about what 'feeling up' would be; but what was 'abuse'?
Would it be very painful?
The word sounded creepy.
I closed my eyes in defeat, and waited for the inevitable...


    For a long time, the interrogation room stayed dead silent.
Nothing happened; and nobody made any sounds.
In a far distance, a door shut with a dull bang.
Two men talked to each other, while the sound went softer and softer until it disappeared into nowhere...

    When would the police officers finally start their 'abuse' and 'feeling up'?
Of course, I would let them pay for it, in advance; just like that gadjo man had paid Misha for me!
Then, I would hand all the money to Michail, to help us survive the upcoming winter even better.
Again, I would be our 'Lucky Mascot'...

    Still nothing happened, while both officers remained dead silent...
What were they waiting for?
Could they be waiting for me?
Were they expecting ME to take the first step?
This was their own strange kind of gadjo fun, and certainly not mine!
Come on; let's get it over with, and let me go home...

    After a long time, I grew too impatient, and hesitantly looked up at my 'abusers'...
What were they waiting for, for such a long time?

    To my surprise, both police officers were still staring at me, with their mouths agape!
They were doing nothing else but just continuing their stare, as if they felt totally perplexed.
And, did I really see tears, blinking in the eyes of the officer who had been nice to me?

    That had to be my own imagination, of course!
Why would any gadjo officer show any compassion with me, being only a little Gypsy boy?
THEY were the gadjo's, always wanting to 'abuse' innocent little boys like me.
At least, according to what Misha told me...

    Finally, the police officer with tears in his eyes started to move, trembling all over.
He coughed a couple of times, bashfully, as if trying to clear his dry throat.
Next, he took a huge handkerchief out of his pocket, and wiped his eyes.
He HAD been crying...

   Now, he looked at me, and asked me with a quivery voice:

    "Oh my goodness... Please, son, give me an honest answer... Why do you think we would ever try to abuse you, for crying out loud?"

    "Well, sir, you are a gadjo, and I am not your son! But, to fresh up your mind, I will tell you what happened to me, while begging in one of your own towns.
"Some strange gadjo man wanted to 'feel me up' in a stinking restroom; but my friend Misha rescued me, by locking the man up in his own stall.
"Then, Misha told me that all gadjo men always want to do that to innocent little boys like me. They want to 'feel me up' and 'abuse' me, whatever that is...
"But, of course, it will cost you two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand LEI, a person, just like that gadjo man paid Misha, and that is only for 'feeling me up'!
"Now, please, can you pay me and start immediately? I feel too tired to answer any more 'interrogations', and I want to go home and resume my sleep."

    Again, the room fell dead silent, while I returned to staring at my feet.
Would the officers now finally start doing what they wanted to do, so that I could go home?
Or, didn't they have enough money, to pay me for it?
In that case, I would resist them with all my might; by sending glowing embers into their minds until their already futile brains were burnt away completely!
What were they still waiting for?

    Then, I heard again the voice of the police officer with the tears in his eyes:

    "My dear boy... What, for heaven's sake, did your friend make you believe... Please, trust me on my word, that Misha is wrong in his assumptions!
"Unfortunately, there are some bad men in our world who might want to abuse you... but we, the police officers, are here to PROTECT you against them.
"Be assured that none of our officers here would ever do such an abominable thing; like wanting to 'abuse' you, or to 'feel you up'!
"On the contrary; we are here to help you grow up in a wonderful and safe world, full of joy and happiness..."

    Immediately, I jumped up in sudden anger; nearly overturning my chair!
My silly trousers slipped down onto the floor, but I didn't even bother pulling them up.
This time, I was sure my eyes were shooting burning daggers at both police officers!
    Shouting at the top of my lungs, I cried:

    "Dream away, you silly and out-of-this-world good-doers! Did you ever look around, to see what your companions are doing at the same time?
"You tell me they are here to PROTECT me? Then, why did they tell me to shut up, when I tried to find out why I was thrown into a strange police car, upside down?
"One of your so-called 'protectors' even slapped my face, with a lot of force, making me feel dizzy and puke; while he threatened to throw me to the wolves!
"Why did you take me away from my parents, in the middle of the night, feeling cold and sleepy, and not knowing why our camp was in such an uproar?
"Why do I have to wear this ridiculous and humiliating trouser thing, which keeps slipping down all the time? I am a proud Gypsy boy, for crying out loud!
"And, why did you lock me up in a RESTROOM? Don't you know that innocent little boys like me are ABUSED in such restrooms? I was frightened to death...
"Now, is THIS what you call 'helping me grow up in a wonderful and safe world full of joy and happiness'? Shame on you, and dream on!"

    Suddenly feeling dizzy, and trembling all over, I slumped back onto my chair and started to cry.

    Immediately, both worried officers almost buried me under a wagon load of tissues and two linen handkerchiefs!
Taking turns, they tried to calm me down; while I continued to hiccup and sob for a long time, on purpose...
Of course, I could have stopped myself much earlier; but I also tried to teach them a lesson they wouldn't easily forget...

    At last, one of the officers offered me a few plastic cups of water, and that 'helped'.
I gulped down most of the water, splashed my face with the rest, and determinedly pulled myself together.
Next, I stepped out of the interrogation room and went to the restroom, all by myself and without saying a word, to take a much needed leak.
I washed my face, and used both handkerchiefs to dry myself and blow my nose into them...
Now, both officers would have their pocket full of my snot!

    Chuckling inwardly, I thought this 'little devil' had provided them with a good demonstration of what they were doing to 'innocent little boys' like me...
I only hoped they had learnt their lessons well; and, from now on, would take a lot more care of their next little victims!
I pulled my silly trousers up for the umpteenth time, and walked out of the restroom without closing its door.

    Both officers were already waiting for me, when I finally returned into the passageway.
To my surprise, one of them carried some nice looking leather dog leash...
What the heck were they planning to use that for?
I hoped they didn't think I wanted to be leashed, as if I was some unruly puppy dog in training?

    However, the nicest police officer put his arm around my shoulders, while he told me:

    "I hope you can use this leash to fasten your unruly trousers; because you understand we cannot allow you to walk around naked while you are here...
"And, we will immediately start an investigation concerning all the abominable things you told us about. I promise these things will never again happen!
"Now, let me help you with your trousers; and I will bring you back to your waiting people, so that you can go home immediately."

    This time, I believed him.
I looked up at him, and proudly offered him my broadest smile!

    Looking very relieved, the officer squatted down in front of me.
He helped me fasten my too big trousers, so that they wouldn't slip off my waist any more.
Then, he took my hand, and gently guided me along the corridor, to where I was now sure my people would be waiting for me.

    Finally, I would see them back and go home!



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Harry AnderS, Dutch psychotherapist and writer of 'books with a message'