- I am a Gypsy Prince 2 -
Harry AnderS, Dutch psychotherapist and writer of many 'books with a message'

' Book 2 - Our Lucky Mascot '

(This is the SECOND book of my famous sequel 'I am a Gypsy Prince')


22. Finally going home; a gadjo van owner; what is a telophone.

    The smiling officer took me straight to another door, and opened it invitingly.
Feeling a bit nervous, I entered the room, hoping I would not have to endure another disappointment...
Then, I looked up, and almost started to dance from sudden relief.

    With a loud Indian yell, I threw myself onto my Dad; immediately octopussing myself against his broad chest.
Never before had I felt this happy, seeing my own people back alive and in good health!
I had survived a very strange gadjo police intervention; and, now, my ordeal was over!
Finally, I could relax, feeling absolutely safe in my Dad's strong arms.
Sobbing with the delight, I tried to melt away into his so well-known aura.

    My people cheered loudly when they saw me, unexpectedly showing up in the doorway.
Now, they started to tease me, and make fun of my way too big and silly looking gadjo trousers...
However, I couldn't care less, while I just smiled back at them in between my sobs.
I was laughing and crying at the same time; but decided I was NOT a crybaby.
I was only a little Gypsy boy who was reunited with his own people, after going through a very impressive adventure!

    All the gadjo officers disappeared into an adjacent room, leaving the door open.
Immediately, they started a heated discussion, now and then shouting at each other.
Of course, I felt curious, perked my ears up, and tried to follow their conversation...
Using both my hearing and my 'special abilities', I was able to pick up bits and pieces of what they were talking about.
Things like 'what did you do to that boy', 'let them go', 'bring them back to their camp', 'are you crazy', 'let them fend for themselves', and 'we are not a taxi firm'...

    Finally, one of the police officers appeared in the doorway, and announced with a smug face:

    "This time, we will let you go. However, be very careful; because, a next time, we will put you in jail for a long time!"

    Another officer opened the door towards the corridor, and beckoned us to follow him.
Next, he guided us to the entrance, opened a double front door, and told us to leave their police station.
We did, in a hurry.


    We stepped into some unknown gadjo town, very early in the morning, just before crack of dawn.
Almost immediately, my teeth started to chatter uncontrollably, while my naked upper body shivered from the sudden cold...
Fortunately, my Dad saw my goose bumps, shucked his own coat, and wrapped me into it!
Soon, I felt warm and cozy.

    Only, now, my Dad got goose bumps on his uncovered arms, because he wore only his t-shirt...
However, he told me not to worry about it, because the first warming sunbeams would show up within half an hour.
Then, the air would soon be warm enough for all of us.
I knew that my Dad offered himself up to me; but I couldn't change a thing about it...

    While trying to feel around and sense where our camp was, my Dad asked me:

    "Harry? Please, could you switch into your excellent trapper skills, and show us the way towards our camp?
"Maybe, we can find some highway, and try to get a lift towards the mountain hotel..."

    "Of course, Dad! I am already sensing our own caravan, with Mom awake and waiting for us. Just follow me..."

    We started to walk across a desolated gadjo suburb; while I proudly led the way, towards where I sensed could be a highway.
Fourteen sleepy and tired grown-ups were following one five-and-a-half-year-old and yawning little shaman boy, wrapped up in a warm coat...
Unfortunately, we were without any means of transportation, and without any money to pay for it.
We also didn't have the faintest idea about in which gadjo town we were, or how far it would be to our camp.
We only hoped to find a nice truck driver who wanted to give us a free lift...

    Half an hour later, we left the suburb; and crossed a couple of thick bushes.
Suddenly, we stepped onto the broad shoulder of some major gadjo highway, feeling much happier!
We had to cross its outstretched concrete slab, because I sensed our camp would be the other way around.

    Then, we started to try to get a lift from some truck driver...
However, at this early hour of the day, only a few cars-in-a-hurry passed by, teasingly tooting at us or giving us the finger.
We started to walk along the highway, towards our camp, hoping to get a lift soon...

    After another half an hour, the rising sun finally showed up, and the air around us became less chilly.
I shucked my Dad's now too warm coat; and he slung it across his shoulders while we walked on along the highway.
    One of our men looked at my silly gadjo trousers, and started to chuckle:

    "What strange belt are you wearing? Is this a dog leash? I didn't know we kept any dogs in our camp..."

    "Yeah, well... First, some janitor offered me only two small pieces of rope as a belt, but my trousers kept sliding down all the time.
"Then, an officer helped me with this leash. At least, now I am able to walk without having to hold onto my trousers all the time.
"Only, I am loathing the silly things, and I will get rid of them as soon as we have left this crazy gadjo world and I can go naked again!"

    Now, I started to tell them vividly about all my weird police adventures, while we walked on and on along the endless highway.
My narrating also helped us pass the time, and our tiredness and hunger became a bit less prominent while we were busy.
Every time we saw a passing big bus or a huge truck combination, we tried to get a lift; but nobody stopped or even looked at us.
We had no choice but walk on and on; hoping that, finally, one of the passing drivers would have some pity and offer us a ride...

    After another hour of walking on and on in the now very hot sunlight, I grew too tired to go on.
Ultimately, I was only a small boy, and not used to walking in the burning sun for such a long time without any eating or drinking!
I started to feel dizzy, and developed a headache from hunger and thirst, while my eyes began to see blurry from deprived sleep...
At last, I told my suddenly worried Dad about my suffering; and he immediately lifted me onto his shoulders, tenderly holding me with both hands.
That helped; and, soon, I drifted off into a slumber, while my hands automatically gripped his hair.

    Some time later, I woke up from my slumber, looked around, and detected a couple of small bushes I recognized!
I knew they only flourished where they had at least some streaming water; and their fruits were very tasty.
    Pulling at my Dad's ears, to get his immediate attention, I told him:

    "Dad? I'm sure that over there is some streaming water; and we can safely eat those red berries without getting a stomach ache."

    "OUCH! My ears! My dear son, are you performing your shaman magic even while you are asleep? Okay, let's have a look at it..."

    We left the highway shoulder, and went straight to the small bushes.
Of course, I turned out to be absolutely right!
We all immediately dived towards the small water stream, to cool off and fill our thirsty stomachs with lots of fresh water.
Next, we greedily robbed all the small bushes from their tasty berries.
Finally, we had something to eat, although it wasn't enough to really still our gnawing hunger.

    Feeling slightly better, we decided to take some much needed rest first, before we went on.
We slumped down; and crawled under the various bushes, trying to find some shadow.
Of course, I crawled onto my Dad's broad stomach, to be his 'octopus' as usual.
A few minutes later, fourteen grown-ups and one little boy were happily snoring together...


    After I had a little bit of sleep, I woke up to the sudden shout from one of our surprised men:

    "There is a Gypsy caravan! Let's ask them to give us a lift!"

    Still feeling sleep-charged, everybody stumbled upright and staggered back to the highway.
Alas. The caravan had already disappeared into the distance, although we waved and shouted at its backside like crazy...
Feeling a bit disappointed, we slumped down along the shoulder, muttering inwardly at our misfortune.

    Of course, I wanted to know who this Gypsy family could be, because I didn't recognize their caravan:

    "Dad? Who are these people? Are they going to live in our camp? I don't recognize their caravan..."

    "No, they are from another Gypsy camp; probably visiting some friends. I am sure they will soon return to their own camp."
    "What? We are not the only Gypsy camp? There is another camp like ours? Please, can we visit it?"

    A moment later, I listened to my Dad's explanations, open-mouthed, almost forgetting to breathe!
My Dad told me about many different types of Gypsy camps, spread out all over the world.
Some camps were very small, while other camps were really huge, carrying many hundreds of Gypsies and all their caravans.
In total, we were around forty million of Gypsy people, living in several thousands of Gypsy camps...

    Our own secluded camp was in reality one of the smallest ones, with only a few selected people living in it.
Only, it also was the most important Gypsy camp, because our own Royal Family had been living in our mountain forest for many centuries!
No more than a few people knew where to find our Royal camp; because we always kept our secluded place a secret, for safety reasons...
We were communicating with our sub-leaders in other camps, but mainly by using our healthy and well-maintained carrier pigeons.
Normally; our King, my Dad; and our vice-King, Michail; were leaving our secret camp only during severe emergency cases...

    Our secluded camp would be my future life as well, once I would be old and wise enough to reign.
However, first, my Dad would send me away from our own camp, to discover a lot more of the rest of the world!
There, I would also look out for a nice girl, preferably from one of the other Gypsy camps, to marry and thus secure our Royal lineage.
Finally, I would return to our own camp; to be crowned as our next Gypsy King, and live in my own Royal caravan for the remainder of my life...

    Suddenly, I sensed a bit of sadness; but I didn't mention it to my Dad or to the others.
My heart was sure I would leave our secluded camp much earlier; to return home only after living many years in some foreign country...
And, after I finally returned, married, and had my own son; my task on earth would include a lot more than merely being our next Gypsy Leader...
I only didn't understand where my strange thoughts came from.

    After my Dad had patiently answered all my questions, we started to walk along the highway again.
Now and then, we desperately tried to get a lift; from the few passing gadjo vehicles that would be big enough to carry all of us.
Again, nobody stopped, although some of the passing drivers tooted or gave us the finger.
Everybody seemed to be afraid of Gypsies, and they didn't want to have us in their car...

    After walking on and on for a long time, I started to feel too tired to go on.
My unclad feet looked swollen, while every single step now felt as if I walked on glowing embers.
At first, I gritted my teeth and stubbornly continued to walk on and on; until my legs started to tremble too much from the unusual strain.
At last, I gave up, nearly crying from the pain; and told my Dad I couldn't walk any further...

    From now on, I moved from piggyback to piggyback, while my people took turns in carrying me.
Unfortunately, we still didn't have the faintest idea about how far it would be to our camp.
Even in a far distance, we still didn't see our huge mountains with their glowing tops.
All my people started to feel very tired; and they just dragged themselves along, slowing down more and more...

    Why did nobody have a little bit of pity with us, stop, and offer us a lift?
This way, dead tired as we already were, we would never get home...
Would our beloved Ancestors and Spirit Friends be able to help my tired people and me?
I tuned in into their Eternal Realm, and begged them in my mind:

    "Please, my beloved Ancestors and Spirit Friends, send us some means of transportation..."


    Suddenly, an enormous van drove onto the shoulder, loudly tooting its horn.
The enormous vehicle stopped next to us, with hissing and screeching tires!
Immediately, the driver left his seat, without even bothering about stopping the engine.
The angry looking gadjo man stormed towards us, with a heated face and blazing eyes.
    Furiously pointing at me, he yelled at my surprised people:

    "Don't you feel ashamed, to walk along the road with such a small child? Look at the silly trousers he wears! I surely hope you didn't abuse him?
"Be assured I will report you to the police, the very moment I see a telephone! It's a real shame..."

    Before the angry man could go on with his tirade, I left my piggyback and hobbled towards him:

    "Please, sir, could you give us a lift to our mountains? Nobody abused me; but your police officers arrested us and brought us here, without any money!
"Now, we have to walk home; but we are very tired, and I cannot walk any more from the pain in my legs and feet. Please sir, could you help us go home..."

    "WHAT are you telling me? You have been walking from our police station towards here, all the way? That will have cost you at least several hours...
"Now, I am sorry for my angry outburst. But, I saw you, and thought these men had abused you, because you are wearing this strange piece of clothing...
"Please, climb into my van, all of you; and make yourself comfortable. I hope I can help you, by driving you to the mountain hotel and leave you there?"

    "Oh yes, please sir, that is very kind of you! We know the hotel owner, and she will certainly help us reach our camp!"

    "You are a very polite boy; and I feel honored to help you and your people! Only, how come you don't look like a regular Gypsy boy, with your blond hair?"

    The now very friendly van owner helpfully opened the doors of his huge vehicle.

    All my people climbed into the rear seats, politely thanking the nice gadjo man for his goodness.
However, the man told me to sit up front, to stretch my cramped legs and give my swollen feet a bit more freedom.
Of course, I did as he told me; and the friendly gadjo man even helped me buckle up.

    After we drove off, I told him a few things about my life as a little Gypsy boy in our secluded camp in the mountains.
I also told him that I was a real Gypsy, just like the rest of us; only, my Mom came from a Northern country called Sweden.
Then, I told him about the sudden police raid, and how an officer dumped me upside down into one of their police cars, clad only in my birthday suit...
That is why I was now wearing this silly and way too large gadjo trouser thing, held onto my too small hips with some leather dog leash.

    Then, I suddenly saw our own huge mountains, showing up in a distance, with their snow-clad tops sparkling in the bright sunlight!
I started to cheer from enthusiasm, immediately joined in by all the other men.
Finally, we were almost home.
Our gadjo adventure was approaching its end...

    Soon, the huge gadjo van left the highway, and turned into the small path that led us to the mountain hotel.
A moment later, it stopped next to the hotel parking lot, and the driver politely opened its doors.
We all exited, one by one, after thanking the helpful man abundantly for his much appreciated help!

    The suddenly rather shy looking man ruffled my hair, before he drove off without looking back.

    At the same time, the huge double door opened, and a very relieved looking hotel owner stormed towards us.
First, she scooped me off the ground, and tried to crush me against her huge bosom.
Then, she greeted all the other men, and told us that our people at home felt desperate after our sudden imprisonment!
Michail had already told her everything about the nasty police raid, where the officers had captured our King and little Prince as well.
Our people at home didn't know where the officers brought us; and they could only pray and hope for the best...

    Fortunately, now, we were back in our mountains, still alive and in good health...
Did we want some fresh coffee or lemonade; and, of course, a good meal, to recuperate from all the stress?
In the meantime, the bartender would take his own car and drive to our camp, to tell everybody the good news.
Unfortunately, we still didn't have any telephones...

    Of course, we accepted her invitation immediately, feeling elated!
We all followed her inside, and sat down around the huge wooden table in the enormous 'dining room'.
Dinner would be ready within half an hour, while we sipped our coffee and lemonade.
However, I was still very curious about the new and strange sounding gadjo word I now had heard twice...
    Thus, I plucked at my Dad's arm, and asked him:

    "Dad? What is a 'telophone'?"

    "A 'telephone' is a very useful gadjo invention; which lets you talk to people who are far away from you, by means of a long electric wire.
"Did you see all those wooden poles along the road outside, carrying many wires?"

    "Yes. Many birds are sitting on them, screeching and fighting with each other."

    "These electric wires are transporting all the electricity to this hotel, and they are also connecting their telephone to the outside world.
"We have thought about connecting our camp to them as well, but decided it will cost us too much money. Our carrier pigeons are much cheaper.
"However, in the future, we want to try out a couple of 'cell phones'; which don't need any electric wires, but connect us via 'satellites' high in the air."

    Wow!  Some of those gadjo's had to be really clever, to invent such useful things!
Would they also have a spare caravan, or spare house, full of old batteries for their electricity, like Pietro had invented in our camp?
I always helped him recharge the batteries with an old generator; and, now and then, connect new wires to our caravans.
Thus, all our caravans had electric lights; next to some small useful apparatus, like little fans to cool us off when it was too warm...

    In the meantime, our good looking and nicely smelling dinner arrived.
We all dived at our china plates, filled them, and started to replete our very hungry stomachs!
Soon, we were stuffed to the brim, burping loudly to thank the food spirits and our broadly smiling hostess.

    All of a sudden, many of our own cars arrived in the outside parking lot, and stopped with screeching tires!
All the drivers left their cars, raced towards the hotel, and crowded around us to hug us and tell us how happy they were to have us back.
After thanking the hotel owner abundantly for her good care, we left the hotel and entered our cars to go home.

    I honestly can't tell you what happened next.
I fell asleep in one of our cars; and woke up in my own bed, halfway through the next day...



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Harry AnderS, Dutch psychotherapist and writer of 'books with a message'