- I am a Gypsy Prince 2 -
Harry AnderS, Dutch psychotherapist and writer of many 'books with a message'

' Book 2 - Our Lucky Mascot '

(This is the SECOND book of my famous sequel 'I am a Gypsy Prince')


23. Feeling as stiff as a dead tree; a jailbird; and what is 'abuse'.

    The next morning, I woke up because my empty stomach started to rumble aloud, urgently asking to be fed again! Groaning with the effort, I sat upright in my bed, feeling as stiff as a dead tree.
This was not the 'baby-stiffness' my Dad once teased me about; but, this time, I was really stiff all over! My body felt sore, my feet were swollen, and all my muscles were aching.

    Carefully, I hobbled out of bed and wavered to the toilet, to empty my bowels and my bladder.
Next, I took a nice and hot shower, to wash away all the remembrances of my police adventure.
After cleaning and drying myself, I started to feel quite a lot better!
I combed my hair, using all my fingers; until it looked exactly as I liked it, a little bit 'unruly'.
My Mom would have a fit; but this was how I felt in reality...

     Next, I hobbled outside, to fill my empty stomach with the leftover gadjo goodies from our begging.
A couple of grown-ups and kids already sat on our wooden benches, playing little games while softly talking to each other.
They all started to cheer, when they saw me limping towards our campfire!

    Misha grinned at my surprised face, while he teased me:

    "Hi, little jailbird, where are your beautiful trousers? Don't you miss them?"

    "What do you think? From now on, I will NEVERMORE wear any gadjo trousers, for the remainder of my life!"

    Misha chuckled, while he reached behind his bench and handed me the loathed things:

    "Here they are! I thought our youngest delinquent might want to keep them, as a souvenir?"

    With a sour face, I took the gadjo trousers, and unceremoniously threw them onto our campfire!

    Then, I sat down, staring at the flaring yellow blazes where the fabric hit the glowing cinders.
Slowly, all the memories of the police raid crumpled together and disappeared, until the mountain wind blew the remaining ashes away.
Case dismissed.

    Michail handed me an enormous bowl of soup, and a couple of nicely buttered gadjo rolls.
That was a very welcome surprise!
Sending my Big Friend a thankful look; I munched on a buttered roll, while slurping my warm soup.
It felt good, to be able to fill my hungry stomach, seated on my own bench in my own camp.
Home sweet home...

    From the corners of my eyes, I saw Michi and Movi, Michail's small sons, deliberating about something.
Next, both little boys came toddling towards my bench, staring at my buttered rolls with hungry eyes...
I winked at them, and they started to smile back immediately.
Now, they looked at each other, as if they decided on something without using any words.

    Both boys turned around at the same time, and tottered after each other to a huge wooden log.
Working together, they dragged the heavy log towards my bench, wheezing and panting with the effort.
Next, they stepped onto the log, one by one, and helped each other clamber onto the bench where I sat!
Immediately, they crawled towards me and onto my lap, with wide open mouths, wanting to be fed...

    Well, this time, I did what they asked for, chuckling at their smug little faces and proudly gleaming eyes.
Today, I felt like sort of a big brother to them; and I even thought I could get used to the idea.
I started to feed them small pieces of my roll, laughing at the funny sight of two open-mouthed little birdies, eagerly waiting for the next piece!

   The door of Dimi's caravan opened, and my little friend showed up in the doorway.
A huge smile lit up his face when he saw me; and he raced towards me with an enthusiastic Indian yell.
Plopping down onto my bench, very close to me, he opened his mouth wide, to be fed too...
Could he be a little bit jealous of Michail's twins on my lap?
Chuckling, I fed him an extra large piece of my buttered roll, on purpose.


    In the meantime, our men started to talk to each other, about why the police officers had raided our camp.
Of course, I was very curious; and I perked my ears up while feeding myself and my three little birdies...

    My Dad had only done what all Gypsies had always done, when they hadn't enough food or money to feed their starving kids.
They always sent their hungry kids to a nearby town, to try to get some food to fill their hungry stomachs, and to beg for a little bit of money.
At the same time, they always sent their grown-ups to another town, far away, to lay their hands upon anything that could be sold or used.

    Of course, they didn't like doing this, but they just didn't have any choice other than letting their starving children die from hunger!
However, they were very careful not to take any things from poor people, but only from wealthy gadjo's who wouldn't really miss a few 'possessions'...
WE always shared everything we had with everybody else; so why shouldn't rich gadjo people share a little bit of their opulent wealth with us?
Live and let live...

    Unfortunately, this time, a suspicious gadjo saw our men 'at work' in some luxurious store for rich people.
Unnoticed, he followed them during their expedition, until they returned to their parked cars and drove off.
Now, he took his own car, and tailed our men until he was sure where we had set up our camp.
He went back to his own town and straight to its police station, to inform the officers about everything that he had seen...

    The police officers had already received many complaints about stealing Gypsies.
Therefore, they decided to invade our camp immediately, now that they finally knew where we were living.
They had planned to arrest a few of our men, to take them to their police station and interrogate them about the stolen goods.
However, they certainly hadn't planned to arrest one of our children as well!
Now, they didn't know what to do with me...

    Fortunately, nobody knew I was our little Prince, and that they had captured our King too.
They also didn't know we had our hidden places; and all our men told them the same thing: they hadn't done anything questionable!
After many hours of interrogating and threatening our men, they still couldn't prove anything.
Therefore, after reluctantly closing the case, they had to let us go.

    Michail took his own soup and buttered rolls, and sat down next to Dimi and me.
Immediately, his little sons wrestled off my lap and clambered onto their Dad's knees!
Much to my surprise, I suddenly missed my 'little brothers'; or, at least, their enthusiastic fidgeting on my lap...
Now, I shared the remainder of my soup and buttered roll with a thankful little Dimi.
Next, we both raced to Michail's still halfway filled platter, to grab some more gadjo goodies to munch on.

    While feeding his own hungry little birdies, Michail suddenly asked me:

    "Harry? Please, could you tell me what happened to YOU... and, from where did you get those silly trousers?"

    Enthusiastically, I started to tell him my side of the story, while all the others around me listened open-mouthed.
I confessed that I had been too curious to obey my Dad, and decided to peek at the police spectacle from under our caravan.
Then, I became very angry at a too brutal police officer; but his companion rescued him, by throwing me into one of their waiting police cars.
An officer slapped my face because I talked, and he threatened to throw me to the wolves; whereupon my own people nearly murdered him.
Now, I was afraid they were going to 'abuse' me; as Misha once told me all gadjo lunatics wanted to do with innocent little boys like me...

    Inside their police station, an officer took me to a restroom; and, now, I was sure he was going to abuse me in one of their stinking stalls!
However, he only washed my face and hands; while a sad looking gadjo man showed up and brought me a pair of way to big trousers.
After a long time of waiting, two officers interrogated me; but I outwitted them easily, and asked them to start with their 'abuse', because I felt too tired.
However, they explained that Misha had been wrong, and they were only 'helping me grow up in a wonderful and safe world, full of joy and happiness'.
This time, I exploded from anger and built-up frustration; and I told them everything that had happened to me in their police car!
Now, both shocked officers turned into really nice men; and they dried my tears and brought me back to my own people.
I felt very happy to be home again; but was still curious about what exactly 'abuse' could be...

    To my surprise, my Dad told me that I certainly had matured enough to know everything about the various forms of 'human sex'.
Patiently, he started to explain everything I wanted to know about 'abusing', while urging me to ask him even more questions!
He told me the vast difference between 'being lovingly cuddled and getting a stiffy', and 'being abused by a selfish predator without any consideration'...
He let me see the importance of always being respectful to everybody, big and small; and enjoying all the things that felt good, but only in 'mutual consent'...
Then, he showed me that wanting to have 'sex' was only natural; unless certain misinformed people tried to use it for their own selfish purposes.

    Finally, my proud looking Dad told me:

    "My precious son, always trust your own intuition; because your own heart will always tell you what is good for you! Just listen to your own feelings.
"When it feels good, it IS good. Only, when it feels NOT good, immediately turn around and ask any grown-up you trust, to help you."

    Yes, 'feeling' and 'listening to my own heart' was exactly what I always tried to do!
So far, the feelings from my heart had never betrayed me!

    I thanked my Dad and grown-up friends for their valuable help and advice, jumped off my bench, and slowly sauntered towards our waterfall.
Here, I sat down, staring at the sparkling water drops that again formed a beautiful rainbow in the bright sunlight.
My own heart told me I needed this silence, to think all this new information over, until everything was crystal clear in my mind.

    However, I started to feel a bit sleepy, and closed my eyes...


    An hour later, I woke up from a deep trance; feeling a bit drowsy, but also totally refreshed.
To my surprise, I had a feeling in my heart as if my inside had matured at least a couple extra years!
Had I been visiting another reality during my trance, where our Ancestors and Spirit Friends had taught me a couple of important things?
I could still feel them around me, like some warm and cozy blanket full of love...

    Slowly, I sauntered back to our camp; where our wooden benches now were empty.
Everybody had left, and was busy doing something more or less important.
My friends were chasing after some old and worn football in our parking lot.
The 'diaper kids' had disappeared into the surrounding bushes, to refine their games of hide and seek.
Michail showed up and smiled at me; proudly carrying Michi and Movi in his arms.
He brought them inside, to have their afternoon nap...

    Suddenly, I decided to follow them into their caravan, trying to help my Big Friend.
Working together, Michail and I removed their soiled diapers and cleaned their smelly little bottoms.
Then, we attached fresh diapers on them, and Michail laid them down onto his huge bed.
Teasingly, I decided to lie down next to them, for a short while, pretending I felt sleepy too...
Immediately, both boys crawled all over me, trying to sleep in my arms!

    A minute later, Michail looked down at three soundly sleeping little boys, all three of them joyfully entangled into each other!


    I woke up amidst two yawning and fidgeting little boys, who were rubbing the sleep out of their small eyes.
A moment later, they were again crawling all over me, while I still tried to lie still and get some more sleep...
However, both of them shrieked with laughter, while they clumsily started to tickle me wherever they could reach me!
Soon, I couldn't keep a straight face any more; and I joined in their joyful antics, by tickling them back.

    Michail entered his caravan, and started to laugh at the funny sight.
He put a pan of water onto the fire, and plucked his still tickling sons off my chest to wash them.
Again, I helped him remove another two smelly diapers, and put fresh ones onto them.
It was a good thing that Jonno's mother and a few others always helped my Big Friend washing and cleaning up!
Otherwise, being on his own with two small sons, he would have a way too tedious task for a man alone...

    Finally, Michi and Movi followed me outside, where we started to play around our campfire.
Soon, a couple other small kids joined us, joyfully kicking a colored plastic ball around.
Little Dimi showed up, and immediately joined me in playing a game of football against the other kids...
Now, being us two against all the other kids, we all had lots of fun!

    Near the end of the day, my Mom showed up, and asked me to gather some fresh herbs, to spice our dinner.
Little Dimi decided to accompany me, and he helped me find and sort out the herbs I wanted to use.
Working together, we carried the herbs to my caravan and washed them in our little sink.
Then, Dimi had to go home, to have dinner with his own parents.
Smiling from ear to ear, he carried a few carefully selected herbs I offered him, to help his Mom spice their own food...


    After enjoying our own healthy and very tasteful dinner, I decided to go to bed early.
I still felt too stiff and drowsy, and thought a good night's rest would help me recuperate faster...
My Dad put me under the shower, and helpfully smeared my still slightly swollen feet with some soothing oil from our Wise Woman.
Next, my Mom put me to bed, kissed my nose, and wished me a sound and refreshing night.
I felt safe and loved, closed my eyes, and almost immediately disappeared into dreamland...

    Sometime during the night, I had a frightening nightmare!
Thousands of chuckling police officers showed up in an endless row, wanting to 'feel me up' and 'abuse' me.
One by one, they pushed me into a stinking restroom stall, where they grabbed my little pecker and tried to play with it...
Of course, I fought them with all my might; by kicking and pummeling them wherever I could hit them!
However, they didn't give up, and again pushed me into the same stinking stall...

    After some time, one of the abusing police officers tried to pull me into his arms.
However, I screamed even louder, while I tried to fight myself free from his unwanted embrace!
Feeling more and more desperate, I kicked the officer's body and punched his face, while I tried to escape...
    Only, the nasty officer didn't let go of me, but he told me in a soothing voice:

    "Harry, please, calm down from your nightmare. Everything is safe, and nobody will harm you..."

    Of course, I didn't fall into his dirty tricks, and I started to kick and pummel even more!
Proudly, I decided that I was the strongest one here; and, again, I was going to WIN!
This time, they wouldn't even get my body!
I fought the embracing arms for quite some time, until I grew too tired and had to give up...

    Suddenly, I woke up, still thrashing around, and still screaming to them to leave me alone.
Feeling shocked, I opened my eyes, and stared into the worried faces of my Mom and Dad!
Now, I knew who had tried to pull me into his arms and calm me down...
I started to cry, threw myself into my Dad's safe embrace, and almost immediately fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.


    The next morning, my Dad had a black eye and a couple of very nasty bruises!
Now, I regretted my nightly fight with the officers; and almost started to cry with shame...
However, my Dad explained I couldn't help having a nightmare, and that he wasn't angry at all.
Everything was the fault of the gadjo police officers, who had tried to 'help me grow up in a wonderful and safe world, full of joy and happiness'!

    Yeah, well... Misha certainly would have said: "Go to hell; or play with yourself, whatever comes first!"

    My Mom told me I had been screaming so loudly that the whole camp woke up, wanting to rescue me from my supposed abusers!
Many grown-ups had hurried to our caravan, asking with worried faces what was happening...
Even the birds in the surrounding bushes had woken up, protesting loudly.
Little Dimi had raced to our caravan and wanted to sleep next to me, to make me feel safer...
However, I had already fallen asleep in my Dad's safe arms.

    I couldn't remember anything about my 'rescuers', but suddenly started to chuckle:

    "Dad? Did they really think YOU were abusing me?"

    "What? You think that's funny? Now, I'm going to abuse you in reality!"

    My chuckling Dad started to tickle me mercilessly and everywhere, until I panted and begged for mercy.
This time, he didn't even give me a chance to tickle him back, the torturer!
However, I still thought he was the best Dad in the world, and I was sure he would never harm me on purpose!
I trusted him absolutely.

    Finally, I worked myself in between my chuckling Mom and my proud looking Dad, now feeling double safe and loved.

    It felt wonderful, to be a growing up Gypsy boy; living in our own wonderful and safe world, full of joy and happiness!



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Harry AnderS, Dutch psychotherapist and writer of 'books with a message'