I Get My Man

****Warning, this story contains scenes that may not be suitable for all audiences. This story contains gay sex, diaper usage, man and boy love, boy and boy love, and all sorts of naughty behavior. As with most of my stories, this is a love story and is not an all out sex friction story. For a long time there is little to no sex, so be warned. I will not force you to read or not read this, that decision has to be up to you, for I do not care if it is illegal or not for you to do so, only you can say that. As always, if you would like to contact me, feel free to do so at erich5748 at ymail.com. Please note, however, that I do not accept flames, and I do not require anyone to write to me to have me continue the story, I still very much write for myself and share with those that enjoy this sort of story. With that being said though, I do appreciate the dozens of emails I get from everyone. Please also donate to Nifty, they need our support, and check out my heading in the prolific authors section for more stories. Thanks again, and I hope that you enjoy.****

I first saw him almost two years ago when my dad, Austin, dragged me to the hardware store. My name is Avery, I was only nine then, I am just eleven now, but the first day I saw him and things happened, was the first day I started to understand who I really am. Before that day, I knew what gay was, but only what kids know, but truly I had no idea. My dick went so hard it was unbelievable, my stomach felt like it flipped and flopped all around like a fish out of water, my mouth went desert dry nearly instantly, and I may or may not have had my first actual orgasm. All I know is that something happened, like all the planets aligned and made me realize who and what I am, it snapped in my mind like a rubber band. Thank god Dad was at the end of the aisle looking at something, and the one I was watching also did not notice. Or so I thought.

Who is it that caught my eye, a man. I am no good at determining ages, but he does not look that old, but he is definitely a man. He is about as tall as Dad is, appears to be in incredible shape, he is handsome, almost pretty, light wavy brown hair and deep brown eyes, he has a cheeky grin when he smiles, and he is the most beautiful man I have ever laid eyes on.

Here I am, a nine year old boy, seeing who he thought to be the most gorgeous hunk of man he had ever seen before, and then picturing things that I had never pictured before. Do not ask me what exactly I pictured that first day, I do not remember, all I remember is that that night when I got home, and that night before bed, I could not get him out of my head, I was so fucking hard that that was the first time I actually jacked off and had my first official orgasm.

Every time Dad said he had to go to the hardware store for something, I was only too happy to go with him to see if he was working that day, and most of the time he was. I would wander the store, pretending to be looking around, when, in reality, I was in fact watching him, checking him out, dreaming about he and I and all that we could do together.

I had received my very first own computer for Christmas shortly after that time (prior to that I just used Dads in the dining room), was allowed access to the wireless network in my house, and Dad made me promise not to go and do certain things. Yeah, right Dad, good luck on that, because, that very night, I did the exact opposite. Well, not really, I was at least smart enough to know not to give out personal information and shit like that, and that was his biggest rule. I was supposed to stay away from things that were inappropriate for my age, but considering some of the things I had already started thinking on my own, I did not feel that the websites I visited were inappropriate.

Every chance I had, I went and searched online for all that I liked, in the first year alone, I felt that I knew everything there was about being gay. I kept dreaming that all the guys I was seeing doing the most amazing things were he and I.

Every chance I got, I went to the store with my dad and checked him out. He has the most amazing body I have ever seen (hard bodied, but not body builder, muscle bound moron status) and an ass and package that made me light headed. The thing is though, even then I wondered about that, it always looked like he was diapered, to tell you the truth.

You thought that would turn me off, hell no, you see, I am a full blown diaper lover myself. Yeah, talk about embarrassing, I was eight, I had been pretending to wet my pants even more than normal, do not get me wrong, I actually do have accidents, I do have a weak bladder, and my doctor told me that I will likely have frequent accidents and wet the bed for life. Anyway, it got to the point where I was peeing my pants once or twice a day, extra, on purpose, on top of the actual accident or two I had every couple days. Finally I told my dad that I should just wear diapers all day, instead of just to bed. Dad just said okay, and that was the end of it, or so I thought.

About a week after that, he asked me if I had even went pee in the toilet once since I started wearing diapers all day, and I said yeah, but he snorted and laughed, said I was lying, and to try again. I know better, lying is a very bad thing to my dad, so I admitted that no, it was just no point. He made me admit to him that I was a diaper lover, and he was okay with that. It was so awesome though, I got the best diapers, I was now allowed to go around the house at any time in just my diapers, I was so happy.

So yeah, I tend to notice people who might be diapered, sadly a far more rare thing than a diaper lover like me would hope for.

I have very few friends, one to be exact, and I have dreamed of diapering him so many times it is not funny, but the one time I asked if he wanted to try one, he said no, so I never asked again.

In case you wanted to know how I never get bullied or teased at school, well, I don't go to school. I do school at home. I quit in grade two, the teasing was merciless and horrible beyond measure, so I told them all to go fuck themselves with a cactus, my dad actually laughed when the principal told him that I said that, and said I was never coming back. My dad actually yelled at the principal, asking him how he could allow that kind of bullshit to happen, because the principal was giving me shit for swearing and yelling at all the kids, because I finally just kind of snapped. So, after that day, I started doing my schoolwork at home. To tell the truth though, we live so far from the school it makes way more sense for me to do it at home anyway.

It has been great since, I never get teased or bullied, and because my dad works from home, he can watch over me, not that he really does, he is usually out in the shop working, making money for us, not that he actually has to work, but he enjoys it. He is a master cabinet and furniture maker, but he can do almost anything out of wood you could imagine, his specialty is antique replica furniture, so made the same way they used to make it, strong and durable, no screws or nails. You should see his shop, it is more than three times the size of our house (and we have a huge house), it used to be a huge barn, we live on an old ranch, and his shop is the largest of the three barns that are on our property.

As for me, I do not really think of myself as anything special, but my dad always tells me that I sell myself short, but that considering what I went through, it is not a shock, so he is always trying to boost my self esteem. I am pretty tall for my age, most people think I am thirteen now, just look younger, I have really dark brown hair and even darker brown eyes, round face with a round nose, (Dad calls it a button nose) I have freckles on my nose too (which I hate), but my dad says are adorable (god I hate that word though), and I have permanently light tanned looking skin, but boy do I ever get darkly tanned in the summer. Dad says I am really good looking, and one day I'll have so many boyfriends I will not know what to do with them all, but I would, I would wear them all out, lol.

Yes, he does know I am gay, I kind of had to admit it just after I turned ten. He caught me jacking off to gay diaper love porn on the internet one night, my face must have been priceless, because he burst out laughing. I started crying, of course, but he came and picked me up, pulled my diaper back up, and told me that he had known I was gay from the time I was five, at the oldest, that he was okay with it, and that I had nothing to be ashamed of, but that he was the same as well.

To tell you the truth, that particular revelation did not shock me as much as it would to most, because I had sort of already suspected it anyway. I was so relieved, and now we just talk freely. So far he had never asked me if I had my eyes on anyone in particular, but that night he did ask if my friend James and I had ever played, but sadly we had not, and I do not think he is gay anyway, so I doubted we ever would. I have since changed my mind on that, but I do not think either of us wants the other, I think James has his eyes on his man as well.

So, now here we are, my dad had to come to the hardware store again, so I am just wandering around, watching my man, god what I would not give to have him all to myself, I would make him so happy. I was at the end of an aisle, looking for him, but he was nowhere around, yet I knew he was there, I had seen him when we came in. I was getting frustrated, figures, he probably went for his lunch break or something, it is about that time. Then I heard something behind me, and I spun around.

“Anything I can help you find?” He asked me, and that was it, I had already been hard and anticipating, I came.

God he smells amazing; deep manly scent, mixed with the unmistakable smell of cedar, he must have just finished cutting a bunch. All this went through my mind the split second before I came, and I must have been out of it for at least a few seconds. I admit I had never wanted to turn and run away so much in my entire life, I was so embarrassed, I could feel the tears already threatening to fall.

“Shh, it's okay.” He said softly to me, laying his hand on my shoulder tenderly. “Looks like you maybe found what you were looking for though, that was some powerful orgasm.”

“You don't hate me?”

“Nah, I'd never hate someone for that.” He grinned.

“Oh, good. Can I ask you a personal question though?” I asked, now that I was over my shock, and he was still there, saying he did not hate me, I gathered the courage to go for what I wanted.

“Sure, ask away, but I can't promise I can answer.”

“Okay, why do you wear diapers?”

“Oh that one's easy, no bladder, had to be removed and they couldn't replace it. Actually, that's not true, they tried, twice, but my body rejected them. I was almost your age when I had a really bad accident, I was in the hospital for months, I almost died a dozen times, but I'm better now, but I have to wear diapers. How about you?”

“Weak bladder, can't hold for very long or very much, so it's just easier. Do you love diapers now too?”

“Yep, and I take it you do too then?”

“Oh yeah. How old are you?”

“Just turned twenty two, how about you?”

“Just turned eleven, so you're almost exactly twice my age, that's cool.”

“Yeah. Thought you were older though.”

“Yeah, everyone thinks I'm thirteen. And, are you gay?”

“Yes, and I bet you are too.”


“Yeah, I figured as much. Every time you come in, I see how you look at me. I hope you know that what you're dreaming of I can never give to you right.”

Well, I threw all caution to the wind, his telling me I could not have what I wanted most of all gave me the courage to tell it how it is.

“You say that now, but considering you're still standing here, I think you do want it, and I'll find a way.”

“Maybe, maybe not, you're a right little hotty to be sure, and if you were sixteen, I'd be happy to rock your world, but you're not, and I'd get in so much shit it wouldn't even be funny.”

“Who cares about the law, neither of us would ever tell.”

“I do, that's who, and your dad'd kill me.”

“No he wouldn't. Could I get your email address, I'd like to chat?”

“I'd better not.”

“Why not, afraid?”

“Yes, I'm afraid of what you want.”

“Good, that tells me that you want it as well.”

“Not enough to risk it.”

“You're lying. Crap, my dad's calling me. I'll talk to you later.”

I left him standing there, went and found Dad, and we went and paid. As we were standing there, I saw the stand with all the business cards on it, saw my mans, so I grabbed one so that I had his last name. As we were driving home, and it is an hour drive, I asked my dad some serious questions.

“Dad, you know I'm gay, and a diaper lover, well, for the last couple years, I've kinda had my eye on someone.”

“Yeah, I know. You honestly think I don't see how you look at Josh?”

“Actually, no, I didn't, but I guess I should've, he said the same thing.”

“Yeah, I saw you talking to him. Let me guess though, he turned you down.”

“Yeah, but I want him, and I know he wants me as well.”

“Can't blame him, you're a gorgeous young man, and if you weren't my son, and illegal, I'd happily take you to bed too. Let me guess though, he said you were too young, that he'd get in trouble as well.”

“Yeah.” I sighed in frustration. “I'm not gorgeous though.”

“Yeah, you are, and I bet he told you the same thing too, didn't he.”

“Yeah, he did.”

“Because you are. I tell you often enough that you're very good looking, you really need to let go this bad image you have of yourself. I know you had a hard start in school, but it's been years, you really shouldn't be so hard on yourself still. So, what are you gonna do then?”

“I don't know. What do you think I should do?”

“Wait 'til you're sixteen, or get a boyfriend your age.”

“That's what the law says I should do, but that's not what I want. I've been getting the feeling more and more that James is gay, I could probably have him any time I wanted, but I don't. Besides, I think he likes someone else anyway.”

“Um, he is gay, I'll guarantee that with almost a hundred percent certainty.”

“Yeah, but do you know who he's been looking at?” I asked, wondering if he had figured it out yet.

“Yeah, I see how he follows me with his eyes, and when we go swimming and he sees my dick through my wet shorts, he nearly cums.”

“Would you take him if he asked?”

“Maybe, maybe not, depends on him I suppose. I'm not against what he wants, or even what you want, I believe rather firmly that that has to be between two people and only them. I think that the law should keep their noses out of it unless they get a complaint from the boy himself.”

“Same. I really want Josh, so, what should I do then?”

“I saw you grab his card, I think you already have a plan, so I say go for it.”

“You'd really let me?”

“Of course. Would it stop you if I didn't though, is the other question.”

“No.” I had to laugh.


“Can I ask you a personal question though Dad?”

“What would you like to know Avery?”

“Have you been wearing diapers lately?”

“What do you mean lately. I haven't been out of them since I was your age.” He grinned.

“Really, why'd you never tell me?”

“Didn't wanna influence your decision, and then when you told me you were a diaper lover, I almost told you then, but I was starting to suspect what you were wanting, so I held off, because I felt that if you knew I was diapered as well, that it'd cause you to want me, and well, I love you, you are gorgeous, but that just couldn't happen. Not us two, not ever.”

“Oh, I think I understand, because I think you might've been right.”

“I knew it was the right decision. I figured you'd have figured it out long before now actually.”

“I started suspecting it a couple years ago, but you never said anything. I just thought maybe you were ashamed of it or something.”

“No, definitely not ashamed.”

“Good. So, if James were to ask you for what he really wants, would you want him in diapers as well?”

“I'm a full diaper lover, so, yes, I'd ask him to wear with me as well.”

“Cool, maybe I'll have to ask him again then.”

“You've asked him before?”

“Yeah, couple years ago, he was spending the night and I was getting into my diaper, and I asked him if he wanted to try one as well. He said no thanks, so I never asked again.”

“Was he shocked or embarrassed?”

“No, but he's used to seeing me in diapers, so it probably didn't bother him.”

“Interesting. Every time he leaves though, have you noticed that a few more diapers have disappeared?”

“Never paid attention to it to tell you the truth.”

“Yeah, well I did. I just thought he was wearing with you.”

“Oh, you think that he's been stealing some of my diapers?”

“Better than even chance. I know how many you go through in an average day, and when he leaves, there's usually ten to twelve missing.”

“Oh, then maybe I'll have to ask him about that then and get him diapered up.”

“It's Friday night, why not call him when we get home and see if he wants to spend the weekend?”

“Okay, that sounds like a great idea.”

We talked more all the way home, and when we got there, I called James and asked if he would like to come spend the weekend, and he said he would love to. He still goes to regular school, he is our next door neighbor, though he is almost three kilometers down the road, so he can only come on the weekends. He and his mom live in a small house on the large property, he says it used to be the servants quarters, he loves living there, just not with his mom. He said that he could be here in half an hour, and then we hung up.

I could not wait until he arrived, and I told my dad to make sure to just be in his soggy diaper by the time we exited my bedroom, because I was definitely getting James diapered up nice and thick.

It took only forty minutes for him to make it to our place on his bike, and he just walked right in like normal, yelling out hi. I called down the stairs, telling him I was in my room. My bedroom is the entire attic of our old farmhouse, so it is huge, massive, gigantic even. I have my very own huge bathroom (with what has to be a five person tub, six person shower, toilet and bidet, two sinks in a really cool live edge maple slab on an even nicer vanity, heated floor and towel bar, it has it all), theatre area (with two love seats and a real awesome stereo system and TV), play area (that includes a nice large table for working on, a huge chest of drawers that hold all my toys, and the table has four chairs around it), I also have a really nice desk area with shelves all around it, and of course my bed(which is a king size and way too huge for a kid my size, but I really like it). James made it up only a couple seconds later.

“Hey man, how's it goin?” I asked.

“I'm so glad you called, the bitch's been on my back again.”

James talks rough, probably from always hearing it at home. His mom is a drunken abusive bitch, his words, not mine. He claims that she never smacks him around, but I have known him long enough and seen the bruises to know better. She yells at him all the time though, calls him all sorts of horrible things, and almost every time he comes over, he ends up breaking down and crying. I have never told Dad, mostly because James has begged me not to, so he knows nothing of all this, though he might suspect, because even he has seen the bruising as well. Every time we go swimming, after James leaves, Dad asks where James got this or that new bruise, and I am starting to think he does not believe that James is just clumsy any more. There are never a lot, or huge, but enough to know that she does not mind giving him a hit if he does not listen.

James is the same age as I am, he is about six centimeters shorter than I am, even more skinny than I am, mostly because I am certain he does not eat enough, he has shaggy reddish brown hair that is usually longer and covers his eyes, so he is constantly pushing it out of his face. I tease him all the time that hopefully he grows into his ears soon, but they are not that big, but he is so self conscious of them that I just gotta tease him, but he teases me about diapers all the time, so it is only fair. He has light brown eyes, an almost flat nose, crooked grin to match his slightly crooked teeth, and next to no definition to his body at all.

“Look, you keep telling me she's not hitting you, but I can see another bruise on your arm, you really should do something before she goes too far one of these days.”

“Yeah, but if I do anything, then I'm just gonna get moved from here and I'll never see you again, you're my only friend in the world. I can't lose you.”

And then he burst into tears. I feel so sorry for him, I tried hugging him again, but he just pushed me away, same as he always does. I am his best friend, but he will not let me hug him. Maybe he thinks it will make him gay, I have no idea. I soothed him as best I could, and half an hour later he sniffled for the last time and wiped his eyes and nose on his shirt sleeve.

“What was she hitting and yelling at you for now?” I asked, though it is pointless to do so, he has never once told me.

“Nothing, and I keep telling you, she doesn't hit me.”

“Then what's this bruise from, did you trip again?”

“No, hit in PE with a ball during dodge ball, all the kids ganged up on me again.”

Actually, this time I think he might have been telling the truth, because he normally just says fall.

“Okay. I'll believe you, this time. Now, I wanna ask you a couple questions, let's go sit down.”

I steered us toward the couches. Once we sat down, he started.

“I don't wanna talk about my mom. I come here to escape her.”

“That's not what I wanna talk to you about, though that topic's not closed.”

He just made a harrumph sound.

“I don't really know how to say it, so I'm just gonna do it bluntly. I know you're a diaper lover, I know you've been stealing my diapers. Every time you come over, I seem to go through an extra ten or so diapers. I also know you're gay, but it's not me you want, you want my dad. I've suspected both for a long time now, and don't try to deny it, because you can't. You know I wear diapers, but I love them too, and I'm gay as well. Another thing you don't know, is my dad's the same.” I said all in one long fast breath, I wanted to get it out before James could try and deny everything.

Instead of trying to say anything, to deny it, James just burst into tears again, this time he cried like I had just beaten him up, crying huge pitiful sobs. This time I was not taking no for an answer and dove at him and hugged him tightly. I kept whispering to him that it is okay, that I still like him, that he is still my only and best friend too, so on and so forth.

“I can't be gay, I can't be a diaper lover.” He finally sniffed out, almost half an hour later.

“But you are.”

“Yeah, but my mom'll kill me.”

“No she won't.”

“Yes, she will, she told me she would. She's been asking me more and more if I'm a little fairy faggot, because if I was, she'd take me to the river and drown me like she shoulda done when I was a baby.”

“That's it, I'm telling Dad, I'm not letting you go home, you're gonna come live with us.” I said angrily.

“No, you can't tell him.”

“Yes, I can. James, I'm not listening to you this time, I'm telling him, and I'm asking for you to live with us. I'm telling him everything, and there's nothing you can do to stop me. I'm not losing you, you're my best friend, my only friend, and I know you're gay. If she's threatening you, she might actually do it, you're gay, a hundred percent gay, I know it, I feel it, I'm the same, I could never be with a girl, and you're the same, aren't you.”

He just nodded.

“I have to do it, I have to protect you, Dad can afford to adopt you and care for you, and if you really do want him, like I know you do, you can make each other very happy.”

“You'd really let me have your dad?”

“Hell yeah, but I have my eye on another man.” I grinned, and told him all about Josh.


“Yeah, so, do you want me to diaper you like the little baby boy diaper lover you are, do you wanna wear and wet your nice thick thirsty baby diapers all weekend, or for forever if we get everything done in time?”

“Yes.” He whispers, but he is blushing huge.

“That's what I thought. Let's go change our diapers. I need a fresh baby diaper too, so you can change me after I get you all nice and thickly diapered, and we'll put on my night time ones as well, 'cause I'm just wearing one of my daytime ones right now.”

He must have been a really big diaper lover, because he just nodded, so we got up and went to the bed. We each undressed ourselves, looking at the other as we did so. This was something that we had never done before. James had always been adamant about going to the bathroom to change, he would not let me see him naked, and he had never seen me naked either. It also dawned on me that, while I had walked around in my diapers, even with him around, I do not recall James ever actually looking right at me when I was in just my diaper. I am starting to think he did that to prevent his feelings.

He must have really liked what he was seeing though, because as soon as I was in just my diaper, he had just taken off his underwear himself, and he had been soft, he went right hard right away.

“Oh, I think Baby likes what he sees.” I giggled.

“God, I've always thought you were hot, I always wanted to look at you in just your soggy baby diapers, but I couldn't. You went around unashamedly in them all the time, but I just couldn't look at you like this.”

“I know, you couldn't show you were gay, or else. I've always thought you were hot, and I wanted to diaper you so much. Even still, I don't wanna be boyfriends, though I do wanna suck you so bad.”

“Yeah, but I'd like to suck you as well.”

“Good, then lay down, let me take care of everything.”

I went to my closet and grabbed everything that we were needing and I came back to the bed. James is just laying there in diaper change position, naked and hard, my dick, which is already hard, went more so, and I swear I started limping it is so hard to walk. As soon as I made it to the bed, I did not hesitate in the least and bent right down and sucked James' entire ten centimeter erection and his whole tasty sack into my mouth and started sucking and licking and humming and anything else I had ever read about to make him feel good.

It must have been amazing though, because James squealed in ecstasy, and then started moaning and panting, and he lasted probably not even thirty seconds before he exploded. As I suspected, he is as dry as I still am, and I know it will be that way for a while yet. I still enjoyed it every bit as much as James did though, and I damn near came when he did.

I pulled off, James is still in la la land, and I proceeded to diaper him up. He is still mostly hard, and he went more so as I rubbed the lotion and diaper rash cream into his soft smooth skin, and then he grunted and came again. I had to giggle, but it was so hot it made me cum too. I ended up slumping down for a few seconds, but before James came down from his first cum, let alone his second, I finished taping him up.

“Wow, that was the best, thanks. I've never actually done that before.”

“What, cum?”

“Yeah, explode.”

“Really, I've been making myself cum for almost two years already.”

“Yeah, well, you were allowed to be gay. Every time I touched myself I dreamed of you, your dad, your diapers, me wearing your diapers, everything I couldn't be. I just don't know what I'm gonna do.”

“First, you're gonna change my diaper, and then we're gonna go talk to my dad.”

He said nothing, I just laid down on the bed in diaper change position and waited. It did not take long at all for James to get up and do what he had clearly wanted to do for a very long time. His hands were shaking so bad he could barely grasp the tapes holding my diaper on, but finally he managed to and pulled it down. I think he just came again.

Once he came back down again, his eyes drifted up to mine and I nodded. He just bent down and sucked me in, no wonder he made the sounds he did, because I am pretty sure I just heard the same sounds coming from myself. Man it feels so good, ouch, except that, he just scraped my dick head with his teeth. He must have heard me hiss, because he just covered his teeth with his lips, and that is so much better. Oh man, I never actually imagined it would be this good, he is doing the same things to me as I did to him, and it is way better than I ever dreamed, and then I came.

I guess I was still so hot, because that was fast, even though I had just had an amazing baby boygasm a minute or two ago. James pulled off and I sighed deeper than I have ever sighed before, that was amazing. I am far more used to cumming, so I did not go completely out of it like he had, but I did fade out for a few seconds.

By the time I came back to, James had already pulled out my soggy diaper and had replaced it with a dry one and is already in the process of lotioning up my soft smooth skin. I can feel that my dick is still hard in its full eleven centimeter glory, and the way James is rubbing tells me that he is trying to rub out my cream, instead of rubbing in the baby cream, and even though I do not make that, it still feels good, and I came again only a few moments later.

By the time I came back down, James had applied a nice coating of diaper rash cream and was pulling up my diaper. He taped it on and adjusted it a couple times to make it perfect. By the time he was done, I was completely down and I sighed yet again.

“Thanks, that was amazing.”

“Yeah, it was, thanks. Am I allowed to pee my diaper?” He asked shyly.

“Of course, why else would I put one on you. Pee pee your thick thirsty baby diaper 'til you're as full as you can be. Once you're nice and full, ask my daddy to take you to his room to change your super soggy baby diaper, and then sleep with him. I'll be fine.”

“You really mean it, don't you.”

“Of course. Now, let's go talk to my dad.”

I went to leave the room, but James went to grab his clothes.

“Nope, no clothes allowed, Dad and I'll be in just our diapers, so, so will you, now come on.” I said, grabbing his hand and pulling him from the room.

I am not major strong or anything, but considerably stronger than James, and though he tried to fight it, it was not that much, and before too long, we were downstairs. Dad is in the kitchen cooking dinner, and he is in just his diaper, he too had changed into his thicker night time ones and is not wet yet either.

Now, this is the first time for me seeing him in just his diapers too, and I appreciated the scene, he really is very good looking too, but I think James may have cum again. He stopped, shook like a leaf for a few seconds, and then blushed massively. Dad had not seen or heard us yet, so I whispered to James.

“He is hot, especially in his baby diaper, isn't he?”

“Oh yeah.”

He licked his lips, and he sounded strange, I laughed.

Dad heard me laugh and turned around.

“Hey there boys, did you have a good diaper change?”

“Yeah, looks like you did too.”

“Yep, sure did. You look really good like that James.”

“Thanks, so do you.” He groaned again.

“Thanks. Dinner won't be ready for a while boys, so go watch TV or something.”


We went and did that, and then when we were called to go eat, we went and ate dinner. As we ate, I told Dad all about the abuse that James is suffering and what I wanted him to do. James did not say a word, he just kept looking down. For a while after I finished, Dad said nothing, but then he finally said something.

“I don't know how we'll do it, but don't worry James, you won't be leaving here from here on out. I'll figure it out somehow. You've never mentioned your father, where's he?”

“Thanks.” He whispered. “My mom said he took off when he found out she was pregnant. Not sure I believe her, to tell you the truth, but she never talks about him. I have no idea who he is or where he'd be.”

“Good, that might make it easier. I'll go out tomorrow and see what I can figure out.”

And that was that, now I will have a brother, because I know Dad is way more stubborn than almost anyone. He will not rest until James is in his care, of that I am certain.

After dinner was done and cleaned up, we went and sat back and watched TV for the evening, and when it was time for bed, I nudged James. He looked to me and blushed. I knew he would not do it, so I had to do it for them both.

“Dad, take James and change his diaper, then I think he'd really like to cuddle up to you for the night.”

“Are you sure James? I know how you look at me, I know you've wanted that for a long time, but it has to be all up to you.”

He could say nothing, but he did nod, and his blush said even more. Dad just got up and put out his hand for James to take, and he did, then Dad led James to his bedroom, hopefully James would be far more relaxed in the morning. I almost laughed though, because Dad never even said goodnight to me, he had went so hard in his diaper I could see it, and I think James did too from how he licked his lips, now all I have to do is go find a way to reel in my man and I will be as happy.

I headed to my room and booted up my computer and started searching for Josh. I found his Facebook page, and from there I found his email, so I emailed him.

Hey Josh, it's Avery, you know, from the store today. I found your Facebook page and it listed your email address, so I thought I'd email and say hi. I won't talk about what we talked about today, I know you're nervous and scared, and that's okay. I would like to talk though, I really do like you. Talk to you later.

I hit send and it went off. After that I went about writing more in the story that I have been writing. I get excellent grades in language arts and essay writing, and I love to write, though I have never posted a story that I have written. I know what you are thinking, but you're only eleven, those sound like courses you get in high school. Yeah, they kinda are, I'm kinda not in elementary school any more, have not been for a couple years. I have been working on the grade nine stuff now for almost four months, and I think I will be done grade nine in only another three to four months.

I had only written a couple paragraphs when my email program pinged me, saying that I had a message waiting, so I opened it up and was happy to see a reply from Josh.

Hey there Avery, I knew you'd find me, I saw you grab my card, I knew you wanted my last name so that you could do this. You know that what you want you can't have. I can't give it to you either. There's no point talking about that. I do like you as well, and I'd like to get to know you better, finding someone who also has to wear diapers is great, but I won't if you can't control yourself. Text me, my contact info is included.

I was ecstatic, getting to actually chat with him would be great, and I know he is thinking about it, or he would have ignored me altogether. I grabbed my phone and texted him.

Avery: Hey Josh, it's great to find another diaper wearer too, and lover. Just found out my dad and best friend are as well, so life is great right now. Would be better if you were here with me though, my best friend is getting his baby diaper changed right now by my dad, and I could really use a soggy bum change too.

Joshua: That's good for them, but not so good for us. I know what you want, but I can't give it to you, if you can't or won't control yourself, then I'll be forced to block you. I'd love to have you as a friend, nothing more.

Avery: I'd love to have you as a friend as well. Let's not talk about that any more. So, what do you do in your spare time

Joshua: I don't get a lot of spare time. I work pretty much full time and go to school pretty much full time. I get about an hour a day to myself, plus Sunday's I take off totally and rest.

Avery: Oh, what do you go to school for.

Joshua: Woodworking. I wanna be a woodworker, and I've been taking all the courses they have to offer. Mostly I do night classes, but I have a couple day classes as well.

Avery: That's cool. How much longer have you got 'til you're finished.

Joshua: Next week's my last week, and that's it, I'll have taken all their courses. Now I have to find a master woodworker to apprentice with, I've got applications out everywhere, but so far no bites.

Avery: My dad's a master woodworker, I could pull some strings.

Joshua: What sorta work does he do. I know he buys lots of stuff, just not wood, mostly hardware and whatnot.

Avery: Oh, he does pretty much anything and everything, but mostly he likes doing the antique replica stuff. He only makes the highest quality stuff using the woods that we have around here. He cuts and mills all his own wood, he has his own dryer and everything.

Joshua: That's really cool. That's the sorta work I wanna do too. What about you, what do you wanna do when you grow up.

Avery: I'm a baby, I never plan to grow up. LOL. Actually, I don't really know yet. I only have a couple to a few more years of high school left, maybe four if I take my time, but I wanna be finished before I turn fifteen for sure. After that, who knows, I might just apprentice with my dad, I haven't really decided. I enjoy metal working as well too, so I Might do something with that.

Joshua: Pardon me, you said you're only 11, how can you be finishing high school in only a couple or a few years.

Avery: Easy, I'm already half way through grade nine. I home school and go at my own pace, which is a lot faster than most kids I guess. I work for about 6 hours a day though, and I normally only ever take Sunday off as well, but if I have my friend over, I take Saturday off as well, somewhat. Because I'm up at 5 every day, I usually have a few hours in the morning to work even when he's here, 'cause he's not up 'til 8.

Joshua: Wow, I barely escaped high school, I hated being there.

Avery: Yeah, well, I'd hate being there as well, but I do like learning.

Joshua: Yeah, I guess I did too, but high school was murder on me because of course I wear diapers, and I think everyone knew I was gay too. Having no family didn't help either mind you, I had no one to help me out.

Avery: Oh, were you in foster care then.

Joshua: Yeah, you remember how I told you I was in an accident, yeah, that accident killed my parents. I was in the back seat, that's the only reason I survived at all, and even it was a close call. I have no other family, so I had to go to foster care. My parents were poor though, so there was no money for me, no insurance or anything, which is why I have to work so hard.

Avery: Wow, that sucks, sorry.

Joshua: It's okay, it was a long time ago now, I'm mostly over it. Sure, it's still hard at times, but at least they died fast and didn't suffer. I suffered huge though, the next 2 years were horrible for me. I had to see a shrink 3 times a week for almost that long, I almost killed myself a few times, it was pretty bad.

Avery: I'm glad you survived, that would've been horrible had you died.

Joshua: Yeah, I see that now.

Avery: So, as soon as you were out of foster care, you had to move out and find a job and a place to live, that musta sucked with next to no help.

Joshua: Tell me about it. I found a great little apartment above someone's garage, I still live here actually, though probably for not much longer, they're moving in a few weeks and the new people said they wanted my place for someone else, so I have to find a new place. I'd already had the job at the hardware store though, I started working there when I was 17.

Avery: Where are you gonna move to then. You won't be in school any more, so you could go anywhere.

Joshua: Haven't decided yet, I've looked at a dozen great places, but they're all so expensive. At least I've paid for my schooling as I went, and I get paid pretty decently, but not nearly enough to pay for some of the places I've seen, and I'd really like to get a shop. I need to get an apprenticeship somewhere and start making some decent money.

Avery: You're not wanting to move from here are you.

Joshua: Nah, I like it here too much, even though it's stupid expensive to live here.

Avery: Good, I'll ask my dad about apprenticeship, he's never taken on an apprentice before, so maybe he will, I don't know. Unfortunately, though, I really have to get to bed, I'm getting really tired. I'll talk to my dad in the morning and then I'll try and text you tomorrow some time, okay.

Joshua: Okay, and yeah, I was just getting ready for bed too when I saw that you'd emailed, so I should probably get to bed too. Have a good night.

Avery: You too.

After we hung up, I went and grabbed my diaper change stuff so that I could change myself. Before doing so though, I envisioned Josh in my head and jacked off three times in a row, just rubbing myself through my soggy diaper.

Sometimes I jack off the normal way, but sometimes I prefer doing it through my soggy diaper, it just feels so amazing.

I changed myself and then curled up and went to sleep, dreams of Josh cumming in my head all night long.