Chapter 11

The week leading up to Toby and Xander's family reunion was busy for everyone. Dad called around and got another twenty four laying hens, and two each milking goats and cows, for Collin, and he was happy. Toby had both couples come through and tour the facilities at the appointed times, we were all still working as normal, and when both stopped to ask if I was really working with molten metal, because I was pouring aluminum for the water station, I proudly said yes, this is all my equipment, and I am teaching the others how to work with me, I had Xander with me again. They were shocked.

It sounds as if both couples were impressed with everything, and the one who needed their wedding done in just a couple weeks decided to go ahead and go for it. They had managed to pony up several thousand dollars cash from their families to help pay for it all, so they put down the half down deposit and Toby was happy. The other couple said that they would call Toby back, but they were intrigued when Toby said that the other couple was in and that they were doing the whole week reunion, so said that they wanted to talk that one over with their families as well. They came back on Wednesday and placed their deposit for an entire week as well, for the week after the other one, so there would be a one week cool down period, which was okay.

I finished the water station late Monday afternoon and it looked really good, and Dad and I went and installed it and got it all hooked up on Tuesday. It works really well, and Toby is happy as well.

Toby has already started doing some of the cooking and prep work so that he will be ready for everyone on Sunday and for the whole week.

Collin asked Xander and Braedon to help him one day to move all the firewood into a large neatly stacked pile by the firewood pit, they used a tractor to help them with this. We have a nice covered firewood storage area for just this.

Wednesday we all helped after dinner to put up the large tent that goes over the dining area, and there are no ropes to hold it all down, it uses large screw in anchors at every foot, so it is very secure. Toby really likes this as well, it is very large and durable, and it will now be left up for the rest of the summer.

During the week we had also gotten pretty much anything else done that needed to be done, Collin has the entire yard mowed nicely, all the gardens are looking perfect, even the badminton and volleyball nets are up. We had bought a lock, when we were in town last, for the door from the house to the pool, so that is now installed and working. All the RV sites' power and water have been turned on and tested, and all the water lines flushed out. Everything is about as perfect as can be and ready and raring to go.

Saturday morning we broke our regular routine, and after our morning swim and relaxation, us boys went without our schoolwork for the day and we all headed into town. Realistically we do not all need to go, but Toby is going to need help, and besides, Dad, Josh, and I need supplies too.

Over the week I had made so many hinges and handles that I am almost out of metal, as well the others, when they worked with me, made cool things from the copper, since it is easy for them to work, so we needed almost everything again. I took half the handles and hinges into the stores, as well as a few of the others' projects, and sold them, they were only too happy to buy from us again, because they had sold everything already, so we are all happy.

The shopping trip was absolutely astounding though, almost twice as much as last week, but this stuff all fresh. We still needed a lot of eggs and milk, so there is a lot of that, but then there is also a lot of everything else as well. Two extra buggies had to be pushed by us boys, who all had to switch on and off as to who was pushing, because they were getting too heavy even for me to push for too long. Finally we were done, and went and paid that off and headed out.

Again we offloaded everything right to the outdoor kitchen, and then got it all put away. After that, we went and put our things away and then went and relaxed for the rest of the day. People will start showing up at around eleven Toby figured, he just hopes that everyone brings the money that they are supposed to bring to cover the costs for everything, every year a couple forget, conveniently, but that is okay, he still usually gets it all paid for, so he is okay with that.

We all played games for the night and went to bed. Over the past week, Josh and I had continued our playing, but still only with hands, and tonight is no different. We lasted a little longer tonight though and each came three times, but we are both definitely okay with that.

We all had a very good sleep, and woke up at our regular time. Us boys did no schoolwork, it is Sunday after all, it is our day off. We did do our regular morning exercises and relaxation though, and then we were outside.

Toby made breakfast for us all, and then we all helped to clean up. Toby, Xander, and Braedon stayed in the kitchen for most of the day getting things prepared for tonight's welcome feast, while the rest of us went and did our work. Collin did his work, then went and joined his man in the kitchen when he was done, which was right when the first of Toby's family started arriving.

Last night we also felt it prudent to work out a bit of a cover story. Everyone already knows that Toby is gay, well having a fourteen year old boyfriend is just a tad illegal, so he and Dad are going to be boyfriends instead for the week, at least that is what his family will be led to believe. No one has to know anything about us boys, so that is just fine. We will still all stay in the house anyway, and no one really has to come into the house for any reason, so they will never have to see the sleeping arrangements.

Dad and I will be included in the reunion anyway, but we stayed in our shops working as normal as Toby and Xander greeted their family. By four everyone, that had been expected to arrive, had already arrived. Toby's dad, who had been one of the first to arrive, ended up playing parking guide and managed to get everyone sorted out. He did it as a first come first serve, and each one just took the next available site, no matter where they wanted to be, though thankfully there was no fighting about that.

As everyone started getting settled in, and the kids all started getting in their parents' hair, they started wandering around, and at times I had anywhere from two to ten kids standing around my work area watching me as I heated and hammered metal for more hinges. Even a few adults stopped by every so often to see what all the noise was and to see what the hell their kids were talking about. I guess most of the parents did not believe their kids when they were told that there was a kid playing with red hot metal. I just smiled and waved whenever I noticed anyone there.

The doors to the wood shop are also open, as usual, and many a person also stopped by there and looked in curiously. At just a little after five, Braedon came and told us all that dinner was going to be ready in just a few minutes.

I went into the shop and changed my diaper, Josh came and helped me, and I changed him too, and then Dad changed himself and we all washed up. We headed down to join the others, and there are a lot of people here. Everyone was told to go ahead and gather around the fire pit, since that was the easiest place for us to all gather, and Toby went into the centre and started talking.

“Well, as you all know, my old place ended up selling, so I had to move. Everyone here knows I'm gay, though most didn't know I was seeing anyone. Here he is now.” He said and Dad went and stood next to him. “We decided, even though neither of us was really ready for it, for Xander and I to just move in here. It actually works out great for us all, because Austin already has the perfect place for us to use for this. He also has a son, his name's Avery.” He said and I waved to everyone.

“We have a small operating ranch, but I've decided to sell my restaurant, which no one knew yet, and I'm gonna do functions just like this here instead. I already have two booked, one starting a week after you all leave, and then another week after they leave, so it'll work perfectly. We have an amazing kitchen area here, and it will be expected for everyone to come and help, though tonight's is already taken care of, but someone else gets to clean up. Dinner's pretty much ready, so let's all go eat.”

There were a few shocked people in the crowd from a couple things, but everyone cheered happily about dinner. We all went and lined up and started filling our plates. Oh man, dinner was absolutely amazingly delicious, Toby had totally gone all out. After dinner, a fire was started, and everyone sat around talking and laughing, catching up, getting to know each other, so on and so forth. Several people asked me how I could do something so hard and dangerous as metal working, but, like I always say, I do not find it hard, and certainly it is dangerous, I have even been burned, but I am careful as well.

The pool was being used, the field was being used, everyone was having a really good time. By the time we were all tired and ready for bed, the rest of the crowd barely seemed to be tired, but we left them to themselves and headed in. Not only did we all need diaper changes and sleep, but I for one am very horny.

“Baby,” Josh started as soon as we entered our room, “I wanna try sucking tonight!”

“Oh hell yeah. Same time or one after the other?”

“I think tonight I'd like to try one after the other. Can I suck you first?”

“Absolutely.” I said happily.

I have been leaving this solely up to Josh as to when he wanted to move forward, and though I have wanted to suck him and drain him totally for so long already, I knew he was not ready for it yet. I am happy that he has finally decided to move ahead.

I threw myself onto the bed, on my back, legs spread, arms under my head, and gave Josh the best come and get it look I could muster. It must have worked, because he came and got it alright, and then some.

As usual he started with kissing, and ten minutes later he stopped kissing my lips and started kissing his way down my chest and stomach. He pressed his face into my soggy diaper and nuzzled me, we both groaned deeply from this. Man it feels so good.

Then he pulled down the front of my diaper and sucked me in totally. He must be super horny, he did not even start by licking, but then, I am super horny and doubted I could have held on if he had started by just licking.

Fifteen seconds, maximum, is all I lasted before exploding in my first dry baby boygasm of the night. Josh pulled off, pulled my diaper back up, then kissed his way back up and rolled us over once our lips were attached.

I kept up the kiss for only a minute before I started kissing my way down, and then I nuzzled his soggy diapered dick. We both groaned deeply again. I pulled down his diaper, and I too did not waste any time in licking or playing, I just have to feel him in my mouth, and now.

Yeah, he lasted even less time than I did before he exploded in my hungry sucking mouth. Six strong shots of the best tasting cum there possibly is entered my mouth and I truly savored it before pulling off. I pulled up Josh's diaper and kissed my way back up.

Josh flipped us over again and kissed his way back down a minute later and started all over again, only this time he did take the time to lick and nibble and just make me feel like a million bucks. He sucked me in again and sucked me for maybe a minute more before I exploded again.

We traded places again a minute later and then not even a minute after I started sucking him, and I took the time to play this time too, he exploded and gave me another five shots. Smaller this time, sure, but tasty none the less.

We repeated once more each before we are so totally satisfied. We kissed for another ten minutes or so before changing each others diapers, and then we whispered goodnight, I love you to each other, and then fell fast asleep in a love so deep far too few too can understand.

I woke up first this morning and luxuriated in the love that I felt, but only a minute later Josh also started waking up. As soon as I felt him come awake, I turned around so that we are facing each other.

“God I love you Baby.” Josh whispered to me, then laid on me a kiss that sucked all the oxygen from my system.

“Mmm, I love you so much too.” I sighed deeply when Josh let me go.

“Should we get up and go about the start of our day?”

“Sure. I'm gonna do some schoolwork this morning, are you gonna read then?”

“Absolutely, at least after another kiss or ten.”

Well, who am I to argue with that. We kissed for almost ten minutes by the time we pushed away from each other, and then we both cuddled up on the couch in our room and I did some schoolwork, while Josh read a book. It had been decided that every day after swimming that we would not do schoolwork this week, since we are being somewhat included in the reunion as well, that we should take a vacation, but we are all up so early anyway that we may as well do at least a little bit before then.

At seven we all met in the pool, we had removed our soggy diapers before leaving our rooms, again this is what had been arranged. Toby and Collin are not with us, they had said that they would be out getting breakfast started by six at the latest, so that everyone could have breakfast at eight.

We only worked out for half an hour this morning before doing our relaxation circuit, and then we headed into the house to get diapered and dressed for the day to come. Josh and I still dressed each other in work clothes, because we still both planned on doing some work, which to us is pretty much playing.

We made it outside only a few minutes after breakfast had been called, so we joined the line and waited our turn so that we could get a good breakfast. I gotta admit that when faced with this many people to feed, Toby truly shines. There was so much food, and it was all so good, even I went back for seconds, and I never go back for seconds. Even Dad is in line behind me getting seconds, and he too never has seconds.

Toby has bacon, three different types of sausage, fried ham, two different types of biscuits, lots of bread, potatoes done four ways (his hashbrown casserole is to die for, and trust me, eat too much of it and you might too), scrambled eggs, pancakes, crepes, waffles, and every known topping for them. He has at least an entire block of cheese sliced so we can make any type of breakfast sandwich we want, or he has wraps so we can do that too. Then he also has nearly a tonne of fresh fruit cut up in the cooling section. There is also tea and coffee in two separate urns, as well as he has lots of juice made in one of the huge eighty litre juice jugs we have.

I know I ate way too much, but the way everyone was groaning by the time we finished, and the fact that there is surprisingly little food left when we were finished, I would say that I am not the only one, but damn was it good.

A bunch of Toby's family went in and started the cleanup, even though Toby had taken care of a good portion of it himself, all they have to do are the dishes that we all used. Just as I was bringing my dishes in to add them to the pile, Toby stopped me.

“Well Avery, between last night and this morning, all the stuff you made for me sure has proven itself, it's working absolutely perfectly.”

“Good, I'm glad.”

“Why, what did he make?” Toby's dad asked.

So Toby told him all that I had made for him.

“Wow, you did all that. I was looking at those pots and pans, and I thought an expert had made them, they're perfect.”

“He is an expert Dad.” He said.

“Thanks, but it was fun.” I said.

“I heard that there was a kid working a forge and hammering red hot metal yesterday, I just thought they meant you were an older teen, and here you are, not even a teen yet. That's impressive.”

“Thank you, I just enjoy doing it.”

“You should also see what all he does for his dad. Austin's a master woodworker, and Avery is doing all the antique replica handles and hinges for him, as well he's selling them to a couple local stores. Let's just say that they're very popular. He was asking for only five dollars a handle and six for a pair of hinges, but the one store refused, said that was way too low for such high quality, they're giving him ten and twelve, so double the price he asked, because they believe it's worth it. That's what his dad and Josh are paying him for what he makes for them as well. Just this week alone though, the bill for the metal he uses was a few hundred bucks, and that's from a scrap yard, but he's been buying lots to stockpile and play with.”

“Wow, and this is your boyfriends son.”


“And you said Xander's been working with him a bit as well?”

“Yeah, and in the wood shop too. He and Braedon are learning with them, as is James. Austin adopted James because of the same problems Braedon had.”

“Oh, I see, I remember you telling me a little about why you were adopting Braedon, it's a shame that someone would treat a kid so poorly because he's gay and or has to wear diapers. You do too, don't you Avery?”

“Yes, both gay and diapers, actually, and Josh and Collin were both hired because of that too. Dad wanted to have as many people around me that were the same so that I didn't grow up feeling like he did. It's quite nice actually.”

“That's good. I know it was hard on Toby growing up, and even though he never admitted 'til well after Xander was born that he was gay, I'd known since he was a kid, and when he came and told me he'd gotten a girl pregnant, well, let's just say shocked was putting it mildly. I seem to remember nearly swallowing my tongue, then coughing up a lung in the process. Yet he still never admitted that he was gay, not 'til almost a year later after he threw her out.”

“Yeah, well, had I known you were so okay with it, then it wouldn't have been so bad, but I thought you'd disown me. Actually, it wasn't really you I was worried about so much, you always told me you'd love me no matter what, it was mom I never woulda' told.”

“No, she was a bit backwards wasn't she. I loved her, but she had her quirks that just drove me up the wall. It hurt when she died, but in a way it was better for us all. Not even a month later you decided you couldn't live a lie any more and came out to everyone.”

“Yeah, by then it just didn't matter any more, and I just didn't care what anyone thought.”

“So, how about you Avery, how'd your dad have you?”

“Actually, believe it or not, I've never asked. I never really cared to tell you the truth. I've never had a mother around, there are no pictures, nothing. It's always been Dad and I together, that's it and that's all. I never questioned it, because I always felt I had all I'd ever need, and I didn't need a mother.”

“Oh. You're certainly not like most kids, in almost every way.”

“Thanks.” I laughed.

“Would you like to know, I do know?” Toby said.

“I don't really care, but sure, go ahead.”

“Your dad knew he was gay, of course, but he wanted a baby, so paid someone to carry you and had her impregnated using his seed. She had to sign an agreement saying that once you were born that she'd never see you again, that she was not in any way related to you, so on and so forth. Trust me, he was happy you were a boy, he had no idea what he'd do if he ended up with a girl.”

“You know, I always sorta wondered if that was the case, and it doesn't really surprise me.” I laughed.

“Actually, I half expected that's what you would've done as well Toby, and when you told me you got a woman pregnant, that's what I thought you'd meant.”

“Yeah, well, trust me, it was a shock that I actually even managed it at all, because I was living a lie so totally that only my dick didn't believe me.” He laughed.

“Yeah, I know. I knew from the time you were eight, at the oldest, that there were going to be no girls in your future at all. It never even crossed my mind that you'd lie to yourself so totally, but it also explains a lot.”

“What do you mean?”

“You're a master chef, you're barely thirty five, and that usually takes years and years of dedication to achieve. You threw yourself into it so fully that only you couldn't see that you were trying to work it outta you. Your mom did know, she confronted me, several times, and we even fought about it, from the time you were twelve she knew, I absolutely forbade her to say or do anything to you about it, told her time and time again that you were her son and that she'd love you for who and what you are, regardless. I warned her that to do anything that'd hurt you'd mean I'd divorce her in a heartbeat and charge her, and I meant it.

“Like I said, I loved her, but there were things about her I hated, and that was a huge one. She could never love you for who you were. Then there was your love of diapers. I knew they weren't accidents, I knew you were wetting your bed and your pants on purpose from the time you were eight so that you could get your diapers. Your mother was aghast at that, and by the time you were thirteen, even she was starting to see that you were doing it on purpose, and, once more, she confronted me about it. Like I told her then, if that's the worst thing that you love, then you're gonna be just fine.

“She thought it was absolutely horrible and wanted to stop buying you diapers. I told her that I'd take care of it then, that I'd get you what you needed, she screamed at me and said he doesn't need them. I told her that there are different reasons for needing things, and that you needed diapers every bit as much as someone who truly needed diapers. That alone was almost a divorce worthy day.”

“Wow, you did all that for me?”

“Absolutely. The rest of the family though just thinks that you need diapers, and I know that Xander's the exact same as you, and they think he developed your bad bladder as well, which is what I told them. Your mom told a couple of your aunts though that you were being lazy and didn't really need diapers, but after she died I set them straight, or at least as straight as you needed them to be.”

“Oh. She never really did love me, did she.”

“I don't know. I don't think she was the type of person that should've been a mother. Your brothers and sisters are all in the same boat as you are though in that feeling. I always wanted a mess of kids, so we had six, she agreed to it, and it wasn't 'til you kids were all a little older, actually it wasn't 'til Alex was almost a year old, that I started to see who and what she really was. She hated being a mom. You being her eldest though, being defective, as she so eloquently put it, now that was a huge shame, she thought that the rest of you kids would turn out just as defective.”

“And did they?”

“Each in their own way. I don't know everything, I don't know all their secrets like I do for you, because you wore it all right out in the open for everyone to see, but each person, no matter who, has their own deep dark secrets that they never want anyone to ever find out.”

“Ah, yes, I suppose that's true.”

“Well guys, I'm gonna head to my work area and go play some, so I'll see you later.”

I decided I really did not want or need to hear the rest of their stories, and beside, I wanted to go play. Both men continued talking as I headed to my work area. As I was walking, a boy about my age came up to me. Whatever he wanted must be super embarrassing, because he is already blushing.

He is really cute, kind of short and tough looking, not fat, but not skinny either, he has short cropped red hair, more freckles than I have ever seen on anyone in my life, very pale milky skin that probably burns to a crisp if he is caught in the sun for more than two minutes, really pretty green eyes, and an almost pointy nose.

“Hi, I'm Avery.”

“I'm Billy, I just turned eleven, how old are you?”

“Eleven as well.”

“Cool. Hey, I accidentally heard what you were saying back there, with Uncle Toby and Grandpa, I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but well, I still heard.”

“Oh, so you wanna wear diapers too huh?” I grinned.

“I wet the bed, I need to wear them, but I'm too afraid.”

“Haven't your parents ever offered you diapers?”

“Yeah, but, well, I was embarrassed and said no.”

“Why would you do that, wetting the bed's so horrible?”

“Like I said, sorta embarrassed.”

“And do you wanna wear during the day too?”

Well, he blushed huge with that.

“Yeah, that's what I thought. Here, come with me, I have a good supply of diapers and even a few spare diaper shirts in the shop bathroom, so we can go get you taken care of right away.”

“Oh, um.”

“I know you wanna, and if you don't work up the courage to do it soon, it's gonna eat you alive and spit you out. I'll give you a few spares, enough to get you through the next day or two, or whenever you need a soggy bum change, just come to the shop and get changed, or ask me or Xander to diaper you. I'll teach you how to change yourself though. If you really wanna keep wearing diapers after this week, then the rest will be up to you. What are you gonna say about not wetting the bed every night?”

“Um, I never thought about that. My mom just has me clean it all up myself and put them in the washer and dryer. We have one in our motor home because of me.”

“Then just wash every morning then still so that they don't get suspicious 'til you're ready to tell them. They'll notice eventually though, probably some time this week even, so get ready, they're gonna ask you and you're gonna have to tell them the truth, now come on.”

I walked to the shop and Billy followed me without saying anything. I waved to Josh as I led Billy into the bathroom, and his grin said he knew exactly what I was doing. When we got inside, I told Billy to go ahead and strip. I told him he has to be naked, and he blushed even more than before, but he did as I asked. Once he was bare, he tried to cover himself, but I had already seen it all, as well the fact that he was stone hard.

“I see that you're super excited to wear a thick thirsty tape on baby diaper, I can't blame you. I may need them, but I love my diapers every bit as much as you soon will. Now uncover yourself, I already saw all that you have, and there's no shame. If I needed changing I'd strip down and let you change me as well, but I don't. Maybe in a few hours you can stop by and see how I'm doing, then maybe I'll let you change me. Now, go ahead and lay on the change table and I'll take care of everything this time.”

Without a word, Billy laid down and uncovered himself. I slipped one of my diapers under him, and then gave him the full treatment, and he is so excited that I was only half way through applying the diaper rash cream when he exploded. I finished taping him up shortly thereafter, and still before he had come down. When he did, he started to cry.

“It's okay, given how excited you were, I would've been more surprised had you not exploded, and truth be told, I was trying to make you cum. You're pretty hot, and even better so in a nice thick baby diaper.”

“You're not upset, and you tried?”


“Are you, you know, gay?” He whispered.

“Oh yeah, how long have you thought you might be?”

“Couple years, how about you?”

“Bout the same.”

“Oh. These diapers are really comfortable.”

“Only the best for all us gay baby boys. Everyone that lives here are.”

“No way, really?”

“Yes way.”

“Wow, I'd love to live here then.”

“I bet, but stay with your parents for as long as you can, they're who you should be with, unless they don't want you because of who you are. I can guarantee your grandpa will have harsh words if that's the case though.”

“Yeah, I kinda got that much.”

I grabbed a spare diaper shirt and started putting it on Billy, and then I helped him to get dressed.

“I can kinda tell that I'm diapered.” He said fearfully.

“That's okay. That's part of the fun of wearing a diaper. I know, you don't really want others to know, but they're gonna figure out sooner or later anyway.”

“Hopefully no one teases me.”

“If they do, just grin and bear it. You're a diaper lover, you know it, I know it, so anything they say won't hurt, because you love yourself for it.”


“No prob, always happy to help a fellow gay baby diaper lover.”

“I never thought I'd meet another person like me to start with.”

“I know. There's plenty of us out there, but we're hard to find. That's why my dad's hired so many people that are like us, so that we don't feel so isolated.”

“Yeah, I heard that part.”

“Well, it's time for you to go play, because I wanna go play as well.”

“Okay, can I watch you for a bit?”


I do not mind others watching me, it does not bother me in the least. I started up my forge and got it up to temperature, and then put in a hunk of small bar steel so that I could start forming it. Today I am going to make another style of hinge, a little more fancy and decorative, Dad had asked for something like that, so I thought I would give it a shot. Once it was red hot, I started by splitting it into as many strands as I could, but only about three quarters of the way up. It took a few heatings to do, but as I worked, I formed the strands into what will end up looking like branches. The last heating I flattened the last quarter of it to make the hinge plate. Now I just have to do the same for a second one. These will be the only ones I forge by hand, the rest will be casted, but it is a lot easier to make these this way than in any other way, because this way the casted item will still look hand forged.

I made certain that they are as perfect as I can make them, cut the notches so that they can join together, made sure they fit perfectly, and then started up my melting pot to melt some steel. All the while, Billy was still watching, leaning against one of my work benches, not saying a word.

I then started making as many sand casted blanks as I could, and when the metal was ready to be poured, I did so. I repeated this until I had around thirty pairs, thirty three I think it was, but I lost count.

Once I was pretty much out of the metal that I needed, that meant I was done, so I started working on the final touches. They all have to be refined, ground, cut and or drilled, so I took care of all that. It had taken almost two hours to do the casting, another two to do all the refining, and only an hour to make the originals. Not bad, five hours to do all that.

“Wow, those look great.” Billy said once I was finally done.

“Thanks. I've gotta dump them into the blackening solution to soak over night, but I think they turned out great. Now, I don't know about you, but I seriously need a soggy bum change.”

“Cool, and yeah, I sure do.” He grinned and blushed.

There is no one else around at the moment, so we had been free to talk.

“That's good, there's absolutely no point in wearing a nice thick thirsty baby diaper if you don't intend to use it to its fullest.”

“Oh yeah, and I don't know how much it holds, but I think it's pretty much at its fullest too.”

“Good, mine sure is too, and if I wait any longer, I'm gonna start leaking again. I seem to do that about once a week.”

“I hope I don't do that, then everyone will know right away.”

“Yeah, but who cares right.”

“Yeah, well I still sorta do, even though I'm definitely not giving up my diapers now, they're even better than I dreamed they would be.”

“Good, and a diaper lover is truly born.” I giggled.

We went in and changed each other, and once again I made Billy cum, and he repaid the favor as well. Billy sure seems to have enjoyed that, both giving and receiving, and he groaned almost as much as I did when I came.

“So, was that your first time every playing with another boy?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, that was amazing. How about you?”

“Oh no, I have a boyfriend, but right now I can't tell you who that is.”

“Oh, that's awesome, I really wish I had a boyfriend then.”

“You will soon enough.”

“I sure hope so, I just wonder what my parents will think about that, on top of being a diaper lover.”

“They'll probably be fine, don't worry.”

“I still don't know about that, my dad might be fine, he knows all about Uncle Toby, I'm sure of it, but my mom, probably not so much.”

“Then talk to your dad. Well, let's go shall we, I wanna go play for a bit.”


We headed into the shop and I told James and Josh what I was going to do, since they were both in there now, and asked both if they wanted to come and play with us. They agreed, so we headed out and went and joined everyone else in playing and having fun. When it was time for dinner, we went and dished up and had a good feast again. This time Toby had several people helping him throughout the afternoon, but it was every bit as good as I have come to expect from him.

After dinner I was one of the ones who went to the kitchen to help clean everything up, Billy stayed with me, and Xander and Braedon were with us too. As we worked at the sink, we talked quietly, we were the only ones in the kitchen area at the time anyway.

“So, guess what guys, Billy here's wearing the same thing we all are, and he's a lot more like us in another way too.” I said happily to them.

“Really Billy, that's great. I admit I always thought you were gay too, but you love diapers as well, that's awesome.” Xander said.

“Oh, you are too?”

“Yeah, but I told you that earlier, remember.” I pointed out.

“Oh, yeah, I guess you did, but I wasn't sure if you were telling me the truth or not.”

“Of course I was. Xander and Braedon are boyfriends as well.”

“Yeah, happy gay baby boyfriends all the way. So, why are you a diaper lover?” Xander asked.

Billy told them all about him and we were all happy. When we finished up, we went and joined all the others around the fire pit and talked for quite a while. When it was time for bed, I pulled Billy aside and took him to the shop to change his diaper. He grinned and thanked me, though this time I told him I did not want to play any, he looked bummed by that, but I have better places to be to cum right now.

We said goodnight to each other, and then I headed into the house with the others so that we could all go to bed and enjoy ourselves for a bit. When Josh and I got to bed, he made me tell him all about Billy and what we had done. He was very hard because of it, and I just kept petting him lovingly as I told him all about it. Just as I finished up, he came, so I reached into his diaper and collected his cum, slurped it up, and then shared it with him in a nice cum kiss.

Josh started petting me next, and as he did so, he talked. “When you first took Billy into the bathroom, I knew what you were doing, and I admit, I was even a bit jealous. I knew you'd jack him off, he looked like he needed it. And when you came out, he was so much more relaxed. And then later when you both went in to change your diapers, I had to fight a little more jealousy knowing what you were doing. I scolded myself though, I knew you were only helping out another young boy who needed help, and that what you were doing made no difference to how we feel for each other. I know you love me every bit as much as I love you, but it was hard. Then I realized just how hard I was and how much I wished I could witness a young gay baby boy get what he needed. It took everything I had not to cum thinking about what you baby boys were doing. I went and changed my diaper shortly after you boys left, and I sniffed both your diapers, and came hard. Don't worry, I ate it, I wasn't gonna let it go to waste.” And with that, I came.

“Wow. I hoped you wouldn't get jealous, and I don't plan to jack each other off any more, he just needed to see and feel what he needed to see and feel to be who and what he is.”

“That's good, and if you do, I won't mind.”

“I know, but he won't need it any more. I'm gonna tell him tomorrow morning when I change him that I have a boyfriend, so I can't help him any more now. He'll understand.”

With that, I pressed our lips together and we shared a deep kiss, and this time we stroked each other at the same time, and a few minutes later, we both came. I collected Josh's cum again and sucked it in, then shared it with Josh again.

Once we were done, we changed each other, and then fell fast asleep, wrapped up in each other as we now always do.

The rest of the reunion went well. Every day Billy asked me to diaper him, and he was okay with not playing around any more, even though we are both very hard for every diaper change.

Dad and Josh both loved the new hinges I had made for them, Billy loved them too. On Thursday night, Billy asked his dad to come and talk for a few minutes, I offered them a quiet place to do so, and took them up to the drying loft in the shop, then left them to their talk. Almost an hour later, they came down. Billy would not say much about it though, but did say that he had told his dad everything and how scared he was about his mom finding out. He never told me what his dad said.

Saturday night though, Billy's dad, Toby's youngest brother, pulled Toby aside and they went and sat down and talked quietly for a good hour themselves. Then they pulled Dad aside and talked to him as well. That talk was only a few minutes long, but Billy's dad looked both sad and relieved. I am starting to think we are about to adopt again. Billy will be so happy if that is the case. So, seeing all that, and knowing all that I know, as soon as we went in for the night, and it was just us alone, I asked.

“So, we're adopting again, aren't we?”

Everyone else who was not Dad or Toby, whipped around to look at me to wonder what the hell I was talking about, then Dad laughed.

“Told you Avery would know instantly.” Dad laughed to Toby.

“I knew Billy was scared to tell his mom, knew how she was gonna react. I knew he talked to his dad the other night, and I saw you all talking tonight. So, Billy's dad talked it over with his wife, who pretty much said she wanted nothing to do with such a hideous freak and that is that huh.”

“Not quite. She didn't react quite so poorly, but she's not happy with it either. He told her though that he wants for Billy to live here, because he told her that we all have to wear diapers, so he wants Billy to live somewhere that he can feel normal. When Billy's dad talked it over with me, I agreed instantly, and just talked it over with Austin, since it is his place and all, but I didn't think he'd have a problem with it.” Toby said.

“And I don't.”

Josh knew some of it, so did James, Braedon, and Xander, but the entire story had to be told now, so I told everything I knew, because I know the most. Dad and Toby did add a few things, but nothing of any major importance really. Once that was done, we all headed up to bed and had a really good sleep, well, after making ourselves nice and tired that is.

We had another amazing breakfast to kick everyone out, and then just after everything was cleaned up, everyone started leaving. No one was being told about Billy staying though, other than grandpa, who came and told Billy that he was where he needed to be and to not worry about his mom. Once everyone was gone, we started the final cleanup, because there was a lot of work to do. As we did, we told Billy all about all of us and who our boyfriends really are.

“Wow, three of you boys have adult boyfriends, that's so hot.”

“Yeah, it is.” I said as I took Josh's hand.

“But, we'd really appreciate it if you didn't spread that one around please.” Toby said.

“Okay Uncle Toby, I won't. And will I really be able to just go around in diapers and swim naked with you guys?”

“Of course, like we'd not let you.”

“Oh good.”

I was wondering how we were going to find Billy his very own baby boyfriend, when he himself brought it up as we were just finishing the cleanup.

“So, if I want a boyfriend of my own, how will I get one all the way out here?”

“Hard to say really. It's worked out well for everyone else out here, so have no fears. I think before too long you'll find the boy who makes your heart flip and your stomach flop, and your little baby cocklett to go insanely hard.” Xander grinned.

“God, I hope so.”

“Us too.” We all said.

Billy was given the spare bedroom that Josh had recently vacated and he loved all the space. He was asked what he would like to do around the farm to help out, and he chose to work with Collin, because he said he had always wanted to do that sort of thing. His parents had given Toby all the paperwork that he would need, and all we would have to do is go get him his own computer and get him registered for the home school program. He even said he was okay with working on his schoolwork during the summer. Being that it is Sunday, and we desperately need supplies, for us and the upcoming wedding, we all headed into town.

I need lots, Dad and Josh need lots, Collin needs some, and Toby's words were, 'I need a fuck tonne more.' It is a good thing that both trucks we have can seat three in the back, but I have no idea what we are going to do once we find Billy a baby boyfriend of his own, because then they will not get to sit together in the same truck, which really will not be fair to them. Then again, we really do not all have to go into town, we just like to.

By the way, I would have taken stuff in to town to sell, but Xander's family had bought almost all of it that I was willing to sell. Everyone loved it all, and I am happy. Many of them had watched as I had worked over the last week, and a few even put in special orders for things that they would like, so I did what I could with what I had.

Toby was right though, he damn near did need a tonne of food, and one truck was totally stuffed full of food. I also have more metal than I normally have, because I had made so many of the new hinges for Dad and Josh, that I had almost totally run out.

Toby also wanted to stop at the restaurant supply store to get a few things more that he needed. Dad had already had a meat slicer, but Toby had found that it was too small, so it would be put in the house and he is going to get a much larger one for the outdoor kitchen. The one he chose is pretty near automatic, put in the meat, or whatever you want sliced, set the thickness, and it does the rest itself, so that would save Toby a lot of time. He also wants to get a large commercial style mixer, because, again, the mixer he has is too small to do all that he wants and needs for it to do. The mixer though is huge, it is a floor standing model and weighs more than all us kids do together I think. He also grabbed one more of the large free standing double ovens, because he said he needed more cooking space for doing breads and stuff. No wonder Toby had asked to bring the trailer.

Toby had also asked me for one more pot and one more frying pan, so he paid for all the metal that I bought, because it would pay for my labour too he said. I did not complain, I would have done it for free, and Dad would have gladly paid for it all anyway.

It is probably a good thing that Toby had been paid out fully for his restaurant, as well his family had all paid for all the food for their reunion, plus some he said, because now he can afford all this. The mixer alone was several thousand dollars. Granted, Dad would have paid for it as well, but Toby said he had it all, because if, for whatever reason, he ever decided to leave, he would happily take it and use it anyway. Xander snorted and said they would be staying the rest of their lives, well Toby agreed, but he still paid for it all.

Finally we all headed home and got everything offloaded when we got there. Toby happily unpacked all his new toys, and Dad got them hooked up to power, because each required its own new and separate circuit. Even the mixer required a forty amp two twenty breaker, but it is the same mixer bakeries use, so it has to be powerful. Now Toby has another week to prepare for the next function, the wedding, so he has lots to do.