Chapter 13

“Dad, I wanna give the Ranch an actual name. During the summer I was asked by several people what the name of our ranch is. All ranches have names, except ours. I know we weren't truly a ranch before, but now I think we are.”

“Okay, well, I have no idea what we'd name it, so maybe we can all come up with a few ideas and make a vote of it.”

“Actually, I think I've already thought up the perfect one for us. The Double D Ranch.”

“Um, DD, what the hell's that mean, none of us even have D's in our names?” Dad asked curiously.

“Ah, that's the beauty of it though Dad, it speaks more to who we really are than our names. It means Diaper Dude Ranch.”

“Very nice. Any input guys?” Dad laughed.

“I like it, but could we do G Double D Ranch instead?” David asked.

“As in Gay Diaper Dude Ranch I suppose you mean?” I asked.

“Yeah, exactly, I think that says who we are even better.”

“I think you're right, and I think that'll get my vote.” I said happily.

“Mine too.” Every last one of the rest said.

“Cool. I wanna make an awesome hanging metal sign for right above the entrance to our driveway. As well I wanna make a really cool sign for the corner of the road advertising a few of the things we do out here.”

“Okay, but I do have a problem with this though.” Dad said.

“What?” We pretty much all asked as one again.

“If we name our ranch, that means we may need to explain what GDD stands for from time to time, but not everyone will appreciate what it means.”

“So what I say. If they don't need to know, then we simply tell them it's a private family joke.”

“Which, as you know, will only make people more curious.” Dad pointed out.

“Okay, what if we said it meant something else, like, let's see, hmm. Actually, I have no idea.” I said after several moments thought.

“What about Gentle Deuce Dude Ranch. Means nothing really, but would say it started with a pair of guys.” Collin shrugged.

“Easy enough, only for people who need to keep their noses out, but we'll all know the real meaning, so I say absolutely.” Dad said.

“Cool.” We all said in one form or another at much the same time.

At bedtime tonight, Josh and I sucked in a sixty nine and actually finger fucked each other well and truly, each of us getting three fingers inside us, coming three times to match, and then we changed each other and passed out.

This morning after doing my schoolwork, I happily got started on making the signs. The one for above the driveway will take a fair bit of material, because each letter will be quite large, they are just going to hang from a horizontal log by chains, so it will be nice and simple. Dad is out at the entrance to our driveway proper with a couple of the others starting work on the structure in fact. It is going to made all from logs, and then, like I said, the letters will hang from it. Each letter in this sign will be a little more than half a meter high, so that it will be nice and visible.

Using some of the profits I had made through the summer, later in the summer, almost near the end in fact, I had decided to splurge and bought myself a very good quality plasma cutter and cutting table combination that the metal shop had on special. It was still several thousand dollars, but I decided why not, and I have used it a few times, and I gotta admit, it sure is easier than cutting everything with a cutoff wheel on my grinder, and even with the saw.

I do not have any metal that is the correct thickness, it is either too thick or too thin. Well, I can take care of both, but thinning the metal is easier, so I will do that first.

It took me two days to get it all perfect, because I can only fit one of the large pieces in my forge at a time.

Once they were all flattened out and left well hammer marked, I cut out the letters. And all eight letters were done in almost no time at all. I drilled the holes for hanging them, and then put them into the blackening solution, but I had found a better one that works faster and is better, so now I only have to leave it in for a few minutes and then rinse it off. Dad, Toby, and a couple of the other boys had the new structure to hang the letters done only hours after I had the letters ready for them, so they were happy to take the letters to hang them.

Once that was done, I turned to the two signs that I wanted to make as well. They are going to be smaller metal letters, black of course, welded to a sheet of steel that will be painted white, one for at the beginning of the driveway, and one for the corner at the main road. The one for the driveway will say;

Welcome to the GDD Ranch, home of fine woodworking, metalworking, produce and large scale party events.

While the one at the road will say;

GDD Ranch, one hour east, (with an arrow, because, let's face it, most people have no direction they are going), call (I put the phone number) or visit to arrange custom woodworking, metal working, or large scale full catered week long events.

Both signs are going to be good and large, so that people can easily read them, but the one at the corner will be larger so. I am making it one by two meters, I have already mapped out the letters and exactly how large they need to be, I have done the same for the smaller sign too, come to think of it, so now I am working on making all those letters.

I ended up running out of material to make them all, there are lots, but I have so much scrap it is not even funny, so I melted it all down and poured it into several small flat molds that I could then soften and flatten to my desired thickness. This I like, because I almost never have any real scrap, it all gets used, eventually.

It took almost a week for me to make the two signs, whereas the others all went about their routine work around the ranch. Toby and the boys had dismantled the large tent, after resealing the tables to protect them through the winter, and all the cabinets were put back into storage, since they will not be needed again for a while, and they are easy to get. Dad also showed Toby how to get the RV park ready for winter, and then Toby took care of the rest. It is nowhere near winter yet, but it is not needed now, so no point in holding off, so it is all done now. All the appliances are stored nicely in the garage, they are still usable in there if Toby ever needs anything, but he probably will not anyway.

Everyone loved the signs once I was done with them and said so, the one above the driveway is already in place, so we put the smaller one on one of the uprights and it looks good and can be read from a good distance. On our next trip into town, Sunday as usual, we stopped and installed that sign there as well, and it too looks real good. When we drove back up to it on our way home, we were all happy with how it looks and how easy it is to read.

I had only had one call during the summer for a small project to be done, but within three days of putting the sign at the road, I have already had two calls and they are going to come out and let me know what they are looking for. Both were shocked when Dad said let me put my son on the phone and I took the call and they found a kid. I let them deal with that though. They are both coming on Saturday, one at noon and the other at three, so that will be perfect.

Over the course of the last week and a bit since Josh and I really truly started fingering each other, we did that almost every night, sucking and fingering, though there have been a few nights when we just petted each other lovingly as we kissed too, we still love doing that for and to each other too.

I know Josh is still scared, but he is also so close to ready it is killing him. Well, of course I am so ready for him, and he knows that, so it is all him. Every night as we diaper each other, and every morning as we share our tender cuddles, we just talk softly, telling each other how much we love each other, and we often share our feelings about how we are doing, me most especially about how Josh is doing with making love to me, even if just with his fingers still. I still tell him at least once a week that I am ready for him when he is ready, but that I will wait as long as he needs. Sure I have wanted to make hot gay baby love to each other since well before we met, but what we share now is so nice that I really do not need anything more, even still. That is not to say that I cannot wait, of course, because I cannot, yet I can, if you know what I mean.

Both appointments went very well on Saturday and I landed both jobs with no problem. Both couples seemed impressed by all that I have done, and were very willing to allow me to take on their projects. I need lots more metal, and even a couple new tools that I do not have, but have wanted to get anyway, so Sunday's shopping trip was especially large for me. I actually filled Dad's truck up solely with what I needed, and even it is riding pretty low now, but I have nearly a thousand kilograms of metal, and then a few tools as well. Toby's truck is filled with the rest of our supplies.

Just as we were pulling in, Dad received a call and passed it to Toby, who ended up booking a week long event for in May, two hundred and fifty people to be expected, and they also booked another one at the same time for June, for his wife's family, but that was only to be approximately a hundred and fifty. Toby gave them a little extra discount for booking two large events, and he was very happy. The man said he had been told by a friend of his who had been a guest of ours during the summer that it was the very best family reunion that they had ever been to, it was effortless and perfect in every way, and really not all that expensive when all was said and done. And no, it really is not, especially when you stop and think about everything we offer for the money you have to pay. Toby went and marked them down on the calendar, where ours is already marked. Dad had already called and told everyone in our family about the new changes and how much they all had to pay.

On Wednesday, Collin got a call from the greenhouse people that he had talked to and was told that all his stuff is in. Collin had talked to dad about starting a whole bunch of new fruit trees, and maybe some other things too, but that he needed a small greenhouse for it, so Dad agreed instantly and went with Collin that day to pick out and order what they needed. Now that it is all in, Dad hitched up the trailer and he and Collin, as well as Toby and I headed into town, while the rest stayed at home to continue doing what they were doing. The only reason Toby and I went is because we also needed supplies. Granted, so did Josh, but he just asked me to get him what he needs after giving me a nice kiss goodbye.

We went and got the rest of the supplies and materials that we need first, and then headed to get Collin's greenhouse. I had no idea how large the thing was, but let me put it this way, as they were fork lifting all the stuff onto the trailer, I started to wonder just how large the damn thing was. I asked Collin and he said it is ten by thirty meters, and then he told me what it is. An aluminum structure and high tech poly carbonate panels that will let just the right amount and type of light through to let things grow their best. The roof has several panels that will open when needed, and are automatic. They also bought the heating and irrigation packs to go with it, and these too are automatic. The main door in one end is large enough to fit the tractors through, and there are six man doors, one on either end and then two on either side spaced evenly. I asked him if this had been his idea of a small greenhouse, and he laughed and said he only wanted one a fraction of the size, but Dad talked him into getting this. I laughed.

Not only did they load the greenhouse and all its accessories, but there had to be several thousand pots as well as crates. The pots are for growing in, of course, but the crates could be used for that, but they are mostly to raise things up for ease of use. Collin happily told me everything about his new greenhouse as we drove home with it on the back. Truth be told though, half of what he told me meant nothing to me, but I am happy with how happy he sounds, and so seems Dad.

It took a little over a week to build the greenhouse, we all helped as best we could, and our best is pretty good, which is probably why it only took us a week. We had to pour a concrete footing and slab for it, but this was of course far too much for us to mix and do ourselves, so a concrete company was called to do it for us. They had the concrete done and then we got the rest done when it was ready. We had at least done all the digging and the forms for them, so that we did not have to pay for that as well, but Dad did pay for them to do the finishing, since it is far too large for us to have done. I have to admit, the new greenhouse is pretty impressive.

Almost as soon as the last glass panel went in, Collin was already starting to plant. He brought in one of the tractors with the bucket full of good quality topsoil from our compost pile, and then we all started helping him to fill all the pots we could. On our last trip into town, so not the same trip as we had picked up the greenhouse, because we did not want them dying on us, Collin had picked out a little over a hundred saplings of several types of fruit and nut trees. There are only four nut trees, the rest are fruit. He got more apple, peach, pear, cherry, and plum, and of the apple trees, he grabbed three different varieties. He also grabbed lots and lots of seeds to start blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and grapes, and he grabbed a couple varieties of each as well.

When asked where the hell he planned to plant all this, Collin said that he had plans, so we figured he was going to plow some more land, but that is okay, we have so much of it that is just treed that it will not hurt anything. We all helped for pretty much the rest of the day getting everything planted and ready to go, and by the time Toby called us in for dinner, we pretty much had it all done. After today, Collin told us that he will just work on it himself, now that almost all of it is planted anyway.

Collin also had lots of seeds for the things that we already grow, because he said he wanted to have some in the greenhouse for year round use as well, and everyone is okay with that.

Since the greenhouse went in almost two weeks ago, life has been pretty tame around our place. Us boys do our schoolwork every morning as usual, we all go swimming together as usual, and then we break up and go and do what we want for the rest of the day. I finished both projects that I was being paid for, and both couples had come out this past Saturday to pick up and pay for them, and I am happy to say that they were very pleased with how it all turned out. I also picked up one more job, which only took a day, and that too had been liked a lot. Otherwise I just worked on small things that kept me busy that I could sell at the couple stores in town.

Josh and I are learning more and more about each other every single day, and still we only suck, rub, or gently finger each other every night. Sometimes we do it all of course, and those nights are always the best.

Dad and Toby had decided that having a proper structure over the dining tables would be far better than the tent, and will look far better too, so we all helped once more, this time to build that. The concrete company was called again and they poured and finished it for us after we did all the forming. We had already put in the footings for all the posts before doing that even, so it was ready. We then all helped with the raising of the structure, and it took almost three weeks to do. Dad had bought a whole bunch more metal roofing for it, so that is what was used.

It was also made wider to accommodate one more full row of tables and benches, which dad is going to build over the course of the winter. So, there used to be four tables total, two on either side, there are now going to be three rows of two, so it is a huge amount of seating. At sixty comfortable to each table, that is three hundred and sixty people, but if they squeeze in a bit, we all feel that we can easily accommodate up to four hundred and twenty people. Hopefully we never have that amount though, I think three hundred will be more than enough.

We all wanted something more rustic and ranch like for lighting in there though, because with it being fully covered like it is now, it is surprisingly dark in there. We do not want electric lights, though they too are included for when wanted and needed. No, instead we decided to use a bunch of old wagon wheels that we had salvaged years ago, found more than a hundred good oil lamps to mount to them, I made the holders out of metal that hold one to the other, and we installed them on pulleys to raise and lower for filling and lighting. It might be a pain in the ass to fill and light them all, but it is so cool to see them all glowing nicely like they do, especially at night. They also do a really nice job of lighting up the area. We just use good old fashioned and cheap furnace oil in them, since we are not worried about the smoke, because there is a long vented cupola running the entire length of the new dining pavilion to take care of that

Since neither Dad nor Josh are working on much at the moment, they decided to tackle the tables and benches, and in only a week more they had them done. They are now added to the dining pavilion, and I was right, it is a huge amount.

It is already getting scarily close to Christmas now, it started snowing the other day, and then it melted right away, which is pretty much normal for our area. If we have snow last on the ground for more than a few days we are usually surprised, but we are definitely okay with this. With that though, it reminded us that it is Christmas soon and that we should decorate the house and go Christmas shopping.

Well, instead of shopping for everyone, I am making them things that they will hopefully like. You might think that my work pavilion is not inside, how can I work outside at only a couple degrees Celsius, and I tell you, easily. It is actually far more comfortable for me to do my work when it is cool or downright cold outside. I did invest in some good quality canvas tarps that I can slide and close it off, to reduce the wind, which can be both bothersome and dangerous, but otherwise, I like the cold.

For each couple, I had taken pictures of them, together, in nice poses, and then I took those and made negatives of them on my computer, printed them out, and then traced that onto pieces of sheet metal that I had already pounded down to the right thickness. I printed their names and the year on it as well, then wrote a nice saying on each one. I then started cutting each one out with my plasma cutter, and was very happy with the first one, so continued going on the rest. I even did one of Josh and I together for him. My gifts to the others took next to no time at all to make, so I decided to do each person a small sculpture as well.

In case you have not noticed before, I am pretty creative and artistic, and I have enjoyed making several things in the past out of metal, as well as wood and other assorted things. So, I did this for everyone as well. All told I probably spent almost three hours per couple to make their gifts, it is not lots, but it comes from me, and I am sure that they will like it.

Finally though it is Christmas morning. I have just waken up to feeling my Baby petting my chest lovingly as he often does.

“Mmm, good morning and Merry Christmas Baby.” I sighed as I turned over and pressed our lips together.

“Good morning and Merry Christmas to you too Baby.” Josh whispered softly once our kiss broke.

“I love you so much Baby.”

“And I love you so much Baby I can't say. I know we'll probably just all meet downstairs at our regular time, and you boys all said you were taking the next couple days off of schoolwork, so I'd like to give you a very personal Christmas Gift.”

“Are you sure Baby, as in absolutely, positively sure?” I asked, because I knew what he was saying.

“Yes Baby, I want us to make hot gay baby love to each other. I wanna make love to each other through our soggy baby diapers, I want us to cum and piss in each other like you've dreamed about, I want it all, and I want you to do me first.”

“Oh god yeah Baby, but you want it as much as I do.”

It had been true. Over the past couple months we had both read some pretty hot gay erotica and talked about everything that turned us on as much as possible. Some of the gay diaper love stories we had read had turned us on a huge deal when they talked about that sort of thing, and we both wanted to try it every bit as much as the other.

“Oh yeah, and then some. Now, grab the lube Baby, lube me up and make love to me.”

Well, who am I to argue. I grabbed the lube, scooted down and poked a hole in Josh's very wet diaper, and started fingering him. We had fingered each other really well last night, and he feels as if he is still good and loose from that, but in reality he is probably just so ready for this that his body is already anticipating it. Well, so am I.

I spent maybe five minutes preparing Josh, then scooted up so that I could insert myself, and slipped all the way inside my baby, my man. As soon as I was diaper deep inside Josh, we pressed our lips together and I started thrusting and making love to him. The only problem is, I lasted, at best, thirty seconds. I am also far too hard to pee yet.

Josh did not cum when I did, so I pulled out and laid on my back and opened myself up to Josh, and he took the hint and got me prepared as well. As soon as I was as ready as could be for him, though I should say he could have very easily just poked a hole in my diaper and slipped deep inside me right away I felt so ready, Josh crawled up and slipped deep inside me.

Nothing, and I do mean nothing, has ever felt so good, so right as to feel Josh slip deep inside me. He too did not stop until our diapers were pressed together as intimately as our tongues were again.

Josh too lasted maybe thirty seconds before he came and filled me up with my first ever load of cum, and I am telling you here and now, I am so totally complete. Everything we have done up to now has culminated in this one glorious moment, and up until now, I never felt true peace. Now I have.

Josh could not pee yet either, so he pulled out and rolled over, and I slipped back in and made love to him again. This time I lasted almost five minutes, and this time Josh came with me, and this time I was able to pee and fill Josh up. We both wanted to be truly piss fucked, so I kept on going, and for another five minutes, I made love to my Baby, and when I came, almost ten minutes later, I was done.

We rolled back over and Josh paid me back. When he peed inside me, it felt even better than his cum did, and when he piss fucked me, man oh man, I tell you, total pleasure overload. Because Josh has no bladder, he cannot hold his pee, but because he was so hard, he had been unable to pee until he concentrated a bit, so he could not give me a lot, though I probably gave him not much more, because I almost never feel when I have to pee anymore either, so I think we are essentially the same now. I have no idea how neither of us passed out, even Josh was dry on his last cum, and we slumped down gasping and panting for a good solid ten minutes.

“Wow, I never knew that that'd feel so amazing.” Josh sighed so deeply I knew he too is fully at peace with the world and that everything is now right.

“Me neither. I feel better than I've ever felt in my entire life. Now, I'd like to keep you inside me for as long as I can, so pull out and grab our butt plugs, I want you to put mine in, and then I'll put yours in too, and then I think we really should change each others totally ruined baby diapers.”

“Okay, but you wanna try double diapering today?” Josh asked happily.

“Oh god yeah, that sounds so hot. Keep these ones on or put two fresh diapers on?” I asked.

“How about a combination. We bought a few packs of those diaper doublers, we haven't even tried them yet, so one of those inside these diapers, then a fresh diaper over top, best of all worlds.”

“Now that sounds awesome, good idea Baby. I think we'll have to employ the tape too to hold it all on.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.”

So, that is what we did. I have no idea why we even had a roll of masking tape in our room, but we do, and it had just been set on the dresser to take down, but that was more than a week ago and we kept forgetting it, so we will take advantage of it now. We both figured that one of us had accidentally brought it up, we both often put it on our wrist like a bracelet for when we are needing it and do not wish to carry it around, we all do, which is why there are usually a couple in the kitchen to go back down to the shops. We do not mind taking advantage of it now though, that is for darn sure.

Once we are pretty near triple diapered, so nicely full and very much more satisfied, we laid down and and kissed and cuddled and whispered to each other until we heard a knock at the door at the bottom of the stairs, telling us that the others are up and ready and waiting. We headed downstairs hand in hand.

“Uh oh, looks like the pheromones were flying fast and furious this morning already.” Dad teased us. “So, finally made love to each other, you look even better, both of you.”

“Hey, it's not polite to call us fairies, but there sure was a lot of moaning going on.” I teased right back.

Dad burst into laughter, the others did too.

“What, what did I say?” I said, trying my best to sound hurt. I kinda ruined it though by bursting into giggles as well.

“Yeah. So, how do you feel now?” Dad asked.

“Mmm, so good.” I said.

“I was asking Josh.”

“Mmm, so good.” He grinned.

“Good, you both deserve it. You lasted a lot longer than I would've been able to, and he's my son and I swore I'd never do that.”

“Yeah, well, we've kept each other well drained in other ways.” Josh said, smiling serenely.

“Good. Well, everyone else is ready and waiting, so let's get to it boys.” Dad said, and so we went and joined the others and started by opening our stockings.

We all got a new butt plug, bigger and vibrating, two different specialty lubes, a vibrating cock ring, and a set of anal beads. Wow, Santa sure knows us, huh. We also all received a couple nice pairs of extra thick and durable plastic pants in different colours to go over our diapers, and a couple new diaper shirts. Everyone's diaper shirts are different in some way, but they are all the same in another. They are all very babyish, they all say something on it, and they are all different colours. One of mine says, gay teen baby and proud of it, while the other says, let me suck your baby soother. Everyone elses is just as kinky.

Then we all started passing out our gifts to each other. Everyone loved what I gave them, and I loved all the gifts that I was given as well. Josh and I got a really nice blanket chest to go at the end of our bed from Dad, Josh gave me a really beautiful carved wood sculpture, Toby gave us a really nice area rug for our bedroom, and the other kids each got me a really cool book on metal working. They must have planned that one together.

We all helped to make breakfast, and ate happily together, and because we are not the only ones to be double diapered, or better, as well we had already said we are not swimming today, we just relaxed after breakfast. After the gift opening was complete, we all put on a pair of our plastic pants and one of our new diaper shirts, it was so awesome.

We all helped to make dinner, and I have to admit, it was by far the most amazing Christmas dinner that we have ever had. Toby went all out and we all helped, and then enjoyed. I am reasonably certain that I gained twenty pounds at dinner, though so had my diaper. Josh and I had not had to change all day, but right after dinner we decided we had better go do so, so we did. The others all had to do so as well, so we all went and did so, and came out wearing our fresh diapers and our other new pair of plastic pants and diaper shirts.

Josh and I had also changed out our butt plugs at the same time to our new ones, and they are even better yet. They are about fifty or so percent larger than our old ones, they take double the amount of batteries, and because of that, they vibrate even more and feel even more amazing. We could tell every last one of the others had also inserted their toys, because we are all very happy gay baby boys. For the rest of the night, we sat back and played games and had a lot of fun, talking and laughing and joking.

From that day on, Josh and I make love to each other at least once a week, filling each other up as much as we can, yet every day we still have sex to some degree or another, sometimes just with our hands, sometimes with our mouths, sometimes we only just pet each others diapered dicks until we cum as we kiss, but every time is just as blissful.

Shortly after Christmas Toby got another call and received another booking, and then at the end of January he received another. By the time spring was starting, Toby had the entire spring and summer booked solid. He is no longer accepting any more reservations, and has sixteen full week long events booked, plus ours.

Once the ground was ready for him to do so, Collin got started on all his planting, many of the others helping whenever they could. He had had the logging crew come in and clear another field for him and he had already prepared it, so it was ready to go. All his plants though were doing really well, so now it will just be a matter of if they survive their first year or not.

Dad normally always has lots booked to keep him going, but just at the start of spring he was approached to do all the cabinetry for a huge house. It is even larger than ours is, and Dad says it will take both he and Josh three months just to do all the cabinet work that they want done, but they do want lots of furniture too, so that will be an extra couple months as well. It will probably be his largest single project ever.

Even I myself have had several calls and have taken on twelve different jobs. None of them overly huge or anything, but profitable none the less. On top of all that though, I still keep making all sorts of things to sell, and I just keep having fun and learning. All the books that I had received for Christmas had taught me lots of really cool things that I could do that I had never known about before, so that has helped a great deal.

Just as spring was starting to wind down and summer was almost upon us, and just about my birthday, Josh's is the week after mine, but mine is still three weeks away, I gave Josh a very nice surprise one night. I gave him my first load of cum. We had both known that it was going to start soon, I had started seeping just a tiny bit of clear tasty liquid almost two weeks before, but this night I actually shot a true cum load. Josh said it tasted like heaven in a drop. I just had to try it myself, so the next few times Josh just jacked me off so that we could both share the wealth, but then we always kissed afterward anyway, so we always shared it in that way too.

I had an amazing birthday, and then the next week so did Josh. The family threw us each a huge birthday party and we had a great time. We had both told everyone not to get us anything, because, really, we did not need anything. They still gave us each a card, and in each card were at least a dozen scratch and win lottery tickets. Neither of us really won anything, but from all of them we did end up getting a couple hundred dollars each, but that is okay, not like we needed any more anyway, but it was fun.

We had already had a couple of the week long events, but as soon as school let out for the summer, we are expected to be going non stop, there are now no weeks left unfilled. Our family reunion came and we all had a great time. Everyone loved what all we had done to the place since the last time they were out, and everyone just loved the work I do, and they all bought lots, but then, so did everyone else who came by. I no longer had to take anything into town to sell, because it all sold right at home.

Every Sunday when we go into town now though it is shocking just how much I spend. I am now averaging buying about fifteen hundred dollars worth of scrap from the scrap metal yard, and almost a thousand from the shop where I buy his scraps. Dad still gets all our diapers, as well as the supplies that he and Josh and or everyone else needs, but Toby is no longer coming with us. With as booked as he is, he had decided to take my advice and have a restaurant supply company bring him his supplies every week. All he has to do is call in his order and they bring it all out on one large pallet for him(or ten, as it is most weeks).

With everything that we and he had made throughout the year, for for first several functions he hardly had to pay anything, because we had it all made already, but all that ran out pretty quick. The amount of cheese that Toby had made had been almost staggering, but the amount he uses each week is almost as much. All the fruits and vegetables that we had preserved were used up quickly, all the eggs that had been frozen were even quicker still, but Toby figured that it had saved him anywhere from three to five thousand dollars in costs to start.

Trust me though, he does not have to worry about that. He figures that over the course of the entire summer, he will average somewhere between fifteen and twenty thousand dollars profit per week, which he then splits with Dad to pay for his stuff, because, trust me, the amount of electricity, gas, lamp oil, and other things that he has to pay for is pretty high, but, even still, Dad figures that for every ten thousand he gets, he probably only has to pay three thousand, so not bad profits for him either. Toby's profit of course is after everything else is paid for, so that is perfect.

During the summer, most of the other kids helped Toby almost full time, and because of this, they got good bonuses from Dad too, on top of their already good pay. I rarely help, because I am so busy with other stuff, and while the others do come and work or play or help me too from time to time, that is where they are needed most, so that is where they stay most of the time.

By the end of the summer, and all my pieces were sold and tallied up, versus the cost of everything that I had bought, I think I actually profited close to twenty five thousand dollars, which, if I may say so, is amazing. I had made probably pretty close to that throughout the rest of the year, so making that in three months was pretty good, but then, I did work my little diapered backside off some days. Not too bad for doing really what amounts to part time work and playing mostly to actually make that much money. And pretty much all of it cash too.

Summer ended, and so did the non stop pace, yet Toby still has two events in September and even one in October, so he is not totally finished yet, but he is looking pretty tired, so he needs the break. Everyone had helped as much as they could so that he did not get burned out, and for the entire first week after summer, everyone told him to rest and we all did all the cooking for him until he was well rested.

I should also point out that during the summer we had also added a cute little set of twins to our ranch. They were only nine when they arrived, but they just turned ten, and trust me, they are a perfect fit to our very unique ranch.

And that there is the best year of my life and how I finally got my man, my baby, my soul mate, my other half. You get the picture. All this I had written in my daily journal and I decided to actually write it all down and tell mine and Josh's tale. This was a few years ago now, and as Josh and I read my journal from back then, we both laughed a lot and cried a lot. We have been together now for almost exactly ten years, and lots has changed, yet something never will, just how we feel for each other. I can honestly say that I love him more now than I did even then, and that is truly saying a lot.

Over the years we have added on and expanded our ranch family, we average a couple new kids a year, a few have moved out, though they visit often, and we have expanded our services as well. Couple of the kids are amazing artists or sculptors, and we now have more to offer for the week long events(which are booked solid every year now, and you have to make your reservation almost two years in advance as well), so that is all very good.

I have expanded my metal shop, I actually built a barn almost as large as Dad and Josh's, and moved my practice inside. I am now making almost as much money as Dad and Josh do. I did go and take some courses after I graduated high school when I was fourteen, and I learned even more, and I now have two young apprentices working with me most of the time, and we all do lots of really cool things. I am as comfortable making a new pot and pan set or a bucket of nails as I am doing a huge sculpture.

The largest metal sculpture that I have done to date was three meters tall, almost twelve meters long, and made of several very shiny metals(mostly copper and stainless steel, but I also used several metals that I had made a few different colours by enameling them, which I had learned how to do), and was so cool even I did not want to sell it, a massive dragon. Sold that bad boy for eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and it took me almost six months to make, but I did do a lot of smaller projects in between, so I figure that I could have done it in three had I concentrated on that alone.

Josh and I got married the week after my eighteenth birthday, we had a massive week long wedding and family reunion to celebrate it, and we had such an amazing time. Now, as perfect as our love is, trust me, we still have our squabbles, but we love each other so much that that is okay too. One fight though lasted almost a week, but we are both so stubborn sometimes, it comes from being so artistic I think, and Dad laughed at us and told us that we were both wrong. It was finally me that cracked first and admitted I was wrong, most times it is Josh, but then I have been accused of being far too stubborn to be healthy several times. Dad takes great pleasure in telling me that in fact.

Just after I turned nineteen, I found a pair of lesbian diaper lovers who agreed to father mine and Josh's babies, I paid them myself, they signed off on the paperwork saying that they would never attempt to contact the children, we came in cups, they were impregnated, and then nine months later a pair of beautiful bouncing baby boys were born. I do have to admit that I was scared shitless of somehow managing to pop out girls, I honestly have no idea what we would have done had that been the case, but in the end we did not have to worry about it. Do we plan to potty train them, well, not really, we will leave it up to them entirely, but the entire household walks around in nothing but diapers pretty much all the time, so I am reasonably certain that they will never grace a toilet with their pee, and we will not push the issue either.

All in all, a pretty good life so far, and I truly hope that it keeps going on and on and on for as long as we can possibly go for. Making and being in a love so deep that it makes the oceans seem shallow is far better than anyone can understand. We are so perfect for each other, we were meant to be together, of that I simply have no doubts.

The end

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