Chapter 2

I woke up this morning feeling even more horny than normal, dreaming of Josh all night long clearly did not help me any. I mean, I have jacked off through my diaper every morning since I was nine, at the oldest, I wake up every morning hard in anticipation, it is what I love doing. This morning it is worse than normal.

Orgasms one and two I did while stroking myself through my diaper, three and four, because I was super horny this morning, I pushed down my diaper and really jacked off.

I even slipped two of my nice slender fingers deep inside myself as I did so, imagining that it was Josh filling me up, even though I knew that he would be larger than just two of my fingers. The only reason I did not have four buried inside myself again, because I do quite often, is because I just did not have enough time to work up to that many. I am so fucking horny that I exploded way too fast.

“Mmmmmmm.” I sighed, deep and content, now if only it could be real, but if I have my way, it will be soon.

I put my diaper back in place properly, it would still hold for a bit, and then grabbed my computer and did some more schoolwork. I sat there working until I realized that my diaper had started to leak, oh well, Saturday is the day I always wash my bedding anyway. It is almost eight, so likely Dad and James will be up soon anyway. I shut down my computer, got up and stripped myself and my bed, and took my bedding to my bathroom and threw it all into the washer. I love having my very own washer and dryer in my bathroom, Dad has his in his bathroom as well, it makes life so much easier. The previous owners of the house had really renovated it right, and then Dad had done even more yet.

I decided that what the hell, we are all gay and diaper lovers, and I wanted to go for a nice swim this morning, so I left my bedroom naked. I used to swim naked, but only by myself, Dad said he did not mind, but only if I was by myself. Well, they could either join me or not, naked or not, but I am not wearing shorts in our pool ever again. When I got downstairs, Dad and James were there waiting for me in just their soggy diapers.

“Morning guys, I'm going swimming, wanna join me?” I asked happily.

“I suppose so. You going nude or something?” Dad asked.

James could not take his eyes off me.

“For sure, I'm not gonna wear shorts in there again, we're all the same here.” I answered back happily.

“Okay, we'll be out in a minute.”

I headed out the dining room door and into our own personal oasis. A beautifully done indoor pool. Mostly glass and stone, the pool house looks like a cross between an ancient Roman bath and a modern greenhouse, just with darkly smoked glass walls and lightly smoked glass roof. We have more than a hundred large plants in here, a really cool waterfall that spills into the pool, but the cool thing is, you can use it as a slide as well, but we do have an actual slide and a diving board too. There is a huge hot tub, a really nice sauna and a steam room too, as well as a bathroom and the utility room. This was my dads main addition to the house. He bought the house and did all this before even I came around. Granted, it is not the only thing he did, because he gutted the kitchen several years ago now, I think I was five when he did it, and remade everything from scratch, even the hardwood flooring. Anyway, neither here nor there, the pool is my favorite thing of the entire house, though I do love Dads shop almost as much.

I went and showered off and then dove into the pool. Just as I was diving in, Dad and James entered, they too naked. I had not seen Dad naked in years, he was careful to never let me see that, now I knew why, and it was probably a good thing he did, because I doubt I would or could have been able to control myself. Now he has a boyfriend, and I am working on getting my own, so there is no danger. And yes, I can tell they are boyfriends now as well.

The two of them entered holding hands, and James is absolutely glowing. He is not limping though, so I doubt they made love to each other, and really, I know Dad well enough to know that that will not happen for a long time, because he does love James and will want to take his time. They went and showered and then dove in as well and joined me in my morning exercises. I start every morning out here swimming and working out. Sometimes I work on the equipment, because we have some pretty good weights as well, but most of the time I just work in the pool. We have everything necessary to do all sorts of water aerobics, and that is what I prefer. They joined me in doing that.

We worked hard for at least an hour before we were all ready to call it, and during that time, we hardly talked at all. We headed to the sauna next, then the steam room, we talked none at all, and then we went and slipped into the hot tub. Finally we talked.

“So, you two had a good night I trust.”

“Mmmhmm.” James sighed.

“Good, I'm glad you had such a nice baby diaper change. Did you do anything?”

“Yeah, it was amazing, but no, all we did was kiss and cuddle, and we rubbed each other through our baby diapers.” James sighed even deeper yet.

“That's really good, I'm happy for you.”


“So, did you find Josh last night?” Dad asked.

“Sure did.” I said, and then told him pretty much our entire conversation.

“So, you want me to apprentice him, don't you?”

“Yeah, and offer him room and board as well. He has to move anyway. If you offered him a reasonable wage with room and board and apprenticeship, I think he'd take it.”

“Yeah, he might, but he might not, because of you. We all know what you want, he's not comfortable with that though, so, while it's a great opportunity for him, he might not take it just for that reason.”

“Yeah, and that's where you come in. You'll have to tell him point blank that if he wants it too, that you'd happily allow it. Like you can say anything yourself against it anyway, he's a lot younger than you are, and look at the age of your baby boyfriend.”

“I'd never say anything against it, in fact, I'm all for it. I have to go out this morning anyway, so maybe I'll stop in and talk to him, and no, you can't come with me, you boys can just stay here. If you were there, it'd just make it harder on him anyway.”

“You're right, so yeah, we'll stay here. What all do you have to do?”

“I have to meet a client, I have to get some supplies, and a few other little things in town. I know you hate running around like that, and besides, I can't take you to meet a client anyway, there'd be nothing for you boys to do.”

“You're right, I hate doing that.”

We soaked for a few minutes more before hopping out and diving into the pool to cool off and close our pores back up, and then we went and showered off and cleaned up well, then dried off and headed in to get diapered. James automatically went with Dad, so I went up to my room alone. I put on one of my thicker diapers and went without clothes, since James and I would be doing nothing much anyway. I went down and started making some breakfast for us all, and the other two joined me only a few moments later.

Dad is dressed, because he has to go out, but James was in just a nice thick diaper as well, we grinned to each other. He really is so very hot like that, no wonder Dad loves him. I finished breakfast a few minutes later, just some granola with fruit and yogurt, and we sat down and ate. As soon as we were finished, Dad gave both James and I kisses goodbye, only his kiss to James was a lot more personal than mine, but that is okay too, hopefully I can get a kiss like that soon myself.

As soon as Dad left, I turned to James and grinned brightly to him.

“So, how do you feel?”

“So good. I really hope he figures out a way to get me away from my mom, because the second she sees me, I'm dead meat. I just know she'll see it instantly.”

“Yeah, it shows lots this morning, besides, you don't really wanna take off your super thick baby diapers ever again, do you.”

“Fuck no.”

“Potty mouth. Maybe I should put a diaper on your head too.” I giggled. I had told James that several times before.

Even though James had never let himself look at me in just diapers, he had known ever since we had met that I had to wear them, and I was never shy about it around him, so I would happily tease him about things like that.

“The only head that needs to be diapered, already is, thank you very much.” He giggled too.

“And very nicely I might add.”

“Thanks, same with you. I always wanted to look at you in your soggy baby diapers, but I just couldn't, it would've made it so much harder had I seen you like this, that's why I never stuck around once you started stripping, or really looked at you once you were in just your diaper.”

“I know, I've known for a while I think. So, what should we do?”

“Don't know, what do you wanna do?”

“Wanna come down to the shop and see what I made this week?”

“Sure, you still playing around with metal casting?”

“Yeah, and I think I got it this time too. The last research I did turned up some awesome information. Dad's even gonna use the handles I casted on some of his pieces. Come on.”

I had always loved woodworking as well, I have been working in the shop since before I could even talk, but the last couple years I had started playing around with a little metal work. I really liked casting things. Dad built me a small gas powered furnace for a crucible I found and a few other cool things to do so, he even bought me lots of the sand used in metal casting and several of the tools that I would need, but that he did not already have, because he knows nothing about metals. It is really cool though, even though once I burned myself more than enough to warrant going to the hospital and getting treated, but the ER doctor was amazed that at almost ten I was metal casting all by myself, because, like I told him, Dad knows nothing of it, so I had had to learn all on my own. It was only a small splash with molten iron, nothing major, but fuck did it ever hurt.

“Cool, but are we gonna go out like this?” He asked.

“Why not, not like anyone can see us.” I shrugged.

James shrugged as well and we headed out. I grabbed the keys on the way out and then we headed down to the shop. The walk is a little more than a minute from the house, so not too far, but not close either. I unlocked the shop and turned on the lights and then took James to the bench that I had set up with all my things. I do not have much yet, but I do have a small cutting torch set and a simple wire feed welder, as well as two different bench grinders, a really good bench mounted belt sander and several hand tools.

I had made some really neat antique replica cabinet handles, and they are on that table, so that was where I led James.

“Wow, you really made these yourself?”

“Yep, and I finally got the metal mix just right too. They're surprisingly strong and durable, but they're still quite heavy.”

“Wow, and you carved the original for them too right?”

“Yep. The entire thing is all me. I saw a design on an antique and I liked it, so I sorta copied it, but it doesn't really look like the original either, just a nice nod to it, but still very antique looking. I added a bit more detail and this one's bigger, but that's 'cause most of the stuff my dad makes is larger anyway.”

“Wow, I never coulda' done anything like this, this is amazing.”

“Thanks. It's a lotta fun actually. Shoot, I wonder if Dad will remember to pick up the tap and die set I ordered, I got the notification saying it was in, but we never got to the post office yesterday. I need it to tap the handles so that we can put threads into them.”

“Call him, I'm sure he'll grab it if he didn't already remember.”

“I will as soon as we get in the house. Next we're gonna make a small forge, we're just waiting for the proper bricks to come in, 'cause you can't just use any regular run of the mill bricks for what I want. It's gonna be kinda cool, but I wanna build a shelter over it, to keep the rain off me and it. Lotsa guys say to use coal for the forge, but you know what, a guy I talked to said that if you set up a gas burner properly, you can get just as good results with way less mess, but the key is the bricks.”

“That's pretty cool. What will you make with it?”

“Don't know yet, but Dad wants really cool hinges, so maybe I'll try making some of them.”

“Neat. Maybe I'll have to get you to teach me.” He smiled brightly.

“I'm just learning, and all I've learned is from internet research, but I don't mind. Come on, let's head back to the house so that I can call my dad.”

We closed up the shop and headed back to the house. As soon as we made it, I called Dad and left him a message, because his phone went right to voicemail, which means he is still talking with clients. He will check as soon as he leaves though. I made sure to ask him to check at the yard for the bricks and the burners I am waiting for as well. We had already used the same bricks to make my crucible furnace, as well a smaller version of the burner, because I do not need a lot of molten metal at any time. Maybe I will ask my dad to take me back to the scrap metal yard tomorrow, so that I can pick out some more metals to play with.

That is the great thing with Dad, if he thinks it will teach me something, no matter what, he has always been willing to spend money on it, he never makes me feel like it would be a waste of money. Like when I was eight, I wanted a really nice telescope, I thought astronomy was cool, so he happily bought me a rather expensive telescope. It was only a little more than a thousand dollars, but still, he never even questioned it. It was not what I was into though, I do still use it, but, for the most part, it is sitting collecting dust.

The sort of thing he just won't spend money on, though, are games systems and shit like that. He says that instead of sitting on my ass, I can get up and do something. You know, I cannot honestly tell you if I ever actually wanted one though. I would not even know what to do with one. Even on my computer, I have maybe four games on it, and the one I play the most is chess, but even then it is rare, I would rather play against Dad. Speaking of Chess, that was what I offered James as soon as I hung up with Dad. I had taught James how to play a couple years ago now and he is starting to get pretty good. He still cannot beat me, but he is getting closer every time, but then, the same is true with Dad and I, though I have beaten him a couple times as well.

We played for well over an hour, when we actually got ourselves into a stalemate, a first. We left the board to have Dad look at it to ensure neither of us missed anything, but it sure looked like a tie to me.

“That's my best ever.” James smiled.

“Yeah, that was a great game. So, what should we do now then?”

“Whatever you wanna do is okay with me.” He said.

For the next nearly three hours before Dad came home, we played in my bedroom, sat back and talked, watched half an hours worth of TV, and just relaxed mostly. I would have gone and worked, but I am not allowed to unless Dad is home, because what I do really is rather dangerous, and really kind of stupid to do without some form of adult supervision, even though Dad has taught me nothing about it, I have learned it all myself.

Finally Dad came home, and James was the first to run to the door to greet his man. God I hope I will get that soon myself. They kissed for a minute easily before I finally coughed to alert them that I was even there.

“Hi there Babies.”

“Hi.” We both said, but James sighed it dreamily.

“I have some stuff in the truck for you Avery, it all arrived. I'd already planned on stopping at both places, so you didn't need to leave the message, but that's okay too. I also picked up some pieces of metal roofing that you can use to make a work station outside for all your stuff. The yard had some on clearance and it was too good a deal to pass it up, and you can use it.”

“Wicked, thanks Dad. James and I played chess earlier, I want you to come check the board, we think we tied, so make sure neither of us missed anything please.”

“Okay, give me a few minutes, then we can take the truck to the shop and offload everything.”

He was back in almost five minutes, we left him alone so that he could think in peace.

“Nope, that was a perfect stalemate, congratulations James, that's the closest you've come, isn't it.”


“Good. Let's go take everything to the shop now.”


We went and hopped in the truck and rode down, and then as we were offloading everything, I asked Dad the burning questions I had.

“So, did you go and talk to James' mom?”

“As a matter of fact, I did.”

“How'd it go?” We both asked at the same time.

“She was drunk, I called her a disgrace, she called you queer freak, I called her worse, told her that if she signed over parental rights to you and moved away, that you wouldn't press charges. I'd printed out a form this morning and had her sign it, then took it to my lawyer and he's taken it to do all that he needs to do. So, here's where you get to stay.”

“Wicked, thanks.” James said, jumping into his mans arms. God, I hope I get to do that soon.

“You're very welcome Baby.”

“So, did you get the job?” I asked again.

“Sure did, and they loved the handles you made, though I never told them who made it. I'd taken one with me, so they want all of them to be just like it.”

“I thought one was missing, I took James to show him how they turned out. I figured that you musta taken it though.”

“Maybe once we get your forge set up and you learn what you're doing, then you can make hinges for me as well.”

“I plan to try it. Can we go to the scrap metal yard again tomorrow?”

“Sure. I also received an email from someone who has a pair of large apple and cherry trees in their yard that they want taken down, so I might take you two with me to help with that at the same time.”

Dad always has ads out asking for trees like that, he would go and cut the tree down and take away all the usable stuff for free, if they did the cleanup, and most were happy with that arrangement. Only a few times did he have to refuse, because he could not guarantee that he could fall it safely and not hit their house or something, but in those cases he bought the wood off them after having a pro come in and do it, they were usually happy as well.

“Sounds good to me.” Both James and I said at the same time again.

“Good. I also placed an order for some really good books on melting, smelting, and forging of metals, proper blending techniques, so on and so forth. The bookstore called yesterday and told me they were in, so I grabbed them for you as well. There's twelve of them. The lady was shocked when I told her they were for my eleven year old son.”

“Wicked, thanks Daddy.” I hugged him.

“You're welcome Baby. You know I'd get you almost anything you need.”

“Yeah, well, the one thing I need is my next question.”

“Ah yes, let me guess,” Dad interrupted me. “You wanna know if I went and talked to Josh right?”

“Yeah, exactly.”

“Yes, and he's gonna stop by tonight after work some time.”

“Wicked, am I allowed to ask him to stay the night?”

“You can ask, but I doubt he'll accept, and if he does, he'll probably ask to stay in the guest room, in which case, you're absolutely not allowed to go and rape him in his sleep.”

“No, I'd never do that, no matter how horny I am, I want a willing partner.”

“Good to hear.”

By this time we had all the stuff offloaded from the truck. My books and tap and die set had been in the cab, and they were the last items out. I thumbed through the books for a few minutes, checking them out, and I really liked them. I thanked Dad again for everything.

“So, it's well past lunch, but nowhere near dinner time yet, so run on up and get dressed boys, then you can come down and work for a bit with me.”

This is a fairly common occurrence for us, we often skip lunch, sometimes even dinner. We sometimes get to playing so much that we forget to eat on time, even though we have at least three clocks in the shop, two of them with alarms in them that we even have set, just, we never remember to turn them on.

James and I headed up to the house and quickly changed each others diapers, because we are very wet baby boys, then threw on some clothes so that we could work in the shop. Even I know better than to work in a shop without clothes, even though I would much rather wear as little as possible as often as possible. We were back down to the shop only a few minutes later.

James went straight to my dad to help him wherever possible, while I grabbed my new tap and die set and all the handles. The holes had already been drilled, so now all I have to do is tap each of the holes. I had made sure that the holes were the correct size, because I had looked up the dimensions for the set that I had bought, so they are all good to go. I got the correct tap prepared and then proceeded to do my first one, and when it was done, I was pleased to find that the bolt I was using for these handles fit well, so I continued to do all the rest.

It was not long or hard work to tap all fifteen of the handles that I had already completed, and I tested each one as I was done, so now I moved onto grinding down the last few that I had not cleaned up all the excess metal from. That did not take me long either, so I went out and started going through all the stuff that I had and sat down with some paper.

Dad had bought more than enough metal roofing for me to make a five by five meter shelter, so I designed it to be a four peaked roof with a six twelve pitch, and a covered vent at the top so that heat could escape. It would be open walled as well, but because I will generate a lot of heat, and heat rises, I did not want too much heat trapped in the roof either.

I am designing it to use all twenty to thirty centimeter peeled logs, because we have a huge stack of them that Dad cannot use for wood working, it is pretty much just firewood for us, it is mostly just shit wood; pine and spruce and a little bit of fir. Someone had given it to Dad, thinking he could use it, but while he does not mind using fir for some of his furniture, what little fir was good for that was not worth it, so he relegated it to firewood. This, of course, is not a problem for us, because we use wood heat in both the house and the shop anyway, but if I can use it for my structure, then that will be just as fine as well.

With going and doing the other things tomorrow, I knew that we would not be able to start on it right away, and I doubted we had enough concrete anyway to pour the footings I will need. We do not need to worry about a permit for this, we are too far out of town for them to even care anyway, but, like Dad always says, build it to minimum twice what they ask for and it will be good, because their minimums are stupid and unsafe. So, as such, I am designing this structure to handle a tornado and a hurricane, at the same time, and we do not have to worry about either in our area.

Once I had my plans and knew the sizes, I marked out the areas for where we would have to drill for the footings to go. Because we live on a ranch, and we do do some growing as well, we do have a good selection of farming equipment. The one that would help with that though is the post hole digger, which we had bought a much larger auger for, for doing just this sort of thing, but the tractors would help us with the heavy lifting as well. By the time I had all that done, I realized that I was starting to get pretty hungry, so I went and told the other two that I was going to go make dinner, and they said they would be up in twenty minutes or so.

I made a nice simple chicken and pasta in cream sauce, and just as I was finishing it up, the other two walked in. I had stripped down as soon as I entered the house, and they piled their clothes on top of mine as well. They washed up and then set the table, and, before too long, we were eating. As we ate, I told Dad and James about what I had designed and how I planned to build it. Of course I asked Dad to help, I technically know how to do all that I need to do, I have even helped Dad do it in much smaller form many times before, but he knew how to do it perfectly. Everything is going to be put together using mortise and tenon joinery, and on logs, that is hard to do, but he makes it look easy. Besides, he enjoys doing that, well, so do I, but he will be happy to help out. He did tell me to do what I could on my own this time and only ask for help when and if I need it, so I said sure.

James said that he would be happy to help out as well, and we appreciated that, because it would be a fair bit of work. I asked if we could stop and get all the concrete that we would need tomorrow as well. Our shopping list is starting to get large again.

Just as we were cleaning up from dinner, the doorbell rang. I almost bolted to go get the door, but Dad said stay and he went to get the door instead, putting on his robe as he went. James and I stayed in the kitchen, though we can still see the door anyway, but no one could see what we are wearing, other than no shirts. It is Josh, and Dad just let him in.

“Welcome to our home Josh. Come on in and feel free to strip down to just your diaper if you so desire. The boys and I all are, except my robe at the moment, just had to make sure it was you.” He said, but as soon as he finished, he shucked off his robe and James and I came out of the kitchen.

Josh stuttered a few times, he tried valiantly to say something, anything, and I am happy to say that he was looking right at me, and he is so totally lost. From the look on his face, I think he knows it as well. It was a full minute later, maybe more, before he could even manage to say something.

“Um, I'd rather not at this time, thanks.”

He tried to look away from me, but I can be pretty evil when I want to be, if I do say so myself, so I moved so that he could clearly see me again. Dad chuckled.

“Quit that you brat, it's hard enough on the poor boy as it is.” Dad said, coming over and smacking me upside the head for good measure as well.

“Yeah, but it's totally working to get him more on my side.” I grinned to Josh, probably rather evilly, and from the smack I received a second time, I am guessing that it was. Dad just laughed again, even James is giggling.

“It's okay Josh, I think you can agree that we're all the same here. Why not come and sit down. We can have a nice chat. I bet you never figured an apprenticeship interview would be like this, huh?” Dad laughed.

“No, you can sure say that.” He laughed, tearing his eyes from me yet again, but I just moved again.

I managed to dodge the smack this time, but I went and sat down. We have two couches that face each other, so I went to one, and Dad and James went to the other. James cuddled right up to Dad, thus forcing Josh to come sit with me. I patted the cushion next to me and told him to come have a seat.

“So, tell us a bit about yourself Josh, other than the fact that you're a gay baby boy diaper lover, we already know that. Avery also told us pretty much everything from last night too.”

“Well, um, next to no one knows even that about me. I mean, pretty much everyone knows I have to wear diapers and why, just not that I love them. I've also never told anyone I was gay before. Couple guys know, because they asked me, but no one else.”

“So you're shy then.”

“You could say that.”

“So, what made you wanna be a woodworker then?”

“As soon as I started in middle school and got to try the woodworking course, I knew that that's what I wanted to be. I loved it so much, and it really allowed me to be creative. Grades ten through twelve, I even took a double wood course instead of another elective, and I learned lots. I've always loved building things I guess, but before the accident I remember almost nothing. I knew a little bit, but not lots.”

“Okay, and what kinda woodworking do you like doing most then?”

“Almost anything really, I'm quite comfortable making a simple kids toy to a grand fancy cabinet or an even more finely crafted jewelry box. I prefer using good old fashioned joinery though, making things the way they used to do it, just not necessarily by hand.”

“Good, that's the same here. Putting things together with screws and nails is fine, but it's lazy, good for some things, but not for fine furniture.”

“Exactly. Of course they have their place, even in what I do, just not for most things.”

“Same. So, how are you on finishing?”

“I've been in college for three years, each course I've taken is usually only six months or so, I usually took one or two courses at a time, and, of those courses, two were dedicated solely to finishing. The one course I took you could only pass if you managed to make a nice simple jewelry box using blind dovetails and hand made wooden hinges, with the use of absolutely no power tools. I carved mine as well, but that was for extra credit, he said if we had time and could carve, then we could do so for an extra ten points. I received a hundred and ten percent on that project and passed the course.”

“Very nice, that's the sorta thing I expect you to be able to do as well. Granted, I do have the tools, and you are allowed to use them, but sometimes you have to be able to do something by hand.”

“I agree.”

“So, I understand that you're also losing your housing here pretty soon!”

“That's right. The new owner called me today and asked me to be out in three months, but that if I could be out by the end of the month, that they'd give me an extra five hundred back on my damage deposit if everything is still perfect, which it is.” He said sadly.

“Was the place furnished, do you have to move a lot?”

“Yeah, and I only have a few things of my own. Pretty much all the electronics and clothes, the rest is theirs.”

“Good, so if you wanted to move in tomorrow, then you could.” Dad said with a perfectly straight face.

“Pardon me?” He gasped.

“Oh, didn't Avery tell you that an apprenticeship would include room and board, since we're so far outta town. I'd be happy to have you as my apprentice. You start at twelve dollars an hour, but what you lack in hard pay, you earn back in the fact that you pay for absolutely nothing else. That's pretty much twenty five grand a year in actual pay, but probably that much again in room and board and all the amenities, and we have lots here. I won't pay over time, because you just work at your own pace and do what you want sorta. I expect you to work an actual forty hours a week for me, but you'd also be more than welcome to do extra work on your own time. I wanna keep it real casual and light.”

“That's, that's an amazing offer, especially to a trainee.”

“Yes, it is. To get anyone with any amount of heart and soul for woodworking though, I'd pretty much have to pay someone twenty bucks an hour, so this works out for all of us.”

“I'll say. Can I think about it?”

“Of course. However, I'd like to take you to the shop and show you some things, which I almost guarantee will clinch the deal.”


Dad, James, and I just went and put on our shoes without getting dressed, while Josh put on his shoes. We could all see that he wanted to ask if we were really going to go outside in just our diapers, but it was pretty obvious. I let Dad and James lead the way, while I walked next to Josh. I bumped into him a couple times and he just looked over to me and smiled. I gathered that it was a lot for him to take in.

When we were close to the shop, he could see all the metal working stuff.

“Oh, you do metal working as well Austin?”

“Oh no, didn't Avery tell you, that stuff's his, he's the metal worker. You should see some of the things he's made already, it's really quite impressive considering he's never been trained and has only learned what he has from the internet.” Dad said proudly.


“Sure, I'll show you when we get inside.” I said happily.

Just then we reached the shop and Dad opened it up. He turned on the lights and Josh gasped.

“Nice eh.” I said.

“Wow, I just thought that you used only some of the old barn, but you use the entire thing, it's huge.”

“Yeah, and the upstairs is for drying all the wood I cut and mill. It gets air dried, then cut, then kiln dried upstairs, if it needs it, and stored up there. I have a full spray booth with the best extraction system money can buy, and all the tools are pretty much the same, the best money can buy. My dust collection systems are so good that I almost never have to clean up any dust. The planer and thickness sander can go up to one hundred and thirty centimeters wide and something like fifty high. The planer has several hundred carbide teeth in it and it sharpens itself whenever I tell it to. Then everything else, like I said, it's just the absolute best there is.”

“Wow, you have tonnes more than my school has, and way better too.”

“Yeah, well, when I started out, I had almost nothing, but I worked up slowly and got to this. It helped that I inherited the place from my uncle when he died, I was seventeen, I was his only heir, he had no kids and when my dad died, he raised me, so he gave it all to me, which meant that I never had to pay a cent for the property.”

“Wow, some inheritance. Can I see your mill now?”

“Sure, come on.”

We led him out to see the mill next. It had just been upgraded a couple years ago as well, so it too is the absolute best and Josh loved it. We took him back in and showed him the paint booth and upstairs to show him the drying racks and all the wood, and he loved it all. We even showed him the huge dust collector that is actually outside. I am telling you here and now, it is so fucking powerful that if you get too close to an inlet for that beast, it will suck you up. Trust me, having your entire body sucked through a ten centimeter hole will probably ruin your whole day. I do not recommend you do it at all.

Even Josh laughed when I told him that, but James snorted cutely as he giggled. I love making James giggle, because he does this cute little snort as he does so.

“So, would you like to start tomorrow then?” I asked.

“Um, um, I'd love to, this is the best shop I could possibly hope to ever work in.”

“Good, we'd love to have you, some of us in more personal ways than others.” Dad laughed.

“You told him?” Josh squeaked, looking to me.

“Of course I did. Like he can say anything, you see his boyfriend. At least we're closer in age, well, we will be when you remove your head from your backside.”

“Oh.” He blushed huge at that. I had not actually told him that James was Dads' boyfriend.

“Trust me, I'm not against what you both really want, and don't deny it, I saw how you looked at Avery. If he wasn't my son, I'd totally do him all night long, he's a right little hottie in his soggy diaper, isn't he.”

Well, Josh only blushed even more with that.

“Come on, you can sleep in the guest room tonight, and don't worry, the door locks so that you can keep out uninvited guests who would love to join you, but we all know you're not ready for, I have the keys, which I'll give to you. When you move in, you'll get your own proper room, but we'll have to make you a bedroom suite for it, which will be your first paid project here. Unless of course you decide to share a room with someone, in which case you may as well not bother to make it.”

“You're conspiring against me too.”

“Hell yeah. I don't blame Avery for liking you either, you're smokin' hot, I'd so do you too 'til I couldn't possibly go any more. And I'd do it happily every day 'til I died from it.” Dad grinned, Josh blushed even more.

“Oh. I always thought you were hot too.”

“Thanks. We have to go into town in the morning as well, so we'll all go with you to clean up your place. Are there any repairs that need to be done before you move out?”

“Thanks, but no, I always fixed everything. They're getting it back in way better condition than they gave it to me in I tell you. I remade all the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, I repaired all the walls and put in the wood floors, I even remade the entire staircase in solid wood. They paid me back for all the materials, not that there was all that much raw material cost for it all, and I did it little by little, but it's all done.”

“Very good. I can't wait to see your work then.”

By now we had finished the whole tour of the shop and everything in it, so we shut it down and headed back into the house.

“So, did you bring enough diapers to stay the night, because there's no point in going back home tonight?” Dad asked, because we had toured for more than an hour, talking the entire time, and it is starting to get late now.

“Yeah, I always have a fully stocked diaper bag in my truck, which always includes a full change of clothes, for just such an emergency.”

“That's good. You and I are the same size anyway, so you could've used my diapers anyway, that just makes it easier.”

“True. I appreciate the offer of spending the night though, it is getting pretty late, I'm more a morning person myself, so maybe if you'd show me to the guest room, I think I might just head to bed now.”

“Same with all of us, so we're gonna go soon here as well.” I said.


And so we all did. Josh went and grabbed his bag from his truck and Dad told him that there was a robe in the guest rooms bathroom, as well as a new toothbrush and other things, so he was all set and said goodnight to us. It killed me to no end to have Josh so close, yet still not with me. I know it will only be a matter of time, but that does not make it any easier. When I got up to my room, I changed my soggy diaper, then crawled into bed and rubbed myself through my diaper for one orgasm, then released myself and jacked off for another two. Finally I tucked myself back in and went to sleep, dreaming of Josh all night long again.