Chapter 3

I had a really good sleep and woke up so fucking hard it is painful. I am talking drill a hole through hardened steel hardness here. I feel like I might even be hard enough to chip a bloody diamond. Well, what does a healthy boy do in such a situation. Considering my boyfriend is not with me, take care of it myself. I know, I know, he is not my boyfriend, yet, but he will be, oh he will be. I know he wants it, I know he knows I want it, even James and my dad see where it is leading, but still he is resisting.

There is simply no pretenses this morning, no vivid visions of what I would do to turn me on, it is simply not needed. I pushed down the front of my diaper so violently that I tore it off, I heard it rip, in the tiny tiny portion of my mind that actually managed to register that, but I did not care in the least. Even if it had have been a dry diaper I would not have cared at this point, but trust me, it is very wet, to the point that it was almost useless anyway.

I grasped on and stroked, and two strokes is all it took for my first orgasm to explode. I am telling you here and now, had I actually cum, it would have been a bitch to clean up, because it would have splattered all over the ceiling. A Mount Vesuvius worthy eruption that would have surely buried us all alive. What a way to go though huh. No matter how good an orgasm it was though, once was simply not enough, so I continued stroking myself, cumming a further three times before I was finally satisfied and my dick went soft.

I sighed deeply and hopped out of bed to go and grab a fresh diaper and throw out the ruined one. I checked out the carnage and had to laugh. The tapes are still stuck to the front, mostly, because they had ripped off a bit, but the diaper had actually given at the sides and had completely torn, my best diaper destruction yet, and I have destroyed a few. I knew the others would be awake soon, but not when, nor when they would come out. My dad often stays in his room and plays on his computer, or goes and sits at the table and does it, James usually sleeps until seven or eight, though he will likely start getting up earlier now with living with us, and it sounds as if Josh is an early riser as well. I grabbed one of the books my dad bought me the day before, after getting changed, and laid down and read for a bit.

It was a little more than an hour later when I heard others up, so I got up as well. We would likely make some breakfast, and then go for a swim. Dad and I try and start every day by going swimming and getting a good hard swim in, or sometimes we do water aerobics. After that we like to hit the hot tub as well as the steam room and the sauna to relax and sweat out all the toxins from our bodies.

“Morning Dad, have a good sleep?”

He was the only one up so far.

“Yeah, how about you?”

“Sleep was good, but this morning was great.”

He laughed, clearly knowing just what I meant.

“Though it could've been better, but he's not ready yet. I do wanna go swimming though, so that might help a bit too.”

“Maybe, hard to say. No pushing him though.”

“Talking of hard and pushing, yeah, that about sums up what I want.” I giggled.

“You, Sir, have a filthy little mind. You sure are my son.” He laughed.

“I know. When's James getting up?”

“He'll be out in a few minutes, he wasn't quite awake yet. We can get breakfast going though, and then, after breakfast, we can go swimming.”


I happily helped to make breakfast, and just before it was done, Dad went and told the other two that breakfast was almost ready and to come and get it. Even though I knew that he would not, I still hoped that Josh would come out in his soggy night diaper. I should not have been upset, but I was, when he came out wearing the robe. We chatted as we ate, and Dad said that we were going to go swimming after breakfast was done and cleaned up, so Josh asked to borrow a pair of Dads shorts. I piped up and said, “He'll be happy to loan you what he wears in the pool.” Josh only gave me a curious look at my enthusiasm, not sure what it meant to him,

Once we were done and cleaned up, we headed out to the pool and hit the bathroom. We pretty much herded Josh into the bathroom with us, and then the three of us stripped off our only covering, our nice thick baby diapers. I admit I am already just a bit hard, yeah, a bit, as in full hard, sticking up at a forty five degree angle, pulsing rapidly, just not quite as hard as I was earlier. Josh very shyly removed his robe, trying to turn so that we would not see him, but I was staring anyway, and then he released the tapes on his diaper and took it off. I think I damn near passed out from forgetting to breath. Dad smacked me again, it bloody well hurt too. It did help though, but I had now gone every bit as hard as I was this morning, again.

Dad laughed at me, but hey, what can I say, he is absolutely gorgeous, stunning, perfect in every way. Diapered is how I had wanted to see him most of all, and naked a very close second, I just got both, I am a horny little gay baby boy, and I just want him so bad, who could possibly blame me for damn near cumming again. Hopefully no one.

But look at him, he is every bit as trim and fit as we are, a set of washboard abs that I would definitely love to run my hands over, amazing chest, nice legs and arms, and then there are his boy bits. I am talking hung like a fucking stallion. He is nowhere near hard, yet, though I will try my hardest, oh wait, I am at my hardest, but his dick is hanging down easily fifteen centimeters, he is easily twelve or thirteen around, and his balls are huge, well, maybe not huge, they look about the same as my dads, but they are so huge to me. He is not even hard yet and he is that big, but then, I do not grow too much more when I am hard, so maybe he does not either.

“Quit staring.” Dad said, smacking me again.

Yeah, well, that was it, it made me cum, again. I have no idea how long I was out of it for, all I know is when I came too, I felt like I had just run a marathon, I was still breathing as hard, I was crumpled on the floor, and the other three were already in the shower. Dad noticed me come too first.

“Looks like you should've jacked off this morning.”

“I did, I was so hard this morning I'm sure I coulda chipped diamonds, I came four times, I thought I was ready to face Josh like that, guess I wasn't, but who can blame a guy, he's so fucking hot.” And then I realized what I said and to whom. “Oops, sorry.”

“It's okay, I understand, and I agree too.” Dad laughed.

I finally stumbled into the shower and Josh would not even look at me, I could still see that he is blushing, even in the hot water. Clearly he is very shy, well, I am not, well any more. They were all done before I was, but I finished up only a few seconds later, and then we all herded Josh back out to the pool, and we all dove in. Josh must have realized a few seconds later that this is clearly what we do, and we had already seen him anyway, so what the hell, because he just dove in too and started swimming laps with us.

Josh must enjoy swimming as well, because he kept up to Dad and I just fine, and when we stopped after twenty good hard laps, and our pool is nowhere near small, he was not out of breath. We then went and sat in the steam room, then the sauna, and then finally went and sat in the hot tub. Same as normal, we did not talk until we were in the hot tub.

“So, how was it?” I asked.

“What, swimming naked?” Josh asked softly.

“Yeah, how'd you like it?”

“It was nice, actually.”

“Yeah, it was.” I grinned to him, it must have been evilly again, because Dad reached over and smacked me upside the head again.

“Would you quit doing that.” I yelped.

“Quit making fun of the poor boy then.”

“Can't help it, he is nice to look at, and you have to admit, he's as perfect a fit for all of us as there could be. And Josh, you will fit in me too.”

Josh just choked, if he could have, I think he may have almost swallowed his tongue.

“That was pure evil.” Dad laughed, James was giggling again, because Josh nearly passed out, and he is blushing so much again it is covering his whole body.

“Thanks. I was just stating a fact though.”

“I'm sure you were. I do agree, he does seem to be a perfect fit for all of us.” He said to me, then turned to Josh. “Don't let him bully you into moving faster than you're capable of going, tease him back, and for gods sake boy, lighten up.” He said, giving him a good friendly pat to the shoulder.

Josh said nothing further the entire time we were in the hot tub, but the rest of us continued talking happily as we sat there. We were letting Josh relax. I was not going to tease him any more, I am not really evil, just own a good streak. Once we were ready to do so, we all hopped out and dove back into the pool to cool down, and once we were, we went and showered off. I am finally soft, by the way. Not even I can stay that hard for that long.

We all dried off and headed inside to get diapered and dressed, ready for the day ahead. Josh did not put on the robe he had worn down, but the way he was holding it hid his good bits fairly well. No idea why he would do that, maybe it was my staring again, nah, probably not.

When we all emerged from our rooms, we were all diapered, dressed, and ready to go. Dad told Josh to lead us in his truck to his apartment, and just as Josh was about to head out, I asked if I could ride with him. He almost said no, but Dad called out and said that was a great idea. Josh closed his mouth and just nodded. I hopped in his truck with him. Dad had already loaded the trailer onto the truck the night before, and it had his chainsaws and all his gear in its box, so it was already ready to go.

Josh does not have a fancy truck or anything, it is an older model, an F-250 single cab, he has the long box, which I knew, only because Dad insists on only getting the eight foot box, because a truck without an eight foot box is nearly as useless as a fucking car, those are his words. He has a canopy on the back of it, to protect woods and other materials. The truck is in good shape though, no scratches or dents, it is clean and not rusty, even though it appears to be at least ten years old, maybe more. My knowledge of vehicles is not that good, and, for the most part, I could care less about them. They are nothing more than a mode of transportation and hauling of materials for me.

He started it up, it is a diesel, and then started on the way. We drove for a good five minutes without saying anything. I was hoping that he would be the first to speak, I wanted him to finally speak his mind, so I am being pretty patient, and that is not one of my strong suits I tell you. It did work, because, finally, he did speak up.

“Avery, I know what you want, I know what you're trying to do, but you've gotta stop, I can't give in to you.”

“I know, but we do both know eventually you'll cave. I'm being very patient with you, don't worry. I don't want us to just hop in bed and fuck like bunnies, I wanna really and truly fall in love with you, which, by the way, I am so starting to do even more. I mean, I think I fell in love with you the first time I saw you two years ago, but really getting to meet you and talk to you is making it more so. Trust me, I am letting you take your time. Take all the time you need, I can hold off 'til tomorrow. If I couldn't, I'd already have reached over and started stroking you, maybe I'd already be sucking you, burying my face into your hot diapered crotch as you drove. You'd probably get in an accident though, and that'd do neither of us any favors.”

“Can you hold off 'til you're sixteen though is the question.”

“Nope, and you can't hold off 'til then either. I'm not gonna push you, I just wanna talk, I want a boyfriend who I can spend time with, I think you're that person, I know you're that person, and I know you know it as well.”

“No Avery....” He started, but I cut him off.

“No Josh, don't worry about it, we'll take our time, let's not talk about it any more, okay, I know how you feel, even if you don't wanna admit it, but I also don't wanna make you uncomfortable. Let's just talk and get to know each other.”

He relented and we just talked, we just got to know each other even better. It was very nice. We live an hour from town, but Josh lived on the far side of town from where we enter town, so it took a further ten minutes to get there. When we arrived, we found a rather old and care worn house. Though, I must say, it is younger than our house, by decades, yet it looks far older. Whomever owned it previously clearly did not take care of it. We shut down both our trucks and we all hopped out and Josh led us up to his apartment above the garage. The entrance to the apartment is on the bottom floor, so he unlocked that door, which opened up almost immediately to the set of stairs. They do look very well done.

“Very nicely done, so far I'm impressed.” Dad said as soon as he had seen the stairs.

You may say, but it's a set of stairs, how hard could it be to make it look good. Trust me, a lot harder than you might think. He had made every tread himself, the glue joints are perfect and tight. There is a wall on either side, so he had to cut each piece perfectly to fit, and they were perfect, the risers were done properly, and then it was all stained and finished just as well as the rest had been done.

“Clearly you used oak, but it looks heavily distressed, you played off that, very nice, you made it look hundreds of years old, yet still very good. I like it.”

“Thanks. We got dozens of old oak pallets at the yard, but it wasn't enough, so I called that supplier and asked them to ship me a bunch more if they had them. So they did. I used the shop at the high school and milled it all from that. Took me longer to take it all apart and get all the nails and embedded rocks out than it took to actually mill it all, then I installed and finished it all in place.”

“Nice. Show us then.” Dad said and Josh led us up the stairs.

When we reached the top, we were all equally impressed with how well the floor turned out, it was still rough and imperfect, in a finished sort of way, he had accented that, made it the star performer, and trust me, that is hard to do and make it look as good as it does.

“Very nice.” I said.

“Thanks, I thought it turned out real well. I did this for almost a month as soon as I got this place. I'd just been kicked out of foster care, I had some money, but not lots, and what money I had saved was for school, but I got several bursaries and grants, and even a partial scholarship, so that helped lots. Anyway, neither here nor there. I only pay four hundred a month, because when I got the place, it was a wreck. The carpet was probably older than I was, ripped and stained nearly everywhere, so I got permission to do it, and they were happy to let me. What's the worse that could happen, right. They knew I could not make it look worse than it already did. Boy were they shocked when I showed them the finished results.”

“I can see why. That would've been four years ago, and it still looks perfect.”

“Yeah, well, it's only me, and I respect things, so never any shoes up here at all.”

“Good, same in our house.”

“Let me show you the kitchen next.”

The whole apartment is maybe seventy square meters, but it is nice and open. There is not an actual bedroom, so it is more a loft style, which helped to make it look a lot larger than it is. The bathroom door is the only door, other than downstairs. So, clearly, we could see the kitchen from where we are standing, but to truly appreciate it, you have to go and look at it, so we did. Even I have to admit that the quality is second to none, and I have seen Dads work quality. He showed us everything about what he had made, and it is perfect in every way. The boxes are well built, but the doors suit the place and look amazing. He had managed to design it all to use every cubic centimeter of space he had, and he did, because though it is a fairly small and compact kitchen, it has a lot of counter and storage space.

“Wow Dad, his cabinetry rivals even yours.”

“No shit. This is amazing Josh, when did you make these?”

“Finished it about a year ago, but it took me several months to get it all done, because I work so much.”

“Very nice. Hopefully that's not your table though.”

“No, the furniture would've been next, but well, I have to move instead.” He laughed.

“I trust you did all the molding and detail work in here as well then, because it too looks impeccable.”

“Thanks, but yeah, I did. After the kitchen, I did the bathroom, and then I did all the trim. I used old MDF cover sheets for everything. I saved up about twenty sheets, in a few thicknesses, over about a year, because I knew I had to do this, and then I ripped it all down, took it to the school, and milled it all. I then primed and painted it all there in the paint booth.”

“Very nice, very resourceful. I like that. Using scraps and making gold from it shows more than just a little talent, especially when it looks so good.”

“Thanks, I really like how it turned out as well. The old owners really liked it as well. I just finished the trim work about a month ago, when the owners told me that they needed to sell the house, they told me that they'd try and get me to stay, since I was a model tenant, but the new people need this place for someone else. They're getting a good place though. I'm proud of how it turned out.”

“And so you should be. Well, let's get all your things together then and we'll let them know.”

“Okay. I already have a few boxes, because I knew this day was coming, so we can get to it. Everything in the kitchen stays, with the exception of the food, so one or two could do that, then all the electronics go, not that there's lots, and all my clothes, which I'll go do.”

“Okay. Avery and James, you go get the kitchen taken care of, I'll get the electronics, you get your clothes.” Dad said, and we all went to do so.

As we went we did talk, since, let's face it, we are not far apart, and we laughed and joked around and had a good time. We were done in just under an hour. Josh remembered the bathroom stuff and grabbed that, then went through everything to ensure that he was leaving nothing behind. By the time we were done, we had been there for two hours, yet we only had twenty two boxes, and none of them are large. Let me put it this way, even James and I can carry two boxes at a time they are that small.

Josh went and talked to the old owners for a few minutes, handed in his keys, and within a few minutes we were off and running. This time Josh and I followed Dad. Josh said he was very much okay with going and cutting down a couple trees to use for wood working, in fact he loves that that is what we do. We arrived only a few minutes later and Dad introduced himself and we were shown to the back yard. The cherry tree is simply massive. I do not think Dads chainsaw will get through it in one pass, he will likely have to get the rest from the other side. The main trunk of it is every bit of three meters tall, and probably one meter across at its widest, but where it branches out, some of the limbs are fifty to sixty centimeters across and quite long as well. There will be some good usable wood there too, in fact, Josh says they will make great bowl blanks for the lathe.

The apple tree is not quite as large, but it was very well cared for as well and is also quite large. Dad went and got his saw and all the equipment, we helped too mind you, and we got started. He had both trees down in under an hour, but then the hard part would be getting them broken down and onto the trailer. I am not even sure how we are going to get the cherry tree, it is that large. Mind you, the apple tree is not that much smaller.

It was a lot of work, I do not mind telling you, but we got the two massive trunks loaded, then got what branches were good to us loaded, and left the rest up to the owners, who were ecstatic that it had cost them nothing but a little time for cleanup to have it done. They knew, every bit as much as we did, that had they hired a tree removal service to come and do it, they would charge a couple thousand dollars for it, and all they would so is chip the entire works, it would not go to making anything, and that is a shame, and really quite stupid if you ask me, well, Dad too.

I should also point out, the trailer Dad has for doing this sort of work is the sort of trailer you see hauling cars, it is a triple axle heavy duty trailer. Yeah, well, I think we might have it close to maximum weight, because it is quite a bit lower than it normally sits, it has so much weight on it right now.

We went to the building yard next and I got forty bags of Portland cement, it is probably twice as much as I need, but we are constantly using it, so we always keep it in stock at home. We already have huge piles of both sand and the proper gravel for mixing it, and we have a really good size concrete mixer, so it is almost easy to do, but I cannot even lift the bloody bags of cement, they are just too heavy for me still. James tried as well, and he could move it even less than I could. Dad and Josh make it look easy though. I did also grab a few other things from there that I would be needing, but nothing much.

Dad led us to the scrap metal yard next, and as soon as I hopped out, I went and grabbed my high power magnet from Dads truck, I keep it in the glove compartment. Trust me, a magnet is your best friend when you are hunting for metals. You can tell a lot about the metal by how it reacts to a magnet. I also grabbed a hammer, because, again, you can tell a lot about metal from how it sounds when hit. This had taken me the most amount of work and research, I have been training myself for a little more than a year now, and trust me, my first few tries were horrible failures, but I sure did learn too, so Dad says they were not failures.

Dad grabbed the wheelbarrow as we entered the yard, saying hi to the owner as we passed, he and I get along great, and he has actually helped me quite a bit. He makes it his business to know metal, so he is a good person to know. Sunday is a great day to come and find stuff, because he takes in stuff all through the week from people bringing him recyclable materials, it usually gets dumped into one main unsorted pile, unless they know what is there, in which case it goes to those piles, so that is where I head. It costs me less if I sort through the unsorted stuff, because he does not have to pay his guys to do it for him. After that it goes to the different recyclers to get melted down and re-used. I always take what I can use though.

I usually go for the black iron and the good quality steels, but I have tried a few other metals as well, and even made my own blends. Today there is a really good load of good black iron, in the form of old cast iron cookware and stuff like that. Most of it broken and whatnot, but perfect for me. There is lots extra as well, and Josh ended up running to get another wheelbarrow for me to fill up, because Dads was getting too full and heavy. I could have taken another two, or maybe even three wheelbarrows of stuff, but I decided to just take what I had in the two. He charged me only fifty bucks for the lot of it, so that is pretty good.

We loaded everything into the back of the truck and then dad asked if there was anything else that we needed before we headed home, and James was the only one who said he needed anything.

“What are you needing Baby?”

“Clothes. I have nothing except what I came to spend the weekend in, and that's not lots.”

“Ah yes, good point, and you and Avery aren't close enough in size to wear the same clothes, and the clothes you always have are near on garbage anyway. I'm betting your mom shopped for your clothes at the thrift store and didn't care about buying the cheapest shit they had.”

“Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.”

“I buy all my clothes at the thrift store.” Josh said, he sounded hurt by it.

“Yes, that's good, and I do too, all the time, but the difference is, we pick out the good stuff, James' mom just grabs the bags of rags. The clothes James is wearing now are probably the best he has, maybe better than most, and they're not very nice. It's fine to buy used, as long as you care to look.” Dad said softly.

“Oh, I see.” Josh said, hanging his head.

“It's okay.”

Dad said that we would just go to the mall and look around and get James some good clothes. He would not need a lot, but he would need a couple good sets of sturdy work clothes. When we got there, we headed to the store that we normally shop in. They have good quality, sturdy work clothes, it is what they specialize in. They are not cheap, but nor are they stupid expensive as well. I actually remembered that I needed a new pair of steel toe boots when we were looking for James', so I grabbed a pair as well. They also had a really good welders apron on special, so I grabbed one of them too, they help a surprising amount to prevent burns, something I have already learned well. We were out in just half an hour and finally we headed home.

Dad pulled right down to the shop, since the majority of our work is there, and we all hopped out. All the wood that had been on the trailer was put into the drying shed and we painted the ends of all the cut pieces, so that it could air dry for a few months before it is cut. I put all my metal into a couple boxes that I had built to store it, and then we headed up to the house. By now we are all starting to get quite hungry, so Dad told Josh and I to unload his things, while he and James got started on lunch. I grinned, Dad grinned, James giggled, and Josh shook his head.

“So, are we putting your things in my bedroom then?” I said happily as we were walking out to his truck.

“No, we're not.”

“Why, there's no point in moving it twice.”

“No matter what, I'm still moving it twice anyway, because I have to make the furniture for my new bedroom anyway, I can't stay in the guest room forever.”

“Good point, then save yourself the headache of moving it three times.”

“I won't be, only twice.”

“Oh good, so you do plan on moving it into my bedroom, you're just not ready yet. Take your time.”

“That's not what I meant, and you know it.” Josh said in frustration.

I just laughed, but left it at that and we brought everything into the house and to the guest room for him. It did not take long at all, but Josh said that he would unpack it later. We did take all his kitchen stuff to the kitchen as well, all the food would be added to the stocks.

“Since lunch is still a few minutes away, would you like to come see my bedroom, it's really nice.”

“No thanks.”

“I'm not taking you up there to rape you or anything, I just wanna show you my bedroom. It's really nice. Remember, I want a fully willing partner, you're not willing yet, you still need time, and that's okay, I won't pressure you any.”

“No, you won't pressure me at all.” He snorted.

“I'm sure I have no idea what that's supposed to mean.” I acted all hurt.

“And I couldn't explain it to you if I tried.”

I laughed, and he did too, but I did lead him up to my room and I showed it off.

“My room used to be downstairs, but I got the loft when I was five. My dad didn't want it, because he didn't wanna bother with the stairs. It was already mostly done, the bathroom had already been renovated, but we did change some stuff, and the bedroom was fine, but we totally changed it. I helped to make all the cabinets, all the furniture, I even helped put down the new hardwood flooring and finish it, and we did all new trim too. I helped to design everything as well, so that it was more me, and it still really suits me.”

“Yes, it's very nice, I really like it. Your dad's really very good at what he does too, even better than I, I don't mind saying.”

“Yeah, but you're also nearly twenty years younger than he is, he just turned forty, so he's had lots more practice. I bet you're every bit as good as him, or maybe even better in only a few more years.”

“I doubt better, I think he's pretty much already a master or better, all I could hope to do is equal him. I also doubt there are many out there that could claim to be better. I've seen lots, but nothing with as good a quality as he does.”

“You may be right. I bet you'll be just as good though real soon.”


Dad called up and told us that lunch was ready, so we headed down and sat down to eat.

“So, did you move your stuff upstairs then, is that why you were up there?”

“No, Avery wanted to show me his bedroom. It's very nice.”

“Yes, he did do a good job on it, and I helped less than you might think.”

“Oh, you're already that good at woodworking Avery?”

“Not as good as you or Dad, and probably never will be, I'll probably apprentice with him, because I do like it, but I might like to get more into the metal working as well. Don't really know, and right now it doesn't really matter.”

“Good enough, and from what I've seen so far, you could do very well, because you're already pretty good.”

“Thanks. Once I get my forge made, which I plan to do after I get my footings poured, then I might get to really play around.”

“I doubt you'll get it all done today Baby.” Dad pointed out.

“You're probably right. I'll do what I can though, and maybe I'll ask James for his help. Josh will need to get his bedroom stuff started, since he won't agree to just stay with me, pity that, and you can go continue with what you're working on, you have to finish it so that you can get paid, so no point taking you off a paying project for my fun stuff.”

“Sounds good to me Baby, just make sure and ask for help when and if you need it.”

“Don't worry, I will, but I doubt I'll actually need much help, I know how to use the hole auger and the concrete mixer, I've done enough of it.”

“Yeah, you sure have.”

“Why, what have you done?”

“You saw the new drying shed for air drying, right?” I asked.

“Yeah, what about it?”

“I made it, Dad only helped with the roofing, mostly 'cause I hate going up on the roof, and he helped me with cutting the notches correctly, he marked them and I cut them. I'd helped him with the pergola by the house, so I asked him if I could do it, and he said sure. We needed a new drying shed anyway, and it was pretty much all free material, so what was the worst that could happen right.”

“You can use a chain saw well enough to cut those types of notches?”

“Heck yeah. I love the chain saw. I got my very first chain saw when I was six. You saw the chainsaw carved bears in the front yard by the driveway, I carved them with that.”

“No way.”

“Yes way, it's fun.”

“Wow, you're pretty artistic.” Josh whistled.

“Thanks. Dad's better at that than I am, but he doesn't like doing it too much. I've only done a few pieces, wrecked a few more, and they actually sold quite well. The one lady we sold something too was shocked that an eight year old had carved it with a chain saw, asked my dad how I could let a young boy use such a dangerous tool. Didn't stop her from buying it, mind you, but he just told her that it may be dangerous, but it's one of the safer ones I've used since I was four. I don't think she knew what to say to that, just handed over the money and took her carving.”

“It was quite comical.” Dad said. “I've had him in the shop since he was two, he got to use his first power tool on his third birthday, just the scroll saw since it's reasonably safe, and he's learned with me nearly every day of his life.”

“No wonder you're so good already then, you've had even more practice than I have.”

“Thanks. I love working with my hands, making things, doing art work, stuff like that.”

“It shows.”

We continued talking and laughing as we ate, and then, when we were done, we cleaned up and headed down to the shop. Dad and Josh headed inside, while James and I stayed out. I went and grabbed the tractor, got the auger hooked up to it, then grabbed a shovel and told James what to do. I got situated and started, and James used the shovel to clear away the dirt and rock as I drilled. I am going down just a little more than a meter, so that I have a good footing below the frost line, and then we went and did the other three. We were done pretty quickly.

I grabbed the concrete mixer next and got it set up near to where we needed it for the first hole, then went and grabbed a bucket full of both sand and gravel and dumped them in two separate piles, then went and had Dad load several bags of concrete into the bucket as well. Hopefully James and I together could maneuver the bags of concrete enough so that we could dump them into the mixer. I figured we would be able to, and we did. We did two bags, and then I shoveled in the proper amounts of sand and gravel. I turned it on about half way through this, to get it started dry mixing, and then we added water. I mixed in a pack of the binding fibers that we use to make our concrete stronger, and let it go for the right amount of time.

As we were waiting for the concrete to mix, I cut down the concrete tubes to the proper length and then started pouring when it was ready. All four holes took us almost two hours, and while it is not easy work, neither is it hard. I set post saddles into each footing as they were poured, I also made sure to release any air pockets so that the concrete is nice and strong, and then we were done.

“There, that wasn't so bad, now was it.” I said.

“Speak for yourself, that's the most amount of work I think I've ever done. I'm gonna be some sore tomorrow.” James said.

“You'll be fine. Now let's start on the forge next.”

“What do we haveta do for that?”

“We need to basically start making a base for the oven, because that's pretty much all it is, oh shit, I need a concrete base for that. Actually, you know what, a full concrete floor might not be a bad idea. That means we're gonna need some two by sixes to make a form. The ground's already nice and firm packed gravel, so that should be fine, but I'll ask my dad.”

“Oh, okay.”

We went inside and asked Dads opinion.

“Yeah, a concrete floor in there would probably make the most sense for sure, but now you haveta wait 'til the footings are set up, so that you can remove the cardboard. The ground's likely just fine the way it is, so all you'll need is to do the forms, and yeah, two by six should be more than enough, almost fourteen centimeters thick for the slab should give you plenty of strength. I'd probably go a little thicker right in the centre where you plan to have your forge though, it's gonna be some heavy.”

“Good idea. We'll go dig that now, then put the forms in. Anything special I have to do for that?”

Dad told me how to put the forms in so that they would hold up under all the weight of the concrete, then James and I went to do that. I used the tractor to dig down another fifteen or so centimeters in the centre where my forge would go, and then we went and grabbed the materials to make the form. It took us only a few minutes to dig the hole, but almost two hours more to make the form. When my dad checked on it, he said he was satisfied, saying that I probably made it twice as strong as it needed to be, but I knew that to him that is a good thing. He thinks everything should be made twice as strong as it needs to be, to ensure safety. He is also satisfied with the footings that we had poured.

By now both James and I are getting pretty tired, and it is getting close to dinner time, so we went and told the men that we were going to go in and get dinner going. Both James and I are also in desperate need of diaper changes, how neither of us had leaked yet I have no idea, so we went and changed each other. We headed to the kitchen in just our fresh diapers and got started on something to eat. Half way through preparing it, Dad and Josh entered and we told them to go get cleaned and changed, so they did so. They emerged from the rooms only a few minutes later. Dad in just his diaper, but Josh had put on light pants and a shirt again.

“You know you can go around in just your diaper too right.” I said.

“I know, but I can't.”

“Only you think that. You'll get used to it though, so don't worry.”

He said nothing to this, and James and I continued cooking, but we did ask the men to set the table. They checked to see what we were making, then set the table appropriately. We sat down to eat a few minutes later. As we ate, we talked, as usual.

“So, did you get started on the bedroom furniture then?” I asked Josh.

“Yeah. At least the designing process anyway. I asked your dad what he wanted, but he told me it is all me, to make it how I'd make it, that he wanted to see how well I can do with no direction at all. He wants to see my design skills.”

“Good. It'll be perfect I'm sure.”


“What are you gonna make it outta then?”

“There's lots of really good maple in the storage loft, so that, but I'm gonna stain it a really nice deep reddish brown colour I think. It should suit the room well.”


We continued talking after that, and then, when we were done and cleaned up, we went and sat back and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

“Well guys, I'm heading to bed. I do still have to go to work in the morning, and I'm getting tired.” Josh said, he was the first, but I had been almost ready to do so myself.

“Are you gonna give your notice tomorrow then?” I asked.

“Yep, it'll be hard to do, I've worked there for so long already, but working here's what I've always wanted to do.”


“And I haveta go to school tomorrow.” James said.

“Oh shit, that reminds me.” Dad said. “I'm not driving you to and from school every day, I'll constantly forget to pick you up, like I almost did several times to Avery when he was in school, and they don't send buses out this far, so I wanna set you up for home schooling as well.”

“That'd be great actually.” James said happily.

“Never was sure why your mom would rather drive you every day, but whatever.”

“She'd rather I was never there, now I never have to be. Does this mean I don't have to go to school tomorrow then?”

“That's exactly what it means, but we'll have to go to town in the morning to get you all registered and set up.”


“That's great James, but now, I too, am heading to bed, have a good night, love you Dad.”

“Love you too Kiddo, have a good sleep, and you have a good sleep as well Josh.”

We both headed to our bedrooms, though I really wish Josh would just come to mine, I could make him so happy, he would make me more so, but he is still not ready for it. Too bad really.

When I got to my bedroom, I grabbed my diaper change stuff and threw it onto the bed, then I threw myself onto the bed as well. Instead of changing myself, at least right away, there was something else that I needed to do first, and I fully intended to do so at least three times tonight. I am so fucking horny again, I just have to have my dry baby boygasms so that I can sleep, and tonight I really want to do so through my very soggy baby diaper. My first orgasm came after only about fifteen to twenty seconds, but I was not really counting, and I had rubbed myself through my soggy diaper for it. As soon as I was able to do so, I slipped my hand deep inside my diaper and started stroking.

Deciding that I needed something inside me again, I grabbed the lube from my end table with my free hand and managed to get some onto my own fingers one handed, and then slipped that hand deep inside my diaper, this time the back. I tickled my little bum hole to loosen it up, I gently stroked it, I circled it, just relaxing myself, and I sighed deeply. As soon as I thought I was ready for it, I slipped two fingers inside myself and started fingering myself as deeply as I could.

My second orgasm slammed into me not even five seconds after I started fingering myself. It took a lot longer to come down though, but when I did, I just kept right on going. I was in no way interested in stopping. I knew that I had at least three cums in me, maybe four if I pushed myself. Of course, in the back of my mind, I was already saying, 'don't do it, you'll only pass out and piss the bed all night long again.' Yeah, like anyone ever listens to the voice of reason in the back of their minds in the heat of the moment.

Case in point, my third orgasm crashed through me after slipping my third finger in, and I just kept right on going. Just before I was about to cum again for the fourth time, I slipped my fourth finger inside, I came huge, and then that was all I remember.