Chapter 5

I think I may have just experienced the single most blissful sleep that I have ever had. It is just a few minutes after five, I stretched luxuriously, and sighed deeply. My plug is no longer vibrating, but I seem to recall it saying on the pack that it would automatically turn off after a certain amount of time.

My diaper is super soggy, my dick is incredibly hard, and my ass is wondrously full. I reached into the back of my diaper and hit the button and the plug came alive in my ass, it feels so good. In fact, it feels so good that it is making me cum again without even touching my dick.

Not bad, I have never had a hands free orgasm, it felt so amazing. However, for cum number two I did take matters into my own hand, and slipped my hand inside my soggy baby diaper and latched onto my pride and joy and started jacking off furiously. I jacked off for another two dry cums before I was completely and totally satisfied. With an even deeper sigh yet, I came down.

I reached into the back of my diaper and turned off my plug, got out of bed on shaky legs, and grabbed my computer to get started on my school work for the day. I worked for a little over an hour and then headed downstairs. I knew that Josh would have to be up soon to go to work, and I desperately wanted to see him this morning. He was just exiting his bedroom as I came down the stairs.

“Good morning Josh.” I said happily and hugged him again.

“Good morning Avery.” He said, at least a little less stiffly than the day before.

“So, I can see you enjoyed your toys last night, it looks like you still have your butt plug in. So do I, they're wondrous, aren't they.”

“Um, yeah.” He blushed again, though this morning it is far less, and even I can see how much more relaxed he is.

“That's good, you needed it, even more than I did, and I needed it huge.”

“Um, yeah.” He said again.

“Come on, let's go get breakfast.” I said, grabbing his hand and leading him to the kitchen.

Josh is still just in his robe, I am guessing that he had worked up every bit as much an appetite as I had the night before. He tried to let go of my hand a couple times as I dragged him to the kitchen, but I was so having none of that nonsense. I did not let go until we were in the kitchen and about to grab bowls for cereal.

Dad and James were already in the kitchen, sitting at the counter, they had heard and seen everything and Dad was trying not to chuckle. We grabbed what we wanted to eat and then joined Dad and James to eat as well.

“So, it looks like you both had a good night.” Dad said.

“Mmmhmm.” I sighed deeply. “I still have my butt plug in, it fits so perfectly and feels so amazing inside me.”

“Same.” Josh whispered.

“That's good.” My dad smiled brightly.

“I got my own yesterday too. I tried them out and Austin has his butt plug in, same as I do. We played on the bed, together, but separate. Austin says it's important that I know certain things about myself first, before I go and have someone else do it for me, but we watched each other play the entire time, it was so fucking amazing.”

“Mmmhmm.” Dad and I said at the same time, even Josh nodded his head ever so slightly.

For the rest of breakfast, we sat and ate in silence, and when we were done, we all headed out. Dad, James, and I headed to the pool, while Josh said he had to go get ready for work and headed to his bedroom. When we made it to the pool, we all stripped off and we each took out our own plugs and washed them off in the sink, then went and had a shower.

Once all cleaned, we headed to the pool and got a really good workout going. This morning is another water aerobics set, and we pushed hard, but James had to bow out early, saying he was still too sore from yesterday. I mean, so am I, but I am more used to this after all. Josh came in and said that he was heading out now and to have a good day, we all said the same back to him. James went and sat back in the hot tub until we were finished, and when we were, he came and joined us in the steam room. As usual, we did not even talk until we were back in the hot tub.

“So, how are you feeling now boys?” Dad asked.

“So good.” We said at the exact same time.

“That's good. Once we're all ready, you two can go sit and do your school work for the day and then come down and continue working.”

“That was my plan.” I said and James nodded in agreement.

So that is what we did too. Once we were diapered and ready, we each grabbed our computers, and since it is nice out again, we went and sat on the front porch swing in nothing but our diapers and did another few hours of school work. We talked almost none at all, and the only time we did is when James had a question about what he was supposed to do, because Dad told him to just ask me, since I could easily tutor him.

When we were done for the day, we headed down to the shop to get started.

“So, what do we have to do and how do we do it?” James asked.

“First is move all the logs over to the work area, then we started marking and cutting everything. I'll teach you how to do it, and I'm gonna try and do it all by myself this time to see if I remember it all or not.”

I grabbed the tractor and got everything moved, then went and grabbed my chainsaw and all its accessories, my pencils and all the squares and other tools I would need to mark everything correctly. The first thing we did is cut the four main supports down to their correct lengths. They all have to be the same, but even though I cannot guarantee that the concrete would be exactly the same, it did not matter, because I have anchors in the concrete that I can adjust for exact height. I then cut all four as perfectly square as I possibly could, and I had gotten pretty good at this by now.

Next I marked and cut the notches at the top, so that the cross beams could fit onto and into them nice and square. This is what I knew I was going to have the hardest time with, making things perfectly square on a non perfectly round pole is not as easy as Dad makes it look, but he had trained me well, and I had the first one done only a few minutes later, and it looked perfect.

I got all four posts marked and cut, it took almost an hour, and then we had to get them standing on their supports and then supported. This took another hour to make them perfect and secure for the next parts. This is the tricky part though, they have to stay put, but we have to be able to move them, because I am using mortise and tenon joinery, there will be no physical fasteners for the main support. The easiest way to do this is with bungee cords, and we have lots of them. They are staked into the ground at three places for each post and then secured to the post as well.

Now for the fun part though. The cross beams that connect the four posts have to be so precise, and this will be my first time doing so alone. I measured and marked, re-measured and checked everything twice over, to ensure that my cuts were perfect the first time. The first cross piece took almost an hour to make, and another half an hour to install. I am not drilling and installing the pins to hold it in place yet, that will be once all the cross beams are in place. With the first one done, I made the other three with a lot more ease, because I did so well on the first one. The last one, though, is the hardest, and it took almost as long to install as the others had together, because there is a lot of pushing, pulling, grunting and groaning to get it to fit just right, because the others are already installed and they are not easy to move once installed. Finally we got it though, so I grabbed the drill and started drilling all the holes, so that we could pin each cross beam into each post. I had James cut the pins and hammer them in as soon as I had each one drilled, and then I showed him how to take a chisel and split the end of each pin enough to fit a hardwood wedge into it, and then hammer them in to ensure they do not come back out. This is tricky, because you have to do both sides at the same time, but we got them done, and then I used a grinder to grind it all flat.

“Wow, that was a lot of work.” James said once we were done.

“Yeah, it wasn't too bad at all actually, I can't believe I did it without Dads help.”

“No kidding. So, what's next?”

“The easiest thing of all, leveling it all.”

I grabbed the level next, handed James a wrench and told him what to do. I then climbed the ladder and started checking everything. It is actually pretty close already, so it only took fifteen minutes to get it perfect, and only because I had to climb up and down the ladders several times to ensure it was perfect.

Next part is really hard though, because the roof structure has to be made, and then installed, and neither is easy. We have found it easier for these smaller roofs to just do them on the ground and then use two tractors to move it into place, but, the problem with this is, it takes a huge amount of math to get it just right. I grabbed paper and my measuring tape and started figuring it all out. It took almost an hour more to do just this, and just as I finished that up, Josh arrived. He is walking down to the shop again, looking all hot and gorgeous, and I ran up to him and hugged him tightly. He still is not hugging me back, but at least he is not as tense as a clock spring at full tension again.

“Hi there, how was work today?”

“Not too bad. The boss had a new guy in for me to start training. Problem is, I know way more than he can possibly learn in a week. Not to mention, he doesn't seem to be the brightest person around, as well he's not very eager to learn. I told my boss this, but he just shrugged and said he's the only person at the moment, so do my best and he'll worry about it later. The structure's looking good, but I'm gonna go get to work, and it looks like you have lots left to do as well.”

“Okay, have fun.”

I actually followed Josh into the shop though and handed Dad the drawings with all the measurements and asked him to verify everything, because I would have only one shot to get it right. He looked it all over and said it looked perfect, so gave it his nod of approval. Trust me, it is difficult at best to get that, he is incredibly precise, so I must have done well.

James and I first went and cut a large block that would act as a stand for the centre of the roof, I made sure to account for the overhang and how high it is, so now we would be able to set everything on top of it and work from there. Next I chose the next four logs, these have to be even more perfect than the upright posts had to be, so I chose well. I marked and cut the ends where they would join up in the the centre, so they are only in a point. I then flipped them over and cut the birds mouth where they would sit on the posts.

This is not the hard part nor does it take very long to do, but I do have to be incredibly precise. I mean, I can cut a little out and adjust things a bit later, it is not like I am working within mere millimeters of precision, but the more accurate I am now, the easier the installation later will be.

No, what is the hard part is joining them all. Using logs with double ended dovetails slotted into blind dovetail joints into the main roof beams, no, that is hard, especially with a chain saw. Fortunately, I am better with a chainsaw than my dad is, so he has had me do the last few of these that we have done. Granted, he had always been the one to measure and mark everything to ensure perfection, this is my first time doing it solo, but I want to, so I am doing so. The first one fit perfectly and I wiped a bead of sweat from my brow.

I am doing three of these cross pieces in each section of the roof, so I have to mark and cut twelve in total. I know we are not going to get done before it is time for dinner, but I want to get as much done as possible. We managed to get five of them done before Dad and Josh came and told us that they were going to go get dinner started tonight. I asked the time and was shocked to hear how late it is already. James and I cleaned up all our mess and then headed in as well. Dad and Josh were already washed up and in fresh diapers, though Josh is in his lounge pants and tee shirt again, so James and I went to get changed and washed up as well. When we got downstairs, because we had changed each other in my room again, we checked to see what we needed and then set the table.

Tonight and the following morning were a very near repeat of the night and morning before, so there is no need to go over that again. Needless to say, it was a pretty good night and morning. Josh left for work and James and I did our school work on the front porch in just our diapers again, while Dad was down in the shop. I cannot tell you how nice and relaxing it is to just sit back and do your school work on the front porch swing in just your diaper. We worked only until eleven again, then headed inside to go get changed and dressed, because we are both more than wet enough to warrant it again.

As soon as we made it to where we are working on the roof, we got back to work, James helping as much as he could, where he could. Because we are much fresher today, and I had gotten pretty good at doing this the day before, the remaining cross beams actually took very little time to do, but still every bit of two hours more. Next I cut the peak of the logs so that they are flat. And here is one of the few places I will use both glue and screws. I went and cut a round from some good plywood, glued it in place, and screwed it all onto that flat. It is not necessary, but it is a good addition to just lock everything together, and because it cannot even be seen once it is installed, we do not mind doing it.

I went and grabbed the oil that we use to preserve the wood, put some into two sprayers, (just pump up garden sprayers, but they do the job very well) and handed one to James and told him what to do. Trust me, it is easier to do the tops now while it is still mostly on the ground. We did get pretty much everything though, and I even instructed James to really spray it well into every seam and joint to protect the ends even further.

Now we are ready to install the metal roofing. I do not really like heights all that much, and really, it is small enough that we may as well do it down low. The drying shed had been much too large to do it this way, but the other few that we had built we had done this way. We set the roofing so that it left a good forty five centimeter gap in the peak, which we would create a cupola for later, and got the metal all screwed down. Again, one of the few places we use screws, but this is necessary. It also only took us a little more than an hour to do. Next we made the cupola for it and got it roofed and then installed. This too is only screwed together, because, once more, it is hardly seen, so why spend so much time making joints that cannot be seen. It is still made from logs, only these are much smaller than everything else, because it is only acting as a vent. It will overhang the hole in the roof by at least thirty centimeters as well, to prevent any water from getting inside.

“Wow, that looks amazing.” James said once we were done installing it.

“Yeah, it does. It's almost dinner time, but I wanna get this put up real quick before we go do that. Would you like to drive the other tractor, or should I get my dad.”

“Um, no, get your dad for that please.”

I went and asked and he and Josh both came out. Dad said it looked really good, after looking at it for several minutes, and then we each hopped on our tractors and got them in position. The roof was attached with four chains to the two buckets and then we carefully lifted it up and moved it into position. This is tricky, but not hard. We have to be incredibly careful though, one wrong move from either of us and we dump a rather hard to make roof structure and destroy it. Mind you, I built it well enough that it would probably survive, we would likely just have to replace the cupola and the metal, but we really do not want to either.

We got it in place, James and Josh acted as our eyes for us, which made it far easier, and faster I might add, and in only a few minutes, we set it in place, and it is a perfect fit.

“Wow, I did it.” I said in awe.

“And you done good Baby.” Dad said, clapping me on the shoulder.

“Thanks Dad.”

Dad is always giving me encouragements, but for my dad, an encouragement is also a place to teach, so he is always on the lookout for something that is not quite perfect, and he will always point them out and tell you how to better do it next time. He could not see a single flaw, and that makes me feel very good.

“Now all you have to do is secure it down and you're all set.”

“Yeah, and get some lighting in here as well. Do you still have all those hanging fluorescent lights in the storage shed?”

“Yeah, I think there's twelve of them left. You could probably stand to use eight of them in here to really light it up well. The only thing I don't think I have enough of is the wiring. You should also get a weather proof switch for it all. Maybe you'll have to ask your soon to be boyfriend to grab that stuff for you on his way home from work tomorrow, just call in the order and charge it to our account as normal and he can just grab it.” Dad said, grinning evilly to Josh.

Josh just looked down, blushing, and shook his head again.

“Good idea Dad, thanks. So, could you Josh?”

“I suppose so, but I'm not your soon to be boyfriend.”

“Oh, goody, you're my boyfriend now?” I giggled, Dad and James laughed out loud as well.

“No.” He said flatly.


“Well Brat, you better get this secured and then get everything cleaned up. I think Josh and I are done for the night anyway, so we'll head down and get dinner started, you two meet us there.”

“Okay, will do.”

Once more I use the drill to drill through the posts and into the main support beams of the roof, careful not to go all the way through and hit the metal on the other side. These holes are much larger though, because they are going to be holding much larger pins. Once they are all drilled out, we apply a very generous amount of glue into the holes and onto the pins, hammer them into place, split the ends and hammer in the wedges again. Finally we ground off the excess and we are done.

“Holy shit, we did it.” James said.

“That we did. Let's clean up and then go get food, I'm starving. It's getting late and we skipped lunch, yet again. Then again, I'm almost as used to skipping lunch as you said you were.”

“Yeah, only for a different reason.”

We cleaned everything up and closed up the shop and headed to the house. We changed each other again, then headed down and set the table. After dinner we sat back and relaxed again, then went to bed and we all played again before going to sleep. Same as the past couple nights. We all must have had a good sleep, because we were all nice and chipper when we got up this morning, we had breakfast together, after I hugged Josh again, and then we went and did more water aerobics while Josh went to work.

Dad headed to the shop again, while James and I sat on the front porch swing and did our schoolwork. When we were done, I called the electrical store we use for all that stuff and placed the order for the items that I needed. By now they all know who I am and never question a kid calling an electrical contractors store. My dad often has me call in his orders for him, so they are used to it. Granted, I have placed my own orders as well for my own things.

You may ask yourself, why would a cabinet maker need an account at an electrical supply store. Well, I will tell you. We own a ranch, we have a huge shop, we are constantly working around the place and fixing things, as well we both use electrical things in our work. My dad uses a fair bit of accent lighting in his pieces, and even I have used a bit for lighting things in the past.

With that done and out of the way, James and I went and got changed and dressed, then headed back down to continue our work. We filled our sprayers again and took care of oiling the rest of the wood, making sure to get every seam and joint filled nice and full, and then we were done.

Once the sprayers were cleaned, we went to the storage shed and dug through it to find the lights. There are only ten, but Dad is right, I only need eight of them, so we piled them into the bucket of the tractor and grabbed the roll of chain and headed to my work place and got them all hung up. We have more than enough of the wiring to join them all together and go down to where the switch will be, so I did all that, but I did leave everything open for Dad to make sure I got it all correct. Once we were done, I did just that, and other than one wire that I managed to not have properly secured, Dad said I had done very well.

We got the covers all on and the tubes and diffusers all put back in, and then we were done as much as we could do until Josh makes it home. There is more than enough wiring hanging down to connect to the box, and then from there it would head to the shop to be hooked up to a breaker.

“So, what should we do now?” James asked.

“Ah, now we get to start making my forge. We need the concrete mixer again, and all the bricks and concrete for it.”

The problem is, I really need Dad for this part, I sort of know the process for laying bricks and stuff, but not as well as he does. So I went and asked him to help with the next part now, and he said he would be out in a few minutes. That would give us the time needed to get everything to where it needed to be, so James and I went and did that.

By the time we had everything there that we needed, Dad was ready and waiting for us. The base is made with just good old fashioned concrete building blocks, nothing special there. They are only there for strength and because heat will not hurt them. We got the bonding cement mixed up and started on the first course, then started working up from there. We only need four courses, so this is pretty quick and easy to do, and James and I helped as well. It did not take us all that long to do, only a little more than an hour, but now we are pretty much done for the day. This has to cure before I fill the entire interior of the square structure full of rocks.

Dad headed back in to continue his work, while James and I started moving my small furnace unit into place where I wanted it. Once it was in place, we moved my work bench out.

My work bench was custom made by Dad and I, because it had to be made out of metal and very strong. It had been my first real welding job, and I had done fairly well. Being as big and strong as it is though, James and I could not possibly carry it, but we have wheels and I am smart enough to know how to make them do all the work for us. I grabbed four of the large wheeled flat dollies that we have, and then we worked to lift each corner up onto them. It was hard to do, but the two of us managed just fine without asking for help.

We wheeled it outside and into my pavilion and put it where I wanted it. It is now that I realized I would need more power out here than just for lights. My welder requires power, as do my bench tools, so I grabbed my cell phone and called in another order for electrical supplies for Josh to pick up. They said he was just picking up the stuff now, so told him to wait, so I placed the order and they gave it to him. I was thankful I caught that in time, but I had not even realized what time it was until then. I almost never look at the clock when I am working, I usually just let my stomach tell me when it is time to stop working. Not that it helps sometimes, but whatever.

We continued working until Josh came down to the shop, this time in his truck, and he backed right up to where James and I are working. We had just been getting things set up where we wanted them. Josh jumped out of the truck and I was there to greet him with another hug.

“Hey there Baby, brought me my stuff?” I said in greeting.

“Yeah.” He said, promptly ignoring the rest of the comment.


He opened up the back for us and James and I took it all out and set it on the bench. Josh moved his truck out of the way and then headed in to get to work himself. James and I then went about running the wires where we needed them and got everything mostly hooked up, so that they are ready for Dad to check out. Once we were done, he checked it out and is satisfied that it will not all burn down. I had already run the three cables into the shop to where they needed to be, so he went and put in three new breakers and hooked it up. He then came out and tested everything.

“There you go Baby, it all works perfectly. You did a very good job in here.”

“Thanks Dad, it's been a lot of work, but a lot of fun as well.”

“Yeah, but it only took you a few days to do it, and that's pretty amazing for your first time.”

“Yeah, but I've done it a few times with you, so I already knew how to do everything. So it's not like I had to learn everything on the fly.”

“True enough.”

Josh is rather impressed with my handiwork as well and said so.

Now I need more forging equipment though. I do not have an anvil or any of the striking or forging tools needed. I also need quenching buckets and liquid, which I still have to figure which is best, and any number of other things. I had hardly even looked at the new books Dad had gotten for me, now I realize that I need to start studying more. So, for the next few nights, instead of watching TV, I will read instead.

By the time we were finished getting everything set up and where I wanted it, it was close enough to dinner time to call it a night. We went and told the men that we were going to call it a night and get dinner, but when we walked in, Dad and Josh were talking. They were on the side and facing away from us, working side by side. We were not trying to eavesdrop, but we sorta heard more than enough anyway.

“You know he's gonna wear you down sooner or later anyway!” Is what first caused my ears to perk up. I put my finger to my mouth to tell James not to make a sound as we crept closer.

“I know, and he's so fucking gorgeous in just his soggy diaper, well fully dressed as well, but I have to hold him off. If we ever get caught, that's the end of me.”

“Yeah, you think I don't know that already. Look at James and I. There's a hell of a lot more age span between us than there is between you and Avery.”

“I know, and I have no idea how you manage it. Just thinking of it ties my stomach up in knots.”

“Easy, it's what he wants, it's what he needs. Same as Avery, you know full well you'd never do what it is you want and need if it wasn't what he really and truly wanted and needed. These past couple nights of getting to actually play has helped you along a lot, but you really do need to let go and let Avery fill you up with all the love you really need. You haven't felt true love before, and that's a shame, and after your accident, you haven't felt any love at all. You're scared, I know that, and you should be. Love is the most scary thing on the planet I'm sure, but it is worth it.”

Josh said nothing more. We gave it a minute before I made a noise to alert them that we were there, long enough to not let them think that we heard what they were saying. They were standing there at the sanding station, both working on different pieces. I told them that we were going to get dinner started, and then we headed out. As we did, James and I talked.

“So, he does want you.” James giggled.

“I knew he did, otherwise he wouldn't be here, he never would've accepted the apprenticeship, it would've made him way too uncomfortable. I knew it was just a matter of time before he crumbled. It'll still be a few days I think, but maybe by the time he's done at work he'll realize what he needs.”

“You deserve each other, you're so perfect for each other, same as your dad and I.” He smiled brightly.

We changed each others diapers again and then went and got dinner going. The men joined us only a few minutes later and went and got cleaned up and changed as well. They set the table and helped with dinner and then we ate. After dinner, I went and read, while the others watched TV, and when it was time for bed, we all relieved some pressure.

This morning we went through our regular routine and then James and I did more school work, then we headed down to continue our work. It only took a few minutes to get the core of the forge base filled with gravel, so that we could put the slab on top of it. The slab that the new forge would be made on top of is really heavy, so we used the tractor to move it into place, and once it was, James and I got the concrete mixer ready to go and then went and got Dad to help us again.

The forge is not going to be huge, by any stretch of the imagination, but it is still a pretty good sized kit we ordered. It is ninety centimeters inside dimension, round and round topped, it looks like a bee hive in the picture actually. The opening is only thirty centimeters wide and thirty five tall, it too is rounded on the top. Because it is a kit though, the bricks are all labeled as to which ones go where, so it is easy enough to follow. It took almost three hours for it to be built, but it looks amazing. There are four ports in the side for the burners, one hole in the top to let heat escape, but it is not large, and there is a door that can be placed in the front to allow it to heat up even more.

“Wow, this is so amazing. When can we apply the interior heat shield?” I asked.

“Should be good to go now, I think, so let's get it all mixed.”

So we did so and applied it to the entire interior, except the base slab, and it was very easy to do. Only Dad could reach the furthest places inside though, so he had to do almost half of it, but James and I would scoop up a handful and apply it wherever we could as well. We rotated as to who was applying after pretty much every application.

“This is so cool, I have a forge now.” I giggled.

“Yeah. Now we just have to install the burners and let it cure. You're probably gonna wanna let it cure for a few days before you do so though.”

“That's okay, I have none of the tools yet anyway, but I'd like to order them today if I could.”

“Go ahead. How much is it?”

“Almost a thousand dollars for everything I'm needing for right now, assuming I haven't forgotten anything.”

“Okay, that's not too bad. What all do you need then?”

I told him the list of things, but then he reminded me of a couple more items I might need, so they too are added to the list. I went to the house, while James went to work with Dad, and I grabbed my computer and looked up all the things and then called in an order to the store we use for all that stuff. He too knows me pretty well now, so he placed the order for me no problem.

With that done, I headed back down and started up my furnace to melt some of my scrap metal to pour some more handles. It takes a bit for it to heat up that much, so that gave me the time to create another mold for twelve more handles. By the time the metal was up to temperature and fully melted, I skimmed off all the impurities and then poured it as fast as I could, but in a good even pour to prevent imperfections. The excess I poured into a sand mold that is just bar shaped for later use. Once it was cooled enough, I opened up the mold and tapped away all the excess sand, and then dumped them into a bucket of water to finish cooling.

Once that was taken care of, I drilled and sanded where necessary, then tapped the holes. I took them in to Dad so that he can use them. He was happy to take them. He will spray them with a couple coats of clear coat before installing them, but he is better at that than I am, so I will leave it to him.

Tonight I went and made dinner myself when it was time to do so, and had to call the others once it was ready for them to come and eat. After dinner we all sat back and relaxed, I read, while the others watched TV, and that was all we did as well. When it was time for bed, we all went to bed, I gave Josh an extra long hug tonight, and even patted his cute baby bum through his pants and soggy diaper. I played for a bit, again imagining that it is Josh filling me up good and full, and then had a really good sleep.

I jacked off again this morning, exploding another couple times before getting up and doing some school work before the others got up. I went and joined them when I knew that Josh would be awake, and we all had breakfast together. When Josh headed to work, I hugged him again and patted his dry baby diapered bum again. He still said nothing about that, but he must have liked it, because he said nothing and he grinned just a tiny bit more this morning from it, before clamping down on it of course.

James and I went and did our school work again, and then James went to work with Dad, while I grabbed my books and headed to my work station. The book I had read the night before had said to cure the forge using a lower heat over a longer time, so I started only one burner and set it to about half power. It roars a fair bit just like that, but I know all four together will roar quite a bit.

I put the cover on and that killed most of the noise, then I sat down and started reading some more. About an hour later I opened up the forge and used my infrared thermometer to read the temperature inside, and it is a blustery two hundred and fifty degrees Celsius. Not bad, I bet it will reach twelve to fifteen hundred degrees easy with all four burners running at full power.

Of course I would never likely have it at maximum power, I want soft metal, not melted metal. It will take me some time to get things straightened out, but I will get it. At least the burners are all controlled by one master, but each has its own separate controller as well, so that they are either on or off, this is for lighting them, because you can only light one at a time. One master controller makes it easy to adjust the overall temperature of the entire forge, because it is important not to have any one area more or less hot than another, which is why some prefer this method over coal, yet coal does have its advantages as well I am told. Granted nothing I have read or heard from anyone gives any real reasoning for this either, personally I think it is just what each person is used to.

I left the forge to its slow heating while I read, and by the time it was dinner time, I felt that it was probably good and ready for anything I could throw at it. When Josh had made it home, I once again gave him a nice big hug and patted his soggy baby bum, told him that I would be happy to change him, because he needed it, but of course he refused and just changed in the bathroom in the shop after I finally let him go. I told the others that I was going to go make dinner, so they started their cleanup and then came in when they were done. They set the table and helped with the last few minutes of dinner preparation and then we sat down and ate.

Tonight we pretty much all did the exact same things again, and the next day too, it was an exact repeat pretty much for me. By the time the weekend hit, and Josh is off now, I had gotten through most of the books that Dad had bought me, and I feel that I have learned more than enough. Yesterday I had fired the forge at maximum temperature, and the blasted thing actually topped out at fifteen hundred degrees, way hotter than I would ever need it, but it handled it well and never even exploded. So, all in all, a good first test.

Yesterday all my stuff came in, so I called Josh at work and asked for him to pick it up on his way home, and when he got home, I excitedly took it all out and got it all set up, though I did have to have Josh help me with the rather large anvil, but I am not exactly huge here. Then again, Josh is pretty buff, and the two of us together barely got it, and only because we allowed gravity to help us. We were able to walk it into position from there though.

This morning Josh is finally going to get to join us for our morning swim again, and I am happy, very happy if you catch my meaning. I had jacked off three times this morning, to ensure I did not rape Josh in the bathroom as we cleaned up, as well I had drained myself so totally last night that I nearly passed out again. Even still, I am so hard at the prospect of seeing Josh in just his diaper and naked again that I am starting to lose focus on other things.

As soon as Dad called out that it is time to go swimming, I was half way to the pool before he finished speaking. He just laughed. Josh must have known why I had rushed like that, because, when he entered, he saw that I was in the best possible place to ensure I could see him, no matter where he stood.

The funny thing is, he kept trying to hide behind either Dad or James, and each time they saw this, they grinned and moved, so that I could keep Josh in view, and, more importantly, he could see me as well.

I slowly remove my diaper, while watching Josh, and while he is trying his hardest not to watch, I can tell that he is still able to see me. He is blushing huge again, but then he saw how hard I am and gasped. He ever so slowly shucks off his robe, exposing himself in his nice soggy diaper, I groan, and then he reaches for the tapes and rips them off. He pulls away his diaper, revealing his hot hung dick, I nearly pass out as I cum, again, without touching myself.

Dad laughed, James giggled, and Josh blushed even more.

“What can I say, this is what you do to me, and I drained myself fully last night and this morning.” I grinned to Josh as we headed to the shower to clean off.

“Clearly not enough.”

“I doubt that there's enough jacking off to drain myself to prevent that.”

He said nothing further, but he at least is showering more freely, not trying to hide himself quite so fully, and his blush is starting to fade. I had to wonder just how much he must have jacked off to keep things down.

So, I asked him as he were heading to the pool. He did not answer me. Then I asked him what kind of morbid female behemoth he must be envisioning to keep things down. He did not answer me. Then I asked him if he just did not fancy me at all. He did not answer. Well, at least I have my answer, because no answer is better than any answer he could have possibly come up with, and I think he knew it too, because we all saw him trying his damnedest to think of something to say that would not reveal more than he cared to reveal. Truth be told, he is very nicely revealed right now.

We did our regular morning workout and then relaxation routine, went and washed and dried off, then headed up to get diapered and ready for the day. James and I started doing schoolwork, inside today, because it is raining out, while Dad and James headed to the shop to continue working.

James and I worked until eleven as usual, and then headed down to the shop to have some fun as well. James said that he was going to work with Dad, so I fired up my forge so that I could play some. I had some really nice scrap pieces of steel plate that were far too thick for anything I wanted to do, and I wanted to try and make some really neat old fashioned strap hinges for Dad, so I needed to heat it up and flatten it out some. Each piece is only maybe twenty to thirty centimeters squared, some bigger and or different shapes than others, but that is fine. I will get them down to about three millimeters thick and then cut them into the shapes I want.

It took a bit for me to get the forge close the temperature that I wanted, and when it was, I put a mark on the dial to know where to set it in the future to get me closer. Of course every time I use the forge it will change a bit, depending on all the different factors, but probably not that much.

When the forge got up to temperature, I grabbed the first piece of steel in my tongs and inserted it into the forge and waited until I could see that it was at the correct colour. When it was, I took it out and set it on my anvil, then using my hammer, I started hitting it to thin it out. I actually got more done than I thought I would before I had to reheat it, but that is good too. I only had to heat it three times to get it to the thickness I wanted, and I was satisfied. When I finally quenched it in a bucket of vegetable oil, the near on explosion was very satisfying. Trust me, keep your face well away from that, it would likely not feel very good at all.

I am leaving the hammer marks in it, I want it to have that rustic unfinished finished look. It is not perfectly flat, but it is good for what I want. I did the same thing to the other three pieces I was going to use. This only took an hour, but I am telling you now, my arms and shoulders are starting to hurt something fierce already, but I am happy and not willing to stop.

Next, using an oil marker, I traced the pattern out as many times as I could on all the pieces that I had. I had already cut out a simple template in the shop for doing just this. I asked my dad what size and shape he wanted, and I made my template to his desires. I would be able to make sixteen pairs of hinges from the amount of metal that I had to work with, so I got them all cut out.

Now, using only a heating torch, I have to curl the ends around a steel pin, but that took me almost no time at all. Only an hour to curl all thirty two ends. I welded them all closed, to ensure they would never get loose, and then marked each pair together as to where I had to cut their notches, so that they could hinge together once pinned. This took longer than the previous step, by quite a bit, almost two hours, but they had to be snug, but not tight. Once that was done, I started pinning them all together. I heated up each pin, put it in and flattened and ground the ends.

After finishing the main forging earlier, I had turned the forge down so that once I was ready, I could heat treat the steel, so now I am ready to do that. I had to adjust the heat slightly, but it only took a few moments to increase the extra few degrees it needed, then I proceeded to heat treat all the hinges. I had them all in one basket to make it easier on me, and when they were the right temperature, they again were dunked into the oil to cool.

Once they were cooled, I spent a little time at the sander making sure that there are no sharp edges, and I was really pleased with them.

Now they have to spend an entire night in a special bath to darken and preserve the metal, so that they look like the handles that I had cast. It took a fair bit of research to figure out what to use, but they are easy enough chemicals to get a hold of. They would look really cool when done, because they already do.

I shut down my forge, cleaned everything up, and then went to see how the others were doing. Josh is in the finishing booth spraying something, Dad is putting together one of the cabinets he is building, and James is working on the lathe, having some fun. Dad must have taught him how to do so during the week, because I do not believe he had ever been taught before, but he seems to be doing quite well.

“So, how's it goin' out there?” Dad asked me.

“Really well. I have sixteen pairs of hinges in the dip, so they should be ready for you tomorrow.”

“Excellent. I only needed seven though.”

“I know, but I figured it was just as easy to make that many as what you needed, and that's how many I was able to get out of the pieces I had available to me. There's more, so I might make more tomorrow, so that you have lots to use. They're actually surprisingly simple to make, but tomorrow when I test their strength will tell me if I did it right, or if I have scrap the entire batch and chalk it up to learning. You never know, maybe I screwed up and did it right the first time. Hopefully all that reading's done some good.”

“Can't wait to see them then, and I'm sure they'll be just fine. You've probably done as much research in the past few months as most professionals get.”

“Yeah, but still, there's lots of little things that they just learn over years that I'll never read from a book, I have to learn them as well. Like for instance, I think I need to learn how to hammer better, my shoulders are killing me.”

“That's true, experience is a brutal teacher, and something you simply can't get from a book. Building up the strength is also something you can't learn, and chances are it's just because you did something new and repetitive today. You'll be fine though. Work into it slowly and you'll get better.”

“I know. So, when did you teach James on the lathe?”

“Day before yesterday, he's really enjoying it, though he hasn't really done too much yet. I've got him turning a simple spindle for me right now, so we'll see how it turns out and if I can use it.”

“That's cool. Before too long, we'll have a full production shop working here.”

“Not in a million years. Every piece is one of a kind, you know me, we can certainly all work together, as a team, but never in a production shop, that's hideous.” Dad scoffed.

I knew that would be his stance, hence the reason I said it, he cannot stand production furniture, he calls it cheap crap that costs way more than it is worth. Of course I laughed at him. James must have heard me laugh, because he looked up and smiled and gave me a thumbs up. I gave him a thumbs up back, and he went back to work. Josh just exited the finishing booth, so I went to see how he was doing.

“So, how are you doing, what are you doing?”

“Just giving the dresser the first coat of stain. I sprayed it on, then rubbed it in to give it that antiqued finish. I'll do that a couple times probably, using a couple different colours, depending on how each one turns out, then I'll give it a few coats of clear satin to bring out the colours. I'm gonna start the end tables now.”

“Cool. Would you like some help, I'm done for the day anyway?”

“I suppose so.”

Until we decided to go in for dinner, I helped Josh make the two end tables. I must say, he is almost as hard to work with as Dad is, he is every bit as precise. It is a good thing that Dad had drilled that into my head a long time ago as well, or I never could have survived. By the time we headed to the house, the two cabinets were done, and all they needed were the drawers. That was the reason the dresser took so much time though, because it has twelve drawers in it I am told. The end tables only have six total, so Josh said he hoped to get them all made tomorrow.

We all headed in and helped to make dinner, after going and getting changed and washed up, and still Josh came out in his lounge pants and tee shirt. After dinner, we watched a movie, and we all headed to bed shortly after. I doubt I was the only one to play, but I doubt I lasted as long as the others. My shoulders and arms are hurting now way worse than they ever have before, and I was almost passing out after only one baby boygasm tonight. I slipped in my butt plug, changed myself, and passed out a happy gay baby boy.