Chapter 6

I actually managed to sleep in this morning, it is almost seven already, and I feel better, but I still hurt a great deal. Oh well, pain is only temporary, and it is a very good hurt. I jacked off twice this morning after turning on my butt plug, then stumbled out of bed after removing it, and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. I can already smell it cooking, so someone else is hungry this morning. Granted, I am probably the last one up.

I found that to be true as soon as I got to the bottom of the stairs, because the other three are all in the kitchen, sipping their tea and talking happily as they cook breakfast. I went and gave my man a hug, then Dad too.

“You sure slept in this morning. James said you were still sound asleep fifteen minutes ago, but we felt that you'd wake up soon anyway.”

“Yeah, I hurt a lot still, so I guess that made me sleep well. Breakfast smells great, but is there any tea left?”

“Yes, we made lots for you as well.”

Dad pointed to where the tea was ready and waiting for me and I grabbed the largest thermal mug we have and filled it as full as I could fill it. I took a sip and sighed deeply. I loves me tea.

Breakfast was ready only five minutes later, so we sat down to eat, and I am not ashamed to admit that I ate more than the other three, by a wide margin. We all cleaned up, and then headed to the pool to go swimming.

Once more I positioned myself to better watch Josh, only this morning I find I am still so tired, and had managed to drain myself enough, to where I was only just hard, not cumming again. God he is absolutely stunningly gorgeous in just his soggy diaper, and just as fine naked too. This morning he did not fight it quite as much, but he did still try and evade my intense stares. Well, he will not let me take a picture.

I made it through only ten minutes of hard swimming before I had to bow out, my shoulders really did not like that at all. I ended up doing a light set of aerobics in the shallow end instead, and even then, I had to stop before the others finished, and went and sat in the hot tub until they were.

Once more, when they hit the sauna and the steam room, I joined them, but we did not talk, and it was not until we were back in the hot tub that we did.

“So, you were very tired this morning Baby. Not only did you not go completely out of it seeing Josh in just his soggy baby diaper, but you couldn't even do a light workout, and that's incredibly rare for you.”

“Tell me about it. I only came once last night before I was wiped and ready to go to sleep. I'm probably lucky I didn't pass out again, even after just the once. Then this morning I only had a couple orgasms before I was drained, normally it's three and still have more left in me. I'm just wiped though, so today I'm gonna take it more easy.”

“Probably a good idea, no point in working yourself to death.”


We soaked for quite a while this morning, then all dove into the pool, finally we hopped out and headed to the shower to get cleaned and dried. We all headed to our bedrooms to get diapered and dressed for the day, and met by the back door only a few minutes later.

We all walked down to the shop together, I to my work pavilion, the others into the shop. I pulled the hinges from their bath and was happy with the colour. I rinsed them all off, then chose one at random from the lot and set to seeing if it would pass my inspection. The first thing I did is clamp one end into my vice, then smack the other with a hammer to see if it broke or bent. It bent, so that is good.

The next test is to see how much it can take of that before it breaks, and I had to bend it in half both ways a total of twelve times before it broke, so I call that a definite pass.

The next test I clamped it in the vice a different way to see how strong the pins are, and I am not strong enough to break them apart, so that is also a pass.

Then, even after all the abuse I put it through, I checked to see if I can still swing the hinge, and it is tight, but I can do it. I checked all the others, and they too are perfect.

I checked the colour against the handles, and they too are excellent. So, with that all passing, I took them in to Dad. Josh and James both came to look as well when I came in holding them. The first thing I did was tell them what all I had done to test them, and they were all impressed. They were all looking at, touching, feeling, and trying out the hinges as I spoke.

“Very nice Baby, you did a very good job, especially for your first try. I think I'll definitely use these on the project I'm working on right now, it's the style they wanted.”

“How many do you need Austin, and how many do you have Avery?” Josh asked.

“I have fifteen hinges left, and Dad needed seven, you said right Dad?”


“Okay, mind if I use six for what I'm working on then, they'll suit my cabinets perfectly as well?”

“Sure, I don't mind at all. Use whatever you need. In a couple more days, when I get my arms back to normal, I'm gonna make more of them. They're actually pretty simple to make.”

“I was thinking about that last night Baby, there's no real need for you to do all that hammering by hand.”

“What do you mean?”

“We have a huge air compressor here, it'd be super simple to put an air outlet on the outside wall of the shop near to your pavilion, then it's just a matter of getting you an air hammer to do all the really hard work. I'm all about doing things the way they should be done, but that doesn't mean I'm aghast at the idea of using new tools to help you get the job done right. I think an air hammer would be just the ticket for you.”

“Never even thought about that, to tell you the truth.” I shrugged, which, I might add, hurt like hell.

“We have to go into town today anyway to go shopping and whatnot, so you may as well look at all the tools you wanna get. Is there anything else you want or need?”

“Well, if I'm gonna get air out there, then maybe a die grinder and a couple other things would be cool. If we're heading into town anyway, I'd like to stop and grab more metal then.”

“Yeah, I knew you'd say that too.” Dad grinned at me.

“What can I say, I'm predictable.” I laughed. “Well, you guys take what you want then, I'm just gonna go clean up and then I'm gonna head in and do some research as to what I wanna get then. My shoulders are too sore to do any real work anyway.”

“Thanks.” Dad and Josh said.

I headed into the house and booted up my computer and did some research into what sort of tools metal fabricators like to use. Well, I found out, if I wanted to, that I could spend just as much money as Dad spent, or more, and he has lots and the best. I did find lots of really cool things though that would come in really handy. So far I am not getting myself the best though, just good.

Like Dad, I find it pointless to spend huge amounts of money to buy the best before you figure out if it will work for you or not. His philosophy has always been, get a decent one to start, and when it wears out, determine if you need a better one or not at that time. There are still a hundred tools in my dads shop that are just the inexpensive one, because he almost never uses them, but they come in handy from time to time, and when and if those tools wear out, he replaces them with the same quality, because he does not use them enough to warrant paying the higher quality price for.

I found a really nice air hammer kit with all sorts of attachments; it can be a chisel or a hammer, it has rounded hammer heads and flat ones too, there are twelve different ones in all. I doubt I will use them all, but that is okay too. I found a really nice die grinder set that would come in super handy. Next I found a really good high speed air drill, they really are better for metal working. Then I saw a sand blaster and thought that would be great, it would make certain things a lot easier, but I am not sure how much I would use such a thing, so I only chose a fairly simple counter top model for now. I saw the plasma cutters and almost thought about that, but they are just too expensive for right now, I cannot justify spending fifteen hundred dollars on their cheapest one when I do not know if I will use it enough, not when I have a perfectly good metal blade in Dads old band saw that works just fine.

I looked for well over an hour, writing down everything that I wanted to get, but not going crazy. I know Dad would likely buy everything I asked for without question, but why get what I do not need right away. Even still, with the discount I will get, I am still probably going to be spending about a thousand dollars. Almost half of that, though, is in the accessories that are needed for everything I have and am going to get. Blades and cutoff wheels get used up fairly quickly when doing what I do, not to mention the gasses that are used for my torch and welder. We do not have to worry about propane for the forge and the furnace though, we have a couple huge tanks for that.

Just as I was shutting down my computer, the others came in to get going as well. We all cleaned up, none of us are in need of diaper changes yet, so they were left, and then, when we were ready to go, we headed out. This time we all went in Dads truck. We talked happily all the way to town, even Josh is talking more and more freely now, just not about he and I, which is, of course, a major bummer as Dad says.

We went to the scrap yard first and I filled up two more wheel barrows full and paid and were off. Then we hit the grocery store next and loaded up there. Next is the medical supply store and we all went in and loaded up all our stocks of diapers. Josh went to pay for his, but Dad slapped his hand and told him he had it all, and paid for it all. Dad sure heard about that when we got back to the truck, but he just ignored it. Next was the tool store. Now here Dad and I have been known to spend huge amounts of both time and money. All his tools were bought through them, all mine too come to think about it, and at well over a hundred thousand dollars in just over the past couple years, they treat us pretty good.

One of the sales guys asked us if we needed help, but Dad pointed at me and said this shopping trip is for Avery's tools, so ask him. He did and I handed him the list of items that I was looking for today. He was shocked at what I was asking for, so I had to explain what I was doing. He asked me if I wanted people to call me to make small things, because he got asked from time to time about that sort of thing, so I said of course and gave him my number.

We all looked around though while he was collecting the things that I came for. There has not been at least one shopping trip where either Dad or I has not left with more than we had originally come for. We always do our research before coming, and if only we would stand at the counter and stare straight ahead we would be fine, but oh no, we just cannot do that. Yeah, well one thousand dollars turned very quickly to two thousand dollars. That is not unusual for us though. If we leave the tool store without spending at least a few extra dollars, we are surprised. Hence the reason we try not to come very often, we always spend way too much money. And yes, I am every bit as bad. I found at least a few hundred dollars more of items that I could use and or wanted, Dad found a few hundred more, and both James and Josh found a couple hundred more each too.

Dad had it all put onto his account, even though Josh tried to say he would pay, but, like Dad said, it is for use in his shop, he pays for it, no questions asked. We loaded everything into the truck and headed out. We are all getting hungry though, so we actually did something we so rarely ever do, and that is swing through a drive through and grab some food. None of us had pop, we all took tea with our meals, but we did all take burgers and fries, which, for a rare treat, is awesome. Dad and I usually eat pretty healthy, but you just gotta love a good burger and fries every so often, and even though it is a drive through joint, this place makes some of the best around.

We all sat in the truck enjoying our treat and then headed home once we were done. When we got home, we offloaded all the groceries first and put them away, because we are all smart enough to know that if we go to the shop first, the groceries will get forgotten, and then we will have things go bad on us. Once that was done, then we headed down to the shop. Dad said that he was going to go ahead and plumb in a new exterior air outlet for me to use while the rest of us offloaded my things.

I had decided that having a good sturdy toolbox where I could store all my stuff securely would be prudent, this way I do not have to store everything inside the main shop and it will be more accessible for me. That was unboxed and I actually drilled into the concrete and secured it right to the floor. We are so far out of town that we should never have to worry about theft, but why take chances right. Josh and James pulled the rest of the stuff out of the truck as I am doing this, and then they helped me to put everything away once I got the toolbox ready.

Dad finished hooking up the air line and came out and tested it out. We secured an air manifold to my work bench, so that I have a few air outlets to use. I had bought a few hoses, in a couple different sizes, so we plugged one in and tried out the tools to ensure they are working fine, and they all are.

“Well, that should make life a lot easier.” I said, I am very happy with how everything is turning out.

“I'm sure it will Baby. Well, I'm gonna go get to work, have fun guys.” Dad said and then he was off.

Josh and James followed him a second later and I decided to start up the forge to see how much better the air hammer would make things. Once it was up to its proper temperature, I put in the first piece of the metal I had chosen. It is the same stuff as I had made the hinges from yesterday, and I had gotten another roughly fifty pieces of it. I asked about it and the guy at the yard told me that it comes from a local shop who sends it for recycling once they have used all that they can.

I took their name and number so that I could call and work out an arrangement direct with them. If I picked it up from them, they would sell it to me for cheaper I was sure, it would make things far easier in the long run, because the metal is already perfect for what I need it for, just a lot thicker, but it allowed me to work it into a form that is far nicer for what I am doing anyway.

Once it was well heated, I pulled that first piece from the forge, I already had my air hammer set and ready to go, I grabbed it and set the metal on the anvil and started hammering it. Holy shit, that was way faster. I got it thinned down in only one heating, the air hammer is so fast that I had to be careful not to go too far. It still looks every bit as good as if I had done it by hand though, and my shoulders are not killing me.

And just so you know, I am fully ambidextrous, so the day before, I switched back and forth between hammering sides, so as to lessen the pain on just one side. Granted, holding the metal is almost as hard as hitting it, but over all, it still hurts.

I placed another piece of metal in the forge and waited for it, and when it was done, I took it out, placed another in, and then started hammering the new one flat. By the time it was done, the next was ready for me, so I took it out and put a new one in, and kept repeating this process until I had nothing left. I just did twenty two pieces in the same amount of time I had done three the day before, and I am not nearly so sore.

I am getting tired, absolutely, and I am still in some pain, just not nearly so bad as the day before. I had a shit load to show for it though, so I was very happy. I grabbed my template and oil marker and started marking out as many hinges as I possibly could, and then got started on cutting them. It is not hard work to cut them, my saw is pretty fast and accurate, but I did start to wonder how hard it would be to make a small punch press to punch them out faster. I ended up deciding that that would be too hard and expensive, as well it would take away from the hand made looks, because doing it by hand means that not every piece is exactly the same, which is exactly what I want. Anyone can go buy a mass produced piece of shit, where each one is identical to the last, but this is true artwork that I am doing.

The others all finished working before I did and said that they were going to head up and make dinner, though they did stop to see how it was going, and they were shocked by how much more I had gotten done just by having an air hammer to do all the hard work for me. I said that I would be up in a few minutes, that I wanted to get the last few plates cut, that I should be half an hour or less. It took me twenty minutes to finish all the cutting and then I cleaned up, which only took five minutes, I shut everything down and headed to the house.

It was when I got to my bedroom to clean up and change my diaper that I realized that I had totally soaked my diaper and I had started to leak. I laughed, because this is the first time in a long time I had totally missed that I had leaked. I had been having so much fun, not paying attention to it, that it had escaped me. The others had to have noticed, but they said nothing, because they were the same, they just did not care. I changed and washed up, then headed to the kitchen for food.

“You sure needed a soggy diaper change Baby.” Dad said in way of greeting.

“Yeah, was having too much fun and not paying attention. Like you could possibly say anything, you've probably done that before too.” I grinned, I knew he was teasing me.

“I'd never say anything bad about it.”

“I've done the same thing, but talk about embarrassing when it happens in the middle of the school shop.” Josh giggled.

“Yeah, but really, who cares.” I laughed.

“I didn't really either.”

“I never did.” Dad said.

“And I won't when it happens to me, 'cause I know it will, the past couple days I was almost leaking.” James said happily.

“Good. When's dinner, I'm starving.”

“Few seconds.” Josh said.

“Oh good.”

And true to his word, a few seconds later we were eating. I out ate the others again, just not by as much. Even with using the air hammer, I had done a lot of work, and working over a forge for a couple hours causes you to sweat a lot, trust me, my diaper was not the only thing that was soaked by the time I was finished. Once dinner was done and cleaned up, we headed to the living room to kick back and relax. I grabbed the book I was on, while the others watched TV.

When we went to bed, I held Josh as I hugged him for even longer this time, and I patted his cute little baby bum a few times, even petted it a bit, but he reached back and smacked my hand, I just giggled. I went to bed and fired off a couple dry rounds, after slipping my butt plug in and turning it on, and when I was satisfied, I turned off the vibrator, but left it inserted, changed my diaper, and fell fast asleep.

I only slept in this morning by half an hour, but I feel much better. In fact, I feel so good, I feel like jacking off. I reached into my diaper and turned on the butt plug, and then started stroking myself through my soggy diaper. Cums one and two I did this way, then three and four I went inside and latched on. Once I was satisfied, I pulled out my plug, fixed my diaper, and sat down and did some school work.

I met the others in the kitchen for breakfast and we all sat back and ate and chatted, drinking our tea as we did so as well.

“So, what's your last day then?” I asked Josh.

“Wednesday, but I'm taking off at noon.”

“That's good. I bet you'll be happy then huh.”

“I've been there a long time, I really enjoy working there, so it'll be hard to leave, but here's where I wanna work, granted, it doesn't feel like work to me.”


Shortly after, we all separated. Josh headed to work, while Dad, James, and I headed to the pool for our morning workout and relaxation. My shoulders are still sore enough that I was unable to make it for the entire hour of hard swimming, but I lasted almost the entire time, so that is good. We sat back and relaxed and then cooled down, and finally we are ready to really start our day.

James and I sat on the front porch swing and did our school work again, and when we were done, James headed down to the shop to start working, while I made a phone call. I talked to the owner of the shop for about half an hour, explaining who I am and what I do and what I wanted, and he was happy to sell me his scraps. I told him that I would not always be able to take all that he had, but that once every week or two I would swing by and grab it if he called me to say he had some. He was good with that. He too asked me what kind of work I do, because he said he does no casting and only larger forging jobs, which was why I told him what I do, and he asked if he could give my name to people who needed small things done as well, and I happily said yes.

Of course he sounded skeptical at first, I sound pretty young still, Dad warns me all the time that he did not even start puberty until he was well into his thirteenth year, and his voice only started changing just before he turned fifteen, and that because I am so much like him, that I could suffer the same. I really do not care one way or the other, because really, I do not care if I sound young or not, people can either deal with me or not, young or not, it only hurts them if they refuse me service because I am young. However, with that being said, a couple places in town have received a rather nasty letter, the one was fourteen pages long, explaining a few things, and even though I was sent an apology letter, neither Dad nor I have ever gone back, and I explained that as well.

The first thing I did when I got to my work area is to start up my heating torch and then got to heating up the ends where the hinge pins go and then I curled them all around my pin. Almost two hours later this was done, so I welded them all. Another two hours later and I had all the slots cut and the pins in and firmly seated. I had turned on the forge to the correct setting for heat treating the metal about half way through putting the pins in, so I opened it up to check the temperature, and it was almost perfect. I put the whole basket full of hinges into the forge and closed it up for the near hour that it would need at the relatively low temperature. Just as I was doing this, Josh made it home, so I went and gave him a hug, patted and petted his hot soggy baby bum, and asked him how his day had went. We talked for only a minute or two before he disappeared into the shop.

While I was waiting for the hinges to heat treat, I drew up some plans for a couple more handles that I would like to make, then went into the shop and worked with some of the tools in there to make my casting prototypes. These ones are a much more simple design, so I made twelve of each of the two that I am going to make, so that I can cast a dozen of each at a time. Because I only have the ability to use sand molds, this is about the most I can do at a time. I wish I could make a couple reusable molds, and maybe in the future I will do so, but I will have to do a lot more research into how to even make one of those. For now, though, this is more than enough. By the time I was done that, I knew the hinges would be ready, so I went and turned off the forge and pulled them out.

After they were cooled, I cleaned up any sharp or rough edges and then dumped the entire works into the blackening solution. They would now be good until tomorrow. I cleaned up, and then, just as I was about to head to the shop to tell the others I was going to get dinner started, they too emerged.

“Oh, that's different, we're all finished at the same time tonight.” I laughed.

“Seems that way.” Dad smiled.

I went and walked next to my man, bumping into him a couple times as we walked to the house, and though I tried to grab his hand to hold it, he was having none of that, and even smacked it in the process. I pouted of course.

We all needed serious soggy bum changes, so we all headed to our bedrooms and got changed, as well we washed up, and then we all met in the kitchen within a minute of each other. Josh is, of course, the only one dressed, again, sadly.

Tonight and the next morning are about as routine as they can get. James and I have just finished our school work for the day in fact, and we went in to change each other as we normally do when we are done.

“So, how are you enjoying living here so far? We've hardly even really talked lately, only about work and stuff.”

“You know, I guess we've really hardly talked much at all lately, huh. It's great though. I mean, not only do I get to be who and what I am, but I have an amazing boyfriend, and I get to have so much fun as well.”

“I'm glad. So, you and Dad and Josh all work together a lot without me around. Has Josh said anything, even if just to Dad that he might've shared with you?”

“Actually, when we're working, we never talk about personal stuff, and if he's said anything to your dad in private, other than the other day, he's never said anything to me about it.”

“Crap. Ask him tonight for me please.”

“He won't tell me, I'll guarantee that.”

“No, probably not. Josh's lasted a crap load longer than I thought he would, that's for sure.”

“No kidding, I don't like you like that and I would've crumbled long before now.” James laughed.

“Yeah, well, the feeling's mutual. I always thought of you as a best friend, not a boyfriend.”

“Good, glad we're on the same page there then.”

“Just ask my dad anyway please, I know he won't tell you anything if Josh's asked him not to, and if you get the chance to ask Josh himself, then do so as well please.”


James and I separated shortly after that and both went about our fun. I pulled out and dried off my hinges, then took them into Dad so that he could use them anywhere he so desired. Then I headed back and started making a few casting molds. By the time I used up all the sand that I have, I had three molds of each of the two handle sets I made, so I will end up with six dozen handles total by the time I am done.

I started up the heater for the crucible and got as much metal melting as I can easily lift, and went about waiting for it. When it was good and ready, I started pouring. I managed to get three molds filled and dumped the excess into a small bar shaped sand mold to make an ingot for later. I started the process all over again, and when it too was ready, I filled the last three molds. As I had been waiting for the second batch of metal to melt though, I broke apart the first set of molds and extracted those handles so that they could cool fully. By the time I finished pouring the second set, they were cool enough to handle, so I started cutting off all the excess and grinding down the rough edges. Of course I had to stop to break apart the other molds, so that they could cool properly.

I continued cutting and grinding them and only found one that did not cast properly, so threw it into the bucket to be re-melted later. Not bad, only lost one out of seventy two. The rest look great though. It had taken well over an hour to cast them all, and now I have spent probably a good hour cleaning them all up, and it will probably take another hour to drill and tap them all too. I was right, because it took almost exactly that long. Just as I finished that up, Josh came down.

“Hey there Baby, how was work today?” I said as I hugged him.

“Really good thanks. Today was my last day, I'm not needed tomorrow, so I was told I've been released.” He said happily, but ignoring my comment.

“That's excellent. How hard was it?”

“I cried, but well, I'm a crier, and would you quit rubbing my bum.” He said as he smacked my hands.

“Sorry, can't help it, you have such a hot baby bum.”

“Yes, you can help it, you just don't wanna.”

“Busted.” I grinned cheekily.

“Yeah, exactly. Anyway, my boss gave me a really nice gold plated saw blade that's really nicely inscribed, telling how much he appreciated my service and expertise.”

“That's excellent. So now no more traveling back and forth all the time.”

“Yeah, but it's a nice drive.”

“Yeah, but why when you don't haveta. So, would you like to come up to my bedroom to celebrate?”

“No thanks.” He said dryly.

“Okay, then later, it's a date.”

“Nope, it's not, sorry.” He grinned to me.

“You're not being very fair.”

“Nor are you. You already know my answer.” He shrugged.

“It's not the answer you wanna give though, and don't tell me otherwise.”

He said nothing, just smacked my diapered bum and turned and headed into the shop.

That is, officially, the first time he has ever touched my bum, hell, he has hardly even touched me. I hope that is a turning point for him. I hope he continues to just touch me. Granted, we all know where I want that touching to lead, but I know he does as well.

Just as I was about to go find something else to do, my phone rang.

“Hello, Avery speaking.” I said politely, because I did not recognize the name or number, but it is a local number.

“Hello Avery, my name's Toby, and Tim at Iron Mountain Forging gave me your name. He told me that you're a young metal worker who's doing small jobs to get experience.”

“That's right. I have a small setup at home and can do most small jobs. What do you need done?”

“You sound real young, how old are you?”


“And you do metal working?”

“Sure, been playing around at it for a couple years almost. Only burnt myself badly once.”

“My son's twelve and I couldn't fathom him doing something as dangerous as metal working.”

“Yeah, but my dad's a master woodworker and I've been working with him in the shop with dangerous equipment since before I could even walk, so I grew up around the stuff. Granted, I'd never touched metal working stuff 'til almost a couple years ago when I asked to try my hand at it. My dad knows nothing about metal working, so I've had to learn it all on my own.”

“Oh, your dad never taught you!” He said, sounding rather shocked at that.

“Nope, but working with tools is in my blood. In fact, with all the wrench monkeys in my family tree, we're reasonably certain it's oil in our veins, not blood.” I had to laugh, because it is true.

Ever since there were cars, my family has been there, fixing, building, racing, designing, and manufacturing, you name it, they have been doing it. My dad was the odd duck, he went to working with wood, not metal like the rest, or motors almost specifically. I am considered odd too, well for many reasons, but mostly because I do not work with cars in some form either.

“That's too funny.” He laughed.

“Thanks, we get a kick out of it. Most of my cousins have been working on cars since they were babies, I have three cousins who've started racing already and they're around the same age as me, but that's not what I'm into. So, yeah, anyway, what were you needing?”

“Oh yeah, sorry. I have a huge family reunion coming up, and while I have several large stoves and barbecues that we can use, I don't have a grill that's large enough, nor do I have certain other cookware that'd come in real handy. For instance, I'd like a griddle that's roughly a foot and a half by almost three feet long, it has to have a run off and a back splash, and it can be either stainless or cast iron. Then I'd essentially like a massive frying pan, pretty much the same dimensions, but with walls about four to six inches high. Next is pretty much a pot of the same dimensions, with a lid and all, and it'd need to be roughly ten inches high. Is that something that you'd be able to do?”

“Wow, must be some huge family to need all that. I'll need to get all the proper metals and a crap more casting sand I'm thinking, but sure, why not. How soon are you needing it though?”

“It's three weeks away, but if it's casted, I need it in time to season it correctly.”

“I can season it here far faster and easier than you can, and because all we use is cast iron cookware, since my dad thinks all others are crap, I'm very familiar with the process.”

“Oh, that'd be great if you could. I'd have to take it all to work in order to do it. I'm a chef, and I agree with your dad wholeheartedly, so if you can, that'd make my life easier.”

“Are all the stoves that you have identical, or are there different ones?”

“They're all the same.”

“Okay, any chance you could bring one out to me so that I can make them all to fit your stoves exactly?”

“Absolutely. How much will it cost for you to do all this?”

“Wish I could say. The amount of metal to do it if I just do casted for everything's about a hundred or so dollars, it's gonna be the time to do it all that I'm not sure of. Right now I'm not really doing this to make money, I'm just learning, so if you just give me a hundred to do it on top of whatever the metal is, then I'd be fine.”

“Oh no, that's way too cheap. I couldn't only give you a hundred for that. I know cookware like this, it's thousands of dollars, each, because it's all custom.” He said in shock.

“Yeah, but I'm not doing it to make money. Pay me what you feel it's worth, but I don't want a lot. I certainly won't take more than a couple hundred more than the metal's worth. The pot with the lid though, that I think probably should be done in stainless steel, because I have no way to enamel it to protect it from water and stuff. That one might be more expensive, but I've never bought that much metal that's that big.”

“Be that as it may, I'd never feel right paying someone so little for something so expensive. We'll work that one out later. You're right about the pot though, if it's casted, it really should be enameled to withstand all the water that'd be used in it. If you're not busy this afternoon, could I come by today?”

“Absolutely. We're quite a ways from town though.” I said, and then gave him our address.

“Wow, that is a long way, but that's okay. I actually live closer to you than to town myself.” He said and gave me his address.

He lives on a small off road from our main road about half way to town.

“Oh, that makes it nice then, and I know that much like our property that yours'll be quite large, which is why you're probably doing the reunion. Not to mention you cook.”

“Right on both counts. So, I will see you in just a few minutes then if you don't mind.”

“Okay then.” And we hung up.

I excitedly went in and told Dad and the others about my first real job. Dad is understandably worried that I will not be able to do it, because it is a pretty big order, and everything I have is for doing much smaller things. This is true, of course, but with a few more supplies I should be able to manage it just fine, and he agrees. I had already figured that I was going to need a much larger crucible and a chain hoist system for moving it, and told Dad so, as well as a crap load more casting sand, which I had wanted anyway. And with that, I think I would have pretty much all that I would need. Other than a crap load more metal, of course.

He said he would be more than happy to buy me what I needed, and that if it did work, then he would be happy, but he did warn me to arrange in a back out clause, just in case. I had already planned on doing so, and told him. By the time we finished talking, we heard a vehicle coming down the driveway, and because I had told Toby to come right down, this is where he is coming. Dad pushed me out of the shop and told me that it is all me. I laughed and went out to meet Toby.

“Hi, you must be Toby, I'm Avery.” I greeted him and his son as they got out of their truck.

Toby is a big man, even taller than Dad, he stands damn near two meters tall, and I am pretty good at guessing that, and because Dad is a hundred and eighty five centimeters, I can tell. He is more slim than Dad is, but not by a lot, so I would say probably eighty kilos, whereas Dad is eighty five. Toby is also a little more rugged looking compared to Dad, funny considering Dad is the rancher/woodworker, while Toby's the chef. He has long black hair tied back in a pony tail, shark tooth ear rings, a rough shaved last week beard and mustache, and a tank top that looks as if he bought it when he was a skinny teenager it is so tight. He looks hot.

Then there is his son. Tall and slim like his dad, slightly shorter and lighter black hair than his dads, but still tied back in a pony tail as well. He too has ear rings, but his are small diamond studs which look really good on him. He has a similar nose to mine, freckles included, and I gotta admit, it looks really good on him. They both have the same big bright smile and straight white teeth.

“Hi Avery, yes, I'm Toby, and this is my son Xander.”

“Good to meet you as well Xander. So, you have the stove with you then Toby?”

“Good to meet you too Avery.” Xander said softly and shyly.

“Sure do, it's in the back of the truck. I can leave it here for you to use for fitting and everything and I'll just pick it up at the same time as I get everything else.”

“Sounds great. However, with that being said, I do need to plan an escape clause with you, just in case I can't do this. This is a fair bit larger project than I've ever done before.”

“That's fair, and I'd be able to manage without, but with, it'd make my life a hell of a lot easier. May we see what you've done so far?”

“Absolutely. Come into my work area and see what I've been making today for instance.”

I showed them the handles that I had just finished, as well I pulled one of the hinges out and showed him that, then I took them into the main shop and showed them the other handles and the completed hinges. Of course I had to introduce them to the guys, and Toby told Dad how impressed he was with me, Dad of course embarrassed me further by agreeing. Finally we headed back out to my work area.

“Well, after seeing all the work you've done, and seeing the work your dad does, I have a serious feeling you won't have to back out. You're already very good at what you do, and in only a few more years I think maybe you'll be a master metal worker as well.”

“Thanks. I enjoy it. I don't know if it's what I wanna do or not, only time will tell.”

“I think time will be kind to you. Let me go grab the stove, I'll be right back.

Toby turned and left to go grab the stove. I was going to talk to Xander, but he beat me to it.

“Um, I don't mean to embarrass you, but are you wearing a diaper?”

“Sure am. No real bladder control, so it's what I wear.”

“Oh. I thought you'd lie to me, but it sure looked like a diaper when you lifted your arms.”

“When I'm at home I rarely wear a diaper shirt, otherwise you never would've noticed.”


“I'm not embarrassed by it, I'm not shy, and if it weren't for the fact that it'd be really stupid to do what I do in only a diaper, that's what I'd be wearing now.”

“And the others know and you don't get teased?”

“Of course not. My dad's the same, I inherited his problem, and the other two live and work here because they're the same as well, just for different reasons. So, why do you wear diapers?” I asked, because I had noticed the telltale bulge as well.

“Um, I can't say.” He blushed.

“Ah, I see. So same reason James wears then.”

“Oh, um, what?”

“He's just a diaper lover, he doesn't have to, he just loves to.”

“Oh, yeah, I'm the same.”

“Cool. And do you have a boyfriend yet. I'm not looking, so don't take that the wrong way, I've already got my eye on my boyfriend, but so far he's seriously resisting my efforts.”

“Oh, I thought you were gay, but yeah, I do.” He blushed and grinned.

“That's good, I bet you're cute together.”

“Thanks. He's only ten, he wets the bed and wears during the day for fun. So we're a lot alike. I wish he'd come and live with me, his mom's really miserable, she won't let him wear diapers during the day, and only the fact that his doctor's told her that he'll wet the bed for life and needs diapers does she even let him then.”

“Yeah, James was the same. My dad's adopting him as we speak.” I said, and just then Toby came and set the stove down.

It is a large portable stove. It has four large propane powered burners, collapsible legs, removable windscreen, and it is good and sturdy. He took the few minutes to set it up for me, so that I would have a really good idea as to what it is.

“There. I have six of these and two huge barbecues.”

“Nice stoves. If you have six of these, how many of each of the cooking items would you like then?”

“I'd been planning on just one of each, but you know what, if you can do two of the larger pots, that'd be way better.”

“Okay. That's what I'll do then. Now, I hate things with too square a corners in cookware, so I'll make the frying pan with rounded sidewalls, but the pots will have to be more squared corners since I won't be able to do it any other way with what I have. For the grill, may I modify this stove to fit a removable grease trap so that it'll make your life easier?”

“That sounds great, and absolutely you may.”

“Great. So, the cast items are gonna be rather heavy, but how thick would you like the bases to be on everything. The pots as well, how thick do you want the base and sidewalls?”

“Weight really doesn't matter to me too much, as long as I get as even heat as possible. The grill I'd like at least one inch thick, the frying pan and the pots should be around half an inch. The sidewalls can be lots thinner though, but not too thin either. The lids for the pots should be good and sturdy, but not too heavy either, since they do have to be lifted easily. Handles on the lids should be large and strong enough to be able to use with good sturdy pot holders, but the rest really won't need handles at all, since they'll stay in place the entire time they're in use.”

“Okay. Anything else that you can think of?”

“No, nothing that comes to mind anyway.”

“Actually, would you like the lids for the pots to just be hinged to save hassle?”

“That might not be a bad idea. They'll have to have stops though, so that they can't fold all the way back.”

“Of course.”

“That's good thinking actually. If this works, I might just have to have you make a couple custom pieces for my restaurant as well.”

“If I can even.”

“I think you can, I have a good feeling about you. You're the type of person who takes on the impossible and just bloody well does it, no matter what.”

“Yeah, I suppose you could say that.” I had to laugh, because it is true.

“Yeah. So, here's my number, call me at any time if you have any questions at all, and if I think of anything over the next day, I'll call you as well.”

“Okay, will do. Xander, here's my email address, email me.”

“Okay.” He said.

They headed out shortly after, and my head was spinning. I have just received my very first paid job, I just hope I am up to it. I am pretty certain that I can do it, but still, it is a lot for someone who really has very little experience.

I went into the shop and told the others that I got the job, and they are happy for me as well. I am going to start making the form prototypes for the casted items, so I went out and measured and drew out the exact dimensions of the stove, then came back into the shop and got started on the grill first. I am using scrap woods and gluing and nailing everything together to ensure that it is strong enough to last through casting. I am making it as close to perfect as I can, so that the finished product will take far less work to make perfect later. In the end, the grill is going to be thirty millimeters thick, except in the trough area, and the sides and back are five millimeters thick and ten centimeters high. The only drawback is I have no idea if I will be able to remove the form from the mold after it is casted, but I guess I will find out. Worst case scenario I make it in two pieces.

I made the prototype for the frying pan next, and it is a lot more simple, in some ways, but it is also more rounded, so is a lot more difficult in others. I have more than enough sand to make the mold for the frying pan, so once it was completed, I took it out to my molding table and made a box to work in, then started filling and packing the sand after coating the form in release agent. It was done in only a few minutes, so I turned it over, and it is bloody heavy, and tried to remove the form without damaging the sand cast at all. It came out, but not without a little damage, but that would be easier to fix later than now, so I am satisfied with that, for now. Then I had a thought.

I had not test fitted the pan to the stove, so I took it over there and tested it, and thankfully the damned thing fit perfectly. I am not sure if I have enough scrap iron to do it, but I started my furnace and dumped everything in it that I could, wondering if it would even be enough. If it is not, then oh well, but I think it will just about do it. Besides, if it does not, it does not get wasted anyway.

Once it was all melted and to the proper temperature, I moved it over and poured it. It is almost too heavy for me, and I damn near dumped it, but I did make it. I used every ounce of molten metal that I had, but could have easily used probably another few hundred grams. Not only did I not have it, nor did I not have enough room for it, but there is no way I would have lifted anyway. As it is, I scolded myself for doing it, it really was too heavy for me. Once it was ready to come out of the mold, I broke it apart and set it aside to cool fully. It looks really good, but I think the base might be a touch on the thin side. I am also not quite satisfied with the sidewalls either, they too are too thin and a little too straight.

I headed back into the shop and made a new prototype form, but this one took longer, because I was making it a little more rounded with not quite as straight a walls, as well as thicker all around. By the time I was finished that, I was pretty much done for the day, and so were the others, because they were cleaning up at the same time as I was.

We all headed into the house together, I walking next to my man again, bumping into him as we talked, and I tried to grab his hand again, but he smacked it again.

Once we were all changed and washed, we met in the kitchen and made dinner, we all talked and laughed as we made and ate dinner, then we went and sat back and relaxed for the rest of the evening before bed. Of course I gave Josh a nice hug before heading up, and I patted his hot soggy baby bum again, but before too long I headed upstairs.

I booted up my computer to see if Xander had emailed, and he had.

Hey there Avery, it's Xander. How are you. It was really nice to meet another gay diaper wearer. So, does your dad know you're gay as well. Well, talk to you later.

I replied back with:

Hey Xander, I'm good. I started on your dads stuff this afternoon, already scrapped one prototype, but I think I have it now. Yeah, it's great meeting another gay diaper wearer too, and so close together. We're so rare as it is. Yes, my dad's gay as well, so obviously he knows about me, and I have a sneaking suspicion the same is true for you and your dad, isn't it. I so got the vibe that he's gay pretty much as soon as I saw him, but was sure as soon as we shook hands. He also wears diapers I noticed. Is he the same as you in that way. Would you like to come spend the weekend here, you can bring your baby boyfriend as well, we'd really like that. Talk to you later as well.

After sending that, I decided to just leave my computer on and just look around the internet for a while instead of reading, waiting to see if Xander would email back. I did not have to wait long, because only five minutes later he responded.

I really liked the work you did, you're really good. I'm not really good at anything, especially not like you. I mean, I like doing lots, but nothing like what you do. Yeah, we're rare alright, I'd never met another diaper lover 'til I met my boyfriend at Cubs. His name's Braedon. As for my dad, yeah, he and I are the same too, in both ways. That's why I was able to admit it so easily, because I'd known about him for quite a while. I emailed Braedon and asked him if he'd like that, because I'd love to, I just have to wait for him to respond to me, but that won't likely be 'til tomorrow when his mom's not home so that he can check his email. I'll let you know tomorrow though when he emails me back, so I'll talk to you then, because I'm gonna head to bed now.

So I sent back.

Okay cool, sounds great, I'll talk more to you tomorrow night then, because I don't usually check my email 'til before bed. I'm heading to bed in a few minutes as well, so have a good sleep.

After sending that, I continued doing a bit more research and when I was ready to go to bed, I went and crawled in, jacked off three times after inserting my butt plug and turning it on, and when I was finally well satisfied, I went to sleep.