Chapter 8

This morning was excellent. I did some school work before the others got up, then we all had breakfast together, then went swimming, and I only had to be smacked three times for staring too intently at Josh, again, and all by him, then James and I went and sat down on the front porch swing and did our school work for the day. When we were done, we went and got changed and dressed, then headed down to the shop.

With having my paid project completed, and my dad having more than enough handles and hinges for now, I decided to do some metal artwork. I fired up the forge and grabbed some really nice copper pieces I had grabbed from the scrap yard to play with. I wanted to make some cool looking whirligigs for outside out of it. So, until I heard someone coming down the drive, I played. I actually ended up making six different small ones and they looked really cool.

As soon as they were parked, I ran over to say hi.

“Hi guys, good to see you again. Hi, I'm Avery, you must be Braedon, Xander didn't tell me you were cute as hell. Wow, you're a right little hotty, and I bet you're even better in nothing but a soggy baby diaper.”

I admit I am just a little excited, and I have been accused of talking really fast when I am excited.

He is cute though, short wavy blond hair and bright blue eyes, small features on an even smaller body, I bet I outweigh him by twice in fact, and trust me, I have no fat on me at all, but I am pretty muscular already for an eleven year old, whereas Braedon has no muscle tone at all it looks like.

“Um, yeah, hi.” Braedon blushed cutely.

“Sorry to embarrass you. We're all the same here though, we're all gay baby diaper lovers, every last one of us on the property at the moment in fact. We'll go meet the others in just a minute, but first, I need to show Toby some stuff.”

“Xander said so, but it's still hard to believe.”

“I know. You can come too. Come on over Toby, I finished everything yesterday.”

“Really, you finished it all already?”

“Yeah, only took two good solid days, but none of it was terribly difficult to do.”

“I barely expected it to be ready in time for the reunion, which, by the way, I really have to thank you for. Xander tells me you're the reason we're still able to do it, as well as we have a place to move to, temporarily at least.”

“Nah, wasn't really all that hard to do, and I only had to scrap one prototype because I wasn't satisfied with it. Anyway, here they all are, so see if it'll all work for you.”

He looked it all over and was very pleased with it and told me so repeatedly.

“Wow, thanks. It turned out way better than I hoped for. You did an amazing job.” He said one final time as he finished checking every last detail.

“Thanks. The real test will be if it works out well for you or not. They were surprisingly easy to make though.”

“How much did the materials end up costing you?”

“By the time all was said and done, I figure what I used was almost five hundred dollars, and most of that's in the stainless steel, since it's not exactly cheap.”

“That's good. Let me go grab my wallet, I took cash out for you so that I had it for when you called, I just didn't expect it to be so soon.”

“Okay, you only owe me six hundred though.” I said to his retreating back.

He came back only a few seconds later.

“Okay, I fully expected to have to pay five hundred a piece, but was willing to spend up to a thousand, so I have three thousand here for you, you are to take it, and there's to be no arguments about it either.” He said firmly.

“But, that's too much.”

“I said no arguments. Your craftsmanship is excellent, every bit as good as many professionally made things I've seen done, and I know you had to buy extra tools and supplies to do all this, and I don't want you paying for my stuff. No, this is what I'm paying, take it or leave it.”

“Fine, but only if you agree to live with us for at least six months and try and adopt Braedon.”

“Done and done. In fact, I already made his mom sign the papers, all his things are already in my car, not that his wretch of a mother ever bought him anything. I called and talked to my lawyer today, and he said the paper that you sent us really is all we'll need and that the rest is pretty easy. As long as it isn't contested, he sees no issues at all.”

“Excellent, so you get to get a new family Braedon, congratulations.”

“Thanks. My mom just said good, take the little disgrace, I was standing right there, she didn't care at all. I'm glad to be rid of her. Not sure why she ever even kept me in the first place.”

“That's disgusting, but James, who you're gonna meet in a minute anyway, is exactly the same. His mom was glad to be shot of him too. In fact, his papers should be here soon hopefully.”

“That's cool.”

“Yeah, so let's go meet the others then and tell them all the good news.”

I led everyone into the shop and they stopped working and gathered around. I told them everything that had happened, giving my dad the cash so that he could hold it for me, plus he will probably take care of putting it into my accounts. I also told him to pay off my tab at the store with it as well, but I doubt he will, of that I am willing to bet on. Everyone was happy and said so.

“Okay, since you three need to know this,” James said, “you all know that we're all gay baby boy diaper lovers as well, but I too have a boyfriend. And just so you know, it was my decision and mine alone, he's not forcing me any at all, but Austin's my boyfriend.”

“That's cool.” All three said as one.

“It doesn't bother me,” Toby said, “because my boyfriend's only fourteen, so like I could say anything.”

“Cool, and is he a baby boy diaper lover too?”

“Sure is, though he actually needs diapers. He has a faulty muscle, so he drips constantly. He's a right little hottie in his diapers as well.”

“That's cool. How'd you two meet then?” James asked.

“Almost six months ago, he came in asking for a job. I wasn't hiring, and I didn't need anyone, but he talked so well that I just sat with him for several minutes as he explained who he was and what he needed. He's an only child to a drunk, but at least he isn't being abused. He hates it there because he has to wear diapers of course, but his dad never gets him good ones, just the cheapest ones he can get, so nearly useless. He wanted a job so that he can afford to get what he needs, as well as to save up so that he can move out. He can't do so 'til he's sixteen, but he's trying so hard to make it on his own. I still couldn't hire him, and told him so, but he comes in and talks to me most days after school. I wish I could hire him, or hell, just take him in, but I can't. We've never even had sex, but we've gone out lots, and we have kissed and petted, but that's all so far.”

“Why can't you hire him?” I asked.

“Because he's only fourteen, I serve alcohol so he's just not allowed, not even just in the kitchen. I asked, but they say that I can't. Doesn't even make sense really, because I'm not a pub, and I know other restaurants that serve alcohol that have younger staff, but it has to do with the liquor license that I carry for where I am, it means that I'm classified as a pub. I can still have kids in the restaurant, but not working. The way they do the licenses makes absolutely no sense, but I can't risk losing it either, and it's the only one they'll allow for where I am, so it's what I have to put up with.”

“Wow, that makes no sense at all, but I guess there's nothing you can do about it.” James said.


“I could hire him.” Dad said.

Bless his sappy heart.

“To do what?”

“Help around here. He'd have to register for home schooling, and he can do it with the others, he'd have to have his dad sign off on it, he'd get room and board and a small wage, that way it all looks proper, but then he could very easily share a room with you, when and if he's ready to.”

“Really. What all do you need help with though, he won't wanna come here to work but not actually have work to do. I know Collin well enough to know he'd never be able to live here for free. He's too strong willed, he'd wanna do it on his own or not at all. He'd rather just stay where he is, put up with his dads never ending misery than to freeload.”

“I do have a ranch here, and honestly, I'd rather be doing the wood working full time instead of having to do the grounds maintenance and stuff. I do pay someone to do most of it already, but he rarely has time, so I often have to do it, or Avery, and he doesn't wanna do it any more than I do. He could also take care of the cleaning around the house and the shop, or, if he'd prefer, he can manage the land fully. We do do some growing here, and we do have cows, sheep, goats, pigs, and chickens. Most of the hard stuff's done for us, but I still have to take care of a fair bit of it.”

“Oh, how many animals do you have, I haven't seen any?”

“Only thirty three at the moment, plus a dozen chickens. The bigger animals just graze the land during the day and go to their barn when they wanna, it's the next largest barn that we use for that. The milking animals can milk themselves on our self milking machinery, and the barn pretty much takes care of itself, other than a bit of cleaning. The eggs from the chicken coop are collected and cleaned automatically, unless they lay anywhere other than their roosts, but they don't usually do that, and they too are automatically managed. I wanted the farm, but I didn't really want all the work that went along with it, so I've added a lot over the years to help me do the hard work. Having someone to take care of all that though would make my life easier, and he might even like it.”

“That's pretty cool. I'll call him when I get home tonight and ask him. I don't know how he feels about farming though, he's never said anything about that sorta thing and I've never asked.”

“That's cool, all you can do is ask, I'm sure he'll jump at the opportunity. Tell him I'll give him five dollars an hour hard pay, plus room and board, which will include all the best diapers he can use, so he'll get a pretty good deal if he wants it.”

“No shit. You must do real well here.”

“You could say that. What little I sell from the farm pays the taxes on it, the rest I make up in my woodworking. I clear roughly five hundred thousand a year in that alone. But a kitchen can cost anywhere from fifty to a hundred thousand dollars, or more, depending on what they want. A simple cabinet is usually ten thousand dollars, but they are the best anywhere, even if I do say so myself, which I do not, even I can admit that.”

“He's right.” I added and Josh nodded as well.

“Wow. Very nice.”

“Yeah. I do pretty well for myself, and Avery will do well for himself as well. He's already very good at what he does, and he's an amazing artist as well, so he'll make true art in metal, of that I have no doubt.”

“I agree. The whirligigs he made are really nice.”

“You made whirligigs?” Dad asked.

“Yeah, I was just playing around and made a few today, since I didn't have anything else more important to do. That's why I bought all that copper.”

“Very nice, I'll have to check them out later then.”

“Cool. So, what should we do then guys, we're having a sleepover weekend, so no work, just play?” I asked the other boys.

“Why don't we go get cleaned up and then go swimming.” James suggested.

“Sounds good.” I said and Xander and Braedon agreed.

We turned and left the adults to themselves and headed to the house. I have no idea when Toby left, but he never even said goodbye to the boys. We went straight to the pool house, since we could all just clean up in there, and we all stripped down, because I told Xander and Braedon that they had to clean fully anyway. They did strip, though they did blush a bit, but they also appreciated seeing James and I in just our diapers, and I am certain that James appreciated seeing Xander in his diaper just as much as I did. Braedon was not wearing a diaper, yet, so he had been wearing horribly thin, dirty stained underwear.

We all washed off really well, then headed out to the pool, though Xander and Braedon had no idea why we did not put on our shorts yet, we just said they were not in the bathroom. Well, it is not a lie. Then James and I both dove into the pool without warning and I think they both got the picture.

“Well, what are you waiting for, a written invitation. The water's great and there's no clothes allowed.” I called out.

“Really.” They both said.

“Absolutely.” Both James and I said.

So they dove in and joined us in swimming free. We swam and played, had fun, joked and laughed, we even played grab ass, or boy bits, just being naughty gay baby boys. Finally we went and sat in the hot tub together.

“So, how'd you enjoy swimming naked?”

“It's really awesome.” Braedon said.

“Yeah, what he said.” Xander said.

“Yeah, it's so nice since we started doing this, now we all swim naked all the time. It's the best. So, Xander, I gather your real name's Alexander then?”

“Yeah, just never call me that, I hate that name, and Alex isn't much better. I prefer Xander, it's fun.” He grinned.

“Yeah, I like it as well.” James said.

“Same. So, you two are in cub scouts together?”

“Not any more. I'm too old and Braedon got sick of the teasing. Besides, he can't any more, because the guy who was paying for him to go died.”

“Oh, that sucks.”

“Yeah. My mom wouldn't pay, so there was this guy who paid for kids of under privileged people to go to scouts, and it was nice, except when they found out I was a bed wetter, in which case it got pretty bad. Then the guy died and I can't go any more. There's no one else that can pay, the cub group can't afford to keep me there for free, since they're so small and don't have much money themselves, but it's not a big deal anyway. Without Xander there, it isn't worth going anyway.”

“How come you don't go any more Xander?”

“I'm too old for cubs, so I had to move up to scouts, but I just didn't feel like putting up with the teasing any more either. They knew I wore diapers, so they never played with me at all and never included me. They never said anything directly to me, because my dad told the leaders that I had a medical condition, so they let it be known that teasing and bullying would not be tolerated. Didn't really stop it, but at least kept it at bay. Without Braedon with me though, it's just not worth it.”

“I see.”

We continued talking and having a good time, getting to know each other. We are all alike in many ways, but we are all very different too. We all really like each other though, so that is good. We went and sat in the steam room and the sauna, none of us talking as we did so, and then we went and dove into the pool and both Xander and Braedon squealed cutely. After that we went and washed off and headed up to my room naked to get diapered. At first the two newest boys did not want to walk through the house naked, but eventually they did.

They both really like my bedroom, but hey, who would not, really. Xander and Braedon were told to climb onto the bed first, and James and I proceeded to diaper them up in our thickest diapers, giving them the full treatment. They were both very hard by the time we were half way through rubbing in the lotion, pulsing by the time we were rubbing in the diaper rash cream, and nearly in agony and needing to cum by the time we powdered and taped them up. Then we rubbed their hot diapered dinkys for just a second and they both exploded.

“Wow, that was intense.” Xander gasped a few minutes later.

“No kidding.” Braedon sighed deeply.

“Good, now it's our turn.” James giggled and pulled Braedon up and took his place. I pulled Xander up and took his place.

They diapered us in the same fashion, and because both James and I are already good and hot from diapering the other two, we only made it until half way through our creaming when we came. They finished creaming, powdering and taping us up before we came down.

“So much better. I can't wait 'til my boyfriend gets his head from his butt and helps me with that. You all get to enjoy a helping hand, while I still have to do it myself all the time.”

“Who's your wannabe boyfriend?” Xander asked curiously.

“Josh. He's so hot, and he wants me too, but he's fighting it 'cause he's afraid of what'll happen if we ever got caught.”

“Yeah, he's pretty hot alright.” Braedon agreed and Xander nodded as well.

“Yeah. Well, let's go get dinner started, I'm getting hungry.”

Neither Xander nor Braedon had an issue with this, since they went around Xander's place in just diapers all the time, and both James and I said we do too, so we all headed to the kitchen. The men are already there though, both changed and cleaned up, already getting dinner going.

“We were just coming to do that. Would you guys like some help?” I asked.

“No, that's okay, you boys go pick out a movie and start it, we'll join you as we can, but don't worry about us.”

“Okay.” I shrugged.

Us boys went and picked out a movie that we would all enjoy, a really good boys comedy, the kind of movie Dad says a girl just cannot appreciate. Us boys sure thought it was funny. I am talking so stupid you cannot help but laugh. To say we pissed ourselves laughing would not be far from the truth. Even after Dad and Josh brought dinner in and we ate while watching, we all damn near choked at least once. When that movie was done, we put on another, and half way through Dad got up and went and made popcorn for us all. He also brought out a large selection of juice for us to choose from and we all dug in and enjoyed our treat.

When it was time for bed, Dad went and collected a bunch of bedding, all the diapers and diaper change supplies that we would need, and dumped it all in the centre of the living room floor and told us all to have a good sleep. Josh tried to sneak away without his hug goodnight, but I caught him before he could go far and gave him a nice hug and patted his cute baby bum and wished him a good sleep.

Dad also headed to bed, and though James wanted to go sleep with him, he also wanted to stay with us for a real sleepover. When he and Dad kissed goodnight, Dad whispered into his ear that tonight he should be one of the little baby boys. He agreed.

We got our bed all put together and then changed each other, and yes, we did rub the lotion and cream in enough to rub out ours, if only any of us were old enough to do so, though Xander is the closest. He may be a year older than me, but I am the same size as he is when hard, at least in length, I think he might be just a tiny bit thicker. Anyway, after we were diapered and drained enough to sleep, we laid down and talked for quite a while. I admit I was probably the first to pass out.

We all had a really good sleep together though, and though I was the first to wake up at just about six, which I must say is really sleeping in for me, the others woke up not long after me. We talked for a bit and then turned on the TV and watched a few cartoons for a bit, because the others wanted to. I honestly do not find most cartoons even good or funny, so I rarely watch them, but I do not mind them every so often.

When Dad and Josh got up, so did us boys, and we all met in the kitchen to make breakfast together. When it was done, we all talked and laughed and ate, and then cleaned it up. Finally we got to go swimming. Josh smacked me again for staring so intently at him as he removed his robe to expose his nice soggy diaper, but hey, what can I say, he is so sexy in his soggy baby diaper, he just drives me crazy.

This time Xander and Braedon did not have a problem going naked, though they blushed at being seen by the men, but they also looked more than a little hungrily at the two men, I smacked Xander.

“Ow, what the heck was that for?” He cried out.

“You were so totally looking at and dreaming about my man. Only I'm allowed to do that.” I said.

Then Josh smacked me.

“And you're not allowed to look at me like that either.” He grinned.

“I'm allowed to look, and dream, and fantasize, just unfortunately not do. But soon.”


We all headed to the pool a few minutes later and swam and played and relaxed and had fun. We went through our full relaxation round and enjoyed that a great deal. Finally, once we are all cooled down, we head to the shower to clean up to get ready for the day. Us boys went to my room to diaper and dress, we each came once again, and then we were ready.

“So, what should we do today guys?” I asked.

“Why don't we all get suited up and take the quads out and show them the property and everything.” James said.

Dad and I have a couple good sized ATV's for getting around the property when we need to, and James and I had used them a few times, he can even drive mine now, I just use Dads when we go out together. It is almost too big for me still, but I can drive it.

“That sounds like a really good idea, so sure, why not. I'll let my dad know and then we can go.”

Dad was okay with that, so we headed out to the small barn where we kept all our tractors and equipment. We have extra equipment and stuff for when I have friends over, not that I had any mind you, but Dad always hoped anyway, so he had the gear for us. I got both ATV's started and warming up, and then the four of us got our helmets on. As we waited for the units to warm up, I told Xander and Braedon the rules and what they had to do. Having grown up the way I did, safety was so absolutely drilled into my head, that I never dreamed of doing anything dangerous. Call it a side effect of working with equipment that will happily cut or rip or burn your arm or your hand or your face off and not even care. So, with that being said, I made sure that the others were on the same page as me that way, emphasizing just how dangerous it would be to fool around while on these, because death would be easy, and probably far better than some of the other things these can do to us.

Yeah, I know, a real bright light, but what can I say. We did all hop on though and we headed out of the barn and I led the way and James followed. I have Xander on the back with me and Braedon is with James. I did it that way because Braedon is smaller and James is less experienced, so the extra weight is less, which makes it easier. Now, even though I am always safe, that does not mean I drive to put a grandmother to shame, I am going pretty fast, and James is right behind me, but at a good distance so that if I stop he will not hit me. Our trails are pretty good, so we are easily able to go pretty fast, yet nowhere near top speed either.

We headed to the back of the property, pretty much right at the base of the mountain and where the forest really starts. There is a fence up, so that the animals do not go up there, but there is also a creek that does most of that work for us, and then there is the pond. Now, the pond was probably dug out by someone years and years ago, because it is too big and perfect to be there in any other way, but that is okay too. At times, such as now, there is only a trickle of water coming down, so the pond is pretty slow and low, but at other times there is a lot of water flowing through it, so it gets higher and can have a wicked under current.

The area surrounding the pond is also a huge meadow where our animals tend to come to during the day. They have a lot more freedom here, and they are free range, so they get to wander around as they see fit. This place has the most for them, lots of lush grass, water, shade from a few small fruit tree groves, as well as whatever fruit drops from them they get to eat. We do pick the fruit, but they get whatever falls, or they can pick themselves, for the bigger animals.

The only areas that are out of bounds for the animals are the few fields where we grow crops. We do mostly tomatoes, garlic, onions, peppers of a few varieties, cucumbers, and several herbs. We have four fields of approximately two acres each to grow all this. We do those ones because they make us the most money for the amount of work we have to put into it. We do fairly well with it, but not huge, because we do not put a huge amount of time, effort, or land into it. We also do all that with no added sprays or unnatural fertilizers. We only use the natural stuff our own farm produces. The animals create a bit, what we pump from our own septic tank creates a bit, and all the dust from the shop also gets used. And don't say, ew gross, you use human waste, well of course, it is all the same thing, and guess what, guess where the bagged fertilizer you get from the stores comes from, yep, you guessed it, from sewage treatment plants, check it out, I would not lie to you. We just do not process ours like they do.

Braedon and Xander were both a bit grossed out at first when I told them this as well, but they agreed it makes sense to use it. This is the main reason we use absolutely no chemicals in our house, well, other than the fact that we do not agree with most of them, or Dad does not I should say, but I do agree with him. Anyway, neither here nor there really, it is just what is done.

All told we have probably a couple hundred fruit trees. The animals get probably a quarter of them, but we use some and sell the rest as well. We mostly have apple, peach, and plum, but we do have a few cherry and pear trees as well. The meadow by the pond has the majority of them, but there are several more small groves scattered over the rest of our property. All told our entire property is roughly five hundred acres, but we probably use maybe fifty to sixty of it nowadays. We simply do not have the time to dedicate to that much land.

Braedon asked why we have that much then if we do not even use it, so I explained to him that Dad had inherited the land and pretty much everything on it, even many animals, but there were less then than there are now, because his uncle had been pretty sick for a while, and when Dad lived here with him, because he did for almost three years, he was unable to care for everything himself and take care of his uncle at the same time.

We pretty much toured the entire property, even showing them all three barns, though the one, of course, is Dads workshop. They both loved the property and everything that we have, and could not wait until they got to live here with us.

I have to admit, I will like it as well. Having James and Josh living with us now is great, now I have another to play with and be with, someone my own age, and having a couple, or maybe even a few more real soon will be even better. I was never bored before, Dad and I always keep ourselves very busy, but sometimes having another kid to play with is just so much better. Dad had tried getting me into youth groups and stuff like that, but the second anyone found out about me they started teasing me and I started getting defensive, or crying, sometimes both, and then it just was not worth it. Having others around like me is amazing. It will be just as good for them as well.

Our tour of everything took a good solid two hours, and we did have fun too, so that is good. When we got to the barn and hopped off the ATV's and put away our helmets, I asked the others what they wanted to do now.

“I don't know.” Everyone said.

“Well, I'm not working this weekend, so let's go play on the playground and stuff.”


Dad had built me this massive jungle gym and playground for my third birthday. It has a massive tree house with slides and ropes to get to and from it, a rock climbing wall, five different types of swings, monkey bars, a tight rope (it is only half a meter off the ground) and tonnes of other things. Admittedly I do not come out and play too often, because it is just not as much fun playing by yourself (unless you are in your bedroom and you have really good toys), but James and I do come out and play whenever he is over.

We played around for another good two hours or so before we were all getting tired, because we had played good and hard, and by now we are in desperate need of diaper changes all around. Instead we decided to go in and go swimming. We got into the pool house and stripped and washed, then went and dove into the pool.

We mostly relaxed, but we still played too, we sat back in the hot tub and joked around and got to know each other even better yet, and we sweated ourselves out real well in the steam room and the sauna too. Once we were good, we headed in and got diapered, then sat back and played a couple board games. We made dinner and called the guys when it was almost done, and they came in and joined us just before it was ready, so they had time to go get changed and cleaned up, and they did.

After dinner, we sat back and watched TV for the evening and just had a nice relaxing night. Us boys slept on the living room floor again, the blankets and everything are still there from the night before, so when the men went to bed, Josh with a goodnight hug and soggy bum pat again, we laid down and talked for a bit then fell asleep. I think I was the first to fall asleep again.

Toby arrived just after lunch on Sunday, though he is not alone. He had his hot young boyfriend with him. We all greeted them, the poor boy had no idea where to look first, we were all in just our soggy diapers, except Josh of course, and it seems he likes what he is seeing.

“So, everyone, meet Collin, Collin, meet everyone.” Toby said, and then we each went up and introduced ourselves.

Collin is just a little taller than I am, weighs probably the same though, has medium length medium brown hair, his eyes are a warm chocolate brown colour and are bright. He has a lot of freckles on his nose and cheeks and deep dimples that show, even when he is not smiling.

“So,” Dad started after we had all finished. “I trust Toby told you of my job offer to you, since he can't offer you a job and you desperately need one?”

“Yeah. He did, that's why I wanted to come out today. Clearly my needs and desires are understood here, he said they were, he just never said how well. Anyway, I've always wanted to live on a farm, I love animals and growing things, so I think I'd really like it.”

“Good, and did he tell you about pay and everything?”

“No, he said you'd explain that all to me.”

“Okay, this is how it works. You work here, but you'll also have to live here, since you probably noticed that we live rather far from town. You'll have to have your dad sign you up for homeschooling and sign some papers giving me guardianship and whatnot, and he'll have to come and talk to me as well. You'll do four to six hours of school work every day with the others, then you have to do another two to four hours of work around the ranch, we can go over that more later. Your pay is not much, only five dollars an hour, but you get free room and board, and like I told Toby, that includes all the very best diapers you can hope for. I know you need diapers, but I also know you love diapers, and you want and deserve good ones, well so do we, as you can clearly see I'm sure. You'll work pretty much at your own pace, learn at your own pace, take on more when you're ready to, so on and so forth. Are there any questions?”

“Wow, no, none. That's huge, I never expected to get anywhere near that good a deal anywhere. Are you sure that's not too much?”

“No, it's about right. I figure you'll probably do about thirty hours of work a week, so that's only a hundred and fifty a week, or six hundred a month, which really isn't very much at all, considering minimum wage and all, but you'll also be living here and eating too, so that'd put you up way beyond minimum wage. You and your dad'll both have to sign a contract saying that you'll still do your schoolwork, that I won't over work you, and that he doesn't get any of the money that you make, it all goes into your own personal account. As a bonus though, at the end of the growing season, once all the fruits and vegetables are sold, I'll take what the farm needs to pay the taxes on it, and then you get half of what's left. That might only be an extra thousand or two dollars, especially for the first couple years as you learn things, but later on, once you get better, then you'll obviously earn far more. Once you quit school and you start working full time here, then we'll look at your wage package again and make it work for you.”

“Wow, that's huge, way too much really.”

“No, I'd have to pay more than that to anyone else, but then I'd expect they do a lot more too, so don't worry. It's what's right. So, tomorrow after school, you and your dad come out here and we'll make it happen.”

“Wow, thanks.”

“You're welcome. And your boyfriend will be living here soon too, so you'll get a lot of fringe benefits as well I'm sure.”

“Oh yeah.” He blushed cutely.

“Speaking of which, I don't have time to do the move myself, I'm just too busy right now, so I've hired a moving company to come and do it all for us. I've bought one of those storage containers, the sort you see on freight trains and ships you know, and they're gonna pack pretty much everything and store it in there. The only thing they're keeping out and moving is our bedroom stuff. The only problem is, they only have this Friday available to them, and they're the only company I'll trust to do this, so, is there any chance we can move in on Friday?”

“Sure, when you move in really makes no difference, and you can have them put the container near to one of the barns. That does make the most sense, so good thinking.”

“That's what I thought as well. No point in doing it any other way really. Xander's gonna have to oversee it all though, and Braedon too I suppose, Friday's are just too busy for me to take off, but I'm gonna take off early anyway, just get them through the busiest push. They're not gonna come 'til nine or ten, and they won't be leaving 'til at least four, it'll take them about that long to pack and store it all he said. I just gotta make sure they leave my catering stuff 'til the very end though, because I'll need it all pretty soon.”

“Oh, you have catering supplies as well?”

“Yeah, that's how I started, just a small restaurant and a catering service. I could do most anything. Then a few years ago the restaurant at the lake opened up, so I decided to take it on. I might go back to the catering thing though, having a seasonal restaurant like that's a lot harder to manage than you could imagine. More than half the year I lose money, while half the rest I might break even, and then the last quarter I'm going balls to the wall nearly every day. Sure I pay for the entire year in those three months, but it's just so hard to manage all the time. I'd prefer a nice steady pace again.”

“Then why not do that.” I asked.

“Catering isn't exactly a sure thing either though. It too is quite seasonal, just not so much as the restaurant is, so for half the year I make little to no money.”

“What if we made another work deal?” Dad asked.

“What are you thinking?” Toby asked curiously.

“Well, I don't mind cooking, but I'd rather do other things. If you took on the house stuff, cooking as well, I could pay you the same as I pay Josh, which is twelve dollars an hour, and it includes room and board. The house and cooking would be your responsibility, and with as many people in the house as we'll have, having someone dedicated to that might not be a bad thing anyway.”

“Hmm, okay, that could work. Lot less than I'm used to, but a lot nicer schedule as well.”

“Yes, but you haven't let me finish.” Dad grinned brightly. “The yard's already perfectly set up for doing large receptions, such as reunions, but weddings and other functions could easily be hosted here. For our last couple reunions, I have an entire area set up as an RV park, it'll hold up to seventy RV's with full connection, as well there's room for probably a hundred tents. We have the pool and a playground, as well as lots of area for kids to run and play. I get half the profit, you get half the profit, we both win. I figure during the peak season you could probably do anywhere from ten to fifty events, ranging from just one night to an entire week, and I bet we make a killing. You cook two good meals a day for the guests, and pretty much everything they need is included. Let's say fifty to sixty per person per day and you'd be set. Our last one here we had a few hundred people and we all fit perfectly, so you could easily host that many.”

“Now that's a good idea.” Toby grinned brightly.

“Yeah, and I have lots of catering stuff as well, so between what we both have, I bet you could make it perfect.”

“Yeah, and I have a great oven, though it could burn things if you're not careful.” I giggled.

“No kidding.” Dad and Toby laughed at the same time.

“That's actually something I don't really have, a portable oven, I was just gonna use the one in the house, do you have one?”

“Yeah, I bought a huge commercial portable double oven for our last reunion, it's propane powered and I have a propane connection down at the cooking pavilion, which is much like Avery's metal working pavilion, just four times the size, and I have a crap load of nice weather proofed cabinets that I made for it that I keep in storage, they all have stainless steel tops, there's hot and cold water and power for everything, and lots of good lighting, and a huge fan in the cupola to draw out smoke. One cabinet is designed to hold lots of ice in the top, so that you can put cold trays in it, and two are for hot foods, I made them for serving. I have stoves and whatnot, but your stoves are way better, and your barbecues are probably better as well, I just used the one from the house for that. Pretty much anything else you need though, Avery or I could easily make for you.”

“Very nice.”

“Yeah, over the next day or two, we'll pull everything out of storage and put it in there for you, it's all on casters, so you can easily wheel it to where you want it, and just lock the casters in place and they'll stay put. The only cabinet that's always in place is one in the very middle where the sinks are. I even have an old commercial dishwasher that I bought off a restaurant that upgraded, and it goes on a cabinet beside the sinks.”

“No shit, you really did that all for family reunions?”

“Yeah, but I'm all about the easy and the good. I don't agree with disposable dishes, so I had to have a way to wash everything, and I sure as hell wasn't gonna do it all by hand, and while there were always lots of people helping out, no one wanted to spend that much time doing dishes.”

“Good point. Neither will I.”

“Exactly. Clearly during the reunion and whenever you have other guests here, we won't go totally free in the pool, which'll sorta suck since we've already gotten well used to it.” Dad said.

“Oh, you swim nude.” Toby grinned.

“Oh yeah, I guess you probably didn't know that, but yeah, we do, it's great.” Dad laughed.

“I bet.”

“Anyway, we won't, at least then. So, that leaves just Xander and Braedon, would you both like the same deal as Collin's getting, and James too, though you may not've known he was getting paid here too?”

“Really, you mean it?” Xander asked in shock.


“But what can we do?” Braedon asked.

“Helping around the house, yard, shops, barns, wherever and whomever needs help, you can both offer lots. James, for instance, is actually starting to work in the shop a bit, but his main job's cleaning, Avery could probably use a hand sometimes with things, and if you're at all interested in learning wood or metal working, then spend time with us. Schoolwork is mandatory, same as I told Collin, and it'll stay that way 'til you turn sixteen at the earliest, or before if you graduate, like Avery will.”

“Really, you're gonna graduate before you're sixteen?” Xander asked in awe.

“Well before if I have my way. Then I'll go take some metal working courses at the university, or maybe woodworking, or maybe both, or maybe something different, I don't really know yet.” I shrugged.

“Cool.” He said.

“Yeah, but you'll likely graduate early too if you apply yourselves. For instance, I take only Sunday's off, even during the summer I still do schoolwork. You guys are officially outta school in just a couple weeks I think it is, right, well, I never stop, and nor will you. I mean, I take breaks every so often, such as this weekend, I do like to have fun too, and we all deserve to, but it's not hard to do what little work we have to do, so I say do it.”

“Well said.” Dad said.

“Well, I think I'm gonna take my brats and head home, and I think I'm gonna call a Realtor and put the restaurant up for sale.” Toby said.

“Cool. Are you gonna start advertising large group events right away then?” I asked.

“Sure am, may as well start getting things booked and make some good money this year while I can.”

“Good.” Dad and I said at the same time.

Even James and I have to go get dressed, so us boys all went up to my room together to get dressed. Dad had told us that we desperately needed to go into town and go shopping, which was why we needed to, but really, I already knew that, we do so pretty much every Sunday, no matter how much or how little we need.

We all left together and drove out. Toby followed us all the way to town, because he had to drop Collin off at home, as well he had to get things too. We are all just in Dads truck this time, Josh and I in the back seat, Dad and James in the front, and I am cuddled up nicely to my man, though he had tried to push me off a couple times, until he finally just gave up. He did clamp his hand over my wrist though when I tried to snake my hand into his nice diapered crotch, I ended up working this to my favor though and am now holding hands with him. He sighed, but he had no choice, because the second he let go, I tried to pet his diapered dick again, so he would have to grab my hand. We ended up holding hands almost the entire way to town. He gave me an exasperated sigh several times, and even told Dad he was riding up front on the way back, but James had something to say to that. “Like bloody hell you are, I get to sit next to my man, not you.”

I had to laugh, Josh just sighed, Dad snorted.

When we made it into town we hit all the usual stops. Medical supply store for diapers and supplies, and I swear we are going to soon get the bulk pricing, then scrap yard for metal, metal shop for more metal (he had called yesterday and said he had some), Josh's old store for more supplies, and then grocery store for nearly a tonne of groceries.

I sat next to Josh all the way again, and this time I just grabbed his hand and held it, he sighed again, I grinned, but he did not try and let go either. I cuddled into him as we drove, and even I thought I heard myself purring a couple times, but then, I am positive I heard Josh almost purring as well. It is so very satisfying cuddling up to the man of your dreams, even if he is barely having anything to do with it.

When we got home, we went about the almost as lengthy chore of putting it away as it had taken us to get it in the first place.

After that was all done, we used the two tractors to start bringing all the gear to the cooking pavilion so that it is ready for Toby. Josh really liked it all and was amazed that Dad put so much craftsmanship into what would have just been a once a year type thing, but, like Dad said, that does not mean that he would make anything in any way less, this will still last years and years. He agreed, of course, but let's face it, most people would not do such a thing, but thankfully Dad is not most people. Now it might get some really good usage, so that will make it that much more worth it.

Using the tractors meant that this went pretty quick and easy, so we were done fairly quickly. After that we went inside and relaxed for the rest of the night.

Before we knew it though, it is Friday again. The week had went by shockingly fast. James and I had done our school work every morning as usual, then James went and worked with Dad and Josh, while I went and played and or worked in my work area. All I did though was play around with different things, made lots of neat artsy type pieces, more whirligigs and anything that struck my fancy. I have no idea what I will do with them all, maybe this weekend I will take them into a store and have them sell them, I do not know.

Over the course of the week, Xander and Braedon had emailed me several times, we talked and said what we were up to and all that. So on and so forth. Both are now doing their school at home together, and even Collin had signed up as well and is doing it that way too.

Monday afternoon Collin and his dad did come out and talk to Dad, who pretty much said all the same things all over again, made Collin's dad agree to it all, sign off on it and all that, and it sure seemed like he was happy with that, because he never asked any questions. It had been agreed upon that Collin would be picked up on Friday with all his things, Josh and I are going to go do that, that had been to allow Collin and his dad to get everything set up, but it turned out that he could have come Tuesday after school, because that was when they were able to get him all registered, and he was chomping at the bit to come live with us.

I cannot say that I blame him in the least, I mean, we are pretty awesome. I know, I almost choked there too, and I am surprised I did not get shot down with a bolt of lightening.

Toby had also talked to a Realtor pretty much as soon as he got home on Sunday and put the business up for sale. By Wednesday he already had a prospective buyer on the hook, and he is hoping to hear back by Friday if it is a go or not. We are all crossing our fingers, since it will make it a crap load easier in the long run for everyone.