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Adult/Youth [M/b]

I Spied (Surf City)

Circ. 1975 Venice Beach, Calif.

I wasn’t spying again, I swear! I was just exploring my new backyard — we’d only lived in our new house a few days — and then I climbed up into my tree and then I was just kind of scoping out the neighbor’s yard while I was up there. I couldn’t help it that they came outside right then. I probably shouldn’t have stayed hidden… I guess, but I didn’t want them to see me and think I was being nosy or something – even though I wasn’t. Besides, I only wanted to see what they looked like, at least at first anyways.

I thought it was kind of weird that the kid was calling his dad by his first name – Rick – instead of Dad. At least I thought the older guy was his dad anyway. I also thought it was pretty weird that the kids dad let his son smoke grass too. I knew it was grass ‘cause I’d seen my older sister smoking it with her boyfriend when my mom was at work. I found some hidden in her room too… uhm, but please don’t tell her I told you, I’d be so busted if she found out I was snooping around in her room, again.

Then they started arguing so I just tried to stay hidden up there because it’s rude to listen to other people’s conversations. That’s what my mom is always telling me anyways.

So the man – Rick – was saying stuff like, “He came on to me!” and “You did it with him too!”

I didn’t really know what they were talking about at first, but I figured it out when the man said, “You’re the one that left him here all hot and horny last night!” that what they were talking about had something to do with sex ‘cause my sister used the word horny a lot after she and her boyfriend smoked grass. And then they both got naked and rolled around on her bed making all kinds of funny noises and doing that weird sex stuff.

The first time I watched them I didn’t really know what they were doing and I thought it was really gross. Especially when my sister put Jesse’s, uhm… thingy in her mouth and licked it and stuff – but I couldn’t stop myself from watching them anyway. It kinda made me feel tingly down there ‘cause Jesse’s thingy is way bigger than mine and it even has some hairs around it.

I eventually found out what they were doing when I asked my friend and he told me all about what sex is. He knew because his parents had told him. Weird! I’d be way too embarrassed to talk about that stuff with my mom. I wish my dad hadn’t left us so he could be around to tell me about stuff like that.

I didn’t understand why Rick and his son were talking about that stuff though ‘cause I knew my sister kept it a secret from our mom. But I thought maybe they talked about it like my friend and his parents did. Again, weird!

Then Rick got really mad and yelled out, “G.. D… it Jeff, he came into my room and made the moves on me. Don’t get mad, you can’t keep your d… in your pants either.” I hope you got the parts I left out. It’s embarrassing to say those words, especially the d… word.

I couldn’t believe they cussed at each other too. My mom never says cuss words, even when she gets really mad at me. My sister does though, especially the F word when she’s doing sex stuff. Mom would make me take a bite out of a bar of soap and chew it twenty times if she ever heard me saying bad words again. I had to do it once just ‘cause I said the word… uhm, I don’t want to say it ‘cause she might find out and the soap tastes really nasty. It starts with “sh” and ends with “it” though.

For a second I was a little scared that they knew I was up in the tree when Rick said my name. I thought maybe he was talking to me ‘cause my name is Jeff too. Except most people call me Jeffy, so I figured out that me and the kid had the same name. I thought that was kinda neat because the way he looks is really cool.

Jeff looked like he was about fourteen – the same age as Jesse (almost a grown up) – and he had long blond hair that went down past his shoulders. I have blond hair too and I want to grow it long like that, but my mom won’t let me. He wore a sea shell necklace that was about as neat as anything I’d ever seen and I knew right then that I had to get one, no matter what! I also liked the lightning bolt t-shirt he was wearing and I thought that maybe he was a surfer or something ‘cause even I know that the lightning bolt is that famous surfer Jerry Lopez’ logo and I did live at the beach now. It seemed like everyone down here surfed, everyone except me anyway.

I wondered if his thingy was as big as Jesse’s and if it had hair on it too. It seemed by the way Rick was talking about Jeff not being able to keep his d… uhm, thingy in his pants that I might actually get to see it someday. I got that tingly feeling down there again when I thought about that. Is that weird? I couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t keep it in his pants though ‘cause mine has no trouble staying inside my shorts. Most times anyways.

So Jeff shouted, “F… you!” and then he stood up and threw the doobie (That’s what Jesse calls those cigarette thingies anyways) at Rick and started walking away.

Just before Jeff went out the back gate Rick yelled out, “I’m ready if you are!” and then he started laughing really hard like he’d told some really funny joke. Maybe it was funny, but I didn’t get it.

Jeff didn’t seem to get the joke either ‘cause he just gave Rick the bad finger before he went out into the alley, got onto his bike and rode away. I don’t know why, but that only made Rick laugh even harder as he picked up the doobie off the ground and took another couple of puffs.

I was hoping that Rick was going to go inside so I could get down out of the tree since they were all done fighting and Jeff had left, but he didn’t. He just sat there for a few minutes puffing on the doobie before he looked right up at me and said, “Are you going to stay up there all day spying on me or do you want to get down out of the tree and introduce yourself?”

Gulp! I froze like a Popsicle hoping he was maybe talking to someone else. But I was the only one up in the tree and there weren’t any other trees around, so I knew he wasn’t. Jeeze, I was so busted, again.

OK, forget what I said at the beginning. I guess I was kinda spying on them. I really like doing it for some reason and I can’t stop myself. I wish I wouldn’t get caught so often though.

Sorry,” I said as I began to climb down. I wasn’t afraid or anything ‘cause Rick didn’t seem to be mad. He just sat there smiling at me as I lowered myself down out of the tree and onto the fence that separates our yards. I’m not sure if smiling is the right word to use ‘cause it wasn’t really a smile. It was kinda like how my sister looks at Jesse when he’s all naked and hard and stuff. Is it weird that I liked that Rick was looking at me that way?

Just in case, I checked just to be sure I hadn’t forgotten again to zip my zipper back up or that my thingy wasn’t hanging out of the leg of my shorts … it does that sometimes when I climb stuff ‘cause I don’t wear underwear anymore — at least when I don’t think my mom will notice — and my OP shorts are really short. Maybe that’s what Jeff’s problem is ‘cause his shorts are even shorter than mine. Except his are jean cut-offs. Yeah, I wanted some of those too.

It’s OK, boys will be boys,” Rick said as he kept looking at me as if he was somehow looking right inside of me.

Just so long as you don’t tell anybody what you heard or saw,” He said next with raised eyebrows as if it was a question and an order all in one.

I swear I won’t… I never tell on my sister when she does that stuff, Honest!” I answered him. Oops, I guess I kinda did tell on her just then.

I thought he meant I could come over into his yard ‘cause of what he said so I jumped off the fence and onto the grass. I’m usually a pretty good jumper, but somehow I tripped when I landed and fell onto the bricks of the patio. Mom says my feet are getting pretty big now and my body hasn’t caught up yet and that was the reason why I was always tripping lately.

Anyways, I tried really hard not to cry, but it hurt so bad when I scrapped my shoulder on the bricks. That probably wouldn’t have happened if I’d been wearing a shirt like I was supposed to be. But it was summer and it was too hot to wear one all the time. Besides, I kinda like the feeling of not wearing a shirt while I run around and play all day.

Luckily, Rick didn’t seem to be mad at me ‘cause I was crying. He just got up really fast and came over and picked me up in his arms and held me. I thought that was really nice of him.

Did you break anything?” He asked as he laid me down on one of his lounge chairs and began rubbing his big hands all over me like he was kinda checking to make sure I was OK.

I shook my head as I lay there trying not to be a big baby. That’s what my sister would have called me anyway. I didn’t think that Rick thought that though. The way he was rubbing me and checking me out everywhere made it seem as though he was really worried about me and that felt really nice inside, even better than his hands did on the outside.

I was kind of hoping that he wouldn’t stop after I finished crying so I just relaxed all my muscles and closed my eyes so he’d know that I liked being rubbed like that. Yeah, he knew.

You like me massaging you like this, don’t you?” He whispered really softly right into my ear as his big hands rubbed all around my chest.

His hot breath in my ear as he said it was really ticklish, but in a different way than if he’d done it under my arms or on my tummy or especially my feet. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and goose bumps popped up all over my body. I just nodded my head and kept my mouth closed so I wouldn’t giggle or something and ruin the feelings he was giving me.

Rick kept rubbing me for another few minutes and he only tickled me a few times while he was doing it. I thought he was really good at giving massages ’cause I usually laugh my fanny off when people touch me that way.

Do you think we should go and tell your mom or dad what happened and get you a bandage for your scrape?” He whispered into my ear making the goose bumps come back again.

I don’t have a dad anymore and my mom is at work right now and she won’t be home until tonight,” I told him without opening my eyes. I really didn’t want him to stop so I wasn't going to give him any reason to.

Who is watching you then,” he asked next as he ran his hands through my hair massaging my head. Yeah, that felt really good too.

My sister,” I told him before I quickly added, “But she won’t help me anyway. Unless I’m dying she’ll just tell me to shut up and quit being a baby. Besides, she’s still asleep.”

I really didn’t want Rick to stop and make me go home so I asked, “Will you put a bandage on me so I don’t have to go home yet?”

I didn’t mean to make it sound as if I was inviting myself to stay or anything – Mom says that’s rude too. It’s just that it’s so boring over at my house and I don’t have any friends yet ‘cause we just moved to Venice Beach from the Valley. And I really liked the way he was touching me too.

Rick didn’t answer me right away and I was afraid that he wasn't going to let me stay. Especially when he said, “I don’t want your mom getting mad at me because I let her little boy into my house without her knowing me.”

That made me kinda mad so I opened my eyes and said, “I’m not a little boy anymore! I’m almost ten,” maybe a little too meanly. I didn’t mean to sound like that – Mom would have said I was being bratty – but I‘m getting tired of everyone telling me I’m too young for everything.

He looked a little surprised, but I didn’t think he got mad at me for the way I acted. In fact he looked a little bit like he was going to laugh. He also still had that look like he wanted to eat me or something too.

I started to say I was sorry, but he just cut me off and leaned down so he could whisper in my ear again. “I’m the one that’s sorry little man. I didn’t mean to call you a little boy,” before he put his lips to my temple and gave me a soft kiss.

That really nice feeling went all over me again. The way he breathed into my ear again and the look in his eyes made it seem as though he really meant what he said. And the kiss he gave me wasn't anything like the ones my mom gives me. I don’t know why, but somehow it just felt different. I liked being called little man instead of a little boy too. It makes me feel kinda more grown up.

I won’t tell anyone unless you say its OK,” I told him as I crossed my heart and hoped to die. Mom is always telling me not to be a tattle-tale so I kinda think that means not telling on me too.

His smile got even bigger as he looked at me for a long time as if he was making sure I was telling the truth. I guess he believed me though ‘cause he just asked, “Are you all right to walk or do you want me to carry you?”

I really was OK by then and I didn’t want to look like a big baby, but I wanted him to carry me like my dad used to when I was a little kid so I just raised my arms up hoping he’d know that I wanted to be carried without me having to say it out loud.

Rick laughed again – but I don’t think he was laughing at me – before he picked me up in his strong arms and started carrying me towards his house. I didn’t notice it before but he had pretty big muscles and a lot of hair on his chest and stomach – he wasn't wearing a shirt either – and it felt kinda good when my body was rubbing up against all that hair. I kinda figured that meant he had a lot more hair down there than either Jesse or (probably) Jeff did. I got that tingly feeling again as I reached out with my little hand — compared to his really big hands — and started playing with the hairs with my finger tips. I wonder if I’ll be like that someday? I hope so ‘cause it looks and feels really neat.

Kick off your shoes,” He told me as he stepped out if his sandals.

I didn’t even have to think about it really. I just heard a plop-plop as my Vans slip-ons hit the walkway right before he carried me through the back door.

Then I noticed that Rick was wearing a gold necklace that was almost as cool as Jeff’s shell necklace so I reached up and started playing with it as he carried me through the house. I was hoping he didn’t mind that I was playing with his necklace and kinda rubbing him like he’d done to me so I looked up into his eyes to see if was getting mad or something. The laughter in his eyes was gone, but they had that silly-dreamy look again so I was pretty sure that he didn’t mind what I was doing.

I’m not sure why I did it – I didn’t really even think about it – but I just leaned up and kissed him on his neck and said, “Thank you,” to let him know how I felt. That was when I noticed how he smelled. I don’t really know how to describe it, but it reminded me of my dad in a way. I don’t really know why though ‘cause I haven’t seen my dad in like forever, but it made me feel really good – and even more tingly – inside.

You’re welcome,” He replied as he leaned down and gave me a kiss right back – that time on my cheek

Wow. I thought the kiss he gave me on my temple felt really nice, but the one on my cheek felt way better – and tinglier – than any kiss I’d ever gotten before. I just leaned my head against his hard furry chest so he’d know I liked it and him, a lot.

What’s your name little man?” He whispered in my ear as he carried me through his living room.

I almost said Jeffy, but all of a sudden that seemed like a little boy’s name, and I not a little boy anymore, I’m a little man! So I told him. “My name is Jeff, just like your son.”

And your name is Rick.” I said next to let him know that I knew both their names.

He kinda laughed a little bit before he said, “You are quite the little spy, aren’t you?”

I looked up into his eyes a little bit afraid that he might be mad at me for being so nosy, but I could tell that he wasn’t. It even seemed as though he thought it was kinda funny that I’d been spying on them so I just nodded my head proudly. I got another laugh and kiss on the cheek for that which made me know he wasn’t mad at me at all for spying on them.

Jeff isn’t my son, but he sure does act like it sometimes,” Rick told me as he carried me into what he called their playroom. “I pretty much take care of him like he is too, so maybe that’s why he acts that way,” he added after a second.

Oh,” I answered not knowing what else to say. I didn’t really understand why Rick took care of Jeff like a son if he wasn't. But I kinda hoped deep down inside that maybe Rick would want to take care of me that way too – at least sometimes – since I don’t have a dad anymore.

Rick lay me down on a really big couch – one of those kind that has a bunch of different pieces that can be put together in a bunch of different ways that made it seem like it was a giant 3-sided playpen – before he leaned down and gave me another kiss on my cheek.

I’ll be right back with a bandage,” he whispered in my ear before he got up and walked out of the room.

As I lay there feeling all tingly again I looked around the playroom. It is so cool in here I thought as my eyes went all over the place looking at everything. They had surfer pictures all over the walls – I knew it! – and even a really big long-board that was made into a table against one of the walls. Most of the pictures were of kids about Jeff’s age – some were even younger – and a lot of them wore the same type of shell necklace that he wears. That made me want to get one even more.

There was a huge screen in there sort of like the ones in the school cafeteria, but not as big. And a projector that hung off of the wall and a really big pile of film cans sitting on another table right next to it. The even had a couple of cameras and some lights and other movie stuff around the room that made me wonder if they made their own movies or something. I thought that was really neat and hoped that maybe they’d want to make a movie with me in it someday.

There was so much cool stuff to look at in there that I didn’t even notice the giant fish tank until Rick came back into the room and flipped on the light above it before going over and closing the curtains on the windows.

Wow! The fish tank was the coolest thing in the room – except for maybe the movie stuff – and I really liked how the light coming from it makes the whole room kind of shimmer like you are underwater or something. The light from the fish tank also made the room sort of cozy and nice like how my teacher way back in kindergarten made the classroom when it was nap time.

Rick walked over to the couch carrying a box of bandages, some wipes and a bottle of – gulp – Bactine. I didn’t say anything ‘cause I didn’t want him to think I was a big baby or something, but I really didn’t like the idea of the Bactine at all. Even if it meant that Rick was going to put his hands on me again. Hey, that stuff really (really, really) stings and I usually cry when my mom puts it on me. And I’d already cried in front of Rick and I didn’t want to do it again.

I guess Rick noticed the look in my eyes – probably because I couldn’t keep them off the bottle – as he set all the stuff down on the table next to the couch.

I’m sorry about the Bactine little man, but I have to put it on so you don’t get an infection,” He said as he sat down next to me and began rubbing my chest.

I know all about not getting an infection. My mom is a nurse and she never lets any of my cuts or scrapes get one thanks to the Bactine she always carries around with her.

I just nodded my head because I couldn’t think of anything to say. It was going to happen it seemed and that was that. I was just hoping I could hold back my tears.

Rick sat there for a few seconds as we looked into each others eyes before he said, “I’ll make you feel all relaxed before I put it on and then afterwards, if you tough it out, I’ll give you one of my special everywhere body massages.”

I really liked the idea of him making me feel relaxed before he put that nasty stuff on me. Mom always just puts it on me without any warning before I have a chance to pull – or run – away. I also liked the sound of a “special everywhere body massage”, whatever that was, so I just nodded my head again and tried to make it seem as though I was tough like Jeff probably was. At least I was going to try to be anyway.

First we need to light some incense to help set the mood,” Rick told me as he got up and walked over to the surfboard table. He picked up some funny looking sticks and lit one with a match. I watched as it flamed up for a few seconds before he blew it out making a bunch of smoke start filling the room. At first I thought it smelled like grass — it kinda does too — but then I noticed that it smelled sorta fruity too. Whatever that incense stuff was I really liked it a lot.

Rick said, “Now I’m going to heat up some special oil to use when I massage you,” as he poured some colored liquid into a strange looking pot. Then he lit a small candle and put the pot of oil on a holder on top of the candle. He also lit a couple of more candles that gave the room a sort of warm glow. I thought that was really neat too. In fact, everything about Rick seemed to be really neat.

OK, we’re almost ready. Now that we’ve set the mood in the room, we need to get you all relaxed so I can take care of that nasty scrape on your shoulder,” He said as he walked over and sat down on the couch next to me.

He stared into my eyes for a few seconds like he was checking me out again before he reached out and opened up a little box on the table and pulled out another doobie.

I’m betting that since your sister smokes grass, you have too,” He said as he looked right into my eyes like he already knew the answer.

Gulp! How did he know? I was pretty sure even my sister didn’t know I’d snuck into her room one day and took a couple of puffs. OK, I did it a few times, but please don’t tell my mom? She really would kill me if she found out. It kinda made me cough a little bit – well, a lot – but after that all I felt was really funny and it was like I was walking on marshmallows or something. And then I got really hungry. I must have eaten like ten bowls of Cap’n Crunch while I watched cartoons all afternoon. I don’t really understand why, but Scooby Doo was way funnier than usual that day. That’s all I really remember ‘cause the next thing I knew my mom was waking me up when she got home from work.

Since Rick had been so nice about everything else so far, I figured it was probably going to be OK if I told him the truth. I only nodded my head again though ‘cause I didn’t want to say it out loud.

Phew! I knew I was right. He only smiled at me again before he told me, “If you want, we can smoke a little bit to help you get relaxed.”

I probably would have done it anyway ‘cause I kinda like how it makes me feel. But I really wanted to do it so I wouldn’t be such a big baby when he put the Bactine on me, so I just nodded my head again.

I watched as he put the doobie in his mouth, light it and take a big puff. I didn’t think about it before when I was watching him outside, but that time I did. He didn’t even cough. Come to think of it, Jeff didn’t either. I wondered why as I watched him blow the smoke out of his mouth into really cool looking rings that seemed to just float up and fade away.

He must have been able to see that I was worried ‘cause he looked me in the eyes again and asked, “Are you sure you want to do this? You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

I could tell by the way he was looking at me that he wasn't going to care if I did it or not and that felt really nice. And even though I really did want to, the only thing I didn’t like about it was the coughing.

So I told him even though I was afraid it might make me look like a baby. “I like it how it makes me feel and everything, it’s just that it makes me cough – a lot – though.”

Rick is so nice. He didn’t even laugh at me like I was afraid he might. And he told me that he knew of a way to do it where I probably wouldn’t cough, at least not as much anyway.

I tried to think how I was going to put that doobie to my lips and breathe in and not get burned by the super hot smoke, but I couldn’t think of anything so I just asked, “Really, how?”

Rick is really smart too. “Since it’s the heat from the smoke that makes you cough – mostly anyway – I’ll take the hit first, then hold it my lungs until it cools down. Then I’ll put my lips on yours and we’ll open our mouths and I’ll really gently blow it into your lungs kind of like I’m blowing up a balloon,” he told me as he was rubbing his hand all over my chest again.

That sounded like a pretty good idea to me. And it was kinda funny that he was going to blow me up like a balloon. But it was a little weird that we were going to be our touching lips together like that. Especially with our mouths open like my sister and Jesse did when they kissed.

Do you want to try it like that?” He asked me as his hand moved up to my face and one of his fingers brushed over my lips.

I just nodded my head again ‘cause I was already starting to relax a little bit just because of the incense and the candles and the light from the fish tank and the way he was touching me and pretty much everything.

Just breath in a really gently when I start blowing the smoke into your mouth, OK?” He said to me before he took another puff on the doobie.

I only nodded again as I watched him hold the smoke in his lungs for a few seconds before he asked me in a really funny voice, “Are you ready?”

Instead of nodding my head that time I just opened my mouth to let him know I was. I couldn’t help wondering if I should close my eyes or not. Jesse and my sister usually closed their eyes when they kissed like that. But it wasn't really a kiss Rick was gonna give me so I decided to leave them open. That and I wanted to watch him as he did it to me.

He leaned down a second later and touched his lips to mine as he opened his mouth too. Up until then all the tingly feelings Rick had made me feel had felt better than anything I‘d ever felt before – except maybe when I was watching my sister put Jesse’s dick (Oops) in her mouth and lick it and stuff. I don’t know why, but that was my favorite thing to spy on. But as soon as his lips touched mine it felt like lightning bolts had shot right through me and straight down to my, uhm… balls. That’s weird too, huh?

I could feel when he started to breathe out and as soon as the smoke started to come into my mouth I breathed in really gently like he said to. He was right! It didn’t burn at all as I felt it go down my throat and start to fill up my lungs.

He only gave me a little bit though before he pulled away and told me in that funny voice again, “Close your mouth and hold it in as long as you can.”

I must have held my breath for about ten seconds – maybe even longer – until I watched as he started blowing smoke rings again. I wanted to try to do that too so I kinda tried to make my mouth do what his was as I blew out the smoke. It didn’t work though. I couldn’t even make one of those rings. But at least I didn’t cough.

He just smiled at me again before he asked, “Was that good?”

Aside from not coughing that time — I was really proud of myself for not doing it too — I had to think about it for a few seconds. I closed my eyes and lay there trying to see if I was getting that funny marshmallowy feeling yet. I couldn’t really tell so I figured I probably needed to do it again. I was a little afraid to ask him though – I didn’t want to be rude or anything – so I just shrugged my shoulders hoping he’d just know I needed another one.

You want another hit?” He asked while he brushed his fingers through my hair again.

I guessed that what he meant by hit was taking another puff and not him actually hitting me so I nodded my head again. He was being so nice to me and I hadn’t really said anything for a long time so I decided to say something that time too.

Yes please,” I said as I reached up and ran my fingers through his hairs like he was doing to me, except in a different place.

His eyes went all silly again before he said to me, “You are so polite, I really like that.”

Then he leaned down like he was going to give me another hit. Even though I hadn’t seen him take one yet and I knew that he didn’t have any smoke inside of him, I opened my mouth anyway for some reason just as his lips touched mine. I don’t know why but I just automatically closed my eyes that time too.

He only stayed there for a second as he rubbed his nose against mine – which kinda tickled in a tingly way – before he pulled away. He didn’t sit all the way up though ‘cause when I opened my eyes his face was still right in front of mine.

That one was only supposed to be a kiss to let you know how much I like you,” He whispered while he looked into my eyes again.

Oh,” I said as I lay there wondering what he was thinking. I was kinda wondering what it would have been like if that had actually been a French kiss – that’s what Jesse calls a tongue kiss anyway. Am I weird?

Since he was being really nice to me and he’d tried to give me a kiss anyway, I decided it was my turn. Before he had a chance to pull away I leaned up and kissed him right on his lips. Yeah, I got those tingly feelings again – about a million times more than before. My d..., uhm… thingy got really (really, really) hard too. Now I know that’s weird.

I watched Rick for a few seconds after I lay back down and prayed that when he sat up he wouldn’t notice my, uhm… stiffy.

He just smiled for a few seconds before he whispered, “Are you ready for another one?”

I didn’t know if he meant another kiss or another hit, but by then I would have taken either so I just nodded my head again. Probably a little too excitedly that time ‘cause it made him laugh again.

He leaned up and took the doobie back in his mouth and lit it again. He held the smoke in for a few seconds until it cooled down like before and then he started to lean back down towards me. My mouth was open and my eyes were closed before he even got half way to me.

That time when his lips touched mine I was a little more ready for it, but it still caused my balls to tingle some more. I breathed in again like he’d taught me and that time I really felt it flowing into me. Not hot and smoky like it was going to make me cough or anything. It was that marshmallowy feeling that started in my tummy and quickly spread out all the way down to the tips of my toes and up into the top of my brain. I was definitely on my way to being relaxed that time.

I don’t know why, but I wanted to see what it felt like to French kiss so I stuck out my tongue that time before he had a chance to pull away. My sister is always telling me I’m weird, maybe she’s right.

What’s even weirder is that Rick stuck his tongue out too and they both touched together for a few seconds. Wow! Even though that’s what I was secretly hoping for, I still wasn’t expecting it. The lightning bolt hit me right in my dick that time and I had to grab it to make sure it didn’t go flying out of my shorts. There I said it, OK? It’s called a dick. Are you happy now? Just don’t tell on me, please?

Rick pulled away after a few seconds – he could have kept doing it for a while longer if he’d wanted too – and I opened my eyes to see what he thought about what I did.

I think he liked it too ‘cause he said, “If you want, we can do that some more while I’m massaging you,” As he blew the rest of his smoke out.

I blew my smoke out too trying to make the smoke rings again but I couldn’t. I wasn’t sure if he meant smoking grass or kissing. I didn’t think I needed any more grass ‘cause I was super-duper relaxed by then. But I nodded my head again anyway ‘cause I kinda wanted to touch his tongue with mine again.

He leaned up and put the doobie in the ashtray and then reached over and picked up the wipes and the Bactine. I guess the grass really worked ‘cause I wasn’t as worried about crying as I was before.

Are you ready?” He asked me as he squirted some of the nasty stuff onto one of the wipes.

Yeah,” I told him even though I really wasn’t. Inside I was telling myself there was no way I was going to cry that time, no matter what. Even though I was pretty sure Rick wouldn’t have been mad at me if I did cry, I didn’t want to because I wanted to start being tough like Jeff and Jesse were. That and thinking about the “special everywhere body massage” – with oil – sounded even better since I was totally relaxed and feeling tingly all over my body. I was also kinda wondering where exactly everywhere meant.

I just nodded my head to let him know I was ready. I hoped so anyway.

He took my hand in his and told me to squeeze if it hurt too bad.

I thought that was really nice too so I nodded my head again as I said, “Thanks.”

I watched as he lowered the wipe to my shoulder, but he just started around the edges so I’d get used to it first. Even though it didn’t hurt – yet – it was still really cold so I guess I kind of squeezed his hand a little bit.

He looked at me like he was a little worried that he’d hurt me already and I didn’t want him to think that so I blurted out, “It’s just cold.”

He giggled a little bit as he said, “Sorry little man. The oil is probably warm by now though so we’ll do that next.”

I just nodded my head again, really fast.

That made him giggle again for a few seconds before he leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Be tough little man.”

Before I even had a chance to think about it he put the wipe right on my scrape and held it there while he kept his eyes right on mine.

Oh sh.., it hurt like heck! But I was pretty proud of myself ‘cause I didn’t even squeeze his hand very hard. OK, maybe I did a little bit, but I didn’t cry at all. I didn’t even feel like crying either. And he held it there for probably like a whole minute too.

He leaned down and kissed me on the lips again. That time it happened so fast that I didn’t even have time to think about closing my eyes or opening my mouth. Then he sat back up and said, “All done, I’m really proud of you little man.”

I didn’t even notice that he’d pulled off the wipe when he’d kissed me. Wow! Rick is really good at making sure I don’t get an infection. He’s definitely going to be the one to take care of all my cuts and stuff from now on.

We’ll do the bandage later, are you ready for your massage now?” He asked me as he got up and walked over to the surfboard table.

I was really excited about getting massaged by Rick, but I was also a little worried about what he might think if – or probably when – he saw my stiffy. There was no way he was going to miss it, it looked huge in my really tight shorts. Well, I thought it looked huge anyway. Hey, it was already a little bit over 3-inches long and even though it wasn't as big as Jesse’s or Jeff’s – and probably tiny compared to Rick’s – I thought that it was pretty big for a kid my age.

Yes please,” I said as I decided that I wanted the special everywhere massage more than I cared about him seeing my stiffy. He probably wouldn’t care anyway ’cause I bet he gets them too.

I looked to see if maybe he had one while he was carrying the pot of oil back towards me. It looked pretty big down there, but I couldn’t be sure.

Next he went over to one of the cabinets and pulled a sheet out and came back and laid it out on another part of the couch. I told you the couch was huge.

Then he turned back to me and said, “That’s so the oil doesn’t get on the couch,” as he picked me up and lay me down on top of the sheet. It was really nice that I didn’t have to do anything but lay there while he did all that stuff to me.

And then he said it. “I don’t really want to get any oil on your shorts and it’s kind of hard to massage everywhere while they’re on, so would you mind if I took them off?”

Oh sh..! I knew he must have known about my stiffy then ‘cause he’d said the word hard. I looked into his eyes to see if I was right and what he thought about that. I also wondered what it would be like to be totally naked in front of someone else. Not even my mom had seen me that way in since I was a little kid. And no one had ever seen it hard before.

He must have seen the worried look in my eyes ‘cause he leaned down and gave me another kiss before he whispered, “Don’t be embarrassed, I think you have a beautiful body.”

Beautiful? I thought only girls were beautiful. Even though I thought it was kinda weird that he’d said that, it still made me feel really good inside. And then I knew for sure that he knew about it. As he leaned back up his fingers rubbed down my chest, over my tummy and right onto my shorts and it.

He kept his eyes on mine as he whispered, “It’s OK, it’s supposed to get hard when someone makes you feel good this way.”

Lightning struck again, big time. Even though that felt better than anything – EVER, I was also more embarrassed than EVER. I was probably as red as a tomato too. And I knew right then that by everywhere, he really did mean everywhere and that sounded really (really, really, really) nice. The picture of Jesse’s hard dick and the look on his face as my sister did that stuff to it raced through my mind like a movie as I lay there wondering if maybe Rick would want to do that to me too.

I guess he could tell that I was still a little bit embarrassed ‘cause he leaned down and kissed me on the lips again before he whispered, “Don’t worry about it, mines hard too.”

My eyes immediately went to his shorts trying to see if he was telling me the truth. I don’t know why, ‘cause that time I could tell just by looking that his was hard too, but I put my hand out and kinda poked at it through the cloth of his shorts just to be sure. I knew it! I could tell without even seeing it that his was way bigger than Jesse’s. He leaned back up and let me feel it while he watched me.

How come yours is hard?” I asked him. I knew why mine was hard, but I couldn’t figure out why his was too.

He thought about that for a second before he answered. “Because it feels really good to rub you and kiss you and stuff… And I think you are really cute too.”

Oh man. I hate it when people call me cute. And for some reason people say that a lot. Most of the time I either ignore them or tell ‘em not to say it – well, not my mom – but it didn’t really bother me as much when Rick said it. I knew way down inside that he really meant it and that made it seem not as bad.

He hadn’t moved or taken my hand off of his hard dick so I just sorta left it resting there in between his legs as I asked him, “Why do you think I’m cute?”

Mom says it’s not nice to fish for compliments; she calls it being conceited. But I kinda liked the way Jesse and Jeff looked — though I probably wouldn’t have used the word cute to describe them — and I wondered if he meant it the same way.

His hand left my dick – I was kinda bummed about that – and rubbed up my tummy, over my chest and face before he started rubbing his hands through my hair again.

Because your blond hair and blue eyes are every mans dream,” He said as his fingers brushed through my hair again.

Next he ran his finger tip across my forehead and over my nose as he said, “And your little nose, with that little upturn right at the tip and those adorable freckles sprinkled across the bridge and onto your rosy little cheeks makes me want to lean down and eat you.”

I knew he wanted to eat me! And I knew he meant what he was saying and that felt really nice inside – and outside too. But people talking about my freckles is even worse than being called cute… I hate them! And I especially hate when people reminded me about them – especially my mom. I didn’t say anything though ‘cause he was being so nice and everything. Besides, I guess if Rick liked them than that was probably OK. Just so long as he didn’t talk about them very often.

His fingers moved down to my lips and brushed across them again as he kept talking. “Your lips are really nice and red and puffy too… very, very kissable,” he said before he leaned down and gave me another kiss.

I wasn't going to miss another chance at touching our tongues together so I opened my mouth and stuck mine out hoping he wouldn’t think I was being too weird. I guess he didn’t ‘cause he opened his mouth up too and kissed me right back with his tongue. I thought it was gross the first time I spied Jesse and my sister doing that – even though I couldn’t stop myself from watching them – and I didn’t understand why they’d want to do it. But all of a sudden it wasn’t gross anymore. In fact, it was pretty neat and felt really awesome.

Besides the lightning storm that was striking all over my body as we French kissed, a wild fire inside my heart like nothing I’d ever felt before began to grow and spread out everywhere inside of me. I’ve always loved my mom and – gag – even my sister too, I guess. But until then, I didn’t really get the idea of what loving someone outside of my family really meant. The picture that kept playing on the back of my eyelids was when Pepe le Pew – that skunk from the cartoons – fell in love with that girl cat that had the white paint stripe on her back. At least I think it was a girl cat. Well, remember those little cartoon hearts he had flying out of his chest as she walked by? Yeah, it felt just like that.

We kissed for probably a whole minute – maybe even longer – before Rick pulled away and whispered, “Do you like kissing like that?”

I only nodded my head again, really fast, before I leaned up and made him do it with me again. That time was even longer than the first (or second, I guess I lost count) but my neck started getting sore ‘cause of the way I was leaning up so I let my head drop down to the couch and just lay there panting. Wow! My heart was racing and my breathing was really fast just like when I had to ride my bike up those really steep hills we used to live by. Is that supposed to happen?

He looked kinda dreamy again for few seconds before he started telling me why he thinks I’m cute some more. “Your neck it really nice and kissable too,” he said as he leaned down and kind of nibbled at it where it meets my shoulder.

That time every hair on my body – though I don’t have many – stood on end and I was probably covered with goose bumps from head to toe. Why is it that no matter where he touches me, it feels as good as if he’s touching my dick?

And I really like your chest and arm muscles,” he said next as his finger tips traced all around my upper body. Yeah, that kept the goose bumps going for sure. When his finger tips started playing with my nipples… Oh shit! (Sorry!) It felt like they were somehow connected right to the tip of my dick. And for some reason they seemed to get just as hard as it was too.

After a little while his fingers kept going down my body as he kept talking. “You have a really nice tight tummy and a really sexy little belly button too.”

I always thought my belly button was just a lint trap like Mom called it when she made me clean it out. But when Rick leaned down and stuck his tongue right inside it for a second… well, all I can say is that it was somehow connected too.

Then his finger tips went over the waist of my shorts and rubbed right back down to my stiffy again. Instead of just resting there that time, he was moving his big finger back and forth over it like I did sometimes before I fell asleep. I knew right then that I was going to let him see me naked – and do whatever else he wanted too. But I kind of liked everything he was saying so I didn’t want to open my mouth and ruin it.

I think I’m really going to like this,” He said as his eyes left mine and looked down in between my legs for a few seconds.

I don’t know why, but I just blurted it out. “But it’s not as big as Jesse’s or yours.” Or probably Jeff’s either I didn’t say. “And I don’t have any hair like you guys do,” I added after a second. Even though it felt really good and I knew I was going to let him see it, I was still a little bit embarrassed and afraid that he might make fun of me or something. Well, I guess I knew he probably wouldn’t do that, but I was still embarrassed anyway.

Who is Jesse?” He asked me as looked back into my eyes while he kept his finger moving back and forth over it.

I told him about my sister’s boyfriend, or I guess ex-boyfriend since he still lives back in the Valley, and about how I’d spied on them sometimes – OK, a lot – while they were doing sex stuff. It was pretty weird ‘cause I usually don’t tell people about my spying ‘cause I always get yelled at for doing it. But I knew Rick wouldn’t do that. Hopefully you won’t either. Plus, I kinda liked telling him about Jesse’s dick. I think he liked hearing about it too.

Well yours feels pretty big,” he said as he kinda snickered at me with that funny look in his eyes.

Don’t worry, it’s going to keep growing as you get older. And I kind of like them without hair, they’re much nicer to suck on that way,” He added as he winked at me.

Oh shit (Oops)! I knew he would do that to me, I just knew it! I didn’t even think about it as I reached down and undid the button on my shorts.

Before I even had a chance to touch the zipper he asked me, “Can I do that?” while he pushed my hand away.

I only nodded my head again, really fast.

He giggled some more as I watched him grab the zipper in his fingers and slowly pull it down until it couldn’t go anymore. I thought it was really smart that he knew to pull the shorts away from my dick as he did it so it wouldn’t get caught in the zipper.

I’m pretty sure that I’d never been that hard before or that big either. It was like some cartoon monster coming out of its cave and pointing its head up at the sky as Rick spread the flaps of my shorts wide open. I looked up at Rick’s face for a second to see what he thought about it. He had that hungry look again so I guessed that meant that he really (really, really) liked it after all. I looked back down at it again and decided that I liked it a lot too. I guess I’ve always liked it, but now that someone else did too – especially Rick – I liked it a lot more.

Lift up,” he said as he looked into my eyes for a second.

Even though he didn’t say exactly what to lift up, I knew what he meant. My butt was off the couch in a split second and my shorts were on their way down my legs in another. It was pretty much automatic; as soon as my shorts went past my butt, my hips went back down and my legs lifted up in the air while I watched my shorts go past my knees, down my calves and come off my big feet before he threw them on the floor.

And there I was, totally naked and laying on Rick’s couch. Even though I normally would have felt really embarrassed and tried to cover my dick up, for some reason I didn’t feel that way at all. OK, maybe just a little bit. Mostly though, I had that tingly feeling flowing all over me, inside and out, and I lay there watching Rick watching me and wondered if that was what my sister meant by horny. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what she meant. What else could that word mean? After all, both our dicks were sticking up in the air just like horns on a bull.

I’d never noticed it before, but as I felt my heart pounding in my chest, my dick seemed to be pulsing and bouncing at the same time. I guess I never really noticed before ‘cause my heart had never pounded that hard before. Even when I’d watched Jesse’ putting his dick inside my sister’s… uhm, I don’t want to say that word. And not just because it’s bad – even though it is. But because it’s really (really, really) gross. And not just because she’s my sister either.

Rick started at the bottom that time. His hands rubbed my feet as he said, “I like your big feet too. That usually means that your dick is going to get really big as you get older,” as his eyes looked up in between my legs for a second or two. Yeah, I really liked the sound of that, a lot!

I giggled a little bit and kinda pulled my feet away from his hands ‘cause they’re really ticklish and I probably would have started laughing really hard if I hadn’t. Rick didn’t seem to mind though ‘cause he just pushed my legs apart and back down onto the couch before he began moving his hands up my legs.

The little blond hairs on your legs are very adorable too. The glint like diamonds as the light splashes over them,” He said while he ran his big strong hands up my calves.

He only stopped for a second at my knees as he squeezed them a little, but he didn’t say anything about them. Probably ‘cause there isn’t much to say about scarred-up bony knees that have scabs on them.

After a second, he pushed his hands further up my legs onto my thighs. I doubted he’d have anything nice to say about them either, but I was wrong. “You have really big and strong thighs like you ride a bike or surf a lot,” He said as he kinda pushed my legs a little bit further apart.

I ride my bike a lot, but I don’t surf… yet. I really want to though,” I blurted out as I watched his hands get closer to my dick and – oh shit – balls.

Just as his thumbs touched my balls while his hands circled around to both sides of my dick he said, “Then you shall become a surfer.”

It was right then that Rick became my all time superhero. Better than Superman, better than Batman, even better than Jesse. And not just because he was rubbing my dick and balls and making me feel better than I ever thought possible. But also because he said I was going to become a surfer. I knew it!

But this is by far the cutest part about you,” He said as he squeezed my dick to make sure I knew what he meant. “And it’s pretty big for such a little man,” He added a second later as he looked up into my eyes.

I could tell he wasn’t just saying it to make me feel good or anything, even though he was making me feel really (really, really) good right then. He really meant it! I could tell just by the way he was looking at me. I like it a lot that he looks at me that way. Yeah, yeah, I know… weird.

So now you know why I’m hard too Jeff. You are one hot little man and I really like touching you this way.”

That was the first time he said my name out loud and I really liked how it sounded coming from him. I also really liked how his hands were rubbing my dick and the stuff he was saying about it and it was making me feel really awesome both inside and out. I don’t think I’d ever felt as proud of myself before then. Even though I’d been told thousands of times before how cute I am - I guess that’s the same as being hot - I’d never really believed it until Rick said it.

His eyes went back down to my dick as I lay there watching him watching me. My hand was still between his legs and kind of resting on his big hard dick still so I didn’t think he’d mind if I sorta felt his too. So I kinda started moving my hand again. I was also wondering if maybe he’d let me see it.

Will you show me yours too, please?” I asked softly. By then I was positive that he didn’t mind me rubbing it. And I was pretty sure he wouldn’t mind showing it to me, and maybe even letting me hold it the way he was holding mine. But I was still a little bit embarrassed though.

But all that went away when he told me, “In this room Jeff, we can do whatever you want.”

I knew it!

But how about if I give you your special everywhere massage first so you’ll be totally relaxed. Then I’ll get naked too and give this big guy the special attention he deserves,” he said as he wrapped his big hand around my big guy and squeezed and stroked it a few times to make sure I knew what he meant before letting go of it.

I didn’t think it was possible that I could get anymore relaxed. And I really didn’t want him to stop touching me there, but I just nodded my head ‘cause I figured he knew what he was talking about. That and he pretty much promised that he’d give my big dick some special attention after the massage. And that for sure meant he was going to put it in his mouth and suck on it. At least I hoped (prayed) he would anyway.

I think you are really going to like the oil,” He said as he dipped his finger in the pot then pulled it back out and stuck it under my nose. “It smells really good, try it.”

By then I knew that Rick wouldn’t play any mean tricks on my so I took a big whiff. “Mmmmm, coconut,” I said as I kinda started becoming even more relaxed just like he said I would.

Yep. And there’s cocoa butter in there too, taste it” He said as he brought his finger down to my lips and rubbed around all over them.

Without even worrying about it I stuck my tongue out and touched it to his finger to see if I liked it. I could definitely taste the coconut, and I guess the other flavor was the cocoa butter – definitely not the kind of cocoa I was thinking about, but pretty good anyway – and I decided that I liked both how it tasted and how it felt all slippery in my mouth and on my lips, a lot.

So I leaned up and slurped his whole finger into my mouth and I sucked and licked until I got every last drop of the oil off of it.

That kinda reminded me again of spying on my sister as she did that to Jesse’s dick. I could tell she really liked doing it to him and I always wondered if I’d like doing it too. But I was thinking about Rick that time instead of Jesse. Well, I’d probably do it to Jesse too. But I was going to do it to Rick first, maybe, and if he'll let me.

I looked up into Rick’s eyes as l slid his finger out of my mouth to see what he thought. I could tell he was a little bit surprised, but I also knew that he liked that I’d done that too.

Next he stuck a few of his fingers in the pot before pulling them back out and bringing his hand over my chest letting the oil dribble all over me. Even though it wasn’t cold in the room, and even though the oil wasn't super-hot, I shivered from head to toe and I felt that electric feeling shooting between my nipples, my belly button and my dick. They all really must be connected somehow.

Is it burning you?” He asked me as he moved his hand over one my nipples so the oil would drip right down onto it.

I shook my head as I told him,” Uh-uh, it feels really good,” As I lay there wondering how it was going to feel when he put it right on my dick.

You can close your eyes while I massage you if you want,” he said as he picked up the pot and brought it over my chest.

I didn’t want to close my eyes ‘cause I liked watching him and everything he was doing to me. So I just shook my head and I started tracing my finger tip around his big dick again.

Will you at least unbutton your shorts and let it stick out?” I asked him. I kinda whimpered like my dog like I do when I’m at home and I really want something bad enough. Hey, it works — at least sometimes. I was totally relaxed and I guess maybe even really horny by that time and I really (really, really) wanted to at least see it while he massaged me.

He looked at me all surprised – and dreamy – again before he just nodded his head. Then he reached down and unsnapped the button and started to grab the zipper.

Can I do it… please?” I asked while kinda giggling as I pushed his hand away the same as he’d done to me.

He didn’t say anything. He just got that silly look again as he pushed his hips towards me a little bit to let me know that it was OK.

So I did. I pulled his zipper down – being careful not to catch his dick – all the way until it stopped. And I didn’t even have to push the flaps aside ‘cause his really hard and really big dick just sort of fell out and pointed right at me.

It was huge! And it had a lot of hair around it just like I knew it would. I always kinda thought that Jesse’ dick was probably the bestest one in the whole world. I was so wrong. Rick’s is way better.

Are you ready now?” He asked as I started moving my fingers through his hair down there. I can’t wait until I get some. But I guess since Rick said he likes mine without any, I can wait a while.

I just nodded my head again as I kept my eyes locked onto his huge dick.

Oh man it felt awesome when he began pouring the oil. He started at my chest and just sort of dribbled it down my body. He stopped for a second over my tummy and filled up my belly button before he kept going down and over my dick and – oh fu.. – balls.

I think my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I might have passed out ‘cause the next thing I remember was looking at Rick’s face. But he was looking down in between his legs so I moved my eyes back down there. Wow! I guess when the oil touched my balls I must have grabbed a hold of his dick because of the shock. I think I might have squeezed it a little too – OK, a lot – ‘cause my knuckles were kinda white.

I looked back up into his eyes when he asked me, “Are you OK?”

I really liked that he was always making sure that I was OK with everything he was doing. I mean he was so big and strong that he probably could have done it even if I didn’t like it or want him to do it. I did want him to do it though. But the way he acted like he cared about me made me know that he wasn't like that.

Sorry for grabbing you. It’s just that it felt really good when you did that,” I told him as I squeezed his dick a little bit again.

It only gets better little man,” He said as he poured the oil all the way down to my feet on one leg and then back up to my dick and balls on the other.

That time he poured a lot more right in between my legs and most of it ran down that spot under my balls and right into my butt crack. Yikes! I couldn’t decide if I liked that or not. It felt really tingly and everything, but it also made me squirm ‘cause it felt kinda ticklish and sorta squishy too.

Rick must have noticed ‘cause he said, “Oops, I didn’t mean to get it down there yet.”

Yet? I guess when he said everywhere, he really meant EVERYWHERE! Gulp. I was trying to remember if I’d wiped really good down there like my mom always told me to. I thought so, I’m usually pretty good about doing that.

Let me get that so it doesn’t make you uncomfortable,” he said as his big finger followed the path the oil had taken; right between my butt checks.

Zowwy! His finger slid all the way through my crack and then all the way back to my balls. And then he did it again, and then again. And then he stopped about half-way through… right at my hole! I don’t know why – they did it automatically – but my legs suddenly spread apart a lot further than they had been before. My knees rose up off the couch a little bit more too.

I looked up at his eyes as I felt his finger kinda poking and circling around my most private place and his eyes looked right back into mine with that questioning look again. I could tell that he was making sure that I was still OK with everything he was doing so I figured that it was kinda OK. I mean even if it was a little weird, it didn’t hurt or anything. OK, so it felt kinda good. I didn’t think my voice was going to work right then and I couldn’t really think of another way to let him know that I was still OK, so I just closed my eyes and squeezed his dick a little bit harder.

Rick must have known that I was OK ‘cause his finger circled my butt hole around and around and around for a few more seconds until I felt my muscles down there relax and his finger just sorta popped right inside. I don’t know how far it went in, but it felt pretty deep — and really awesome. Man, he is so good at making every muscle in my body super relaxed.

He only kept his finger up my butt for a second or two and then he pulled it out and circled my hole a couple more times. I opened my eyes and looked right into his and he still seemed a little bit worried about me so I smiled at him to let him know I was all right – and that I kinda liked it too. OK, I guess I really (really, really) liked it. So what if it’s weird!

My mom use to put a thermometer up my butt when I was a little kid, but it never felt anything like that. And it seemed to be connected to the rest of my stuff too. How can it all be connected?

You can do it again if you want to,” I told him as I spread my legs as far apart as they would go. That time it wasn't automatic. I did it myself ‘cause I figured that it might make it easier for him to get inside of me that way. And maybe even a little bit deeper too. I felt a little weird though lying like that though ‘cause he could pretty much see everything… Gosh, I hope I wiped good.

You are so hot Jeff,” He said as he leaned down to give me another kiss.

At the same time I felt his tongue slide into my mouth, I felt his finger slip back into my butt hole and my hand that wasn’t holding (and squeezing) his dick shot up to his neck and pulled his face as close to mine as it would go. For a few seconds – probably like ten – his tongue and his finger poked in and out of me over and over again as I lay there thinking about what he’d said. He was totally right (as usual), it did keep getting better.

His tongue and his finger pulled out of me at the same time – I wish he’d kept them both inside of me a little while longer – then he started to lean back up. I thought about not letting him get away ‘cause I had my arm pretty much wrapped around his neck by then. But I did and I just sorta let my hand slide across his shoulder, down his strong arm and back onto the couch as I lay there panting again. It’s weird that I was hardly moving at all but felt like I did when I was playing soccer – all hot and sweaty and out of breath and everything.

We’ll get back to that,” he told me as his hands brushed over my balls and dick, across my tummy and up to my chest. I kinda wanted him to start playing with my dick and my balls – and pretty much everything below my waist and above my thighs – some more, but I just nodded my head again cause I figured he was going to get back to all that stuff eventually. He said so, and I knew he wasn't a liar. Besides, I couldn’t help but wonder, and even get a little excited, about what he was going to do next.

As his big hands started rubbing around my chest and shoulders and arms and tummy, I felt my whole body sorta melt into the couch just like a hot marshmallow. I guessed the grass — and everything else — was working, big time. Every once in a while as his big hands moved around my chest, his finger tips would go over my nipples and it would make them puff up even more than they were the time before. It also made my dick pulse and kinda jump around and it felt almost as good as when he was touching it with his hands.

Because of the oil, his hands just seem to glide everywhere without any friction at all. Up and down, over and across, he pushed and pulled every muscle I had for a really long time as I watched him watching me.

I catch my mom watching me while I’m doing stuff sometimes (She spies too!) and I can always tell that she’s doing it ‘cause she loves me and likes watching me and that always makes me feel really good. I got the same feeling from the way Rick was looking at me right then, only it was a lot different. And a lot better too. But please don’t tell her I said that, it might hurt her feelings.

Rick was working his way down my body and as he got to my waist I couldn’t help but kinda push my hips up into the air hoping he’d remember his promise to get back to my dick and my butt hole. He worked his way all around down there touching and rubbing everything – except the two places I wanted him to touch the most. I thought I was being really patient ‘cause I just lay there only moving my hips back and forth a little bit, but when he moved down to my thighs I couldn’t help but remind him that he’d missed a spot (or two).

Instead of saying anything, I just whimpered like my dog does when she wants a bite of my sandwich. I thought that was a pretty good one and even kinda funny. And I guess he did too ‘cause he snickered a little bit before he said, “Don’t worry my little horn dog. I’ll get back to it as soon as I’ve finished with everything else.

Horn Dog? I got the horn(y) part of it and thought that was a good one too. But how did he know I was imitating my dog? Rick is so smart! I just let my hips sink back into the couch as I lay there thinking about how he’d said, “My little horn dog.” That kinda meant he thought I was his now. And I liked the idea of being his – at least some of the time – a lot.

He did my thighs for a while, and then my knees, calves and ankles before he made it all the way down to my feet. Until then, I was slowly getting a little bit sleepy ‘cause everything he was doing felt really relaxing and nice. But as soon as his fingers touched my toes I probably jumped about a foot off the couch just like when Jerry poured a bucket of ice water over Tom while he was asleep that one time.

I also sorta screamed like my sister does when she sees a snake and I showed him my entire butt hole when I lifted my legs pretty much over my head trying to get my very (very, very, very) ticklish feet as far away from his hands as possible.

I know I squeezed his dick pretty hard that time too, but he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I was pretty sure he liked what I was doing, a lot. Sometimes Jesse’s dick got this clear goo on the tip and it seemed that no matter how many times my sister licked it off, it just kept coming back. Rick had started to leak out some of that stuff. And it was about to start dripping on the floor. Maybe that was another sign of being horny I thought.

He just looked up at me and said, “No feet?” as a question.

They’re too ticklish,” I said as I kept my feet pointed up in the air – and my butt hole pointed right at him – until I was sure that he wasn’t going to put his hands back on them. As I lay there I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like if he stuck his finger up my butt while I was in that position. I know, I know… way weird. But I knew it would probably feel a lot better that way too.

OK, then rollover on your stomach,” he said as he smacked my butt playfully.

I yelped like my dog does as I turned over and mooned him. I got another little smack for that before he leaned down and kissed it. Wow! He actually kissed my butt! I'd heard Jesse tell guys to kiss his butt before, but I never ever thought someone would actually do it, or that it would feel that good! I yelped again before I dropped all the way down and settled in for the rest of my special EVERYWHERE massage. I was bummed that I had to let go of his hard dick though. But I felt the slippery tip poke into my side as he got into position to do my back, so I thought that was good enough… at least for the time being.

Rick leaned down and whispered in my ear again, “Did you know you have a really cute birthmark in your butt crack?”

Uhm, I guess I kinda did know that. But I hadn’t really thought about it in a while. Hey, it’s not like I’m always looking at my butt hole or anything. But how can a birthmark, especially in my butt crack, be cute? I just nodded my head again ‘cause I couldn’t think of anything to say about that.

Your backside is just as hot as your front,” He whispered into my ear again as he ran his fingers tips from my ankles all the way up to my butt. Yeah, I shivered again, big time.

And your ass is even more kissable than your lips,” he told me just before he bent down and gave my cheeks another kiss. “I want to eat it most of all,” He said as he gave me a few more kisses down there before he finished off with a great big lick.

Zowwy! I knew he wanted to eat me. I just didn’t think he meant down there. Actually, I thought he was sorta kidding when he said it. Well, mostly anyway. I was so wrong.

Wowwy! I squirmed around a little bit (a lot) and pushed my really (really, really) hard dick into the couch cushion when Rick unexpectedly dribbled hot oil all over my back, down my spine, into my butt crack and onto my balls. If his big dick had still been in my hand I would’ve squashed it like a snail. Still, even though I was in pretty much in shock for a few seconds, it felt really good too. And even though he’d made my crack all squishy again, I guess I kinda liked it ‘cause I knew he was gonna end up doing it to me with his finger again. So what that I liked him doing that to me. I bet you’d like it if I did it to you!

It felt so awesome when I felt his big strong hands start rubbing everywhere on my back – except where my scrape was – while he spread the oil around. He started off using his palms as he worked the oil all over my skin and then he switched to using just the tips of his fingers as he was kinda gliding around the nubs of my spine and pressing into my muscles and pretty much running all over the place. It felt like a thousand snakes were slithering all over my body as his fingers worked all over my back, butt cheeks, thighs and calves. And it felt so F...’n good.

He went up to my neck and shoulders and used his finger tips on every muscle he could find. Just as I was beginning to sink right into the couch ‘cause I was super-duper relaxed and feeling really (really, really) awesome, he leaned down and whispered into my ear again.

Do you like what we’ve been doing so far?” He said as his hot breath made the goose bumps come back again.

I could barely speak right then so I only nodded my head as I whispered, “Yeah, a lot.”

You know that you could say stop at anytime, right?” He said next as he ran his fingers through my hair.

I knew he wasn’t like that. I just knew it! And even though what he’d just said made me feel really (really) good inside, I only nodded my head that time. I felt way too relaxed right then to say anything else.

Did you like kissing too?” He asked next as he took a little nibble at my ear before he stuck his tongue right inside.

Oh shit! That made my balls shiver, again. My dog licks me like that sometimes when he gets really excited. But it never felt anything like what Rick just did to me. How can my ear and my balls be connected?

I nodded yes again before I decided that I should probably just show him how much I liked it. I turned my face towards him as much as I could while I puckered my lips and whimpered like my dog again hoping he’d know that I wanted to French kiss with him some more.

Yeah, he knew what I wanted — probably even needed — from him right then.

As he whispered, “You’re so fucking hot Jeff,” he leaned down until our lips and tongues touched together once again. I like being called fucking hot. I kinda like to cuss too. It’s so fucking cool! Just promise me you won’t tell my mom ANYTHING!

I got my tongue into his mouth first that time. And we both kept our eyes open too. We must have kissed for like ten whole minutes while one of his hands was rubbing back and forth from my chin to behind my ear while the other had started slowly making its way down my back on its way to my still squishy butt crack. I kinda hoped he was heading back down there anyway.

I learned a new word that day. Well, I guess it’s really two words that just kinda go together and seem to make one really cool one.


Yeah, I was kind of shocked (and bummed) when Rick pulled away from our kiss and asked me, “Did you like it when I was finger-fucking you earlier?” Even though I’d never heard that before, right away I knew what it meant. What else could that mean?

I nodded my head again, really (really, really, really) fast as I moaned, “Uh huh,” while I pushed my butt up off the couch a little bit while I whimpered for him again. I kinda thought he liked it when I did that so was decided I was gonna keep doing it for him ‘cause he was being so nice to me and everything.

Just when his hand had made it down to my butt cheeks and started massage around he leaned back and stuck his tongue in my ear again. That time as I shivered again my legs suddenly spread apart about as far as they could go. OK, I did it on purpose that time too. But I wanted him to “finger-fuck” me again. That was like the best feeling ever for me, at least up until that point in the day anyway, and I wanted to feel it again (and again).

He took the hint and moved his big strong hand with all of its big strong fingers into my crack while he kept tonguing my ear in between whispering all kinds of really nasty things to me. I bet my mom would just die on the spot if she heard just some of what he said. I kinda thought it was fucking hot!

Up and down, and pretty much all around his fingers spread the oil everywhere. And I mean everywhere. From the top of my crack all the way down to my balls and even onto my super hard dick a few times as I lay their waiting patiently for him to get to finger-fucking me some more.

I figured he might have got lost down there so I started whimpering again to remind him of what I wanted most of all. Again, at least up until that point in the day. I also raised my butt of the couch a little bit more so it would make it easier for him and probably feel better for me.

Just as he moved his lips back to mine and started kissing me harder than ever, his biggest finger (it must have been) circled my hole for a second or two before it slipped right inside of me. All the way inside of me.

Oh fuck! It felt so fucking good. And I let out a really loud moan because of it. I don’t know why, but I started thinking about Jesse right then. I was wondering if my sister ever did that to him. Probably not I thought. I’ve spied on them having sex lots of times and I never-ever saw her do anything like that to him. And if he were anything like me, once he’d had it done to him, he’d want it every time they did it.

Rick pulled his big finger almost all the way back out of my butt hole before he surprised me again by switching directions and shoving it all the way back in while he swirled it around and around inside of me. Way inside of me!

OH FUCK!” I said out loud that time as I pulled away from our French kiss and shoved my face into the couch cushion. My butt pretty much lifted up into the air as high as it could go until I was on my knees. Yeah, I did it on purpose that time too.

Rick went back to attacking my ear with his tongue – and nasty words – again while he started sliding his finger in and out of me super-super fast.

I didn’t even realize it at first, but all of a sudden I heard myself moaning, “Yeah,” over and over as I lay there with my face pressed into the couch and my butt pointing up in the air while I was getting finger-fucked by my new superhero. I couldn’t help wondering if everything we were doing made us boyfriends or something. I would have thought that was a really (really, really) weird thing just the day before — heck even just an hour before then — but I was secretly kinda hoping that’s exactly what it meant.

When he whispered, “Now I’m going to go down there and tongue-fuck you my love,” that I knew it did and that made my insides feel even better than his big finger that was inside of me. Again, way inside of me!

And yeah, I guess I learned a bunch of new words that day. Mom always says it’s important to learn new things everyday. I wondered how she’d feel about all of the stuff I was learning that day. Not that she was ever going to find out about it if I could help it. You promised not to tell her anything either, right?

As Rick began licking his way down my back while he kept his finger jamming in and out of my butt hole, I lay there panting and wondering if he was really going to do what he’d just said. Tongue fucking? Yeah, that one was pretty obvious too. And I thought it sounded really (really, really) gross. Well, for Rick anyway. For me I thought that it would probably feel really (really, really) good. And fucking hotter than anything!

Just as he nibbled and licked his way into my crack he pulled his finger all the way out and stuck his tongue all the way inside while his hand slid down that spot in between my butt hole and my balls and rubbed all around. I don’t remember thinking about it or anything, but I do remember reaching behind me right then and spreading my butt cheeks as far apart as I could. I probably did it so Rick could get his tongue up my hole as far as possible. I guess it doesn’t matter why I did it though ‘cause it seemed to work, really (really, really) good.

Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” I was nearly shouting as Rick was sticking his tongue in and out of my butt hole while he started fingering my balls and dick. I could picture in my head my sister as she was bent over her bed with Jesse fucking her “Doggie-Style”. I’d seen that exact thing in real life a whole bunch of times and every time she was lying with her head down and shouting out (screaming) pretty much just like I was right then. “Oh Fuck!” Yeah, I know. I’m weird.

After a few minutes of him tongue-fucking me (I kinda like saying that), he switched back to finger-fucking me (that too) while his tongue and lips switched to attacking that spot in-between my butt hole and balls. Yeah, I kept my butt checks spread apart anyway.

Oh fuck yeah!” I moaned into the couch as he slurped both of my balls into his mouth while he shoved his big fat finger all the way inside of me and wiggled it around and around again (and again). I decided I didn’t care if it was weird having him do all that stuff to me. I like it and I don’t really care what anybody else thinks about it. Well, as long as no one else finds out about it anyway.

And then I think I howled like a wolf, whimpered like my dog and screamed like my sister — all at the same time. Rick touched a spot way inside of me that was for sure connected to every other part of my body he’d been making feel so good. That was the spot that seemed to control everything else; my dick and balls, my nipples, my ears, my belly button… EVERYTHING! I guess it doesn’t matter how it’s all connected, it just is. And I’m so glad that Rick found it for me. He is so smart!

Rollover so I can suck your dick better,” He said as he slipped his big finger out of me.

He didn’t even give me time to answer – or be bummed that he’d pulled his finger out of me – ‘cause he just slid his big hand past my dick and balls and onto my tummy and then he flipped me over like a pancake.

Flop. All of a sudden I was sorta facing him – at least my super hard dick was – with my legs hanging over the edge of the couch before he grabbed me by the ankles and lifted them up and onto his shoulders until the backs of my knee’s were hooked around his neck. As soon as I was in that position he tilted his head down and sucked my dick and balls into his mouth while his big finger slipped back inside of me – way inside of me – again.

Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…,” I shouted again as I felt my legs clamping around Rick’s neck like when I have to pull my dogs choker chain really tight when he sees a girl dog. I didn’t mean to squeeze him that hard, really. I just kinda lost control of my muscles right then and I couldn’t help it

Luckily I don’t think I was hurting him. He might not have liked that I did that though, but I can’t really be sure ‘cause he didn’t say anything. Instead he just pushed back on my legs until my knees were up against my chest while he kept pounding his finger up my butt hole as he sucked and slurped on my dick and balls like… well, I was gonna say he was kinda of acting like my dog does when I give him a can of wet food. Yeah, he pretty much attacks the bowl with his mouth and tongue just like Rick was doing to me right then. But that’s kinda weird to think about.

I already knew the word blow job. But now I really (really, really) know what it means, if you know what I mean. And I knew then why Jesse likes them so much too and I felt a little bit like were in the same club. I even felt a little bit more grown up than Jesse right then ‘cause I was getting finger-fucked while I was getting a blow job. Something I was pretty sure he’d never had happen to him before. I guess I was wrong about that too though. It’s just that my sister never did it too him.

I lay there on my back with my legs spread apart and my butt lifted off the couch as Rick kept licking and sucking and slurping for a really long time – I have no idea how long – before I started getting this funny feeling inside of me again. I mean, it sorta seemed to be coming from that spot way deep inside of me, but it was also coming from my balls too. And it seemed like it was making its way up my dick.

Riiiiiick………., I think I’m gonna p..” I started to shout as I leaned my head up to warn him. He didn’t let me finish though.

He cut me off as he said, “Just let it happen little man,” before he leaned back down and sucked my entire dick into his mouth and began bobbing up and down on it just like when me and my friends used to do dares to see how far we could stick a Popsicle down our throats. Well, it was just a dare to them anyway. I was always secretly pretending that I was doing it to Jesse just like my sister did.

I kept my head up and watched as Rick gave me my first blow job. I really liked watching Rick doing that to me more than I liked watching my sister doing it to Jesse. Way more in fact! Hey, not only did I get to see it happen, I got to feel it too. The only thing I got to feel when I watched her and Jesse was my fingers as I sorta played with my super hard dick. Feeling and seeing a hot, wet mouth suck my dick – especially Rick’s – is way better!

I didn’t get to finish watching the show though. All of a sudden Rick touched that spot again (and again and again), and I pretty much collapsed back into the couch as I screamed out, “Oh shit, oh fuck, oh GOD!” over and over again while I grabbed two fistfuls of the sheet I was laying on and just automatically started pushing my hips up into Rick’s face. Yeah, I was pretty much shoving my dick into Rick’s mouth as hard and fast as I could right then. Don’t worry; I didn’t choke him or anything. And he liked that I “face-fucked” him really hard and fast, a lot! Yeah, I like face-fucking really hard and fast a lot too. Heck, I even like saying it.

My friend had told me about the feeling and everything that’s supposed to happen when you finish. And I could always tell that Jesse liked it a lot more when he finished too ‘cause he made these really funny faces and stuff while he was pretty much yelling out every bad word there ever was. But I had no idea it was gonna feel that fuckingood! I tried for a long time to come up with a way to describe how fuckinawesome it felt for me. But “Better than anything, EVER,” just doesn’t seem to be enough—even though it really was better than anything, EVER!

Then Rick told me that you can’t really tell someone that hasn’t had that done to them before what it really feels like. “They won’t really understand until they feel it for themselves,” He said. He’s so right, as usual. Even though I’d been told about it and had even seen it in real life lots of times… I had no fuckinidea!

Hopefully you’ve felt it before and you know what I’m talking about, If not, this is the best I can do.

Imagine if you got to go to the fireworks shack on the Fourth of July and your mom let you pick the biggest box of fireworks they ever made. (Wouldn’t that be really cool?) Except when you got home you didn’t have to wait until dark to set them off. Instead you snuck out into the back yard with the whole box and you shoved every one of them up your butt hole – way inside your butt hole. Then you put one of the biggest (and longest) fuses into the pee hole of your dick and you shoved that way down deep inside of you too. And then you lit the fuse and lay back to watch the show. Well, I never got to see the grand finale, but it pretty much felt just like that.

Anyways, I had the feeling for like a whole minute – maybe even two – before I pretty much lost control of all my muscles and I just started shaking uncontrollably from head to toe until I pretty much blacked out ‘cause it felt so fuckingood.

When I woke up I was a melted marshmallow. And my eyes were kinda blurry. And I thought maybe I’d died and gone to heaven. I looked down at myself as I recovered from the most awesome experience I’d ever had — maybe that anyone had ever had — and my whole body was all hot and sweaty and shiny and shimmery from the oil that Rick had spread everywhere. He really had meant EVERYWHERE!

I could pretty much see my heart beating in my chest as I watched it rise and fall really quickly as if I’d just run a million miles or something and no matter how much air I sucked into my lungs I couldn’t seem to get enough to catch my breath.

I looked down in-between my still spread legs and my big dick was still as hard as a rock and super-slobbery from Rick’s spit. My balls felt kinda tight and pressed up into my body a lot more than they usually were too. I know it’s weird – and like my mom says, “A little conceited,” — but I thought I looked fuckinhot!

As I lay there trying to catch my breath, I noticed that Rick’s big finger wasn’t inside of me anymore. He must have slipped it out of my hole when I passed out. While I felt a little sore down there after everything he did to me, it was the good kind of sore, if you know what I mean. If not, all I can say is, “Bummer for you, dude.” I got that line from Jesse just to be fair.

I didn’t really start coming out of my daze until I looked up into Rick’s eyes. He was still on his knees on the floor in front of me and it seemed he was watching over me making sure I was OK and everything until I woke up and I thought that was really nice of him. I couldn’t help thinking that my mom would probably think he was nice too. Well, as long as she didn’t find out about what we’d done together anyway. Please don’t tell her! I so want her to like him.

He seemed out of breath and all hot (and by hot, I mean hot!) and sweaty just like I was. The dreamy look was still there on his face too, but it was kinda hiding behind his hungry look that pretty much seemed to be pouring out of him and onto me. They way he was looking at me made me get all tingly again and I thought I might be ready to do it again. But not before I got my turn to do him first.

Can I do it to you now?” I asked him as I rolled over on my side and started sliding my body down so I could get my face in front of his still super-hard dick. I didn’t even really have to think about it anymore. I knew I wanted to suck him and I figured I’d seen my sister do it to Jesse enough times that I knew how to do it too. And I was probably going to do it even better than her too. Heck, she’s a girl and she pretty much sucks at boy stuff.

I was sure that Rick would like it if I did it to him. So it was kinda surprised and maybe even a little bit worried that I’d done something wrong when he stopped me.

Wait,” he nearly shouted as he took a hold of both my hands and pinned me down on the couch.

Then he leaned down and put his lips to my ear and whispered, “I really like you Jeff and I don’t ever want you to do something you don’t really want to do.” That made me get all tingly on my insides again. When he kissed the side of my head I felt the tinglies on the outside again too.

I struggled free from his grip on my arms and pulled him into the bestest and longest kiss we’d done so far. My heart was still pounding – big time – but it had sorta changed back to the flying cartoon hearts again. Yeah, I knew for sure right then that I loved him more than anybody, ever! And I was pretty sure (well, I hoped) he felt the same way about me too.

When our lips separated I let him know how much I loved him. “But I really do want to do it!” I told him with pretty much the same brattiness I had when I said I wasn’t a little boy anymore. I didn’t think it was fair that he’d already gotten to do it to me and it didn’t seem like he was going to let me have my turn too. Hey, little men get horny too! Yeah, that surprised looked came on his face again - for a split-second anyway - before he started dripping hungrily even more, pretty much all over me.

He looked at me for a long moment before he asked me, “Do you know what happens when a man has an orgasm?” in a way that made it seem as though he was afraid I was gonna get hurt or something. Yeah, he’d gotten kinda serious right then. Way too serious! Heck, it wasn’t as if I was asking to play with a loaded gun or anything.

Even though I didn’t remember hearing that word before, I knew what he meant by what happens to a man when they orgasm. He meant getting the feeling and making the sperms. My friend told me about that too. I also knew ‘cause my sister didn’t always do it right when she gave Jesse a blowjob. Sometimes, even though she was supposed to swallow all of it, she spit the sperms out after he got done squirting them in her mouth. Jesse would tell her she was being a pussy when she did that. Well, I wasn't going to be a pussy if I got the chance to do it. At least I didn’t think I would.

I nodded my head really (really, really) fast as I started telling him what I’d seen and heard before and how my sister didn’t always do it right — but I was going to! Yeah, surprise spread out across his face again before it totally went away and was replaced by…well, it pretty much looked like he was starving to death by then.

I guess he decided that I wasn’t going to get hurt or anything ‘cause he started to say, “If you really want to you can. But…”

He didn’t get a chance to finish though ‘cause I just pushed him off of me and finished sliding down the couch until his really big and hairy dick was right in front of my face. I grabbed a hold of it and rubbed it and stroked it like he’d done to me while I kinda checked it out for a little while. I was right, his has to be the bestest one ever! Well, except for mine anyways.

The tip of it looks just like a fire fighters helmet – just like mine only bigger – and the whole thing felt really soft and really hard all at the same time. It’s pretty long too. I could hold it with both my hands and there was still a lot of dick that stuck out on either side. And I couldn’t even wrap my small hands and fingers all the way around it ‘cause it was so thick. His balls were pretty big and they hung down pretty far too. I wonder if mine will end up hanging down like that too someday.

He’d promised me that when he was done with me he’d get naked too so I reminded him. “Will you take your shorts off now, please?” I asked him as I started rubbing my finger all around his pee hole trying to see what the shiny goo that was dribbling out of it felt like. I kinda thought it felt sorta like the oil he’d used on me – but a lot more slippery – and that was pretty neat. When he was done getting naked, I decided I wanted to feel it on my lips and tongue too.

So I leaned in towards it – I think he pushed it towards me a little bit too – and stuck out my tongue. Lightning struck again – for both of us that time – as my tongue touched his dick for the first time. I pulled away and looked up for a second to make sure I was doing it OK ‘cause I heard him groan pretty loudly. But his face was just like Jesse’s was when my sister did it to him so I was pretty sure he was groaning ‘cause he really liked what I’d done. I decided I liked doing it too, so I did it again.

I also decided I liked the taste of the gooey stuff after I took another – and way bigger – lick. It didn’t really taste like the coconut oil. In fact, it tasted sorta sweet and sour all at the same time and I thought it was pretty good... well, considering where it was coming from anyway. But the really cool thing was it made my tongue start to tingle just like my balls were beginning to again. OK, I guess they never really stopped tingling, but I could feel it getting a lot stronger right then.

Rick groaned again and I kinda liked that I was making him do that so I just kept on licking. During summertime back in the Valley when you bought an ice cream cone, you pretty much had to keep licking it non-stop until it was all gone or else it would end up dripping all over the place as it melted because of the heat. Yeah, I was licking his dick pretty much just like that. Hey, I had to! No matter how many times I licked up the stuff from his pee hole, it just coming out and would have ended up dribbling all over my fist and onto the floor if I didn’t catch it all in time. I was glad I got to do it to Rick first instead of Jesse. Even though Jesse made that stuff too, he didn’t make nearly as much as Rick did. Plus, the more I licked it the more tingly my tongue and mouth (and balls) got.

I thought that I might not have to work so hard if I just put his dick in my mouth and sucked it out instead of trying to lick really fast to keep up. But I wasn't quite sure if it was going to fit – at least very much of it anyway – since I’d had a chance to get a really close look at it. I told you it was huge! And I think maybe it had grown even bigger since I started licking it and stuff. I don’t even know if it really was possible for it to get any bigger, but it sure did seem like it.

I decided that I was going to try anyway so I leaned forward and touched my lips to it and just sorta let a little bit of the tip slip inside my mouth. Rick groaned again, but I knew it was a good groan, so I just kept going until the whole tip was inside me. I guess my mouth was kinda stretched out a little bit, but I knew I could probably fit some more of it inside my mouth if I just tried to relax my muscles.

I pulled back off of it for a second so I could take a deep breath – and so I could swallow the goo that had puddled on my tongue – before I leaned forward and let it slide back over my lips again and into my mouth until I felt it touching my back teeth. It was kinda hard on my mouth ‘cause it stretched it out a lot. But I decided I could get use to that if I did it some more. So I did.

I pulled away and swallowed again before I leaned back in and took it all the way to the back of my mouth. I felt it on my back teeth again and I knew that you weren’t EVER supposed to touch a dick with your teeth ‘cause Jesse yelled at my sister whenever she bit him down there. Yikes! I’m glad I didn’t think about that while Rick was doing it to me. It might have ruined the feelings if I had.

Since I couldn’t really look up right then, I just rolled my eyes up to see if I was hurting Rick. By the look on his face I was pretty sure I wasn’t. Not that I could have done anything about it anyway. Hey, I’m still growing and he really is huge down there!

When Rick moaned out, “You are so fuckinhot Jeff,” I knew for sure he was liking how I was doing it, a lot. And that made me like it even more so I just kept doing it. I let it slide into my mouth as far I could make it go and then just kinda held it there for a second before I changed direction and let it slide almost all the back way out. I figured out I could swallow with just the tip inside my mouth so I sorta slurped and sucked on it and then I gulped down all of his goo that was mixed in with my spit before I changed direction again and let it start sliding back inside me. And then I did it again, and again, and again.

I didn’t know that I was doing it, but when I looked past the my hand that was still holding onto the middle part of his dick that I couldn’t fit in my mouth – which was pretty much most of it – I suddenly realized that I was holding both of Rick’s balls with the other hand and I was kinda pulling on them and squeezing at the same time. And I thought I was doing it pretty darn hard too. When I pulled it all the way out that time so I could take a breath – and swallow – I looked up at Rick to see if I was hurting him.

I wasn’t. That was for sure! I knew ‘cause he said, “You’re doing really good Jeff, just squeeze my balls a little bit harder.” Yeah, I was pretty proud of myself right then for learning to do that all on my own.

I’m not so sure I would have liked it very much if he had squeezed and pulled on my balls as hard as I was doing it to him. But if he liked it, I was going to do that and – probably – anything else he wanted me to do too. I thought it was kinda strange that his balls had started to get closer to his body even though I was pulling down on them so hard, but I forgot all about that as soon as I felt him grab the back of my head with one hand as he took a hold of my still hard dick with the other.

Without thinking I slid his big dick back into my mouth even further than I’d gone before. If they hadn’t removed my tonsils when I was a little kid, his super-long dick would have been touching them for sure. When his hands started stroking me down there again I pretty much sped up and matched the speed he was going, really, really fast!

I’m getting really close Jeff,” He groaned out as he started gently rocking his hips back and forth while I was doing pretty much the same thing with my mouth – except in reverse – to him. I was kinda glad that he was helping push it in and out of my mouth ‘cause my neck was getting sore so I pretty much stopped moving my head, grabbed his balls even harder and started pulling him towards me so he’d know what I wanted him to do. As soon as the tip of his dick touched my imaginary tonsils again I pushed his balls back the other way until he was almost all the way out. Then I pulled him towards me again. Rick is so smart, he pretty much figured it out right away and all I had to do was lay there and suck and slurp while he pushed his big dick in and out of my mouth again and again (and again). Yeah, face-fucking is hot too.

Then Rick surprised the heck out of me, again. It’s weird that my body seems to know just what to do even before my brain has a chance to think about it. When Rick let go of my dick and he let his big hands slide over my still tight balls and, with his biggest finger leading the way, slip right in between my butt cheeks again, one of my legs dropped to the floor and the other rose up into the air as high as it would go just about as fast as it took for him to find my hole again.

I know I would have yelled out something nasty if I didn’t have his big dick stuffed into my mouth pretty much as far as it could go right when his finger plunged back inside me. Yeah, way inside of me! But that didn’t stop me from groaning anyway. And even though it felt really good again, I was really bummed that he’d let go of my dick. I wasn’t sure what to do at first. I mean, I liked that he’d been stroking my dick with one hand and kinda petting me on my head like I do my dog with the other. And then he switched to finger fucking and petting me and that was awesome too. But my dick really needed some more attention too and Rick only had two hands.

But I figured out what to do about that all on my own too. Since the hand that was holding his big dick pointed at my mouth wasn’t really doing much of anything anymore, I let his dick go and grabbed my own instead. Yeah, that hit the spot just right. But I was kinda hoping that by letting go of Rick’s, I didn’t ruin it for him.

It didn’t. When I looked up into his face again, he was looking down at me and said, “That is so fuckinhot Jeff. Keep jacking yourself off.”

I’d never heard that one either. But I figured it meant stroking my dick so I hummed out, “OK,” as I moved my tiny fist up and down on my big guy even faster than I was before. I knew I was right when he groaned out again as he started pushing and pulling his big dick in my mouth even faster too.

Fuck yeah! His big finger had found my secret spot again and pretty much attacked it as hard and fast as my little hand was attacking my dick – really hard and really fast! And I was gonna get the feeling again if he (we) kept it up. I didn’t think it would have been fair if I got to do it twice before Rick even had a chance do it once so I started moving my head again — really fucking fast — trying to make him orgasm in my mouth before I blacked out again.

I know it’s weird, but I couldn’t help thinking about what we looked like right then. I mean, he had his big dick pumping in and out of my mouth and his big finger doing the same in my butt hole while I was pulling on his balls with one hand and doing the same to my dick with the other. That would have been fuckinhot to spy on. I kinda wished he’d set up his movie camera before we started so we could have watched it later — and everyday. Yeah, that woulda’ been even fuckinhotter!

Anyways, I forgot all about that ‘cause he groaned again really loud when I started moving my head again. After about five more seconds he pretty much shouted out, “Here it comes Jeff, are you sure you want me to cum in your mouth?”

I’d never heard that one either. But I knew what it meant anyway. And I guess I should be honest about it; I was a little bit scared right then. Heck, he made a lot more of that sticky goo than Jesse did so I figured that he probably made a lot more of the sperms too. Yikes! My sister sometimes choked when he squirted in her mouth and it seemed like a whole lot when she spit it out afterwards. And she was a lot bigger than me.

Luckily — for both of us —he touched my secret spot right then and it sent me into outer space again. I pretty much jumped as it started inside — way inside — my butt hole and started trying to shoot its way out of my dick again. I guess I leaned forward a little bit more than I had been doing and Rick must have thought that meant I really did want him to shoot in my mouth. So he did.

As I felt my imaginary sperms trying to shoot out of my dick again I heard him grunt louder than ever just as the first squirt of his sperms went splat against the back of my throat. I say the first ‘cause it happened a bunch more times before he was totally finished. I always thought the sperms came out just like pee does, in one long stream. Just in case you didn’t know, it doesn’t.

I barely had time to swallow the first squirt — and decide that it wasn’t that bad after all — before I felt another blast that pretty much hit the bottom of my tongue ‘cause I was swallowing right then. Luckily he had kept pumping his dick into me ‘cause it really helped to kinda jam the sperms right down my throat. And then he did it again, and again (and again).

Actually, I don’t know how many blasts of hot sperm he shot in my mouth. I was in the middle of my own orgasm (that’s another cool word) just then and it was all I could do just to stay awake and keep swallowing before I passed out again. Heck, if I blacked out before he finished I might have drowned or something.

Have you ever tasted sperms before? If not, you should try it someday. It really isn’t all that bad, I swear! I mean, it’s not like it tastes like strawberry ice cream or anything, but I decided I would probably do it to Rick again, if he let me. OK, I really did like it and I would definitely do it again. Fuck you if you think I’m weird!

Anyways, just as I started sinking into the couch ‘cause my orgasm was finishing, Rick started slowing down with his big dick pumping in and out of my mouth. After a few more pumps he kinda sighed as I felt him pull it out of my mouth as he pretty much whispered out, “That was the hottest thing ever, Jeff.” Yeah, I thought so too.

As I lay there panting and trying to figure out what Rick’s sperms tasted like — I’ve never tasted anything like it so I can’t really describe it, I kept my eyes locked onto his big dick that was kinda waving back and forth right in front of my face. It took me a second to realize it — hey, my eyes were starting to go blurry again — but another drop of sperms had sorta dribbled out of his pee hole and was going to drip down onto the carpet if I didn’t do something to save it.

It pretty much took all of the strength I had left to lean my mouth forward and stick my tongue out. Luckily I licked the tip of his still hard dick just in time and got the last of it on my tongue before I swallowed one last time. Hey, I wasn’t going to be a pussy and waste any of it… that’s what girls do. And I’m not a girl!

Do you know that TV commercial about coffee that plays sometimes? It says something about being “Good to the last drop.” Yeah, it really is.

Anyways, I guess you’re not supposed to do that to a grown man right after he has an orgasm. It makes them scream just like a girl. The last thing I remember before I crashed back into the couch was Rick squealing just like my sister does as he squirmed around like he was gonna fall over or something. I didn’t stay awake long enough to find out what happened though.

When I woke up that time Rick was looking down on me again with his worried face. He is so nice! I could barely move right then so I was lucky I could find the strength to wiggle my finger to let him know I wanted him to lean down towards me.

Just as his face got right in front of mine I whispered really softly, “I love you, Rick,” before I pulled him into the bestest kiss that ever was.

I fell asleep again right after that. And I guess I was out for a long time too ‘cause when I looked around when I woke everything was all cleaned up, including me. My shorts were folded neatly on the edge of the couch and there was a piece of colored cloth that looked kind of like a Hawaiian shirt laying across my waste covering my private parts. Well, not so private anymore. It took me a second before I realized it was one of those sarong things my sister wears. That was kinda weird to me at first, but I decided that if Rick wanted me to wear it, I would. But probably not outside.

Usually when I wake up in a different place then my bed, I get kinda confused — OK, a little scared — at first. But not that time! I totally knew exactly where I was and exactly how I got there. And everything else I did too. I started thinking about all the times I got caught spying on people and how I’d always gotten in trouble for doing it. Everyone always yelled at me — sometimes I even got grounded — and told me stuff like I was going to be in for a big surprise one day and I probably wasn’t going to like it very much. They were so wrong! I liked every second of it. Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to stop spying on people anytime soon.

When I thought about the stuff me and Rick did I got all warm and tingly inside, even a little bit on the outside too. I kinda wanted to get up and go look for him, but I was way too comfy right then to do anything but lay there thinking about everything, mostly Rick I guess. Just then he popped his head in the doorway and looked in the room as if he was still expecting me to still be asleep. I kinda got the feeling he was a little worried about me too.

I waved at him and smiled probably the biggest smile that ever was to let him know that I was OK, with everything.

Sometimes Mom says that I have a really cute smile — I hate it when she says that — and that I should keep a smile on my face all the time ‘cause they’re contagious and it will make everyone else smile too. I thought it was kinda stupid at first, but she was so right about that one.

Yeah, Rick got all silly again and gave me a huge smile right back.

But then he got kinda serious again as he said, “It’s almost ten o’clock, do you need to go home and check in or anything?”

I shook my head as I stretched out on the couch before I answered, “Huh uh, my sister won’t wake up for at least an hour, probably two.”

He looked at me kinda hard for a few seconds—I think he was making sure I was telling the truth—and then I guess he could tell I was ‘cause his smile crept back into his face again.

Are you hungry?” He asked me next.

I only nodded my head again, really (really, really) fast.

He giggled along with me again before he asked, “Do you want Captain Crunch or Fruity Pebbles?”

Uhm, I had to think about it for a second. My mom never buys those kinds of cereals; she says they’re just sugar with food coloring. Duh, that’s probably why there so good! And I wanted to have both kinds!

I didn’t think he’d mind, but I was still a little bit nervous to ask him though. I didn’t have to though ‘cause he must’ve been able to tell what I wanted just by looking at me. He is so smart.

He kinda cocked his head sideways and asked, “Both?” with his silly look.

I nodded my head again really (really, really, really) fast and let out a few doggie whimpers too, just to be sure he knew that’s exactly what I was hoping for. Yeah, he knew.

He blew me a kiss as he said, “I’ll be right back my cute little horn-dog,” before he turned and walked down the hall.

That time it didn’t bother me at all that he’d said the word cute ‘cause he’d said the word “MY” right before it and I liked that a lot. A whole lot!

I got off the couch and turned on the TV and changed the channel so that I could watch I love Lucy while I ate my breakfast. I was standing there bare naked trying to figure out how to tie the sarong around my waist when he came back into the playroom carrying a tray with my milk and cereal.

But he wasn’t alone.



As always, I’d love to hear some feedback. Comments, of any kind, are the food that most of us writers thrive on. I don’t do this for money, I do it because I like to write and I love to hear what people of a similar bent think about my creations. So either make the effort to appease us or send nifty a donation, or both.

This particular story was a long time in the making, or at least the finishing. The above dates back to the spring of 2009. I was at a low point in my life; little work available, little money because of that and new to a town where most of the residents didn’t speak my language. Wah, wah, wah...

But I did have my laptop and the one activity I did enjoy that didn’t cost me money was writing. And I was inspired because of the little boy that lived next door to me. Every chance he got he would climb the fence separating our patios so he could watch me as I did my thing. Though he was far too young to be thinking about in that way, he did get my mind working on a storyline.

Ninety percent of I Spied was written over the course of the following few days. Like I said, no work, no money, and nothing else to do but tap away furiously. And I was inspired, which makes all the difference. I was at it night and day and, as a result, was sleeping odd hours. Write, write, nap... Write, nap, write... Nap, write, nap...

I awoke in the late afternoon and grabbed my laptop and headed downstairs to make some coffee and gobble down a few of the chocolate chip cookies I’d made earlier that day. After that, type, type, smoke, type, type... I never made it back to my computer to continue writing that day. Nor did I for the next few months.

I thought my mind was playing tricks on me at first as I was walking down the stairs. I could have sworn I was hearing voices... prepubescent boy voices in particular. And the sounds seemed to be coming from inside the condo.

As soon as I turned the corner I saw him sitting there stuffing a cookie into his pretty little mouth. It must have been his second (or third) because he had chocolate pretty much all over his face as he sat there on a bar stool looking about as content as a boy can be.

When he turned to look at the weirdo (Blue bandanna, earrings, huge handle bar mustache, punk rock clothes) coming towards the kitchen, he began talking to me as if he knew me. “Hi, blah, blah, blah... Your cookies are really good, blah, blah, blah... Thanks! Blah, blah, blah... How was your nap?


Ten-years-old, blond hair, blue eyes, freckles sprinkled across a button nose, fair skin, slender, filthy dirty, and pretty much as cute as can be. Yeah, I summed his details up in the two seconds it took for me to walk the hallway into the kitchen.

Gulp, gulp!

There were two boys sitting in the kitchen eating my cookies. The other one was obviously the young cookie monsters big brother. I did another quick summation; Cuteness does not fade with age in that family. I was wrong on a few counts regarding the older boy though. First; I’d pegged him at no more than 13-years-old. I made him prove that he was really fifteen as he claimed. His high school I.D. confirmed it. Second; he seemed as sweet as his younger brother at first glance. Sadly, he wasn’t, and apparently, he never had been.

It was a pretty surreal experience as I stood there for a few moments as six eyeballs watched me enter the room. The other pair belonged to one of my roommates... the only person on the planet that knows about the real me. The grin on his face and the laughter in his eyes as I surveyed the situation before me radiated the message, “Grand-slam-home-run!”

Ya see, my roomie’s age range was 15 and up. For me subtract two and start counting down. Yeah, he couldn’t have done any better if he’d tried... which apparently he didn’t have too.

The story of how those two boys ended up in our kitchen went something like this: Roomie is driving through our gated community; roomie sees two boys that don’t belong in the ‘hood riding bikes; older boy sees roomie watching and, knowing a thing or two about the reason men lear at him, he approaches roomie and states, “I’m a diabetic and I need some sugar... got anything sweet to eat?”

Well, being a lover of such creatures and knowing there was a fresh batch of cookies on the stove and generally being a good human besides, he invited them into our lair for sustenance. Stupidly, they accepted and the followed him home. Surprising me with a couple of strays was the cherry on top.

I guess at this point I should mention a few things about me. First, I love boys. Duh! Yeah, but I mean that in the purest sense. What I think about in my fantasies and writing has nothing in common with how I act in the real world while interacting with real boys. Its Lego’s, skateboards and playing whatever, all the while learning new things at every step. I will not, shall not, cannot ever act on my urges. Too many lives at stake, mine in particular.

As such, while I thoroughly enjoy spending time with boys, and they with me, I have been avoiding such activities these past few years because of the many potential dangers and inevitable heart-ache they are sure to bring. Whomever coined the phrase, “Lost-love is better than never having loved,” can fuck off!

With that said, you may understand my trepidation with them being there. Their mom didn’t know where they were, they young one wasn’t even supposed to have left his own private community a few blocks away, and they were alone in a house with two men whom society had warned them about since they were five. Well, there wasn’t any danger from me, but my roomie’s judgement was often impaired by lack of blood flow to the brain, if you get my drift.

I will admit I was enamored with both boys, and I did chat with them for a few minutes as my coffee brewed, but as soon as I politely could, I grabbed my cup and computer and headed out to the back patio to smoke and continue writing my story.

Did you know that most boys will do whatever they want (need) to in order get what they desire, regardless of the rules or the consequences of breaking them? It’s true, I swear.

Perhaps I didn’t notice it because I didn’t want to see the obvious and I didn’t want to go there again. While the older brother held an obvious disdain for me right from the start; surely my suggestion that they go home so no one gets in trouble was seen as a threat to the sanctity of his newly found hang out spot was just the start. But then again, the arrogant little fuck disliked everything about me. The younger boy however was just the opposite of his older sibling, in just about every way possible. Sweet, kind, caring, smart, open-minded as well as totally and unconditionally smitten with me.

It took less than two minutes before he came out onto the patio, sat his cute little butt down at the picnic table and started where he’d left off. “Blah, blah, blah...”

Honestly, I was wishing they would both go home so I could back to the safety and serenity of my sad little life. But it wasn’t to be if the young one had anything to say about it. I tried to ignore him and his ramblings at first, but he just kept talking and its difficult to write a story - especially one of this nature - when one of them is sitting across from you blabbering away with a chocolate coated grin.

After a few minutes I gave up, albeit temporarily I thought, and closed my laptop and sat and listened to him jabber away about boyish nonsense. He pretty much dragged me into the garage to show me his bike as he continued with what can only be described as the short version of his life story. “Blah, blah, and freaking blah.”

Roomie and his new friend soon joined us outside and we sat and chatted for at least an hour. When roomie told them about my feats off the high-dive at the local public pool, the young one declared that he wanted to go with us the next time we swam. It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t interested in taking him, but I had serious doubts for a number of reasons, his mom in particular. So I never really responded to his statement of purpose. In fact, it was getting dark outside so I pretty much told them it was time to head home, now!

Though my excuse for offering to accompany them back to their community was real; not wanting them to ride in the dark in our gang infested hood, I needed a pack of smokes too. So off we went and when I left them at their front gate, I have to admit that I’d was just as smitten with the young boy as he was with me. And the older brother? Yeah, he could fuck off, twice.

Once I got back home, I tried to start typing again, but without success. I was totally and truly blocked. Boy on the brain will do that as surely as any drug.

Perhaps my roomie was not the only one whose judgement is affected by those adorable creatures. When the young boy snuck out of his complex the following day and nearly collided with me as I was leaving for the library, well... I did try and dissuade him. I really did. But its hard to make a point (even if its valid) when you don’t really have any conviction behind your arguments.

I ended up taking him home, meeting his mom, quickly becoming his appointed mentor, and after a few weeks, being “Loved like a best friend,” for most of the summer.

Sadly (heartbreakingly so), towards the end of the summer, his father reappeared and drove me out, just like that.

Life is stranger (and sadder) than fiction sometimes.

Over the following few years I made several attempts to finish the story, but my heart really hasn’t been into it. In some ways, it still isn’t, but I had to get this one out of my head so I can move on to the others that are either half finished or still stuck in my head waiting to get out.

I hope you liked it.

And no, I probably won’t continue with this story. My heart just isn’t into it.