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Chris Carr, aka  Cdawg

Idle Minds, Busy Hands


My second year in college, I found myself unemployed, leaving me with lots of idle time. Guess that old saying about an idle mind being the devil's workshop got a lot of mileage out of me that summer, because I was perpetually horny. The year before I'd worked at this boring shipping warehouse with a bunch of weirdoes and at 19, life wasn't easy, especially considering I had no visible means of income. Unemployment only provided a meager existence, and if it weren't for my parents 'donating' needed funds, I'd have starved. Although there was no shortage of morons at that warehouse, I nevertheless succeeded in finding a true friend. Sally Waterson, a loudmouthed, British Honduran woman, who got anyone that crossed her told, took me under her wing, making me the best-protected rookie of the pack. Even after I'd quit working at that plant, I still kept a tight friendship with her. Sally used to say that I wasn't like the rest of those 'idiots' working at Broadman Clothing. She liked that I was going to school 'trying to make something outta myself.' We both liked music, she Reggae, and I R&B, and would sit around listening to each other's sounds, educating each other. Hanging out with the colorful lady afforded me an additional, unexpected surprise. I got to meet her God awful cute son. Lord, if that boy wasn't the cutest 14-year-old you've ever seen! But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Living on my own wasn't easy. I stayed in this low-income apartment building that housed several families. Unsupervised kids were always hanging around the premises, getting into trouble and driving me up the wall with their innocent beauty. If the little monsters weren't running down the hall, making an uproariously loud noise, they would be outside my window, playing ball shirtless. But I didn't mind, I'd become a hopeless boy-addict and couldn't get enough of looking at young, virile, adolescent bodies. Heck I only attended school three days a week, so I got my fill, hanging out my second floor window, enjoying the bounty of sinuous bodies below. When I couldn't take anymore gorgeous, multi-shaded forms or scrumptious asses crammed into skintight shorts, I'd retreat to my apartment leafing through my porno mags, aching for relief. That really didn't fit the bill either, the sexual exploits of attractive twentysomethings proving rather erotic, still, it was no substitute for the real thing. Besides, they'd always frustrate me in some way, refusing to remove their shoes and socks, or showing the same, tired faces, over and over, engaged in the same boring acts. I mean, who fucks with their socks and cute, fashionable, tennis shoes on, anyway? I know I never did, and everybody I'd talked to said they'd never did it either. This constant frustration combined with the abundant boy-testosterone, virtually dripping from the walls, only served to make me hotter. Although most of the boys in my building knew me on a "hi Jason" basis, I did my best to steer clear of anything more than that. Like Sally once told me, "You don't shit in your own backyard." Any one of the little sweeties would have made a tasty treat, but I feared the wrath of their 'delinquent' mothers. Nothing brings out the 'mother' in a, here-to-for, absent woman, like a stranger fucking their teenage sons! One particular, hot, summer day proved more frustrating than ever. For some reason, it seemed every fine-assed black boy within a square mile had descended upon our building. Music blared from open apartment doors; boys romped in the halls, and were congregating in the makeshift parking lot/basketball court below my window. Seeking a distraction from all the stimulation, I left my mags, and made haste to Sally's house.

While Sally was tough as nails, she unfortunately was suffering with a congenital heart disease resulting in frequent days home sick. I'd stop by occasionally, mainly to see if she needed anything, but in all honesty, I'd couldn't get enough of her gorgeous son. Sally was always enjoyed my visits, but her main interest was in getting me to pry her son, Reuben, away from the TV and take him out, once in a while, to get a little color. Reuben was somewhat of a loner, hanging around the house, holed up in his room playing Nintendo all the time. I always resisted taking him with me, his radiant beauty a constant source of irritation, but if she pressed me hard enough, I'd sometimes relent. When I rang the doorbell, I heard her yelling to Reuben to open the door. After a few minutes wait, he eventually opened the door, casually regarding me.

"Hey Reuben, what's happenin?"

Reuben just hunched his shoulders, a reluctant conversationalist.

"Who is tha'?" Sally called from her room.

"It's me, Sally!"

"Jason! Com'on back here!"

Winding through the small apartment, I entered her room. Although it was well into the afternoon, I wasn't surprised to see she was still in bed.

"Look what da cat drug in!" She belted.

"Yeah, that's what's wrong with you now, draggin yo' cat around too much"

"Yo' Black ass wish you could get som'a this," she taunted, casting a leering eye at me. Her hair was a mess as she'd no doubt been in bed all day and her normally lustrous, biscuit brown complexion, was a little pallid. The TV was on, some man ranting about cars. She patted at a spot on the bed, and I stepped over a pair of shoes, and sat next to her.

"How you in my house and ain't brought me nothin' to eat?"

Sally loved her food, and when she wasn't ailing, she could really put it away. God help the person who happened by her house on the days she'd fire up the little stove in her kitchen! I know, because I'd happened by a few of those occasions, feasting on culinary delights fit for a king. Today, however, wasn't to be one of those days.

"Yo' old fat ass don't need nothin' to eat"

"Now don't make slap you, boy!"

Becoming serious, I petitioned, "How are you doing?"

"Just having one of those days, tha's all. Must be da heat. Moving a little slow, so I figured, da hell wit it, I'm slumming!"

"What's your excuse the rest of the time?"

"Uh, huh, you don't want me to get started on you, do you?"

The feisty woman could level a person with just one quip, so I shut up, avoiding certain doom.

"Like I thought. Yo' lazy ass gotta job yet?"

"I've been lookin, but no luck yet"

"You still sittin in tha' apartment slobbering over dem books, ain't ya?"

I hunched my shoulders, busted. Sally was one of those rare people independent enough to not feel it her mission from God to change my orientation, and I loved her for it.

"Um hmm, you bad as Reuben. Both y'all need to get out da damn house and go somewhere. Is he even dressed yet?"

Remembering that it seemed odd to me that a 14-year-old should be wandering around, well after noon, wearing nothing but a T-shirt and briefs, I sadly told her no.

"Lord 'av mercy! Get me my purse. You deaf, get up and get me my purse!"

Walking to the cluttered dresser, I retrieved her purse and handed it to her.

"I wouldn't trust nobody else with this, but you," she said, rummaging through her purse. (What was she talking about? I thought)

Extracting a twenty-dollar bill, she stated,

"Jason, I need you to do me a big favor. Tha' boy is growing like a weed, and he needs some more underwear. I'd take 'em myself, but I keep getting sick. He wait till I can go, and he'll be a X-rated movie. Take 'em wit you please, and get 'em some more shorts, and undershirts, ok?"

"But Sally…"

"Ain't no big thing. He wear size 8, boy's briefs and medium sized T-shirts. Straighten your face up, I need you to do this now, ok?"

"But I ain't never…"

"And, here, take this extra twenty and get tha' boy some jeans, too. He put them holey, ragamuffins of his on one more time and I'm gon' to scream," she said, handing me the extra twenty. I reluctantly took the money, surrendering. There was no use arguing with Sally once she had her mind made up.

"And you don't have to worry 'bout bringin' 'em right back, either. Won't hurt neither one of y'all to get out da damn house some. Look at you, all yellow and shit." (Well that was an exaggeration. I'm actually a light cinnamon-brown) "Take 'em to get a ice cream or something. Matter of fact, way I'm feeling, be best if he just spent da night, ok?"

Well now wasn't this just great? I come all the way over here trying to get away from all the teenage testosterone oozing from my apartment and end up saddled with a boy cute enough to shoot your mother over!

"You gonna owe me big time for this one, girl"

"I already owe you. Put it on my tab" she said, kissing me gently on the forehead.

"Thank you, Jason. Reuben need to spend time wit' a man, and I don't know anybody I'd want 'em with more than you. Just try not to kiss da pink off his lips, this time," she teased.

(Did Sally know I was attracted to her son?)

Fidgeting with the money, I nervously rallied, "He's not that good of a kisser"

"How would you know?"

Now she was really fucking with me. Rattled, I stood, stuffing the money into my pocket.

"Tell tha' boy to put some clothes on," was her last edict.

Apprehensive, I went to Reuben's room and knocked on the door.


When he didn't answer, I pushed the door open. Reuben's face was buried in the TV, some Nintendo boxing game bantering about on the screen. He never looked up. Walking gingerly over to him, I placed my hand on his shoulder and called his name again. He hit the pause button on the game and looked up at me.

(I'm fucked!)

(How in heaven's name was I going to spend the rest of the day with such an angel?)

Looking into his face, I was captured by his extraordinary eyes. Dazzling glints of sunshine were interspersed within the topaz-brown irises of the boy's eyes, making them so very alluring.

"Your mom want's me to take you shopping," I informed him. "Where's your pants?"

"In the closet," he said, pointing at the small clothes space. Apparently he was waiting for me to fetch his jeans, so I stepped around the Nintendo unit, and several games strewn across the floor to the door. Opening it, a of pile clothes fell out on my feet.

"Don't you have a clean pair?" I asked.

He merely shook his head no. Clawing through the clothes jumbled about my feet, I searched for the cleanest pair I could find. Handing them to him, he pulled the knee-frayed pants on, buttoning them as I searched for a shirt in the pile. Noticing some shirts hanging on hangers, I handed one to him. He yanked his T-shirt off, pulling the clean one on, his downy-soft hair popping through the neck opening. Looking down, I noticed that he wasn't wearing any socks or shoes, so I returned to the pile for a matching pair. He watched me, unconcerned, as I dug through the pile.

"Can you get your shoes?" I asked, returning to the pile. He stood and nonchalantly knelt under his bed, pulling out a surprisingly good-looking pair of tennis shoes. Observing how shabby his clothes looked, I was glad his mother had coerced me into taking him shopping, he needed it.

"All ready?"

He nodded his head, following me out the disorderly room.

"We're gone, Sally," I yelled at the front door.

"Don't hurry back, I've gotta hot date!" Chuckling, I closed the door and headed for my car.

Rueben sat quietly as we headed for the mall.

"Enjoying summer vacation?" I started, hoping to strike up a conversation.

He merely hunched his shoulders.

"What you been doing?"

"Playing Nintendo"

(Well there was news flash.)

"You ever go to the park, or outside?"

Again with the head movements, I mused, as he shook his head no. The kid was really killing me.

"What games you play?"

"Mike Tyson Boxing"

(Whoa! I think I noticed a gleam in his eye when he said that.)

Encouraged, I pursued further. "What else you play?"

"Super Tecmo Bowl "

"What's that?"


"NFL, or College?"


"So, who's your favorite team?"

"San Francisco"

"Old Joe Montana, huh?"


"It plays the whole season, or you just play against other teams?"

"The whole season"

"Super Bowl, too?"


"Whoa! You ever win the Super Bowl?"

"Lots of times"

"With San Francisco?"


Regrettably, I observed that his interest in this conversation was quickly waning.

"How much one of these games cost?" I ventured.


"That's ridiculous. What ever happened to simple things like race cars?"

Reuben just hunched his shoulders.

Arriving at the mall, we found the local department store. I'd never taken a kid shopping for clothes before, and I was a little unsure how to go about it.

"Let's start with the underwear," I suggested, wanting to get that over with. Finding the boys clothing section, we eventually located a rack stocked with briefs and T-shirts. There was an abundance of styles from plain white to Underoos.

"I don't guess you wear Underoos, anymore, do you?" I instigated.

"Uh, UH!" he protested, shaking his head violently.

"Ok, guess we'll have to take these, then," I said, picking up a pair of plain white briefs. Looking in the next rack, I received a rather jolting shock. Right there with the boy's briefs, there was a rather seductive looking pair of g-string style jockeys. .

"What the…"

"Those the new Jockeys," Reuben informed me. Holding them up, I inquired,

"You know 'bout these?"

He nodded his head.

"Where've you seen these?"

"These boy's at school be wearing them."

"How'd you see them in these?"


"And they wear these things?" I said, astonished.

He nodded his head again. "They say they wear them for the ladies."

"Oh that's it, brother, 14 year olds wearing g-strings for the ladies. I've heard it all!"

"They not 14. They 16"

"Oh, that's different."

"I want some, too."

"You want a pair of these skimpy things?" I insisted.

He nodded his head again.

"And where're you gonna wear them?"


"Oh yeah, I forgot."

"Com'on, let me get some," he begged.

"Your mother would kill me."

"Don't tell her," he said, slyly.

"Yeah, but she'll see them."

"No she won't. She don't do the wash, I do."

For such a quiet kid, he'd sure become talkative now. Curious, I inquired,

"You got a 'lady' to show these to?"

He shook his head no.

"And you want these?"

A nod of the head yes. Go figure. Retrieving a pair, 'sunflower yellow' the package said, I added them to our tally.

"We've still got to get a legal pair of briefs for you," I continued. "And let's get you some socks, too," I suggested, deciding to finish a complete ensemble for the boy.

Reuben stepped up to the rack and deftly pulled down a package of briefs. In a matter of seconds, he'd done what it probably would've taken me the rest of the afternoon to do.

"Let me see those," I attested. Examining the package, I saw that in one fail swoop the boy had retrieved the right size.

"Ok, from now on, YOU pick the stuff, ok?" And there was the old head nod again.

Once we'd gotten the briefs T-shirts and socks he needed, we headed over to the pants department. A chipper sales woman greeted us, inquiring if we needed any help. Mindful of how adept Reuben had been so far, I declined her assistance. Reuben quietly walked to the pants rack and was digging through a pile of pants as I approached. Pulling out a pair, he handed them to me, as if I knew anything!

"This your size?"

"Think so"

"Well, let's go try them on," I ordered, just in case. Finding the chipper sales woman again, I inquired where the dressing rooms were. When she informed me as to their whereabouts, I happened to notice Reuben strolling toward the rooms. Thanking the lady, I hurried to catch up with him. By the time I'd arrived at the rooms, he'd already found an empty one and was opening the door. I entered with him, a little apprehensive about watching him change. The curly headed boy obviously didn't have the same reservations. Unbuttoning his ragged old jeans, he dropped them at his ankles, his heavenly, copper-brown legs causing my heart to skip a beat. Balancing on one foot, he removed first one leg, then the other of his jeans, a jiggling in his briefs raising my temperature another degree. It was his dick, almost visible through his threadbare briefs, jostling around inside! The jeans were a near perfect fit. I wasn't surprised, Reuben gradually convincing me he was no ordinary boy. Asking him to take the perfunctory display turn, I examined the fit, snatching a look at his juicy, protuberant ass as he twirled.

"Guess that's it," I concluded, satisfied they were ok.

"Can I wear them out?"

"Sure, why not?"

Delighted, he pulled his old T-shirt off, ripping the package of new ones open.

(I didn't know he meant the shirt, too!)

Pulling it on, he gathered up his old clothes, smiling up at me. I ruffled his feather-soft curls, and we left the crowded booth, to purchase his new clothes.

"You wanna get some ice cream?" I offered, upon leaving the store.

Reuben gave me his winning nod, and we headed for the 31 Flavors. In his new attire, the boy was even lovelier. The T-shirt hugged his lithe chest, soft mounds of flesh pouting beneath the material. I almost nutted up in my pants watching his succulent ass swivel ahead of me. Buying two cones, we sat down at some tables outside the outlet. As it was the middle of the day, the mall wasn't that busy. Looking around absentmindedly at the few shoppers, I was nearly floored by what Reuben said next.

"How come I never see you with a girlfriend?"

(Oh great. All day I have to pry words out of him and now he wants to talk!)

"Umm… Why do you ask?"

Licking his cone nonchalantly, he casually replied,

"Just asking."

"Well… I…"

"It's ok, Mom told me you was gay"

(He's so cool about it!)

I gazed at his soft crimson red lips as he took another lick from his cone, waiting for him to comment further. He merely licked his cone, content to have mentioned my orientation. My curiosity piqued, I inquired,

"So, you don't hate gay people?"

He shook his head no, licking on his ice cream.

"Do you know what gay means?"

Indifferently, he stopped licking and responded,

"Means you like guys"

(Well of course! I have conversations like this with 14 year olds all the time!)

"Reuben? You like girls?"

Now, he just hunched his shoulders. That confused me. Why didn't he just say yes?

"Too early to be concerned, huh?"

"Guess so," he said, finishing off his cone.

Our little outing over, I surrendered to the notion that I now had to take this dreamy, 5'3" package of boy flesh into my domain. Standing, I informed him that he would be spending the night with me because his mother needed to rest.

"Shoulda brought me some PJ's," he said, calmly.

(Oh shit! Forgot about that.)

"We'll get you something to wear," I dismissed.

Back at my apartment the revelry was in full swing. A lively group of boys were engaged in a serious game of basketball outside the building, and inside, the little ones were running up and down the hall playing cops and robbers. Reuben indifferently regarded the kids as we got out the car, and walked through the building. I was beginning to think nothing excited this kid.

Entering my apartment, I asked him if he wanted to watch TV. He nodded his head yes, so I took him to my bedroom, quickly tossing my porn mags in the closet. He sat on the bed and turned the TV to some cartoons. Lying beside him, I halfheartedly watched the program, a light sweat breaking out on my forehead. Whether it was from the heat, or being so close to the sweet redolence of his innocent body, I wasn't sure. Eventually, I fell asleep, and when I awoke, it was near 5:30. Alarmed, I jumped up checking on Reuben. He was sitting on my bed, watching some unknown sitcom.

"Hungry?" I asked. He turned, calmly acknowledging me, then nodded his head.

"How 'bout some Mickey D's?"


"Well you don't have to get so excited about it," I poked.

Reuben didn't react, simply standing and waiting for me to lead on. Grabbing my keys, I opened the door, and off to McDonalds we went.

After an uneventful meal, we returned to my apartment as the sun set in the distant horizon. There was no getting around the fact that Reuben was going to have to take a bath, sooner or later, so I figured, 'get it over with' and maybe I could get on with my life. Besides, he hadn't tried on his new briefs, yet. Guardedly, I offered the suggestion to him.

"To make sure they fit," I added, hastily.

"Ok," he said, removing his T-shirt right in front of me

"You don't need any help getting your bath, do you?" I tendered, half-hoping he'd say yes, and half-praying he'd say no.

"Guess not," he said, kicking his tennis shoes off.

(Is he going to undress right here in front of me?)

Feigning disinterest, I watched as the boy continued, tugging his soft-soled feet from their warm socks. Unbuckling his pants, he dropped them, stepping out of them. Holding my breath, I waited to see if he'd shuck his underpants, too. The boys just kept getting more stunning the more I saw of him. His enticing terra-cotta body was full, compact, smooth. His chest was showing great promise, tender budding pectoral muscles already forming, twin maroon hued nipples developing on each side. His stomach was supple, a small set of muscles rippling beneath the skin. His stout legs were so full, and sensuously curved, they could've easily belonged to a girl. Thankfully, he left his briefs on, and exited to the bathroom. When I heard him turn on the water, I slumped down on the bed, trying to figure out what to do with my hardening dick and failing resolve. Evil Jason was prattling on about how big of an idiot I would be if I let something as gorgeous as Reuben escape my apartment, fondle-free, while good Jason was trying to convince me it wasn't worth the risk. Still weighing my options, I suddenly noticed the water had stopped running, and as I listened, I could here Reuben getting into the tub.

(He's naked, now.)

(There's a 'to die for', gorgeous, 14 year old, sitting naked in my bathtub!)

I staved off the compulsion to run in the bathroom and ogle him, sauntering into the kitchenette instead. Retrieving a cold glass of water from the fridge, I drank it slowly, hoping to 'cool' myself off. Of course it didn't work, and I found myself drifting towards the center of the universe, the bathroom where the boy wonder was splashing water. Sitting the glass down, I crept through the hallway, tiptoeing towards the door. A squeaky floorboard unsympathetically announced my presence just outside the door. Freezing, I prayed he hadn't heard me. The splashing momentarily ceased, then, my heart in my throat, it resumed. Edging closer, I noticed he hadn't closed the door. A small crack between the doorjamb and door beckoned me closer. Peeking in the crack, I saw the back of Reuben's head. Water was cascading off his hair and down his back as he scooped up another handful. Enthralled, I stood, staring at his flexing back muscles, my desire for him insurmountable as a result. My conscience smiting me, I stepped away, avoiding the noisy floorboard. My youthful libido couldn't dismiss the realization that a viable, naked boy was in my bathroom, however. Waging an unsuccessful war between good and evil, I found myself aimlessly roaming about the door of the bathroom. As I passed the door, snatching another glimpse at the boy, he happened to look over his shoulder at me.

"I think I need some help washing my back" he stated, melting me on the spot.

Now I was the one speechless, standing in the door, a vapid look on my face. Pushing the door open, I hesitantly entered. Reuben was sitting in the water, the level just covering his beautiful legs. Kneeling beside the tub, I picked up the wash cloth and started soaping it up. Try as I may, however, I eventually surrendered to the temptation to glimpse his dangling dick. At 14, the boy was sporting an average hang. It appeared to be about 3-4 inches long, and was circumcised. He was already sprouting pubic hairs, a light patch growing just above his dick. Quickly, I averted my eyes, and started scrubbing the boy's back. As I washed, he sat quietly, as if this happened everyday. Desirous of as much time allowable to view the boy's naked body, I opted to continue washing him. Passing the towel over his chest, I watched as his little nipples jumped to attention. Skipping his genitals, I grabbed one of his feet, lifting it out of the water, scrubbing its pedal soft sole, traveling up his shapely leg, stopping just short of his dick. Reuben sat quietly, his sultry eyes observing me as I bathed him. Switching, I repeated the process on the other leg, splashing ample amounts of water on him to rinse the suds away. Willing myself to suspend my subtle fondling, I wrung the rag out, grateful for the opportunity granted me. Reuben remained seated, calmly mentioning,

"How come you didn't wash this?"

Looking up I noticed that he was pointing at his dick.

"Oh," I mumbled, nervously directing my attention to his groin.

(What is with this kid? Why isn't he freaked out about his body like most kids his age?)

I stuck the rag down into the water and gingerly washed his dick, frightened by the implications. His head was down, watching my every move, so I couldn't see his face. Quickly passing the towel over his dick and balls, I hastily wrung the rag out and grabbed a towel.

"Step out," I requested, holding the towel up for him. He stepped out of the tub, water dripping off his svelte body, pooling about his feet, and stood, apparently waiting for me to dry him off. Must be the ritual with his mom, I figured, passing the towel over his body. To my surprise, his dick never reacted, while mine was turning somersaults in my jeans.

"Let's see if those briefs fit," I offered, once I'd finished drying him. Reuben followed me into the room, in no hurry to dress. I dug in the bag, hurriedly pulling out the package of briefs, and ripping them open. Yanking out a pair, I handed them to him, anxious for the boy to put something on. Reuben stepped into the briefs, dragging them up his legs, and over his bottom. Overwhelmed, I sunk down onto the bed, my eyes consuming his scantily clad beauty.

"Turn around, let me see how they fit," I heard myself stammer.

Dumbfounded, I watched as Reuben turned on his dainty feet, presenting his pert ass to me. I could've no more stopped myself at that point than I could a runaway train. Dazed, I remember telling him to come to me. He quietly approached me, his crotch inches from my face. I looked at him, those glorious eyes of his arresting me. Slowly, I reached up my hands and caressed his tender chest. He offered no resistance, holding me with those beautiful eyes. My hands encircled his body, traveling down his back until they rested on his bubble bottom. Pulling him to me, his body enfolded against mine. I lay his head on my shoulder, his damp, soft hair cool against my skin. We stayed there like that for what seemed an eternity, the raucous from the boys below my window becoming insignificant. I pulled him atop me, lying back on the bed, Reuben's slight body hardly noticeable atop me. Tracing my hands down his back again, I felt his dick pong against my pants when they traveled over his supple ass cheeks. Holding the boy was so divine, I wanted it to last forever. Tracing my hands up his back, I embraced him, basking in the sensation of his velvety-soft skin. Reuben lay calmly, his mild breathing barely audible in my ear. Impatiently desirous to see his hard dick, I sat up, allowing him to stand before me. His hard dick was urgently thrusting the front of his shorts out now. I traced my hand over the bulge, intrigued. His eyes riveted on what my hand was doing, his dick pinged again. Enraptured, I pulled his briefs down, salivating at his hard, boy-prick. Following what came naturally, I enclosed it in my mouth, sucking its entire 6 inches down my throat. It did that little ping again, his silky-soft pubic hairs tickling my lips. Grasping his tightening balls, I held him in my mouth, his fresh-washed scent intoxicating. His balls drew up close to his body as I fondled them, enjoying the downy soft fleece covering them. Withdrawing his dick some, I swirled my tongue around the sensitive head of his dick, delighting in the little ping of his dick again. Reuben never took his eyes off my mouth, a blank look on his face. I suckled his dick a little longer, eventually releasing it. Grasping the spit-lubed stick, I encircled it with my fingers, stroking the length of it. It thumped in my hands when my fingers passed over the ridged head. Reversing direction, I traced to the root of it, sensuously running it through my fingers. His little spear was brick hard now, sticking out from his body at a near forty-five-degree angle. I continued slipping my fingers over its length, both of us getting hotter by the minute. Switching to my entire hand, I started a slow rhythm on his pointing staff, intent on making it cream. Intermittently licking the head, I worked up to a steady rhythm, thrumming my hand over his little knob, waiting for the desired explosion. Reuben watched, engrossed as my hand played over his hard as steel rod. His groin started pushing out, bowing his back, the feelings no doubt incredible to the boy, but he didn't shoot as expected. After more than fifteen minutes of manipulation, my hand was getting tired, and I was afraid his little dick would get chafed. His groin was pushed out so far, it looked like he was in a pissing contest, but his dick never went off. Relenting, I released it, and directed him to the bed. Figuring it would make him more comfortable, I removed my clothes, joining him. He followed my hard dick from the time it sprang from my briefs, until I lay beside him. Opening my bed stand drawer, I retrieved my trusty jar of Vaseline. Snapping the top off, I dug my finger into the jell, pulling out a nice dollop of the lubricant, smearing it on his throbbing pecker. Once it was coated in the stuff, I started pumping on his dick again, determined to bring this little heartthrob off. He merely lay on the bed, staring at his dick as I stroked. After another prolonged period of nothing, I finally asked the kid,

"You ever did this before?"

Reuben shook his head no.

(No wonder! He hasn't the foggiest what's supposed to happen.)

"You've never jacked off before?"

Again he shook his head no.

"Feel good?"

This time he heartily nodded his head yes.

"It gets better," I promised, resuming my tugging. I was resolved to stay with this for the long haul now, the prize outweighing the price. Finding a rhythm again, I polished his mushroom like head with my fingers. Ringing his little shaft with my hand, I continued gripping his bulging head, gliding his hard dick through my hand. His body became rigid, while his stomach retracted. Manipulating his swollen member, I leaned over and lapped at his bulging nipple. It was the weirdest thing; his maturing left nipple was slightly larger than his right, making it sit out erotically. His breathing increased when I licked my tongue across the little bud, but he still never said anything. Still staring at his dick, his feet started curling inward toward his jutting dick, the toes splaying in turn. His dick was so hard in my hands it felt like he had a flagpole stuck to his body. He started panting lightly, unsure what was happening, and then his toes started wiggling. His stomach started quivering, and his face started scrunching up, as if he was about to explode. His head slowly started to rise off the pillow, while his little toes were writhing like crazy, now. Looking at his dick, enthralled with what he was feeling, his back curved, as his head rose more. His feet kept squirming, his approaching orgasm driving him wild, and his head was nearly off the pillow. I held on to his bucking dick, slipping my hand over his bulbous head, waiting. His head came completely off the pillow and his eyes locked on his dick. His dick sticking straight up from his groin, he grunted again, and then, POW, he exploded. Hot strings of boy cum leaped from his dick, splattering onto his chest, and pooling in his pubic hairs. He road the storm out, his body convulsing, his toes splayed it wonder, his head strangely raised off the bed as he stared at his dick. Grunting and hissing, his body shook as his dick fired off its first load. At least two decent little volleys sprung from his dick, the rest immediately tapering off and dribbling down my hand. He eventually stopped spurting, and I slowed my strokes on his still hard shaft. When I was sure he was through, I released him and he collapsed on the bed, puffing.

"Good?" I inquired. He looked at me and nodded his head yes.

"Know what just happened?" He shook his head no, his face perplexed.

"That was what you call jacking off," I explained. "That white stuff that came out, that's for making babies. If you had shot that stuff inside a girl, you might've gotten her pregnant. Feels good, huh?"

Reuben nodded his head in amazement.

He looked down at his cum coated dick, astonished.

"Can you make it come out again?" He implored.

"Sure, we can do this anytime you want to, just keep it between you and me, ok?"

He nodded his head in agreement.

"Can we do it now?"

I chuckled at his newfound enthusiasm.

"You might want to wait a few minutes Reuben, you probably can't do it right now"

"Why not?"

"Because…" (Yeah, why not, I pondered?) "Well, because it usually takes a little time for your dick to come back," I explained.

"Oh," he said, satisfied. Looking at my throbbing erection, he petitioned,

"Do yours"

Shocked, I looked at him and then at my pulsing hard dick. Granting his request, I lay back and started stroking my dick. My dick was extra hot, excited by our actions. It pulsed in my hand, eager to release. Opening my eyes, I looked at Reuben. His gold flecked eyes were locked on my dick, amazed. Oh to kiss those ruby red lips of his, I thought, whipping my hand around the head of my dick. As I drew close to cumming, Reuben surprised me and extended his hand toward my dick. I allowed his silken hands to replace mine, the intensity of his touch unbelievable. He folded his hands around my girth, and started stroking like he'd seen me do his. His grip wasn't as strong as mine, but just the thought of the adorable boy's hand on my dick was enough to do the trick. Gazing into his eyes, I studied his face, memorizing it. Stretching my hand toward his chest, I indulged myself, running it over the soft skin. He continued stroking, his eyes riveted on my spasming dick. Raising my hand to touch his rosy lips, I felt my dick grow, the inevitable about to happen. Moaning loudly, I looked down at my dick as it pumped thick pungent ropes of cum out, popping onto my chest, and stomach. Reuben knew to keep stroking my dick as it lobbed burst after burst of my cum out. When my flow had finally subsided, Reuben knowledgeably removed his hand, gazing into my eyes. I smiled at him, tracing my finger across his sensuous pouting lips. He smiled at me, still the reluctant conversationalist, both of us silently transmitting our mutual gratification. We lay there for the longest, listening to the joyous sounds of kids echoing throughout the building.

That night, as I was searching through my dresser for something appropriate for the boy to wear to bed, he quietly went into the living room. When he returned, he was wearing his new 'sunshine yellow' g-string. I gasped, struck by how exquisite it looked on him, his shapely hips spilling out the open sides. The briefs fit him like a glove, his little package thrusting out the front of them. I pulled him to me and held him tight, and he lay his head on my chest, hugging me in return. Holding him, I felt his dick harden between us again. Realizing he was ready for another round I lead him over to the bed, pulling him atop me. We lay there, silent, the melody of an Ice Cream truck's old calliope ringing in the distance. Caressing his pliant, round ass cheeks, I felt his little dick ping again, dancing between our bodies. Slipping my hand between us, I grasped his dick, stroking it again. Reuben exhaled softly, my hand extracting sweet sticky juice from his dick. I didn't know it then, but an insatiable desire had been awakened in the boy. This was just the first of what would become a long relationship of passionate sex with the boy, but that's another story.