I'm Not Gay
by Ashley Hardric ©2006

    This is a work of fiction.  That means it is not true.  Didn’t happen.  It’s a figment. No boys were involved or harmed in the writing of this story and no trees were sacrificed.  Author assumes no responsibility for seminal damage to keyboards.  Author does not condone sex with boys; he just writes fantasies about it.  Further, sex in reality requires caution and protection, but my characters won’t catch any bad bugs unless I write them in.  Be safe and legal in the real world, and enjoy the story only if you are of age and location to do so legally.

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I'm Not Gay, part 3

The trip continues into the mind and pants of Ferris, the boy who's not (just ask him!) gay...

I got into the locker room a little late and nearly everyone else had already changed out.  I was glad, because I was already getting hard thinking about Philip and the blowjob idea, and I did not want to deal with a hardon in front of the other kids.  They’d be so into teasing me about how gay it is getting hard in the locker room and I’m not gay.  Definitely not gay.  I am too studly to be gay.  But I am definitely ready for a blowjob.

Philip and I were the only ones left in our locker group.  I wonder what was taking him so long?  Maybe he was hoping to get a look at my cock.  We were both down to our boxers, and mine had this huge wet spot from me creaming my pants the period before.   I turned to face him.  “See what you made me do, Faglip?” I said to him.  “Bet you wish I’d done it in your mouth.”  Philip reached down and touched the wet fabric.  My dick was kind of poking the front of my boxers out, and Philip gave it a little squeeze.  That, of course, made me start to bone up again, and in a few seconds my hardon was pushing right against the wet spot.  Because the cotton was so wet, it was almost see-through, and you could see my dick head really clear.  The head popped right out of the foreskin; it does that sometimes when I get really hard.

Philip wrapped his hand around my dick through my shorts and just held me like that.  He didn’t say anything, just looked me right in the eye.

I said, “Will you blow me?”

Still staring at me and holding my cock, he nodded, and said, “When do you want to do it?”

“Next period, during activities,” I told him.  “We can go to the back of the library.”

We had to finish changing out for gym, and I told Philip not to wear a jock or underwear.  Or a tee shirt.  “Just your shorts,” I said.  “No jock.”

“You too,” he said.  He’s so gay, but I did it too, just to make his day. We were both hard now, and naked, but we had to get to class before we got marked late.  So we pulled on our shorts and shoes and left the locker room.

 We went out into the gym and got lined up for attendance and calisthenics.  We were supposed to do wrestling today, so Philip and I paired up.  We had to practice sitting out first, so Philip got on his hands and knees, and I got on top of him, my hand wrapped around his skinny waist, my right knee between his, my groin pressed against his butt cheek.

“Man, you are so skinny!  How big is your waist, anyway?”

“About 22 inches, I guess.  That’s the size of my belt.”

“I bet I could hold your waist with my hands totally around you.”

“Maybe you can try later.”  I swear, that little dude had some serious hots for me.

The whistle blew, and we had to practice the move, so Philip sat out and I let him push me down onto my back, with him on top.  Then we tried it again.  This time, when I wrapped my arm around his waist, I pushed  my hand down his soft, smooth tummy inside his shorts, and found his cock.  I put my hand around it and felt it get harder while I held it.  This time when Philip tried to sit out, I didn’t let go, and I pulled him back against me, and I rolled him down onto the mat face down, still holding his cock, and lay on top of him, my own hard cock pushing against his butt.  While I held his cock, I was rubbing my thumb around his dick head, and Philip was breathing kind of hard, and his dick was getting real slippery.  I thought maybe he was cumming, but his dick was still hard, and I had not felt it shoot, so I kept doing it.

Then we had to set up again, and this time Philip was on top.  He’s not quite as tall as I am, and about half my size around the middle, so he could not get much of a hold on my cock.  But he tried.  He was able to stroke it with his finger tips until the whistle blew and I sat out before he could even react and rolled over and pinned him in about two seconds flat.  I lay on top of him again, this time we were front to front, and I was pushing my hard cock against him, and it felt great.  But then I realized that we might look kind of gay, so I got off him and helped him up.  His hardon was poking his shorts out bigtime, at about a thirty degree angle.  Mine was vertical, tight against my belly.  You could still see it, but not as obvious as Philip’s.  I’m glad, because I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was gay or anything.  Because I’m not.

We tried some more moves and positions, and anything we tried, Philip and I were basically jerking each other off.  We were practicing pinning each other, and when I picked him up with one hand under his crotch and the other around his neck, he didn’t even resist.  He just let me do it, and I lay on top of him, face to face, crotch to crotch, and I finished jerking him off.  This time there was no doubt that he was cumming.  I could feel his dick pumping the cum out, and he kept squirting and squirting.  It seems like forever, but it was probably about 30 seconds or so.  The boy must be seriously gay to cum that hard during wrestling class.

We we supposed to run ten laps, but as soon as the gym teacher stopped watching, we went back to the locker room to change.  Philip’s shorts were pretty wet, but neither of us were sweaty, so we didn’t shower.  We just got dressed and headed up to Activities Period.  “Get a pass for the Library,” I told him.  “I’ll meet you there.”  He grabbed my dick through my pants by way of answer and I got hard again.

I got to the library first, and was disappointed to find that the back stacks where I planned to get my blowjob had some ninth graders there looking for books.  So I had to find another spot.  I looked around, and noticed that the other end of the room was empty, where there’s nothing but a supply closet, a bunch of work tables, and this folding curtain so a class can work there without bothering the rest of the library.  I went back there, and pulled the curtain almost closed.  It was perfect: the lights were off, so nobody could see us, and we’d be able to see anyone coming.  I went back to the front just in time to see Philip come in and give his pass to the library aide. 

“Come on,” I told him, loud enough for the aide to hear, “I want to show you this really cool book I found.  It’s in the back.”  Having covered a basic reason for being back there, we headed to the back and, as soon as we were sure no one was looking, ducked around back of the curtain.  Then we were alone and it was blowjob time.  My dick had stayed hard since Philip had grabbed me after gym.  So was Philip’s.

He unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it off my shoulders, and then got down on his knees to work on my jeans.  He got them open and down in no time, and then had me sit on a chair so he could pull them all the way off, and my boxers too.  I was totally naked now, sitting in semi-darkness in the back of the junior high library.  It was so cool, and I was so hard.  Philip got up and pulled his shirt over his head, and then dropped his pants too and in a couple of seconds he was as naked as I was.  And as hard.  He’s so gay, he was really ready for me to fuck his face.

He was standing right in front of me, his beautiful, soft skin gently reflecting the dim light, his cock straight at that thirty degree angle pointing right at me.  He’s so skinny and that turns me on, and I reached for his waist with both hands and put them around him.  I couldn’t quite get my fingers all the way around, but almost.  I liked holding him, though, and I pulled him towards me and I don’t know why, but I bent down a bit and kissed the tip of his cock.  I didn’t suck him or anything, because I’m not gay, but it seemed right to give it a little kiss.  And then I told him to get on his knees, and he did.

And then suddenly I have his beautiful, shiny hair all over my lap, and he takes my cock in his mouth and it’s all hot and wet and wonderful and I start to fuck his face and his head is bobbing up and down and I’m running my hands through his hair and across his shoulders and down his back and through his hair and he’s sucking me and licking me and it’s better than I even imagined and I love Philip, O God, I love Philip, and I’m pushing my cock into his mouth and into his mouth and into his mouth and he’s sucking and I’m pushing and his wonderful hair is all over my legs and his hands are rubbing there too and I’ve got his skinny shoulders in both hands and his silky hair too and then I feel his hand on my balls and my asshole and he’s pushing in and I can hardly stand it, it feels so good and I grab his head with both hands and then I cum and cum and cum and cum and it’s the best thing in the world.  Philip’s head goes still, and he’s still got me in his mouth, and I pull him up.  He straightens up, and then I pull him further up and he sits on my lap, almost like a little kid, and he’s got my cum all around his mouth and some is on his chin, and I don’t even think about whether it’s gay or not, but I kiss him and he kisses me back, and we both use our tongues and all, and I taste my cum in his mouth and I wrap my hand around his cock which is still hard, and it’s slippery again, so I just start jacking him with my whole fist, and Philip starts pushing against my fist, fucking my fist like I just fucked his mouth.  I move my hand down to his smooth balls and farther under even and he seems to like that because he moans a bit, and then I go back down his thighs a few times and then back onto his shaft and jerk him some more and I slide his foreskin back and forth and back and forth and then I go all the way down and back up and then rub my thumb across that really sensitive spot near the tip and while we’re still kissing he starts cumming through my hand and hot cum hits my chest, my stomach, my hip, it flows all over my hand, and his cock is still pumping even though there’s no more cum flowing.  And then he’s done, and I’m done, and we have cum all over us, and it’s incredibly gay, and I don’t even care.  I just care about holding Philip’s skinny, sexy body on my lap with his cock in my hand, and having his cum all over me and kissing him and him kissing me. 

We were just getting our breath back and Philip said something about cleaning ourselves up, when something we never expected in a million years happened:  The light came on in the supply room, which we could see under the door, and the next moment, the door  opened, and Mr. Hardric stepped out, pushing a cart with stacks of text books and notebook paper and other supplies on it!

“Mr. Hardric!  What are you doing here?” I asked.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, and I was so surprised I forgot for a second that I was naked, covered with cum, and holding an equally naked, cummy boy on my lap.

“I just started today as a sub for Mr. Herrington,” he said.  “He’s going to be out the rest of the semester, and I’m taking his classes.  I guess I don’t need to ask what you and your friend are doing here!”

He pushed the cart aside and told us to come into the supply closet, with our clothes.  So we gathered up our stuff and went inside.  It was a room with a lot of shelves and piles of school stuff, and another door on the other side.  At the far end there was a third door, and he unlocked this one and led us through it.  It opened onto a smaller room.  There were a few chairs and an old, stained sofa.  There was also a sink, a toilet, and a shower stall at one end.   A coffee pot was on a shelf, and a mini-fridge as well.  Next to the coffee pot was a bowl with a whole bunch of condoms, and some tubes like toothpaste with YK on them.  He motioned us to the sofa.

“What is this place?” I asked as we sat down, dropping our clothes in a heap on the floor.

“This is a secret room for certain teachers,” he told us.  “When the building was built, this was a private lounge so the principal could stay late, change clothes, clean up, and so on.  That was back in the day when the principal had to do everything from putting coal in the furnace to coaching the sports teams.  Sometimes he even had to spend the night here.  Now, it’s just a left over room that only a few people know about.  I knew about this room when I was a student here, and your principal now was my English teacher back then.  He brought me here all through high school.  Only men and boys come here.  And you have to know the right people to get in.  Fortunately, I know the right people.  And now, so do you.”

“These are the rules for this room,” he went on. 

“Number one:  Any sex with anybody new, and everybody wears a condom.  After you get checked out, you can bareback.” 

“Number two:  Nobody knows about this room unless they are brought in as a guest.” 

“Number three:  anything that goes on in this room does not exist outside of this room.  In other words, if it happens in here, it doesn’t happen anywhere else, and it never did.”

“Number four:  the only way you boys can get in here is with a teacher who has a key.  Do you understand the rules?”

“Uh huh,” we both said, together.  We were sitting on the sofa with our arms around each other, still naked but not very hard anymore, with cum dripping down our bodies.  We were hearing rules about sex from the Acolyte Director at my church who was now a teacher at my school.  And who was taking his pants off as he talked, and who was sporting a huge hardon.  This was unreal.  If I thought I had been dreaming earlier in study hall, this was way, way more weird.  But fun.  And exciting.

Mr. Hardric had his pants off, and he was now removing his shirt and tie.   His hard on must have been nine inches at least.  I had not had time to really look at it at church last week, seeing as how it was mostly either in my mouth or my butt, but it was huge.  He looked at me.

“Ferris, have you had sex with anybody besides me and Leigh, before today?”

“No, no one.  Until today.”  I turned to Philip, who actually blushed a little.

“And what about your friend...?”

“This is Philip,” I said.

“Philip, what sexual experiences have you had?”

“Well,” Philip replied, turning seriously red in the face now, “some older boys uh, put their, you know, they stuck their, I mean, they...”

“You mean they fucked you?”  Mr. Hardric said.

“Yeah,” Philip said in a whisper.  “They fucked me.”

“Did they use condoms?”  Mr. Hardric asked.

“Yes, they definitely did.  And that’s all I’ve done.  Honest!  Everyone thinks I do a lot more, but that’s really all.  Until today, with Ferris.  When I blew him.”  He looked at me and smiled, his face still red as a beet.  I gave his shoulders a tighter squeeze.

“Well, I think we can assume that you’re both safe enough,” he said.  “Although you did take a risk today.  I want you to promise me you won’t do that again.” 

“Yes sir,” we agreed, feeling a bit ashamed of ourselves for forgetting all of the safe sex lessons we had heard so many times.

“So let’s give you a proper introduction into The Special Men’s Room of Hard-on High!”  We smiled at the joke; it was funny to hear it from a teacher, though.  Our school is named for John Hardin, an officer in the American Revolution.  Among all the boys, at least, and a few of the dirtier girls, it was generally called Hard-on High.  Apparently, we were about to learn a whole ‘nother meaning to that joke.  I put my hand in Philip’s lap and held his hardening dick.

“Ferris, did you blow Philip today?”

I shook my head no.

“Don’t you think you should return the favor?  It’s only fair, after all.”

“Well, I dunno.  It seems kind of gay...”

“Ferris.  This is sex.  We do it because it feels good.  We do it because it makes our partners feel good.  Don’t you want Philip to feel good as you did?”

“Yes, but I still think it’s kind of gay.  And I’m not gay!  OK?  I AM NOT GAY!!”  I was getting kind of excited all of a sudden, and I was shouting, and I don’t know why.  But Philip just pulled me closer to him and told me it was OK, and then as quick as I’d gotten mad, I wasn’t any more.  I turned to Philip and asked, “Do you want me to blow you?”

“Only if you want to,” he told me.  I answered him by bending down and giving his fresh erection a kiss.  Then I gave it a big lick and went down on him, all the way to his neat little patch of pubes.  And I started sucking like it was the best lollipop in the world.  Which it was.

Mr. Hardric helped get me repositioned so that I was kneeling on the sofa, my head in Philip’s lap and my ass in the air.  And then I felt him doing the same things to my butt as he had after church, except he was doing them quicker this time.  So I’m sucking on Philip, and I’m kind of surprised that I really like doing it, and it doesn’t seem so gay after all.  I like feeling how hard he is in my mouth, and yet soft at the same time.  I like licking the slippery stuff that comes out of his (but not mine).  I like making his foreskin move up and down using my lips to slide it around.  And while I’m licking and sucking, I really like playing with his balls with one hand, and feeling all around his soft tummy and smooth chest with the other.  Philip seems to like what I’m doing, and that makes me like it even more, and I realize that I really do want him to feel as good as I did and so I suck even harder and faster and I’m going up and down on his cock and I hear him kind of moaning and grunting and I am pretty sure that’s a good thing and suddenly I feel Mr. Hardric push into me, hard, all the way, and I know his huge cock is buried up my butt and he hits THAT SPOT again and I almost let go of Philip’s dick, except that he’s holding my head now and I can’t go anywhere and he’s pushing into my mouth, practically down my throat and he’s fucking my mouth and fucking my mouth and I can feel Mr. Hardric fucking my ass and he pushes into me as Philip does the same and then they both pull back and we’ve got this rhythm going, pushing into me hard, pausing, pulling back out, in, pause, out, in, pause, out, and then it’s in, pause, and cum and cum and cum and Philip is filling my mouth so fast that it makes me cough and cum gets up my nose and Mr. Hardric is filling my ass and so much hot cum is pumping into me I don’t know where it will all go, and then I realize that someone has been jerking my cock as well, and as if to release the cum intake, I start shooting too and as Philip is finishing up, I’m squirting all over his legs and the sofa and his hand and Mr. Hardric is done too, and he wraps his arms around my middle and pushes me down onto the sofa, my head in Philip’s lap, Mr. Hardric on top of me.

I am wiped out, but I feel fantastic.  I guess this is the third time I’ve cum in like two hours.  Philip too, I think.  I don’t know about Mr. Hardric.  I could go to sleep like this, Philip’s thighs make a nice pillow and Mr. Hardric makes a nice blanket, even if he’s kind of heavy.  I’m just about dropping off when Mr. Hardric gets off me, pulling his cock out of my butt as he does so.  That makes me feel kind of empty for a moment, but Philip gives my head a stroke and I look up at him and he smiles and wipes a glob of cum off my chin, and I feel so good.  So loved.  So perfect.  This sex stuff is so incredible.  I just know that it feels so good to have my head in Philip’s lap and his cum in my mouth and don’t even care anymore whether I’m gay or not gay or anything.