I'm Not Gay
by Ashley Hardric ©2006

    This is a work of fiction.  That means it is not true.  Didn’t happen.  It’s a figment. No boys were involved or harmed in the writing of this story and no trees were sacrificed.  Author assumes no responsibility for seminal damage to keyboards.  Author does not condone sex with boys; he just writes fantasies about it.  Further, sex in reality requires caution and protection, but my characters won’t catch any bad bugs unless I write them in.  Be safe and legal in the real world, and enjoy the story only if you are of age and location to do so legally.

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A little grammatical note from the author:  you might notice that Ferris switches from past tense into present when he is describing intense sexual moments.  That happened accidentally in ING-1, much to my irritation, because I almost never do that, and don’t like it when I see it in others’ writing.  However, as the story evolved into a further journey into Ferris’s thoughts, it seemed to make sense to allow that kind of narration to happen from time to time, because that’s often the way we think.  So what started as an accident is now an intentional “error.”

I’m Not Gay, part 4 (final)

Sometimes I still can’t believe I have a boyfriend!  It’s been almost six months now and I still haven’t figured it all out.  How can I have a boyfriend and still not be gay?  Because I’m not gay, you know.  I’m a stud.  Girls fall at my feet and guys wish they were me.  But I have a boyfriend, and so maybe I am gay after all.  Or maybe I have a friend who’s a boy.  No, it’s more than that, cuz I have tons of friends who are boys.  But Philip is definitely my boyfriend, and I really like that idea.  He doesn’t seem so gay to me any more.  He doesn’t seem to act as faggy as he used to.  Or maybe I’ve just gotten used to him.  Maybe I’m getting gayer.  I hope I’m not getting all faggy, though.  I like being a stud.  I like having muscles that have muscles.  Well, maybe I’m not that big yet.  But my muscles are definitely growing, and you can see my pecs now, and my biceps when I wear a short sleeve shirt.  And my pubes are coming in more now, too.  Or at least they would be if Philip and I didn’t shave them off, hee hee.  And his too.  If we don’t shave him twice a week, he gets this stubble above his dick, which I don’t like because I like him smooth.  He’s such a turn on when he’s like totally smooth, which is pretty much all of him, what there is of him, the skinny little hunk.  Except I am just realizing that he’s not so skinny any more.  In fact, it’s like the puberty fairy flipped the muscle switch in his bod, because he’s turning into quite the studly little hunk.  His muscles are really growing, and he’s taller than me now.  He’s got pecs and a six pack and biceps.  He’s still got a really narrow waist.  I think they call his kind of build “wiry.”  He’s definitely got muscles, though, and he’s stronger than he looks.  Way stronger.  When I’m sucking him off sometimes, he surprises me with how strong he holds me.  It’s like having my head in a vise.  Actually,  he pretty much takes control now when we’re doing sex, which is another surprise.  And I like it when he tells me what to do.  Because I like to make him feel good.  It makes me feel good too.  And I love the sex.  I absolutely love the sex.  Some of the boys brag about copping a feel from a girl and all that, and how they jerk off after getting a quick brush-up against a girl.  But I know what REAL sex is like, and it’s great.

I love having a boyfriend.  I love Philip.  Even though I’m not gay.  But how can I have a boyfriend and not be gay?  Or maybe we’re just friends with benefits, Philip and me.  It’s just sex, after all.  It doesn’t mean anything whether the mouth on my cock is a boy’s or a girl’s.  Eeeww, gross.  A girl’s mouth on my cock.  I’d rather let my dog lick it.  I tried that a few times, before Philip.  Philip’s mouth and my cock are the perfect fit.  And his goes in my mouth pretty damn perfect too, I must say.  But it’s more than just sex, I think, because of how I feel about Philip.  When I’m with him, nothing bad can touch me.  I’m on top of the world, and I don’t care what anyone thinks.  How could I feel like that about a boy and not be gay?  I mean, I’m not gay.  I’m a stud, and getting studlier by the day.  I am so proud of my bod, but I’m not conceited and all, I mean that I would never put down other boys who are smaller than me, or be a bully because that’s so rude, but I really like the way I look.  I look so good, I might go out for the swim team in ninth grade next year just I so I can wear those cool Speedo swim suits.  I wish they would come back into style again.  Those baggy shorts are so dumb.  But they’re the style, so you gotta wear them.  Unless you’re on the swim team.  Then you can wear those really brief trunks that are practically thongs, and if you get a hard on in them, the whole world knows, but it’s OK, it’s not gay or anything.

I know I’m not gay because I’m definitely a stud, and studs aren’t gay.  Are they?  Actually, Philip is turning into kind of a stud himself these days.  When I watch him pulling his shirt over his head, it’s almost enough to make me cream my pants.  He’s still really slender, but not skinny any more.  He’s got two or three hairs under each arm, and we’re not going to let any more grow.  He’s long and lean, and his shoulders are really getting broader, because he wears the same shirt size as me now, but his waist is still really tiny and I like to put my hands around it and hold him on my lap and his cock has gotten really big too, it’s over six inches hard now, longer than mine, but I don’t care, it looks so hot on him, and he’s so smooth and soft, but he’s really toned too, and he’s soft and hard at the same time, just like his cock when I suck it.

God, I love Philip.  I love the way he looks, the way he moves, the way he sucks my cock, the way his ass feels when I fuck him, the way my ass feels when he fucks me, the way his cum shoots into my mouth so hard that it comes out my nose sometimes.  We learned this poem in English, something like How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  I tried counting on Philip but I had to stop  because we were both cumming and we couldn’t count any more.

It’s like every kind of sex we try is better than the one before, until we go back to the earlier kind and then that’s the best all over again.  We both love doing it and having it done and we can’t get enough of it.  We do sex everywhere we can:  at school, at my house, at his house, at church, in the park.  We did it on a city bus once!  Last weekend his parents were going away over night, and they let us stay home alone all night Saturday.  They thought I would be good company for Philip, hee hee.  They know that we’re good friends, and that’s ALL they know.  So they left Saturday after dinner, and they wouldn’t be back until late Sunday afternoon.  They gave us all the standard instructions and phone numbers and emergency information and all that stuff parents think is so important, and then they kissed us both and told us for about the zillionth time to behave ourselves, and we promised for the zillionth time that we would be good (little did they know HOW good we’d be!) and they finally left.  We stood on the front porch and waved as they left, our arms around each other’s waists, our hands on each other’s butts, and we watched them drive down the street until they got to the highway and they turned off.  Philip’s house is real close to the Interstate, so we could see them actually get onto the freeway.  As soon as his parents turned onto the on ramp, Philip turned to me and said, “Go change.” 

He had told me the day before to bring my gym shorts, the ones from our first time last Fall, the day I asked him to blow me and all that.   He also said to bring an old tee shirt.  So I went up to his room and put the shorts on, and an old tee shirt that had the arms and neck ripped out, and was really snug on me.  The shorts were pretty much worn out and coming apart at the seams, and really, REALLY tight on me.  And then when I came back downstairs, Philip is wearing his old shorts too, and he attacked me.  I mean, he literally attacked me!

He jumped on me, wrapping his legs around my waist and his hands around my neck, and started yelling stuff like, “Now you are mine, Ferris My Cockboy, now you are mine!  I will have my way with you!”  And then with him wrapped around me and kissing me and his hardon poking me in the stomach, I carry him to the living room sofa and we sit down, him still on top of me, and once we’re down, he grabs my shirt and literally rips it open, and then he grabs my shorts and gives them a yank.  It only takes him a couple of tugs before he finds the weak seam and they come apart at the crotch and then rip up to the waist band, and he has me exposed, the remains of my shirt and shorts pushed aside, my rock hard cock waiting for him, and I’m so hot for Philip, this time there’s actually a drop of the slippery stuff at the tip of my dick.  He takes hold of my dick and jacks it a few times, and rubs the drop of slippery stuff around under my foreskin.  And then he gets up on his knees, pushes his shorts down, and takes his cock and slaps my cheek with it a couple of times and says, “Suck it, Ferris My Cockboy.  Fellate little Philip.”  He makes proper words sound incredibly hot.  He’s acting all firm and in charge, which is cool, but he’s not abusive cuz we’re not into that.  So I take him in my mouth and start to suck him off, licking up and down and giving his balls some attention.  But Philip has slightly different plans, and all of a sudden he grabs my head in his surprisingly strong blowjob vise-grip, holds me in position, and starts fucking my mouth like a frenzied rabbit.  I’m not doing anything; he’s doing all the work, but apparently it’s good for him, because in almost no time he’s pumping his cum into my mouth, and this is one of those loads that makes me cough and it’s up my nose and leaking out my mouth and he got a squirt or two on my face, even.  And then he slid back down to face me and we kissed and he told me I had done a good job, that I was his special cockboy, and he rubbed his cum around on my face and my chest.  And then he put some on my cock.

Once he had me slicked up, he got up long enough to get his shorts all the way off, and then he got back on my lap.  He scooted into position, held me in place, and sat down on my cock.  Oh, God!  The feeling of his ass on my cock was incredible, better than any other time we’d done anything, and then he starts bouncing up and down, and I’m pushing up into him as he’s sitting down on me, and it takes like fifteen seconds before I’m squirting my cum into his ass and I’m cumming and cumming and cumming and then I wind down and he sits all the way down on my lap, my cock deep inside him, and we kiss again, and hug and snuggle.  And we stayed like that for a good long time, because we both took a little nap.

When we woke up, we were still sticky from his cum all over us, and he starts kissing me again and rubbing his hand around my chest, and I start rubbing my fingers up and down his cock, which makes him start to bone up again, and I start seriously jacking him off again, using the left over cum for a full fist wank.  He’s fully hard again and I am getting hard too, still inside him, and I start pushing up into him, kinda slow, and he starts going up and down on my cock as well, and I’m jacking him while he’s fucking my cock, and we both get harder and harder and we pick up the pace and I’m fucking him and jacking him and he’s working my cock with his ass and we’re just like before, a couple of crazy rabbit-fucking horned up teen age cock sluts and then we’re cumming again, just a strong, just as hard as before, pumping cum into and onto each other and then he just collapses onto me and I let go of his cummy cock and wrap my hands around his sexy waist and just hold him while the fresh cum mixes with the first load, and we both start to breathe normally again.

Finally he rose up a little, enough for me to slide out of him, and then he got off me and pulled me to my feet and took me to the bathroom for a shower.  By the time we got there, my cum was leaking out of his ass, all liquid now, oozing down his leg.  I stopped to rub it around his inner thigh some, which made him start to bone up again, but we both decided that a shower was a good idea before we did anything else.

Sex really gives me an appetite, even more than usual, so we went downstairs to raid the fridge for a snack.  Then, since we were both tired, so watched a movie and then went to bed.  We slept some  but we fucked more.  It was so incredible being next to my boyfriend all night and waking up first and sucking him until he woke up, or going to sleep with his cock still filling me up, his strong arms holding me firm.


Everyone pretty much knows that Philip and I are together, but we don’t do anything physical in public.  No one hassles us, because they know not to mess with me, or Philip either, now.

Philip took martial arts lessons for several years, but he chose not to do anything with them except for competition.  Not even when he got hassled at school, something that I totally don’t understand.  I asked him about it, but he just said it was complicated and he’d explain it some other time.  But anyway, our gym teacher found out that he was pretty good at martial arts -- apparently he met Philip’s sensei at an exhibition of Brazilian Jiujitsu, and the karate instructor mentioned a boy at our school who was really good at it, and who turned out to be Philip.  So our teacher arranged for Philip to give a demonstration for a couple of gym classes.  Philip started with me as an assistant, and he had me on my back before I even knew what was happening.  Then Philip asked for some bigger boys to volunteer, and this one ninth grade football jock came onto the mat, acting all cool and studly and all.  He even flexed in front of Philip!  Philip calmly told him that when he had had enough, he should slap the mat twice with his hand, and the jock mocked him.  “Yeah, right, like you could even touch me.  In your next life as a boy, maybe!”  Philip just smiled, bowed to him, and told him to try to a wrestling take down.  The jock went for him, and suddenly he was on his back and Philip was standing a few feet away.  That surprised him, and he mumbled something about not being ready, so he got up and went for Philip again.  Same result.   The jock was getting mad now, and when he got up, he tried to punch Philip, but Philip put him on the mat again, and this time he went down on top of him, and put him in a leg hold around his neck that pretty much choked him.  He let go when the jock slapped the mat twice.

The class was amazed and gave Philip a round of applause, and Philip just bowed a little to them, to the gym teacher, and went back to the locker room to change.

Like I said, no one messes with Philip any more.

So I’ve got this much figured out.  I’m 100% boy and 100% stud.  I have a killer body and a great personality.  Everyone likes me and I’m nice to everyone.  I have a boyfriend that I love.  He loves me too.  We both love doing sex together.   Apparently that makes us gay.  And I don’t care what anyone thinks, because I’m totally happy with me, I’m still a stud, and so is Philip.