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Imagine the freedom.

Chapter One: The Island.

Stan woke still cuddled in with his twelve-year-old bed mate. The forty something man looked beyond the sleeping boy, out to the ocean through the large bay window. The sun was already up, glistening off the waves as they crashed on the tropical beach below his house. Stan gently stroked his hand along the brown back of his Polynesian boy, the soft well tanned skin stirring his loins. Reluctantly he got up and went to the bathroom to drain his bladder. Stan chuckled to himself as he used the opulent toilet, thinking that it might be larger than his first apartment. It had been close to six months since he bought the house on the small tropical island. House wasn't really an appropriate word for it, small mansion would be closer to the truth, given the size of the 9 other mansions in the compound. His was the last one built on the north east side of the spec of land in the Pacific Ocean. It was originally a guesthouse for the others, having just twelve rooms.

Stan returned to bed, his boy still unstirred from his slumber. Pressing his hairy frame against the soft flesh he thought of how lucky he was to be here. He had won the lottery years earlier and turned his winnings into a fortune running an online gambling company. He had thought about running an internet porn site, as a frequent customer of such services he felt he knew a lot about it but found that it was pretty crowded market. His second stroke of luck was a chance meeting with Hans, both flaunting their wealth at the same table in Vegas. The affable old Dutchman had taken him under his wing and arranged his inclusion into the idyllic refuge. It did cost him several million dollars though paradise wasn't cheap.

Hans did however give him is boy Tam, or Tom as Hans had renamed him. It sounded more like `toom' when the Dutchman said it, which Stan had copied to make it easier on the boy. Tom wasn't a paid servant but nor was he a captive slave, he was more like a pet than anything else. It was another lucky stroke for Stan that Hans preferred his Polynesian beauties quite young and Tom was nearing retirement now that he was into the double digits. This put him at the bottom end of Stan's preferences and well skilled for his age compared to the mid teen American boys that Stan was used too back home.

Stan slipped a lubricated condom on as Tom continued to slumber. The man pressed the head of his moderate penis into the relaxed hole and pushed in. Tom began to wake as he was penetrated. Stan eased over on top as he felt the boy's hole tighten. The man stroked the boy's soft blond hair pushing the groaning boy's head down into the pillow. When he first got Tom his hair was extremely short as his former host preferred but Stan allowed it to grow and then died it blond, it reminded him of the boys back home.

"Relax baby," Stan instructed.

Tom had taken Stan's cock several times and many other cocks before his so he was quickly able to relax. Stan pushed the boy's knees apart and inserted fully. Tom pushed up as the man began his pumping, emitting soft high-pitched moans as he was fucked.

"You're the best Tom" Stan sighed as he kissed the boy's neck.

Hans had found Tom living on a beach on a nearby island. There were many such homeless kids so the selection was easy with so many keen applicants. The old Dutchman's process was to take the cutest available and introduce them to cock right away. His theory was that the boys would take to it quickly or not at all. Many of them had some idea of what the old man wanted but their motivation was based on stories about boys going from the slums to living in luxury. Some stayed in one house their entire time while others were moved around but the `graduates' all came back with cash. Even the washout's got new shoes and fist full of dollars, prompting Hans and the others to have to deal with multiple time applicants.

The sounds of the waves crashing on the beach were background music to the slapping sounds of Stan's body crashing into the boy's. Tom was grunting more than moaning now as he braced himself against the onslaught of the man's desire.

Stan knew it was illegal, immoral even but the locals didn't seem to care about the homeless children, unless they were stealing from the merchants. Beatings were often the punishment for that, rather than any formal process. Stan justified in his mind that boys like Tom were better off with him even if it cost them their innocence. He did take good care of Tom, in fact he even took the time to teach him to read and write in English. Hans thought that a complete waste of effort, it wasn't like boys like Tom were going to go on and get desk jobs. Manual labour perhaps or if they proved trustworthy they might graduate into the private security force that they kept for robbers and pirates. The small island that their mansions were on was actually part of the large island chain but the authorities ignored them as long as they paid their taxes and the appropriate bribes.

Tom was leaking precum as his man pounded to conclusion, the discomfort masked by the joy of the prostate massage that he was receiving. Stan unloaded his juice and collapsed on the boy, sweaty and spent. The boy rolled out from under, dismounting himself. He pushed the man insistently until Stan rolled onto his back. Tom eased the condom off the still rigid cock and began slowly licking it from the bottom up, consuming the residual cum as he went. Stan gurgled in pleasure as the boy worked his over sensitive cock like a lollipop. Stan was lost, completely in his boy's control,

"Oh baby yes, yes, oh god yes," Stan mumbled.

It was no surprise that Tom was a skilled cocksucker, he got years of experience at Hans' house. In fact Tom was the first boy offered to Stan when he arrived by private charter onto the island's airstrip. It seemed strange to Stan to see naked boys running about Hans' house, he always had a pair nearby to service his fat cock. The old Dutchman seemed addicted to oral sex, it amazed him that Hans could hold a conversation while two young tongues lapped away at his genitals.

"Thank you beautiful" Stan recalled saying as he boldly stroked Tom's bare ass when he arrived to serve the men's drinks.

"You like the old ones?" Stan recalled Hans saying. He thought Tom rather young in fact and somewhat guiltily accepted his first blowjob from the boy.

At the end of the visit Hans said, "Take `Toom' with you, you can keep him, he's getting too old anyway"

Things were rather strange at first, Stan had no idea what Tom expected nor was willing to do for him but within a couple of weeks most of Stan's fantasies had been fulfilled. He couldn't imagine keeping track of the dozen or so boys that Hans kept but he realised that Tom did get rather bored at times so soon Stan would have to find him a playmate.

Stan tapped Tom on the head as he was suckling on the man's testicles.

"Ok that's enough baby, come up here," he instructed as he patted his chest. Tom climbed up on the hairy man and laid on him as Stan stroked his smooth back. The boy wasn't much for overt huggy kissy affection but he would lay still with the man. Tom was always eager to please there was never any hesitation or resistance to Stan's desires and from what he'd seen at Hans' house there were no tell tail whip marks or electrical burns on the boys that would suggest any forceful encouragement was used.

It was quite a different experience from the reluctant whore boys back in the states, Stan thought recalling his first meeting with Hans in Vegas. They were in a private poker room when the Dutchman first spoke to his then opponent.

"American you are taking all my money!"

"No sir, it's you who are loosing it" Stan replied coolly.

"Enough! I'm out, come up to the President's suite for a drink when you're done with all these fools" The fat man said referring to the other players.

Stan was a high roller, he was `comped' a nice suite but he never rated high enough for the President's suite. He supposed that Hans just lost more money to the Casino than he did. Stan decided he would pay a visit to the old man, if even just to make another business contact. Even among the rich there was an order of things and perhaps Hans could open some doors for him. Arriving at the Suite the door was opened by a young man, 14 or 15, 16 at the most. He was shirtless in board shorts, as though he was just out of the pool but his blond hair was dry. He led the man to Hans where he was offered a drink.

As the men chatted Stan kept glancing at the boy's lovely smooth chest and defined abs. The boy was in great shape, a touch on the skinny side but certainly beautiful. The small perky nipples looked so inviting on the boy's silky tanned skin.

"That's a fine-looking young man you've got there, is he your son?" Stan quizzed thinking it rude to suggest it was his grand son as he assumed given their relative ages.

Hans gave out a loud belly laugh before responding, "My son? No Stan he's a whore boy and not a very good one at that, my little boys back home are much more skilled."

The boy pretended not to hear, instead he looked out the window onto the city below, seemingly bored.

"What? Are you shocked? You've been looking at him since you arrived, you think I didn't notice?" Hans asked rhetorically. Stan had no idea that he'd been so obvious and now Hans had revealed that he had even younger pets. Stan looked at the blond boy again, now he seemed more nervous than bored.

"He says my cock is too big! Maybe I should send him back," Hans snapped.

"I'll get a beating if you do that" the teen said his head down with his fear revealed.

"I'll take him if you don't want him" Stan said quickly. He desired a boy for the evening but didn't thing one so young would be possible. "How much longer do you have him?"

"Until tomorrow night, at a thousand dollars a day you'd expect something better, take him" Hans complained.

The price was steep but compared to what Stan expected to get, the boy was perfect, "how old are you?" He asked the lad.

"Eighteen" the blond replied without hesitation.

"Right, you're just young for your age" Stan said sarcastically "come on then, what's your name?" He continued as he stood.

"Bobby" The boy replied as he gathered his clothes.

It seemed to Stan that every whore boy in America was either Bobby or David. Stan fished through his wallet and expelled six hundred dollars down onto the table. "I'll get my assistant to bring up the rest"

"It's fine, you'll just take it from me at the poker table anyway. You should come visit me on my island Stan, then you'd know what having a real boy is like" Hans offered his tone softening.

"Maybe I'll do that," Stan said as he left the room with his newly hired boy.

Once in the hallway the boy had donned his silk shirt, making him look more mature than he was.

"I don't know what he's complaining about" The boy snapped his confidence returning.

"Well Bobby, he's buying a fantasy here, not just a quick blow in the back of a car. You're pretty new to this aren't you?" Stan commented.

"I guess, I've done it before just not with guys like him" Bobby explained as they went to Stan's smaller but just as opulent suite.

"You're a three star boy charging a five star rate, I guess they figured your looks were enough to get you by" Stan commented.

"I'm not gay or anything I just do it for the money. I had to go to a tanning place and get my hair dyed for this guy" Bobby continued his complaining.

Stan realised that Bobby was even newer to the trade than he thought.

"Tell you what Bob, you lay on the bed and I'll have fun exploring. Once I get you excited enough I'll fuck you, sound ok?" Stan asked.

"Ok, but you have to wear a condom," Bobby ordered.

"Of course Bobby, now get naked" Stan ordered as they moved in his bedroom.

The boy was a decent lay, Stan figured. Like most in his trade he asked if the man was close to being finished several times and asked him to take it easy. Stan released the boy that evening with some extra cash in his pocket. There seemed little point in trying to sleep with him, a boy like that wouldn't take to cuddling.

Stan's mind came back to the present. Tom was right in his face now, nose to nose as he spoke. "Piss now" he said as though it was a command but in fact it was request to be excused.

"Yeah baby, go ahead. I'll come in and take a shower with you in a minute" Stan said as the boy leapt off the bed. Stan rolled off the bed and put his feet on the floor, thinking about just how lucky he was.

To be continued?