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Chapter Two: The shower

Stan joined Tom in the shower, the boy had already begun to wash himself when the naked man entered. Stan could see Tom's dark skin glistening under the spray of water as he knelt in front of his boy and took the small flaccid genitals into his mouth. After a few seconds of suckling, Tom's small member was rigid. The man lapped his tongue under the developing testicles as the boy's breathing became rapid. Tom had just a few shrubs in what would become his pubic forest but he was capable of powerful orgasms. The boy began to thrust his hips as he neared his release. Stan had the boy's entire genitalia in his mouth when he unloaded. Tom's body quivered as he supported himself with his hands on Stan's broad shoulders. Stan released the boy and they returned to washing under the shower. He was certainly nowhere near as skilled as Tom was but was happy to have given him pleasure nonetheless, although Stan wondered if Tom didn't exaggerate his reactions.

Stan lazed about for the afternoon but eventually got dressed to attend a gathering of the island's residents. They met monthly to discuss business as well as to chat socially. The meeting was held at Charles' house, a rich Brit from old money. The mansion suited the man, it was as formal and reserved as he was. Entering into the foyer Stan was unnerved by the stuffed heads of Charles trophy animals. The man's herd of naked Polynesian boys served drink and food as the men chatted in clumps, cliques really. Today though Stan crossed the floor to Charles who stood with the old German Dieter.

"Ah yes our American friend" Charles greeted coolly.

"It's Stan, I've been here for six months" Stan replied.

"Oh have you? Doesn't seem that long. You're the first American we've let into our little club" Charles replied. It was true, the club was mostly European with one Australian and one Japanese member, apparently there was just as much stir when they were added. The group was founded in the 1920s, which Stan believed looking at Charles mansion, it was clearly a far older castle design compared to his own ultra modern cottage by the sea. Stan would have had to wait until one of them expired to join the group but Hans had used his influence to get them to add a tenth member.

"That's quite a collection of trophies you've got in the foyer" Stan complimented.

"Quite, I took them all myself, are you gamesman yourself sir?" Charles asked.

"Well I have hunted a few wild whores in my time" Stan chuckled.

"Boar you say? Hardly considered big game really" Charles replied misunderstanding.

"No, whores, wild boy whores on the streets, it was a little joke Charles" Stan replied.

"Oh yes quite right, I was never much for boys that were already broken in, prefer to do that myself" Charles added jovially.

"You've got a nice pair of handsome young men over there" Stan complimented as he gestured to a pair just a bit older than Tom, dressed in identical blue and white uniforms. In fact those were the only boys wearing clothes in the room.

"Oh yes, the dark haired beauty is from Romania and the blond is from Finland" Charles explained proudly describing his possessions.

"Order! The meeting is called to order!" Dieter said loudly as he took his place as chairman of the meeting.

The members gathered around the lounge as the mundane business of the community was discussed and voted on. Each member was then given a chance to bring up new business, Stan as expected was called upon last as the new member.

"Stan! Anything to discuss?" Dieter asked.

"Oh? Right" Stan said as he was distracted by his naked server providing a drink. "Thanks sweetie... yes I got a visit from the big island's mayor. He was looking for donations for the hospital"

"Just throw him a couple of thousand and he'll leave you alone," Dieter suggested.

"Well I was thinking, where would we go if we had a serious medical problem? It might be in our best interest to upgrade the hospital." Stan suggested.

The group responded with chuckles.

"I would go back to Japan, not to some third world hospital" The Japanese replied.

"Well Suzuki san, I'm not sure you'd make it that far if you had a serious injury or a heart attack" Stan replied confidently.

"We should have our own doctor on the island" Charles spoke up with others mumbling agreement.

"Sure, but rather than building up a trauma centre just for us, why not the community" Stan suggested.

"You don't understand American, for every ten dollars you give them nine goes into their pocket" Dieter said condescendingly.

"Ok, well we'll buy them equipment and pay any contractors directly. We can still get our own doctor and clinic here but then use the facilities over there, I'm sure we can arrange a `head of the line' proviso for us" Stan said trying to appeal to their self interest.

"I move that we set up a ten million dollar fund for medical services to be administered by our delegate Stan" Hans jumped in after seemingly more interested in stroking the naked beauties serving the room.

"Second" Suzuki replied.

"All in favour?" Dieter said wearily realising that Hans popularity would push Stan's logical argument. "Motion carried," he concluded counting the votes and with that Stan had won the battle but also gotten the job of implementing his plan.

As the meeting broke up Hans approached Stan,

"You've made some friends Stan"

"Yeah but not our chairman I think" Stan replied referring to the German.

"Charles is warming up to you that's a good sign. You've got last pick on the new boys so don't rush over on Tuesday but I'll stay behind and help you with it" Hans said of the selection process that Stan had only half paid attention too.

"Oh that, well why don't you just take mine Hans, I'm fine with the one I have" Stan offered.

"Stan... I can't just take your boys, I'd have to trade you for them" Hans said aghast.

"Well you gave me Tom so take them as trade for him" Stan suggested, as if he were a sports team manager, just trading players on the free agent market.

"New boys have a higher value Stan" Hans explained.

"Not to me, I prefer the older experienced ones," Stan advised.

"Well maybe you should be trading with Charles for his Finnish beauty, I know how you like blonds!" Hans suggested.

"I'm sure you can take care of it for me Hans" Stan said as he turned to leave.

"Oh more thing Stan, I need you to go to Spain for me" Hans asked.

"Spain? Ok, why?" Stan asked knowing that at some point Hans would seek reciprocity for all that he had done for him.

"There is a race car team that is running in the Grand Prix there, they are in need of a new sponsor and I've been asked to help find them one. I was thinking that your gambling business might want to advertise with them," Hans explained.

"We could consider that" Stan replied in his business tone.

"Now all I've promised is that you would come see them at the race in two weeks, your sponsorship is up to you, only if it makes sense for your company Stan" Hans advised but Stan knew that he's be sponsoring them, how could he not, the only question would be how much he'd be willing to pay.

"Ok, I'll go" Stan confirmed.

"Tom can stay with me while you're gone" Hans suggested.

It was a long flight to Spain Stan thought wearily, even though he flew first class. In reading the material that his business development mangers had put together on the racing team, he realised that he should have waited for the Grand Prix series to come to Malaysia or Japan, even China, all those would have been closer to home. When he arrived Stan was whisked away in a limo off to the racetrack. It was no surprise to Stan that a Dutch company owned the team but he was surprised to find it run by mostly Brits. They bored him day long with the technical workings of the machines and then the drivers were paraded in for him. Finally he was able to sit in peace and watch the cars practice as the all staff was now all occupied. Only a petite young woman was left to tend to his needs, clearly these people had no idea!

What struck Stan the most was how loud the machines were as they whizzed around the track. Finally it was over and then the young woman took him to his limo. They sped out of the city and drove about an hour until they came upon a villa where he was to spend the weekend. It was a small resort with an open concept of suites ringed around a main building.

"Welcome senor we have prepared a suite in the south building for you, please follow me." An older Spanish man greeted. Stan followed the man to an adequate suite as a younger man carried the bags behind them. There was a king size bed in a bedroom too small for that size of bed and an adequate living room. The glass doors were slid open from the living room to reveal a common pool and deck.

"If there's anything at all we are here to serve your every need, please just pick up the phone senor. Dinner will be served at seven or if you prefer we can serve you here privately" the man advised before leaving the room with a tip from Stan.

He decided that he would dine alone in his room, he'd spent enough time with people today and missed the quiet solitude, except for Tom, of his home on the ocean. He had wanted to bring the boy with him but Hans talked him out of it, "These boys aren't for traveling Stan" He recalled the old fat Dutchman saying.

As Stan finished his meal he heard a splash in the pool. The dripping wet body of a young male passed by the door and then back into the pool. Stan was unable to contain his interest and took his coffee out onto the deck and sat there watching. The boy was likely Spanish, 13 or 14 Stan thought. Lovely tanned skin on a slim body, he saw as the boy dove into the pool and then climbed back out again. This time the beauty swam the length of the pool and got out, walking along the deck past Stan. He could see the boy's tight ass through his Speedos as he passed by. Stan lamented that boys in America practically wore pants to go swimming, why had they forsaken the skin-tight swimwear that their European counterparts still wore. The boy turned and caught Stan looking, he smiled and giggled as he went back to diving board. All Stan could do was smile and wave, hoping to appear harmless, lest the boy's parents show up.

Dessert was served, a lovely strawberry cheesecake and then the servant left him alone again with the boy in the pool. The finality of the setting sun skimmed along the water as his beauty leapt up from the pool and came over, he passed close to Stan and sat in the deck chair next to him. Stan had a full view of the flat belly and adolescent muscles on the wet athletic boy. He could also see the outline of the boy's penis beneath the Speedo bathing suit.

"Hola" Stan greeted.

The boy smiled, showing is uneven teeth.

"I am Pablo," The boy proclaimed.

"Hello Pablo I'm Stan" He returned.

As Stan finished his coffee he pushed the desert over to the boy, "I'm not going to have it eat it if you want".

The boy leaned in and licked some of the syrup off the cake and then returned to his repose. Stan swore the boy opened his legs to give him a better view of his smooth thighs, all the while Stan was glancing back, waiting to see a father arrive seeking his wayward son.

Pablo got up from the chair and disappeared into Stan's living room suddenly. He didn't understand where the boy was going, perhaps he was confused thinking it part of the general resort and not a private room. Stan got up to investigate but the boy was gone. He was crestfallen, he had hoped the boy would have stayed longer but he had likely exited through the door into the main hallway. Stan could see that the bathroom door was ajar and thought perhaps a servant had changed the towels. On entering he saw a wet Speedo lying on the floor. Stan turned around to see a now dry Pablo standing naked in the bedroom doorway, his head cocked to one side, leaning against the doorframe. Stan's eyes went straight to the revealed genitals, they were ample with a typical pubic bush for a young teen. Pablo motioned with his hand for Stan to approach him, giving a gorgeous bedroom look. Lost in the gaze of his Latin beauty, Stan realised now what was meant by `his every need' ...

To be continued???