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Imagine the freedom.

Chapter Three:The Present

Stan was undressed in record time as he followed the lithe beauty into the bedroom. Pablo slowly lay down on the bed and passively allowed Stan to explore his young body. Stan's hands and tongue worked their way down the boy, pausing to suckle on his nipples.The boy was still and relaxed, clearly a seasoned professional. Stan lay on top of Pablo and began rubbing their bodies together his hard cock demanding a release.The boy wriggled out from under Stan and got him to roll over and then torturously repeated the man's actions, using his soft hands and tongue to work slowly down to the man's cock.The boy took it easily and began bobbing.Stan moaned in pleasure as the expert kept him on the verge of explosion. Finally Stan could stand it no longer and sprayed his creamy fluid across the boy's face and chest before Pablo could get the head back into his mouth.The boy continued to pleasure the man in after sex, slowly licking him down. The sensations were overwhelming as the boy moved off the cock and onto rimming the man. He could feel the young tongue working him as he began to harden again.Finally the boy came up for air and jumped off the bed.Stan was saddened to be left alone, but then the boy turned, ripping open a condom with is teeth and smiled as Stan laid on his back, cock still at attention. The Boy slipped the rubber on and then straddled Stan positioning to ride him. Stan moaned as he felt his cock slip into the young ass. He was shocked that Pablo was able to take him completely in the first push.The boy's face turned to a serious expression of pleasure as he bounced up and down.Having just had a release Stan was able to last quite a while as he ran his hands up and down the boy's front while the boy worked his experienced ass, squeezing Stan's cock firmly. Their sweaty bodies continued to gyrate into the evening until Stan had his second explosion. As he came down from the high he rolled them both over and kept his cock buried in the boy now beneath him. It was a habit he had gotten into with his boy Tom back home. The Polynesian lad was always eager to dismount fairly quickly and so Stan had gotten into the habit of lying on top and staying in as long as he could. He was lucky to get perhaps ten extra minutes with Tom before the boy's wriggling successfully released him. Stan was starting to soften as Pablo shifted slightly.It was then that he realised the Latin beauty was going to let him stay mounted as long as he wanted, completely relaxed with him.Stan then fulfilled a fantasy of falling asleep with his cock still deep inside a young ass.

Stan woke the next morning to find the boy was gone. It was hardly unexpected but still disappointing. At least Tom would stay with him until the morning but Pablo was just a rental. Stan rolled toward the door from his position in the middle of the king size bed.He was startled at the sounds of a young voice complaining assumedly in Spanish, came from beneath the blankets.

"Sorry I didn't know you were under there" He blurted hoping that he hadn't injured the lad.

Pablo rolled out of bed rubbing his left arm and looking rather unhappy with Stan who was startled with a loud knock at the door. It turned out to be the breakfast delivery, laid out for two. Once the server was tipped and gone, Stan and the still naked Pablo ate in silence.

"You ok?"Stan quizzed still worried about rolling his full weight over the lad.

Pablo nodded.

Stan left the villa and returned to the racing track. He met with the team again and assured them that he enjoyed his time and that he would be sponsoring them. All that needed to be determined was the amount and which parts of the car his company would want to be displayed on. Stan flew home leaving the details to his business partners, happy to be on his way back to the island.


Stan wasn't surprised to be invited over to Han's house on the evening of his birthday but it was a surprise to discover that a full-blown party was planned.Han's herd of naked boys severed the food and drinks and most of the islands membership made an appearance, albeit some rather briefly. After dinner Hans approached when all the guests had left but for Charles.

"I have your present ready in the theatre Stan" Hans announced.

"Present? That's not necessary" Stan slightly protested.

"We've gone to some effort old boy," Charles said smugly.

"Yes Stan Charles had made it all possible, he has contacts everywhere" Hans noted.

"All right then lets go watch my movie" Stan replied jovially.

As Stan and Charles settled in, Hans lowered the lights and started the film. He joined them, taking a youngster to sit in his lap.Four other boys lined the room waiting, perhaps even hoping that their host or his guests would call upon them.

The film came up, it was obviously an amateur production and as Stan expected, an underage porn flick.What caught his eye immediately was a name on the credits. Now few pay much attention to credits, especially on porn films but Stan was excited when he recognised a famous name among them. `Little Dicky' was a stage name used by a prolific porn boy who Stan had seen in films during his brief attempt to break into the online porn industry.While his business focus was on the legal side of things, he did get access to the underworld stuff for his personal use. This particular boy wasn't horribly remarkable when he showed up in his first film at age 8, he was a skinny sandy haired Russian lad but his surprising ability to deep throat large cocks made him a star. Stan had eventually found all 94 of his films, 30 of which he was the primary focus. The boy's trade mark was to play with his cock as though he were strumming a guitar while making a fast yodeling sound with his tongue flicking out, some silly little thing that he likely did spontaneously at first. He had progressed to anal sex and then suddenly at age 12 the films ended.

Stan could see from what was happening that it was going to be a film involving bondage and some kind of discipline likely. Not entirely his thing but he was sure that Hans had focused on the star of the film in selecting his present and not the content. Stan didn't recognise the film or the scene, perhaps it was some lost footage or film where the star would make a cameo appearance.Suddenly there was Dicky on screen, he looked pretty close to the way he did when the original films ended.There were no subtitles in the presumably Russian language film but Stan got the idea, Dicky was the lookout while two other boys stole from the store. Dicky got caught and now the storeowner was going to punish him. Hardly an original plot, but once in the basement dungeon Dicky was revealed.A thick pubic bush was present between his legs, it seemed rather sudden compared to his films as a 12year old , maybe he was older in this film than Stan thought or perhaps he was shaving it by the time of the last original film.

Nonetheless Dicky was restrained and spanked, then a large plug inserted into his anus.The Storekeeper then deep throated the boy and then the film was over. It wasn't quite what Stan was hoping for, obviously not the work of the original producers but a final look at Dicky as he entered adolescence.

As the lights came up he thanked his host, "Thanks Han's, Charles that was quite the nice find there.An excellent present"

"Stan, we are billionaires, do you think that's all you get for your birthday?" Hans asked as he pointed to the back to the theatre.

Stan stood and looked back.There was boy perhaps 14 or 15, he was dressed as though he might have just been out surfing with his over long shorts and T.Stan assumed that they had gotten him a nice American boy to remind him of home.His first thought was about how Tom might take to the idea of another boy in the house. The three men approached the boy, who spoke in an eastern European accent.

"Wery nice to meet you sir" he said.

As Stan shook hands with the five and half foot tall boy he suddenly realised who he was greeting.

"Oh my god you're little Dicky!"Stan blurted.

The boy gave a slight smile and nodded. Stan looked first at Hans and then at Charles, then back to the boy.He looked closely at the face and knew that it was really him, not just someone closely resembling him.Stan continued to gush about how amazing it was that he was here but the boy was disinterested in his fame.

"He's yours until the end of the month Stan" Hans reported.

Stan was amazed not only was little Dicky here in the flesh but also his for two weeks.Never had he even thought it possible to locate such a boy let alone rent him. Charles was indeed well connected.

Arriving back at his house Stan put Dicky in a guest room for the night. The next morning the boy emerged from his slumber into the living room where Tom and Stan lounged.

"Good morning Dicky... sorry, is that what you like to be called?" Stan asked.

"Is fine," The teen replied as he headed for the terrace.

Stan found it odd until he saw the boy light up a cigarette. Stan was aghast that his fantasy boy smoked, he was revolted.After watching Dicky a while Stan moved to prepare breakfast for the boys thinking that Dicky was a real person with his own flaws and not just a fantasy.

"I'm not what you wanted," Dicky said as he startled Stan by appearing at the breakfast bar.

"What do you mean?"Stan asked.

"You wanted little Dicky from the movies, not some old boy like me" he replied.

"I didn't expect anything, you're a surprise" Stan explained.

"Yeah but we haven't sexed yet, everyone wants the deep throat when they see me, you had me all night and nothing" Dicky reasoned.

"I'd guess most people plan for a long time before they get you, this is a total surprise to me, and I don't even know what I'm allowed to do with you" Stan continued.

"Anything you want, you want deep throat now?" Dicky replied.

"I'm making breakfast here" Stan replied but on seeing how disappointed the boy looked he added, "but we can do a quick one"

Dicky was on his knees instantly and freed Stan's cock quickly. As advertised his lips were right against the bottom of Stan's cock as the boy throated him. Stan held on to the counter as he was aggressively sucked until he filled the boy's mouth.Dicky got up and looked at the spent Stan,"It was nice breakfast" he said cheekily.

For the rest of the day he allowed Tom to play host and show Dicky the house as well as walk the beach.He didn't get his birthday gift back until after dinner. He waited for Dicky to finish his smoke before joining him on the terrace.

"I've always wondered Dicky, how could you deep throat at such a young age?" Stan began.

"My Uncle, he made me" Dicky replied.

"He taught you to do it?"Stan translated.

"No, he keep pushing his dick down my throat, I didn't like it but he made me, after while it was ok" Dicky replied.

"Oh I'm sorry Dicky, no one should make boys do things like that" Stan replied.

"Is your fault" Dicky replied.

"How's that?"Stan quizzed

"He trained me for the movies, you buy the movies, and he made me do the movies for your money" Dicky explained.

Stan was suddenly embarrassed, "I guess it just seemed like you enjoyed it in the movies I suppose you were acting, but you practically begged to suck me today?"

"Is ok now, is my job... But I'm not gay, I will marry a woman some day" Dicky announced.

Stan was suddenly aware that this was a far different boy from Pablo or even Tom, in that moment Stan knew he had to do something for him.

The next day he asked about buying Dicky but in typical fashion Han's questioned his motives.

"So Stan you want to buy this boy so he can do what? Go to school? Get a job? Stan he'll be back making the porn, it's all he knows"

Stan was undaunted and spoke directly to Charles about it before bringing it up with Dicky.

"Dicky?" He asked finding the boy in front of the TV. "How would you feel about staying here with me?"

"You are wery nice man Stan but I must go back," Dicky said without looking away from the TV.

"I've arranged to ... buy you" Stan said without finding more adequate words, he almost said `free you' but that seemed too dramatic.

Dicky looked up this time wondering what the American was on about.

"You'll stay with me until you want to leave, go back to Russia or where ever and you won't be expected to do anything sexual" Stan explained.

"If you don't want to sex me then why keep me?" The boy asked

"It's my fault you had to make all those movies, well not just me but I'm rich enough to do something about it.You're not mine Dicky, you belong to yourself but I'll take care of you"

Dicky looked up at Stan directly and said, "My name is Sasha"

The End.

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