This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts between a man and a minor boy. The story is not true; the sexual acts described herein derive solely from imagination. It is not intended to promote illegal acts with/to/by minors, nor does it condone child abuse of any sort. If you object to the subject matter, stop reading. If you are legally under age to be reading this, or if your reading of this material otherwise violates laws in your place of residence or where you are currently located, stop reading. Thank you.

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In His Country's Service

Part 2 of 3
Will S

A final Disclaimer:     The characters in this story do not represent any actual individual living or dead.


When they got to the bedroom, Alex kicked off his shoes, and pulled off his socks. The boy looked for a moment, and then shyly imitated the man. Alex looked up at the boy. In his handsome shirt and tight little white shorts, he looked adorable. He oozed sexiness. The man stepped behind the boy, placing his hands on the boy's thin shoulders, and turned him to face a full-length mirror on the wall. He wondered what the boy saw when he looked at himself. "Tell me what you see," Alex commanded."

"I see you...and...me..." He giggled softly. "...in my new clothes." Alex smiled.

"Do you like your new clothes?"

He watched as a grin slowly spread across the boy's lips. "I wasn't sure at first."

"How come?" Alex asked innocently.

"Because they...they're different."

"Okay...and now?"

"I dunno..." Alex could see the boy's eyes riveted to the gentle swelling in his tight shorts. "I kind of like them, I think," the boy offered.

Alex's voice was low and husky. "Can you tell me why?"

The boy shrugged. "They...they make me feel...nice."

Alex smiled.

"Alex, um...are we gonna try now?"

"Yes, Scotty, we'll try. You wanted to know how, right?"


"Okay." Alex moved to the bed and settled down in the middle of it, leaning back on a pillow against the headboard. He spread his legs and gestured to Scott to settle in between his legs. The boy, as if starting a journey into the unknown, crawled in between the man's legs, then unconsciously wiggled his butt up against the man and leaned back against the man's chest. Alex brought his arms around to hold the boy close to him. The boy's head poked under the man's chin. The man's hands began slowly playing up and down the boy's torso. When they had settled, the man spoke again.

"In your health class, did you ever talk about 'orgasm'?"

The boy scowled. "Yeah...I think."

"Do you know what it means?"

"It like has to do with...sex?"

The man smiled. "It has everything to do with sex, Scott." The boy twisted around enough to look up at the man with questioning eyes. The man grinned, but he could feel the boy stiffen. "Scotty, honey. Here's something else different about being in this place. Back when you were living at home and going to your old school, you probably didn't talk about sex all that much, did you?"

"No way!"

Alex smiled again. "And when you did, it was probably pretty serious, huh?"

"Well, yeah," the boy said as if that's the only way it could be.

"Well, the boys who've spent time here get so they like to talk about sex a lot. And it's fun! Billy thought so. He had lots of fun with sex! He talked about it all the time." The man paused, waiting for a reaction. The boy thought about his friend talking about sex all the time. They'd talked about sex stuff a few times, but they had to be all alone, and it seemed 'dirty' - like something they shouldn't be doing, so they kind of whispered about it, but then someone would show up, and they'd have to drop it. Now suddenly, Scott remembered hearing those strange moans and cries and screams coming from that room. Billy was in that room! It was Billy he heard making those noises! He reddened thinking about Billy now. "Alex," the boy asked, his boyish soprano voice cracking. "Was Billy doing sex things, d'you think? Today, in that room?"

Alex smiled a big smile. "I'm sure he was, Scotty. I think he was having a great time! Didn't it sound like that?"

Scott's eyes widened. He swallowed hard. His mouth seemed dry, and he seemed to be getting warm everywhere...but especially "down there". He shifted slightly and felt something press up against his butt. Again, there was no mistaking what it was.

The boy squirmed against the massive tool. "You've got..." Suddenly Scotty stopped. He couldn't say what had come into his head.

Alex, never missing a beat, flexed his manhood again, and spoke. "Got what?" The boy blushed deeply. "It's okay, remember? Anything you want to say is okay."

"You've got a stiffie," the boy said, with a soft, self-conscious giggle.

"I do...because of you!"

It was strange for Scotty to hear that, but deep down, somehow he knew that's why the man was hard, and it made him feel even stranger - excited, even.

"Hey," Alex said softly, "we were talking about orgasms." The man's hand drifted up to the boy's chest, and he let his fingertips drift over the boy's nipples hidden under his shirt. The boy's breathing echoed the tiny tremors that coursed through his body.

"When a person is having sex, their feelings build up stronger and stronger. And finally, it's like they feel so good that suddenly everything sort of explodes, like fireworks, into a powerful shower of beautiful feelings. That's an orgasm. And when a man or an older boy has an orgasm, they shoot out their semen.

Alex could see the wheels turning in the boy's head. "So...how...are we going to find out if I can make sperms - semen or whatever?"

"Think about it for minute. How could we find out?"

The boy thought, then suddenly stiffened, and his cheeks grew almost a fiery red. Alex smiled. Bright kid, he thought.

"If I can get an orgasm?"

"Exactly, Scotty. And here's another thing that grownups don't want kids to know. Even if a boy isn't old enough to come - can't ejaculate his semen, he can have an orgasm. So you're right on target. If you have an orgasm, then we can find out if you can ejaculate."


"Scott, would you like me to show you how to get an orgasm?"

"Yes," the boy answered seriously and without hesitation.

"Okay, then, I'll be happy to show you...but you'll have to do something that may be kind of hard."

"What?" The boy trembled under the man's gaze.

Alex smiled. "You're going to have to trust me - like never before. We're going to do things that you've never done before...that might seem wrong because that's what grownups want you to think, but you'll be finding out about grownups' secrets and making love. D'you think you can do that?"

The boy thought. Waves of trembles spread through his body. "I want...to try." It was so forbidden, so secret, but he had to know.

Alex smiled and resumed his massage of the boy's chest. "Okay, then, Scotty. We will." After a moment, Alex urged the boy to lean back against him, but before the boy could comply, Alex changed his mind. Let's get this off, first." He tugged at the boy's shirt, and like a practiced team, together in one action, the boy had raised his arms, and the man had pulled the shirt out and off. "Now, you can lean back." The boy did, and wriggled a bit to get comfortable. "Okay?" the man asked.

"Ahm...okay...but...your buttons are kind of sticking into me."

"Ahhh...sorry about that. That's easy to fix. Want to take my shirt off for me?" Alex rubbed the boy's square shoulders.

Scott swallowed and murmured "okay", but apparently unsure why the man just didn't do it himself. Alex noticed his hesitation.

"Scotty," Alex explained, "Your body has to kind of get excited before you can have an orgasm. While you're here with me, you'll learn how to do that - how to get your body and especially your partner's body excited. Does that make sense?"

"My partner?"

"The person you're having sex with."

"Ohhh..." Slowly the reality seemed to dawn on the boy.

"And sometimes getting excited in a sexy way is sort of like playing with each other is a special way."

The little boy blushed suddenly. "Like taking off each other's clothes?"

"That's exactly right, Scott."

The boy shifted his position, kneeling between the man's legs and slowly began unbuttoning the man's shirt. He was very serious about his work, and seemed to be concentrating on his task. When all the buttons were undone, he pulled the shirt out of the man's pants, and then awkwardly struggled to slip the shirt off the man's shoulders and off his arms. When the boy had a chance to survey the man's torso, he found himself almost hypnotized. He had a hard time turning away. The tapered shape of the man's angled torso, his firm pecs and abs, his smooth, clear chest, and teasing trail of dark curly hair leading from just below his chest to his navel downward, disappearing under his pants all commanded the boy's attention.

The boy switched around again and leaned back now against the man's bare belly and chest. "There," the man said as the boy settled in. "That better?"

"Yeah," the boy replied. And it was. There was something "nice" about feeling the man's warm skin against his and he had a momentary flash, thinking about what it would be like if they were like the people in the video: if they had all their clothes off, and it was all skin against skin. Alex watched the boy as he blushed a deep red, the color streaming upward from his neck to his ears and temples. The man was tempted to ask the boy what he was thinking, but he thought perhaps he'd wait until later.

The boy wriggled his little butt up against Alex's hard tool. Whether he was conscious of this or not, or whether it was the injection doing its work, or whether he was doing what he had a dim memory of his parents doing on that night years ago, the man couldn't say. But when Scotty leaned back against Alex's now naked torso, the boy seemed to tense for a moment - at that very first skin-to-skin contact - but then his slim, firm body just seemed to melt against the man.

"You like this?" Alex asked.

"Yeah," the boy breathed, sounding now strangely relaxed. "You're so warm," he offered.

The man once again let his hands drift around the boy's frame, finding his chest and tummy. "Your body gets warm when you're aroused."


"Another word for excited...in sort of a sexy way."

Alex could feel the slightest tremble pass through the boy. He swiveled his head upward and around to glance at the man holding him. "Ar...are...you...um...aroused."

"I am, Scotty. You're making me aroused." Alex offered a little half-smile, and winked at the boy. Pink flowed into the boy's dimpled cheeks, he swallowed, and looked just a moment longer at his new grownup friend - for that was how he'd begun to think of the man.

"I am?"

"Yes, you are."


"Because, silly, I think you're a very sexy boy, and feeling you this way makes me excited. I think you can tell that. Think about how you can tell someone's aroused, and we'll talk about it in a minute." The man flexed his cock and it pressed against the boy's well covered butt. Scotty giggled once, and shifted slightly. Alex wondered if the boy would pursue the conversation, but for now, that seemed to be enough. Then Scott settled back against him, his head nestling up under the man's chin.

The man luxuriated in the silky-soft feel of the boy's hair against him. His hands began to roam gently across the thin little body. Each time a finger would ripple over those tiny little nips, the boy would tense for only the briefest instant, hissing in just the tiniest breath and holding it for half second - no more.

"Alex?" the boy breathed as the man worked on him.

"Yes, Scotty?"

"Um...I do feel sort of warm. That means...ahh...um...you know...I'm getting aroused, right?"

Now the man diddled the boy's right nipple, bringing it alive, turning it into a little nail point. "Yes, it does. Does it feel good?"

A few seconds passed, and then almost dreamily, the boy whispered, "Yeah."

Now, feeling that he'd been given permission, Alex began working his hand down the boy's smooth tummy, and lightly brushed it over the front of his tight, little shorts. Unlike his old baggier shorts, now the pulsing little mound hidden under the white cloth was obvious. When Scotty felt the pressure of the man's hand, he stiffened quickly and gasped.

"So...can you think of other ways you can tell you or your partner is aroused?" Alex let his fingers trace along the sides of the boy's cloth-covered penis.

The boy's cheeks went red. Alex let his hand flow down onto the boy's thigh. The boy's shorts left exposed most of the upper thigh, and Alex left his fingernails scrape lightly over the delicate, smooth skin of the boy. By curling his fingers slightly, the man was able to explore up under the leg of the shorts. The boy was breathing with short shallow breaths, his arousal building...building...ratcheting up with each ragged breath.

"When...umm..." The boy swallowed hard.

"Yes?" Alex prodded gently.

"When your penis gets hard?"

Alex bent down and kissed the boy on his shoulder. "Exactly! Great answer! See, you're learning already!"

The man's hand pulled the pant leg up toward that joyous conjunction where the boy's leg met with his tummy in a shallow valley. Alex could feel the boy's whole body tightening as his fingers, like the timid fingers of a blind man in a strange place, explored with the lightest of touches. All the while, Alex's other hand toyed the boys tiny nail-point nipples to erection. The man smiled, for with each touch, he brought to boy more and more to life - a life he had never before experienced, a life he didn't even know existed.

"How do you feel?" the man asked. He felt the boy swallow.

"Weird," he offered.

"Tell me what you are feeling."

"It's like I can't get my breath...like I've been playing really hard...tingly all over."

"Excellent. Very good," the man whispered, and the boy felt the hot word in his ear.

"Why?" the boy asked, betraying his innocence.

Alex smiled and patted the boy on his tummy. "Because all day long, you've responded to my touches on your body. I know you're not used to it, and I know it's seems strange sometimes the way I touch you, but it's the first steps toward orgasm. You're getting really aroused."

"You mean, you get or-orgasms just by touching? Is that why people don't usually touch people much?"

The man smiled at the boy's intelligence and his efforts to make sense of changes happening to him. "Yes, you get orgasms just by touching, but it's a special kind of touching. You'll see what I mean soon, and you'll learn how to do it, too.

"Me?" For the first time in their conversation, Scotty lifted away and twisted around to look at Alex.

The man smiled at the boy. "Yes, you. You're doing great, Scotty. Just relax. Concentrate on what you're feeling in different parts of your body. Just let it happen. Does it feel good?"

The boy looked into the man's eyes. "Yeah," the boy purred after a few seconds.

"Good," Alex replied. He let his hand slip back over the boy's little tool. "And you're so hard."

The boy's eyes widened, asking an unspoken question of the man.

Alex smiled sweetly at the eleven-year-old. "Yes, Scotty, that's okay, too. Remember, a boy's boner is proof that he's aroused...It shows you're getting ready to have an orgasm." He tweaked the hard little tool again, and the boy stiffened as if his cock had sent out a message for every muscle in his body to come to attention. The man grinned, amazed yet again how responsive a virginal young male body is. "Perhaps, it would be a good idea to get these things off, too." Alex's fingers of both hands traced over each leg of the boy's shorts. Alex reached down, unhooked the clasp at the top of the zipper, then gently tugged the fly open. "Lift your butt," Scott did as he was told, and Alex slipped the shorts down, leaving the small bikini briefs the only bit of clothing on the boy. The boy blushed as he gazed down at the sharp tenting as his erection strained to break the confines of the tight cloth. The outline of his little glans was pressed out through the thin fabric. "You know what, Scotty? Let's just take these off, too." Alex brushed his fingers over the boy's erection. He grinned at the boy. "Your boner is straining so hard, it's gonna poke a hole through your underpants!"

The boy blushed, but grinned, offering a sort of agreement. "It's really hard," Scotty said shyly. The boy's outstretched penis throbbed once.

"It is," Alex agreed. "Does it get like that a lot?"

"It didn't used to, but lately, it's been getting like that."

"I'm sure it has. It happens when boys begin to enter puberty. But let's get your pants off. I think you'll be more comfortable."

Scotty nodded silently, seeming to acknowledge that he was firmly committed. Gently, Alex lowered the boy's bikinis and offered, "Okay, you can settle down again."

The boy turned back around to face away from the man, wriggled his bottom back onto Alex's crotch, and settled back down. The man resumed his exploration along the boy's thighs and his belly, carefully avoiding the pulsing three inches of boy flesh that pointed up at the youngster's chin. If the boy were further into puberty, Alex's fingers would have been savoring the downy-soft beginnings of the boy's pubic hair, but he for now, all his felt was the exquisite smoothness of the gently mounding pubis. Now the boy's hips seemed to churn in slow motion.

"Is something wrong," the man asked.

"Um...your pants are...scratchy...on my...skin."

"Ohh," Alex said with grin. "Any suggestions for fixing that?"

The boy turned again to look in his eyes. "Ahh..." He gulped and looked away. "Maybe you could...um..."

"Maybe I could?"

The boy's fingers danced across the man's pant leg. "Ummm...take off your pants, too." Half fearing a sharp rebuke from the adult, Scotty shot a guilty glance back up at the man.

Alex smiled. "That's an excellent suggestion, Scotty." It was indeed a surprisingly positive development. Many children took days before they were ready to move to this stage in their sexual awareness and relationships. And yet, Scott was still shy, still uncertain, still innocent. "Remember what we said about arousal. Would you like to help me?" Alex asked as he shifted his body, exposing himself more. The boy gingerly reached for the man's belt, swallowed hard, and unbuckled it. Then he unbuttoned the man's pants, and unzipped them. The large bulge hidden beneath swelled outward. The man, as the boy earlier, lifted his hips, and the boy struggled to tug the man's pants down to his feet. Scotty's eyes widened with excitement and awe when he saw the huge bulge under the man's bikinis - identical to his own bikini underwear except in size. The boy's eyes seemed riveted to the barely hidden seven inches of steel-hard cock extending downward between the man's legs.

The boy stole a quick glance up at the man and, almost involuntarily, licked his lips, making the man smile. "What," Alex asked softly.

"It's so big!" the boy breathed.

The man grinned. "Thank you for saying so, Scotty. It's nice when someone says nice things about your penis, and I think your cock is really nice, too!" The boy grinned and reddened slightly at the more familiar language.

"It's not as big as yours."

"Maybe not, but it's very, very sexy."

Scotty cocked his head, not quite sure why the man was saying this. Alex continued, "It's perfect...so smooth and hard...and for a boy at your stage of development, it's pretty big, too!" Looking into the boy's eyes, Alex reached down and gently gripped Scotty's rigid shaft. The boy's body suddenly stiffened, as if struck by a bolt of lightening. A ripple spread out through his body so violently that the man easily felt it. It seemed to leave the boy feeling almost weak. "So smooth...so hard...and hot...mmmmm," the man whispered over the boy's gasping.

"Um, Alex, how...um...how do I make an orgasm?" Scotty asked with a quiet, demanding intensity.

Alex smiled. "You're really getting desperate, aren't you?"

"I..." The boy thought for a moment and realized that was exactly how he was feeling: he was desperate for something to happen, but he had no idea what or even why he was feeling this way. "Yes," he said finally.

"Okay, settle back down," Alex instructed and the boy again turned and pressed himself back against his friend. Alex sensed there was less hesitation than previously. Whether consciously or unconsciously, the eleven-year-old wriggled his naked little buns until the man's massive tool nestled between his tight, hot crevasse. Between the pressure, the movement, and the heat, the man felt like he was going to come any second. His cock pulsed hard against the boy, and the boy tensed, holding his breath.

Then, miraculously, a soft giggle broke from the boy's mouth.

"What's that about?" Alex asked, feigning disapproval.

The boy snapped his head around and saw his friend was playing with him. He grinned and turned red once more. "I felt your penis jerk...down there...on my...ah...butt...and I got a picture in my head."

"Oh you did, did you?"

"Yeah...of a hot dog in a bun." The boy's eyes crinkled up and a huge grin appeared on his face. "No...not a hot dog...a big, giant sausage!"

"Oooo...a sausage, huh?" Alex crooned. "Can a sausage do this?" He flexed his big cock again, and together, the man and boy giggled at the boy's lewdness. "Oh, Scotty," Alex crooned, "you're such a good boy."

Now Alex resumed his exploration of the exquisite body, running his fingers up and down the boy's inner thighs, each time coming a tiny bit closer to the part of the boy that now inexplicably seemed to demand all his attention. One of the man's hands quickly tweaked the child's nipples to their delightfully erect state, and then slowly traced downward to mirror the action of the man's other hand. The child's body responded with a now-continuous series of waves of energy rippling out from his cock. It was so confusing to the boy, but also so...so...exciting! (That wasn't exactly the right word, but it was the best Scotty could do at the moment.) Something was happening inside him - everywhere - but he didn't know what. He'd never felt anything like this. This must be what being aroused is, he thought.

Now, with his right hand, the man left his fingers drift downward over the boy's inner thigh, at the same time, moving upward toward that glorious junction of a boy's legs and his tummy, and the treasure waiting to be discovered at that sacred spot.

The back of the man's fingertips brushed lightly against the child's ball sac, and Scotty actually gasped out loud. Now the man's fingers gently toyed with the small, smooth scrotum and its contents, and the boy stiffened, pressing himself harder against the man. Alex's mind flashed to the time, soon to be, when he would suck that hairless little sac into his mouth, and bathe those small orbs in warm wetness, but for now he continued his gentle explorations, rolling, squeezing, feeling.

The boy's breathing was ragged now, coming in halting, desperate intakes of air and slow, long, easy exhalations. Scott Morgan desperately wanted the man to take hold of his boner. It was confusing to him. He didn't know why, except he was feeling something...something dangerous...down there. He didn't even know for sure whether it felt good or bad. All he knew that he needed...something...he needed something to happen. The problem was, he didn't know what. "Alex?"

"What is it, honey?" Even that word made the boy shake with the strange feeling.

"Can you...ahm...hold my...you know...my thing?"

"Your penis?"

"Yes," the boy whimpered.

"Of course I can," Alex whispered in the boy's ear. Ever so gently, with his left hand, the man traced a fingertip around the base of the boy's cock. A massive shiver coursed through the boy's body. Now two fingers and a thumb eased around Scotty's steel-hard little tool, and the child gasped again. Alex moved up along the three-inch shaft, the skin stretched taut and glistening - like silk: glassy and inviting. His fingers savored the exquisite smoothness of the little tool - as soft as the finest doe-skin. He eased the loose foreskin down, then up again. His fingertips, insulated by the boy's foreskin, touched the firm rim of the boy's small glans, and the boy sucked in a sharp breath. Now the man released his grasp of the sweet boy-tool, and lifted his fingers to the boy's mouth. "Suck them, Scotty," the man commanded.

The boy twisted around and looked at the man, betraying a look that said his fingers were dirty, but he didn't argue. Alex let his fingers press across those luscious, sweet lips, and pressed past those perfect, white teeth. The boy closed his lips around them, and sucked. The boy was strangely satisfied as he sucked on the man's fingers. How odd, he thought. Alex's other hand now resumed its exploration over the boy's torso, and Scotty sucked down harder on the man's fingers. Alex nearly creamed himself, imagining something other than his fingers in the boy's hot mouth.

Now Alex pulled his fingers from the boy's greedy maw. He once more grasped the boy's tool, this time with wet fingers, and gently - ever-so-gently - the man traced his fingers around the child's glans. The boy reached down and practically grabbed a handful of the man's thigh muscles, as if he were holding on for dear life on a fabulous carnival ride.

Again Alex drew his fingertip over the boy's glans, and Scott actually groaned. Then Alex quickly stroked down the length of the shaft, using the boy's foreskin to enhance the exquisite feelings. Then back up again. Scotty was squirming now, rubbing himself lustily, if innocently over the man's erection. Almost with the frequency of his heartbeat, Scotty's body would alternately tense, then ease, but each time it tensed it seemed to ratchet up a notch. The man smiled as even the boy's toes seemed to spasm outward at the sensations that assaulted him. Every fifth or sixth stroke, the man's finger drifted lightly over the velvety pink head of the boy's tool.

"Wha...what...are you doing?" the boy asked, sounding as if it took his last ounce of energy to speak.

"I'm helping you have an orgasm," Alex answered simply. "Does it feel good, Scotty?"

"Ye-e-e-s," the child answered without hesitation this time, stiffening even more.

"Good," the man replied. He now increased his speed, now truly masturbating the boy in the way familiar to all boys who masturbate.

The boy's responses belied his closeness to his first virginal orgasm. His breathing was almost erratic. Waves of muscle spasms spread with increasing intensity out from the center of his boyhood.

"What's happening!" the boy gasped, now moving into a truly frenzied state.

"You're body's getting ready to orgasm," Alex breathed hotly into the boy's ear. Even that added to his excited state.

"Ahhhh...ahhh...ahhh," the boy moaned with each stroke as Alex grasped him more firmly. As he continued to lavish his attention on the boy, Scotty was clearly moving closer and closer to orgasm.

"Is..." Scotty choked on the words. "Is it happening!"

"Soon," the man said. "Just let the feelings keep coming. Help me, Scotty. Push your hips up and down."

The young eleven-year-old was barely in control, but he managed to thrust his hips as instructed, awkwardly at first, pressing his little hard-on up through the man's fingers, then he settled back down, then up again. Still the man worked at his own rhythm, as well. Scotty's tight body now seemed to have been liberated and began a natural, though desperate humping action, quite independent of the boy's will. He grunted each time he thrust upward.

Now the man felt the boy's cock stiffen even more, and felt the tube inside the penis expand. A massive shudder passed through the boy, and he stiffened almost violently. His humping motions stopped as his body went rigid. Scotty's eyes widened and he got a look on his face somewhere between fear and ecstasy. A scream tore from his throat. "I-i-e-e-e!" Once...twice...three times the boy's hips bucked up, arching his back. Alex jacked the boy off with an action that was blinding in its speed. Each time his thrusts reached their zenith, the boy's body stiffened as if he were having a seizure, and his cock grew even more rigid. Then after the shudders coursed through his body, he'd ease back down. Finally, after his fourth contraction, Scotty's whimpers eased. He grasped the man's hand to stop him from stroking his now super-sensitized tool and settled back onto his grownup friend. His grip on the man's leg eased, and his right hand stayed holding the man's hand almost in a caress.

Now in one long, slow sigh, Scotty seemed to release all the air he'd been breathing in for the past twenty minutes. The boy's breathing slowly transformed into the long, easy breaths of utter satisfaction. Whereas tension had filled his body during his virginal journey to orgasm and uncertainty had filled his nervous little body in the hours leading up to that, now the boy's body was completely at ease, totally contented, fully relaxed, wholly sated, utterly fulfilled. The man smiled as the boy's body lounged on his, conforming to the arc his body created. His left hand wrapped around his tummy, holding him to him, his right hand gently caressing the boy's right upper arm in the afterglow of the boy's orgasm.

Alex sighed in contentment. Rarely had he seen such intensity in a young boy's response to his first sexual experience. He glanced down at Scotty and his eyes were half-open. They had a glazed look, as if under the influence of a strong sedative. His belly rose and fell with gentle breaths. The small tool has lost some of its firmness now and lay nestled over the boy's balls. As the man watched, a smile of utter satisfaction spread easily on the boy's lips, and he drifted off to sleep.

For Alex, this was truly a remarkable moment. Rarely had an initiate been so open to exploring the forbidden world of man-boy love. At one level, it was an affirmation of all their research. But on another level, it was one of the most incredible of all his many experiences as a boy lover. If he weren't careful, he'd be falling in love with this child. His cock throbbed once, still hard and aching with need. The eleven-year-old shifted slightly, and the man's heart pounded as he dreamed of the moment when he'd penetrate the boy for the first time - taking his real boy virginity.

The boy lay unmoving for nearly 30 minutes. His feather-light weight on the Alex's body was no burden, and the man luxuriated in the warmth of the boy, his smoothness, his gentle sounds of breathing. But then he reached down and lightly stroked the boy's body in ways meant to rouse him from his slumber. And then the boy stirred, stretching first almost like a puppy, limbs taut and vibrating as they reached their full extension, torso arched, head slowly twisting, paws rubbing the soft innocent face.

"Well, Scotty," Alex said quietly, still stroking the boy. "What do you think?"

Dreamily, the boy smiled an easy smile, then drew in a long, slow breath. "Awesome," he managed finally. He glanced down at his limp tool then up at the man. "Did I make sperm?"

The man smiled reassuringly. "No, Scott, you didn't. I guess you're gonna have to wait a while for that." Alex could see a twinge of concern flow into the boy's face. "It's okay, though. It's just nature taking its own sweet time. Maybe in a year or so." Alex felt a bit of remorse as he realized how much he'd like to be there to see the first tiny squirt of boy juice spurting out Scotty's little slit.

"B-but didn't I orgasm?" His boy soprano voice belied the confusion the boy was feeling.

"Oh, Scotty," Alex replied, savoring the feel of the boy's skin as his hand ran from his left nipple, down his smooth side across the shallow valley dividing his torso from his legs and down his thigh. "You sure did orgasm. If you were making sperm, it'd have shot all over the place! I don't think I've ever seen a boy have such a wild orgasm. It was a dry orgasm, that's all, but, man, was it incredible. Didn't it feel good?"

The boy blushed now, and the man felt the boy's hair rubbing up and down on his chest. After a moment, the boy sat up on the man's belly and literally rotated around on his firm, little butt. His folded legs straddled the man's chest, his knees pointing toward the man's arm pits. The man rested his hands on the boy's hips. "It was so...awesome, Alex. I...I didn't know what was gonna happen, and this...something...was building inside...and I thought I was gonna explode...and then...it...it...did it! And I...I..."

"You orgasmed!" Alex said brightly.

Again color flowed into the boy's cheeks. "Yeah, I orgasmed!" He beamed with pride. "And it was..." The boy paused, searching for the right word. "Wow!" he finally breathed with the biggest grin the boy could offer.

"Double wow!" Alex offered in typical boy fashion, and together they giggled at their shared memory of those sexy moments.

They lapsed now into a few moments of satisfied silence. Alex could see the boy had something on his mind. Finally he spoke. "Alex...um...could we do that again some time?"

The boy's mentor grinned, and reached up and stroked the boy's sides. "Of course we can."

"You'd do that to me again!"

"I'd love to...that or maybe something else. There are so many different ways to have an orgasm."

"There are!" The wide-eyed boy almost squealed in his excitement.

"There are, Scotty."

"What are they?" the boy asked innocently.

Alex chuckled. "Well...we've got two whole weeks to find out. If I tell you all right now, it won't be as fun. This is a school, after all, and we have to stick to the lesson plan."

"Orgasms are a lesson!"

Alex grinned. "They are. You can learn about all kinds of sex, if you're interested."

Scotty blushed deeply, belying his desperate need to know more, but there was something else, too, that dawned on the child in that moment.

"That was sex?"

"It was, Scotty. That's how you have an orgasm. We - you and I - had sex, and you orgasmed."

The boy's eyes grew impossibly bigger. His breathing ratcheted up a notch, and the man could see a quickening pulse in a vein in the boy's neck. "We had sex?" the eleven-year-old breathed.

"We did."

The boy thought about that for an instant, then twisted around, and for just an instant, looked down at the man's covered genitals. Then he twisted back, red flooding across his cheeks and up into his temples. "If we had sex, did...um..." The boy swallowed. "...did you orgasm?"

Alex could immediately understand the boy's confusion. "No, Scotty, not this time. It can happen all different ways. In sex, one partner can help the other...or they can both help each other sort of at the same time. This time I helped you."

Scott was a smart boy, and nothing in this conversation was slipping by him. "You mean sometime when we're...doing sex...I could help you...to...you know...orgasm?"

"Exactly. Does that sound okay?"

The boy grew very serious. Somehow this seemed very different than having the man make him feel good that way. But at the same time, the boy seemed to understand that he wanted to see the man's orgasm, and the idea that he could make it happen made him feel...maybe more grown up somehow. "Yes," the boy answered seriously, blushing predictably at the thought.

The man hugged him tightly and kissed him on the top of his blond head. "Oh, Scotty, you've made me very, very happy."

The boy blushed in his sweet way, then asked, "Alex, when you...um...orgasm, you make sperm, right?"

The man grinned. "I do, Scotty. And if you make me orgasm, I'll probably shoot a whole lot!"


Alex boldly reached out and tweaked the boy's tiny nipple. "Because, you get me so excited! So aroused!"

Scott grinned at the knowledge that he - a boy - could do this to a man. "But," he began, growing more sober again, "I don't know how?"

"You'll learn, honey. I'll teach you. It's just like I did for you-it's touching that makes it happen."

The boy stiffened and a wave of understanding suddenly flowed into the boy. Suddenly he knew what this place was for. What he was going to learn. He swallowed hard and stared into the man's eyes. The man knew the boy understood, too. "That's what happens here," Scott began, "isn't it. You teach me about sex, don't you?"

Now it was the man's turn to blush, though ever-so-slightly. What a delightfully precocious child, he thought. If he proved to be as skilled a performer as his curiosity seemed to suggest, then he was the perfect choice for the pending assignment. Again, Alex felt a twinge of remorse, knowing there would be a time all too soon, when the boy would be leaving him. "Yes, Scotty, I do. If that's what you want to do. Here's the first lesson about sex. It's a rule, a simple rule, but the most important thing about sex: With sex, you should only do what you want to do. If you don't want to do something then, you shouldn't have to do it. And that goes for your time with me, too."

Now the other shoe dropped, and the boy stiffened, and again held the man in his gaze. "That's why I'm here, isn't it? You want me to learn about sex...so I can have sex with the government man. That's what you want, isn't it?"

The boy's directness was disarming, and Alex, even with all his experience, felt a tightness flow into his body. Now he sat up more and cradled the boy in his arms and lap. He gauged the boy's body language. There was nothing overt to suggest Scott Morgan was rejecting the idea out of hand. He hadn't pulled away. Quite the contrary, he had actually snuggled into the man's shaved chest. Nor had he appeared to stiffen or even frown. There was, in short, no clear sign of revulsion of the idea, and yet the man sensed in the boy uncertainty, reluctance. But why not? Most children who went through the training program took several days to get to this point, and even then, they required extensive counseling supplemented with various medications to keep their resistance to these new ideas at a minimum.

"Scott, you're a very smart boy. I'm so proud of you - even in these few hours, I feel like I am so lucky to be your mentor. You've asked an important question. Billy was here for a whole week before he figured out what was happening, and here you've done it in just a few hours! Scotty, you are so...special!" The boy blushed shyly, clearly pleased with all the praise. "The truth is, yes, that's what I hope you will want to do. In time, you'll come to understand why it's so very important and will want to be a part of this incredible experience. But. I only want you to do this, if it feels right to you - you, Scott Morgan. If it doesn't feel right, then I don't want you to do it."

A long silence followed. Except for the boy's gentle breathing and an occasional flutter of the boy's eyelashes on the man's chest, the boy remained unmoving and quiet. Finally he spoke in whispered breaths. "It seems right with you, Alex." He looked up at his adult friend with soft doe eyes, pleading in a way, yet uncertain.

The man's eyes grew moist. This child was overwhelming. "Oh, Scotty," he managed before he had to stop for fear of his voice cracking. He grasped the boy firmly in his arms and hugged him to him. "Oh, Scott," he repeated. When sufficient time had passed, he offered another thought: "It's all up to you, Scott. That's why we're together for these two weeks, so you'll understand everything about having sex with a man, and deciding if this is something you want to do. If you don't learn anything else, learn this: "It's all up to you!"


The rest of the day was relatively uneventful, except for the several times the stimulator went off deep inside the boy's little rectum. When it happened, the boy would go strangely quiet for a moment, a look of concentration would spread over the boy's face, and he'd bear down on some invisible place inside him. Eventually, he even started asking Alex if it was time for another "buzz" - that's what he called it. Other than that, the focus of the afternoon was on aspects of government and current events, especially international issues. For example, Scott and Alex and another man (from the State Department) talked about a big important meeting coming up in three weeks. It was going to be in Paris, and Scott learned about some of the important issues that were going to be discussed. It was kind of fun, in fact, because later that evening, the TV news man mentioned the meeting, too. The summit, he called it, and he listed off several of the same issues Scott had heard earlier. "He forgot about the Pakistanis and the Indians," the boy said to Alex when the report was over.

The man smiled. "That's because he didn't know about it," Alex explained. "Only a handful of people in our government know that the President is hoping to announce a major breakthrough in the tensions between Pakistan and India."

The boy's eyes widened. "And me!"

Alex's smile broadened. "That's right. For your assignment, it'll be important for you to know about that."

"Wow," was all the boy could manage.

By 9:00, it was time for the boy to be getting ready for bed.

"Let's take a shower, first," Alex suggested, when they had stepped into the bedroom.

"Okay," Scott said, not really focusing on the "Let's".

The man stepped to the boy and began to disrobe him. The boy stood still and offered no resistance, already - apparently - becoming more pliable. "You want to take my clothes off, too?" the man asked.

Now the boy straightened and his eyes grew wide. "You...you're going to take a shower, too?"

"I am. With you! Doesn't that sound like fun?"

"I dunno." Scotty swallowed hard. "Is it supposed to be...like...sexy?"

"I suppose it could be," Alex said, poking the boy in his sweet, hairless arm pit until he giggled.

"Okay, okay," the boy squealed between his giggles.

In hardly anytime, the boy was clad only in his skimpy little bikini briefs, and was then working on the man's belt. Soon both grasped the other's underwear in their hands. The boy's eyes flitted from the man's eyes, to the bulge in his friend's man-sized bikinis. Slowly, they lowered each other's last garment. The man dropped the boy's skimpy bikini first, and then Scotty, bending at the knees, crouched as he lowered Alex's bikini to his ankles. The man stepped out of them, but the boy never took his eyes from what had just been revealed. Alex, pleased to be the object of such attention, immediately felt his manhood begin to pulse to life. At the same time, he noticed the boy reach down unselfconsciously between his legs and squeeze his little tool that was, no doubt also hardening. The little boy literally gulped when he looked at the man's huge cock, thickening and lengthening before his eyes. "Go ahead," the man breathed. "It's okay."

Scotty flashed a look up at the man's eyes, and then swallowed hard again. He bit his lower lip, then ever so slowly reached out with just his pointer finger extended, and stroked the man's growing six inches. Alex gasped at the boy's touch, and sucked in a hard breath. The boy looked up, worried. "That's incredible," Alex hissed. "I thought I was gonna come!" The boy's eyes widened. "Take a hold of it, if you want," Alex urged. The boy did, but even with his whole hand, he could barely reach all the way around the man's tool.

As the soft hand of the boy held his manhood, Alex felt it grow even harder. Now the man's circumcised cock was its full seven inches and inch and a half in diameter. "Agggghhhh," the man groaned.

This time, rather than looking concerned, the boy offered a shy, almost coy, grin. He took in every aspect of the naked man standing in front of him, just as the man was doing with him. Alex - there were no other words for it - was in love with the boy's body. It was so smooth, soft in a way, but firm, muscled, his tummy, for example, showing shallow hillocks of abdominals. The 90-pound, five-foot-two boy was just that: the perfection of boyhood. Alex reached out and ran his hands over the boy's body and sighed at partaking in such an exquisite moment laden with innocent sensuality.

For his part, Scott continued to hold on to the man's penis, dumbstruck by its powerful throbs, by its heat, by its sheer weight. He could feel the veins in the penis, but even so, he was aware that the cock he held in is hand felt deliciously smooth. He noted a detail which made him blush for some reason: the man's member didn't point up as high as his tool did when it was hard (as it was right now!); rather it tended to point straight out. Also, the man's cock was different. It had no loose skin around the end the way his did. How come it looked like that, he wondered. The head was a shiny purple-pink color, and for several seconds, it seemed almost to pull at him like a magnet. Did his look like that under that skin? When he was little, he had a vague memory of his mother washing that, but she stopped doing it many years ago. He shuddered now as another, associated memory came into his consciousness. When his mom pulled back the funny loose skin, and washed him with a soft cloth "down there", it had gotten hard. Remembering that made him blush because even so long ago, he could still recall the strange feeling the wash cloth gave him. Scott shivered at the memory, and Alex felt the boy's hand tremble around his cock, squeezing even more firmly. Quite on its own, the man's cock pulsed once as the boy's grip tightened, and that seemed to bring the boy back to the now. The boy lifted his other hand and, after a glance up at the man's face and getting the permission he sought, reached out and touched the man's pendulous balls. Like the man's cock, they were big - one barely fitting in the boy's palm. They were surprisingly heavy, and the man's scrotum was different, too. It was thick and wrinkly; his was thin and smoother. And then of course, there was all that thick, dark hair. It was curly and surrounded the man's cock and covered, though not quite so thickly, the man's balls. But it was the big, smooth, shiny knob that drew the boy's attention. Still holding the big cock in one hand, Scotty reached up with his other hand and stroked the glans gently. Immediately the man gasped and stiffened. "Whoa, there, Scotty," he managed. "You're gonna make me come!"

The small eleven-year-old smiled, flashed a look up at his mentor, then glanced back down at that shiny head. The boy-child was pleased that he had made his friend get hard. It made him feel powerful and in control. Suddenly, an idea came into his head that made him shudder. It was a sudden flash. In his mind he saw the video from the morning-the man putting her mouth over the second man's cock. And suddenly, it wasn't that man, it was Alex, and then it wasn't the first man, it was him - he was putting his mouth over Alex's penis. He shook with nervousness as his hand grasped Alex's tool again. That purple-pink head seemed bigger than ever. His mouth was only inches from it. The boy opened his mouth. He was going to do it. He couldn't help himself, but he was afraid the man wouldn't like it. It was so dirty. But he had to...

Scotty thought he would put his mouth over the man's big knob, but when he got close, he couldn't. Instead, he just extended his tongue and licked over it once quickly, then again, more slowly, around it. There wasn't much taste, but it was the smoothness that drove the boy wild - smooth and hot and hard - and what it was doing to the man. Alex groaned, and now, trembling, it was the man who gripped the boy's shoulders with his two hands to keep his balance.

"Oh, Scotty," Alex moaned. The sweet, firm, smooth, naked child wore a worried expression as he glanced up at his grownup friend. Why was he making those strange noises, the boy wondered. The man could see the concern in the boy's face. "You make me feel sooo good," Alex explained in a soft, shaky voice.

To the boy, it seemed the man was really struggling to speak, and now he reached down and urged the boy up. Even as Scott stood, he continued to gasp the man's cock. Alex lifted him up and reluctantly the boy released the big tool. He quite naturally wrapped his arms around the man's neck, and his legs around the man's hips. He snuggled against Alex, and sighed as the man's hands slid down around the boy and held his warm, velvety-smooth bottom - one cheek in each hand. The man let his thumbs play back and forth across the smooth perfection of boy ass.

"Alex...I...want to see if...um...you can make sperm." The naked little boy whispered this, so his breathy words felt hot on the man's neck. Then the boy lifted away to see the man's reaction. He watched with a coy smile and a twinkle in his eye. It was silly. Of course he knew the man could make sperm, but it was his way of declaring his intention to bring the grownup to orgasm. Once he said it, he nestled his head back against the man's neck and shoulder the way a two-year-old might do.

"Oh, Scotty, that would make me so happy," Alex said, turning to the bed. When they had arranged themselves, with Scott between the man's open legs, the boy spoke again, this time showing his virginal uncertainty.


"Just like you were doing..." Alex's heart pounded. He reached out and, placing his hands on either side of the boy's, face with his fingers playing in his soft, straight hair, nudged him downward just enough to let Scotty know what he wanted. The prepubescent child ran his tongue over his lips, his gaze riveted on the massive root at the base of the man's belly. It throbbed, lifting slightly every time more blood pulsed into it. The skin was stretched so tight, it glistened with a soft sheen. The head was a deep reddish-purple that seemed to draw the child as if it were a boy magnet.

"It really likes to feel your breath on it," Alex said gently. The boy looked up at him, then back at the object that so excited him he could barely think about anything else. "Kiss it," Alex suggested.

Scotty didn't have to be asked twice.

As if following the pure instinct of a first innocent love, the boy leaned in, shaking, and closed his eyes. Ever so gently he placed his lips on the tip of the man's bulbous head and offered the softest of kisses. The man shuddered at the touch. The boy lifted away, eyes open now and practically crossed as he gazed at the penis just inches from his face. Again he ran his tongue over his lips, though this time perhaps more to taste the man than moisten his lips. In truth, there was very little to taste - perhaps just a slight sweetness, a muskiness.

"Oh, Scotty," the man sighed. He stroked the sides of the boy's face with his fingers, luxuriating in his smoothness.

"Was that okay?" the boy asked tentatively.

"Oh, man, incredible," Alex replied. He wanted to reinforce this behavior in the young boy, but the truth was, he was simply stating the obvious.

"Should I do it again?" the boy ventured, proud of his ability to affect the man so.

"Yes," Alex moaned.

The boy repeated his action and actually shook with excitement; this time he was even a bit bolder in his hot, wet mouth-to-cock caress. He seemed to linger for a moment, and when he began to lift away, Alex held his head in place, and pressed his manhood more firmly onto Scott's lips. At first there was the slightest resistance, then the boy seemed to relent and his kiss became more of a soft sucking - lips parted every so slightly, though only the tip of the head had entered between the boy's lips.

"Aaaggghhhhhrr." It was a groan of sheer ecstasy.

Now Alex felt a warm, wet heat pressing against his glans, and he knew the boy had extended the tip of his tongue through his lips and had again made contact. "That's so good," Alex said, again offering reinforcement for the boy's tentative actions.

He lifted the boy off him. "I'd say you'd like to learn how to be a cocksucker. Am I right, Scotty?"

"Yes, please," the boy answered, then leaned in again and flicked out his tongue, suddenly desperate to prove he was a quick learner. He wasn't sure why, but he wanted the man to know that more than anything.

"Let your tongue explore," the man offered gently. The eleven-year-old moved his mouth over the man's head, lips and tongue in contact. "Open up more," Alex instructed softly. "Let more of me in." The boy responded, and with his hands, Alex guided the small, hot mouth down over more of his knob. Now perhaps two-thirds of his glans was in the boy's stretched mouth. Almost naturally, the boy sucked down, drawing even more of the tool inside him. His soft, wet tongue ran across the smooth head, moving, in its inexpert action, the man closer to orgasm. Alex was leaking precum and now he felt the boy hesitate. The man knew the boy had gotten his first taste of a man's juices. The boy's mentor was about to explain the taste, when he felt the boy's tongue trace over the under part of the glans, over the shallow V that led to the slit, which now was gaping open and steadily oozing precum. As Scotty's tongue found more of the juice flowing, it was as if his velvety taste organ had developed a mind of its own. It moved deliberately up, lapping over the opening which it sensed was the source of its pleasure. When that wasn't satisfying enough, the small tongue poked gently into the man's piss slit, clearly wanting more.

The boy's intensity was palpable. Alex could feel his young prepubescent friend (and subject) growing more excited by the moment. It was as if the grownup's secretions were the fuel that drove the boy to demand more and more. The youngster was now taking almost violent, desperate breaths through his nose, not willing to risk a moment of losing contact between the huge penis and his mouth. Alex massaged the boy's jaws with his thumbs as he held the boys head. "Gently, Scotty," Alex whispered. "You're so, so, soooo goood." It was an effort for the man to speak under the boy's explorations. Now, the man lifted his hips, and slowly, in a form of exquisite, slow-motion torture, the boy accepted the man's whole glans into his mouth. The boy's flared nostrils sucked in air, and the man felt the child's lips slip over and lock underneath his coronal ridge. A gasp tore from the man's throat as the boy, sensing that his lips had made a seal, sucked down harder than he'd dared. All the while, his immature tongue worked its magic, swirling over the head.

As if driven by some unseen life force, dormant in the child since before his birth, now he pressed onto the grownup's penis, taking perhaps another inch and a half of it in his mouth before it bumped into the back of his mouth. Predictably, Scotty's gag reflex kicked in, and he backed off quickly, his eyes watering in protest to the huge, hot, pulsing thing that filled his mouth.

"Just takes some getting used to, Scotty," Alex said, gently rubbing the boy's small, silky-smooth neck. There was a firmness, a tautness that defined his innocence, his boy-ness. "Try it again," Alex urged. "Just take as much as feels good to you, but if you start to feel that gagging feeling, just stop and hold it there. Your body just needs to get used to it." The boy snuffed once, swallowed, then sank back down his mentor's thick phallus. "Oooohhh, Scotty...that's the way," crooned the man. With his hands, he eased the boy back up off his cock, then slowly down. "Mmmmm," moaned the man. Soon the boy understood what was required of him, and he began slowly bobbing up and down, each time taking a bit more of the man inside his hungry mouth.

The first time the boy felt the silky tip of the glans hit his uvula, he felt the gagging coming again, but he did what the man suggested, and the feeling eased. Then he pulled back slightly and tried it again. Eventually, he managed to work the turgid penis past the little fleshy appendage at the back of his mouth, and got fully three inches of the man's penis inside before again experiencing a new gagging reflex. For now, this is far as the boy would go, not realizing that he could in fact take more of the man with practice, that in fact, he could - and eventually would - deep throat him, taking all seven plus inches of the man's penis.

That he could or could not take all of him made no difference to that man. The things the boy - inexpert as he might be - was able to do to the man were enough to drive him wild. He had to be careful not to lose himself and press into the boy, and risk causing him to choke. "Oh, God, Scotty, you are such an awesome cocksucker. It's unbelievable. You're so, so awesome. Just keep doing that." And if his words were not encouragement enough, then his hands and their gentle guidance were. Leaving the boy's head for a moment, his fingers explored the soft golden hair, then the exquisite neck, like a road leading to the unknown, led his fingers downward, and Alex savored the skin and bones and sinew of the boy's back and sides. His fingers traced around and glided over the smooth chest, found a small, rigid nipple and tweaked it.

As Alex gazed upon the boy working his mouth over his manhood, he realized Scotty was enjoying this as much as he was. Perhaps enjoying wasn't the right word. Young Scott Morgan was driven - obsessed, even. He couldn't have stopped if he wanted to. It was as if he had been born to do this to a man, and now for the first time, this hidden truth was being revealed to him as much as anyone else. He knew he was making his grownup friend have incredible feelings, and it was compelling him to keep on until the end. And the end was rapidly approaching. The man felt all the signs. "See what you're doing to my body, Scotty?" he asked the boy. The boy stretched his long, slender neck and raised his eyes while never stopping his almost frantic bobbing up and down on the man's tool. "You're bringing me to the edge," the man groaned. "Soon you're going to make me ejaculate - shoot my semen. Very soon. Scotty, if you keep sucking me, I'll come in your mouth. Would you like that? Or do you want to pull off and finish me off by hand?"

The boy looked raised his eyes upward, looking a bit uncertain even as he continued noisily slurping his man-friend's big, tasty sausage. Alex held the boy's head still, and lifted him off his swelling, ready-to-explode tool. Suddenly doubt and guilt filled the boy's face, as if he'd been caught doing something bad. "Oh, no," Alex whispered when he understood what was going on. "No, Scotty...you're great...incredible...I've never felt like this. I just want to be sure you understand what's going to happen. When a man comes, then the semen - that's juice from his balls, and prostate - shoots out through his penis. In a few minutes, you'll see what I mean, or feel it. But if you keep sucking me the way you have been...then I'll ejaculate. So...I just want you to think about that for a minute. Do you want to suck me right to orgasm and have me shoot in your mouth? Or do you want me to tell you when it's going to happen so you can pull off?"

Scotty considered the options. Suddenly he looked like a serious student considering the proper answer on an important test. "Do I have to?"

"Do what, sweetie?"

"Does it have to do it in my mouth?"

"No..." Alex caressed the boy's soft face. "Not at all, but that's why I'm asking. Do just what you want. Remember? That's the rule."

Scotty nodded. "Alex?"


"What's it taste like?"

The man smiled. "It's kind of hard to explain. Most of it is sort of thick, like honey almost. But some of it is pretty watery. Young boys, when they first start to ejaculate, have pretty thin semen, and it tastes almost sweet. A man's fluid is thicker, and saltier tasting. Some people say it's bitter. Others say it's not at all. The truth is, I don't think it has much taste at all. And not every man's is the same. It's something you'll just have to try."

Scotty nodded, taking it all in. He was quiet for a long time. As he thought, he watched as the man's penis began to deflate slightly. Almost absentmindedly, the boy reached out and began to massage the man's organ just to keep him hard. Alex moaned softly.

"I..." Scott blushed. "I didn't want him to get soft," he said softly by way of explanation.

Alex chuckled and tousled the boy's soft blond tresses. "Not a chance of that, young man...not with you around!" He let his hand stroke the boy's neck and jaw. He lifted and played with that secret soft place behind the boy's ear. The boy sighed.


"Yes, Scotty."

"I think I want to have it come...inside."

Alex sighed and spoke breathy words of deep affection. "Oh, Scotty, you are so, so special. I don't think you even know. I can't believe you're going to let me come in your beautiful mouth!"

"Can we do it now?"

"Whenever you want."

Typical of young boy's, once Scott made his decision, he wanted to waste no more time. Before the man barely had time to reposition himself, the boy was going back down on him, juicily slurping him into his tight, wet, hot mouth.

Then the lithe, all-boy child hesitated and lifted off. "Do I swallow it?"

"Some people do. Maybe you should wait to see how you feel?"

Scotty nodded slowly. Alex looked down as the sweet boy greedily sucked him back into his hungry mouth. Almost immediately, he gagged.

"It's okay. Remember, you sort of have to train your mouth and throat to take it in."

The boy lifted away again, suddenly curious about what the man was saying. "My throat?"

"Mm-hmm," Alex responded. Some boys learn to take all of a man's penis. It's called deepthroating. I think with practice, you'd be good at it.


"It has to do with how you hold your head...to kind of make a straight line from your mouth to your throat..." While he talked, Alex adjusted the boy's head, demonstrating how the mouth and throat could be aligned. "It's about learning to relax, and practice, practice, practice."

The boy grinned, as if to say there were worse things to have to practice, then he lowered himself back down on the man. Alex noticed Scott had tried to adjust his head, tilting it backward, no doubt to try to take more of him. The man rubbed his warm hands over the boy's neck and shoulders and back. "Just take your time, Scotty. Slow and easy. You don't have to do all that tonight. You'll get it later. For now, just do what feels okay."

The boy's tongue snaked around the man's penis, and he seemed to moan with pleasure as he worked on the massive tool. Each time he moaned the tremors, like the vibrations of a violin, sent shockwaves through the man's body. Then when the boy pulled back, he'd swirl his tongue over the fat, glistening knob, and it was the man's turn to groan.

Alex lifted his hands to the sides of Scotty's head. He sighed. Almost involuntarily, he guided the boy's head into a faster rhythm. Unbelievably, Alex could feel the boy's throat surrounding his head on the down stroke. The first few times, the boy's gag reflex slowed him, but that seemed to become less of an issue as the speed of the boy's bobbing head increased. As if by instinct, the boy swallowed when the man's cock pressed into his throat. The action of his throat on Alex's penis was enough to send the man over the edge. Both the boy and the man felt the penis swell.

"It's coming!" Alex moaned. His hands tightened around the sweet child's head. One more stroke, and Alex erupted. The first blast shot deep in the boy's throat. Then the boy was pulling back, and for the first time, he felt the thick, hot juice of a man fill his mouth. He pulled back off the man even more and tried to swallow, but Alex felt his balls tightening again, and another blast added more cream to the small, hot cavern. Five more times, the man spasmed, and five more times, his fluid flooded into the boy.

Now Alex held the boy's head still as he came off his orgasmic high. Alex felt a wetness oozing down into his thick bush, and he knew the boy had been unable to take all of his offering. With effort, the man lifted his head, and looked down. The boy lifted off his penis and looked up at the man, and grinned. A trickle of semen oozed from the corner of his innocent, little mouth. His lips were bright red from the workout they'd received. The boy's eyes were watering, either from the thickness of the tool that had been jabbing into his throat or the bitter saltiness of the man's seed. What was clear was that the man-child was proud of his accomplishment - proud of bringing his man to climax.

Alex pulled the 90 pound boy up over his body. He felt the child's rigid, little tool poking into his belly. He drew the boy's mouth to his, and they kissed, a chaste, brief innocent kiss. "Open your mouth, the next time," Alex urged, and when their lips sealed again, the boy did open, and the man's juices flowed into his own mouth. Like a family recipe handed down to the next generation, it tasted different somehow, sweetened by the juices of the boy's mouth.

Alex sighed, and swallowed, and hugged the boy to him.


"So," Alex said when he had recovered, "was it as nice for you as it was for me?" He ran his hands over the small, naked form, feeling the firm muscle, the smooth, soft skin, the incredible warmth. "Because it was sure nice for me!" He gently squeezed the boy's bottom, and Scotty stiffened.

The boy had sort of pulled away some as the man recovered from the most intense orgasm he had had in years. The novice watched the man, not quite sure what had happened, what his role was in it, and what was happening now. Alex knew that often young boys, after they bring a man to climax for the first time, experience confusion and even guilt. When they see the impact they have had on the adult, many children wonder if they haven't stepped into forbidden territory reserved only for adults. In addition, the reaction of the man often seems almost violent to the boy, and then, the man seems almost unconscious, which only adds to the child's sense that something unexpected happened. Because of all this, Alex knew the youngster would need support and reinforcement - in short, love. The sweet child within his grasp would need to know he did everything exactly right. He had just experienced, for the first time, the extreme power of man-boy love, of a kind of sex few have the privilege of experiencing, and Alex had to do everything he could to make the boy want more. And Alex had no inhibitions about doing just that - of loving this boy-god. He pulled the boy to him, reveling in the feel of the child's skin on his own. The boy remained stiff at first, but then slowly melted against the man, savoring the warmth that grew between them. "It was pretty salty," the boy said softly as his fingers played with the man's right nipple. "And...there was a lot of it. Will I make that much?"

"You won't at first..." Alex explained as he reached down behind the boy, dipped between his legs and found the tiny boy-balls. He gently pressed against them, just enough to let the boy feel a slight pressure. "...then as you mature, your balls will make more...especially in your late teens. You'll make gallons! And just so you know, I don't always make that much," Alex leaned down and kissed the boy on the top of his silky soft head. He breathed in the scent of the boy. It was heavenly. "It's just that you did such a great job at sucking my cock, that you made me ejaculate really hard. You really drained me! You were incredible!" Alex lifted the boy's head, leaned down and kissed him on the lips. "Did you like doing it, Scotty?"

The boy thought for a moment. "I liked making you feel good, yeah. And...I guess I could get used to your...semen. It wasn't bad."

Alex smiled. "Wasn't bad?!" The man playfully poked the boy in his hairless armpit, making him squirm and squeal with childish delight. "That's all you've got to say about my semen? Just 'wasn't bad'!"

Scotty grinned and reddened slightly. "It was okay. It was my first time, you know ."

Alex was suddenly overwhelmed by the boy's innocence. He pulled him even closer. His fingers drifted down his back, lightly dancing over every knob of his spine. When they found that shallow, flat plain just above the boy's butt, he savored again, that place of special smoothness. Sometimes Alex thought he could orgasm simply by feeling a boy-child's smooth, warm, baby-soft skin at this spot in particular. His fingers played there for a while longer, then he sighed, and let his fingers drift even lower. His fingertips found the tight, narrow crevasse that only hinted at the secret place that was hidden deep within, and they slowly ran up and down along the furrow, being careful, at first, not to press in, but simply to lightly trace the space formed by the boy's two glorious butt cheeks. "Yes, Scotty, I do know it was your first time, and you were so unbelievable. Really. I'm so, so proud of you."

The boy smiled, genuinely pleased at Alex's praise. Under the stimulation of the man's fingers along his crack, he'd become very still. The sensations suddenly coming from his bottom were very new, and it was as if the boy were concentrating on all the feelings surging through him. Alex's fingers were having the desired effect: the boy was as hard as ever, and the man felt the steel-hard little tool poking into his belly button. "At first," the boy began tentatively, "I didn't know if I could do it. Because I didn't know what it would be like. I thought it was going to be like if you pee'd in my mouth..." He looked up into the man's eyes. "...but then I found out it wasn't like that...well not exactly. It was weird feeling your stuff shoot. It was hot. And gooey." He smiled gently, and absentmindedly ran his tongue over his lips, trying to recapture the taste of the man.

Alex's fingertips had dipped slowly deeper into the boy's crack. At first, just the fingertips seemed to fall carelessly along the furrow as the grownup moved his hand over the boy's smooth, small, unblemished butt. The boy had stiffened, then sighed and relaxed. The muscles in his butt lost their tension. But then, as the man's fingers dipped ever-deeper, the boy's bottom tightened again, and Scotty drew in a breath and held it. The soft roundness of his two lovely cheeks disappeared and in their place, were two tight, more oval outcroppings of muscle, pinched deliciously on the outer flanks. The boy was aware of what the man was doing, but he said nothing about it. Instead, he wore a look of concentration, as if he were trying to figure out what the man was doing, why, and if he liked these new feelings that were centered in the place his poop came out of.

Alex noted the boy's "detachment," but continued. Despite the apparent resistance to his back and forth motion, as they talked, Alex kept dipping deeper and deeper into the boy's secret place. The sweet globes of boy-ass were clamped firmly together, and it took some effort on the man's part to move his fingers back and forth through the deep crevasse. Finally, after minutes of this gentle ass-play, Alex struck gold. An inexperienced explorer might not have realized what happened, save for the tiny tremor that coursed through the boy's body. That was evidence enough that something had happened to the boy. Of course with Scotty, Alex knew exactly where that special place was because of the thin plastic line that led to the device that remained buried deep inside the boy. If things went the way Alex hoped, soon they'd be removing the device for the night.

Scotty's sweet summer-sky-blue eyes opened wide and he held his breath, as the man's fingertips brushed across his tiny bud. It could hardly be called a pucker, merely the softest dimple of flesh. The sensation it triggered seemed to confuse the child, and he lifted his head, and with an uncertain look sought the instruction of his mentor.

"Why are you doing that?"

"Doing what, honey?"

The boy pulled himself up a bit higher on the man's torso. Alex could feel his warm breath on his neck. The man's fingers, as if stunned at their power, moved out slightly, but continued to slide slowly up and down along the boy's warm crack. At the same time, since the man's digits were no longer directly diddling the boy's hole, Alex thought he felt Scotty lift ever so slightly to try to make that special contact once more.


"Oh," Alex breathed. "Because it feels so nice. Doesn't it? Well, it feels nice to me. Do you like it?"


Alex waited. He could almost feel the boy trying to work up his courage to say what was filling his mind with confusing thoughts. "But?" the man prompted.

"You touched...my hole."

Alex let his fingers drift back to that secret spot and now pressed just a fraction of a centimeter deeper, grazing the tiny bud again. "I know. Doesn't it feel nice?"

"But isn't it dirty?"

"Maybe it would seem like it, but, not really. I don't think so, anyway...and even if it was a little, it's how it makes you feel, that's what's important...and I'd say it made you feel kind of sexy - even that little touch..." Alex gazed into the boy's eyes. "At least if I'm reading the signals from the stiff little thing that keeps poking into my belly." The boy's penis pulsed at just the right moment. "See!" Alex teased. Scotty's cheeks grew a delightful blush color, signaling that Alex had hit the nail on the head.

"I can't help it!" the boy protested.

"No...of course you can't...but it seems as if I'm right. Right?"

"Yeah," the boy mumbled finally. He blushed even more, and then added with a grin, "Do you...um...want do it again?"

Alex smiled. He hugged the boy to him and ran his hands up and down his flanks and his sexy little bottom. And again, he eased his fingers into the boy's cleft, savoring its warmth and tightness. At the same time, little Scotty stiffened in anticipation. Alex was so excited. In eleven-year-old Scott Morgan, they had discovered a true catamite, a boy anxious, desperate even, to explore his sexuality in all its dimensions. He was hungry for every new stimulation. Even now, Alex felt the boy's little penis throb between them at the thoughts of the man's hands touching his asshole again. So the man did not delay. He buried his fingers deep in the child's crack and let his fingernail lightly scrap over the tight entrance. The boy stiffened and sucked in a breath.

"Do you like it?" Alex asked.

"It feels...funny...sort of..." Scotty answered. Alex ran his finger again over the boy's tiny dimple, and felt a shiver ripple over his whole body. "Yeah, the boy breathed. It's...different. It...um...makes my dick hard when you touch there."

"Yes, but we already knew that!" the man replied. With his "free" hand, he massaged the boy's side.

"Why's it do that?" the boy asked. Again the man smiled. The boy needed to learn as much as he could about his body and its responses to stimulation.

"Why does it make your penis hard?"

The boy nodded.

"Technically, because all the nerves 'down there' -- in your bottom and in your genitals are sort of tied in together. That the technical reason, but the other reason - the fun reason - is because it's sexy and it feels so awesome!" Alex punctuated his explanation with a light sweeping tickle across the boy's hairless armpit, eliciting a sharp, child-like squeal.

Then the eleven-year-old gave the man an odd look, and grew serious. "What if..." He blushed a deep, innocent red.

"What if what?" Alex repeated.

"What if you put your finger...inside me...like you did...you know...this morning."

"Would you like it if I did that?"

Little Scotty Morgan trembled under the man's gaze. He wanted to be honest; he wanted to scream, "Yes! YES!", but it seemed so dirty to be playing with his poop hole. "I guess so," he said coyly.

"I guess so," the man teased. "Well, unless you're sure maybe we shouldn't..."

"Yes!" the boy shouted, then reddened, and grinned. "Okay?" He looked shyly away, knowing his friend was just teasing.

"That's more like the Scott Morgan I know," Alex chuckled. "Then switch around, young man," Alex commanded. "Hands and knees, right over my lap." The boy did as he was asked. Alex opened the drawer in the beside stand, and removed a tube of KY jell, and applied a glob to his middle finger. With his other hand, he spread the boy's cheeks, exposing that beautiful little bud. It was beautiful, and he couldn't resist a sudden impulse. The boy's secret spot seemed to pull him in, and suddenly the man leaned in and planted a juicy kiss on that tiny pink boy-place. When Alex's warm, wet lips touched the boy's hole, it pulled in on itself, and the boy gasped and stiffened, suddenly on guard. It was so weird - what the man just did. But it also felt so nice. The boy trembled. It was all so confusing.

Alex gave the spot a little lick, savoring the unique taste of a young boy. He lowered his face slightly, bringing his nose to just above the dimple that would eventually become the center of Scotty's sexuality. He slowly breathed in, appreciating the bouquet the way a wine connoisseur would savor a fine wine. "Okay, Scotty, I'm going to put my finger inside you now." The man let his finger and the KY dip in and rest on the boy's sweet little bud. Again, reflexively, it pulled in on itself, as if that act alone could keep the intruder out. Alex drew his finger around in tight little circles, over the special spot. The boy sighed. He trembled under the man's gentle action.

"Put it in," the boy pleaded, with a tone of excitement and urgency.

"Scott," Alex replied, "You need to try to open yourself where I'm touching. Make your muscles relax. When you open yourself, I'll be ready. Remember, just try to relax down there, Scotty." Eventually, the tiny hole winked, and when it did, the man pressed in, lodging the first half inch inside his anus. The boy squirmed and grunted, and his anus tried to close in on itself again, though this time, the man's fingertip prevented it. Alex smiled. He was doing with his finger what in a short time, perhaps just days, he would be doing with something larger, but something he hoped would (ultimately) bring the boy much greater pleasure. For now, Alex knew the virginal child would find almost as much pleasure in the persistent actions of his finger. He could feel the muscled rim of the anus clamping down on his finger. The little boy was so tight, so firm, so hot. The KY was a great aid, making it easy for the man, when the boy's hole relaxed a bit, to slip in until his first knuckle bumped up against the anal ring. The boy seemed to bear down under this gentle assault and grunt softly. If, Alex thought, you only knew what lies ahead for you. The man's penis throbbed hard at the thought of ravaging this innocent hole, and he felt a healthy load of precum ooze up through his tool. He gazed down at the boy's spread cheeks, forming the shallow valley, at the center of which was the bud. It was mesmerizing. It was showing just a hint of puffiness now that the man's finger was firmly lodged inside it.

Alex pressed in deeper, forcing his finger past the first knuckle. Inside, past the boy's muscled rim, the boy was so soft, and moist and warm - so pure, like nothing else in the world. Now the little boy shook, and then actually began to whimper.

The man was not quite expecting that. "I'm sorry, Scotty, I didn't think this would hurt...I'll take it out."

"No," the boy hissed between his snuffing. "It doesn't hurt. Leave it inside."

"Then what's wrong?" the man asked, genuinely perplexed.

"I'm...I'm...not sure," Scott replied.

Alex gently, soothingly, rubbed his soft, warm back. "It's okay. We'll just wait for a while." The boy's hands held onto the man's legs. "It's...it's...just..."

"Yes? It's what?" Alex whispered.

"I've never felt like this before. I've never done these things. I didn't even know you could do this stuff...but it feels so...so...awesome. But...it's...um...so...dirty...like you have your finger where my poop comes out, but you say it's nice, and it is...but..."

Alex leaned down and rested his cheek against the boy's sweet, smooth ass. "There, there, Scotty. It's okay. It's fine. You're fine. You're right, you know. So much of this is so new for you. I think maybe we're going too fast. Maybe we need to slow down a little."

Now the boy twisted around and gazed up at his mentor. "It's not that..." He seemed suddenly confused. "It's..." He sighed. "When I came to school today, I was just a kid, like every other kid...but now...I know stuff - I'm doing stuff - those other kids won't know about for a long time. It's like I'm not a little kid anymore."

"Ohhh," sighed Alex, suddenly understanding. He gently stroked the child's back. "I think I understand now. Thanks for talking about this, Scott. You really helped."

"It's...just...kind of scary...'cause it feels so good."

"Yes, Scotty, honey, of course it does. I should have been thinking more about that. But I think it will help if we keep talking about how you're feeling. That will help a lot. The important thing is, I want you to be happy. I want everything we do to feel incredible. And you know something?"

"What?" the boy sniffed.

Alex kissed the boy on his smooth, warm ass. ''That's one of the secrets we talked about, remember? The secrets grownups like to keep to themselves? You're still a boy. I love you just the way you are. I love you because you are a boy, and I don't want you to start thinking you're all grown up now, because you're still all 100% boy. But boys CAN have sex, and it DOES feel sooo awesome...so incredible. Okay?"

"Yeah," Scotty whispered, but he didn't sound convinced.

"I know doing new things can sometimes feel a little scary even when it feels so great. But if you know it's okay, and you love doing it, then it won't be so scary. Every time you do it, it will get less scary." Alex kissed the boy's butt again.

"It will?" the boy asked softly.

"I promise," Alex said, breathing in the boyish scent. "In fact, if I'm not mistaken, pretty soon, you're going to be wanting to do it all the time!" He lightly brushed the boy's side, eliciting a soft giggle.

"Maybe." Scotty said.

"Maybe! We'll see about that!"

"Alex?" The boy asked, already wanting the feeling to continue (and already proving the man's point).

"Yes, Scotty?"

"Um...can you put it in more?"

Alex felt his heart about to burst. "Of course I can." And he did, slowly wriggling his finger deeper inside the boy's hot rectum.

Scott became very still at the gentle probing. Alex reached between the boy's legs, brushing past his sac pulled tightly to his body, and found the boy's little penis. It pulsed under the man's caress.

"Are you comfortable, honey? Would you like to get into a different position?"

"Maybe. Do you have to take it out, though?"

Alex smiled. "No, of course not, not if we're careful." Slowly the boy moved from his knees and hands position. He gently lay down on the bed. He lay on his side, and tucked his legs up, assuming a natural fetal position. He looked back at Alex. "Is something supposed to happen?"

"Like what?" the man asked.

"Like the feeling?"

Alex grinned. "I think we could arrange that." Alex looked down at the silky-skinned little boy, lithe and alive. He studied his hand which was embedded between the boy's tight cheeks. His finger was pressed deep into the boy's hot hole, and it held him tightly. "I'm going to move in and out of you now. Is that okay?"

"Will it hurt?"

"No, sweety, it won't hurt." Alex pulled his slick, warm finger out almost all the way. Only his finger tip remained inside the boy. Scotty drew in a breath and stiffened his body for a moment, then eased. Alex pressed slowly back in, and the boy tensed again. Alex pressed his other hand in between the boy's thighs and played with the boy's penis. It was pressed up against his tummy, and it pulsed under the man's gentle grasp.

Slowly, the man set a slow, deliberate rhythm. The boy grunted ever-so-softly each time the digit filled him. Alex increased his pace. He looked into the boy's angelic face. His eyes were closed. He seemed totally relaxed.

Now the man changed the angle of his attack ever so slightly, and he brushed against the boy's tiny prostate. It was as if the boy were being prodded by an electric probe. A fierce tremor assaulted the boy. He gasped aloud, and his legs jerked downward, his knees pulling away from his chest.

The man withdrew, then attacked again. And again. Each time the boy's body ratcheted up toward the inevitable explosion, each time, his body straightened out a bit more. Each time the man jabbed at the boy's hidden source of stimulation. The small chute had loosened considerably, though it was still hot and snug around the man's finger. Alex could feel and smell the boy's own musky juices adding lubrication to the KY. It even sounded different - juicier. Scotty gulped air in through his mouth. His body had completely straightened out now, stretched to his full four feet, nine and a half inches. His toes curled tightly closed, and his foot arched just as his back was. His hands bent into fists.

Alex stopped his finger fucking and leaned down over Scotty's ear. "Don't worry about anything, Scotty...just feel...feel how it takes you, how it makes you tremble...how it makes you want more...feel what you know is coming...Everything's okay...everything's perfect. It's going to happen soon...you're going to feel it again...but it will be different...it's going to be like an explosion. Just let it happen. Okay?"

The boy opened his mouth, but no sound came out. He simply nodded, and trembled, as if an earthquake were rumbling out from his core.

Again the man resumed his fucking motion, increasing the assault against the boy's defenseless prostrate.

Sweat made the child's skin glisten. Alex felt muscles deep inside the boy spasm around his finger. He continued to drive it home. Each time the boy tried to press back, desperately wanting the man's finger deeper into him. Alex worked harder, faster.

"Ooohhh!" the boy screamed, "Oooohhh." He suddenly grabbed the man's hand that had been caressing his little steel rod. He was in danger of being over stimulated. He clearly couldn't stand being pounded on from both front and back-and the back won out. That's where the boy wanted whatever was about to happen to happen, his bottom - that's where he wanted it all centered.

Two more long, firm, hard strokes, two more attacks on that tiny immature prostate. That was all it took. Suddenly the boy sucked in a massive gasp, then arced back, rigid all over. The boy froze for an instant. A wild look almost of fear spread over his sweet face, eyes wide and blank. His hips did not thrust as one might expect; rather, the base of his belly, deep inside, the center of all that was happening to his small body, simply trembled almost violently, as if an eruption were about to rend the ground of his being. His mouth opened, but for an instant, nothing came out...then...a long cry of utter, overwhelming collapse and joy "Ah-ah-ah-ah-h-h-heee-eeeeeeee!" Then he panted wildly, then went rigid as his first anal orgasm surged to its conclusion. The man felt the little penis between his fingers pulse rapidly. He moved his fingers around it slightly, and the boy grabbed his hand, squeezing tightly. And then everything stopped. Slowly, then boy's body began to lose its phenomenal tension. A long, slow sigh escaped from the boy, and it was over. Scotty began whimpering, softly blubbering, he lifted himself back up onto the man, and Alex felt the boy's soft, warm tears of overwhelming joy drain from him. "There, there, Scotty, I know, honey, I know," Alex whispered. He did know. He knew that this had without doubt been the most intense experience of the boy's young life. And he knew the boy just needed time to process all the sensations, thoughts and feelings that flooded over him.

Twenty minutes later, Alex picked the boy up and carried him to the shower. The child slept, as an infant would, his cheek against the man's shoulder, his arms hanging limply at his sides, his legs slumped loosely around the man's hips. Alex supported the boy with an arm under his buttocks, and a hand against his back. He was completely, profoundly relaxed. He stirred only slightly when the man stepped into the shower, and only slowly did the warm water begin to pull the boy back to consciousness.

The first hint that he was back from wherever he'd gone was slight stiffening in his limbs. Then a sigh, a turn of the head, resting now his other cheek on the man's shoulder. Saliva which had oozed from the boy's mouth mingled with and was washed away by the water. Then Alex felt the boy lift his head, as if to reconnoiter his situation. Then Alex felt two soft, timid lips lightly and quickly bush a kiss over his neck. And then another sigh.

Alex gently, reverentially, washed every centimeter of that divine body, so sweet, so perfect, so...boy. He knew eventually this would have to end, but for the next several days, he was going to create in this child such a need, such a desire, such a fulfillment to all of that, that the child would soften the heart of even the most resistant partner. Yes, Alex thought, soften his heart, perhaps, but surely harden something else. A grin stretched the man's lips, as he continued his ritual purification of the boy-god who now stood, wobbly-legged in front of him. When he washed the boy's genitals, the little penis sprang up in seconds, and when, turned around, he washed his sweet, just-stretched ass, the boy dreamily pressed back against the man.

Then they were out and Alex toweled Scotty dry, and carried him back to the bed.


It was nearly 8:00 A.M. when the boy stirred. His fingers traced their way down his still nude body and found his 3-1/2" morning stiffie. He squeezed it, and that seemed to bring him to consciousness.

"Hi," Alex said, having been waiting patiently for this moment.

"Hi," Scotty said back, smiling shyly. His hand continued to work around his boy-tool. Now his eyes glanced quickly down the man's body, then back up again. "You've got a boner," he said bravely to the man.

Alex reached down and tweaked the head of the boy's penis. "I'm not the only one." He grinned.

"What are you looking at?" the boy asked sweetly.

"You. Your awesome body. You are an incredible boy - handsome and beautiful and perfect! And I love just looking at you. It's like I'm seeing a living work of art."

The boy blushed at all the attention, and then followed the man's gaze down to his genitals. His boner pulsed with the beat of his heart. "Why's it do that?"

"Get hard?"

"No-o-o...well...that, too...but beat that way."

"It's the blood being pumped into your penis. When you get aroused, the blood fills up spongy tissue inside, and it expands, and gets bigger and harder."

"Not as big as someone else's!" Scotty muttered slyly.

"Not yet, anyway." The man lightly ran his fingers over the boy's body. "Your body is a terrain that I want to explore every inch of - watch it, smell it, taste it, feel it." Alex let his hands play across the boy's hillocks, and valleys. It was magical. "Come here," Alex urged in soft tones. The boy scrambled up onto the man's body. Their genitals lay throbbing on top of each others. "Here," Alex said. He reached down and adjusted himself so his massive tool slid up between the boy's legs. "Better?" Alex asked. The boy humped once, moving his scissored legs like a fist over the thing stuck between his legs.

"Uh-huh," the boy said with a grin. "What do you think?"

Alex eyed him carefully. "I think..." Then he suddenly reached out and, wrapping one arm firmly around the boy's torso, began mercilessly tickling him. "...I think...someone needs a good tickling."

The boy squealed and squirmed and giggled in a beautiful soprano. "Please," he gasped. "Stop...Stop...Alex...Stop...I'm gonna pee!...Stop."

Carrying the boy with his legs wrapped around his waist, Alex headed for the bathroom, and set the boy down in front of the toilet. Now the tickling took on a new ferocity. The boy was writhing with pleasure. His laughter was an elixir to the man's ears.

"I'm gonna...if you don't stop. Alex. Stop....stop....sto..."

Alex grasped the boy's penis and gently aimed it downward. Suddenly Scotty grew still, then shivered, and a little splash of urine sprayed out into the bowl. Alex ceased his tickling and held the small penis as the boy's initial spurts settled into a continuous stream. "That's my boy," breathed the man, as he now gently rubbed his hand up and down the boy's back. "Good boy...let it all come out...that's the way," he encouraged. The release of the child spurred the man's own voiding, and soon his own stream mingled with the boy's.

When the boy's flow had turned to just a few last dribbles, the man turned and kissed the boy's neck. "Wow," he whispered, "you really had to go!"

"I told you," the boy said seriously. It was fun playing their streams back and forth like that, but it was also a little weird because doing that with the man made it seem special somehow. How could peeing be like that? What other mysteries, Scotty Morgan wondered, would he discover in the next days. Now his friend stepped behind him, and he felt the man's big cock nestle up against his butt-crack, and the boy focused "back there". He hoped some of the discoveries would be centered on that part of him that had made him feel like he was going to explode the night before. He'd never felt like that before, and he wanted - needed - to feel like that again. The young boy had already learned so much. He knew for example, it was important to let his "partner" know what he was interested in, maybe not in words, but there were other ways. It made him blush as he thought about it, but now he wriggled his backside against the man - against the man's penis. Little Scotty Morgan hoped it was sending the right message.

"Mmmmm," the man sighed. He leaned over and kissed the boy on the cheek. Scotty smiled; he figured he'd sent the right message.

"I'd love to play," Alex whispered in the boy's ear, "but we have a busy morning, and we need to get ready. Maybe later, honey."

Now the man set him down into the bathtub, and together they showered and prepared for breakfast.

They did have a busy day - that day, and the next day, and the next. Every minute was filled with learning. First there was all the "social studies" stuff - world history, then current events. There were almost constant briefings of one sort or another. Then there was the other part of his studies. Scotty was taught about anatomy. He learned about the body's responses to stimuli. By the end of his time there (wherever "there" was), Scotty could probably have taught the course himself.

At various points throughout the day, the "book learning" ceased, and the "practicum" - with the emphasis on "cum" - took over. Alex coached Scotty as the boy became ever more experienced in the ways of man-boy love. The child was an apt student; he hungered after the explorations of his body and his mentor's. "It feels incredible," he told Alex one day. "Every time. When I orgasm, it's like fireworks are going off, and I can't wait for the next time."

It was clear that the boy loved having his ass played with. Over several days, Alex had discovered that as much as Scotty loved masturbating both with his own throbbing little boyhood, and with Alex's huge tool, and as much as he loved giving head, and being sucked off himself, his arousal and climax seemed to go to a different level altogether when his bottom was involved. And so, it came as no surprise when just three days after he'd arrived at the indoctrination center, he asked Alex the question the man had been waiting for.

"...put two in, Alex," the boy demanded.

"Are you sure?"

"Yessssss," the boy sighed. "I need it, bad." Scotty realized, no doubt what that must have sounded like, and he blushed at his lewdness.

Alex grinned. "Oh you do, do you?"

"Yeah," Scotty said with a knowing grin. "Really bad."

"It may hurt a little." Alex withdrew his single digit, greased up a second, and wriggled his two fingertips back in the loosened hole.

"Ooooo," the boy squealed when the fingers pressed in deeper.

"They're in me," he whispered. There was a gritty desperation in his voice. "Put them in more."

Scotty grabbed the man's wrist and tried to force his mentor's fingers in deeper. When the man complied, the boy gasped, then his face took on a serious expression, and the man knew the boy's lust was being tempered by pain, but still the boy wanted them inside him.

"Wait," he breathed. "Let me get used to them." He breathed in short, sharp breaths, as if he'd just run up a mountain side. "What's it look like," the boy asked. For some reason, he'd become obsessed with that. Especially when his bottom was being stretched more than usual, he demanded a description of the orifice.

"It's open," the man responded.

"Duh," the boy answered.

"You want all the gory details, huh?" Alex grinned and so did Scotty. "It's stretched so that your pucker is more like thin, colorless lips. It's sort of a creamy-whitish-yellow. Inside I can see past your anus. It's a deep red in there...and there's lube piled up on the edges of your hole."

The boy looked almost smug, as if the description confirmed of some secret. "Okay," he said. "Put them in more. I think I'm looser now."

The man couldn't help but smile as the boy's demanding, desperate way, and he was happy to oblige. He shoved his fingers deeper into the boy, pressing his two large knuckles past the boy's rim. Again the child gasped, then panted like a woman giving birth.

"Look at my dick," the boy said. "It's gone soft."

The man looked down. It had. "Nothing to worry about, Scotty," he said. "It's just that your ass is getting all the attention, so your cock's feeling left out."

The boy rolled his eyes. "Yeah, right."

"Well, in a way, that's exactly what's happening. You're concentrating so much on your asshole and the feelings there, that your front isn't responding. Plus, if there's pain back there, that can be sort of 'deflating', too...Here..." Alex continued pressing his fingers home, but at the same time, he leaned down and sucked the boy's soft tool and his tiny balls into his wet, hot mouth. He savored those delicious morsels, rolling them around in his mouth while he slowly began a slow fucking motion with his fingers. The boy's asshole was getting looser, and Alex knew from just the few days they'd been together, the boy needed to orgasm.

Slowly, he increased his motion, and slowly, the boy-tool he held in his mouth began to grow. Alex lifted off. "See...honey...you're starting to get hard again already."

Scotty was having none of it. "Just keep doing it," he moaned, and Alex did, faster and faster. In a matter of minutes, the boy went rigid. His body arched up off the bed, then locked in a massive spasm, shook with violent tremors, and he screamed out loud. Then, panting like a dog in heat, he reached up and held his head in his hands, as if otherwise he head might burst. Slowly, as his dry orgasm passed, his body eased back down onto the bed with the help of his mentor.

He stared glassy-eyed up at the ceiling for a good five minutes, never moving, never seeming to care about anything. Talk about basking in the afterglow. That boy was basking, alright.

"Oh God, Alex, that was the best ever!" Scotty breathed at last. "Oh God." He reached up, wrapped his arms around the man's neck and pulled him to him. They kissed - not a heavy passionate kiss, but just a light, brief kiss, the kind of kiss a lover offers the other as a way of saying thank you.

The boy lay there unmoving, save for his hand which almost with a mind of its own drifted down between his thighs. His wrist pressed past his once again soft penis and his marble-sized balls. His fingertips found the remnants of the KY, and then he explored the still slightly open pucker. A yellowish slime was oozing out of him - a kind of lubrication of his own making. None of this surprised the boy. He'd had illustrated lectures about his rectum, and then, too, he'd had a fair amount of "hands-on" experience, as well. He lifted his fingers to his nose and sniffed. It had an odd smell, not like poop, not like what he was expecting. It was pleasant, and it reminded him of something he couldn't quite place.

Scotty looked at his fingers that had just probed his bottom hole, and suddenly - seemingly out of nowhere - he got an image of something that caused him to tremble. And with that image filling his head, he had to blurt out the question that now dominated him: "Alex, what would happen if you put a penis inside me?" The boy's expression was serious, for on one level, he knew exactly what would happen. If two fingers caused him pain before the incredible feeling overwhelmed him, then the massive tool of his mentor would rip him in two.

The man saw how serious the boy was, but couldn't resist a bit of fun. "A penis? You mean any ol' penis?"

The boy rolled his eyes and gave the man a look. The he almost seemed embarrassed. "I mean your penis," he said shyly.

"Scott," Alex answered just as seriously. "Is that something you'd like to do, sweetie?"

The boy shrugged. "Can you do that? I mean, do people do that?"

For all his new-found knowledge, the child was still such an innocent.

"Oh, sweetie, yes, of course people do that. It's the way boys give themselves completely to a man...it's one of the very special ways men and boys make love." As they talked, the boy's penis began to grow again, throbbing with the imagined stimulation of the man's penis in his hole.

"When I'm...you know...with my...special man...friend..."

"Lover," Alex gently corrected.

Scotty blushed. "Lover," he repeated. "...will he want to do that to me?"

"I'm not sure. You'll have to help him discover what he likes...just the same way, he'll have to discover what you like - sort of like we're doing now." Alex smiled reassuringly at the eleven-year-old. "Just remember...he's a grownup, so it may be harder for him to be as free as you are. That's one of the great things about being a child - you're so much freer than grownups to play and explore...so you may be the one to actually get things to happen."

Scotty thought about that for a long time. Alex could see the wheels turning.


"Yes, sweetie?"

"Will you do it with me? So...I'll know what it's like?"

Alex gathered the sweet boy up in his arms, and hugged him tightly. "Of course I will, Scotty. You've made me feel so special."

"Why?" the boy asked innocently.

"Because," Alex said, poking the boy under his arm. He wanted to lighten up the moment - to help the boy see sex can be fun, even in a serious moment. The boy squealed, and the man continued, "It's very special when a boy makes love that way for the first time...when he gets fucked by his..."

"Fucked?" The boy seemed to tremble at the thought.

"That's right: making love. Why?"

"I thought just men only did that with girls."

"Oh, no...anybody can do it, and I'd be so privileged to be the one to take your virginity."

"My virginity? Just girls are virgins."

Alex smiled. He could hear the concern in the boy's voice. Even though he was ready to roll over and be fucked - to be a 'bottom' - he wanted no one to confuse him with anything girlish. No, he was 100% all-boy! "No, honey, boys can be virgins, too."

"So...I'm a virgin?"

Alex kissed his charge on the neck. He lingered there and nibbled on the boy's sweet softness. "Oh, you certainly are, Scotty. You'll be different after you've taken my penis inside you. It changes a boy. You'll never be the same again. You'll still be a 100% boy, but you'll be...different somehow. You'll understand what it means to give yourself totally to a lover. Because that's what happens: a boy has to give himself to the man...you have to give your hole to..."

"You!" Scotty finished.

"Exactly," Alex said. "When a boy and his lover join in this very special way, it means the boy has to make a sacrifice."

"A...sac..." Scotty couldn't seem to bring himself to say the word. "Why?"

"Because, at first, it always hurts back there." Alex rubbed his hand gently over the boy's satiny-smooth butt. "It's the boy that has to experience the pain, and actually ask for it."

Scotty nodded as if he recognized the obvious. "If it hurts, why do people do it?"

"I think you can guess why. Because even that first time, there comes a moment when a man is making love to his boy, that the boy experiences something incredible...something only a boy being fucked can experience. It's like nothing else you'll ever feel." He kissed him again, gently on the lips, this time. "I think you've already gotten a little taste of what it could be like...with my fingers."

The boy blushed, then grinned. "Yeah," he whispered breathlessly. Then he grew very serious. "I want to try, Alex. I want you to fuck me." The red streamed all the way up to his temples when he said the f-word.

Alex smiled lovingly. "Fuck is a perfectly good word for this, but another way of saying it is to make love."

The boy nodded. "Making love," he said almost dreamily. "I like that better. Will you make love to me, Alex? Will you?"

"I would love to, Scotty." The man took the boy's small, soft hand and placed it on his penis. "Feel it."

The boy grasped the man's erection and slipped his hand up and down the throbbing shaft. "He's harder than ever!" the boy exclaimed.

"Yes," the man agreed, "because just thinking about making love to you in this way excites me as I've never been excited before."

Scotty squeezed the massive spike of flesh, making the man suck in a breath. "I'm glad," the boy said. "I can't wait."

Alex hugged the boy again. "We're going to have to go slow, Scott."

"Why!" the boy demanded.

"Because, we need to be careful, we need to get you ready, we need to help you to stretch, so you can take me inside. Because if we don't get you ready, my penis could actually damage your insides. Sometimes men who aren't careful actually tear a boy's insides, and we don't want to do that...and we won't...if we prepare properly."

Much to the Scott's disappointment, they waited until after supper to begin. Despite the boy's frustration, waiting and then the quiet of the evening seemed to make the anticipation all that much greater.


They had been nestled on the sofa in the entertainment center for a while. They'd been cuddling, and slowly, Scotty's touches had become more demanding, more wanting. Finally, Alex scooped the 90 pound child into his arms and carried him upstairs to their bedroom. He laid the boy down on the bed, then settled back in a chair. "Strip for me," Alex said quietly after they had cuddled for a while. Scotty looked up at him and grinned (and blushed a bit, too), then slowly stood on the bed. He pulled his T-shirt out of his shorts. Then he turned his attention to his shoes. Then his socks. Then he drew his right arm in through the T's sleeve, stretching the shirt, then his left. He lifted the shirt over his head and then playfully pretended it was a towel and he was drying his upper body. Almost absent-mindedly, he played with his tiny nipples, and they quickly hardened, as did another part of his body. His eyes looked past his firm tummy and saw his shorts tenting out. He grinned again. Slowly, he undid the clasp at the top of his shorts. Then he looked at the man and turned around. His pert little bum was shown off handsomely by the tailored shorts. It seemed as if Scotty's little bottom wasn't more than ten or twelve inches from side to side. His shorts hinted at the the cleft that ran down the center of that glorious part of the boy. The boy teasingly stuck out his bottom and wriggled it at the man. He twisted around and gave the man a lewd grin. Scotty's hands were busy in front, hidden from the man, but he could hear as tooth by tooth, the boy lowered his zipper. Alex figured no male had ever taken quite so long to open his fly, and it was having an extraordinary effect on both the boy and the man. Both were hard as iron.

Now the eleven-year-old began to lower his shorts. He was playing - toying with the man, and he could tell what he was doing was making the man excited. It was fun, what he was doing. Now he again wiggled his little behind back and forth as if he were demanding attention. Slowly he lowered his shorts past his firm butt, down past the backs of his thighs, the smooth valleys of the backs of his knees, and his hairless lower legs. Finally, he managed to step out of them, though not without losing his balance. He plopped over onto the bed in a fit of giggles. And then he stood, like da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, arms out, legs spread. He still wore his bikini pants, and they barely covered his front or his back. Scotty grinned as he thrust out his bikini-covered erection toward his mentor, and then...he hopped around in one jump and again wriggled that tight little ass of his as he slowly lowered his underpants. Even his little strip-tease had been all boy! The boy's body was in a word: perfection. Smooth, tight, muscular, molded perfection - that was the boy's ass. It was magnetic, and now, boldly - lewdly - the boy bent at the waist, put his hands on his cheeks and spread them, revealing an exquisite sight. His cleft ran from his perineum to just below his coccyx. Pulling on his cheeks had the effect of making it shallower than it really was. At the center was a tiny pucker - his "bud" boy-lover literature called it, and it was: tightly closed, waiting to blossom. Alex gazed at it and thought of Ganymede's unfinished "opus", Ring Around the Rose. He sighed, and while the boy still wriggled for the attention, Alex stepped closer and replaced the boy's hands with his own. With effort, he held the boy's hips still. The boy seemed to settle some then, and the man leaned in and gently planted a kiss first on his right cheek, then his left. The boy seemed to freeze. Then, to the boy's way of thinking, the man did the unthinkable - the unthinkable, that even as it was happening, the boy hoped for. The man's tongue drifted into the shallow valley of the boy's crevasse and planted a kiss on that sweet, tight anus. His lips lingered there, and then - if that was not enough stimulation for the boy, Alex extended his tongue, and gently probed the boy's asshole. The child gasped, then sucked in a breath and held it. All his concentration was directed to that secret spot he'd only recently seen in a mirror held by the man who was even now pressing his tongue into him! The boy summoned all his concentration and willed that mysterious part of him to relax, to relax and open. He had to feel that wet, hot probe deeper inside him.

Alex felt Scotty open himself more, and he extended his tongue deeper into the boy. Scotty, for his part, moaned and pushed himself back against the man, demanding more. And when the man began to move his tongue around and back and forth through the tight rim of muscle, the boy squealed, then panted like a dog in heat. Alex reached around and jacked the boy's rigid member, at the same time, increasing his tongue action, and the boy stiffened and then groaned. Alex felt the tell-tale signs of an immature orgasm surge through the small, lithe body.

Now the man's hands were doing more than holding the child's cheeks apart, he was supporting the 90-pound body, for suddenly, the boy seemed to have difficulty standing. Slowly the man withdrew his tongue, and allowed the boy to collapse in slow motion onto the bed. "Ohhh, God," Scotty breathed. "Shit." He rolled over - with effort - and looked up at the man, blushed at his foul language, and then giggled like a four-year-old.

"So," the man said coolly. "Ya' liked that, huh?"

The boy's answer was simply a long deep breath, and then an equally slow sigh. And then he lay still. The man gathered his supplies, then rolled him onto his tummy again, straddled his thin boyish legs, and spread his cheeks one more time. While he was relaxed, it would be the perfect time to begin. He greased up his finger with KY and it slipped easily inside. The boy hummed his approval, and squirmed slightly to accommodate the man's digit. When Alex had gotten Scotty's anus well lubricated, he then turned his attention to a boy-sized dildo, slathering it completely with lube. It was a little more than a half-inch in diameter, and perhaps six inches long.

"Roll over, honey," Alex said. The boy rolled over on his back. "There are different positions for men and boys to make love. Sometimes you can lie on your side, and the man will put his penis in you from behind. Sometimes the man wants you to lie on your tummy, and he lays over you. The man can lie on his back, and you can sort of sit down on his penis. But one of my favorite positions is when you are on your back. Then...we flex your legs...bend at the knees..." The eleven-year-old followed the instruction. Still holding the dildo, Alex used the backs of his hands to urge the boy's knees outward. "...and then we open you up." Scotty's folded legs spread outward like wings. And Now Alex again split the boy's cheeks, this time with just one hand. In the other, he held the dildo, directing it to the Scotty's furrow, ever-so-lightly drawing up and down along the sweet crack, dancing quickly over the tiny pucker each time. Each time the journey up and down the furrow shortened. The boy seemed to tense slightly, and then Alex noticed the pucker sort of winking each time it was attacked. Now the tool settled in on its target. The boy sucked in a breath. Alex leaned down, kissed the boy's right ass cheek, then moved up and whispered into the boy's ear. "Open up, honey."

Alex glanced down and saw the little pucker pull in on itself, then miraculously relax, then sort of wink open even more. "I'm going to put it in you now, just a little bit at first," Alex explained, though he wasn't sure the boy was in any condition to pay attention. The man twisted the plastic cock slightly, and rocked it gently back and forth, and, applying more pressure, pushed it into the tiny hole. It was like applying an electric shock to the boy. He stiffened all over, and sucked in a loud, ferocious breath. "Relax," Alex gently urged. He leaned in and placed soft kisses on either side of the boy's stretched anus. The view of the boy's small hole sent a shiver through Alex: his secret place was surrounded by pale white skin, smooth and unblemished. Then the pucker itself, stretched and taut. And in the middle of that, the plastic tool, its whole head yet to be fully taken in by the boy's virgin chute. The man had to keep pressure applied. Without that pressure, Scotty's anal muscles would have pushed the thing right out of his body, like the intruder it was. Alex was patient, and soothing. "Just try to keep those muscles loose down there, Scotty."

The boy worked hard at doing as his mentor had instructed. Alex could actually feel the little boy-pucker quiver, trying to loosen but doing exactly the opposite, then the boy seemed to go to another place. An utter look of concentration flowed into that beautiful face, and his hole changed again, this time opening up.

Alex could feel the difference. He applied a bit more pressure, and the tool slipped home. Scotty gasped. "Oh," he gasped, sounding almost startled, and then a long, slow sigh tore from.

"It's in me!" he said with boyish enthusiasm.

"Yes, it is," Alex replied. "Let's see if we can get more of it in." Alex applied a little bit of pressure, and the boy settled down, holding very still. The man eased the dildo in another couple of inches.

"I can feel it!" the boy squealed with glee. A shiver spread out from his anus. It filled him, and he gasped at the sensations it was creating.

Alex had performed this same operation on many boys, at times simply for his own gratification, but most as part of his job. In all of them, he knew their bodies needed time to adjust, to change to accept the stiff thing intruding so deeply into their small rectums and even beyond, into their bowel. Sometimes it happened quickly, sometimes it took longer, but Alex marveled at the way a finger or a dildo would sort of "bottom out" on one stroke, and then on the very next stroke, sink even deeper into a boy - and always with increased stimulation for the child.

Now, after just a few gentle strokes, Alex was sliding almost five inches in and out of the boy's tight orifice. And already, he had sensed a loosening of the boy's chute. Perhaps it was time to go to the next step. "Want to try a bigger one?" he whispered.

The boy looked almost startled as he processed what the man had said. His eyes widened and he nodded.

Alex left the smaller tool embedded in the boy's hole. It seemed almost alive, quivering and moving slightly as tremors burst from the eleven-year-old body.

The man reached for the next larger dildo, this one about three-quarters of an inch in diameter. It was about the same length, though perhaps seven inches instead of the six of the smaller one. He squeezed out more KY and lubed it completely, so that the slick, clear go practically oozed off the plastic penis. The boy's mentor could not help but suppress a smile. This would be harder for the boy to take in. It would be just that much closer to the real thing.

"You ready?" Alex asked gently. A shiver of anticipation passed through him.

Scotty nodded, and Alex reached down at the center of the boy's spread legs and his stretched butt cheeks and grasped the end of the smaller dildo. He tweaked it gently, and the boy suddenly tensed and sucked a little breath in through his teeth. "Okay, I'm going to take it out." Alex pulled gently, and the boy felt it begin to slide out of him. He almost felt disappointed...no...He definitely felt disappointed as more and more of the tool left him. He lifted his head and peered down past his own little rigid tool, struggling to see the long, hard thing coming out of him. He suppressed a grin as it kept coming, centimeter after centimeter. Finally, it reached the head, and Alex paused for just a moment, then sort of twisted and angled the rim of the plastic head past the boy's own tight rim, and then it popped out with a sort of "phhfffssss" sound - a quiet little fart, followed quickly by another, this one juicier, a gurgling louder fart. The boy reddened. "Oops," he murmured.

"It's normal, Scotty," the man said. "It usually happens...sometimes a lot more than that."

The boy grinned, and then grew more serious. "Does...um...like...stuff ever come out?"

Alex tried to be reassuring. "Sometimes. See?" Alex held up the just-removed tool. A few small streaks of excrement mixed with the lubrication.

"Gross," the embarrassed boy muttered.

Alex shrugged. "I don't care about that," he said. "Sometimes it's a lot worse than that."

"What do you mean?" the boy asked.

"Sometimes a boy's bowels get so stretched and sort of worn out that they lose control for a time. A boy can have diarrhea. You know what that is, right?" Scotty nodded. "Well, just picture what happens, Scotty. A man's big penis pushes into a boy's small anus and rectum and bowel. It can kind of throw your insides all out of whack...and that can make your bowel spasm, and that can result in diarrhea."

The boy scowled. "Double-gross."

"It's not really that bad. There're ways to help that, too."


"Well...from now on, it'll be important for you to be sure you have a bowel movement everyday. You can actually train your body to go twice a day, but it takes some work. It's all part of being what's called a 'bottom'. I bet you can figure out why, too."

"'Cause he sticks it in my bottom?"

Alex laughed. "I hadn't thought of that. Actually, it's because you're usually on the bottom. Do you have a bowel movement everyday?"

"No...not everyday."

"Well, you need to get your body used to going a least once a day. It's just sort of like a habit...same time every day. It won't take long."

"What if I can't?" The boy seemed worried.

"There's some things we can do," Alex replied. "For example, have you ever had an enema?"

"Noo," the boy said tentatively. "I don't think so."

"Do you know what it is?"

"I'm...uh...not sure. Isn't it like...they put this thing..." He reddened, and then shrugged. "I don't know..."

"Well, you're on the right track. You can either buy a ready-to-use enema, or you can make up your own. You'll learn how to do both. But basically, there's a tube that you put into your bottom. And then you let liquid flow inside you. It's basically just soapy water. Then you hold it for as long as you can - like three or four minutes. Usually, even before the time is up, you feel like you have to go...so you just sit on the toilet and go. It sort of just squirts out of you, and you usually need to sit there for a while, and it squirts out two or three times. But it cleans you out pretty good. You probably shouldn't do it every day, but if you know something special is coming up, then it's a good idea, and probably at first, until you get used to getting fucked in your ass." Alex grinned and patted the boy on his butt.

"What do you mean, 'special'?" the eleven-year-old asked.

Alex's smile stretched. "Well...like if you know your lover wants to spend a long time making love to you again and again." The boy blushed as he pictured that. "If he's going to do it a lot of times, then things get churned up pretty good inside...and it pays to get yourself ready. Of course, sometimes you or your lover won't know that's what's going to happen, so you just have to be prepared for the unexpected. That's why it's a good idea to use a towel underneath you." Alex saw the boy grow more concerned. "But it'll all be pretty simple once you get used to everything." Alex paused. "So...what do you say? Ready for the bigger one?"

"Maybe...um...I should do one of those enema things first."

"Maybe," grinned the man. "But actually, we've got you a little bit stretched still, so maybe we'll do the enema another time. You ready to try this one?" Alex held up the bigger dildo.

"Okay," the little boy answered.

"Okay!" the boy's mentor said, "Here we go!" He lowered the plastic tool to the boy's winking pucker. At the first light touch, Scotty's anus pulled in on itself, trying to protect itself. Alex held the tool still, and just ever-so-gently made tiny circles with the tip of the dildo over the boy's bud. "Try to open up," Alex whispered. The boy concentrated as hard as he could. Alex felt the resistance diminish, and he pressed in, lodging the very tip of the tool in the boy's anus. The boy swallowed once, and seemed to bear down again. And Alex pressed in again. The first half-inch of the plastic head was planted. The anus was stretched open to almost three-quarters of an inch across.

The boy started breathing rapidly, panting almost, and it almost seemed as if he were about to panic. "Easy," Alex soothed. "It's okay. I'll get it in...It's just going to take some time. Just try to stay loose." He hadn't even gotten the whole head in yet, but he kept the pressure steady and waiting. After a time, he felt the boy's anus lose some of its tension, and he pressed in again.

Now the boy went rigid, and a whimper escaped from the boy's mouth. Alex glanced up at him. The boy had a finger bent round and he had jammed it into his mouth, biting down on his knuckle. "It's okay, Scotty, we'll just wait. You're doing great. Awesome," he encouraged. "Remember, try to relax. You have to teach your anus to open up. You'll do it, too. You'll see. And it's almost in, Scotty. The hard part is almost over." Alex was glad the tool he'd selected was no bigger, but he was even more glad that it was in every respect, shaped like a real penis, including a flared head with its own rim, that now pressed against the boy's anal ring. One more shove, and the rim of the dildo would push past the rim of the boy's tight anus.

"It hurts," the boy whimpered through gritted teeth.

"I know, sweetie, I know...just a little bit more..."

The boy looked up into Alex's eyes. There was pain in those eyes, but something else. Now little Scotty deliberately reached down, putting his hand on Alex's. He grasped the tool that was intruding into his body. He bit his lower lip, and pressed that flared, plastic head until it popped past his own muscled pucker. A quick cry escaped from the boy's mouth, but the deed was done. His tight, muscled tummy panted quickly, and a tremor spread through his body.

Alex reached up and wiped away a tear from the boy's sweet face. The man was in awe of the brave little boy. "You're awesome," he mumbled softly. "It will be easier now. What's it feel like, honey?"

Scotty's face was set; he was concentrating really hard. He trembled, and then he spoke: "Tight. Now...but before...it was all pins-and-needly back there. I tried to do what you said...I just couldn't make it stay open."

"It's okay, Scotty. You were very brave!" He grinned and when the boy thought about what he'd said, he beamed.

Now Alex began to fuck the boy for real, first pressing it deeper into the child's body, then pulling back. At first, he was very careful to pull back just about enough - out, but not out enough that the rim of the head ever jammed against the boy's own tight pucker. Then in again, deeper this time. "No," the boy breathed. Alex looked, concerned that he might be hurting him. "Just put it in all the way," the boy commanded.

"Okay," Alex said, and began slipping the tool deeper into the boy's body. Occasionally, the man would encounter resistance, and stop for a moment. The boy would shift himself, or stiffen, then relax or reach down and change the angle of the tool in his bottom.

"It's in almost six inches," Alex said softly.

Little droplets of sweat formed on the boy's forehead. His whole body glistened with a sheen of perspiration.

"Okay," the boy whispered. "Now you can do it." He was panting when he said this, and sounding a little desperate.

Alex withdrew the tool, and the boy shuddered. He shoved it back in, and the boy gasped. In just a few strokes the boy's hole was noticeably looser. Now Alex pulled back so the rim of the tool pressed against the rim of the boy's pucker. He groaned. With each stroke, there was a sort of squishing sound. The boy seemed to be electrified. He was panting wildly. Now Alex shifted the tool slightly, making sure to stroke the boy's immature prostate with each humping motion. Then with just two or three more strokes, the boy suddenly stiffened, held his breath, and, slapping his arms down on the bed, lifted his butt higher off the bed. He screamed until tears sprang from his eyes. Slowly, as his orgasm passed, his body eased, and almost literally collapsed down onto the bed.

When he could talk again, the boy had a question for his mentor. "Alex?"


"Why am I like that?"

"Like what, sweetie?"

"You know...like wanting it even though it hurts so much? It was like I had to have it even if it killed me."

Alex smiled. "I don't really know, Scotty. That's the truthful answer. I just know some boys are like that. The pain and the pleasure seem to get all mixed up together. Did you like it?"

"Oh God, it was so fucking awesome!" He blushed as the words spilled out.

Alex grinned. "Well, I guess that's clear enough!"

The boy grinned back. "It hurt so bad at first, but I had to have it anyway. It was like the pain was making me crazy...and I knew it was going to explode into something like...so...awesome."

"And it did," the man said, softly stroking the boy's ass.


Alex wiped the cool sweat from the boy's brow. "I think that's enough for now, don't you?"

"I guess," Scotty replied. "Are there bigger ones?"

"Yes. There's a whole set."

Scott lifted himself so that he could see which of the tools he had left to take. His eyes widened. "All those?"

"Well, honey, maybe not the biggest one, but we need to help you get used to stretching."

"And then you'll put your cock in me? You'll really fuck me?"

"Yes, Scotty, I will."

The boy smiled, and seemed to ooze contentment at the mere thought of what awaited him.