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In His Country's Service

Part 3 of 3
Will S

A final Disclaimer:     The characters in this story do not represent any actual individual living or dead.


"He's extraordinary," Alex said. His boss didn't disagree.

"Truly," Dr. Bainbridge said simply. He eyed his chief assistant and then offered a knowing grin. "Makes me sorry I didn't take this assignment personally." They shared a good laugh about that, and then Bainbridge grew more serious. "We might arrange something...you know sharing a boy is not without precedent."

Now the younger man's smile faded. You could see the intrigue, the uncertainty, growing in his eyes. He cocked his head and raised his eyebrows questioningly. "I suppose I could just tell him the truth, basically. He's almost ready, and I could just say as the head of the program, you're here to monitor...'performance'...so to speak." But in a way, Alex wasn't convinced. He knew he had to please his boss, and in a sense, he'd love to see the boy with another man, but he wasn't sure of the boy's reaction. "And then...whatever happens...happens," Alex heard himself saying.

"You don't think it would be too much for him?"

"Truthfully? I'm not certain...but unless I'm way out of touch, he'd be just fine with it. Oh, maybe he'll be a little uncertain at first and a little shy, but you can see him playing with new possibilities almost as soon as he becomes aware of them."

"Perhaps I could witness his deflowering," Bainbridge breathed, positively giddy at the possibility. "Could you arrange it for this afternoon?"

"I think he's ready," Alex offered. "So," he asked, mostly just to make conversation, "how's the other half of the equation coming along." By long and careful study, both men knew it was always the adults who had trouble with the program, and this particular subject might even be more difficult. After all, he was the President who'd been elected on "family values", who attended church regularly, and who - like his constituency - was less than open to "alternate" lifestyles.

"Interesting. He's been reading the material. We're being very careful about introducing the subject - very methodical. So far there's been nothing overt, just a combination of fiction and non-fiction accounts of boys being loved by men...platonically...so to speak...but so far just touching and some hugging."


"He's responding. He knows it, too. He's not always comfortable with it, but he is. We've also been feeding him information about the boy. He already seems possessive of him. There's a way to go yet, but I think he'll be ready when the boy begins to seduce him...as long as the boy can 'handle'..." Bainbridge raised his eyebrows twice quickly. "...the President of the United States."

Alex smiled, proud of his work with the child. "Little Scott Morgan could handle anyone, I think."

Dr. Bainbridge looked at his assistant. "I hope so. Everything's riding on this."

Alex nodded.

Alex had stretched the boy as much as he thought necessary. He could have stretched him more with a dildo, but he wanted the boy to be tight when it came time to take him with his own thick tool. Alex felt his cock surge at the very thought of it. When he left his boss, Scotty was waiting for him.

"I thought you'd be back sooner," the boy said, almost pouting.

"Sorry, but there was a lot to discuss. He wanted to know all the details." Alex grinned.


"Uh-huh. Every last one."

"Did you tell him?"

"I did."

"Did he..." Scotty blushed, and caught himself.

"Okay, Scott Bryson, I know that look. Out with it."

"I...I...was going to ask...did he get hard?"

"Well...it was a little hard to see. He was sitting at a desk...but you know...a very strange thing happened. While I was answering his questions, the desk seemed to lift up and sort of float, like it was balanced on something very hard in my boss's lap."

"Really..." The boy stopped. "No sir!"

"Oh," Alex said, and suddenly leaned in and started tickling the boy without mercy. "Absolutely."

The captured child squealed with delight. "Talking...about...me...did...that!"

"Well...maybe he just liked the sound of my voice."

Scotty grinned at the silliness of the man's tale.

"You hungry?" Alex asked.

The boy nodded. Alex ruffled his head. "When are you not hungry?"

"Depends what's being served," Scotty answered and grinned a most lascivious grin. "But we'll need to hurry. We have a State Department briefing is at 1:00, right."

As they ate, Alex announced a change in plan. "Actually, Scott, I think we'll postpone the briefing for a while. Something else has come up."


"Well, actually, my boss wants to personally evaluate your progress. Is that okay with you?"

The boy shrugged. "I guess."

"Good. He should be here soon. I think he'd like to meet us in our bedroom."

"The bedroom?"


Together they walked to their room. Alex settled down on the bed and beckoned to Scotty to join him. Alex spread his legs, and the boy settled in, wriggling up against the man's genitals. Alex brought his hands around the boy's arms and let his fingers explore the smooth skin under the boy's t-shirt.


"Yes, Scott?"

"When can we...um...you know...do it?"

"You mean make love?"

The boy blushed, but nodded.

"Soon, I'd say. I think you're pretty much ready, don't you?"

The boy swallowed. "I think so...I can open up better now, can't I?"

"I think so. Actually, that's what the Doctor wants to observe."

"Doing it!" The boy seemed both excited and uncertain about the prospects of an observer during this special time.


"Do you think I'm ready?"

"I hear you've been working hard to get ready." The voice came from an older man at the bedroom door.

Alex felt the boy stiffen. He rubbed his hands soothingly over the boy's torso and whispered into the boy's ear, "It's okay." Scotty twisted around and glanced up at his mentor. Everything about him was reassuring, including his smile. "Just relax...and go with it."

"May I come in?" Bainbridge asked. He was dressed in a long white lab coat - longer than most lab coats Scott had seen before. In fact, this one was more like a dressing gown, reaching almost to the floor. The man seemed to be wearing slippers rather than shoes. "I've heard so much about you, Scott. I'm so pleased to meet you. You're going to be doing something very important for our country. Alex tells me you know all about that. Is that true?"


"I'm Dr. Bainbridge, by the way." He put a clipboard down on the bureau next to the door, stepped closer to the bed, and beckoned to Scott to come stand before him. The little eleven-year-old did, and they shook hands. The boy smiled shyly. Bainbridge glanced back at Alex, and the young assistant could see pure lust in his boss's eyes. He grinned back at Bainbridge, who turned his attention back to the boy, grasping the boy's small but muscled upper arms. "Alex also says you're enjoying everything you're doing here...everything you're learning. Yes?"

The boy grinned, and then reddened in his characteristic blush. "I like learning about all the government stuff."

"You do! Good for you," Bainbridge said. "But..." He lowered his voice conspiratorially. "...I bet there are other things you like learning about, too!" The older man winked at the boy, and again, the youngster reddened and grinned. "May I do a little examination while I'm here? Is that okay?"

Scott turned again to his mentor who nodded his approval. "Okay," the boy said in a whispery voice.

"Thank you," Bainbridge said. He began carefully removing the boy's t-shirt. The boy's heart pounded, feeling something exciting was about to happen. Now the doctor sank to his knees and began to unbutton the child's pants. When that was done, he lowered the zip, and then let the boy's shorts drop to the floor. The boy automatically stepped out of them. Now only his tiny underpants remained. "Oh, Scotty," Bainbridge breathed, barely trusting his own impulses. "You have a beautiful body. And look..." The older man flicked his fingers over the tent pole inside the boy's pants. "I think you're a little excited about my visit. Yes?"

The boy blushed again. "I guess so. It gets like that a lot...when I'm thinking about sexy stuff."

"Is that what you're doing now, Scotty? Thinking about sexy stuff." The boy's blush was answer enough. "Well, you're certainly a very sexy boy, isn't he, Alex?"

"The sexiest, Dr. Bainbridge, the absolute sexiest little boy I've ever seen!"

Now Bainbridge reached out and began to lower the boy's pants. In no time, his boyhood was fully revealed, and Bainbridge actually trembled at the sight of the thin little three-inch erection. "Oh, Scotty...what a nice penis...and..." Bainbridge reached under the root of the rigid little boy tool and fondled the two firm marble-sized testicles pulled up tight to the boy's body. "Goodness...aren't your balls just perfect." He squeezed them firmly - hard, hard enough that the boy gasped. A shiver coursed through his small body. There it was again. It confused him. Pain but pleasure, too. How could that be?

The doctor held the boy at arms length and let his eyes dance over every inch of his body. The child was at that magic age when he seemed almost closer to a six-year-old than a boy on the cusp of puberty. True, his body had stretched, lengthening, and he'd lost that baby fat that makes so many little boys look like the cherubs of the classical Italian painters, but his skin was still the exquisite skin of a little boy. And that cute, little, pulsing penis, practically pressed up against his tummy. It was perfection. How could any man not feel a stirring in his crotch at the sight of this naked little catamite?

Scott felt himself being turned around, then the man's hands were on his butt, rubbing gently over each cheek. "Bend over, for me," the doctor commanded. The boy did, leaning his hands on his knees. Then abruptly the doctor spread the boy's cheeks to reveal the pucker that had been carefully stretched over the course of the past three days. "Ohh..." the doctor sighed. "Unbelievable, Scotty. What a handsome little bud you have - well, maybe not so little...or as tight, anyway as a few days ago, I'd say. I bet he's blushing now, Alex."

"He is, Dr. Bainbridge," the boy's mentor answered. "...right up to the bridge of his cute little nose!" Alex made a face and grinned at the boy which made him blush even more.

"Looks like you've been loosening it up pretty good, Scotty," the doctor said. "Hold your beautiful firm butt cheeks apart for me." The boy quickly did as instructed and looked at his mentor the whole time. "That's the way. You've done this before!"

"Yeah," Scott whispered. He drew in a quick breath when he suddenly felt a single, cool digit probing him.

"Can you open up for me, Scott?" The lithe, silky-skinned boy seemed to almost go into a trance as he worked to comply with the man's request. The little anus, slightly bruised from all its attention over the past few days, quivered, and then, amazingly, did relax and prepare itself to be entered. "Oh, good boy, Scotty...that's just wonderful. You've learned so much over these past days. I'm so impressed. We're so proud of you, aren't we. Alex."

"Very proud," Alex confirmed.

Bainbridge pulled his finger from that spot and licked it, wetting it until saliva made it glisten. He returned to the little anus and applied just the slightest pressure rubbing in barely noticeable little circles over the boy's swollen anal rim. At the same time, the boy felt fingers at his front, lightly grasping his boyhood. It made a shudder pass through the boy as he recognized the signs of his own arousal. Then, before Scotty realized what was happening, the finger jabbed hard, slipping past any resistance, and found the boy's prostate. Scotty gasped, and then moaned at the unexpected - but not unwelcome - assault. The boy's penis jumped. "My, my, you certainly liked that, young man!"

"Yes, sir," the boy answered hoarsely.

"I bet," Bainbridge continued, "...that you're thinking about something special right about now, aren't you, Scotty?"


"Oh, are we being a little coy?" The man shoved up against the boy's anus, actually lifting him so only his toes touched the floor.

The boy stiffened. Alex had never been this rough with him...except...it wasn't rough exactly. It just felt...different, but definitely good. Yeah, it felt good alright.

"So," the doctor said, "what are you thinking about?"

"What we've been doing...where your finger is," the boy said shyly.

"Any what is that?"

"Alex has been...helping me...get ready..."

"I bet he has...I think he's pretty excited about that." The doctor leaned in and in a false whisper, breathed into the boy's ear, "Look at his crotch. I'd say his penis is as hard as yours, and..." Now the man's hand left the boy's penis, took the small, soft hand in his, and guided it to the doctor's own crotch. At the first touch, the boy was startled by what he felt. The man's cock was lifting his lab coat right up, and Scott realized that he mustn't have anything on under the light, cloth coat. The boy tried to pull his hand away, but the doctor held him firmly. Then the boy felt the doctor's big penis throbbing, and he couldn't help himself, he needed to feel that rigid member to satisfy his curiosity. The doctor groaned as thin, small fingers pressed up and down along his penis. The doctor continued to whispering, "...so is mine. Isn't it, Scotty. You've gotten me very excited, haven't you?"

"Yes," the boy whispered as if he didn't trust his vocal chords to speak normally. The boy took what seemed like a big risk now. "I know 'cause you're really making a lot of precum..."

"Oh, yes, I am, Scotty, and all because of you. And you know what else? You're excited, too, aren't you?"

"Yes," Scott said, more clearly this time.

"Tell me why, Scotty. Tell me what you're thinking about right now."

"About Alex...and his...you know...um...his penis...and...him putting it...um..."

The doctor smiled at the innocence of the child. Even after he had more varieties of sexual experience than many adults, he was still childishly shy and innocent. "Putting it where, honey?" the doctor prompted.

"It's okay," Alex encouraged, "You can tell him."

"In my bottom," the boy said, sounding almost relieved his could finally say it.

"Oh, yes, Scotty. Putting that big cock right up your tight little bottom. Oh, Scott, doesn't that just sound delightful. I really do like little boys' bottoms. That's what you want right now isn't it - having Alex's big penis pushing right up your asshole?"

"Yes!" the boy whimpered. Bainbridge nodded to Alex, who got up off the bed and came up next to the boy.

"Take a deep breath, Scott," Alex said. The pliable boy did as he was told.

Now the doctor parted his lab coat, lowered himself, and Alex eased the boy backward and lifted him as Bainbridge removed his finger from the boy's anus.

Scott stiffened when he felt the older man's fat penis lodge between his ass cheeks. He shivered in anticipation as Alex pressed him further back against the man's pulsing, dripping iron rod. A hushed groan escaped from the older man's throat. The little boy wore a look of confusion, almost concern. Alex understood immediately. "Don't worry, honey."

"Wha...what's going to happen?" the boy asked.

"Alex is going to do what you want so bad," the doctor said. "He said you're ready. Do you think you're ready to take a man inside you?" Bainbridge rubbed his aching manhood up and down the boy's furrow.

The four-foot-nine-inch tall, 84 pound child moaned his response.

Together, Bainbridge and Alex lifted the boy onto the bed. Scotty glanced over at the doctor and his eyes widened when he saw a huge cock - maybe even ten inches long and almost as big around as the boy's own wrist. Scotty never even imagined it was possible for a penis to be that big. The thing oozed precum, and then Scott noticed that the man didn't have a bit of hair around it. He swallowed hard, and just had to do it...he just had to reach out and feel that big penis that was a hairless as his own. Completely denuded of hair, it felt so different to Alex's.

"Ohhh, yessss," breathed the doctor, and Scotty felt the big penis throb in his grasp. The doctor felt a surge of adrenalin as the boy continued to fondle his manhood. Alex, barely able to contain himself began to move toward the bed, but Bainbridge had something else in mind. Scotty hadn't taken his eyes off the massive cock he held in his hand. Now Bainbridge spoke in a halting voice to his assistant. "Perhaps we should wait for the piece d' resistance. I think our young friend has something else in mind." Then to Alex: "You may need to help him."

The doctor kicked off his slippers, and unfastened the remaining buttons on his gown. It slipped off his shoulders, and fell to the floor. The man was not young. His body was not firm like Alex's, but neither was it pudgy, not by any stretch of the imagination. It was toned and ready. Now the boy could see the man's balls, and they were even bigger than Alex's. The boy's eyes grew. Not a hair existed on the man's torso, on his legs or arms. Only his eyebrows and the hair on his head was present. It was strangely exciting to the boy, perhaps just from the newness of it. The boy stared, and the doctor knew why. "It is pleasing to you, Scotty?"

"Uh-huh," the boy breathed.

"You've gotten me terribly aroused. I haven't had an erection like this for years. Look at it, Scotty. Look how big you've made it get." The boy's lips formed a little smile, proud of his growing power over men. "I need something to make me satisfied," the doctor said, "And you know what I need, don't you Scott?"

The boy nodded, and with that, the man climbed onto the bed, and straddled the boy's chest. His huge ten-inch tool oozed precum, which drooled like warm honey down onto the boy's chin. Scott's heart was pounding. Alex slid his hand under the boy's head and lifted it, bringing his mouth to the tip of his boss's penis. The man was uncircumcised, so Scotty didn't quite know what to do first.

"See if you can get your tongue to go inside his foreskin," Alex whispered in the boy's ear. The boy glanced quickly up at him, then Alex moved his head closer, and Scotty felt his lips caress the lips formed by the loose skin of the doctor's foreskin. Tentatively, he explored with his tongue. Truthfully, it felt weird. But eventually, his little tongue was able to slip inside the loose skin flap. It was a strong taste inside, and Scott wasn't sure he liked it, but then the tip of his tongue danced around on the fat glans of the doctor, and the man groaned out loud. That took Scotty's mind off the taste, and he proceeded to slip his tongue between the foreskin and the surface of the hidden head.

"Oh, God," moaned the doctor. "Oh God, Scott." And almost involuntarily, his hips thrust forward, pressing his fat cock into the boy's mouth. The eleven-year-old seemed to panic for a just moment, and then, carefully, retracted the foreskin, and felt for the first time, the firm, slick glans filling - literally - his hot mouth.

"Don't take too much," Alex whispered, and the boy - mouth filled - grunted and cast a glance up at his mentor that said, as if that could happen. "Just be the incredible little cocksucker I know you are." The boy's eyes danced, and Alex could see that the child with lips stretched thin was doing exactly that, swirling his tongue over the expanse of the nearly two-inch wide head, exploring the slit at the top center that had gapped open, like the huge organ had a mouth of its own. The doctor groaned as the boy sucked down, forming a vacuum. Scott held the hairless wrinkled sac of the doctor in his hands and felt the weight of the two heavy testicles inside. He squeezed gently, making the doctor groan again as tremors spread across his smooth body. Sadly, the older man realized he was simply too large for an eleven-year-old throat. There was no way he could get past the back of the boy's wonderful, wet, warm mouth, but there was just a little room for movement. Each time he'd thrust until he felt his head press against the back of the boy's throat. Each time he pulled away, the boy snorted a desperate breath of air through his nose, and always the boy was working him. And working was exactly the right word; the boy's neck was stretched with muscle and tendon popped; his chest heaved, beneath his mounded pectorals, and his visible, small ribs, his heart pounded.

Now suddenly the boy "mm'd" a gasp. The boy's eyes had widened even more, and his lithe, little body was rigid. The doctor looked up, then twisted around and discovered the source of the boy's ecstasy: Alex had taken his little tool in his mouth, and was slurping over the boy for all he was worth. That only seemed to compel the boy to work harder on the massive tool that assaulted his mouth. At the same time, the doctor pressed his legs firmly against the boy's torso. He could feel the small body underneath him tensing, ratcheting ever higher toward the orgasmic explosion that was inevitable. He was nearing the same inevitability. The boy was performing pure magic on his cock, and he was focused only on that desperate need for release that was only moments away.

"I'm close," the doctor stammered with effort. "Oh my God, Scotty," he groaned.

Then the little catamite felt the man's penis swell even more, and he knew it was only a matter of a moment or two and he'd be rewarded with the man's essence. He pulled back off the massive, rigid tool, took a great breath, swirled his tongue once more over the head, and then with his small hands on the man's spongy, soft hips, guided the man inside his mouth, deeper than he'd ever gotten him before. Scott forced a swallow and felt the tip of the man's glans pressing into his throat. It was enough to trigger the reaction both had been awaiting. The first blast shot down the boy's throat. Scott quickly pulled back, and caught the next bolt of semen on his tongue. Scott sucked down hard, almost pulling the next load from the gaping slit, and then, shoving the big penis back down his throat - even farther - this time - allowed several more blasts to fill him. From the first blast to the last, the doctor grunted each time as if he were lifting Olympic record-breaking weights. Then, desperate for a breath, the boy pulled back, and he felt the man's weight on his chest and even his belly on his face.

Scott seemed dazed by his efforts to bring the doctor to orgasm, and so he perhaps wasn't prepared when his own climax struck, thanks to Alex's efforts on his tiny penis and balls. But it hit with as much force as a little boy could expect. The boy stiffened, shuddered, groaned and arched his back as he tried to shove his tool even deeper into the man's mouth. It happened fast. Usually Alex took pains to draw the boy's orgasm out, but this time, he made it happen fast, and the boy felt somewhat cheated, but nonetheless spent. The doctor, still recovering from his own massive orgasm, had lifted himself up off the boy, and watched the countless little signs of orgasm in Scott's small body. He regarded it an amazing privilege to have been brought to such an earth-shattering come by such a perfect innocent.


"He's in resolution, now," the doctor observed, summoning his strength and sliding off the boy, and lifting him, he slipped underneath him, to cradle the boy's head against his chest. The doctor's legs were themselves folded, and had he been sitting upright, he might have looked like an Indian or child camper around a campfire. The boy's bottom was cradled in the doctor's folded legs, and his butt was actually elevated a bit above his tummy. "A good time...to...continue, perhaps," the doctor said. He and Alex exchanged unspoken agreement. The boy stirred, but truthfully, the doctor and his assistant doubted whether the boy had any clear understanding of what was about to happen to him.

"It's time, now, Scotty," the doctor whispered quietly. "Are you ready?" The slim boy - all four feet, nine inches of him - seemed now to become more alert. A wave of concern flowed over him, and the muscles in his boyish tummy tightened as he stiffened all over. Alex took the doctor's comment as a signal to undress. In seconds, really, he was naked. His seven-inch penis pointed straight at the boy, and Doctor Bainbridge took a moment to view his assistant's hard body. "Nice," he murmured. "Doesn't he have a handsome body, Scott. Look at how his big man-penis is drooling precum...It's doing that because...well, Scotty, do you know why? Can you tell me?"

"He's aroused," the boy answered dreamily.

"Oh yes he is, he is that," Bainbridge answered. "Because of you, Scott. Because of your beautiful pre-pubescent body. Because soon you'll be giving yourself to him."

Now the doctor bent over, reached for the boy's legs, and expertly bent them at the knee, folding them and pressing his thighs open so that it almost seemed the boy was doing a split, his upper legs forming an almost straight line from one knee to the other. The effect was to open that deep furrow between his cheeks and expose his little swollen anus. The doctor felt a surge of adrenalin as he continued to hold the small, hairless, but muscled legs in their open position. Though with a bit of difficulty, he was able to gaze down at the boy's hole. The sight drew him like a magnet. It had been several hours since Alex had inserted the last and largest dildo. It had required patience, but the boy eventually was able to take it in. In the intervening hours the boy's hole had closed tightly and it seemed to wink, pulling in on itself almost to the beat of the boy's heart.

Now Alex got onto the bed, kneeling so that his penis pointed out over the boy's tiny genitals.

"This is going to be so exciting for me, Scott...so exciting," the doctor said. The boy nodded, swallowed, and the nervous expression he wore continued. Then the doctor spoke to Alex: "Let's get him lubed up."

"We're going to use something different, Scotty. It's called Anal-ease. It will make you feel a little tingly in your bottom. It makes penetration a bit...more... comfortable. Okay?"

"So it won't hurt?"

"It won't hurt as much," Bainbridge answered. You still get stretched. What will help the most is if you can really relax - keeping, yourself really loose. So...Alex is going to have you now, my sweet child?" With his thumbs, he stroked the boy's inner thighs. "Are you ready?"

The boy was clearly apprehensive, not about the choice of lubrication, particularly, but about what was about to happen to him. He hadn't ever thought of having someone watching when Alex did it to him, but while he wasn't sure he wanted that, having the doctor holding onto him while Alex prepared him, was strangely exciting.

Now his mentor set about getting him ready. He squeezed a large amount of the lubricant onto his fingers. He applied some to the boy's bud, and then with a single digit, entered him. The lube was cool, and the boy's hole tightened as the cool gel was pressed into his anus and beyond. Then his body warmed it. When Alex inserted a second finger, it too slipped in easily, without much discomfort. And that's when Scott realized the Anal-ease was working. It felt odd, a little bit like his arm when it fell asleep, not exactly pins-and-needles, but sort of numb, except he could still feel Alex's fingers and the pressure as his mentor pushed his fingers into him. Alex carefully worked in more of the special lubricant.

"Put your hands where mine are. Keep your legs out, Scott," the doctor instructed, and waited until the child complied. With his freed hands, he began exploring the boy's smooth, firm body. He traced around the child's little dime-sized areolas, and sighed with pleasure when the little nipples became erect and upright. He grasped them between his finger and thumb and squeezed. The boy gasped, and stiffened. It was electrifying to see a young boy brought one step at a time to the brink of orgasm, and that's exactly what this youngster was having done to him at this very moment.

For the boy's part, he could barely contain himself. He didn't understand it exactly, but somehow having two grownups paying "special" attention to him made him feel different than he'd ever felt before. When Alex first told him of the doctor's interest, he wasn't at all sure about doing the sex stuff Alex had taught him with someone else watching. In fact, in the first seconds after he was told about the doctor's intent to be present, he found his penis getting soft - something that had almost never happened since he'd been with Alex in this place. But then something curious happened: the idea of having someone watching made a shiver pass through him, and then, when they had actually begun to do things - from the moment he'd had his clothes removed, he found himself getting more and more excited in what Scott now recognized as arousal. His little cock - not so little at three hard inches, he told himself, at least not for a boy like him - was now pulsing like a metronome, beating out his pulse's rhythm. He knew what was about to happen would hurt, but he had to have it. He'd been thinking about it for days. He had to know what it was like to have a man's big cock inside him, but no, it wasn't about knowing. It was about feeling. He had to feel a man's big cock inside him. It was like being a little kid at Christmas: seeing all the presents, but being told you can't peek. It's all he could think about. He was obsessed. And now - soon - he'd be fulfilled.

For Alex's part, he could hardly believe that on a personal level his greatest dream was about to come true. On a professional level, he knew this would be one of the major milestones of the boy's indoctrination. How the boy responded to this experience would determine how he well he could undertake this most challenging assignment. And as Bainbridge often reminded him, a lot was riding on this boy's ability to perform. Still, Alex thought, if any boy could handle it, this boy could. All that aside, Alex's cock drooled precum almost nonstop. The boy glanced down and saw that.

"Am I making you leak like that?" He nodded toward the man's pulsing cock, grinned lasciviously, then realized he'd said that with the older doctor present, and his cheeks reddened.

"Do him," the doctor said, sounding as if he was loosing his patience. "He's ready."

Alex looked into Scott's eyes. The boy adjusted his body, as if settling in for what was to come. The doctor's hands continued to caress his velvety smooth body, trying both to arouse and to relax the boy. Scott's breathing was shallow and rapid. His skin glistened. Scott swallowed, and Alex drew his oozing cock down the underside of the boy's tool, over his tightly wrinkled scrotum hiding his two small boy balls, down over his perineum, and down the now-wide valley that had been just a deep, narrow crack before the doctor had spread the boy's legs wide.

When the tip of Alex's glans passed over the boy's bud, the little ring of muscle pulled in on itself. It had not yet learned to open itself to welcome the presence of the enormous sword that was claiming the tight chute as its own scabbard. Instead, it tightened, as if sensing an intruder. The boy himself shuddered in anticipation, excitement, and perhaps more than a little concern. "There, there," the doctor said, as if he were soothing a four-year-old with a hurt knee. He stroked the boy's neck, then his biceps, which he felt flex under his touch. He leaned down and whispered in the boy's ear. "It will be alright, Scott. Soon it will be all over. Be a brave boy." He patted the boy's tummy, and ran his hands soothingly over the boy's flanks. The doctor trembled with anticipation. He'd managed to witness many deflowerings of young boys. It never disappointed. Seeing a child lose their virginity was an extraordinary experience. To watch a child experience that kind of pain, and yet beg for more (and they almost always did) always sent a chill through him, and this time he was involved in a way he rarely was. His throbbing tool, massive and thick, pounding into the boy's back and drooling with the remnants of when he had come in the boy's small, hot mouth, made it clear just how excited he was.

Alex drew his tool back over the boy's anus. Then, moving back again, he let his glans come to rest against the tiny pucker, that was about to be opened fully for the first time.

Scott stiffened as he felt the tip of man's cock press against his hole. He licked his lips and set his mouth. He swallowed, and stared into the man's eyes. The man's face was set as well. It was a look of determination. Scott knew that soon he would be the man's - that he would open himself and give all that he had to the man. He was desperate to have it happen...and yet...still at one level, anyway, he was uncertain about the unknown. They'd told him they were using a lube that would lessen the pain, but he wondered what it would feel like. He knew it would hurt, and for that, he was afraid. At the same time, he could hardly stand the excitement that came when he thought about really doing it with his mentor.

"Open up, Scott," Alex commanded. He moved his cock around in tiny circles, so his piss slit kissed the rim of the boy's tight anus. It was slick with lube. The boy bore down, and Alex felt the tiny anus change. "I'm going to have you now, Scotty," he said and rotated his hips slightly, applying pressure, seeking entrance to the boy's asshole. The boy grunted once, and closed his eyes as if he were a sacrificial virgin on an altar of some Greek god. His anus hadn't really opened, and the man had gained no entry yet. "Open up," Alex repeated softly, "Help me." He felt the boy spasm, and he pressed in sharply. The boy gasped, stiffened, and sucked in a breath. The doctor's hands caressed the boy all over his smooth, hairless skin - across his tummy, up and down his thighs, over his muscled chest, tweaking his b-b-sized nipples. He felt the small, almost delicate body shiver. "Be firm, Alex," the doctor hissed.

Alex nodded once, then breathed in a long breath and held it. He wanted to take this virgin boy so bad he could hardly think straight. His penis seemed to swell even more as his lust grew. It flexed once, and the boy seemed to retreat a bit. Alex glanced up at the doctor, and Bainbridge nodded as if to say one way or another, this boy's going to lose his virginity today. Now. Alex felt the boy's anus relax some, and he pressed his tool into the resisting pucker. The boy sucked in a breath.

"You have to open yourself," the doctor breathed into the boy's ear.

"I'm trying," Scott moaned.

"I know, honey," Alex whispered. "Try to relax. You can do it, I know you can. I'm going to fuck you, that's what you want, isn't it?"


"Scotty, you have to be a brave boy, and help me, okay?"

The boy nodded. Alex saw the boy concentrating, trying to do as he was instructed. Alex felt the boy's anus trying to loosen, and then it did, and Alex shoved his tool into him. Scott gasped, and tried to shrink from the assault, but the doctor was ready, and with his hands firmly on the boy's hips, held the boy in the right position and kept him from pulling back. Scott tightened his stomach muscles and moaned quietly. But the "damage was done" as the saying goes. Alex's glans was lodged firmly in the stretched anal ring, not much, perhaps only a half-inch, but enough to ensure the process would continue. Unless Alex pulled back himself (and both Bainbridge and Alex knew that wasn't going to happen) there was no way to stop the assault now.

"Okay, Scott," Alex breathed. Sweat had broken on his forehead, as well as the boy's. Alex swallowed. "I'm in a little bit. I know it hurts, doesn't it?" The boy barely responded - barely even seemed to hear. Instead, he panted like a little puppy, and swallowed a whimper. "I'll wait a little bit. You'll get looser, I know you will. Like when we got the dildo inside you. You know you can do it, Scott, don't you?" The boy lifted his head and glanced down at his hole. He couldn't see it, of course, but he could see most of his mentor's manhood. And he could feel it splitting him in two. He dropped his head back.

"Relax. Open up," Bainbridge urged. "You want this, Scott, I know you do, but you have to help him. Let him inside. Open yourself up to him. Look in his eyes, Scott. See? He wants you so bad. So bad. And you want him, don't you?" The boy nodded imperceptibly. "You want him to do it to you, don't you?" Again the boy nodded. "You want him to fuck your tight little boy-bottom, don't you?"

Scott breathed a quiet but desperate, "Yes."

"Good," the doctor said. "Very good, Scott." He caressed the boy, savoring the silken skin that covered his rippling muscles. "You know what you have to do, don't you?"

"Open," the boy mumbled.

"That's right. Good boy."

Again the boy closed his eyes, and concentrated. Alex watched him enter into the the quasi-meditative state he had taught the boy: how to focus "down there" and relax. And it was working, too, for after a moment, Alex felt him loosen another notch, and again, the man drove his rigid tool deeper. It was now perhaps three-quarters of an inch inside the boy, and the boy's anus was stretched wide, perhaps as much as an inch.

Now the boy did whimper. His face was pale, drained of color. "It hurts," he moaned. Alex glanced up at his boss. Bainbridge smiled. In every deflowering he'd witnessed, boys eventually said the same thing. He was sure it did hurt. How could it not? A sexually excited boy was being stretched beyond what he ever imagined. It had to hurt. And yet, the doctor also knew if they continued, the pain would give way to pleasure - eventually - and the boy would experience something mind-blowing, something he'd never experienced before.

"I know it hurts," the older man said. "But you knew it was going to, and you still wanted it. You still do. Don't you? You want to have a man inside you even now, even with the pain, don't you?" Scott whimpered, bit down on his lip, and nodded. "Because," the man continued, "you want that feeling...that feeling you've gotten a taste of...but you know you can get it only with that big man-cock that's splitting you open. You want that big thing inside your hot bottom, don't you boy?" Bainbridge's tone had become harder. The boy gulped and nodded. "And that's just what's going to happen. So...relax those muscles down there," he said. "Open yourself...let him in...take him...Tell him you want him...go ahead, Scott, tell him."

The little boy looked up at his mentor. Slowly he licked his lips. "I...I....want you....to...put it in me. Don't take him away. I want to feel him inside...against...you know...against that spot."

Alex smiled down at the boy who was being held inflexibly by the doctor. For a moment, he worried that the doctor might be taking this experience in a direction he wasn't sure of. Sometimes the good doctor seemed to lean almost toward a touch of sadism, but the boy had responded. Bainbridge rarely read boys incorrectly. He knew what they wanted, and he knew how to get them to risk putting their bodies in the hands of men. "Okay, Scott. Okay," Alex said, his quiet tone very different to his boss's. "It'll be okay, honey."

Alex flexed his butt muscles and pressed his tool into the boy's butt. Scotty gasped.

"Again," Bainbridge instructed when he realized his assistant had made no "headway", and Alex felt his tool throb even stronger. He leaned into the boy, and kissed him on the lips, then looked into his eyes. "I'm sorry," he whispered. He could see the confusion growing on the boy's face. Resting on his elbows, Alex grabbed hold of the boy's thin shoulders. At the same time, the older doctor grasped the boy's hips and pressed him firmly onto his mentor's cock. Alex pushed his head against the tight orifice, and felt his lubed-up tool slide in some. Scott moaned. "I'm in a little more, Scotty," Alex breathed. Great drops of sweat hung on his forehead.

"Please," whimpered the boy, though whether it was a plea for the man to stop or continue, neither the boy nor the men knew. Alex could see the pain he was causing, but he also knew his boss wouldn't let the boy avoid it. "Scott," Alex said softly, "you've got to relax, the way we practiced, remember?"

Big, hot tears drooled from the boy's eyes. His beautiful chests lifted and fell with fast, shallow breaths, and the boy nodded. A new look of concentration again flooded across the boy's expression, and then, miraculously, Alex felt a sort of flutter/spasm around his penis. "Now," directed the doctor, and Alex shoved into the boy's hot, tight hole. At the same time Bainbridge again pressed the boy's body onto the intruding rod, and Alex's glans slipped past the boy's tight rim. Every muscle in the child's body went rigid. He choked back a sob and panted like a dog. Alex's rod flexed. Scott, now looking even more vulnerable and boyish with his slim, almost skinny body, let out a long, weak moan.

"Scotty, honey," Alex whispered. "I'm in. The hardest part is over. My head's all the way in. Feel it."

With tears streaming down his face, and still biting his lip, the boy released his right leg and felt where he and the man were joined. "You're in me," he breathed. Alex could feel the small fingers sliding up along his thick shaft. The boy's anus was so tight, it felt as if he were to stand up, the boy would stay attached. Again his cock pulsed at the thought, and the boy groaned. "It's...so...stretched," the boy whispered as he felt how much his anus had stretched. Now the concerned look returned to his face.

"Alex...what's wrong, I mean, why...um...look at my dick.

Alex did, and he knew immediately what the problem was. "Scotty, we've talked about that. It's perfectly normal for a boy. It could be a lot of things, mainly the pain. It's soft now, but it'll get hard again. You may even dribble a little, you know, a little pee."

He seemed to have forgotten his pain for the moment, replacing it with indignation at the thoughts of wetting himself. The man could see the uncertainty forming in the boy's thoughts.

Alex explained, "Remember what we learned in class? My penis is going deep inside your tummy, and sometimes it can bump into your bladder - that's where your pee is stored up - and it forces a little urine out of your penis. Don't worry about it; it's just what can happen when a man fucks a boy's bottom."

Scott thought about that for a moment, then had another question: "Are you going to put it all inside me?"

"We'll have to see, honey," Alex replied. "We'll have to see how much of me you can take. Are you ready for me to go in some more?"

The boy actually trembled at the thought - a massive shiver that seemed to cause even more pain, but then Scotty nodded. Alex pressed, and the angry-white lips of the boy's hole, tight against his throbbing manhood, seemed to cling to the tool and be drawn in as Alex pushed. The boy sucked in a breath and held it. When Scott's anus could retreat inside him no more, the man's penis began to side past it. It was so hot inside the boy, so juicy. The man's penis slid in a few more centimeters, and he felt the tip of his glans bump against a hard little nut.

"Oh...oh...oh..." the boy gasped. "My...it's...you hit my prostate."

Alex smiled. "I know." The man pulled back ever so slightly, then pressed in again, and bumped it again, and again the boy went rigid and gasped. Now Alex pressed in deeper, his glans slipping past the boy's immature prostate. A wave of pain spread over the boy's face, but he said nothing this time. Alex couldn't believe the feeling. His cock was being massaged by countless tiny muscles. He was surrounded by heat, juicy, wet heat, and carefully, he humped in deeper. When he was almost all the way in, he met real resistance, and he stopped. He glanced down at the boy's tummy, and when he pulled back, he could see movement deep inside the boy, where his organs were being moved around as the massive intruder pushed past all the boy's defenses. When the corona of his glans hit the boy's inner ring of muscle, the boy shuddered and groaned, then the man pushed deliberately back in. The boy's mentor watched the child's expression as he filled his tight chute once more.

"When you're in me, I feel so full," the boy whimpered.

Alex grinned. "It feels awesome, Scott...being inside you like this." He'd managed to get even farther into the boy's insides. Now perhaps only an inch and a half of his tool remained on the outside of the boy's hole.

"Now," Bainbridge said, "Alex is going to fuck you properly...and you'll feel what you've wanted to feel all this time."

The boy seemed momentarily confused by this, but then Alex pulled out again, and again the boy's focus returned to the sensations he was feeling in his bottom. His smooth pale-bronze skin glistened from the workout he'd received. To both adults, he was the image of perfection - his long, lithe body, firm muscles, silky-smooth skin with barely a blemish, his heaving chest and tummy, tiny copper nipples, strong arms with just a hint of downy-soft hair.

"Does it still hurt as much?" Alex asked.

Scott shook his head. "No," he said through gritted teeth, but Alex wasn't sure he believed him.

The man gave a gentle thrust and the boy winced. "I'm sorry," the man whispered. "We have to do this, Scott. If we do, it'll be better, I promise." Alex pressed in again. The doctor lifted the boy's bottom, trying to give Alex better access. Even the slightest movement seemed to test the boy, but the higher angle would help, and the man's fat, hard penis slipped all the way in. The boy sucked in a sharp breath and held it. When Alex didn't move, the boy eased some, and breathed out. Alex was committed to keeping his movements in and out strong and steady. He knew that was the only way would the boy truly loosen. When, after a momentary pause, the man pulled back out, Scott gasped again. And then Alex shoved in again, then out. He was already increasing his motion. With each thrust, the boy grunted like a tennis player in a tournament. His expression was changing - from the ghostly-white look of constant pain, to more a look of utter concentration. But still, frequent flashes of pain flooded across his face. At those times, he'd wince and gasp, and almost seem to bare down, trying to lock all his insides in their proper places.

Alex was sliding in and out more easily now. Little Scott was looser; he could definitely feel it: the boy's hole and opened considerably.

"Do it," the doctor breathed, sounding like a man possessed. He was no longer simply the professional observer (if he ever had been). The boy could feel the older man's throbbing, steel-hard cock against his back. Alex resumed humping the small, compressed body beneath him. With each stroke, his cock was enveloped with waves of incredible feeling. At the end of each stroke, his balls slapped against the boy's ass, and his pubes crushed against the boy's nearly invisible balls. Like his penis, they appeared to have been sucked back into the boy. Alex bucked a little harder and Scott responded differently, not the sharp pain of the initial entry, but something deeper, and suddenly, as Alex withdrew and pushed back in, a dribble of yellow liquid dribbled out of Scott penis. The boy seemed to realize it, and a worried, embarrassed look spread over his face. Alex flashed a quick, reassuring smile. "It's okay, Scott. We knew that might happen. Don't worry about it. Just concentrate on the feelings inside."

Now the older doctor placed his cupped hand under the boy's penis and with Alex's next assault, caught the next golden splash of urine. He lifted it to his nose, and like a fine wine, savored the bouquet, and then he sipped it from his fingers. "Mmmm," he breathed. He again placed his fingers at Scott's shrunken boy-tool, but this time began to fondle it. As Alex continued to increase his pace, his boss coaxed the little penis back to erection, and then he began to masturbate the boy in earnest.

Alex was pounding into the boy, and he glanced down to see his boss tweaking the boy's tiny nail-point nipples and jacking him in time to Alex's fucking. Scott was thrashing his head back and forth, and suddenly Alex realized all the pain had been overpowered by incredible new sensations the boy was experiencing for the first time. It was as if waves of muscular contractions were spreading across the boy's body. He was, as best he could given how he was sandwiched between two men, moving to respond to every stroke on his penis and every deep penetration of his bottom. He was barely conscious of what he was doing. He was on fire, every part of him seemed sensitized. There was something building inside him, something was going to happen, and he wanted it so bad. He needed it. "Harder," he gasped, barely aware that he was speaking. And he didn't need to ask twice.

Alex increased his fucking motion. He, too, could feel the climax approaching. He was exhausted, but his hips were on autopilot as he slammed again and again into the boy's hole. And suddenly, with another squirt of urine, the boy shuddered violently, stiffened, and pressed into the older man's body beneath him. A scream tore from his lungs, and he shuddered again, quaking with tremor after tremor. All the while, Alex continued his thrusting, and then within seconds of the boy's orgasm, he was there as well. Blast after blast shot into the boy's bowel. Now Scott was whimpering again, and his body was rapidly ratcheting down in a series of aftershocks - calming, loosening, then another spasm would tighten his body. Sweat poured from his slim, firm body. Scott released his hold on his legs, and they unfolded, coming to rest against his mentor's hips and back.

"Stay with us, Scott," the doctor commanded, and the boy stirred.

"Okay," the child muttered.

"I want him," the doctor breathed, his voice shaking in desperation.

Alex looked alarmed. "Now?"

"What better time? He's never been so loose, has he?"

Alex nodded, but he felt a knot growing in his stomach.

"Sit him up," Bainbridge said, and Alex complied, though feeling cheated as his pulled his softening manhood from the boy's sloppy bottom. Bainbridge raised his legs, and Scott leaned back against his thick thighs. In his dazed state, the boy glanced down and saw his penis and ball sac resting on the doctor's massive tool.

"What's happening," Scott moaned.

"I'm going to have you now, Scott," the doctor said. "Then we'll be sure you're ready. You want that, don't you?"

"Yeah," the boy said dreamily, but it was clear to Alex he was barely conscious, and not really understanding what was about to happen to him.

"Lift him," the doctor directed, and Alex did, almost a foot above the man's belly. His huge penis popped up straight, seeming already to be honing in on its target. Bainbridge ran his hand over his assistant's cock, gathering up as much lube as he could, and slathered it over his own tool. Then the doctor grasped the boy's cheeks, and spread them. Even at that and in his dazed state, the boy winced. "Okay," gasped the doctor, hardly believing what was about to happen. "Lower him." Alex complied again. As the monstrous mushroom pressed up against the boy's anus, Scott stiffened. It was like a jolt of electricity had awakened him. The boy's eyes widened. "Nooo," he moaned.

"It's going to be fine, Scott," the doctor said. "Just stay relaxed, or I'll tear you apart...and we don't want that, do we, sweetie?"

"No," breathed the compliant boy.

"So...you know what to do now, don't you. Help me get inside you, Scott."

The boy seemed to grow more serious, and a look of real concentration flowed into his face. His small belly grew taut, and he grunted slightly. At the same time, he wriggled about, as Alex allowed the child's body to settle more onto the enormous log that pressed into him. Suddenly the boy's hole gaped open, and a good half of the man's cockhead slipped into him. The boy's eyes were closed, but now they opened wide, and he thrust his head back, sucking in a violent breath. He struggled to lift himself, but Alex, feeling like a betrayer, held him in place.

"You've always been too gentle," Bainbridge mumbled to his assistant, and with that, thrust his hips upward again, actually lifting the boy who was spitted on his massive cock. The boy groaned, and the doctor grasped his hips and steadily pulled him downward, continuing to push up with his cock at the same time. There was almost an audible, squishy "pop" as the man's huge cockhead incredibly slipped past the boy's defenses.

"Ahhggghhhh." A throaty cry tore from the boy's mouth.

"I'm in, Scott. You have my head inside you." And then the doctor deliberately pulled the boy lower, filling him so that the boy's belly swelled as more and more of the massive tool slipped home. At one point, when about seven inches of the doctor's ten-inch cock was inside, the boy stiffened and groaned. "No-o-o more," he moaned, and the two men knew he had taken as much as he could. Now Alex and his boss began raising and lowering the boy, in the classic movements of a boy being fucked. Each time, the doctor would thrust his hips into the boy, and grunt.

"Ah," the boy gasped with each deep thrust as the action increased in tempo. Scott opened his eyes and now, unbelievably, actually started to help the adults by raising and lowering his body with his strong legs. With each thrust, he'd groan. It was as if he were possessed. For three minutes, this wild scene ratcheted up. Scott flung his head back and now was wildly approaching another massive orgasm. The doctor, for his part, was also showing the classic signs of an impending, quaking come. And then he did. A massive groan escaped from the man, as his semem shot repeatedly into the boy. Scotty moaned, as the man slowed his motion. The boy almost immediately collapsed against the doctor's still upright legs. Already the huge cock was deflating, and Scott settled down, almost looking like a child sitting in his father's lap.

Bainbridge stole a glance at his assistant. He wore a look of utter, sublime satisfaction, his hunger finally having been sated.


"It hurts," little Scotty Morgan moaned.

"I know, honey," Alex replied. "I'm so sorry."

They were alone now, and several hours had passed since Bainbridge had left. The boy was still naked, and Alex had laved his swollen anus with soothing ointments several times.

"Why did he do it?" Scott asked.

"I'm not sure," he whispered softly in the boy's ear, so the recording equipment would not hear. "I just think you drove him wild; you're so sexy. I don't think he could help himself. But still..."

"Am I still bleeding?"

"No honey. Actually, you know, there was just one tiny little place, where you tore a little. It'll be fine in a day or so."

"He was just so big?"

"I know, Scotty. I know."

"Why didn't you stop him?"

Alex faltered now. Indeed, why didn't he? "He's...he's my boss, Scott. Plus...he...he likes to be more...aggressive...with a boy than I am...and I guess I was afraid if I tried to stop him this time, he'd only come back later...and you were pretty stretched." Alex offered a tortured smile. He'd told Scott the truth...but not all of it. There was also the fact that Alex shook with excitement as he even now thought about that massive tool slipping into the boy's hot, tormented hole. "After...um...after a while, you seemed to take him okay."

Now the boy offered a sort of half-smile. "Yeah," he murmured. "It was like before, the feelings drowned out the pain. I couldn't help it. I had to have it."

"I know," Alex said simply. "I know you, Scott Morgan. I know that's the way you are."

Scott had been playing with the man's pubic hair, gently tugging on it, running his fingers through it almost the way a school girl plays with her tresses. Now he put his hand on Alex's penis. It was flaccid, and the boy's hand felt cool. "Alex?"

"Yes, Scott?"

"It was incredible when..." The boy looked deep into the man's eyes. "...when you did it. I mean it hurt at first, but I never wanted it not to happen...because I knew it was you."

Alex leaned down and kissed Scott on the lips. The boy shifted, and even that little movement made him wince.

"Alex," the boy began again with a look of concern, "do you...um...know who my grownup will be?"

"I have a pretty good idea," Alex said, "but..."

"...I don't want to know his name..." Scott interrupted, showing he understood the nature of his 'work'. "...I just want to know if you know how big his penis is."

Alex smiled. "I don't honey, not yet, but I think it's safe to say not many men have a cock as big as Dr. Bainbridge's."

Scott was visibly relieved.

Whether he knew it or not, the boy had touched on an issue that was the matter of some delicacy. Normally, as part of the prep of the adult, he'd be given a complete physical. Part of that exam involved making measurements of the subject's erection. Bainbridge, as curious as he was to know about the President's more "intimate" characteristics, could not quite face the leader of the free world and ask him to play with himself until he got hard. Maybe Scott would be able to do that one day, but the doctor reluctantly drew the line at that.

Scott had finally drifted off to sleep, the ointment and some oral pain medicine having finally begun to work. Alex sat in the chair in the room that had been their bedroom for the past five days and studied the boy who lay naked in the bed.

He slept on his side, his legs bent, his knees drawn toward his tummy. One hand was drawn up and tucked under his chin, the other arm lay down his side with his hand draped over his hip. His relaxed belly and chest rose and fell gently. His sweet lips were closed together, and he breathed through his cute little button nose. His sideburns were still slightly damp and matted to his skin, showing just the last remnants of the sweat that had practically soaked his hair at the height of his stimulation. For Alex, it was like studying a piece of art by one of the Renaissance masters. He was - in a word - perfection.

The mentor felt a twinge of pain, for in the next days, he would begin the process of transference. Inevitably, a boy in this program puts his trust in his mentor. It's only natural. But now - in Scott's case - he'd have to separate from Alex. That is to say, Alex would have to begin to prepare the boy to shift his interest and affection to someone else. This was a crucial phase in the program. Without that transference, the boy would never be able to enter into a satisfying relationship with the government official for whom the boy was destined. And a satisfying, meaningful relationship - one based on more than simply sex - was crucial. Otherwise Bainbridge could simply have brought in a bunch of boy hustlers, cleaned them up, and pimped them out to the "clientele". But early in the research, Bainbridge had discovered what true boy-lovers have known all along: it's the relationship, the love, between boy and man that makes the experience so incredible.

Obviously with Scott - because of his intended partner - the stakes could not be higher. And yet, though Alex could admit it to no one, this boy had gotten to him. If he had to admit it - if only to himself - he'd have to say he'd come to love the boy in a way that clearly was not within the protocols of the Performance Enhancement and Development Organization policies. He gazed at his living statue and he knew he was on shaky ground. He'd have to be extremely careful over the next several days, not only for his status in the program and for the well-being of the program itself, but for the well-being of the boy.

From this moment, the intensity of the instruction increased. Everyone sensed it. The briefings increased and became more specialized, focusing on the contents of upcoming summit. Scott was indoctrinated into the world of top secret clearances, which he, a mere eleven-year-old now had, making him one of the youngest people in the nation's history to have such a clearance. The team set up scenarios at odd times during the day to see if he'd slip and say something he shouldn't. He nailed it every time. "You're pretty good, you know that, don't you?" Alex said to him at lunch one day, "What was Johnson asking about this morning?"

Scott thought and was about to speak, but then he stopped. "If I told you," you grinned, "then I'd have to kill you."

Alex smiled. He thought perhaps he'd catch his boy at last. Now Scott lowered his soprano voice to barely a whisper. "I'll tell you when we're in a secure room," he smiled. "...and not before!"

Things were progressing on "other fronts" as well. Scott was thoroughly educated as to proper medical care of his anus. He received a sigmoidoscopy soon after his initiation into anal sex. He saw the remains of the tiny fissure in his anus. He learned how to apply topical medications; he was given a small kit that would facilitate inspections, should he find himself alone without the program's support team.

After two days, his anus was showing considerably less impact of his deflowering. The swelling had subsided dramatically, and even the bruising had paled, though it was still clearly visible, now more purple-red than purple-black.

They paid particular attention to his bowels, and Alex instructed him in the use of laxatives, again, should, for some unanticipated reason, he find himself without his support team.

A portion of each day, and most of the evenings were spent helping him gain more control over his anal muscles. Alex continued stretching exercises, and other techniques for relaxation. Evenings were also spent viewing videos designed to help the boy understand some of the more subtle aspects of man-boy love. He learned about muscle control, and the kind of stimulation the boy can give to his partner when a man and a boy are joined. The effectiveness of each video was easy to rate. In fact he joked about it with Alex: "if it's good, I get hard, and if it's really good, it gets hard and pulses. And if it's really, really good, it's hard and pulses fast. And...."

"Okay, okay," Alex chuckled. "If the videos get any better, your penis will explode!" They laughed about that, and hugged.

And when he was ready, they made love again. Alex couldn't believe how Scott had changed. He still winced during entry, but the fear was gone. In its place was an incredible sense of anticipation. There was a confidence in the young boy, as he seemed to entice and lead his partner toward climax. It was as if each lesson had been completely internalized by the boy. His muscle control seemed to improve with each lovemaking session. The little device that they had buried in Scott's anus for the first several days, had done its job, and the muscles deep inside him had strengthened as well. In addition, even in just these few weeks, the body-building regime designed for the boy had added even a bit more muscle tone to his taut abdominals, and his pectorals, his legs and arms. He was, in a word, hot!

Alex couldn't remember having such a rewarding series of sexual encounters - each one seemingly better than the last. And it was evident, too, that Scott was getting off in a way that left him barely conscious time after time, but always, he wore a smile that said, it can't get any better, but then it did.

And then came the day that signaled the end of preparations.

"You have any idea who's asked to have you as his friend, Scott?"

"No, not really. Someone who's going to be working at the Summit, I guess. Right?"

Alex smiled. "Right. You're going to meet him tomorrow night." Alex introduced him to two men who would be accompanying him on the trip, and in fact, for the remainder of his assignment.

It was later that night, as they were preparing for bed, that Scott shared what was on his mind, and had been since he met his support team. Scott looked up at his mentor. "You're not coming with me?"

Alex winced and shook his head. For a moment, he couldn't speak, hearing that innocent, calmly desperate-sounding voice. "No, Scotty," he said finally. "My job is to get you ready. You are as ready as anyone we've ever prepared. You are extraordinary. And I'm sure you will be someone your lover will never forget. I know I won't."

All the vulnerability of the little boy who he took from school two weeks ago flooded back into Scott's face. "This sucks," the boy said flatly.

"I know," Alex whispered, and then embraced him. Then they kissed. In no time, they were naked, and after 20 minutes of slow, gentle exploration of the other's body, they were ready to consummate their time together. Scott reached for the KY, and as Alex lubed the boy's relaxed hole, the boy slicked up his mentor's seven and a half inches. It had never been so hard.

Scott leaned back, drawing his legs back toward his chest. Alex lifted him slightly, and brought his precum-oozing tool to the boy's anus. Scotty exhaled a long, slow breath, using the relaxation techniques he had just recently mastered. He gazed into his mentor's eyes. Alex leaned in, and the head of his cock touched the boy's pucker. Much of the black and blue had left, nevertheless, the firm ring of muscle tightened in on itself, but then, blinking slowly, the boy willed his orifice to open, and it did - or at least loosen. Scott nodded, and Alex entered. The boy gasped and sucked in a breath. Alex felt the boy's ring of muscle tighten around him, and a shiver coursed through the man's body. "Wait," the boy breathed, and shifted slightly in the man's hands, then he breathed out a soft, "okay", and the man pressed himself deeper into the boy. Scotty sighed as the big tool filled him. Alex didn't stop until he felt his hair crushed against the boy's perineum and balls. He started to pull back, but Scott let his legs wrap around the man's waist. "Wait," he whispered. "I just want to feel you inside me, Alex." He looked up into the man's eyes. "I want you there forever." A tear formed in the boy's eye, and spilled over onto his cheek. "I'm sorry," Scotty whimpered. "I can't help it."

Alex leaned and kissed away the tear. "I know, Scott, I know."

Eventually, Alex pulled back, and began a slow, loving bout of lovemaking with the eleven-year-old love of his life. Their orgasms came together. Scott could feel the man's come filling him; never had he felt so much. For the man's part, never had he felt so drained. Still joined, they fell into a deep sleep.


"It's a little weird, I know, but this is the box we told you about. You'll be in there for about an hour...no longer."

Scott looked at his handlers, and then climbed into the metal case. Inside there was his favorite video game and some earphones. A dim light made the inside glow. A small oxygen device recycled the air. They put the cover on the box, and he felt himself being lifted up.

Thirty minutes later, he felt the box being set down on something very solid. Even with the headphones on, he could hear a dull roar, and then suddenly, the angle seemed to change, and the vibration slowed. A few minutes later, the cover was off, and the boy climbed out. He looked around. "Where is this!" he said, though it was pretty clear he was on a plane. His heart was pounding. He glanced around, but before either of his support team could answer, he noticed the presidential seal. "Air Force One?" he gasped.

"That's right, Scott," said one of his team. "Have a seat, and fasten your seat belt."

Almost immediately they were airborne. "Scott," one of his handlers said, "You must use only this door. Unfortunately, whenever you're on Air Force One, you'll be confined to this room and the one next door." When you're on the ground, things may be a little more flexible, it all depends on the situation. When they had leveled off, Scott was ushered into the room next-door. It was a bedroom, and it was hard to believe it was actually in an airplane. "Maybe you should take your game with you. You'll probably be waiting for a while. The person who comes in will be your...partner. We aren't sure when he'll get there, but you'll find something to do until then, I'm sure." They closed the door, and he was alone.

He played with the video game for a long time, and then he just lay down on the bed and thought. He wished Alex was with him. He missed him so much.

He heard voices in the hallway, and then the door opened. He stumbled to his feet. He thought a voice said, "Good night, Mr. President."

The President of the United States turned to the boy - the boy he'd been reading about and seeing photos of for the past two weeks. The President actually trembled now that he was seeing the boy - in the flesh. He was beautiful, truly incredible, and the President blushed. He still wasn't sold on the notion of having sex with a child - with a boy - but suddenly it didn't seem like such impossibility. There was something about the boy that made the man's stomach flutter.

"M-m-mister President." Those two words were proof enough that Scotty's training was paying off.

The President smiled. It almost seemed like the little boy before him was a member of his staff. "Yes, Scott," the President said, holding his smile. "So, we finally get to meet." His voice cracked as he said that, and he grew almost annoyed with himself. He hadn't felt like this since he first dated in high school.

"I...I...didn't know it was going to be you, sir," Scott said softly.

"Well," the President answered. "I hope you're not disappointed." He forced a grin. There was no doubt about it; this was awkward for both of them.

"No, sir," Scott answered.

"Scotty," the President said, "if...ah...we're...going to be...ah...friends...then maybe you can call me Jim." Scotty blushed at the thought of that. "Because if you don't, then I'm going to have to call you Mr. Morgan."

Scott grinned for the first time, and the President felt his cock pulse. It was if the boy's smile was directly linked somehow to his libido.

Scott looked self-consciously down at his feet, then tentatively stepped to the President. Haltingly, the President put his hand on the boy's shoulder. Oh, God, the man thought, this is awkward as hell. Then the boy reached out and slid his hands under the man's suit coat. Feeling the boy's soft touch on his sides sent shivers through the man, and now he reached up and lifted the boy's chin. The boy looked up at him. "Oh, God, Scotty, you're one handsome young stud, anyone ever tell you that?" The President blushed. Why was he talking like that? To a boy? Scott smiled again, and recognizing the President's embarrassment said, "It's okay, Mr...I mean, Jim, I remember what it was like for me at first. Just let's try to be ourselves. That's the best way...sort of like negotiating with other leaders, I suppose...just be yourself." He grinned, and the President cocked his head.

"Why that's probably about the best piece of advice I've gotten yet about this Summit. And you know what, Scotty? I believe you're right!"

The man patted the boy on his back, and gazed down at the angelic, 100 percent, all-American boy face that looked up at him with longing eyes.

"Mmmm," the boy breathed as the President's hand caressed him, and he leaned into the man. As he'd learned to do with Alex, he shifted his stance slightly, so his little package pressed against the man's thigh, just above his knee. He sighed, and he felt the man hesitate for a moment, then continue to rub his back. "That's nice," Scotty offered softly. He also felt the telltale pulse of the beginnings of an erection buried inside the man's pants. Suddenly, an image of Alex came flooding into the boy's mind, and he turned away, his tears suddenly threatening to build until they spilled over onto his cheeks.

"Scotty," the President said, "Is something wrong? Did I do something wrong?"

"No!" Scott answered. "It's...it's just that I...I'm sorry, but two weeks ago, I didn't know anything about...um...what we're going to be doing. And Alex - he's my mentor - just sort of took me and showed me everything...and...well...he's really been...the only man..." Scott looked back up at the President. "Well, I guess, I just miss him."

The President looked down at Scott and shook with a feeling that almost baffled him. It wasn't love. It couldn't be, after all, he'd just met this little boy...and yet...it seemed this little boy needed him...and he...no, he couldn't...but he couldn't deny the strange pull he felt...he needed the boy. It was that, but it was more. He needed the boy to need him.

Scott saw a look flow into the President, and he thought about Alex and felt the emptiness that Alex's absence had created. He pressed himself against the President, and stretched higher, and put his hands up around the man's neck.

Then unbelievably - for the President, at least - the leader of the most powerful nation in the world was bending down toward the boy's face, and found himself kissing the boy, hugging him, slipping his hand under the boy's shirt, feeling his smooth firm back. The President felt the boy's desperation - the child, for the President had no illusions that the boy was anything but - and he responded with unchecked emotion. The boy needed him. It was so clear, and now the boy scrambled up until he had his legs wrapped around the man's hips. The boy returned his kisses with an intensity that took the man's breath away. To support the boy, the President slipped his hand down under the boy's butt and felt its warmth through the tight, tailored tan shorts - again, something the man noticed almost as soon as he stepped into the room. The cut of the shorts accentuated the child's "boyness", but there was nothing obscene or cheap about it. It was simply, startlingly arousing.

For the boy's part, he felt a whole range of emotions. He missed Alex terribly, and he was in awe of being held by the President of the United States, and he needed to be loved. Now he felt the President's hand somewhat mechanically stroke his bottom. It was almost as if the man were afraid, which Scott found odd: that the President would be afraid of anything. Scott wriggled slightly and sighed deeply to let the man who would become his lover know that he was doing the right thing. He felt the man's touching change, become more relaxed, more sensual. "Mmmm," Scott hummed again. "I like that," he breathed into the man's ear. Jim felt the boy's hot breath and sighed.

Scotty nuzzled the man's neck, and suddenly the President grew stiffer. "You're not going to..." It seemed so inappropriate to be saying this to a child, and he stopped.

"Going to what...Jim," the boy asked. "You know, I was like that at first, but then I figured out the best thing was to just say it out."

The man smiled. "I was worried about a hickey. It wouldn't do for the President of the United States to have a hickey visible on his next.

The boy grinned a wonderful, eye-crinkling, toothy smile. "No, silly. I'd never give you a hickey...there..." Then slyly, "...maybe somewhere else though." Jim shuddered, which made the boy even happier to see the effect he was having on the President. Then the boy gave him a light peck on the lips, and the man shook again. In his groin, the man felt the stirrings of arousal; it was mind-blowing. And quite beyond his understanding, he had a building urge to feel the warm, smooth firmness of the boy's butt, so he slipped his hands down the boy's legs slightly - just enough to get past the leg of the boy's shorts - and then slipped them back, but under the pant leg.

"Ohhh," the man sighed, confounded by his reaction to stroking an eleven-year-old boy's bottom, but reacting he was and he felt his legs strangely weakening. He let the boy slide down to the floor. Scott looked back up to him, and took him by the hand and drew him to the bed.

"Um...do you think we could get in bed?" Scott asked. The President blushed, which made the boy giggle.

"What?" Jim asked.

"You're blushing!" the boy teased. "And," he added coyly, "I know why." His sweet eyes sparkled.

"Oh, you do, do you?"

"Uh-huh." Scott said, and reached up and loosened, then removed the man's tie. He slipped off the man's suit coat, and then began unbuttoning his shirt. Jim stood there dumbly, not believing what this child was doing, not believing he - he of all people - with his constituency of right-wing Christians - was letting him, and most of all, not believing the incredible way it was making him feel.

Now the boy reached up on his tip-toes and slipped the shirt off the man's shoulders, then pulled it out of his pants. Jim had to help him with his t-shirt. And then, the boy started on the man's pants. "Whoa, there, Scotty..." Something he'd managed to suppress now suddenly resurfaced - his inhibition.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing, Scott." The man shifted around and sat down on the edge of the bed. "It...I dunno...just seems like we're rushing into this."

"Yeah!" Scott grinned breathlessly, making Jim smile. After a moment, Scott grew suddenly shy himself. "Um...do you think you could take my stuff off?" He gazed into the man's eyes, filled with lust. Scott stepped toward the man and instinctively, the man opened his legs, making room for the boy to step between them. Tentatively the man reached out lifted up the boy's shirt. Scotty raised his arms and the polo shirt slid over his head. Then with literally shaking hands, the man released the button of the boy's shorts, then lowered the zip. He held onto the boy's hips through his trim shorts. They were now open in front, revealing a smooth, white thong. The man's eyes widened. It was little more than a tiny bit of silk, secured to a bit of string, really, but it served its purpose: it covered they boy's tiny organs. The man's gaze was riveted to what had just been revealed to him. Scott swallowed, and put his hands on the man's, urging him to complete the task. Hesitatingly, the President lowered the boy's shorts, leaving them bunched up around his ankles. Jim glanced quickly up at the boy's face, then down to his thin, but firm legs, then back up to that white bit of cloth. The man actually swallowed hard, and suddenly realized how aroused the little boy was. He'd seen it of course, seen the little spear poking up under the silk, but until this instant, when he saw it pulse once, did he realize the tiny organ was erect. Scott watched the man's face and was totally aware of the effect he was having on the man. He arched his back, gently thrusting his covered genitalia toward the man. He glanced down at the man's pants, and could see just how aroused he was as well. Scott crawled up into the man's lap, and Jim's hands fell naturally underneath the boy's bottom. He savored the exquisite softness, and again trembled with what could only be called lust. The boy tugged on his trainers, and kicked them off along with his shorts, then he slipped off the man again, and the man realized he was suddenly disappointed at the loss of contact. Jim simply sat there gazing. Carefully, watching his every reaction, Scott drew the man's hands to that one last remaining article of clothing. "I'm...not sure..." Jim began.

Scott smiled reassuringly. He thought of Alex and how he explained that he - Scott - would have to help his special friend until he overcame his grownup inhibitions. "Please," Scott said. "I..." A hint of a smile stretched his beautiful lips, and he looked briefly away. "want you to see me...without any..." The boy blushed, and his eyes sparkled. "...you know."

"Okay." The President's whispered word cracked and caught in his throat. Slowly, he began to lower the thong. Truthfully, it was the first time the man had actually handled one, and he found himself blushing when he realized how it actually worked to hold itself in place.

The cloth dragged over the tip of Scotty's little penis, and he flexed involuntarily, and Jim stopped. He blushed and grinned. "Sensitive," he muttered. Jim blushed now and lifted the silky material away from the boy's little rod, and continued to pull the thong down.

And then the boy was fully exposed, completely naked. The President's eyes widened. Here he was staring, transfixed, by this pre-pubescent child, and he was shaking with desire. He drank in the full picture of perfection, smooth, firm, all-boy. Softly waved blond hair, button-nose, and that little spike of boyhood. He'd never seen anything harder. His heart was pounding.

Scott gazed up at him, waiting. Jim wanted to tell him what he felt. 'You're beautiful,' that's what he wanted to say, but then he worried that perhaps the boy would be put off by a word like beautiful vs. a word like handsome, and yet handsome didn't quite do it. He swallowed, bit his lip, and just said it. "You're beautiful, Scott. Your body is..." He just sat there, shaking his head.

Scott grinned. He'd just made the best talker in the world speechless! He blushed. "I'm glad you like me, Jim."

"Oh, God, Scotty, you're so..." Scott squealed with laughter. "...so?" the boy mimiced. He thought it very funny indeed the the most powerful man on the planet couldn't finish a sentence - and all because of him! The President blushed. "You're laughing at me, young man!" he muttered in mock anger. "Uh-huh...I am..." Scotty giggled. "My mentor said that speech writers write stuff for you...maybe you need them now!" Scotty's daring made him blush a deep red (which the President did not fail to notice), but the boy's sparkling eyes danced with delight and drew the man even more into the web the boy was spinning. Scotty launched himself up against the man, and hugged him tightly. His little throbbing penis poked naturally into the man's navel, and the boy felt the man's belly grow taut. He also felt the man's tool flex underneath his buns. "No fair, you know," Scott whispered.

"What do you mean?"

"You get to see me, but I can't see you." Scott blushed again, dropped his eyes and spoke quietly, "...and I'd really like to."

Scott again slipped off the man's lap and stood before him in all his nude splendor. He reached for the man's belt, and tugged on it until he could get it unbuckled. Then he unbuttoned the button and lowered the zip. Scott tugged on the pants, and finally the man regained enough composure to lift. The pants slid down, leaving only the man's briefs, but in the next moment, they were being removed by the hungry boy as well. Unlike the man, he expertly lifted the elastic band over the man's massive erection. When Scott finally got the underwear below the President's genitals, his eyes widened. His cut tool was equal to in every way Dr. Bainbridge's, except perhaps not so thick. A little wave of anticipation and perhaps even concern shuddered through the boy, but its effect on the boy was electric. Scott grinned, and flashed a look up at Jim. "He's big - biggest I've ever seen! Wow, sir...er...Jim. Wow!"

The President of course knew from college locker rooms years ago that he was above average, but to hear the soft soprano voice of this angel praising him made him oddly proud and drew a smile from him - as well as deep blush. "Thank you, Scott."

Now the boy, seemingly on autopilot, reached out and grasped the massive Presidential tool. A massive shudder passed through the man at the touch of the boy's soft, delicate, warm hand.

"Oh," the boy gasped, electrified by the monster's hardness. Already he'd begun visualizing taking it up his hungry bottom. He ran his hand up and down it a few times, then lowered his mouth for his first taste. He just licked at first, still stroking the Presidential log slowly with both his hands. Then stretching his mouth wide, he slipped his mouth down onto the head. The man's tool bucked, and Scott wondered if he'd actually be able to take the thing in his mouth. His tongue swabbed the surface of the man cockhead, and then sucked, applying a negative pressure which again made Jim throb. He grabbed onto the boy's head and slowly, the boy lowered himself onto the man. Amazingly, the boy was able to tolerate the huge object being pressed into his throat. Then he quickly pulled off. His eyes were watering. "I don't think I can take all of him," he was saying. "At least not at first. He's just too big." The boy blushed. "Maybe...if I get a little more practice." He grinned shyly. The President was simply in shock. His wife wasn't fond - if the truth be told - of her husband's "endowment", and she certainly didn't like the idea of oral sex (especially with that big thing!). That, and the demands of her husband's work, meant their time together was (mercifully) limited. There were friends of hers who had actually had breast reduction surgery. She wondered if there was such a thing as penile reduction surgery, and if there was, if her husband - or any man - would ever consider it. (Not!)

At any rate, this boy before him was going into territory even his wife avoided. Scott had taken him back into his mouth now, and incredibly, had almost half of him inside his hot oral cavity. It felt incredible. Somehow the boy was able to compress his throat around the head, sending shockwaves across his body. Scott felt the signs of nearing orgasm, and the eleven-year-old wasn't ready for that - not yet. He slowed his ministrations, and then pulled off. He glanced up and saw ecstasy give way to a look of disappointment. The boy flicked back the achingly-hard penis. "I'm not done, yet," Scott whispered. He grinned wickedly. "I just need a little attention myself. He adjusted some pillows and pushed the President back until he was leaning back against them. Then he crawled up, straddling the President's torso. His little cocklet throbbed so that its skin was stretched taut. The President looked down, then up at the boy's face which was filled with longing. Hesitatingly, the boy inched forward, and then let his penis touch the lips of his special friend. Both man and boy shuddered at the touch. A worried look spread across the President's face, and he backed off. "Um...Scott...Scotty," he said. "I've never done this before."

Scott's eyes widened for an instant. "Never?" the boy said.


Scott swallowed and was quiet for a minute. This was unexpected.

"But," Jim continued, seeing the disappointment in the boy's face, "I guess I could try."

The boy beamed. "It's not so bad, Jim, just kind of do what I was doing to you. Only it'll be easier for you." The President seemed momentarily confused. "'Cause it's not so big, dummy!" He grinned and his eyes sparkled. He'd just called the President a dummy, and the President was laughing!

"Dummy, huh?" Jim said, and reached out grabbed the boy's arm and with his other hand tickled the boy under his arm. The boy squealed, giggling wildly.

When Scott had recovered some, he said, "Just try it...one step at a time, ya' know."

Jim lowered his head to the boy's cock, and sucked him in. The boy immediately gasped, and grabbed onto the man's shoulders to steady himself. "Oh, yeah," Scott moaned. "Just like that, Jim. When you feel like it..." Scott gasped in another breath. "...just run your tongue all around, and kind of make like a vacuum. And if you want, you can even work on my balls, too. That feels really nice. But your mouth feels awesome!"

The President took all of Scott's instructions to heart. He was a fast learner.

"Oh, God, Jim, ooohhh." In just a few more strokes, the man felt the boy stiffen all over, and suddenly spasm as wave after wave of energy pulsed throughout the small, firm body. A groan tore from the boy's throat. Suddenly, unable to take anymore stimulation, the boy held the man's head still, and pulled out. Jim looked up confused. "What's the matter?" he asked with concern. "Did I do something wrong?"

Scott gave him a look, half dreamy and half dummy. "Wrong! No way! I just came. You know...had an orgasm - an incredible orgasm. It's just my orgasms are dry, because...you know, I haven't hit puberty yet...but man, you were awesome, Jim!"

The President blushed. Somehow - as bizarre as what he'd just done seemed - it was strangely satisfying. That he'd been able to give this boy such pleasure made him feel content and confident, and if it weren't for the ache in his own tool - an ache yet to be relieved - he have been more satisfied with life than he'd been in years. He thought about that. Here he was President of the United States, with eighteen months to go in his second term, and he was finding more reward in bringing a minor to climax than anything else in his life for more years than he cared to remember. It was perplexing. Scotty watched the man trying to puzzle something out in his mind, and when the strained look didn't go away, Scott decided to try to help. He snuggled up against the man's chest, and just rested his soft cheek against the slightly hairy chest. Scott really wasn't too turned on by the hair, but it wasn't bad, and he thought the man might like him doing that. He reached out with his tongue and licked the man's nipple, and Jim gasped loudly. Then, with a brief patting of the boy's little butt, the President recognized his growing need. Though somewhat embarrassed, he reached down and stroked his own tool a couple of times as he began to bring himself to orgasm. Scott glanced down. "I'm sorry," he breathed.

"Why?" Jim asked.

"Because I didn't finish...what I began." Scott lifted his head and looked up at Jim. "Wait." Scott got up and went to his little overnight case and returned with a tube of KY. He slid onto the bed beside the President, and quickly lubed up the President's massive cock. Jim's eyes were unblinking as the boy worked, slicking it up totally. "I want you to do something, and I bet you haven't done this before, either!" Scotty beamed at his new friend. Then he slipped a couple of pillows underneath his butt, pulled his knees back to his chest, and gave Jim the gel. "It's...um...kind of hard for me. It'll be easier if you do it..." He could see the uncertainty again flow into the President's face. It sort of threw the boy. He thought the man would want this, but he sure didn't seem to at the moment. "Please," Scott said. "Just squeeze some out on your fingers and..." He blushed sweetly "...just get my hole slippery."

"N-n-n-o-o," Jim said with a shaky voice. "I...can't....You'd never be able to..."

"Shhh," Scotty said. He reached down and stroked the man a few more times, and Jim shook with each stroke. "You want me," Scott said, "I can see it." The boy kept working the man's nipples with one hand, and the massive Presidential tool with the other.

"It's too big, Scott."

"Let's just try. If it is, we'll do something else, but..." The boy swallowed hard. With his knees and thighs he stroked the man's hips and sides. He was trying every arousal technique he'd learned. His goal was to overcome any hesitancy his lover-to-be might have. The President glanced down at the boy and could see an almost scary animal lust in the boy's eyes. "...I want to try..." Scotty said, "I want you to try to do it. Please, Jim." The man glanced down at the tube of gel, and then the tiny swollen, dark brown pucker at the center of the boy's bottom. A bolt of electricity coursed through his body, and he knew the boy was right. He did want him, suddenly he did want to fuck that little boy-ass. Slowly, almost guiltily, the President began to apply the lube around the boy's hole. "You need to put it inside," Scott said. He lay there, his muscled little tummy heaving rapidly up and down, looking up at the man. "With your fingers," Scotty said. Almost reluctantly Jim began to enter him with one finger. He looked at the boy's face for any hint of discomfort. There was none, just a sublime look of satisfaction. "Put two in," the little boy said. "You need to help me stretch, and then three."

The President looked down at the small figure beneath him. His huge, thick cock oozed precum onto the boy's genitals. Scott had already told him that all his precum would help during their joining. He also told him about going slow, about how to get it in the beginning. Now the boy lay beneath him holding his small cheeks apart, looking vulnerable and demanding at the same time. He wants this, Jim thought, and at the same time realized just how much he wanted it, too.

Jim leaned down and felt his cockhead press against the boy's anus. It'll never fit, he thought and almost decided to pull back, but the boy reached out and pulled him into him. Scott winced when he finally managed to open up and take the first half of the massive head into his body. The tiny anus squeezed the man's cockhead. It was electrifying, and the man knew he was close almost before they'd even begun. "More," gasped the boy. "But slow," he urged. Jim complied. He glanced down, amazed as he watched his ten inch tool sinking deeper and deeper into the boy who, he could see, seemed to be concentrating very hard.

He glanced up and saw a tear well up in the boy's eye. "I'm hurting you," he said.

"Don't stop!" Scott gasped. "It's okay."

And when he was in as far as he could get, Scott gave him the okay, and he began to fuck the boy. He was so tight. The President had never felt anything like it in his entire life. It was beyond belief. His whole body was tingling with energy. Now he was pounding into the boy who was grunting with every stroke. The boy's head thrashed from side to side. Jim held onto Scott's thin sides, rubbing his thumbs on the boy's smooth chest. Again, the boy shuddered as his orgasm assaulted his small body. And then, as if teasing the man into his own orgasm, the boy's tight, hot chute clamped down, enveloping the man's cock in exquisite pressure. And then he felt his body surge, trying to purge itself of its essence, and then it did. Blast after blast of his hot juice rocketed against the walls of the boy's bowel, and suddenly, the boy screamed and again experienced orgasmic wave after wave of body-shaking energy.

And then it was over. The man was barely conscious. But even in his dazed state, he knew he had to express how he felt to the boy, and so he leaned down, and kissed him. The boy released his legs, letting them wrap around the man's hips, and he grasped the man around his neck and held him close. Eventually, without separating from their joining, Jim lifted the boy and together, they rolled over so the man was on the bottom, the boy on top, still impaled on the man's now-softening tool. As if joined in more than a physical way, both sighed, and together drifted off to a deep and unfettered sleep.

History was made that week - in more ways than one. The history that would be written up in the books was momentous - but then so was the history that was not so public, at least for two individuals, one 11-year-old and the other nearly five times his age. Publicly all the goals of the summit had been met and surpassed. Major announcements were made throughout the meeting. At a press conference at the end, the extremely productive nature of the summit was noted and the President was asked to what he attributed this. "Fucking an 11-year-old," he thought about saying, but instead, he said, "As I prepared for this conference, a good friend told me what's really important in building relationships is being yourself. I think that's what we all tried to do here. It cleared the air, and we understood, maybe for the first time, what each of us felt was truly important to the other. I think that made the difference. And I'll always be grateful for that bit of advice."

In the hotel, Scott turned to his handlers and blushed. "He's talking about me," he said. "I told him that." He beamed.

Already, Bainbridge had been notified of the apparent success of their operation. Scott had dutifully reported each encounter he'd had with the President, and they'd noted that the President had actually demanded the alteration of the Summit schedule, so that he could have more "rest" time - more time, that is, with his boy.

This pattern would continue for the next 18 months, until he left office.


(Mid January - 18 months later)

The Morgan's thought little of the phone call. They'd received periodic phone calls throughout Scott's absence, always reporting he was doing well. Once in a while, he was even allowed to speak to his parents, but only for brief periods of time. This call was like so many of the others, a brief report. The only odd thing was that the caller asked if Mrs. Morgan was at home as well. "She is," Scott's dad said. "Do you want to speak to her?" No the voice said. That won't be necessary.

Less than ten minutes after the call, Scotty's sister heard cars outside the house. She ran to the window.

"Mommy, Daddy," she called. "There's a whole parade of cars outside!"

The Morgan's opened the front door, and were momentarily alarmed to see four large, black SUV's parked on both sides of the street. In the darkness of the night, it was difficult to see, but several men got out, some approaching the house, and others disappearing into the night. The cars left. Then, they recognized a solitary figure approaching them. When the man stepped to the door, they were even more uncertain. "Dr. Bainbridge," Mrs. Morgan said.

After a few pleasantries, Dr. Bainbridge stepped into the house and closed the door. He paused long enough to run his hand over Scott's sister's golden locks. She was almost exactly two years younger than Scott. Bainbridge lifted her face so he could see it clearly. At eleven years old, she was a delightful little girl, and he wondered - for just a moment - about the hints at her budding little breasts. Did she have any downy soft hair around her genitalia he wondered.

He smiled at her, released her chin, and shook the thoughts from his head. "You really ought to consider our program for your daughter," he said pleasantly. Then he continued: "Mr. and Mrs. Morgan. Something unusual is about to happen, and we must ask for your assurance that despite any temptations, you extend your confidentiality agreement a bit further, to include this evening."

Scott's mom and dad exchanged looks. Their concern was palpable. "And that goes for you too, sweetie," Bainbridge said, again turning to the sweet barely pubescent girl. Normally our work remains completely hidden and completely classified. However, the project Scott has been involved with was a bit...different...and a particular individual who has seniority over me has, in this case, overruled my decision. You must, however, never reveal what you are about to witness." The doctor produced the appropriate documents, which all present signed.

Dr. Bainbridge placed a phone call, and almost immediately a car was heard approaching. Bainbridge opened the door, and two men in trench coats stepped inside and closed the living room curtains. By now the car -- a large black limousine - was pulling up in front of the Morgan's house. Another man opened the door, and a man and a boy got out and walked up the front walk.

The boy came first. Although a good five inches taller and ruggedly heavier, they knew immediately who it was; it was their son. And behind him came the President of the United States.

He kept his hand on the boy's shoulder as they stepped through the door, and then a man outside closed the door.

"Mom, Dad. Susie!" Scott said simply, then after just the slightest hesitation, he stepped to them and embraced them and kissed each of them. Clearly his family was in shock - first at seeing their son who, while still clearly a boy, seemed strangely grown up from how they remembered him. Then of course there was the other matter. The President.

"Ed, Nancy, it's an honor to finally meet you," the President said. "I've heard so much about you." Scott looked up at Jim and beamed. Dr. Bainbridge tells me this is very unusual, but I wanted to speak to you directly to let you know how much Scott has meant to me over this past year and a half. We can't tell you what he's been doing, but I can tell you this: your son has impacted the course of history, and I, for one..." The President squeezed the boy's shoulder, and almost sounded choked up. "...will never forget him. He has performed a unique service to his country, and personally, he's meant the world to me." If the Morgan's had not been so dazed, they might have seen the President's cheeks redden ever so slightly. As it was, there was no missing Scott's cheeks. The boy twisted around again, leaned against the President's side, and said, "Thanks Ji...I mean, Mr. President."

Eventually, the Morgan's recovered enough to invite the two men to sit down. Nancy Morgan even managed to put some coffee on and gather some homemade cookies together.

Toward the end of the evening, Dr. Bainbridge stood, signaling the end of their visit. Everyone else stood as the doctor spoke again: "Scott has proven to be an invaluable asset for our program. Now that there's a change coming in administrations, his work is coming to a close, however, he has proven so successful in his time with us, we would like to have him continue to participate.

"And I want to, too!" Scott added forcefully.

It would be a little different this time. He'd be able to return home often, though his work would still keep him away much of the time. His studies would of course continue. "And incidentally," Bainbridge added, "he's now studying at the tenth grade level in all subject areas."

"If he could continue in the program," the President interrupted, "I'm certain, his impact would continue to be felt."

Bainbridge nodded in agreement.

"So," the doctor continued, "I guess part of the reason for this rather unorthodox visit is to seek your approval."

"We hope it will be affirmative," the President said, sounding almost desperate (as indeed, he was).

Ed and Nancy Morgan exchanged glances. "Of course," they said simultaneously. They'd been watching Scott since he'd walked through the door, and were frankly startled at how much he'd changed: more confident, more at ease with himself, more grown-up. He was a young man now, a young man who made them exceedingly proud. He beamed when they gave their consent, and practically leapt onto them, hugging them both. The boy's front pressed against his mother's thigh. At first Nancy Morgan didn't understand what she was feeling, and then when she did, she reddened slightly. His genitals had grown significantly from how she remembered them when he had left them a year and a half ago.

And then, as abruptly as the men appeared, they left, Scott with them. They could only imagine what he'd done that had changed the course of history - as the President had said. What, they wondered, and had put their son - now a handsome thirteen year old - on a first name basis with the most powerful leader on the planet. They could only imagine, but what they imagined would, of course, never approach the truth.

As they rode back to the White House, the President leaned in to Scott and the boy, knowing Jim so well, twisted his head to align his lips with the man's. They kissed deep and long. "I'm so proud of you," the President said. Scott blushed.

"We all are," Dr. Bainbridge said.

"I'm glad we could work out this arrangement," the President added.

"Yessir," Bainbridge replied. "As am I." Bastard, Bainbridge thought. With his imminent departure from office, the President and Scott had called Bainbridge into the Oval Office. "Once I've gone back home," the President began, "I want Scott, here, to come with me. And he wants that, too. Don't ya' Scotty boy?"

"I do."

"With all due respect, sir, we can't do that," Bainbridge replied. This was something he hadn't anticipated, but as he sat there, he realized it was something he should have. His mind spun for a solution."

"Well, Doctor," the President said, "if we can't, well...it would be a terrible thing if this program were to suddenly lose its funding."

It was blackmail, both men understood that. Eventually a solution was worked out. Scott would make frequent trips to visit the retiring President while on assignment for the PEDO operation. It was Scott who actually came up with his next assignment, and he was anxious to get started. He was glad he'd continue to be able to see Jim, but he knew what Jim himself had not been able to admit to himself or anyone else: he'd become a boy-lover. And Scott was not going to be a boy much longer. Already his voice was cracking, and then there were all those other signs. Scott knew better than Jim that there would come a time, not too far away, that Jim would be looking for another boy. Already they had talked about that, if only "theoretically", but they had. Jim had wondered aloud one day how "interested and interesting" youngsters could be found. Scott had some ideas about that, and he'd been happy to share them. But that was something for the future. For now, matters closer at hand had been settled, and now, tonight, the last detail was put in place.

"I want to tell him," Scott said to Dr. Bainbridge.

"You can," the doctor replied.

"Tonight," Scott said after they'd left the President. "...for the whole night." The transition had already begun, and Scott wasn't at the President's beck and call all the time. Soon, he'd be even less available to the President.

Bainbridge had his driver pull down a quiet street in Georgetown. "That's the one," the doctor said, pointing to a recently rehabbed brownstone. A soft, undulating light shone in the window, and it appeared the occupant was watching TV.

"Thank you, Dr. Bainbridge," Scott said.

The doctor smirked. "Only for you, Mr. Morgan, only for you, my prima dona."

"Prima dona? So you think I'm a girl," Scott said flatly.

Bainbridge laughed. "How about it Scotty, would you consider a sex-change operation?"

"Dr. Bainbridge!" the boy exclaimed in mock horror. He cupped his swollen package prominently displayed between his spread legs. "I thought you liked these toys."

"Don't worry, Scott. They're much too important....and so are you for that matter, though for the life of me, I don't know how you pulled that off." The doctor smirked again.

"Me neither," Scott said deliberately using the improper grammatical construction. "I'm just a kid, Dr. Bainbridge." He grinned.

"Yeah," the doctor replied, "...just a kid, who happens to have the ear of the President of the United States."

"Yeah," smirked the boy. "I guess that could have something to do with it." Scott grinned again, even a bigger smile.

"But I mean it, Doctor Bainbridge. Thank you."

"You're welcome, Mr. Morgan. Now get up those stairs." He slapped the boy on his pert little butt.

Scott Morgan stepped out of the car, and before he'd pressed the bell, the car had sped off. He stood in silence for a moment, worried. What if he was wrong? What if... Scott shook off the doubt and pressed the bell.

It took a moment, but soon the door opened. Scott grinned, and suddenly the man's face lit up.

"How'd you get here? How'd you find..."

"When POTUS is fucking your hot little boy ass, a lot of things are possible," Scott interrupted. He practically jumped into the man's arms, burying his face in the man's neck.

"Oh, Alex," he breathed, I've missed you so much." The man felt rapidly chilling tears fall on his neck.

Once inside, Scott dragged his mentor to his bedroom.

"Let me look at you," Alex whispered.

"Okay," Scott said, and within seconds stood naked before him. He was taller, but he'd gained weight, and so appeared to be about the same build. His muscles popped and his torso tapered nicely to his hips. The thirteen-year-old had a little washboard of natural abs. There was a good patch of soft, curly hair around his penis, which by the way, was now a good four-and-a-half inches long. The hair had none of the kink that pubic hair developed later on, for now, it simply hinted at things to come. His cock pointed up, almost pressed against his belly. Alex thought he caught just the slightest reflection - a glistening in the slit on the top of the boy's cockhead.

"Suck me off," Scott demanded as he stripped Alex of his clothes. Alex grinned. Long gone was the shy boy he'd first met all those months ago.

Alex lay down on the bed, his head propped up against the headboard. Scott climbed up on top of his, and teased him with his boyhood tool.

"Gotten a little bigger, huh?"

"All over," Scott answered.

Then Alex slurped him in, balls and cock. In just seconds, he'd awakened the boy with the familiar tongue work and mouth.

The boy groaned, and held the man's head in his hands, and pulled his tool out of the man's mouth. "I have some news, by the way."


"Well, Dr. Bainbridge has been saying it's getting harder and harder to convert boys."

"That's right. We've got to plan for a month minimum, and we've got to go very slow, especially in the first couple of weeks. We're not sure why, maybe the earlier students just were more..."

"fucking horny?" Scott said.

"Well...something like that."

"Well, I've got an idea. Dr. Bainbridge likes it, and I hope you do, too." Scott eyed his mentor and lover. "I'm...as you can see...I'm getting older, so I won't be out there all that much longer. But...what if there was a kid, experienced in the field, to help initiates make the jump. What if I was around, to help sort of 'move' them along." I mean I know what it was like, I'm a kid, too, but a little older, so maybe they'd even look up to me a little, and I can talk to them and tell them anything they want to know, and..."

"Okay, okay, Scotty. I'm convinced. It's a great idea."

"And you know what's the best part?"

Alex shook his head.

"I get to be with you!" Scott grinned.

Alex looked into the boy's eyes, then flashed a glance down at his genitals.

"What makes you think I want to be with you?" Alex said with a coy smile.

Scott's eyes bugged out.

"That's right," Alex said, "With a boy who seems to have forgotten the important stuff and just talks a good game." The mentor grinned wickedly.

"Oh yeah?" Scott sniped. "Well, maybe if there was a mouth around here that needed a little sip of nectar, I'd be happier!"

With that Alex sucked the boy back into him. Scott gasped and stiffened, arching his back, as the man worked his magic. "Mmmmm," Alex hummed, and then suddenly seemed to falter, and pulled back.

Scott looked at him, and he at Scott. "What did you say? Something about a sip of nectar?"

The boy blushed. "I hope you're thirsty, just a little bit."

"Scott!" Alex said, and then examined the boy's genitals more carefully. The signs were all there: the increased size of the boy's balls, the darker, more wrinkled scrotum, the bigger penis. The man greedily sucked balls and all back into his mouth.

As he began working the boy's genitals, his finger found its way first to the boy's mouth, then to the boy's hot bottom - the bottom he'd dreamt about for months. With just a few wriggles, he was landed, his finger deep in the boy's ass. Immediately he began stroking Scott's prostate. It was larger now, and Alex was sure the boy was correct in his not-so-subtle hinting.

The boy was wasting no time in moving toward his orgasm, and now he began bucking his hips, and muttering "strong" language. ("Oh fuck, oh yeah, Oh God, suck me hard") And then he came, three hard contractions spewing thin, sweet boy-come onto his mentor's tongue. A long groan tore from his throat. As he began to come down off his orgasmic high he collapsed down onto the man's lap.

Alex stroked the boy's hair, and with effort, Scott opened his eyes. The man leaned down and kissed the boy, and Scott tasted his own come on the man's lips.

"Oh God, Scotty, you are incredible."

"Thanks to you," Scott answered. He snuggled down against the man - his first lover, his only true lover. The man stroked his soft hair, and the boy sighed. It was so right - being here with this man...so right. It was where he was always meant to be.


- Finis -