The Incredible Journey of Thomas Johnson


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Chapter Twelve

"I am not truly free if I am taking away someone else's freedom, must as surely as I am not free when my freedom is taken from me. The oppressed and the oppressor are robbed of their humanity."

(Nelson Mandela)


A New Job in an Old Time

I waited patiently for Celeste to begin the tale of the four hired hands. She sighed deeply, beginning,

"If you remember, Mr. Chapman asked me to accompany him to his place, High Oaks, to tend to a sick person. I assumed it'd be a slave field hand. Upon my arrival, much to my surprise, I found not one but four young boys, all Negro, and each in need of some medical attention. They were each covered with a blanket, resting on small beds in the parlor of the main floor of the master's house. Ordinarily, slaves aren't bedded in the main house, unless they are a bed-boy, but treated in the slave quarters."

"I approached the first one nearest to me, noticed his face was bruised and cut, and when I pulled back his cover to examine him, his naked body was bruised as if he'd been severely beaten as well as starved since he was emaciated as well."

Celeste, angry at the sight, growled in dismay, "Who would do such a thing to a slave boy as young as this one?" and added angrily, "That person should be horsewhipped!"

She fully expected Chapman to fulminate with anger; instead she saw a man filled with compassion and just as angry as she was!

"He was!" he replied, "and soundly I might add right after he decided to sell all four of these boys to me!"

As she treated each boy, she'd ask his name; "Caleb" answered the smallest of the quartet and most badly abused; "Isiah," replied the next; "Malik," and "Absalom." Other than giving their names, the boys remained silent, yet watching each and every action of hers with their dark, almost sad, eyes. As she continued to work on the boys, Chapman explained his attorney had drawn up manumission papers for each boy and they were now free persons of color.

"I don't think the boys understood what that meant at the time, although once they were recovered they understood it quite well, but remained extremely loyal to Mr. Chapman and decided to continue to work for him."

Caleb seemed to be the most severely injured since, according to Celeste, he'd been sodomized by a rather large instrument or man, she wasn't certain. She brushed his head with a kiss after she'd examined his sore and bleeding rectum. She informed him it'd hurt for a while, especially when he went potty, but it would heal in time and he'd be "right as new!" All four of the boys seemed relieved and happy!

Our visit was interrupted when Chapman joined us in the kitchen.

"Celeste," he announced, "I've decided to go to Keokuk this afternoon and pick up seed for the garden, corn fields, and oat fields. I could use some of our own from last year but I think I'll try someone else's, just to bring about a little diversity. If you have any grocery items you think you might need, get be a list. It won't be long until the planting crews start arriving and we'll be feeding all of them as well as us."

Pointing to me, he said, "I'll get you some clothes, a straight razor, a razor strop, shaving mug and brush, shirts and pants, boots, and anything else you might think of before I leave."

"I sent word to the men I want Hannibal, Jubal, Jacques, Gabriel, and Paul to go along with me. I'm taking two of the big wagons with four mule hitches since we'll have some heavy loads, especially if I can get the pipe Mr. Jeansonne wants. I'm also going to go to the bank and conclude that land purchase. I'm going to take my buggy as well and Jubal can handle that."

Returning his attention to me, he said simply, "You'll be in charge until I return sometime on Friday."

I reminded Chapman, with the coming planting season, he'd need some cash money available to pay the hired help with, to take some cash from the bank and have it on hand here at home. I also wanted to tell him with the terrible incident going to happen on Friday, April 14, the day he would return, the banks would likely close the following Monday so the nation could mourn, but I didn't!

Celeste excused herself to prepare a list of staples, such as flour, yeast, sugar, and other items she might have need of with the increased mouths to feed. I thought a moment and decided to see if Chapman might be persuaded to have the cash he was to withdraw from the bank, to be remitted in the form of gold and silver coin. I reasoned to him with the war's end, although there were still some holdouts in some areas, some of the banks on the fringes just might not be as sound as one might hope and if so, there could be some excellent investment opportunities available for someone who had hard currency readily available. He pondered my reasoning, but made no comments.

It wasn't long until all were assembled for the trip; two wagons, eight mules, one buggy, and seven men. Chapman and Jubal were ensconced in the buggy, while the rest of the men were parceled out to the two wagons. With a wave of hands and "goodbyes" from Celeste, two very pregnant wives, and myself, the group departed.

I went to my office to do some work in the account books and complete a separate, private ledger listing all of Chapman's assets, including cash on hand, on deposit, investments, and current land holdings. Since he hadn't taken possession of the four hundred acres he was planning on purchasing, I only listed it as "pending purchase." It really wasn't necessary to do a separate set of ledgers, but I felt I should, just for my own information and as a back-up in case any records would be destroyed.

I took the copy of the ledgers to my room, put them in my duffle, and returned to the downstairs and out one of the back doors. I'd noticed an orchard in bloom a short distance from the house and I was curious what types of trees, now in bloom, were planted there. I recognized some of the fruit trees; apple, pear, and cherry, but one in particular I couldn't identify. There were at least two dozen or more trees. Scattered throughout the orchard were numerous wooden bee hives, all busy with the little creatures flitting about doing what bees do! In one sunny location, next to the orchard were a couple of rows of grape vines as well. I was certain if I looked hard enough, I'd find berry patches somewhere as well!

I drifted back to the Doucet kitchen at about the time I thought the little boys would be returning home from school and arrived at the same time the burro cart carrying the three of them clattered down the lane and came to a halt in front of the corral where Goliath's family brayed in greeting. Benjie spotted me first and made a mad dash toward me; he jumped into my arms, locked his arms around me, and kissed me – on the lips! As I returned it and released him, Henri took his place and received like treatment! They raced back to help Antoine unhitch, feed, and water Goliath before returning him to the corral.

Antoine was clearly pleased to see me and gave me a big hug as well. I think he was becoming more and more aware Benjie and Henri were claiming me. All three raced to the house to leave their books and returned with a couple of baskets to gather eggs and do the rest of their chores. Antoine walked out to the pasture and herded in the four milk cows into the milking parlor, for Hiram's daughters to milk. While they were doing them, he milked the two nanny goats that were fresh! When the boys were told who was gone, Benjie and Henri fed the hogs as well. No one seemed to object about doing someone else's job. It just seemed to be the natural thing to do!

I looked toward the pasture gate when I heard the four hired men and Rueben returning from the fields. The two teams of mules each pulling a two bottom plow, with the wheels down for travel, and the disk pulled by another team of two, rattled into the yard, and stopped in front of the machine shed. Hiram quickly helped the men unhook the equipment and store it for the night. The mules were led to the large corral, fed, watered and turned loose. Once the animals were taken care of, the four hired men, scooted to the bunk house, while Reuben went to the house. He returned with clean clothes and a towel and headed for the shower. It wasn't long until Absalom, Malik, Isiah, and Caleb joined him, each returning with a towel and clean pants. They were all dirty and dusty from working in the fields and the shower, cold as it might be, would be welcome!

I couldn't help but notice, as the group of young men walked under the shower heads, how lean, but well developed their bodies were; strong, but not "muscled in the exaggerated sense," round, nicely formed buttocks, trim waists, and all of them fine examples of virile manhood as evidenced by the nicely sized flaccid penises that wobbled and jiggled as they walked. Jefferson was sinewy, with a taut abdomen, wiry one might say, and extremely well endowed (how well I know after having him up my backsides previously)!

Antoine, hustling in from his chores, took one look at the naked men assembled washing themselves, grinned, dropped his pants, shucked off his shirt and shoes and stepped in to join them. Rueben, deciding it was growing too crowded, grabbed a towel, wiped his face, wrapped the towel around his waist, gathered up his clothes, and headed for the house. Just as well, because Benjie and Henri, now naked, decided to join the rest of the men!

Bars of soap were passed around and the men and boys took turns scrubbing each other's backs and butts. Within a couple of minutes, all of them were as hard as broomsticks and from my vantage point it may well have been broomsticks considering the size and girth of the five older men. Benjie and Henri being the exception, although there was no doubt in my mind they would be joining the club very soon.

Antoine soaped up his crack, bent over, and presented himself to Absalom while Isiah, after soaping himself, presented himself to Jefferson. Jefferson mounted him in one full push while Absalom took his time wiggling his cock into Antoine. Benjie and Henri, not wanting to be left out, wiggled their pert little bottoms at Caleb and Malik. It didn't take long for Absalom, leaning over Antoine, bare belly to bare back, arms locked under Antoine, to shudder, clench his ass cheeks and begin pulsing his sperm into his partner. As his flow diminished, Antoine turned his head and received a very erotic kiss!

A moan from Jefferson caught my attention as he too unleashed his semen into Isiah. When he leaned over Isiah, nuzzled his neck, and murmured something, apparently either expressing his appreciation or seeking another engagement later. As far as Benjie and Henri, they just enjoyed being fucked after a long day at school! I did notice, however, when I wasn't watching the others, Benjie and Henri never took their eyes from me as their partners were firing their guns up their butts!

When everyone was satisfied, at least temporarily, they rinsed and Benjie and Henri, naked as jaybirds, clothes tucked under their arms, trotted beside me as we walked to the house. Jefferson and Antoine chose to accompany the others to the bunk house. We detoured through the kitchen so the boys could get a cookie from the cookie jar and I spotted a wet towel on the floor. Before I could comment on it, Benjie said knowingly, "Looks like Rueben is visiting Momma Doucet."

Henri nodded in agreement, adding, "She really likes Paul better than Rueben, I think because he has a bigger cock!"

"Bigger than Jefferson?" I asked incredulously.

"Nobody's bigger than Jefferson!" Henri answered knowingly.

In their bedroom, I watched as the boys rummaged around for clean clothes. I expected them to get dressed right away, but instead, Benjie bent over the bed, spread those cute little ass cheeks of his, exposing his pink pucker and chanted,

"I love f—u—c—k—i—n—g; put your big fat cock in me!" and giggled.

Of course, I just had to step up and oblige! Not to be outdone, once I'd put one load in Benjie, Henri demanded the same treatment. It took me a bit longer to deliver, but that suited him just fine!

As I quivered my less than copious load all I could think of was a good part of this household, at least the ones I'd interacted with up to now, gay, straight or otherwise, really had little inhibition about sex!

To be continued.


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