The Incredible Journey of Thomas Johnson


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Chapter Thirty


"He knows things that were and the things that would be and the things that had been before."

(Homer – Iliad I, line 70)

Death comes to call and secrets revealed.


The four of us, Benjie, Henri, James and I, sat in Chapman's study patiently waiting for Chapman, seated behind his desk looking through some papers, for him to speak. Our presence was requested and was a direct result, although inevitable at some point in time, of a tragedy occurring on the Farm a couple of months previously!

Benjie and Henri turned fifteen this year; both excelled in school, although Mrs. Andres confessed she and her instructors had taken them as far as they could, given the resources at hand, and was recommending some sort of preparatory school prior to the boys attending college. Both were maturing into handsome, slim, but well-built, sturdy young men, with a more than adequate endowments between their legs making them not only desirable to men such as myself, but to the other gender as well! There was no doubt, however, both loved fucking their own gender, but Henri, being more versatile than Benjie, who loved bottoming for me although having him deeply embedded in me flooding me with his liquid love, was quite pleasant and could bring me off quickly as he came, preferred being the top man, heaving and twisting his nice, long fat cock deep inside David's velvet tunnel or Benjie or me or anyone willing to give him a ride!

They sat quite unsuspecting the reason I brought them to Mr. Chapman's office at his request; I couldn't help but swell with pride over both of them. Although half-brothers (albeit at this point they weren't aware of it), each with different mothers, but the same father, they were alike, yet different! Benjie was the practical one, astute, inquisitive, great in mathematics, able to think beyond the current situation, analyze and determine the course of events through research and careful planning the course which must be taken to reach a specific goal. Henri, on the other hand, was the idea man, the organizer, the negotiator, the public relations man with the big smile, the natural gift of conversation, a trusting nature, a natural leader, effectively motivating others to the task Benjie plotted out for them. They also were loyal to each other and, although not appearing to be the "brawn and bully type" were more than capable of defending someone or initiating an attack, using whatever means they needed. Under my tutelage, they became very proficient with a knife and the devious techniques one would use in finding and garnering information which might come useful sometime in the future and, under the instruction of James, the revolver. Both were deadly with a rifle. Yes, they were quite the pair!

In the Spring of 1871, at the height of spring planting, we were dealt a heart-wrenching, family tragedy. Hannibal left early in the morning to check on some field work completed the day before and when he didn't return for lunch, we sent out people to look for him, fearing he'd fallen victim to some unscrupulous character, fallen, or taken ill. Jefferson found him, resting up against a tree, his horse grazing nearby on the lush spring grass.

Jefferson carefully, lovingly placed his father across the saddle of his grazing horse, lashed him securely, and brought him home. Celeste and her daughters-in-law prepared his body for burial¸ and two days later, when Jubal, Rachael, and the boys arrived home, he was buried in the small family cemetery on the farm. Hannibal left eight sons and several grandchildren. According to Reverend Miller, now no spring chicken himself, performing the burial service, Hannibal was a "hard working man, who never complained, always happy to be free and be with his family!"

Chapman stood by the graveside, emotion shaking his voice, saying "Loyalty, such as Hannibal had for me, never complaining, always thankful, honest to a fault, a man I could rely on to keep a trust and nurturing those who surrounded him, is something one finds rarely! We've been through a great deal together, down South and here, some good times and some not so good times. I will miss him so, since he was the one who began the transformation of this land into what it is today!"

I knew very well, the "trust" Chapman referred to and wondered now if truth will out and what has been hidden revealed!

Our mourning period didn't last long since we had planting to complete. I suggested to Chapman he call Hannibal's sons together for a conference to help decide on a successor to Hannibal as our farm foreman. Chapman, James, and I already had our eye on one of the brothers to step into the position, but we wanted to know if the others would follow his leadership. He was young, knowledgeable, easy to get along with, but made the difficult decisions with thought, understanding, and accepted responsibility for the results. He was not afraid to admit mistakes, credit others with their ideas and good work, and we thought a natural leader, like his youngest brother Henri, who the others just might follow.

We all gathered in Chapman's study, he explained the purpose of the gathering and asked for suggestions from the group. There was some hesitancy, several of the brothers looked to Jacques, the oldest, so he spoke up,

"Mr. Chapman, no disrespect, but all of us had a meeting after breakfast and before we started field work, except for Henri since he was off to school, but I visited with him when he got home about this and we'd like you to consider Rueben for the job. He's fair, smart, understands the farm, and can make tough decisions when need be!"

The others nodded their agreement; Rueben happened to the same one the three of us chose as well, so it was done. Rueben was our new foreman!


Now we waited for Chapman to speak; a month previously, Chapman asked James and me to accompany him to Keokuk to meet with his attorney. At that meeting, along with securing a position for Jubal as an associate once he finished law school the next year, Chapman made what might be construed as minor changes to his will but would prove to be significant if and when his death might occur, especially if Benjie and Henri had not yet reached the age of majority!

Everything remained the same concerning who (Benjie and Henri) the major beneficiaries were, as well adding an educational trust fund, Gervais and Parnell as "beloved grandsons" would receive an inheritance as well, but added James as a trustee, along with me, to the estate until Benjie and Henri were twenty-one, and their guardian should I be unable to continue to do.

On the way home, Chapman remarked it was time the boys knew who their father was and he wanted to tell them while he was still able to do so. Chapman hadn't been well and I think he could foresee the day coming when he'd no longer enjoy our company on earth. I guess I assumed James knew who their father was, but from the look on his face, which he quickly masked, he didn't but said not a word!


So we sat, still waiting until Chapman cleared his throat, sipped some water, and began;

"Benjie and Henri, I have in front of me a couple of documents; my will and your birth records. It may come to you as no surprise you are to share equally in the bulk of my estate when I'm gone. I've made that relatively clear in the past. In case I should die before you are twenty-one, which I hope not to, Mr. Jeansonne will serve as your guardian. If he is unable to do so, James Andrews will. They both will serve as trustees to the estate, handle the affairs of Chapman Enterprises and Farms, and other legal and operational affairs until you reach your majority at age twenty-one."

Chapman paused and I glanced at the boys, their eyes glittered with tears, finding it difficult to imagine life without "Poppa Chapman."

"You've both called me `Poppa' for as long as you remember, however perhaps you didn't realize or perhaps you did, I am father to both of you and the birth records, plus a witnessed affidavit confirming their accuracy and my parentage, show that for the world and you to know. You boys are half-brothers with different mothers, but me as your father!"

Both boys gasped at the revelation, smiled at each other and gave a wink, before bounding out of their chairs, rounded the desk and hugged him tightly, murmuring "Thank you Poppa, we love you so much!"

Benjie added, "You've made my dreams come true, Poppa, I always wanted Henri to be my real brother!"

I don't know if that was his thoughts this morning after waking with a hard cock needing attention or a twitching rear portal, serviced by me during the night, when he crawled into bed with Henri, turned his back to his brother, spread his cheeks exposing his beautiful butt hole, and said, "Fuck me!"

Henri wouldn't pass up any opportunity to dip his wick, so he rolled Benjie over on his stomach, inserted his stiff wand and began to sink to the depths of pleasure. David, noticing the activity, Henri's cute ass bobbing up and down on Benjie, slicked up his own cock and mounted Henri, eliciting a squeal of delight from him. I, watching from the other bed, now stiff as a railroad spike waiting to drive into a tie, couldn't resist, walked over to the ménage a trois, wiggled into position and slid my much larger cock into the smaller hole owned by David, making him grunt momentarily as his ring opened, his bowel relaxed, and allowed me to sink to by balls in his ass! My thrusts became the engine that drove the train, taking us all to the same station at the same time!

In mid-June, during a particular hot stretch of weather, Benjie suggested a swim in Rock Creek, near the spot where I first arrived from my own time, one late afternoon to cool off. I tried suggesting some other place, but for some reason he was almost insistent we go there. I'd avoided that particular spot since I arrived except for one other time. I had something to take care of there and as I approached the cleft in the rocks leading to the small cave, a strange "humming" sound seemed to develop in my ears and my skin began tingling and heating up. I quickly moved away and located another large boulder and rock outcropping I figured only time and dynamite could remove or wear down.

I wasn't certain what might happen if we should go there, but I wasn't certain I ever wanted to leave this time and place, my love for Benjie was that strong and intense and his for me! If I had a stressful day or be concerned over a particular problem, Benjie could ease my mind or stress by offering himself to me in such a loving, erotic, and intense manner we both would be exhausted and well sated!

I dismounted hesitantly, aware Benjie was watching me closely, and looked apprehensively at the cleft in the rocks. I felt nothing, heard nothing, and my skin was warm only because of the natural heat of the day. We stripped, swam, cooled off, frolicked, and after a half hour, exited the water, both of us erect and eager for each other. We stood in the lush grass, our arms around each other, our stiff cocks throbbing one up against the other, and Benjie looked directly into my eyes, he'd grown tall enough to do so, and said softly, "T.J.; fuck me!" and I did. Face to face, our bodies locked as I thrust and he pushed, his legs tight around my waist securing my cock in his love chute, our lips engaged in passion, my cock stimulating his prostate as well as my sensitive staff, his own cock slipping up and down my stomach with each move, until, with a mutual cry of joy, expended our seed, mine inside him and his between us, coating both him and me!

Not wanting to separate, we lay in pleasant bliss, my stiff prod still buried deep inside him, Benjie finally said again, "T.J., I have a couple of questions to ask."

"Okay," I responded, pushing in a little deeper wondering if I could do another round without withdrawing.

"What's an Iowa Driver's License?"

Oh, boy!

"Why would it have your name, Thomas Randolph Johnson (using the English) on it with a birth date of April 1, 1958?"

Oh, shit!

"Why were you frightened to come here to swim? After all, this is where we found you in 1865?"


My dick was as limp as a well-cooked noodle and plopped out of where it had just recently been readying for renewed pleasure in a familiar territory. I could attempt to lie, mask any knowledge, feign stupidity, but Benjie would see through the ruse immediately and I really didn't want to lie to him concerning this. I'd been living a life of deception for six years and if anyone would believe the strange tale of mine it'd be him! My only worry now was how many others, other than Celeste who was bound to me by her own secrets and the shared one we had, knew of the strange circumstance surrounding my presence here. Up until now, they generally believed I was some sort of government man, now retired from service but still actively engaged to a point of harboring knowledge the general populace was not privy to.

Taking a deep breath, I rolled off of my lover, stretched out on my back, and pulled him close to me. "Benjie, I love you very much and what I'm going to tell you will sound as if I'm crazy, but I don't think I am. I will ask you to promise to reveal it to no one else! Further, it's a story I'm afraid you'll find hard to believe, since I hardly believe it myself; a story filled with many things not yet to come and of those things that have been, but I ask you, through your love for me and me for you, hear me out!"

Laying together in the grass, I began my story, beginning with a short summary of what I knew of my birth in April of 1958, my stay at the Annie Wittenmyer Home, the subsequent foster homes, my university years, and, as we dressed, tried to explain what happened to me on April 1, 1865. Benjie never uttered a word, except nodding his head on occasion as I spoke, nor did he appear not to believe me!

Dressed, we sat on the banks of Rock Creek as I explained my finding the Geode, the terrible storm, leaving my motorcycle (at this point he did raise his eyebrows not being able to conjure up in his mind anything other than a horse), entering the cave and the feeling I had as I hurled through time and space, waking up at Chapman's, and finding a boy I really loved. At first, I thought it was an April Fool's joke, but after a couple of days I knew better.

Mounted, we rode slowly back toward the farm, while I tried explaining a driver's license, a motorcycle, and an automobile, but he didn't quite grasp the concept until I informed him in five years, in 1876, a man by the name of Nikolous Otto would invent the internal combustion engine and how eventually it'd be powered by gasoline made from oil.

"It works similar to a steam engine," I explained, "but instead of an external boiler to make steam and push the pistons, the gasoline fires inside the engine and drives the pistons."

Still pretty complicated, but I could see he was mulling it over in his mind.

"That's why you wanted James to buy mineral rights, including oil rights, for property, isn't it?"

I guess the little shit (well, he's not that little any more) was way smarter than I anticipated! I nodded, but before I could say anything in response, Benjie pulled his horse to a halt and said almost accusingly,

"You knew President Lincoln was going to be assassinated and didn't stop it!"

Benjie was angry; he'd been to the funeral, saw people grieving, weeping, sobbing for the leader they loved, suffered through a civil war, and now felt helpless. He'd lived through that same war, but without all of the depravation others suffered because of where he lived and the foresight of Chapman and Celeste!

Raising my hand to halt his growing anger, I explained, "Benjie, would I been able to I'd have done so, but I'm only a traveler, a witness to history, moving through time, unable to change events, only use my knowledge to take advantage for those I love, you, Henri, and everyone here at Chapman Farms. If I could change history, I probably wouldn't be here because I may never have existed."

My final statement gave him pause so it was my turn to raise a question or two.

"How long have you known or least suspected something about me, how did you find out, and how many others know?"

He sorted out things in his head, frowning trying to recall events in the right order.

"Well, it really started the day we found you. You were dressed funny, not like the rest of us, and you carried a different sort of valise or bag, you know sort of like a carpet bag, but not. Your pants were different, they had a tag on the back that read "Levis" and had a different sort of buckle on the belt that held them up. It read `University of Iowa-Iowa City'."

He was silent for a moment, took a deep breath before continuing, "When we got you home and in Momma Doucet's sick room, while we waited for her, I undressed you. I thought your cock was funny looking, not to laugh at, since it is pretty damned good sized, but I'd never seen one with the skin cut off before. While Momma Doucet was fixing you up and Henri and Jubal were eyeing your cock, I folded your clothes up, took the strange knife from the pocket, and your wallet. I'd never seen a knife like that before either. I saw your wallet, but didn't open it. I just put everything in your bag where you had some extra clothes and stuff."

"So, you said nothing until now?"

He nodded, acknowledging he hadn't, but changing the subject; "Do you remember when the outlaws tried to rob you guys and you killed them all?"

"Yeah!" How could I forget!

"That was the year of the big gold scare, when people lost everything, but we didn't! I thought about that a lot and pretty soon some strange thoughts started working around in my mind! You knew, in advance somehow, of things going to happen, all the way from inventions, such as the corn planter, where railroads were going to go, farmland to buy, coal mines and everything. I figured even a government man couldn't know all of that, but I thought it was crazy to think you'd been here before or something."

He stopped: "Did you know about the outlaws?"

I shook my head no, "I only know of major historical events because something like that wasn't in the history books I studied."

I was surprised by his reaction to the strange things he'd seen up until the incident with the outlaws. Each time he appeared to question something in his mind concerning my clothes, the knife, the gold crisis or any of the clues I exhibited through my previous knowledge or predictions alarm bells weren't really triggered in his mind. Although he did admit to wondering if I was a "witch doctor" or "conju man" he'd heard others speak of, but his love for me overshadowed any doubts he might have had!

"About a week ago," he confessed, "I was outside Poppa's study and overheard you tell James and Poppa of possibly some sort of financial crisis, caused by the gold crisis you thought would be coming up in the future, maybe in a couple of years, and could be pretty bad for everyone, except for us, if we took actions now!"

"I thought it sounded a lot like what you said about `Black Friday' before it happened and I started to think just maybe you were somebody like a fortune teller who could predict the future, but I'd learned in school and from reading, there isn't such a person except in Greek Mythology and other stories. I remembered your wallet and stuff and went back to our armoire to look in your travel bag. I found the billfold, some funny greenbacks, and other stuff. There was a miniature of your diploma from the University of Iowa, saying you'd received a `Doctor of Philosophy' degree. I knew then I had to ask you about it!"

We'd arrived at the main house by then, so I decided to take him to my office to continue our discussion. Still amazed at his countenance; Benjie didn't appear fearful or suspicious or looked at me as if I were crazy, but just plain acceptance of what I was saying was absolutely, positively correct. As we sat, him fairly relaxed, me, as tight as an never penetrated eight-year-old boy's bung hole, I explained what would be known as the "Crisis of 1873" and how we should be prepared for it!

Benjie listened patiently until I finished with the brief description, changed the subject, and asked, "Will you have to leave and go back to your own time as quickly as you came here?"

I didn't know and expressed to him why I was so fearful of returning to the place where they found me, especially in light of the previous brief experience I had, causing me to fear the place, not really wanting to go back now.

"I really don't want to leave," I said sadly, "It would mean leaving you!"

Benjie rose from his chair, walked over to me, and embraced me, saying lovingly, "I love you so much T.J. I don't want you to ever leave me!"

I must admit we both cried and I vowed it would take something drastic or catastrophic to ever cause me to leave. The longer we stood, embracing, the longer my cock and his became. I kissed him, reached down and began fondling his stiffness, encased in his britches, until he dropped them to the floor, popping his nice big cock out for my hand on skin attention. He reciprocated, slowly stroking me after removing my britches as well. He knelt down, took me in his mouth, and lubricated me with this saliva before bending over the desk, offering himself to me for our mutual pleasure!

After we both fired our loads, mine into his depths, breeding him, and marking him as mine, and his, once he whipped around, and I engulfed his throbbing dick, into my mouth, where I swallowed his sweet, copious cream, ingesting the thickness, absorbing it into me, I vowed to begin preparing a journal of major events that would happen during his lifetime and beyond, for him to use as a guide in decision making. I assumed he'd live to ninety, which would be 1946, so I'd have to include the World War I, the Great Depression, and the Second World War. Clearly this would be more than just a couple of days work, but I felt it would be worth it, just in case I was transported back in time, unavailable to him for counsel and comfort!

That was the last time we spoke openly concerning my "traveler" status. At this point in our relationship he didn't care, his love for me was that great. Although there were many times he'd look at me and ask, "What do you think?" wondering if I'd encountered something similar previously. True to his word, he said nothing to others, including Henri.

Benjie, Henri, and David left for a preparatory boarding academy in Iowa City to ready them for admission to the college there. It was well staffed and chaperoned, so the boys would be safe there. Besides, I had Benjie and Henri take their knives, well concealed under their clothing, but available for use. The only time they wouldn't have them on them was in the shower or when naked or when fucking either each other or any of the other boys in their dormitory. There was no doubt in my mind, with their well formed large cocks, Benjie and Henri would be put to good use by the other boys and I was correct. They came home during the holidays and during the summer. I was always surprised Benjie could walk as well as he did when he left for school or my own cock wasn't fucked raw from constant usage!

While the boys were away, I made a diligent effort to prepare for an extended period of economic downtown. After consulting with James, Rueben, and Chapman, expressing my concern for the situation, which I explained after the gold crisis it only seemed to the first of a series of events I thought would lead to financial problems for the country, we began a serious debt reduction program, paying down long-term debt and retaining short-term debt only to the point of immediate payment by month's end. We paid debt down in greenbacks, which I knew would be devalued, and accepted only gold, whenever possible, for receipt of funds to the farm. I cautioned about making any additional long-term debt purchases such as land, until the "situation became clear." If we missed opportunity in the meantime, we missed it!

What little railroad stock we'd purchased for short-term capital gains, I liquidated quietly while the stocks were on the uptick since I knew almost ninety percent of the railroads would fail during the crisis; investment banks and others would fail, land values would plummet, men such as Jay Cooke would bankrupt, and what was known as the `Southern Reconstruction' would be terminated in the years following the Panic of 1873. There would be opportunity for growth for those who had hard capital available!

It wouldn't be a fun time for many for a couple of decades. The signs of change had been evidently for several months as countries in Europe began making changes to their national currencies, eventually triggering the economic crisis. I also had a larger, reinforced concrete vault (something way ahead of its time, but I wasn't questioned on it by James or anyone else) installed in a small addition we attached to the East Wing of the main house, near James' office. It'd give us three locations, under lock, to store our papers, gold coins, and greenbacks, along with any other valuables we might have.

It, the Panic of 1873, happened as I predicted (surprise!), Jubal finished law school and he and his family moved to Keokuk where he took a position with the firm representing Chapman; Benjie, Henri, and David entered their first year at the University in Iowa City, and we were ready for the long haul!

During the Panic of 1873, we held back in the early stages on expanding our land holdings or stocks. The Specie Redemption Act of 1875 placed the country on a path toward a gold standard or gold backed currency. As land values dropped we picked up smaller holdings adjacent to ours, invested in some more packing houses, a company producing refrigerated rail boxcars for transportation of fresh meat, and a couple of farm equipment companies.

The Panic made significant changes, lasting a couple of decades, in labor forces, wages for laborers, and political parties, just to name a few. I tried to isolate us from it all the best I could, by maintaining a very low profile for Chapman Farms. 1877 was a banner year for David, Henri, Benjie and me, as well as for Chapman! The three of them graduated from the university and we celebrated in grand style! The food and festivities continued well into the night, until the four of us retired for the night, where we fucked each other until dawn. I have no idea how I was able to mount first one and then another and another and still spew a load, or how my rear entrance was able to handle their different loads as well. They were now adult males with very adult cocks and large balls and could deliver a walloping load with gusto. When I finally left for my office Benjie, Henri, and David were involved in a game of "piggy in the middle" and I didn't bother to see who had the "middle!"

Menou, now nine years old, was happy to have the boys home to stay. She was growing into a very lovely girl, with those physical qualities of both her mother and biological father, along with their intelligence. Thomas Randolph was never informed of his status as her father and none of us said otherwise to her. She was Menou Doucet and our darling girl! Henri, Benjie, and David would take her with them, if she was not occupied with her other friends, wherever they went. They doted on her and indulged her, to a point. She was loved but not spoiled to the point of being a "brat."

Rock Creek was still the swimming hole for our younger residents. The donkey cart would fill, usually with Paul Jefferson Doucet, handling the reins, and off they'd go, with one or more of us accompanying them to insure their safety. Paul and Menou were very close friends and had been since early on in their lives. Both were the same age and about the same stage of sexual development (pre-pubescent), but I could see "P.J" as he was called, took after his Uncle Jefferson. His pre-pubescent uncut cock hung fairly long and fatter than the other boys, his balls were still tucked up tight in his crotch, and his dick fairly fascinated Menou as much as her hairless girl slit fascinated him as well!

Once at the swimming hole, P.J. and Menou would swim and before everyone was ready to leave, they'd head to a grassy area, where, with Menou flat on her back, was mounted and inserted with his stiff prod and royally fucked! It was a regular occurrence and none of the other youngsters seemed concerned. Before summer was over, they were not the only ones fucking each other; paired off in boy -girl, boy-boy, and changing partners frequently just to see how it felt, I imagine and enjoying the moment.

Life was pretty good at Chapman's Corner until April 1, 1879!

To be continued.


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