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The Intruder

Christian Blake lay in bed contemplating his life to date. He'd just turned twenty-nine, divorced for three years and a man wondering where his life was going and that was it. No affairs no friends, a loner because of his shy and unassuming nature. His wife's departure didn't really effect his way of life, and the truth being he was glad no delighted that she'd left him. He had known before he'd married that he preferred male company to female and had done so from boyhood. Because he hadn't been able to perform in bed as frequently as his wife had desired, this being one of the major contributing factors to his wife's departure. (She of course not knowing that his lack of interest in sex was due to her not being a male). Their parting was amicable and within six weeks of signing the divorce papers she had remarried, and that was the last he'd heard of her as she had left London to live in Ireland.

Truthfully Christian had only married for the sake of so called respectability, and continued badgering from his parents. So when they had gone to join his elder brother in Australia he'd wondered why he had been so weak to comply with their wishes. The saving grace being his wife's decision to leave him. Now he was free and financially quite well off, his father had died shortly after arriving in Australia and left him one hundred thousand pounds. He had invested the money in shares and after selling them recently had doubled his original investment.

It was now the early hours of a Saturday morning, and he was lying down contemplating whether he should give up working and just live off the interest he'd get from his capital. It wouldn't be a lot but with only one mouth to feed and owner of his home it would be enough. He then began to daydream of how his life would change if he could meet a young boy that he could look after. Christian longed to meet and have an affair with another male but hadn't the self belief or courage to take the plunge so spent his time fantasising what might be. He'd recently read a few stories on the net dealing with relationships between men and boy's. Though most of the stories mainly dealt with the sexual side of the relationships, there were a few that dealt with the boy's moral and emotional upbringing. Christian felt that if he were ever in that position that would be the way he would like to go. He continued with his daydreaming putting himself in all sorts of emotional and precarious situations with his boy charge where he would eventually triumph with the two of them awakening to their love for each other and madly kissing and embracing to be safe and together again.

His reverie was broken by a noise coming from the rear of the house. He quickly got up grabbed his robe and moved as quietly as possible downstairs to the source of the sounds. As he'd been lying in the bed without any lighting for a reasonably long time, his eyes had become accustomed to the dark so he could see quite well from the light that filtered in from the street lighting. Tentatively approaching the kitchen he poked his head around the door to see a figure squeezing through the small top part of the double glazed window. He waited for the person to be at their most vulnerable three-quarters of the way in so that they couldn't escape by dropping back out again, and at the same time not in a position to mount an attack. As Christian stepped forward challenging the intruder now that he could see it was a young boy, he felt brave enough to confront him. The boy scrambled down and immediately tried to run past Christian who stuck his hand out and grabbed the intruder by his jacket.

"Let go arsehole! The intruder screamed struggling to break the grip on his jacket or I'll get my mate to sort you out."

"Your mate has taken off so fast Christian said, that I'm sure he'll be the UK's first space satellite, so quit struggling or do you want me to get physical."

"Okay! No need to get rough the boy said just give us a break mate and let me go I haven't taken anything."

"You must be joking kid you break into my house and when caught ask to be freed because you haven't taken anything where do you live Never Never Land? Come on I'm going to phone the law." Still holding onto the boy's arm Christian put on the lights and dragged him into the sitting room.

All this time Christian's thoughts were racing he couldn't believe what was happening from dreams to reality the script couldn't have been better if he had written it himself. The next part was going to be crucial if the plan that was forming in his mind were to be carried out, and if he was going to obtain the trust of the boy he had caught.

Sitting down on the settee and dragging the boy down beside him Christian made as if to pick up the phone.

"Please Mister don't call the cop's I don't want to be put away give us a chance please."

Christian turned to the boy and asked, "How old are you?"

"Sixteen the boy answered."

"Sixteen! Christian exclaimed and I'm the Pope."

"It's the truth the boy replied if you don't believe me I'll give you my parents phone number you can ask them."

"So why don't you want me to call the law Christian enquired?"

"I've been done for shop lifting about a year ago the boy said. If I go to court again so soon they'll put me in detention so give us a break."

"So what's next, do I have to call your parents to come and pick you up?"

"You'll have a hard time doing that and especially at this time in the morning seeing that they're in Manchester."

"Are you a runaway he asked the boy?"

"No I'm old enough so I left home and came down to London to try and get work and get my own place. Things didn't go to well so I ended up in a squat and got talked into doing this by Andy this was my first time and you caught me."

"Not to smart are you? Christian said, he makes you take the risks and if anything goes wrong he takes off and leaves you to it."

"Okay you don't have to be so fucking superior the boy snarled do what you fucking have to I'm not going to beg you anymore."

"I'm not asking you to beg Christian replied, seeing that you haven't a proper place to stay I was going to offer you a room here, but apparently your not too taken with me so you may as well leave." Saying that he got up and escorted the boy to the front door, opening the door Christian said, "You're free to go."

The boy looked at Christian then darted through the open doorway.

Halfway up the stairs Christian heard the doorbell ring, going down and opening the door he saw the boy standing on the doorstep.

"Your offer still open the boy said?"

"Sure Christian replied come in." After the boy had entered he lead the way upstairs, at the top he showed the boy to the bathroom then said.

"I think you need to clean up, your body odour is none to pleasant. If you wait a minute I'll give you a towel to dry yourself with and some shorts that you can wear to sleep in. While you're in the bath I'll get the bed ready, that room at the end of the passage is the one you can use," Christian indicated then went to get the towel and shorts. When he returned with the items the boy was running the bath Christian handed him the things and left. He finished making the bed and sat on it waiting for the boy to finish and make an appearance.

After about fifteen minutes the boy appeared and Christian could hardly recognise him from the dirty scruffy kid that went into the bathroom. The boy stood about 5' 8" he had brown hair average build and looks, but to Christian he was heaven sent and everything about the boy was beautiful. As the boy entered the room Christian introduced himself and asked the boy his name.

"Ewan (u-in) Taylor the boy said and don't make any jokes about the initials I've heard them all before.

"Okay Ewan let me tell you Christian said, firstly I'm single actually divorced still the same thing. I'll tell you right out that I am attracted to men in other words I think I'm a homosexual I've never had a relationship with another man but that doesn't stop me from fantasising. I won't try making any advances towards you so if you're comfortable with that you're welcome to stay otherwise you can leave in the morning.

While he was talking Ewan was studying him. The man was about 6ft tall slimly built he had black hair and tanned complexion. His eyes were blue which because of his complexion and black hair attracted your attention to them.

"You don't have to tell me your life story or your likes or dislikes Ewan said, when the man stopped talking. If I didn't intend staying I wouldn't have come back anything is better than staying in that squat.

"Okay! End of life story Christian said could I trust you not to let your mates in when I'm sleeping or out of the house to rip me off."

"They're not my mates the boy said, I met them on the streets and just started hanging out with them. I would be pretty stupid to let them in to rip you off. This is the best offer I've had in ages and I intend making use of it."

Christian rose from the bed "See you in the morning he said to Ewan and left to got to his own bed.

Inside his room Christian took off his robe and slid into the bed and under the bedclothes. He lay back and at once let his mind go back to the events of the last hour and pinched himself to make sure it was real. All thoughts of sleep went out of the window as he at once began fantasising about what might happen between the two of them, and how their love for each other would surpass all others, eventually the fantasising stopped and he drifted off to sleep.

He woke later that same morning made his way to the toilet to relieve himself then went downstairs to the kitchen. He found Ewan there already drinking tea "You don't mind me helping myself the boy said as Christian walked in.

"No not in the least Christian said help yourself to something to eat as well if you're hungry."

"Thanks the boy said I will I'm starving."

Christian went to the fridge took out some eggs bacon and tomatoes handed them to Ewan then asked him "Do you want chips as well?"

"Sure the boy answered that will go down nicely."

"Can you do your own breakfast or do I have to do it for you Christian asked?"

"I can manage as long as you show me which pots and pans to use the boy said?" "Use whatever you think you need Christian replied they're all in that cupboard he indicated I'm off to get showered and dressed." He left the boy to his breakfast carrying his mug of tea upstairs to the bathroom and sipping it on the way.

After finishing his shower and dressing Christian made his way down to the kitchen to find Ewan just finishing his breakfast.

"That was just great he exclaimed wiping his mouth with a tissue that's the best meal I've had in weeks."

When the boy had finished pouring himself another cup of tea Christian asked him if he would like to discuss his future when he had washed and dressed.

The boy looked at him "Have you got something in mind he asked?"

"Well get washed and dressed then we can chew over what I have planned Christian said."

"Okay I'm on my way Ewan replied finishing his tea and leaving to go upstairs, be down in a bit he retorted as he disappeared from view."

Ten minutes later Christian heard his name being called from upstairs he got out of his chair and made his way to the source of the call. Ewan was standing in the bedroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Have you got anything I can wear for the time being he asked Christian? My clothes are dirty and smelling quite a bit."

"Oh Shhhhhhugar! Christian exclaimed I meant to put your clothes in the wash last night and forgot, okay! Come into my room and you can help yourself."

The boy followed Christian into the room and though quite a bit shorter than the man he soon found something that he could wear.

Christian left the boy to dress and returned to the sitting room and was joined there a few minutes later by Ewan.

When the boy was seated Christian, immediately asked him? "If he wanted to start work from next week."

"Sure" the boy said, what have you got in mind."

"I happen to be the assistant manager of a men's retail store Christian replied and at present we are short of a junior sales assistant. The manager is away next week and I have to find a replacement by the time he gets back. Now if you go down to the job centre tomorrow and apply for a shop assistants post, they'll send you down to apply for the job that we have on offer. It's been advertised for the last five days but the applicants haven't been suitable in the manager's eyes. Tomorrow I'll be in charge and if you apply I can install you in the job.

"That's great Ewan said you can show me around and by the time the manager is back he'll see that I'm capable of doing the job."

"Okay! Christian replied but I've got to tell you I was thinking of resigning my position but I'll postpone the decision for now and when you're well established I'll think about it again.

"Will you want me to find my own place as well Ewan asked?"

"No! Christian exclaimed you can stay forever if you want and you don't have to pay for your stay I uhhh Oh! I'm sorry that sounds pretty bad doesn't it like I'm propositioning you?"

"No that sounds fucking great to me Ewan said but when I'm settled I like to pay my way if you don't mind."

"Okay! Christian said relieved, when that time comes we'll negotiate a payment that only I have to agree to so it's not going to take a lot of negotiating if you see what I mean.

"Ewan smiled you're the boss he said," and looked at the man with a lot more respect and affection.

"Right my next proposal Christian said is that you need some decent clothes to work in. We can go to the shop I can fit you out and pay for them, and you can pay me back a little at a time."

Ewan looked at the man "You're doing all this because you fancy me Ewan said that's it isn't it."

"I don't know what you I um! Christian spluttered," turned left the room and made his way upstairs to his bedroom.

Ewan realised he'd put his foot in it so he went upstairs to the man's bedroom knocked and poked his head around the door. He saw Christian lying down on the bed "Is it all right if I come in he asked?"

"Yes come in if you have to" Christian answered not moving from the bed. The boy stepped into the room

"I'm sorry for saying what I did I have a habit of shooting my mouth off without thinking he said."

"You only said what we both know is true Christian replied you don't have to apologise. I thought I could conceal my feelings for you but I wasn't very successful it was so obvious it must have been embarrassing."

"No not embarrassing Ewan said it's only that I've had a relationship with a boy of my own age before but not with a man and I feel kind of awkward about it."

"Okay Christian said getting off the bed forget about relationships lets go to the shop and kit you out, and if you feel that I'm starting to come on to you in the future and it makes you uncomfortable just tell me to back off." He led the boy downstairs and outside to the car that was parked in the street and when they were both buckled in he drove off towards the town centre.

A couple of hours later they returned to the house carrying arm loads of bags the outcome of their shopping spree. After storing the clothes they returned to the sitting room. As Christian went to sit down Ewan held his arm stopping him.

"What's wrong Christian enquired?"

"Nothing Ewan replied, I just wanted to thank you for all that you've done it means a lot to me, you giving me this chance."

"Ewan I'll be honest with you Christian said, what I'm doing is not only helping you but also myself. You see your presence in this house is like an answer to a prayer. These last three years living alone has been far from ideal, I've lain in bed many a night fantasising about male companionship and now I have that company. Maybe not as I fantasised but company nonetheless and for that let me thank you."

The boy looked at the man "That doesn't sound right your thanking me just for being here with you Ewan said. By rights I should be kissing your arse for letting me off the hook last night, then doing all this for me."

Christian smiled "Promises! Promises!" He exclaimed which made the boy blush. Oh God! I'm sorry Christian said I didn't mean it to sound like that I meant it as a joke."

"Okay the boy replied don't get panicky I know what you meant." With that he leant forward and kissed him on the cheek.

Christian felt his whole body tingle at the touch of the boy's soft lips on his cheek at the same time his face turned a brighter shade of red. "Your turn to blush Ewan said and that's my Thank You for everything."

The man stood gazing at the boy he raised his hand and gently rubbed the place where Ewan had kissed him then said, "That's my sleep for tonight gone I'm going to be fantasising even more than ever."

The boy laughed Jeeze! He exclaimed don't you ever think of anything else."

"Yes Christian said but when I'm in bed that's my prerogative and being kissed by you doesn't help."

"Oh shit Ewan said seems like I fucked up again."

"No you didn't that kiss meant more than you know especially after three years of living on ones own Christian replied. Now what about this afternoon do we cook or go out for a meal."

The boy put his hands inside his trouser pockets then pulled the insides out showing his pockets empty. "We cook he said."

Christian pulled out his wallet tapped it "We eat out he replied."

Ewan looked at the man shook his head then said; "You've spent enough Christian please no more lets eat at home."

Christian stood gazing at the boy.

"What now Ewan said?"

"I'm glad you consider this your home Christian replied instead of just a place to stay. Lets go check what's in the deep freeze that we can eat."

After they had eaten, later in the afternoon they went out to rent a couple of videos. Later that evening after a snack they settled down to view the videos. With the end of the videos they said their goodnights took turns in the bathroom then went to their separate bedrooms.

The moment Christian got into bed and turned the lights out he began to fantasise about Ewan. He let his mind run amok with all the fantasies that he could imagine with the main theme being Ewan and himself passionately embracing. Their lips crushed together while their tongues danced and entwined sending shivers of bliss through their bodies and arousing their loins. Christian wouldn't let go of the fantasy he continued to change and expand upon it and incorporate whatever took his mind, but as always he being the hero would rescue Ewan from whatever peril he was in and return him to their home safe and into his arms.

His fantasy was broken when he heard a noise downstairs, God! Not again Christian thought this is becoming a habit. Grabbing his robe he wrapped it around himself then made his way silently onto the landing. Immediately he saw the other bedroom light on and the door open and realised that the noise was Ewan in the kitchen. He made his way to the kitchen and found the boy drinking a cup of tea.

"What's wrong Christian enquired?"

"Couldn't sleep I'm sorry for disturbing you Ewan replied."

"You didn't disturb me I was awake like you couldn't sleep."

"Oh! The boy exclaimed you want a cup of tea."

"No thanks Christian said I'm going back to bed to try and get some sleep if I can goodnight Ewan."

"Christian can I sleep with you the boy asked?"

"What am I hearing right."

"Yes Ewan said I just want to be next to you if you don't mind."

"I don't know what to say, in case it's the wrong thing Christian replied and you might change your mind but I'm going up now if you want to you can follow."

The boy left his tea on the table and followed Christian to his bedroom.

Christian slid into the bed and waited for Ewan to join him, the boy stood hesitantly at the side of the bed.

Christian spoke "You don't have to get into the bed if you're having second thoughts he said, I won't think bad of you."

The boy smiled and climbed into the bed then promptly snuggled up to Christian.

"Can I put my arms around you the man asked?"

"Sure Ewan replied."

Slowly Christian wrapped his arms around the boy and breathed a sigh of contentment, now his fantasies were coming to life as he felt the boy in his arms. "Ewan he asked can I kiss you please?"

"Bloody Hell! Christian the boy exclaimed you don't have to fucking ask permission before you do something if I don't want you to do it I'll tell you."

"Christian unwrapped his arms from around the boy turned over and because his mind wasn't fantasising fell asleep quite quickly.

"Fucking Hell! Ewan thought I've got as much tact as a turd when the fuck am I going to learn Shit! The whole night is ruined. Silently he got out of the bed and made his way to his own bedroom valiantly fighting back the tears that sprang to his eyes.

Next morning Christian showered and dressed then went to wake Ewan. The boy lay on his side, arms and legs splayed out and bedclothes thrown back. Christian shook the boy's shoulder to wake him and gradually he opened his eyes.

"Good morning Ewan, come on stir yourself Christian said if you want to start work this week."

"Morning the boy replied you're not mad at me after last night."

"No why should I be?"

"Well after the way I spoke last night Ewan replied I thought you wouldn't be very attracted to me."

"Just because you've got a mouth like a foot doesn't mean that I've got to stop liking and helping you."

The boy rose from the bed and stood by the man "Christian I'm sorry for speaking the way I did I don't know why I do it. My last boyfriend broke up with me because he couldn't take my macho attitude and I still make the same mistakes. I"

Before the boy could say another word Christian grabbed and pulled him into his arms and brought their lips together. He pushed his tongue past the boy's lips and into his stale tasting mouth, but as their tongues met that was all forgotten as feelings of absolute bliss flooded through his body giving him an instant erection.

Breaking the kiss Christian looked at the boy "Ewan he said keep your mouth closed get washed and dressed and get ready to check out that job I told you about." Then turning around he left the room.

The boy just stood there gazing after him before realising that he he'd better do as Christian said if he didn't want to be late.

As they left the house Christian told the boy he'll give him a lift to the job centre, as he has to pass it on the way to work. Before he dropped the boy off Christian handed him a key telling him "It was for the front door and used to belong to his wife. Hopefully I'll see you a bit later he said and drove off."

Ewan as planned went into the job centre and when it was his turn asked if there were any junior sale assistant vacancies available? As predicted he was the given name and address of the men's outfitters that Christian had mentioned and told to apply for the position.

Fifteen minutes later Ewan walked into the shop and was immediately asked by a sales assistant if he could be of any help?

The boy said "He was here to see the manager concerning the vacancy for a junior sales assistant." Ewan was led to a door at the back of the premises the assistant knocked on the door and was asked to enter.

He informed Christian that there was someone enquiring about the vacancy, and was told to show the person in.

As soon as the assistant closed the door and left Christian exclaimed, "You made it! Okay take a seat while I fill in these forms after that you take this form back to the Job Centre stating that we have taken you into our employment, and that you begin work as of 1pm today.

While Christian filled in the forms he also asked Ewan all the relevant questions pertaining to his life to date. After about ten minutes he leant back in his chair and stated that he'd finished.

"I've got some news that might interest you Ewan the manager is not coming back he's been promoted to district manager and it seems that I'll take over the running of the shop."

Ewan jumped up "That's brilliant! He exclaimed so have I got the job permanently?" "Unless you do something absolutely stupid yes Christian replied. Now take this form back to the job centre and be back by 1pm."

Later that afternoon when Ewan had got back from the job centre Christian introduced him to the other members of staff then showed him around the shop and generally informing him what his duties entailed.

At about 4.55pm Christian called Ewan into the office gave him some money and told him "To go down to the supermarket and get them each a ready cooked meal for the evening. He requested a Chicken Buriani and told Ewan get whatever you want. I've got to check the tills before locking up for the night so I'll see you back at the house. "Okay! The boy said leaning forwards and upwards giving Christian a peck on the lips and leaving the office.

Christian stood looking at the back of the boy as he disappeared from view through the closing door. The boy was an enigma he thought one minute he could destroy a perfect moment by opening his mouth another time he could send your spirits soaring like just now by a simple action or request.

Christian checked out the tills and deposited the days takings in the company safe locked up the shop and headed home. Arriving at the house he could see Ewan huddled on the doorstep with a man bending over and hitting him. Christian jumped out of the car and yelled at the man to leave the boy alone as he ran towards them. The man straightened up turned and confronted Christian. He was huge in stature although shorter than Christian he must have been at least forty-five pounds heavier and had arms and legs like tree trunks.

"Piss off mate the stranger said before I start on you."

Christian didn't say a word he took out his mobile phone and dialled 999 the moment the stranger heard Christian asking for the police he took off like a scalded cat. Christian cancelled the emergency call walked over to Ewan and gently helped him to stand.

"Why didn't you get inside the house he asked Ewan when he found the boy was not too badly hurt?"

"I couldn't he said he was right behind me so I pushed my key through the letterbox to stop Andy from taking it from me and getting inside. That's why he was hitting me he was mad as hell at what I had done."

"So that's your so-called friend Andy well lets get inside and attend to you before we decide what to do about him."

Christian locked the car then opened the front door picked up the key that was on the hallway carpet and returned it to Ewan.

"Right come into the Kitchen and lets examine you Christian said" leading the way. He checked the boy over and except for a lump on the head where one of Andy's punches had landed the others landing on the boy's arms he was okay. Christian got a J-cloth wrapped some ice from the fridge into it and pressed it to the lump. Telling the boy to take over with the cold compression Christian put the kettle on to make some tea.

Taking their mugs of tea into the sitting room Christian asked Ewan "What they were going to do about Andy. He told the boy he wasn't bothered about him breaking into the house, but was more concerned that he might assault you again."

Ewan laughed and said "Knowing Andy he'll be out of this area so fast his feet won't touch the ground. He's only been out of prison six months and if he gets caught again within the next year for anything, and I mean anything, the judge will send him down for a long time."

When Christian finished his tea he walked over to the boy and said, "Let's have a look at that lump." Lifting away the compression that Ewan was still holding to his head and inspecting it, he noticed that it had reduced in size and told Ewan it was okay! To leave it alone.

He was about to return to his chair but was prevented from doing so by Ewan holding his hand and saying "Christian will you kiss me like you did this morning please."

The man straightened up pulling the boy up with him. He took the mug and compression from the boy's hand and set them down on the side table then wrapped his arms around Ewan and gently brought their lips together. Slowly he pushed his tongue into the boy's open mouth seeking the contact of the other. As their tongues met they shuddered and clasped each other in an even firmer embrace their loins fully aroused as they ground their bodies together.

Ewan broke the kiss looked at Christian and said, "God! If you make love like you kiss I can't wait for you to make love to me. Would you want to do it hear or upstairs?"

Christian looked at the boy hung his head and replied "I'm not sure what to do." "What do you mean the boy blurted out is their something wrong that you don't want to make love to me."

"No it's not you Christian said it's me I'm Oh shit! Ewan I've never ever had any kind of sexual relationship with another male in my life before. All I've ever done is fantasise about it and now that I've got a chance I'm nervous as hell that I`ll make a mess of it and you'll laugh.

Ewan smiled taking Christian's hand he said, " There's no way you can make a mess of it kissing the way you do and what makes you think that I'm any better than you." "Okay! Christian exclaimed taking a deep breath lets go to my bedroom," holding hands they made their way there.

At the bedside they stood gazing at each other Ewan as always led the way by beginning to undress and immediately Christian followed suit. When they were naked they lay on the bed side by side, but their bodies not touching.

Ewan lowered his hand to fondle the man's erection, before he could do so Christian grabbed his hand and stopped him.

"Please don't Ewan if you touch me I'm so aroused and excited I'll erupt. Let me bring you to the same state that I'm in then you can do what you want."

Ewan smiled "I'm just as aroused as you he said I don't know how long ago it's been since I've shared a bed with someone else."

Saying that he wrapped an arm around Christian and drew their bodies together so that their throbbing erection's ground together. Ewan quickly rolled over on top of the man and began thrusting into him. He had thrust only a couple of times when he felt Christian stiffen under him then start to jerk and thrust. As his throbbing member erupted Christian yelled "Oh God! Ewan I love you so much as he pumped his seed over them."

This caused Ewan to thrust harder and he too exploded writhing and thrusting into Christian shouting "Oh jeeze! Oh Fuck! It's never felt so good." As he jammed his cock hard against Christian's rampant member and spewed his semen to mix with that which Christian had ejected.

They lay silent the boy still lying on top of the man. They gazed into each other's eyes Christian was the first to speak "I meant what I said just now Ewan I love you I don't how you feel but it's Okay if you just want to be friends. You're much younger than I am and you most probably will want someone about your own age I."

Ewan lowered his face and brought their lips together cutting Christian off in mid sentence. Tenderly he kissed this shy but loving man lying beneath him. Breaking the kiss Ewan said, "I'd be a fool to look for anybody else Christian you're the best thing that could ever happen to me. I'm not too good in expressing my emotions but I love you too. You're the first person I've ever said that to."

Christian slowly rolled the boy over so that they lay side by side then gently kissed him on each eye on the nose then brought their lips together momentarily.

"Ewan you don't know how happy I am at this moment in time Christian said. You are all my fantasies come to life but none of them can compare to this, the real thing. My chest is hurting with the emotions I feel with you in my arms I've never in all my wildest dreams imagined it to be so painful and yet so beautiful."

Ewan put a finger to the man's lips halting his words, then gently caressing the man's face he said "Christian please."

The man gazed into the boy's eyes and saw the pleading look slowly he brought their lips together and again they began their ritual of love. This time their tongues gently entwined, as they tasted each other's fluids. Their loins stirred and hardened as they ground their shafts together in anticipation for what was to come and could feel the semen between them being massaged into their skin.

Breaking the kiss Ewan put his lips to the man's ear and whispered "Christian will you enter me please?"

Christian pecked the boy on the lips and answered "If that is what you want Ewan" "Yes! Christian "

"Just let me get some Vaseline from the bedside cabinet he replied."

Leaning over he quickly reached into the cabinet and produced a jar of Vaseline. Ewan took the Vaseline from him and said, "Let me lubricate you please Christian, then proceeded to smear the Vaseline the length of the man's shaft that brought grunts of pleasure from Christian. Handing the jar to the man Ewan said "Your turn to do me" drawing his knees up to his shoulders exposing his rectum.

Christian quickly took some Vaseline onto his finger and gently inserted it into the boy's orifice spreading it around then inserted a second finger quite easily. The boy was writhing around on the end of Christian's fingers then satisfied that Ewan was well lubricated he withdrew his fingers.

Asking the boy if he was ready? all Christian got was a nod, as Ewan lay holding his knees up to his shoulders giving Christian easy access to his rectum.

Holding his throbbing member Christian brought the tip to the entrance of the boy's orifice and with a quick thrust entered him. Surprisingly he buried his shaft into the boy without any difficulty then leant forward to look into Ewan's eyes.

The boy smiled as he gazed back at Christian, "You feel really nice in there now do it please Christian."

Immediately the man complied with the boy's wishes as he began to thrust in and out. At first he took long slow strokes but as his lust for orgasm took over so his strokes became shorter and faster until he was pummelling the boy, who was himself stroking his own erection in rhythm to the man's pounding. Now Christian felt the first twinge of his orgasm begin to build and increased his pace like a greedy boy eager to reap the benefits of his exertions.

Suddenly he felt Ewan's sphincter clamp down on his shaft and start to squeeze as the boy began to orgasm. Ewan started to buck and squeeze against the cock inside of him, at the same time moaning and shouting with pleasure which sent Christian over the edge.

He thrust even harder as he orgasmed and blasted his semen deep within the boy and shouting "Oh God Ewan Oh God this is wonderful," as he thrust and bucked for fully half a minute then gradually collapsing on top of the boy. He rolled off and to the side of the boy slowly withdrawing his now flaccid penis but still holding the boy in his arms.

"Ewan the man said, that was the most wonderful orgasm I've ever had in my life. I've had to wait nearly thirty years for it to happen but it was well worth the wait then gave the boy a fleeting kiss saying Ewan I Love You."

The boy looked at the man "Was it really that good he asked?"

"Do you remember the first time you ever had an orgasm with someone else he enquired?"

"Yes the boy replied,"

And "How was it Christian asked?"

"Wicked the boy replied."

"Well mine was as good as that or even better Christian retorted. God! Ewan I just want to crush you in my arms and never let you go please say you love me again"

The boy smiled shyly "I love you Christian," he whispered then brought their lips together in a gentle kiss then snuggled into his lover's arms. Christian realised he no longer had to fantasise about finding a boy who would love him he already had that fantasy in his arms and it was an Intruder called Ewan.

The boy lay sprawled on top of the man; his head lay on the man's shoulder an arm across his body his right leg straddling the man upper legs. They lay lost in a world of contentment the feel of each other's naked flesh giving them a sense of well being. Gradually they drifted back to reality the boy moving his head to brush his lips against those of the man. They gazed at each other smiled then brought their lips together in a gentle kiss.

"I think we need to have a shower Christian said we're kind of stinky at the moment. "Yeah! I know the boy replied but I don't want to move it's like everything I ever wanted is right here and I don't want to let go."

"We can always come back afterwards the man said." With that he untangled himself from the boy stood up then lifted the boy up into his arms and made his way to the bathroom.

They took turns in soaping each other in the shower especially the more intimate bits then dried themselves and went back to the bedroom.

Ewan still naked said "I feel hungry you want to go down and eat?"

"Yes I'm starving do we dress first Christian asked?"

"No Ewan replied just put our shorts on that`ll be enough we only have to undress again later.

So clad in their boxers they made their way down to the kitchen to eat. An hour later their hunger satisfied Christian made his way to the sitting room with the boy following. He eased himself into the armchair and immediately Ewan sat on his lap and leaned into his body. Wrapping his arms around the boy Christian felt like he was in heaven he'd never in all his life thought that he would ever be so happy.

Ewan noticing Christian's silence asked him "Why so quiet?"

The man smiled kissed the boy lightly on the lips then replied, "Ewan you've made such a difference to my life that I'm just still trying to come to terms with it. I'd hate to wake up and find that it was all just a dream."

The boy pulled the man's head down so that their lips met and as Christian pushed his tongue past the boy's lips so Ewan gently nipped him causing the man to break the kiss and exclaim "Ouch!" "That's to prove that you're not dreaming the boy said smiling then pulling Christian head down he resumed the kiss.

Christian was absolutely content sitting here in this chair with Ewan in his arms and to him the most beautiful boy in the world. The touch of his flesh sending shivers of pure joy through his body he swore to himself he could not ask for anything more to make him happier.

Ewan gazed at the man "What's going on in your mind Christian he asked?"

"You the man replied I don't know what I've done to be rewarded with such happiness.

"Well what about me Ewan replied I was going to rob you and yet here I am head over heels in love with you, a place to live and a job, I can't ask for more."

Christian stood lifting the boy up into his arms "Yes you can he said? "You can ask for your turn to make love to me," as he carried his beloved Intruder up to their retreat where they could continue to express their love for each other.

May I take this opportunity in wishing all you readers A Happy New Year and many pleasant hours of reading to one and all.

Tristam DeJong.