Is Your Name Danny? Dec. 2011

Note: In every man’s life, there is one affair that is special. That one story that reminds you each and every one of us is different. This is that affair. Even today, I don’t pretend I understand why Danny and I treated each other as we did. We both had hang ups: problems we couldn’t solve or resolve between us. Yet, we desperately try. I have no doubt Danny and I still wonder if we could have done a lot of things differently. But deep inside we know “what will be, will be.”




This story started with a phone call. I was a truant officer for the city. The job also included rounding up runaways, so I started off the day by checking with the local police youth bureau for pictures and descriptions of missing and truant school kids.


One day I get a call from an informer. The informer is a boy, and a friend of the runaway. They are both middle school teens. The caller has met me at church. He knows I will help the runaway, Danny, avoid getting in trouble with the law. He tells me Danny is living from day to day by hiding out in a wooded area. He depends on friends to get food, but has been missing about five days. He’s desperate, but won’t voluntarily go back home. He tells me where Danny will be when school gets out, but wants me not to let Danny know how I got the info. I agree.


The first thing I do is check the missing child list. Sure enough, Danny’s picture is on it. He don’t look like a tough kid, but most of them don’t.


When school lets out, I pull into the parking lot at a local drug store where kids from the nearby middle school hang out. The drug store has a snack counter and a food court that looks pretty crowded. When I walk inside, I see Danny chatting with some of his friends. Truant officers don’t wear a uniform, so I am not noticed. I walk up to the snack bar and ask for a cup of coffee. The waitress knows me. She smiles, looks toward Danny knowingly, and pours the coffee. Danny is only a few feet away. He is talking loudly, bragging that he is still missing. His buddies listen. Somebody has bought Danny some food, which he is glad to get.


After hearing enough, I get my wallet out to pay for some snacks, and lay it open on the counter. A teen next to me glances at the open wallet. It has a police badge on it. The teen looks up at me in surprise, but says nothing. He just punches the boy next to him, pointing at the badge. The other boy looks at me, then at Danny. The counter goes quiet.


For the first time, Danny notices me. He stops talking, looking a little confused, then glances at the badge on the counter.

“Is your name Danny?” I asked, picking up the badge.


Danny now bolts for the door, but only gets a few feet away before I grab the thin wiry waist lifting him off the floor. I easily flip him up against a wall telling him “Lean forward with your hands in front of you, and spread your legs. You’re under arrest.”


Danny’s friends want no part of this. Some of them are shocked. The store manager comes up front to see what’s going down. A few customers scramble to get out of the way.


I cuff Danny. Then I add “Being a runaway is against the law. You’re heading downtown.”


Danny looks angry, but more embarrassed than anything else. I know kids well enough to know that he is satisfied that he put up a struggle. It’s important to let your friends know you didn’t give up without a fight.


I grab the cuffs and lead him out to the car. I put him in back. Then I back the car out and head to the station. We have maybe a fifteen minute drive.


About five minutes after we are on the road, I look at my prisoner. He is about five three, light brown hair, hazel eyes, maybe a hundred pounds. He has a really sad look on his face, but I get the feeling that he’s glad he won’t be sleeping in the woods tonight. He does look kinda out of place back there. He hasn’t said anything since his arrest.


I pulled into a grill where I often stop to eat. It’s not very fancy, but the food is good. As I get Danny out of the car, I offer to take off the cuffs, but warn him I will have no trouble putting them back on if I have to. Danny looks a little confused. I explain that it will probably take a while to get him booked. If they decide to hold him overnight at Juvie, he may miss dinner. We can stop here and grab a bite on me, or he can watch while I eat my dinner. I haven’t ate all day. That’s not true, and I think Danny knows that, but he’s really hungry.


During dinner, I get Danny to open up a little about his home, and his problem. He is a step child whose mom and step dad drink too much. They are strict. He feels he is not wanted there. He has run away several times. He knows he will go to the detention center ths time. Then the case will be turned over to the welfare system. He may go into a group home or a foster home.


I ask him if he has ever been to a detention center. He says no. I explain that they can be pretty hard on boys as young and small as he is. Perhaps I can talk to his parents. We could try to set up some rules that he can live with. But, to do that, I tell Danny he will have to volunteer to return home. I will talk to his parents about calling in to report he has returned on his own.


At first, Danny was not about to go back. He said his dad was military, and would use the belt on him. I smiled hearing that. If I brought child abuse charges against his dad, that would sure mess up his military career. Not to mention that I might personally want to talk to his dad about showing him what it’s like to get beat with a belt.


 Danny smiled. “You gonna beat my step dad with a belt? No body ever told him that before.”


After a big dinner and dessert, a much happier Danny and I chatted on the way home. I put him up front, telling him he wasn’t going to the police station. He had never seen an unmarked police car, or sat in the front seat. He liked that.


When we got home, I had a long talk and coffee with the parents. His dad wasn’t sure Danny would stay. I asked how many times he had beat Danny. He became very defensive. I went on to explain that there were laws against child abuse. If it should happen again, I might want that looked into. And I might personally want to demonstrate what a belt feels like. His dad looked more shocked than worried. I went on to ask if the military knew he was beating his young son. Before leaving, I told both Danny and his parents to call me if there was a problem. I also offered to take Danny bowling if he got his grades up in school. We had a deal.


Danny, his dad, and his little brother, Kenny joined me for bowling. Dad and I had a couple of beers. He was cutting back on the drinking. He and Danny were talking more. I was invited to dinner. I agreed to visit and even watch the boys if dad and mom wanted to go dancing once in a while. I explained it was part of a deal Danny and I had made to improve things at home. I also found out Danny’s ten year old little brother was a half brother.


Both the boys were really cute. I have already pretty much described danny. He had been a problem ever since his mother remarried. Danny was never asked to approve or consider his new dad. It was dropped on him suddenly. He had no choice in the matter. He knew little about his real dad. That had made him feel like an accident, although his mother loved him. His step dad also wanted to get along better, but Danny was not interested.


Kenny was a sandy haired blond thin boy like Danny. He was average height and build. Very outgoing and friendly. He was fascinated that he now had a friend that was a cop. He looked up to Danny, and openly tried to take up for him. He didn’t understand why his dad and Danny couldn’t get along.


My schedule gave me one duty weekend every third week. The weekend I worked, I filled in to relieve an officer at the detention center so they could get a weekend off. Several of us did that. I explained this to Danny’s family, so we could set up visits and activities. I also had dinner with them and agreed to stay with the boys when mom and dad went out to dance and party. Both Danny and Kenny liked the idea.


The first time I actually stayed with the boys so their parents could party was probably a few months after we met. It was nearing the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas were approaching. I agreed to dinner. Then the parents would go to the party. They could stay as long as they wished. I would sleep on the couch, and leave in the morning so they didn’t need to worry about what time to be home.


After they left, I took the boys out to a local game center to play pool and video games. They loved it. Both of them introduced their buddies, and boasted they had a cop as a friend. This impressed the other boys and the manager, who liked having an officer hang out there. He even offered me a job working there part time. I declined. We had a lot of fun. I like pool. I like boys too. So pretty soon, I had some friendly pool players trying to challenge me.


By the time I took the boys home, it was getting late. I had not only made two good friends, but had convinced them that I liked wrestling and horsing around. Needless to say, I was in pretty good shape for a thirty year old. It took both the boys to put up a good struggle. Even then, I usually wound up pinning them down on the sofa or the floor. Finally wearing them down, I announced that they needed to get their shower and get ready for bed. We could maybe watch some TV, but Kenny needed to get his sleep. Danny was thirteen, so I agreed to let him stay up a little later.


Kenny whined, but not much. He was always the first to wind up falling asleep anyway. He headed off to the bathroom to shower. Danny and I picked a TV program, and settled down on the big sofa, picking at each other and sipping on a Coke.


When Kenny came back, I glanced up to see a nude little boy carrying a big bath towel over one shoulder. He wasn’t the least bit shy as he walked into the den until he stood in front of us. Danny had dozed off, and was laying back against the arm of the sofa. Kenny looked him over and pouted.


“Danny always checks on me, dries me off, and tucks me in bed. He didn’t show up so I came to him.”


“Danny was more tired than he thought”, I smiled. “Can I take care of that?”


Kenny was all smiles. He handed me the towel. I took my time looking over a small, thin, hairless boy body still soaking wet, and glistening. I pulled him in close to me, and dried his hair, then his chest, then the waist and legs, taking a little more time than necessary drying his stiff cut little thingy and the tiny little balls still tight up against him. Then I turned him around and dried the back. He even bent forward so I could dry between his crack. I got a good look at the pink wrinkled little rear entrance. When he was satisfied I had done a good job, we headed off to get his short pj bottoms with the animal cartoons on them. Then he took off back to the den determined I was going to keep my word that he could stay up a little longer.


He spread out on the shag carpet in front of the TV, and promptly opened his legs giving me a really great view of the plump tender mounds that made up his buns. His pjs were a little tight, so when he rolled over to look at me or Danny, I got a great view of that tiny little shaft that poked out of the open pee slit in the pjs. He ignored it mostly, but once caught me staring, and pushed it back inside as he giggled. I don’t think he noticed the bulge he had caused in my trousers. Without comment, he rolled back over to look at the TV show. Almost instantly, he was sound asleep.


I woke Danny telling him to go shower now. As he slowly came awake, I scooped Kenny off the floor and carried him to the bedroom the boys shared. Each had their own single bed. They shared a dresser and the closet. Toys, games and clothes lay where ever they had dropped. Danny followed me into the room, grabbed a pair of clean briefs from the dresser, and entered the bathroom next door. I heard the water running as I laid Kenny on the bed with his animated animals bed spread on it. He was still sound asleep, laying on his back with his legs spread enough apart that I could get one last look at the pencil thin little shaft still semi stiff, but now smaller and limper. He reminded me of a large doll. I bent over to kiss his forehead quickly, then gave his pecker a kiss as well. Then, I left.


After returning to the den, I must have relaxed on the sofa again, and proceeded to doze. That ended abruptly when Danny’s still wet body landed across my lap. He had finished his shower, and returned fully awake - and ready to wrestle. Almost without thinking, I jumped back and grabbed this bundle of energy. I tossed him against the back of the sofa, rolling on top of him. Still trying to wake up, I had him pinned and was holding him under me while I pushed up to get a better grip of his arms.


Only then did I realize Danny was only wearing the tighty- whities. They must have been Kenny’s because they were really small. As he tried to squirm out from under me, they slid far enough down that I was looking at a stiff uncut shaft about four inches long. It was still bald. No hair in sight. His balls were just starting to drop. Danny had just started puberty a short time ago, and still had a ways to go. Embarrassed, he tried to get his arms free so he could reach for the undies. He giggled nervously, probably not knowing how to handle this situation. His eyes went from the small stiff sticking up against his tummy, then to my face. I was getting a good look at it.


Looking back on the scene now, I think Danny knew I was interested in him. He had waited for the right time to prove it, but wasn’t sure just how to handle this. With me laying on top of him, holding his arms pinned down to the sofa, he paused to stare up at me with a serious look on his face. It was totally my move. I could let him go so he could get up - or I could make my move.


I guess I was too horny by this time to not go for it. After seeing Kenny looking so sexy and naked, Danny looked like a lollipop waiting to be tasted or just eaten alive. Holding his arms in place, I scooted down his body until my mouth was over the stiff little boy toy. I paused just long enough to get a good look at it. Danny still hadn’t said a word. He waited and watched as I lowered my head until I could lick the underside of the shaft from the balls to the tip. Once I reached the top, I wrapped my tongue around the head and pushed the foreskin back so I could get to the glans and soak it in saliva as I tasted him.


I think every muscle in his body just went limp. Danny took in a deep breath, and moaned in pleasure. I let his arms go so I could get him in a comfortable position as I engulfed his shaft and massaged every inch of it. I loved the taste of the soap, sweat, and whatever else might have been mixed in with it. My hands held Danny’s buns in place as I explored his dick, his balls, and the area around his butt. I even backed off and licked his inny belly button. Then I went back to the rigid shaft, not backing off again until Danny’s butt flew up off the sofa, pumping his shaft vigorously into my willing mouth. His legs jerked. His arms held my mouth tightly in place. He moaned words and sounds I didn’t understand for the longest time. His dick jerked uncontrolably inside the mouth that held on until he finally dropped back onto the sofa. Then he pushed my mouth away from the fast deflating shaft. He was sensitive after orgasms, but had just now realized how sensitive.


Still not knowing how to handle sex with another person, Danny raised himself up to a sitting position, still staring silently at me.


I kissed him on the forehead, then asked “Was that your first blow job?”


“Yeah. I guess so. Sure beats playing with it. That was awesome.” he whispered.


“We can’t tell any body about this, Danny. O K?” I added just starting to realize what I had done.


“But we can do it again.” He smiled. That impish smile lit up as he leaned forward to give me a hug. I returned it with a kiss on his lips. Just a quick one. Danny pulled back, but was still smiling. He liked it, but wasn’t sure he wanted to get that close just yet.


After Danny pulled his undies up, I picked him up and carried him to bed as I had done Kenny. Before I laid him on his bed, he pulled me close. This time, it was Danny who kissed. Just a fast one. He was beginning to like this new way of showing another person he liked them.


When the parents got home, the house was quiet. I was sound asleep on the sofa. Danny and Kenny got up first. They fixed breakfast for the family without fighting. As I left for work, mom and dad were very pleased. Both boys wanted to do it again soon. I agreed to return the next weekend.


When I got there, the boys were at the door to greet me. Their parents couldn’t believe the change in them. It was a big change. I wasn’t a baby sitter. I was a friend who liked being there. Once again, the parents took off after dinner to go meet their friends.


This time, though, Danny and Kenny wanted to stay home. They understood we couldn’t party every Friday. It was O K to spend the night at home. We played cards. Poker was a favorite. When we got tired of that, we wrestled - me against them on the floor in the den. We sometimes just relaxed by stretching out on the carpet while watching something on TV.


Danny didn’t mention anything about our fun the week before. As long as his little brother, Kenny, was there with us, there was no sex or even groping. Kenny didn’t mention that he had let me dry him and put him to bed.


As usual, when it got late, I told Kenny to go take his shower. This time, without objection, he was off to shower and change. Danny moved up next to me on the sofa. After goofing around awhile, he once again cuddled up on the sofa, and dozed off.


Almost on cue, Kenny showed up again naked with a towel over his shoulder. This time, he didn’t mention Danny. He handed me the towel, and backed up so I could dry him off. No need to be shy. We had been through this before. He knew I liked it. And it was clear he liked showing off his body to me. He smiled as I slowly looked him over and dried him lovingly. Once he was dry, he hopped up on my knee and leaned into me to give me a hug. Finally, he took off to get his shorts on. Then he came back to sit on my lap and watch TV. He knew this was causing me to get a hard-on. He didn’t mention it, but he would move around on top of it, causing me to slide it to lay between his crack. He would smile at me with that innocent impish look his big brother used. What a tease. Finally, I picked him up and carried him to bed. This time, he was still awake when I laid him on his back with his legs spread. He closed his eyes when I kissed his stiff little pee pee, and then gave him a peck on the cheek. He opened his eyes then, and whispered “night”.


When I got back, and sat back down on the sofa, Danny opened his eyes, sat up, wrapped an arm around my neck, and leaned in with his head on my chest. I gave him a hug, then sent him off to get his shower.


To my surprise, Danny came back like Kenny had. He had his briefs in one hand and a towel over his shoulder. He laid the briefs on the coffee table, then handed me the towel. I knew he had seen Kenny do that, or maybe that was the routine he and Kenny had used before. His dick was once again flat up against his tummy, and very stiff. I couldn’t believe this tough guy could look so beautiful and innocent one minute, yet pretend to be so tough at other times. Like Kenny, he spread his legs so I had a good close up view of his entire body. Of course, he as taller than Kenny, so I motioned for him to drop to his knees on the carpet so I could dry his hair and shoulders. As I dried his hair, I leaned forward to kiss his forehead, then that cute little turned up nose. He smiled and wrinkled his nose as if wondering why I thought he was so cute. I think he was having trouble trying to be tough when the cop who arrested him was finding him so adorable.


“We got a problem, Danny. You wanna be a tough guy thats gonna get raped in juvie jail, or a boy that I like a lot? It’s your choice. You’re too cute to get in trouble. No criminal in his right mind would pass up a chance t rape you. That includes me. All you have to do is tell me to stop. You know that, don’t you?”


Danny came back too quickly. “You think I’m cute?”


“I think you are beautiful.” I said.


“Boys are not supposed to be beautiful. Girls are beautiful.” Danny smirked.


“You’re all boy, Danny, but I still like what I see.” I came back.


Danny was quiet for a while. He looked me in the eyes, confused, but not sure how to handle feelings he had not dealt with before. We both were aware that we had something special. Walking away would be really tough.


Still on his knees in front of me, Danny leaned forward once again. His lips met with mine. He pressed them to mine, and waited as if he knew this was what he wanted. It must have been instinct that caused me to open my mouth and suck Danny’s tongue inside. His arms wrapped around my neck. My arms embraced his chest. Danny had made up his mind. Right or wrong, we were committed to go further.


When I let go, Danny Reached for the zipper on my trousers. I’m sure I knew I should stop him. This was wrong. He wasn’t my first. Not even close. I knew I was gay. And I knew I wanted Danny. I watched as he found and fondled my seven inch shaft. I knew where this was going. I watched as Danny pulled my shaft out to look it over. He didn’t even bother to look up at me. He knew I wanted what he wanted. Without hesitation, Danny leaned forward to take the head of my dick into his mouth. He was going to return the favor I had done him the week before.



At first, he just tasted it. He knew what he was doing. It might have been his first adult dick, but he knew to keep his teeth covered, and to take only as much as he could handle. He slowly took in more as he got used to it. He liked the taste, and he liked how I moaned in pleasure. He was doing something I liked. He liked that. I knew I wouldn’t last long. No way. A beautiful boy like Danny was just too much for me to handle. I couldn’t believe what he was doing. I could feel my balls rising to the challenge.


I pulled Danny off just in time. Before I could even take over the pumping action, the head jerked vigorously, then spit the first load in the air. Danny watched smiling as the shaft once again shot another stream in the air. Then another. And another. Finally, it just oozed out covering the head with a white coat. I was off in some other world as Danny relaxed looking at the mess all over my crotch and my trousers.


“WOW!!!” was all Danny could think to say.


“WOW!!!” was all I could think to say.


As soon as I could recover from the orgasm, I asked Danny if he would get me a wash cloth to clean up the mess. He jumped up to get the cloth. I leaned back wondering if this was just a dream. Had Danny actually decided on his own to give me a blow job? What should I do to please him?


When Danny came back, I cleaned up the mess I had made. Then, I laid aside the cloth and motioned for Danny to lay down on the sofa. Danny suggested I should shower to clean my self. Too hot now to say no to my new lover, I couldn’t agree more. The two of us headed to the shower where I stripped down, taking the time to let Danny see what he was getting.


We had a great time groping, licking, sucking, and exploring every part of each others body. We wanted to get to know every thing there was to know about each other. We hugged. We kissed passionately. We blew each other. I soaped Danny down, stretched open his hole with my finger, and finger fucked him for the first time. He had never had any thing up there, but loved it when I found his love spot, and showed him what a thrill that was.


The next time I came over, we went through a briefer routine, but started the same way. Danny was a lot more aggressive, wanting to play strip poker instead of draw poker. Kenny looked a little funny when Danny told him the loser had to take off a part of their clothing. Kenny was not that good at poker. He knew he would lose. When Danny explained it would be just us, and would be nasty, but fun, Kenny realized it wasn’t any worse than getting naked, which he did all the time anyway, he reluctantly agreed. Danny and I both lost a few hands so Kenny wasn’t losing every hand, but it wasn’t long before Kenny was down to his cartoon undies.


Knowing he was still going to lose this game, Kenny paraded around the room in his favorite undies, showing off his cute buns and a small tent in the front. He stood in front of Danny, offering him the chance to touch his “thingy”. Danny laughed, then grabbed hold of it. That caused Kenny to jump back, laughing. Both of us had seen Kenny nude, but this was the first time seeing him was part of a game that might mean we would touch or play with each other.


A few hands later, Kenny lost again. He now put on a special strip show for us. He paraded around once again, walking like a sexy girl waving his hips. I explained we could stop. Kenny did not have to take off his briefs. Kenny looked really disappointed. He had done this act for Danny, and wanted me to see it. Danny didn’t say anything, but I realized there was a lot these two hadn’t told me. I watched as Kenny slid out of the undies and sat down showing off his stiffy. The game was not over yet. Danny still had a few items left. So did I.


Soon, it was Danny parading around the room in his white briefs. When the next hand was laying on the table, Danny was minus one card getting three kings. I had two aces. He watched as I drew a three. Then he drew my ace. He smiled at first, then realized two aces beat two kings. “Crap!” he blurted out. Kenny was doing a ballet dance.


“Two out of three?” Danny pleaded.


“It’s already out anyway!” Kenny laughed.


Danny had stood up to strip. His four inch stiff had already slid through the slit in his briefs, and was already on display.

“Damn!” Danny laughed, and slid them off.


To make it fair, I removed my own. For the first time, the three of us stood in front of each other naked. Laughing, we looked each other over. There was some showing off. Danny and I waved our hips letting the shafts swing back and forth in fun. Danny was the only one with a foreskin. You would have thought we had not seen each other’s dick before. Of course, I had seen both of them nude, but this time all three of us now knew exactly what the others body looked like. We all agreed this was our secret. Kenny added that him and Danny had secrets too. I smiled at Danny, who turned red, but didn’t say anything.


We agreed to stay naked when we headed into the den for snacks and TV. As usual, it was n’t long before the three of us wound up wrestling on the floor. Although there was lots of groping and touching, we kept it to nothing more than stroking. It was soon time for Kenny to go get his shower. We agreed he didn’t have to get in his pjs. He didn’t want to miss anything, so he headed for the bathroom.


With Danny and I, it wasn’t that simple. Both of us were horny, and wanted Kenny in bed so we could play.


Danny wanted to wrestle and play. He had got some baby oil out so I could finger him again. Kenny was taking a long time. We had laid out on the carpet, and I greased up to finger that cute butt of his. I was going to pull out if I heard Kenny coming back. Seemed simple enough. Danny spread out on his stomach with his legs spread open. I used the oil, then slid the proper finger gently into the hole. I soon found the spot. Danny was really getting into the rhythm.


 Still no Kenny.


I guess my dick took over the thinking at this point. Thinking Kenny had gone from the shower to his room because I didn’t hear the water running, I slid the second finger in. Danny grunted a little, but I thought he was just going with the game. Pausing to get my dick greased up, I noticed Danny had looked back to see what was going on. He looked a little nervous, but didn’t say anything. He knew what was coming, and I think he had expected it. I added a little more oil around the hole, working it inside as well.


“You O K with this, Danny?” I whispered>


“Just go easy.” he whispered back.


I moved into position. Laying on top of Danny supporting my weight on my arms, I slid my dick in place over the hole. The first time it wouldn’t enter. I asked Danny to push back at it, and try to relax. About the third time, I felt Danny push back hard, and relax just as I pushed hard. The hole opened for just long enough to let me in. Danny let out a loud gasp, then grabbed a cushion to squeeze. The mushroom head slid inside the ring. I felt Danny tighten up. I held still, firmly holding my place, but not pushing in any further. After a moment or two, Danny relaxed again. I pushed in a little. We repeated this process a few times. As we did, Danny seemed to be getting more used to it. Finally, I could feel my balls pushing against Danny’s butt.


Danny must have felt it too. “You did it. I can feel your hair and your balls. I took it all. You’re inside me.”


At first, I just held it there. I wanted him to relax, and get used to the feel of it. Neither of us said much.


Finally, I heard Danny whisper “It still feels big, but it don’t hurt. I’m O K.”


I moved it around inside him. He moaned a little. When I pulled back a little, I must have found the right spot because Danny suddenly looked back in surprise, and stiffened up his entire body.


“That felt really great. What was that?” he asked.


“That’s your prostate. You’ll like this.” And I moved over it again.


Danny responded by pushing back to meet me as I pulled back slowly, then pushed back in. That started our rhythm. I was finally screwing him. Danny was mine. He was getting into it. We slowly and tenderly began rocking back and forth, both loving what we were doing. Danny’s gasps of pain had turned to moans of pleasure. He relaxed, and matched the rhythm. I was in pure pleasure, loving the feeling going through my entire body. Danny was a natural. He caught on quickly.

I don’t think either of us were in a hurry to finish. We felt comfortable being bound together.


But nothing lasts forever. My need to breed Danny was building, so I knew I had to speed up. I was pulling back almost all the way, and plunging back in. Danny was lifting his butt to meet me as I slammed all the way in. We were openly grunting passionately. Danny was making strange sounds like “Oh, yeah!” and “Fuck me!” And I was doing my best.


We were really going at it when I saw Kenny. He was standing in front of me, his towel slung over his shoulder, looking more than a little confused, but with a big grin spread all over his face.


How long he had been watching I don’t know, but he was well aware that Danny was getting fucked like a girl. Well, almost like a girl. It was apparent we were pretty busy. Kenny sat down on the sofa behind us.


Danny hadn’t even seen him. And with me covering him, he had no idea Kenny was watching.


I was way too far along to stop now. I just wanted to finish. Kenny had seen too much for me to explain anything now, so I decided to keep going. It wasn’t that long before I felt the urge to blast my load inside Danny’s beautiful butt. Danny was still raising up to get more of me. He had already got the feeling more than once. Both of us were panting and moaning when I softly advised Danny I was blowing my load. He already knew. He could feel my dick jumping and swelling inside him. Even after I shot four times, I was still oozing cum deep inside Danny’s poop slot. Suddenly, I felt exhausted. My dick was slowly going soft as I pulled back. It popped out with a plop. I rolled over on my side to get off Danny.


Not sure Kenny was really there, I sat up to face him. He had dried himself off while watching us. If I was shocked, so was Kenny. Not so much that he had just watched two people fucking. What surprised him was that Danny was on bottom.


“You got Danny!”, he almost whispered it.


Danny was shocked seeing Kenny on the sofa.


“You saw the whole thing?” Danny asked, confused more than angry.


Kenny just nodded “yes”.


“You guys keep all this just between us. We could all be in trouble if this got out.” I could see myself trying to explain to the juvenile court that we were just friends having fun.

A short time later, I found out that Danny and kenny had been playing sex games. That was why Danny seemed to know more about sex than he was willing to talk about. Despite that, Kenny was not included in our games (although Kenny and I secretly continued getting acquainted.)


There were times when I took Danny to my place to get away alone. We explained to his parents that sometimes Danny just wanted to get away.


I’ll never forget the first time Danny spent the night at my place. We had spent another night at the bowling alley with some friends. When we got home, I suggested we shower and settle down to some fun watching TV in the bedroom. Danny and I had the usual fun in the shower, but held back on anal sex for the bed. Both of us agreed to spend the night nude. No surprise there. We had been having anal sex at his home, but after Kenny was in bed, and before his parents got home.


Tonight was going to be different. We could screw all night. Danny was ready. When I climbed in bed with him, he had already greased up. He no longer needed to be stretched. He rolled over on his back and raised his legs waiting for me to oil up and enter him. He didn’t have to wait long. We both watched as my long stiff shaft eased into position, then opened him up. Danny had a passion for getting his ear lobes sucked. I don’t know why, but it tickled and relaxed him. As I sucked on an ear lobe, he pushed his ass up to engulf and slide easily onto my shaft. It made it so easy to enter him. Once I was all the way in, Danny groaned and encouraged me to start pumping it to him. That first time, I got so hot, I blasted off instantly. Not happy with that, I was still hard and started all over. The second time I slowed down. Working him over slowly, pausing to change positions or rhythm, it took a lot longer. Both of us really loved it. Both orgasms were explosive. I didn’t realize I had it in me to recover so quickly. Danny taught me a lot about myself. Even after the second orgasm, I was still hard - just exhausted. We laid there still joined while we made love to each other.


 Danny had told me he liked being the bottom because he liked pleasing me. Tonight, we would spend the night - all night - together. We tried every position we could think of. I spent most all night inside Danny. We couldn’t get enough of each other. At some point, we dozed off and slept a few hours.


 About noon the next day, I convinced Danny to go out for breakfast. Then we went back to bed again. There was still enough time for one more coupling before he was due back home. We made it last until time ran out. Only then did either of us agree to shower and get dressed. Danny was full of my cum. Both of us smelled like sweat and sex. The shower was a must. Even then, Danny was exhausted when I returned him to his home. I found out later (from an amused Kenny) that Danny wound up going to bed early that night to catch up on his sleep.


Although I wish I could say Danny changed and we had a fairy tale ending, no such luck. Both of us had too much baggage to suddenly change our life. I was still a cop who had other boys I had done. Danny was still a boy with friends who often involved him in theft and vandalism. Both of us had way too much baggage to carry. Neither of us was willing to change.


Danny got involved in some vandalism and theft. He continued skipping school. His parents were convinced it was his friends, and the neighborhood. They told me they were planning to move out of town. A month later, they had moved. I was not told where they were moving. Danny just suddenly disappeared. I was stunned, but thought they had done the right thing. Getting Danny out of town might be just the thing.


It was six months later when I went to a bowling alley in a nearby city as part of a bowling league competition. My team was playing the winning team of another league for the right to compete in the state tournament. It was a big bowling complex with a restaurant and game room. The place was packed.


After the bowling match, I took a tour of the place, and decided to check out the pool room and game room. There were a dozen pool tables, all filled. At one particular table, there was two men and a boy playing and laughing. I’d know that laugh anywhere. My eyes instantly zoomed in on the boy. It was Danny.


Something told me to back out and run. It was too late. Danny had spotted me. He laid the cue stick aside, shouted my name, and ran to catch me. Grabbing me by the arm, he dragged me to the table, and introduced me to his two friends. It was a Friday night. They were going to party at the home of the two men. Danny insisted I should go. The two men looked more than a little skeptical. There were going to be other boys at the party. And they were planning to do more than drink. They pulled Danny aside to talk to him. Then they came back smiling.


“You know Danny from another town?” one of them asked.


“If this is a private party, I can meet with Danny some other time”, I responded.

“If Danny says you are all right, thats good enough for us.” he answered. “You’re welcome to join us.”


Anxious to chat with Danny again, I just couldn’t resist. We went to a well off community, and a nice home. There were several other boys there, all of them drinking and having fun. Every once in a while one of the men would disappear to a back room with a boy. They would be gone for some time, then would rejoin the group giggling and joking, but not talking about what was happening in private.


Danny stayed with me. We talked about his new school, new community, new friends, etc. He was now smoking and drinking, and had started fooling with pot. I wasn’t happy, but kept my mouth shut. Instead, I drink too much. By the time I was supposed to leave, Danny argued that I should not be driving. One of the men agreed, and offered to let me have a room overnight. I accepted his offer, and was soon sleeping off the booze.


Early the next morning, I heard Danny laughing in the next room. Somebody had put on a pot of coffee. I decided that I needed to get back to town, and got up. Before leaving, I was going to say goodbye to Danny. The door to his bedroom was open, so I stuck my head in the door. One of the men was straddling Danny’s butt with his dick in it, humping away. Danny was laying on hs stomach. He looked up in shock when I told him I was going. He didn’t speak.


I turned quickly realizing why Danny had stayed the night. It was more than partying. He was putting out to one or both of these guys. So were the other boys. There was no way I could get involved in this. I knew nothing about these guys. And Danny was turning into a hustler.


There was a lot of whispering between Danny and his new lover as I grabbed a cup of coffee offered by the other man, Dale. I apologized for interupting the love scene. The other man, Ron, came out with Danny. He was not happy. Danny had insisted he needed to see me. Danny was getting dressed. Apparently, the fun was over.


For reasons I couldn’t explain I felt hurt. I didn’t need to know this about Danny. Or maybe I just didn’t need to see it. Danny sensed that I was angry. I’m sure the other guys did too. Neither of them wanted trouble, especially when Danny told them I was a cop. He had not mentioned that before. I reminded them I had no authority in this city, and had once been more than a friend to Danny.


I guess the word “once” hit Danny harder than I had intended. Tears welled up in his eyes and he hugged me as he sat next to me. I pushed him away. I wanted him to be hurt. I was angry.


“I had no right to crash this party.” I told Danny and his friends. “I should have walked away. You did nothing wrong. What we had is over. I’d rather remember the way it was - not the way it is.”


Both the men now began to realize that this was between me and Danny. They had nothing to fear. Both talked me into staying to talk. Danny was now sobbing. I had never seen him show that much emotion before. Neither had I, come to think of it. I was reminded that I had not been there after Danny moved. What he had done he did not expecting to see me again. I wound up giving Danny a hug. It was agreed that I would drive him home.


His parents were glad to see me. I got a big welcome. They had problems getting Danny to listen. He was heading for trouble. Of course, I didn’t tell them about Danny’s adult frends. I told them I had found Danny at the bowling alley, and had agreed to give him a lift home.


I was shown the new home. It was bigger, and had just been finished. There was a large outdoor pool with a veranda in the back yard. The den overlooked the pool, and was separated only by sliding doors. They also now had two guest rooms. If I wanted to visit the boys, and watch them, I could stay overnight. Both boys liked the idea. So did I.


Danny and Kenny planned a pool party for the next weekend. Mom and dad would be gone until late. I could just sleep there rather than driving back home. The boys planned to invite a few friends.


Danny was fourteen now. He had grown a little, but was still tall and thin. I found out in the pool that his uncut dick was now about five inches long stiff. He had a little fuzz growing at he base, and he was now shooting off. His balls had dropped. He had the cutest bubble butt. And he knew it. He smiled broadly when I slid my hands over it. His friends also liked to grasp it.


Kenny was now twelve. He had blonde hair and green eyes. Like Danny, he was thin, a little small for his age. I checked him out too. He still was bald around his cut three inch pencil thin dick. His balls had just started growing, but had not dropped yet. He was still dry, but I knew by now he was capable of having a real hot orgasm. Like his big brother, he had a cute butt.


Danny and I had secretly talked things over. We would continue our relationship, but would limit our lovers to boys we both knew about. (I knew this wouldn’t work. Danny was very jealous of several boys I knew back in town.) We would include his two adult friends, Ron and Dale, since they already knew about us anyway. Any new boys he had sex with, he was willing to share. And we would let each other know if and when we were jealous so we could work things out. It was the first time I had openly tried to deal with my jealousy and my temper.


On the night of the pool party, Danny introduced me to his new twin friends, David and Darren. They were maternal twins, also fourteen, but taller and heavier than Danny. David was a doll with sandy blond hair, blue eyes and a swimmers body. Darren was about the same build with brown hair, and was the more aggressive of the two. Both of them wore speedos under their clothes.


Kenny’s friend was a twelve year old that lived a block away. Bobby was also small like Kenny. He had black hair, dark eyes, and acted a little shy around me and the older boys. He was quiet and stuck pretty close to Kenny.


After introductions, we headed ot to the pool for a dip. The twins dropped the clothes off to one side. I could tell instantly why Danny liked them. Both showed a very distinct bulge in their speedos. There wasn’t much left to wonder about. I looked them over, then smiled at Danny. He blushed, and tried not to look me in the eyes. Kenny and Bobby just jumped into the pool. The fun was on.


We had a great time splashing about. We played tag games, wrestled a lot., and got to feel comfortable around each other. The twins knew Danny’s friends from the game room, and had been to parties at Ron’s place. Danny had told them I could be trusted. As the darkness set in, it became cooler. We retreated to the den to watch TV. There were hot dogs, hamburgers, and snack foods in the kitchen. It didn’t take long for us to clean off the kitchen table, leaving mostly only potato chips and cheese puffs. Six noisy boys (and me) were ready to settle down for awhile.


Danny was wearing a nylon swim suit that looked to be a size too small. From the front, he showed a four inch uncut shaft covered by a very thin revealing material. From the rear, he showed those beautiful arched out globes held tightly together by that same light layer of nylon. And when he moved, his hips swayed as if they were waving to you. Every eye in the room watched Danny as if he were nude and horny.


The twins certainly took notice that Danny was showing off his best features. Their long slender shafts had also taken notice. Each had a seven inch boner tenting out their speedos. They saw no need to try to conceal their interest. I was sure they had been here before, and had already tasted Danny’s delights.


It goes without saying that there was one other swim suit there showing an interest, not only in Danny, but in the twins as well. Me.


As for Kenny and Bobby, they seemed to sense the den was the place for horny older teens. Whether they had erections or not didn’t show. Kenny decided now was a good time to retreat to his room and play some video games with Bobby, who had no idea of the hidden dangers lurking around him. Bobby’s curiosity was up. He was amused at the size of the bulges of the older boys. He knew that the big boys got big dicks that got stiff sometimes, but he had no idea that sex with other boys could cause those stiffs. Kenny was a lot more street wise, or maybe just big brother wise. He knew that Danny needed privacy now. He tugged an unwilling Bobby off to his room where he could explain, or at least get Bobby out of the way.


The three teens lay on the carpet on their stomach leaning their heads on their elbows watching a TV show they had no interest in. Danny lay between the twins. I had sat back in a recliner behind them. Pretty soon, Darren had an arm laying across Danny’s waist massaging his back with small light swirls. Danny began to giggle, and whisper in Darren’s ear. Darren’s hand was soon sliding underneath the elastic waistband of Danny’s panty-like speedos. Danny didn’t even look up. In fact, he scooted a little closer and gave Darren a quick kiss.


I tried to remind myself that we had agreed not to be jealous of boys we already knew or just planned to form temporary fun times with. It wasn’t working very well. Despite the agreement, I realized Danny was seducing these boys. And he was doing it as a gay boy, not a boy going through a gay phase. Danny had said he was gay. He liked being a bottom. Not only was he good at it, but he was my own personal bottom. Sitting there loaning him out was not going to work. But, for the time being, I needed to keep my word. I also wanted to have some fun with the twins, especially David.


To show my agreement with the scene going on, I got out my bottle of baby oil, and placed it on the coffee table near them.

David glanced up at me, and smiled. I readjusted my self and sat back down to watch. Both twins had been here before. Danny was coming on to them. He wanted to take them on.


Darren by now had slid his hand under the panties to feel his way along the crack that hid Danny’s love hole. Danny slid the panties down, then off. David handed the oil to Darren. As Darren paused to lube up his fingers, David rolled Danny over to fondle his small shaft and balls. Danny spread his legs to allow both boys access to his treasures. Darren inserted the proper finger to stretch and prepare the backside. David scooted down to take in all of Danny’s dick and balls. Danny moaned loving the attention being heaped upon him. Before long, Darren had the second finger in.


It was Danny who stopped David long enough to raise his legs so Darren could get in place to hold his long stiff pole at the entrance to Danny’s love slot. He pushed the head in, and paused. Danny clutched a cushion, but showed no pain as the shaft opened him up. He pushed back at the shaft now slowly disappearing inside him. David slid back into place sucking on Danny’s shaft. Danny was easily taking in the rest of Darren’s shaft. Soon, Darren not only had the shaft in place, he was lifting Danny’s butt to move the shaft around causing Danny to utter moans of pleasure.


Once Darren had started a slow and easy rhythm like Danny liked, I pulled David back. We lay next to them in a sixty nine position. David and I sucked in each other easily enough, and were soon setting our own rhythm. Both of us knew how to please the other. We tuned out of the action going on next to us to bring about our own pleasant end results. David was doing a great job. He sure knew how to take in all seven inches without gagging. All four of us were now nude. All four of us were now very busy.


Like most teens, David was anxious to pump his load. He couldn’t or wouldn’t slow down. Within minutes, he muttered a warning that I ignored. I felt his shaft expand and tremble vigorously. He shoved it deep, then erupted several really good shots down my throat, pulling back enough that I also got a mouthful.


I wasn’t far behind him. I had tried to slow him down to show him how to enjoy giving and getting a good blow job, but no deal. He only knew one speed, and that was fast and furious. That gear has the advantage of being really fantastic. When you cum, you cum hard and fast. You also feel totally exhausted when you have finished pumping your load. David had no problem swallowing. He had been doing this for some time. He also knew that teens could and would reload quickly. Maybe that’s why teens ignore men who know they can’t possibly keep up.


At any rate, David and I were recovering when I heard Darren slapping loudly against Danny’s thighs. Darren was groaning and uttering such phrases as “Take my load, Danny. Umph!!!” Then he pulled almost out and slammed his seven inches back in hard enough to shove it a lot further than it could go. He held it there, grunted again, and looked like he just knew this was going to make a baby, or maybe more twins.


Danny was enjoying the feelings as much as Darren was. He grunted as Darren’s forward force thrust him into the carpet causing him to rock back and forth. He knew when Darren was pumping a load and knew he was taking that load deep inside. Both were hot and sweaty as Darren finally slowed down only because he was too exhausted to keep pumping. His load was long since injected. They slumped limply to the carpet, both wishing it was not yet over.


All of us took time to rest before comparing notes. The room smelled heavily of sex. David and I got drinks for all.


Soon Darren was taking a shower. David was getting his share of Danny, who, as usual had recovered amazingly fast. David’s dick was an exact copy of Darren’s. Danny was getting two of a kind tonight. And it was obvious he loved both of them. David took a little longer getting off, but then he had already popped a load just a short time before. His climax may not have been as much as Darren’s had, but it was just as dramatic. And while Danny was rocking back and forth once again, I laid facing his head, my dick buried in his mouth. Both me and David pumped our loads into Danny, leaving him laying limp as David went to join Darren in the shower. I’m pretty sure there was more fun in the shower.


It was just as David and Darren dressed to leave that the two younger boys showed up. Danny had slipped back into his panty suit. I had pulled on a pair of shorts. The two younger boys suddenly reappeared. They thought we had gone back into the pool, so they had been playing video games in the bedroom. Danny was tired (for some reason) and headed for the shower (still showing a hard-on under that somewhat wrinkled panty swim suit). Bobby had to go home. Kenny escorted him.


When kenny got back, he took a shower, and totally surprised me by showing up in the den after his shower still nude, carrying his towel. He asked if I would dry him like I used to. I gladly agreed. His dick was still bare, but had started showing signs of growth. His ball sac had started to grow and drop. As I dried him, I asked if Bobby had started puberty. His dick began to swell. He started to blush, paused, and nodded yes. I wrapped a few fingers around his stiff dick, and smiled. He made no effort to pull away. I pulled him into my lap and rapidly pumped his little shaft until Kenny went into his tense dry orgasm. Breathing rapidly, he laid his head back against my shoulder as he recovered. He then faced me smiling and hugged me as I planted a kiss on his lips. As before, I carried him to his room, laid him on the bed, and kissed his now limp little tool. This time Kenny was awake. He knew I had just showed an interest and an approval of his growth. Both of us knew I would teach him more.


As for Danny, we had a love for each other like none either of us had ever known. No sooner was Danny out of my sight than I would start checking up on his whereabouts. And it was the same with him. Yet our feelings for each other went deep.


Not long after we got back together again, Danny happened to hear me tell a scout leader that we needed to get a pick-up truck to continue the scout paper drive. The recycling program had really caught on, and people were calling for pick ups too big for cars to handle. Although Danny was not part of the scout program, he had been to meetings and was well liked.


Late one night, I heard a loud rap on my front door. Danny was standing on my front porch. In the drive way sat a brand new pick-up truck. I asked Danny what he was doing out so late, and how he got there, He pointed to the truck, stating excitedly that it was for the scouts recycling drive. Even as he spoke, a police car pulled up at my house. Before I could believe what I was hearing, two more police cars stopped. Danny turned to run, but I grabbed him. The cops were everywhere.


The first cop knew me. He explained he had spotted a truck going by him with no driver. He followed it trying to get a better look. Then the truck stopped at my place. He had just then received a car theft call. Same license plates. He called for back up. He got it.


Danny simply repeated that the scouts needed the truck. He was hauled in, and booked. The next day I appeared before the “Juvie Judge”. I explained what had happened. The truck’s owner asked that the charges be dropped. The cop making the arrest was trying hard not to laugh when he said Danny was so small, he could not see a driver. I explained I was embarrassed because Danny was just trying to help. The judge stared at Danny in disbelief. He had never heard such a story in twenty years on the bench. Danny was given probation with a “stern warning”.


We were together a lot for the next six months. They were fun months when Danny and I seemed happy making out and teasing each other. We both tried hard to make our love for each other work out. My involvement with so many other kids didn’t make it any easier. Neither did Danny’s very friendly approaches to teens and men with bulges at meetings. If he saw me get friendly with someone who looked cute, he teased by finding a new friend.


There were problems on both sides. I was still meeting secretly with boys, afraid that I couldn’t keep Danny from finding some one else, or going back to his adult friends. Danny accused me of not being there when I had said I would be. There were times when I called Danny to find out he was cheating. I was furious. It was all right for me to cheat on him. It was not all right if he cheated on me.


One night I found out Danny had been seen getting in the car with a gay friend of mine. I parked not far from Danny’s house, and sat there waiting in the dark for Danny to come home. When he did, it was late. Instead of confronting Danny or his lover, I watched Danny get out of the car and walk toward his home. Once Danny was clear, I leveled a rifle and fired a shot at the expensive car stopped in the street.


Danny took off for his front door. The car sped off into the night. And I also took off. Lights were coming on as people peeked out their windows wondering what was going on.


Danny called my place. He got no answer. I called him when I got home, playing innocent, and telling him that I had tried to get him earlier, but he was out. I said I was worried that he might be in trouble. Danny asked if I knew there had been a shooting in his neighborhood. I denied knowing anything.


The next day, one of the twins called me. He had been told about the incident. Danny had said he was sure it was me. I had put a hole in the back of the car, and the driver had told Danny he would not see him any more. He was furious that I had damaged his car, and warned Danny to stay away from me.


Instead Danny and I got together a few days later. Danny couldn’t do enough for me. He wasn’t scared. He was flattered that he had made me so jealous (even though I never admitted to the incident). Danny also denied he had been with any one else that night. Of course, I couldn’t tell him I had seen him come home with out admitting I was there. We let it drop. Neither of us could admit the truth.


Not long after that, I had dinner at a favorite restaurant. As I was seated, the manager mentioned that Danny was there also. He looked a little concerned since Danny usually came to the restaurant with me. He pointed out the table, but suggested I not make a scene. Nodding my approval, I noticed Danny was with a man I didn’t know.


The restaurant had a stereo music system that you could play your favorite hit songs. One of my favorite songs with Danny was “Suspicious Minds” by Elvis Presley. I always played the song when Danny and I ate there. I requested the song. A few minutes later, it came on. Danny picked up on it immediately. He started scanning the tables until he found me. He told the man he felt sick. There was a loud discussion. The two of them quickly left. I’m sure the man was more than a little upset. Danny called me, claiming they were just friends. I was ready to admit it was over. We argued that we were both cheating.


Then came the final straw. Kenny had seen Danny get in a car with some one he didn’t know. He called me with a description of the car and the man. Then I got a call from Danny’s mom. She was worried. Danny had not come home. I ran a check on the car’s license plates. I not only knew the man. He had been one of my ex-tricks.


I went to the man’s house. His name was John, a friend of mine. I wasn’t angry at John. I knew Danny had called him. So when John came to his front door, I asked if Danny was there. John admitted Danny was in the bedroom, but wanted to know if they could finish before we left. I didn’t care. I sat back and waited for maybe ten minutes. Danny came out looking smug. I told him to go get in the car. I also made it clear that I was walking away.He knew better than to argue. John didn’t have much to say.


 Danny tried to argue on the way home. I just told him I didn’t blame John. I blamed him. We no longer had an agreement. Any thing was fair game. Danny let it go at that. He knew I would not call again. Not any time soon.


Just a few months later, Danny was in trouble again. This time, he saw a car he liked in a driveway, and took it. After he stole the car, he noticed an expensive fur coat in the back seat. Danny knew the lady would want the coat back, so he took it back. She had already reported the car stolen, but was so impressed that Danny wanted her to have the coat back, she asked that the charges be dropped. The police and the judge didn’t see it her way.


To make things worse, Danny and a friend burglarized the home of another gay man Danny claimed had cheated him. The gay man was forced to call in the cops because a gun was stolen. The gun was registered, and could be traced back to him. He begged Danny to return the gun, but Danny denied the theft.


This time, Danny went away for time in Juvie. All I could do was meet with Danny and explain what would happen in the detention camp. I suggested Danny make friends with some one he liked, and let him claim Danny as his “pet”. Not only did Danny do that, but he made friends with a few guards there.


I went to visit Danny regularly. It was about a four hour drive to the camp, so I made arrangements to go with Danny’s parents. Danny’s little brother, Kenny, always went with us. We left early in the morning so we could spend time with him before heading back home.


 Mom and dad sat up front. Kenny would make up a bed in back using my lap as a pillow, and covering himself with a blanket that covered his head to keep out the light. That first trip up, I had a problem keeping my dick from getting stiff because Kenny would nuzzle up to it under the cover. About an hour into the trip, I noticed a warm breeze in my crotch. Unable to check it out without causing suspicion, I tried not to move. Then I had the feeling my hard-on was exposed under the blanket. I was definitely right. The warm breeze turned into a warm tongue lapping at the head of my dick. I couldn’t believe it. Kenny had managed to get it out. I spread my legs a little to let him at it. His tongue was assisted by his mouth. He had about half of my dick in it, and was bobbing up and down on it while I was chatting with his parents. A short time later, I was sweating profusely, and babbling about Danny while filling Kenny’s mouth with a load of cum. Since Kenny was well below the front seat backs, they saw nothing. Kenny had no choice but to swallow the load since it would have messed up the pants lap if he didn’t. That didn’t seem to bother him though. Once he had zipped up the fly, he “woke up”, and sat up smiling. I’m sure I looked a little bewildered, but happy.


On the very next trip up, Kenny did this trick again, but this time I think dad suspected his son was up to something. About the time I loaded Kenny’s mouth with his reward, I caught dad staring at me looking like he couldn’t be sure, but it looked like something wasn’t right. He asked if I was O K. It took a minute to reply that I was fine. A few moments later, his son sat up, waking up, and smiling. Dad just returned the smile.


When we arrived at camp, his step-son, Danny, gave me a warm hug. After a lunch mom had brought him, Danny talked briefly to a guard who knew me. The guard asked if I wanted to talk to Danny about Juvie. When I nodded yes, not sure what he meant, he led us off to a store room. Danny stripped, and we made out for maybe thirty minutes before coming out to rejoin the rest. The guard winked at me. Dad gave me a strange look. A few of Danny’s friends smiled and looked me over. Kenny gave Danny a hug, and a big smile. The brief visit had been prearranged by Danny. It would be repeated when the same guard was there. In fact, I also had sex with Danny’s Juvie friend. I even wrote to Danny at the center using a secret code to tell him I still loved him.


On the way back home after dark, Kenny once again spread the blanket across our laps. This time, both of us groped the other on the ride back. To do this, we sat close together. Kenny kept one hand in view while the other hand slowly stroked my dick. I did the same for him. We had a handkerchief to collect any mess we caused. We had to be careful since dad could see any strange movements our arms might be making. I don’t think he did, but he had figured out that I was making arrangements to see both his sons, who were happy to see me.( He never once made a move to embarrass or expose us. )


Once we got back home, I agreed to sit for Kenny when the parents wanted a night out. Not a problem.


On the weekend, I showed up to take Kenny to the game room. Once we had left the house, Kenny sat next to me on the front seat. He wasted no time laying out on the seat with my fly open and my dick filling his mouth. After a fun night out, I took him to my place. We stripped down and played fun games with each other. Kenny had been aware that I had been crazy about Danny. He had too. Whatever Danny learned from me, he had used on Kenny. Now that Danny was going to be gone for awhile, Kenny wanted to take his place. And did he ever. He loved sucking dick. He quickly demonstrated by taking my seven inches entirely into his mouth and throat. Once he had it, he massaged it like a pro. I rewarded him by unloading my cum over his tongue and down the throat. He came up smiling.


I paid him back easily by taking his four inch cut dick and sucking it. By the time I was finished, I had kissed and fondled every inch of Kenny’s body. After bringing him to a terrific climax, I knew he was totally mine. I had stretched him out by finger fucking him as I blew him. Kenny thoroughly enjoyed what we were doing. He recovered from the blow job, rolled over on his back, and raised his knees in the air exposing his rosebud for further fun. Kenny knew I was getting him ready to get screwed.


He watched as I oiled him up and then oiled my shaft. I moved into position, letting him see what he was getting. No big surprise, He had already proved he could suck it. He watched as I placed the wide mushroom head at the entrance to his being. I told him to push out as I pushed in. He looked a little nervous, but did as I asked. I pressed in firmly. He pushed back. I held it there until he relaxed enough for the head to pop inside. He took a deep breath. I let it stay still until he was ready. He raised his head to look at it. Then he pushed back toward me to let me know he was ready. We took turns pushing and the shaft slowly worked its way inside. Kenny watched it slowly disappear inside him. Finally, he whispered to me. “It’s In.” We both took a look at the hair and balls pressed tightly against his bare bottom.


After a pause, I began a slow rhythm. Short strokes at first, pausing to move the shaft around inside him till I found the prostate. He moaned from the thrill as the electric-like impulse sent him into another world. By the time I was pulling all the way back, Kenny was sold on the thrill. I don’t think he even knew it when I drew almost out only to shove it rapidly inside again. His moans showed he was only aware of the new feelings making him want more. We rolled back and forth until I couldn’t hold back any more. My dick was pulsing. My balls had pulled up tight. My dick spit out it’s first big shot, then backed off for another, and another. I pounded away until I was pounded out. Finally, the tube started deflating. It had nothing more to shoot. And I needed a rest.


I found out from Kenny that he and Danny had been fooling around, but it hadn’t been anything like I had done to him. Kenny had also played around with his neighbor friend, Bobby, but no sucking or anal.


Kenny was a willing learner. Being gay wasn’t even considered. He just wanted to play sex games. He loved to suck, and thought nothing of swallowing my load. I think he really liked the praise and attention he got for doing a good job. And tonight, he had learned that getting screwed could take him to new heights. Danny was in for a battle. Kenny could do every thing Danny did, and without the attitude.


After I had rested and chatted at length with Kenny, he got me back to business by climbing between my legs to suck on my semi-hard shaft again. Never mind that I had just pulled it out of his poop chute, he didn’t even hesitate.


When it was hard again, I showed him all the different positions, humping him until I was close, then changing again. I had been in and out of him a dozen times. I know he had to be sore, but he sure didn’t show it. After I showed him how to slide down on it, he practiced on his own several times. He would get me on my back, then straddle me, lining up with the shaft, then slowly ease his hole over it and lower himself in place until he was sitting on top of it. Facing me, he was all smiles. He would bend forward, hug and kiss me, knowing full well he had me loving it as he moved around and slowly humped it. When I began to tire, I would swing around on top, then vigorously hump that tight little butt until he had still another load dribbling out. It was clear Kenny was mine. I think he wanted to prove he could be every thing Danny was not.


One week later, at Kenny’s request, I agreed to stay with him while his parents were out of town on a business trip. They would be gone almost three days. Bobby lied to his parents to get their permission to stay with us. He had agreed with Kenny that it would be fun to find out about sex, and couldn’t believe the stuff Kenny and I were doing. He had also agreed to try it if no one was to know.



The first night, we started out with “truth or dare” games to get acquainted with each other. Bobby was a little heavier than Kenny. He was about the same height, but still had some baby fat on him. He had brown hair and eyes, Turned out he was very ticklish; great smile; dimples on both ends, and more prominent boy nipples he hoped would go away. Or so he claimed. He sure loved it when I praised and played with them.


No sooner had I dared him to take off everything but his undies than he did so. Kenny and I had gone first, and were down to our undies. Bobby had seen boys and a few men go that far. He and Kenny had admitted their sex play when they were challenged to tell the truth. In turn, I had admitted I had played sex games with boys. Bobby didn’t understand why, but wanted to find out what guys do that is so much fun. We included fondling and horse play as part of the game. I had already started fondling both boys even before they were nude, so it was easier for Bobby to pull his white briefs down so I could see his crotch. Kenny and I got nude at the same time so he would not feel ashamed. Each of us was given the chance to look and touch. Bobby had not seen a man naked. He blushed at the idea of looking or touching, but admitted he wanted to.


Once Bobby was naked, Kenny took the lead. He couldn’t resist his passion to suck dick. Bobby’s cute little three and a half inch circumcised bald shaft was just waiting to be teased. Kenny knew it would be easy for him to take in his buddy’s toy. He sucked in the whole thing, using his tongue to bring the limp shaft to a rigid hard rod in seconds. Bobby responded by holding his dick in as far as possible. He grasped Kenny’s head to hold on tightly. He needn’t have worried. Kenny had no intention of letting it go. He let Bobby do the job of humping him. Both boys were more than anxious to demonstrate their desire for the intense feelings they had shared before.


I did break up the fun long enough to get the boys onto the double bed in the guest room. Bobby hopped on it on his back with his legs spread wide. Kenny resumed his action by climbing between the legs and engulfing the wet shaft once again. Not willing to prolong the pleasure, he soon had Bobby moaning and begging him to give him the terrific feelings already building. In minutes, his waist was arched up off the bed, his toes curled up, his body tense and jerking wildly as he enjoyed that special thing between him and Kenny. The best way he could express his pleasure was to moan loudly muttering such brief words as “WOW!” and “OH GEE!” As suddenly as it hit, it disappeared. He pushed Kenny away as he returned to earth.


I knew it wouldn’t last long. I also knew Kenny was just getting started. He was good for much more fun and games. Bobby was fun, but Bobby couldn’t cum. No sooner had Kenny pulled off him than he looked at my hard shaft laying next to them waiting. Kenny only paused for a moment. He let Bobby get a good look at it. Then he began to fondle and tease it, stroking me slowly. As Bobby raised up on his elbows, Kenny changed position to be able to lower his mouth to engulf the larger shaft. Bobby watched amazed as Kenny lowered his lips over the head of my dick, pausing to tongue the glans, then lowered his mouth to take in several inches and started bobbing up and down as he took in even more.


We both watched as Kenny reached the back of his mouth and began pushing my shaft into his throat. We could make out the mushroom head pushing closer toward the Adam’s apple in his throat. Kenny knew to breath through his nose and ignore the gag reflex as he massaged the dick causing unbelievable impulses for me. I knew there was no way I could last long once he had the entire shaft inside. His lips were now pressed against my pubes. I took over, holding his mouth in place as I backed off then plunged back in. I paused long enough to see Kenny’s eyes meet mine. He was not choking or worried. He was pleased knowing he was doing well. By this time, my hips were setting the rhythm. My balls were drawn up tight against base of my dick. Letting out my usual ecstatic moan, I felt the first cum shot spurt rapidly through the throbbing tube. Kenny swallowed quickly as the stream shot into his throat. The second shot shot out on his tongue, and he wanted the third in his mouth as well. After I had finished shooting, he held on long enough to get all of it, then slowly backed off as I pulled out. Even then, he licked the head to show he wanted it all.


It was Bobby’s turn to show he was willing to please. And he did. He rolled over to take on Kenny, who had not been sucked off yet. To do this, he had laid face down between Kenny’s legs to take his uncut dick into his mouth. He was licking at the foreskin, pushing it back to get at the little purple head, and then the shaft.


That left little Bobby’s round firm buns wide open for me to play with. I quickly oiled up my fingers, then spread the buns apart so I could work on his tiny little pucker. First, I gently worked the middle finger slowly inside him. He resisted at first, slowly giving in as the finger managed to slip in just a little at first, then far enough to work around inside the ring. As Bobby got used the feel, he eased up allowing the finger to play with whatever it was down there that felt good to the touch. Pretty soon, the finger was all the way in, and began pushing in and out. Something was causing Bobby to not only open up to the finger, but even push back to get it back in.


It was no problem to get the second finger in. Bobby made a few strange sounds as the two of them was now doing the job, but he made no attempt to stop me. By now, he knew I wanted something more. He had never known his butt hole could feel so good to him, but he had heard Kenny and other boys say that cornholing was when another boy stuck their dick up your butt. He was sure that could be painful, and couldn’t imagine he would ever like it. He was confused that he liked having two fingers move around in there. And then there were three. It was really tight. Uncomfortable too. He was relieved when the fingers suddenly pulled out. Then he felt kind of empty. His hole was still open and he could feel the cool air instead of the heat created by the fingers. He lifted his butt up off the bed to show he wanted the fingers back in there.


Kenny and I both watched as his butt raised up searching for the missing fingers. Kenny smiled at me. He knew the feeling well. He watched quietly as I greased up my dick and Bobby’s butt. It was ready. I moved up to place greasy dick at the right angle and guided it to the entrance. Pressing it against Bobby’s glory hole, I firmly rammed the big mushroom shaped head inside while Bobby was still wide open. It hurt. Bobby mumbled, but Kenny kept his dick pressed inside Bobby’s mouth as the new intruder popped through the ring, and paused. I held it still to allow him to get used to the sharp pain. When I felt him relax a little, I moved another couple of inches inside. Bobby was getting more accustomed to the full feeling pushing the wrong way inside his poop hole. He bobbed up and down on Kenny’s dick trying to ignore the uncomfortable feeling, but by now was also kind of proud that he could feel the shaft sliding deeper inside him.


Before long, I felt my pubes pushing flat against Bobby’s buns. I moved around to let him know I was all the way in. Then I pulled back far enough to rub the shaft against the prostate. His butt raised up to let me know he was feeling the impulses he had no idea were there. This was ecstatic. He moaned with delight as the huge dick in his butt caused him to like the feelings it was causing. It was Bobby now who was moving his butt around to keep hitting that magic spot.


I started making short slow pumping motions. He had gotten used to the feeling of the shaft. We were both feeling pretty good. He had already climaxed once and had caused Kenny to dry cum too. Kenny pulled out as his dick deflated. Bobby attempted to look behind him to see the shaft that was now pulling all the way back only to shove totally back up his butt. It wasn’t hurting any more. In fact, it felt cool knowing he was taking it all. Both of us were making sounds of pleasure and were rocking back and forth as the rhythm increased. Kenny had moved down far enough to hug him and encourage him to relax. I mumbled to him that he was about to take his first load up his butt. He grasped Kenny as I shoved in hard and held it in. He felt the shaft swell and start to twitch as the cum shot through the tube and shot out into his body. I shot several times and then kept pumping hoping there was more. Finally exhausted, I just collapsed on top of him.


We were both hot and sweaty as we relaxed. Despite my weight on him, he made no attempt to get free. Neither did I. Bobby had discovered something he liked a lot. And I liked how he had responded. I was still hard, and didn’t want give it up. Kenny slipped out and sat up watching as I pulled out, turned Bobby over on his back, and raised his legs to my shoulders, then slid easily back inside. Bobby smiled, knowing we were going to do it again. This time, he watched as the shaft easily slid back in. I asked if he was all right. He nodded yes. Kenny giggled. Bobby had said he would not let anyone fuck him, and here he was ready to repeat the act. It took a little longer. I had already shot off twice. My balls felt like they were being overworked, but finally shot their third load of the evening. Bobby surprised both of us when he allowed me to kiss him deeply after it was done.


The three of us took a long shower and were tucked into bed by the time the parents got home. I knew this was not the last time. Kenny knew he had a new bed partner that liked what he liked. Bobby had just discovered that sex was something he couldn’t get enough of. It had been a night to remember. It would be repeated several times just between us over the next three weeks.


And with Danny gone, the twins wasted no time giving me a call. They had decided it was their job to keep me busy until Danny got back. (I had not told them about Kenny or Bobby.) They knew I was seeing other boys, but didn’t know who. They were hustlers, and openly admitted they were still seeing Ron and Dale. They were still hanging out at the game room, and partied with both men and girls.


Kenny and I also met with other boys to have threesomes, but Bobby would not go out with any one but us. That was fine with me. Between Bobby and Kenny, I got all the sex I could stand. Weekends left me so exhausted, I had to take another day off to rest up. They would take turns taking me. When I needed a break, they would do each other. They really loved the sex we were having with each other.


We still visited Danny for about a year. He was finally released on probation. He had turned seventeen, and had done very well with the guards and inmates at Juvie. He came home to get caught screwing Kenny. That got him kicked out of the house. I think Kenny didn’t mind, but his mom was furious. Although I still saw him. He had changed. He started hanging out with the guys that he had met despite my warnings that he was not allowed to do that. And about six months after he got out, he and a friend decided to rob a grocery store - with guns. This time, the law held him until his eighteenth birthday. Then they tried him as an adult. Danny was sentenced to eight years in prison.


I had been promoted, and could not continue to defend Danny’s record. He understood that. I had to stop seeing the family since they were no longer going to see Danny. I think they did visit him about once a year. He did five of the eight years. We remained friends. In fact, Danny supplied information to me about some crimes committed in my town. But we don’t see each other often. We’re still friends. I remind him when we do chat that he was the toughest problem I ever tried to deal with. He laughs, and agrees that we were probably never meant to agree on anything. Then he winks and tells me he sometimes wishes things could have been different. So do I. He’ll always be my little Danny boy.