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Island Boy
Will S

Chapter 10 of 13

Sean took longer to recover this time. For the first 48 hours, he made no effort to get out of bed. He seemed despondent or even depressed. On the third day when Jason checked the video feed from the boy's post-op room, he was startled to see the boy struggling to get out of bed. As Jason stepped into the doorway of the boy's room, he found the boy standing and gazing at his naked reflection in the full length wall mirror.

At first, the boy didn't know Jason was there. His eyes studied the 5'-8" reflection from the top of his sandy-blond hair to his size 10 feet. The fourteen inches he'd gained in less than a month had put him in the 85th percentile on the growth charts. He'd gone from well below average to well above average.

As Jason watched, Sean's hands and eyes surveyed his body as if he'd been blind and suddenly had been given his sight. His fingers explored everywhere: his arms, his torso, his face, his nose, his ears, his chest, his abdomen. Eventually, he found his way down to the thick growth of hair surrounding his large, flaccid penis. It suddenly reminded him of something else and he checked quickly under his armpits. He pulled at the dark coarse hair hidden there -- hair that had only been hinted at a week earlier. Now he leaned closely into the mirror and felt the facial hair that collected on his upper lip and extended down from his sideburns. A half-smile appeared momentarily on his lips and then disappeared.

His expression grew serious as he gazed back down at his genitals. Lowering his hands, he again felt the thick growth of dark curly hair. When he seemed satisfied that he was familiar enough with that, he hefted the unfamiliar cock that jutted out from the nest of hair, almost as if he were trying to gauge its weight. Then, holding it up against his belly, he studied the two large balls that pulled down on his sac. With his other hand he felt those also, rolling them around, struggling to get used to the idea that they were his. Then again, like a boy anxious to get on with discovery, he suddenly twisted around, so he could get a glimpse of his butt. It was then that he noticed the man.

"Hi," the man said simply.


"Everything check out okay?"

"Yeah...it...it's...you know...like really...big."

"Yeah, it is." Jason grinned.

"I like it...I think," the boy said simply. He looked up, but without his characteristic smile. Any other time, Jason would have taken the comment as a sample of the boy's droll humor but, today, Jason knew the boy was very serious.

"I'm glad," the man said, choosing to ignore the comment for the moment. He stepped up to the boy and ran his hand down his back, letting it come to rest on his butt. It was the first time he'd touched it in a week. Twenty-seven days ago, he could nearly cup both wondrous globes in one hand; now just one of those hillocks filled his grasp. The boy smiled at the feel of the researcher's gentle touch and looked into his eyes. They were now much closer in height. Jason's hands moved upward, along the contours of the young man's body, amazed at the growth he had unleashed. His hands came to rest on the boy's biceps, and he gently squeezed. Sean winced.

The doctor immediately realized what he should have already known: The boy was still recovering from his ordeal. His entire body mass had been stretched; the fibers of his muscles, the plates of his bone structure...everything had been artificially forced to grow many times larger in too short a time.

"I'm sorry," Jason said quietly. The boy nodded. Even though, in many ways, this was a different person standing in front of him, Jason recognized the familiar mannerisms: the smile, the dimples, the nodding, the stance.

"What do you think?" the man asked.

The youth gazed into the mirror. "I think..." he began, "that I don't know this person." The response caused the researcher to wince, himself. He understood exactly what Sean was saying. It would take some getting used to...for the young man in the mirror -- and for him. And for the others on the island, for that matter.

The pain of growth seemed to linger longer this time, and it wasn't until the fifth day following suspension that Sean felt strong enough to go out and walk around. He and Jason ambled easily along a pathway. The first person they met was Keith.

"Hi," the youngster said with a kind of deference reserved for strangers, then, when he recognized Sean, he gave a sort of embarrassed look, and reacted with boyish exuberance. "It's Sean!" he shouted to no one in particular. "Sean!" He twisted himself into a kind of boxer stance and shadow-boxed a punch toward his friend. "How are ya? Boy, you sure look...great...and big!"

Sean shrugged. "Yeah."

"How do you feel?"

"All right. I feel all right."

"Great...boy will the other kids be surprised...well...I'm gonna be late...see ya'!" The younger boy ran off.

"Word will spread pretty quickly," Jason offered


They walked along in silence down toward the beach.

When they got there, Jason got a couple of towels and spread them out on the sand. Jason sat down, but Sean hesitated.

"Jason," he said after a long moment.


"Remember the first day you brought me down here?"


"Hold me like that again."

The man lifted up his arms, and gathered the man-boy into him. For a moment, Jason hesitated. His action was one you'd see with a little boy, and for an instant, he wondered if this fourteen-year-old-going-on-sixteen would feel it somehow inappropriate for a "big guy." But there was no such uncertainty on the boy's part. Sean settled in between Jason's legs and leaned back against the man's chest. It took a long time, but Jason felt the boy slowly start to relax. He sensed the boy was carrying a heavy burden, one which he was not yet comfortable sharing, so they sat without speaking. It was only when Jason felt the quiet heavings of a boy crying that he spoke.

"Sean, what is it?"

The boy shook off the question.


"Can I help?" the man asked gently.


"I just want..."

Sean abruptly pulled away, and stood before Jason realized what was happening.

"I hate yo..." the words caught in the boy's throat. They cut Jason, like a burning stake rammed into his heart. As a clinician, he should have been prepared for something like this. He'd noticed from that day he'd seen the boy gazing at himself in the mirror that something wasn't quite right. In fact, Jason reminded himself, it started even before that; he'd first seen the boy's ambivalence after emerging from the first suspension.

In some ways, the outburst he'd just witnessed should have been reassuring. After all, in every way, Sean was fully embroiled in puberty. The boy's hormones were raging and mood swings go with the territory. Furthermore, unlike most boys who have some time to "ease" into the upheavals of puberty, Sean was thrown into it as if he'd stepped off a cliff into the surging surf. The boy had left him and was trudging down the beach. Angry, deep footprints jabbed into the wet sand, and when the boy hit the last fading wash of a wave, he stopped. The water receded and disappeared into the sand, only to be replaced by another gentle wave which washed up around the boy's feet, loosening the sand around them, and causing them to sink farther into the whiteness of the beach. Now the boy dropped to his knees and leaned over, resting his hands on his thighs. His hot salty tears fell, warming the Caribbean waters.

As he knelt there, sobbing, unsure even as to why, he saw a shadow appear next to him.

"I'm sorry," the man said. Sean felt just the briefest touch on the side of his head and then he saw the shadow retreat and disappear. Now in supplication, the boy lifted his head to the sky. "Oh God," he murmured aloud, then rose to his feet, turned and stumbled after the man.

"Jason," he said softly.

The man stopped and turned, waiting. The boy stopped, too. But only for an instant, and then he closed in upon the man, and grasped him desperately. For his part, the man folded his arms around the boy and hugged him as if he might slip away otherwise. In that embrace, the boy spoke softly, "I didn't mean it."

Jason's hand caressed the boy's yellow white hair. His hand wandered to his ear, then back to the hair that surrounded it. "I know, Sean." The boy tucked his head under the man's chin, and clung to him. In that moment, he was more like a four year old than a fourteen year old. The man felt hot tears flow onto his shirt and sear his skin beneath.

They stood unmoving for fully a minute, and then the man spoke again. "Should we try this again?" And gently, the man lowered himself to the sand, and drew the boy with him. The boy nestled into the sand and cuddled up sideways against the man's torso. The man held him and the boy felt his strength.

"What's going on in that beautiful head?" Jason kissed the boy, nuzzling into the boy's hair.


Jason said nothing. They just sat, listening to the waves wash up on the shore, and the gentle warm wind hush past their ears. High above them a lone gull called; there was no response. Finally the boy spoke. "I...I'm all grown up."


"I thought that's what I wanted."


"Keith was my friend...we wore each other's clothes. Now he's still a little boy..."


"And I'm....what am I, Jason? Am I 14...or 17?"

"You're fourteen. A very healthy, maybe somewhat advanced, fourteen year old."

"But it's different. I'm different."

"Yes, you are. Sean, I'm trying to understand how you're feeling..."

"For your almighty study," the boy said bitterly.

"No, Sean...because I love you."

Again silence washed in upon them, and Jason again felt the boy's hot tears.

"I'm not real...it's not natural."

"Sean," the man spoke with utmost tenderness, "if we hadn't done anything; if I'd never found you, you'd have stayed like a little boy even into adulthood. And that is what wouldn't have been natural. Oh, you might have gotten taller, but you'd never have developed a beard..." Jason ran his hand across the boy's cheek. "You'd never have developed a man's physique..." Jason stroked the boy's shoulder, then down to the sides of his chest. "You would never have developed a deeper voice." Jason's fingers touched his lips. "Your sex organs would never have developed." Jason's hand found the boy's inner thigh, and rested there. "And your reproduction and endocrine system would never have kicked in -- you wouldn't have been able to make sperm, and semen, and you wouldn't ever have been able to ejaculate. Remember? All those things? That's why we began this."

"I know. I know." Sean spat the words. "When all this began," the boy repeated, "you want to know what I thought?" Jason was silent and waited. "I thought - imagined - that after the two months of treatment, I'd be as big as an 18 year old. I'd be a man. And I imagined going back and finding that fucking bastard who was gonna rape me, and make him suffer."

It was like unlocking a door. All the pain and fury pent up in that little boy - now big boy - could suddenly be released. The boy sobbed bitter tears. "That's what I imagined doing. I wanted to do it."

"But not now?" the man volunteered.

"No..." the boy cried softly, holding firmly onto Jason. "Not now.

"I want to be who I was."

They held each other, and in the holding said more than words could ever say. Then, when he judged the boy was ready, Jason spoke again - in words barely above a whisper. "Sean, I know it may not make a lot of sense, but every boy on this island either is feeling that way, or has felt that way, or will feel that way. The difference is that they have two or three or four years to get used to the idea that they can't stay that way forever. And you've had two weeks. You're not Peter Pan. None of us is. You can't stay a little boy forever. Your body would never have developed as it should, and you would have been a man trapped inside a body that you'd outgrown long ago."

When time had passed and Sean had processed that, Jason spoke again. "Maybe we did things to make this happen, but you look exactly the way you'd have looked if everything had happened all by itself."

"Except that it couldn't have."

"That's right," Jason said. The man fell silent for a long time now; they both didóboth pondering what to say next. It was Jason who spoke first. "Sean, I think I loved you from the first moment I saw you. I fell in love with a beautiful ten year old boy, but when you told me you were fourteen, I knew there was a problem. Statistically, most boys start puberty at twelve or maybe even eleven; but not you. Something was clearly wrong. If everything had been working as it should, you would be just about where you are now. That's what you wanted...that's what we wanted."

"I don't want to go back in there again."

"Into the lab for another suspension?"

"Yes," the boy said softly.

"Then you won't. It's done."

"But won't that screw up your precious research?"

"Sean, look at me." The boy lifted his head to gaze into the man's eyes. "I don't care about the research. Screw the research. I care about you. Do you think for a minute I'd do anything to hurt you?"

"No," the boy responded. "No, I know you wouldn't."

"I'm sorry, Sean. Maybe we should have tried another way. Maybe I should have realized how hard it would be for you...but I didn't...and I'm sorry."

The conversation lapsed once more, and for a long, long time, they just stayed there, holding one another.

Finally, Jason broke the trance. "Hey...my leg's gone to sleep. Maybe we should get up." The boy looked up and smiled. They helped each other up, and walked along the beach.



"I think I'd like to head back, now. Can we?"

"Of course."

When they reached the lab area, they realized they were both pretty sandy. "Maybe we should shower off," Sean suggested.

"Good idea."

Together they went into the room with the large bed, took off their clothes and moved into the bathroom, turned on the shower, and stepped under it. The warm pulsing water cleansed them, somehow stripping them of more than a few grains of sand. When the man filled his hands with soapy suds and tentatively touched the boy's arms, he made no move to pull away. In fact, he reciprocated, lathering the man. Their slippery hands roamed freely across each others' body, bringing excitement. When it came time to cleanse the boy's genitals, the man found himself rubbing his soapy hand over an already rigid five-and-a-half-inch cock. He sought out the tight ball sac and massaged it ever so carefully, avoiding the tiny plastic tubes that still extended from each testicle.

"It's still a little sensitive down there," the boy murmured.

"We'll have to take care of those," Jason said softly. The boy, with his eyes closed, simply nodded. Now Jason released the boy's testicles and moved onto his two strong man-globes behind. Slowly he soaped up again, and cleaned the broad surfaces, then tentatively explored the boy's crack. Sean's movements encouraged him to go deeper. The man complied, and when the furrow had been truly cleansed even of the smallest grains of sand, he raised his hands to stroke the boy's back. But his subject would have none of that. He turned to face the man again; he took Jason's hand and once again placed it on his ramrod stiff, throbbing organ.

"Please," the boy moaned.

"We need to talk first," the man said matter-of-factly.

The boy's nostrils flared, and his eyes flashed a look of typical teenaged disapproval. He expelled a sigh of exasperation. The man smiled inwardly at the so-typical teenaged boy-response to something disagreed with.

Stepping out of the bath, Jason toweled off the boy, slowly, methodically sensitizing virtually the entire body surface of the fourteen year old. Kneeling, Jason turned Sean and let the thick towel flow down the boy's back and onto those two handsome muscles that defined his perfect youthful butt. Slowly stroking the skin surface prompted the boy to press himself into Jason's hands. When he completed his task, Jason marked the left cheek with the briefest of kisses, then turning the boy 180 degrees, gently patted the soft luxurious fabric around his genitals. For the boy's part, it felt as though he'd been enveloped by some exquisite instrument of glorious torture, and the sensation caused every one of his body's young hairs to rise up, mimicking the erection of his penis. But when the man brushed across his scrotum, the boy again winced.

"It still hurts?" Jason asked.

"Mmm," the boy said stoically. "Here. Let me dry you." When he began is work on the man, the boy was more anxious, more aggressive. Brisk rubbing dried the skin and awakened the senses. He might have taken more time, had not the man's toweling pushed him to a point which demanded an urgent response that could not be put off.

Sean wanted to be satisfied, but that was not to be.

"I'm afraid," Jason began, "that sexual activity might hurt you right now."

"What do you mean!" Sean was clearly wanting some release.

"Your testicles seem extra sensitive. It could really hurt, so let's remove those things, let them heal, and then I won't be afraid of injuring you anymore."

The boy was the picture of frustration, but he could see the man's resolve, and - in truth - he knew the man was probably right. In a few moments, the two were down the hall, Sean spread-eagled on a table. "Just do it," he said abruptly. "Don't explain anything; don't give me options; just do it."

Jason smiled easily. "Okay." He drew a syringe from a small bottle, turned and lowered the hypo to the boy's genitals.

The boy felt the man's hand as, gently as possible, he stretched the skin around one of his testicles. Jason wiped it with alcohol and then, almost instantly, Sean felt some pressure followed instantly by an odd feeling. The same thing happened with the other testicle. (way too many `then's here)

"What are you doing?" the boy asked.

"No explanations, huh?" Jason said with a mock smirk.

"Well..." the boy managed a sheepish grin.


"In my balls?"

"Your testicles," Jason said with mock disapproval. "I want to deaden them."

"My balls!" the boy repeated challengingly.

"Don't worry. It'll be the only time there's anything close to dead down there." The boy looked from his genitals up to the man's eyes and smiled a wicked grin.

"I thought you said before that anesthesia could be bad."

"That's right. But I saw what that did to you then, and I'm sorry; there was no reason why you should have gone through that. My colleague, Dr. Sanchez, chided me for doing such a procedure without anesthesia. I won't do it again. And besides, that little procedure was nothing compared to this one. I probably should have put you to sleep to do this, but after what you've been through, that could be risky too." The boy seemed resigned to Jason's chosen course. The doctor discarded the needle and set about gathering some implements. Ten minutes passed. The man touched the boy's scrotum. "You feel that?"

"Not really."

"What's that mean?"

"Well, I knew you were touching me down there, but it doesn't hurt - not like before."

"Okay..." Again the man lifted a testicle, stretched the skin around it, so it shone. Then, with a tiny pair of tweezers, the man grasped the tube and twisted it gently.

"I can feel that."

"Does it hurt?"

"No...just sort of a pressure."


After an hour, Jason had completed the removal procedure. He knew that, in a few days, the boy would be as good as new.

Once he had cleaned up, he raised the boy off the table to a seated position.

"Now...here's you're assignment. I suspect it's the most difficult I've asked you to do throughout all of this...and I'm very serious, Sean."

The boy looked up uncertainly.

"I want you to avoid any kind of sexual activity for four days. Is that clear?"

The boy frowned. "It's clear."

"And that means jackin' off."

The boy looked dumbstruck.

"Sean. I mean it. If you feel yourself starting to get aroused, do something to cool it. Your testicles need a chance to recover, and if you 'use' them, it'd be like trying to use a strained muscle. You'll only damage them more. And we don't want these pups damaged anymore than they already are." Jason reached down and fondled the two swollen orbs. "Okay?"

The boy smiled, with maybe a hint of pique. "Yes," the sulking boy said quietly.

The four days seemed an impossible chore for Sean. He stayed in the lab area. He thought the less contact he had with people like Ralph and the others, the more chance he'd have of actually following doctor's orders. More than once he'd gotten out of his room and walked down the hall to chat with some of the technicians who remained in the lab - just to divert his "urges". And more than once, when Sean had found himself getting aroused, Jason would call and force him to concentrate on math equations or something equally "deflating." Eventually, the time came to an end, and Sean found himself once more naked before Jason. As the man prepared to examine the boy, he asked casually, "When was the last time you had a bowel movement?"

"Ahmm...I think it was yesterday morning."

The man nodded and thought for a moment. "I think we ought to give you an enema."

Sean nodded. He'd had exactly two such procedures in his life -- both of them within the past six weeks. The truth was, far from being unpleasant, the boy felt the insertion of the tube and the fluid that filled him to be somehow strangely stimulating.

When it was over, Jason cleaned him up and patted him dry. Then, with the boy once again lying back on the exam table, the man gently grasped his left testicle and rolled it around between his fingers. From the doctor's point of view, it felt perfect: smooth, firm, and large. There remained only a reddish pinpoint to suggest where the tube had been inserted. When he realized that little more than two weeks ago, it was a mere fraction of its current size, Jason was in awe. He struggled to maintain his clinician's role, when what he really wanted was something very different. Even the slightest touch of any part of the boy's flesh excited him -- especially when he saw how his touch changed the boy. "Any tenderness?" he asked, ignoring his building desire.

"No!" The fourteen year old spoke with just a little more intensity than was called for. His cheeks colored and as the man watched, the boy's penis surged to its full 5.5 inches of rigid thick flesh. The doctor, smiling at Sean, repeated his ministrations with the right testicle.

"Feels great," said the boy before the doctor could even query him.

"Mmmm," the doctor concurred. "Well, Sean, you've got a clean bill of health, I'd say. Maybe we need to vacate this room now, so they can get it cleaned up. Okay?"

"What are we going to do now?"

The man laughed. He knew the desperate-sounding question was only part of what was racing through the boy's mind. "What would you like to do?"

The boy blushed sweetly. "Ummm...could we just move down the hall...ummm...to the...you know...um...bedroom?"

"You want to go like this?" Jason glanced down at Sean's throbbing erection. It was a silly conversation because the boy's clothes were right there, but both Jason and Sean wereenjoying the playful moment.

The boy blushed deeply again.

"I guess it wouldn't matter that much," Jason said playfully. "Anyone we meet in the hallway has already seen your erection - many times."

"They have?"

"When you were in the suspension tub. The second time around, you used to get an erection every couple of hours. That's not too different from what happens when a boy sleeps anyway."

The boy looked down again and shrugged. Together they stepped out of the room and walked down the hall. When they got to the door of the bedroom without running into anyone, Sean actually felt oddly disappointed. When Jason shut the door to the bedroom behind them, it was like a signal for the boy.

He threw his clothes to the floor, literally leapt into Jason's waiting arms, and thrust his tongue in the man's mouth. Jason could feel the youth's javelin forcing itself against his pants-covered thigh.

When the boy backed his mouth away from Jason's, the man spoke: "You're acting a little desperate."

The boy grinned. "I can't wait." He reached out and began removing the man's shirt, and then boldly lowered his hands to the belt and zipper which, when released, would free the man from his coverings. In mere moments the man was a naked as the boy. Somehow, in nature's state, there is equality, and now Sean was savoring that reality. The boy gazed at the man; the man's eyes scanned the near-perfection of the boy. He stood there waiting, anticipating, needing.

Gently the man led Sean to the bed and pushed him back. In a familiar ritual, the man tongue-bathed the boy, raising his already advanced state of anticipation. The mere touch of Jason's velvety taste organ caused a wave of sensitized reaction to spread out from the spot. The fourteen-year-old's eyes widened, his breathing was already sharper. Jason's hands added to the boy's agitated state. The man's work was relentless, and still no direct contact with the boy's center of his sex had been made.

"What...what's that?" There was an urgency in the boy's voice.

The man looked up, not understanding immediately what the boy was referencing.


Jason glanced down and for the first time, he saw a pristine drop of lubrication emerging, building from the slit in the boy's glans.

"Is it my semen?"

Jason smiled. "No, Sean, not this. It appears before you ejaculate. Technically it's 'preseminal fluid' - a sort of natural lubrication that a man's body makes in response to arousal. Lot's of guys call it 'pre-cum.'"

"Pre-cum." The boy mouthed the word. "Oh yeah..." The man took his finger and spread it around Sean's glans. The boy shuddered at the new sensation.

"Take the pillows, Sean, and put them under your head, so you can watch everything's that going to happen."

It was an odd request in some ways, one that hinted at some undefined mystery that was imminent, but the boy complied without questioning. Finally, when he was way past ready, the man lowered his lips to the hardness between the youthful legs.

"Uhhhgh..." A long, slow moan of ecstasy ripped from the boy's essence. Tentatively, with utmost delicacy, Jason began an obscenely exquisite movement on the throbbing boyhood.

Now Sean was thrashing his head back and forth. He pressed his hands down into the bed as if trying to prepare for the joyous torture he knew was coming. His body undulated in a rhythmic muscular rippling that drew him further along the journey that had been denied him for those four long days. Jason was alert for every change in the boy. He mentally ticked off the steps that led from arousal to explosion, and just before the boy reached the point of inevitability, Jason lifted himself and stopped. Looking down at the boy, he could see at first a dazed look of abandon, followed by an uncomprehending sort of confusion.




"Reach into that drawer there." The boy did as directed, opening a drawer on a stand next to the bed. He removed a tube of KY. The man beckoned for it, and the boy handed it to him. His movements had been an effort. Little of his aroused state had left him. His face was flushed, his breathing rapid, the veins in his neck pulsed in time to the throbbing of his cock, and his nipples were like nail points emerging from finely sanded maple. As he watched the man, he wet his lips.

Now the man slathered his subject's cock with KY. The boy almost had a look of disappointment. Why masturbate him, when the sucking was so incredible? Then, squeezing more of gel onto his fingers, Jason offered a simple instruction: "Pull your knees back and out." The boy complied, exposing his pucker. "Now, relax..." The man slowly placed a single finger on the boy's hole. It tightened predictably. "Relax, Sean," Jason repeated. The boy felt the finger insinuate itself. Jason pressed, more and lodged the finger just inside him. "We're not going to rush anything, Sean," the man said quietly. "From now on, you set the pace."

The boy tried to relax, but just hearing the man say that made him sense something different was about to happen; his heartbeat quickened and if anything, he grew more tense. But Jason was nothing if not patient, and he waited, and, when eventually the boy did relax, Jason slid in deeper. The feeling for the boy was electric, and it caused him to clamp down on the finger again. Jason stopped the movement which had brought such sensations to the boy. Again he waited for the boy to relax, and again, when he had, Jason began pressing in and out in all directions against the rigid muscle walls. To either side, he was met by bone, but upward -- toward the boy's genitals -- and downward, there was more room for expansion. Jason knew it would be a tight fit, but he was determined to introduce the boy to an exquisite new experience. His four days of denial, coupled with his current state of arousal, would mean the boy would be resolute in his commitment to complete the bonding. Reveling in the knowledge that he would soon be one with the boy, Jason worked deliberately and compassionately.

The boy's penis never flagged, and with first one finger, then two, he had brought the boy back to the edge of nirvana.

"I want you in me," the boy breathed.

Jason smiled. "You sure?" The man's finger found the boy's prostrate once again.

"I...Ahh..." Sean's whole body suddenly stiffened, "It's...Ahhh." A single violent convulsion wracked his body, thrusting his greased penis upward, and a thick bolt of cum exploded from its tip. Realizing now what was happening, Jason worked his finger harder against the virginal prostrate and grasped the boy's penis both to masturbate him and to direct his pulsing discharge. "Ahhh....ahhh...ahh." The boy's groans coincided with the multiple releases, as if the expulsion of the substance was taking every ounce of strength the boy had. Four, five, perhaps eight times the boy's body pulsed before his orgasm eased into quieting shudders. The boy's eyes were wide throughout, and Jason, after his initial surprise, quickly positioned his mouth to catch at least some of the pristine virginal fluid. When he had finished his exhausting task, Sean was ready to collapse. He dropped his head back down onto the pillow, breathing like an exhausted gladiator, his eyes closed, completely spent. "O-o-h-h-h," he slowly breathed out.

Jason savored the boy's juices and smiled. The boy's orgasm was so intense he had almost passed out. Now he drifted off into semi-consciousness.

Jason looked at the sweet man-child: his soft skin, a sheath for tight, firm muscle; his beautiful eyelashes; cute little nose; heaving chest with handsome pinnacles of red; a rippled tummy, spattered with his first boy-juice; a softened cock that lay in a nest of cum-covered hair; and legs firm and silky.

He couldn't take his eyes from the boy. The man's fingers remained inside the boy, and he longed to move to the next phase of the boy's initiation, but clearly this was a special moment for the boy. And Jason would do nothing to take the very private feelings from the boy. He also realized that the child was totally relaxed now. There was a looseness to the passage that held his fingers that he hadn't felt before. The boy was experiencing total relaxation; he wore an expression of sublime pleasure and sexual accomplishment, of satisfaction and peace. Jason thought about removing his hand, but he didn't, again because he would do nothing to disturb the boy. Instead, he simply reclined next to his young lover and lay quietly until he was ready.

"That...was awesome." Twenty minutes had passed before the boy was able or willing to speak, and when he did, the words caught in his throat, and barely a whisper broke the peaceful silence.

"Your first time," Jason said softly and allowed his hand to fondle the boy's golden-white locks. He loved feeling the boy's head and hair and cheek-soft skin. "It was hard work."

Now the boy looked up at his mentor, and smiled a smile of youthful achievement. "I didn't know what was happening, at first." Jason smiled. The boy continued, "It felt like my cock was pulling everything it could from my body, then squeezing it into my shaft until it had to explode."

"Awesome," Jason confirmed.

"Yeah..." Sean replied.

"Do you want to rest some more?"

"Or?" the boy asked, seeming somewhat confused in his post-orgasm state.

"Or..." Jason said with a smile and moved his buried fingers ever so slightly.

Instantly, the boy stiffened, and smiled.

"That's my answer, I guess," he said simply and glanced downward. With Jason's fingering, the boy's softened organ immediately showed signs of blood flowing into it, filling it. "I want you, Jason," the boy said.

"Are you sure?"

"More than anything."

"All right, Sean," Jason said with such a gentleness of spirit that the boy sighed deeply.

Sean became aware of movement beside him and he lifted his head to see what was happening. Jason had shifted his position and was lifting Sean's leg. Then the man settled down between the boy's legs, which he moved apart to provide better access to that part of him which would now become so important. Slowly, the man removed his fingers from the boy's rectum. That brought even more life to the strengthening organ. Jason reached for the KY and the fourteen year old gazed down through his outstretched legs, to see Jason spreading the jelly onto his eight inch spear. Slowly it dawned on the boy that his wish was about to come true.

Jason looked lovingly into the boy's eyes. "Remember, Sean, you're in control." Jason wiped his hands on the sheets and shifted his position. Gently he lifted the boy's buttocks and maneuvered himself underneath those gorgeous swellings of man-child muscles. If he shifted just slightly, he would be aligned with the finger-loosened entrance, but for now he would wait. Jason pressed his finger once more onto the man-child's asshole and he felt the anus clamp down again, and he wanted the boy to relax once more before he proceeded.

"You're..." the words stuck in the boy's throat. He swallowed. "You're going to put it in me," he said in awe.

"If you want me to, yes..."

"I do," the boy breathed. "I want you to fuck me. Please." There was almost a desperate tone in the boy's pleading. Jason could feel his excitement, but there was also a note of uncertainty.

"We're going to go very slow with this, Sean. It may hurt at first, but if we rushed, it would be awful." Now Jason leaned over the boy and managed to reach his lips with his own. Their kiss had the sensation of a feather-light touch. "And I want this to be wonderful for you; as wonderful as it will be for me."

When he lifted back away from the boy, Jason saw that his young creation was smiling a smile of sublime satisfaction. It was the same smile the boy saw on the man's face and both understood it came from the knowledge that each could only realize their own ultimate pleasure in this moment, in bringing the same pleasure to the other.

Now Jason felt the muscles surrounding his buried finger relax, and slowly, gently, he pulled it back. He glanced down at the slightly open pucker that he would soon be assaulting one more time, and quietly shifted himself, bringing his glans to the mark.

Sean felt just the softest of touches "down there" and felt his anus instantly close in an attempt to protect itself. Jason felt it, too, and waited before pressing in a bit more.

"What do I need to do?" the initiate asked. Jason glanced up from the sight that drew him like a magnet to the boy's face. He continued to apply the gentlest, yet constant pressure. "When you feel yourself start to relax," Jason instructed, "you can help me, by sort of pushing out, like you're having a bowel movement."

It was a terrible description, but one which young boys understood; certainly this young boy did. Now, Jason kept up the pressure, moving his rod ever so slightly up and down the boy's furrow, teasing him. The knowledge of what he was about to experience was keeping him rock hard. That would be helpful in what was about to happen, and before long, he felt the boy's anus start to spasm into a relaxed state. All this time, the two lovers had held each other in their gaze. When Jason felt the inevitable loosening of the boy's anus, he smiled reassuringly. Sean responded and almost immediately, he felt the boy do exactly as instructed: he pushed out. And Jason seized the opportunity and pushed in. In that moment, his head was fully engulfed.

"Ahhhgh." An audible gasp tore from the boy. His asshole clamped down on Jason's cock, and it felt like a thousand needles sticking into him. Sean sucked in a sharp breath, and immediately started panting.

"Just relax, Sean...I know it's tight. I know. It won't be like that forever. Try to relax down there."

"It...it..." Sean drew in a deep breath. "It does hurt," he expelled.

"I know, my love, I know. Shhh...."

Jason looked down to see his cock firmly lodged in the boy's hole. The boy's ass ring quivered sending tiny ripples through the man's cock head. That in itself almost made him cum, and involuntarily his spear's head which filled the anus twitched. The boy winced, and sucked in another breath. "Sean, do you want me to take it out?" The man's hands massaged the boy's buttocks, thighs and pubic region.

"No, leave him in," the boy whispered, and as if to prove his intent, reached down and grasped the man's meat.

The big tool throbbed with energy and each time brought a reaction in the boy. After many seconds ticked by, Jason eventually saw the waves of pain ease in the boy's expression.

"Give me more of it," the boy commanded. And the man obeyed. Slowly, he slid in, feeling for any spasm, for any tightness. For the boy, the effect was electric. He could feel the massive cock sliding into him, filling him. Despite the gel, there was a friction there that was at once pure pain and pure ecstasy. At the ring, he felt alive in a way never before, and deeper, it was a sublime fullness.

The boy pressed his arms onto the mattress and leveraged himself forward, pressing himself more onto the man. A whimper escaped from the boy's mouth. His skin was glistening, and every muscle in his body was taut. Jason ran his hands across the smooth, rippled hardness of the boy's abdomen. He glanced up at Sean's beautiful face and saw the boy's resolve. Jason knew the pain the boy was experiencing was only adding to his pleasure.

"More," the boy whispered between short gasps.

Jason reached down and placed his hands on the boy's hips. Holding them firmly, he lifted slightly. Another spasm of pain spread across the boy's face, but to complete the act--to spit the boy completely on his shaft, Jason needed to adjust the angle. With this accomplished, both the man and the virgin were ready.

The boy felt his organs being pushed aside to accommodate the man. It felt strange but stimulating, and he was grateful the man was being gentle. If not, he could easily imagine the suffering he would be experiencing. The pain he did feel surged into exquisite pleasure. "Ahhh...hhh," he moaned.

"Okay?" The smile on the boy's face was all the answer the man needed, yet, still, he told himself, he would have to proceed with caution.

"More," the boy repeated, and reached down, placed his hands on the man's hips and again pulled him deeper into his opening. Sean smiled lovingly at his mentor; an overpowering sense of satisfaction was building in him - satisfaction at the achievement that would soon be his. He felt the man's organ filling him. He liked the feeling of an enema as the fluid filled him, but this was different. It was hard inside him and pressed his insides in all directions, and awakened him to new feelings.

"Okay, Sean," Jason replied. He glanced down at his cock, which was only about half way in. He looked back up to the boy and smiled. "Okay." Slowly he began pressing into the softness of his love once again. Immediately the boy began panting short, sharp breaths. The boy was working harder than ever to manage the pain.

When the man felt his hair crushed by the boy's buttocks, he whispered to the boy, "You have all of me. We'll just rest for a minute."

"Ohhh...I can feel you inside me. You're filling me..."

"You're so smooth and hot inside." Jason pulled back now, and the rushing emptiness inside the boy made him gasp once again.

Small cries escaped from the boy's mouth. And slowly, Jason commenced fucking the boy for real. The boy's tight hole was magically elastic and was accommodating him with a feeling like nothing he had ever experienced. Slowly his pace of thrusting increased.

"Okay, Sean?"

"Ohhh...God....yes...harder...do it harder...please...give it to me...please."

The man had tried to enter the boy with a minimum of friction, but now, with his urging, he shifted slightly, forcing a hard pounding of the boy's prostate with each new thrust.

The boy's eyes widened each time, then returned to an almost unfocused state and Jason thought the youth was nearing the point of delirium. For his own part, Jason knew that it would not be long before he would be bathing the tender insides of the boy with a seminal douche.

"Every....time....I can feel it...it touches..." The boy was trying to communicate, but was literally having difficulty putting two words together. Now he shuddered as Jason drove into him once more. "that place inside me..."

Jason smiled and rested for a moment. "Your prostate." he said. "My penis is rubbing against it, and it's unbelievable, isn't it?"


"Here we go, Sean. Focus on everything that's happening to you in the next minute."

Now the man began moving once again. He also reached down and grasped the boy's pulsing rod and stroked him in a wild full-length motion timed to the movement of his anal thrusts. It was tiring work for the man, and as he thrust, he made grunting sounds. These mingled with the whimpers of the boy, who pressed his head back into the pillows; his eyes were squeezed shut.

Jason knew they were both just seconds away. The boy was literally experiencing waves of tiny violent shudders throughout his entire body, almost like a series of sensual seizures. The man marveled at the sight. He felt the boy's cock impossibly stiffen more, and a rigidity suddenly spread throughout the boy. He desperately grabbed onto his knees and pulled them even closer to his chest.

"It's...it's going to happen!!" he gasped and struggled to look down at the center of all the torment and pleasure he was in this instant experiencing.

In the next moment it did happen as Jason rammed violently into the boy for one final time, like the animal men become in this instant. The man's back arched backward; his hands pushing against the boy's shoulders. It was as if he were trying to get one last fraction of his member deeper into the boy as pulse after pulse of hot fluid filled the boy's intestines. Simultaneously, the hand-pounded cock of the boy erupted in a glorious expulsion of his own fluid.

His stomach muscles tightened even more, and he clamped down on the intruder, as spurt after spurt of his thin boy-milk launched up between his folded legs to his chest and face.

Whimpers and desperate breaths filled the room and grew into a little-boy cry. This was followed by a long period when Jason worried that Sean may have stopped breathing. But as the boy's crisis eased, and as his did also, the boy took a long shaking breath, dropped his head back into the pillow, and drifted off into unconsciousness.

Jason felt his organ slowly softening, and now the boy's muscle struggled to hold it within, and keep it for its own. The man gazed down at the boy. His hands had slipped away from holding his knees and his legs, fully relaxed, had unfolded and rested up against the man's body. A rich deposit of the boy's essence glistened on his abdomen, chest, and face. Jason reached up and scooped some from Sean's smooth stomach. He greedily ate the already-cooling cum and savored its salty sweetness. As he did so, the boy opened his eyes. When he realized where he was and what had just happened, he smiled like any boy might at having achieved some secret goal. His lifted his head and bent it downward to gaze upon his own ejaculate. Slowly, he reached up and felt it. Then, picking up a strand on his fingertips, he first smelt it and then drew into his mouth just as he had seen his mentor do.

Jason lowered himself to the boy's mouth, and again they kissed. When their tongues entered each other, they felt and tasted the semen from the other's mouth on their tongues.

Then they parted again, separating their lips.

"You're still in me," the boy said quietly.

"Mm-hmm. You won't let me go."

"Never...it...I dunno...I can't describe how it felt. I thought I was going to die." Jason smiled and nodded knowingly. "Thank you," the boy said softly.

Slowly the man lifted himself away from the boy's ass. His soft tool slowly began to withdraw. The action seemed to pull a long, easy sigh from the youth.

When his organ had finally been expelled with a soft popping sound, Jason gazed back down at the boy who had so unreservedly taken him into himself. He was an incredible youngster, and now he basked in the afterglow of his second wet orgasm. It was a look of unabashed contentment. In this moment, nothing could mar the peace and oneness with his world which the boy felt. Jason eased himself up to rest beside the boy. When Jason had settled himself down, the boy turned and nestled himself closer to the man so that as much of his body was touching the man's as possible.

"It was incredible, Jason." The man felt the boy's hot breath on his chest. In response, he simply held the boy tighter.

As he did so, he felt hot, wet tears fall onto his skin, and Jason knew the boy was weeping. He moved his hand up onto Sean's head and pulled him closer. "Mmmmmmmmmm," he sighed. "It's all right, my love...It's all right..." Just why the boy was crying would remain something of a mystery, and he knew enough about boys to know he shouldn't question the boy about this. They could be tears of joy that he was feeling, tears of some sort of ultimate release, a kind of profound unburdening of secrets that bore down on his soul, or even tears that come when one realizes, finally, that one chapter has closed even as another is opening up. This was not a time for words; it was a time for holding, touching, understanding, and silence. And then, somewhat to his surprise, Jason felt tears falling from his own eyes onto the boys soft hair. He lowered his head, drawing the boy down with him, squeezed his eyes shut, and together, the two males drifted off to a deep sleep.

How much time had elapsed neither knew. The man came to and realized the boy, still in his embrace, was stirring.

"How are you," the man asked softly.

"Great," came the simple, truthful reply.

The boy shifted his position, and Jason felt a lithe, youthful arm snake down between them.

"Something's leaking from me -- from my hole," the boy said with some urgency.

Jason shifted his position and kissed the boy lightly on the cheek. Now the man slid down, and gently lifted the boy's leg. A stream of thick cum trickled from a slightly swollen, reddened pucker. There was no trace of red in the semen. Jason was relieved the boy was intact and hadn't been torn by his manhood. "It's my semen." The boy looked down, questioningly.

"We stretched your asshole quite a lot, and it's not unusual for it to take a little time for it to really close back up tight. And when it's still loose, stuff can drain out."

"It's still loose?" the boy asked.

"A little."

"Would it be easier now to get it back in?"

Jason smiled. "I'd love to..."

"But..." Sean said, recognizing Jason's tone.

"It probably would go in a little easier, but I think we need to wait. Your body sort of has to learn how to take a penis. It's been stretched an awful lot, and it's probably pretty tender back there, so I think it might be too much to try it again right now. But we'll do it again, soon, I promise."

Sean lifted himself up, embraced the man and kissed him, and then rested his head against the man once more. Jason realized just how much the boy seemed to cherish their physical contact - as he certainly did.

Jason watched as the boy's expression changed. He was obviously trying to work something out.

"I'm glad I'm who I am," Sean blurted out.

Jason reached down and briefly, lightly drew his hand across the boy's soft penis, then trailed it up into the next of pubic hair. "So am I, Sean."


"Yes, Sean."

"I have to ask you something."

A flash of uncertainty passed through the man. "Okay."

"I love being with you...doing...things...you know..."

"Yes," Jason smiled.

"This means I'm gay, right?"

The man was quiet for a long time. "Why are you asking?"

"I mean, I really love this. I mean, is it okay to talk about this with you?" The boy's thoughts spilled out without restraint.

"Why wouldn't it be?"

The boy reddened now, and lowered his head a little, but then looked back into Jason's eyes and held him in his gaze. "Are you gay?"

"Yes, Sean, I am. Is that okay?"

"Sure. I mean, I figured you were."

"Sean," Jason began after a pause. "I can't imagine not being with you. I love being here with you in this way. I love having sex with you...and I think you love having sex with me." The boy grinned broadly. "But that doesn't automatically mean you're gay. We are what we are." Jason reached out and ran his hand up and down the boy's body. "You know what I think is one of the really neat things about being a teenager?" Sean shook his head. "It's that it's a time for exploring, for trying out new things. Whether it's in school...or maybe sports...or...or..."

"Sex!" Sean completed the man's thought.

"Or sex," Jason repeated, and reached out and tickled the boy who responded with generous peals of laughter. "So," Jason said, "explore. It's a time for you to find out what you like - who you are."

The boy sighed. "I love being with you."

Jason smiled at the unchecked affection the boy was so willing to offer.

"I'm glad...but...now listen carefully, Sean...you should explore what it's like to be with others, as well." The boy suddenly looked unsure.

"I want to be with you."

Jason smiled lovingly. "I know, sweetheart, but you owe it to yourself to be with other people; that will help you discover how to give your partners the most pleasure possible. Someday you may find yourself thinking, 'I want to be with this person forever.' And that's great, but part of what makes that great is the pleasure you can bring to each other. And the best way to figure out how to pleasure other people is to be with other people. Not everybody likes the same things. Is this making sense?"


"Explore. I guess it's that simple."

"Jason?" Sean asked again, more tentatively than ever. The man opened himself for another question.

"What if I want to be with you forever?"

Jason was shaken by the innocence in the question that pierced him to his heart.

"Then...if that is what's meant to be...then that's what will be." Jason pulled Sean to him and they hugged each other tightly. It was not the first time such a question had been asked of him, and it was not the first time he had given such an answer. But, quite possibly, it was the first time he had hoped with such fervent prayer that the boy's infatuation - no, love (He would not denigrate the boy's feelings by dismissing it as such) - would truly ripen and become forever.

Again, many minutes passed. Finally, Jason spoke. "I think we ought to get going."


"How come?"

"I've...ah...got a little problem," the boy said with a characteristic boy-man squeak in his voice and a telltale twinkle in his eye, and he took the man's hand and drew down between his legs.

"That's a big problem I'd say, son."

The boy laughed openly and wildly the way teen boys do when they share a thought that's mildly wicked. Jason shifted his position downward on the bed and patted the boy's stomach. "We'll just have to see what to do about that."