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Island Boy
Will S

Chapter 11 of 13

Jason lowered himself onto the boy and they felt the skin of their torsos melding.

They kissed hard, long, and passionately. The man's hands sought to explore every bit of the smooth firm flesh of the boy with their soft touches. Jason's worked his tongue and lips over the boy's nipples. Sean's body moved like surging waves; his head turned slowly first in one direction, then the other. He was again entering that strange dream-state of utter sexual tension and utter surrender - utter release. Tender bites electrified him. Jason reveled in the knowledge that he was expertly arousing the boy to a point of complete submission. He loved feeling the little shudders of arousal that moved in waves across the boy's body. Already Sean was pressing his rod into the man's torso, as if it were a barrier, which, if it could be pierced, would bring release. When the boy's muscles surged, he seemed to lift the man effortlessly above him. The boy must have sensed the difference as well, because now he lifted his head and with new urgency, shaped a plea.

"Please," the boy moaned, "make it come."

Jason's fingers traced downward past the boy's genitals, and began a ritualized movement on his legs and inner thighs, stroking them gently with his fingernails, back and forth. At the same time he lowered himself, feeling the boy's poker first on his stomach, then chest, then throat and finally jutting up against his chin. Lifting away slightly, Jason lowered himself so his mouth was positioned at the boy's ball sac. Slowly, he reached out with his tongue, tasting the wrinkled skin of his scrotum, feeling the soft down of pubic hair (more a light fur, actually).

Sensing the reaction Jason was causing in the boy - quick sharp breaths and his testicles drawing up tighter to his body - made it all worth it, and the man dove in, opening his mouth wide to take the boy's gonads into his mouth - first one, then the other. Jason lathered the skin with saliva, and tumbled the substantial balls around inside his mouth.

"Ooohhhhhh..." A long, slow, barely audible cry - more a breath, really - came from the boy. Jason felt Sean's hands on his head, holding him at his task. All the senses of the man were at work. He could feel the boy, taste him, smell his muskiness, and see him, and his heart was pounding knowing that he, and he alone, was effecting the changes he was seeing in the man-child.

Now he released the boy's testes, and slowly, with just the tip of his tongue, traced the thick tube on the underside of the boy's penis from its base to just below the rim of the glans, just where the tube disappeared. The cock throbbed at a pace with the boy's quickened heartbeat, and the man then reached the glans and sucked that in with one smooth, swift, and delicate action. That caused vibrations to emanate from that point and travel quickly throughout the boy's body, causing him again to gasp and stiffen.

The man sucked the air from his mouth, and the boy's organ slid in deeper, until Sean could feel himself completely enveloped by the man's mouth and throat. With effort, he lifted his head to watch the man work. Had a third observer been present, he could almost have seen Jason cataloging the sensations he was causing in the boy: what happens when I touch here (a sigh)...when I lick there (a stiffening)...when I breath on that spot (goose bumps). But now all the preliminaries were done. Now the man, enveloping the boy's meat, was working his final miracle. The transformation was imminent. Between the man's mouth action and his hands, the boy's body suddenly and involuntarily reacted. His cock flexed harder than previous pulses; his contracting muscles rotated his hips upward and the man savored the strength he held in his mouth.

Deliberately, the man lifted up off the boy. His lips kept the seal unbroken as the piston slid away. When just the glans was in his mouth, the man allowed his tongue to flit across the tip. The boy shuddered. Then the man was pressing down again. Then back up, repeating the tongue action.

In his hot, moist mouth, the man felt the boy's body stiffen; the thick tube on the organ's under part expanded slightly. Now, it would happen; it was impossible to stop it. The boy knew it, too. The moment of release was crashing down upon them both, though for the boy in particular. His moaning and increasing motion under the man transmitted the signals to the man as well.

One more time the man raised up and danced his tongue along the meatus of the big boycock, and that was enough. The boy's body went rigid and lifted, driving his penis deep into the man's throat. The crisis hit and pulse after pulse of boy juice exploded deep into the man's throat. An apparently involuntary thrusting of the boy's hips was a desperate and futile attempt to drive his penis deeper into the man's hot mouth. For fully ten glorious seconds the flood continued, until, drained, the boy fell back, exhausted. He'd never worked so hard but, then again, he never before felt such release; never had his body felt such extraordinary pleasure. The man remained motionless for a few minutes, reveling in the knowledge that the raw power he felt unleashed in the boy - the total, awesome explosion - had been a direct result of his action. He had done this, and he could sense the boy's gratitude, as if there existed some unseen linkage connecting them so one could read the other's mind.

Releasing the boy's slowly shrinking organ, the man, himself feeling tired, rolled over beside the boy, resting on his back.

The boy gently rubbed his hand across the man's chest, and Jason was content to lay there for perhaps four or five minutes.

"How can something that lasts such a short time make you feel so good?" the boy asked with characteristic innocence.

"You know," Jason began, "I could explain it all physiologically, but I'm not sure it'd really answer your question."

"It's sort of mysterious...like something's sorta' taking over my body."

"Mysterious and mystical. There's a word - 'transcend.' It's when something is greater than an actual event. The moment of orgasm is really simply your body's muscles sort of all reacting at once to cause an ejaculation. But somehow, when it happens, it's more than that."

"It transcends," the boy paraphrased, still with a tone of being on another plane.

"Yes, it does."

"And how," Sean said cheekily. They both laughed.

"Now," Jason said finally, "Maybe we should get ourselves cleaned up...before you start needing something else."

The boy giggled like mischievous eight-year-old.


Sean took Jason's hand and once again lowered it to his crotch. Unbelievably, now just a few minutes after his orgasm, the boy's penis was showing signs of stirring. Together they lifted their heads to watch the transformation.

"You are one horny little dude," the man breathed.

The boy just nodded at first, and then added, "I'm not the one who kept me on ice for four days." He grinned wickedly and they shared a moment of laughter.

"Well..." the man said, "I'm simply too tired. You're on your own. Here, straighten out." The man guided the boy's legs down straight and straddled his thighs. The boy looked confused. "Go ahead. Show me how an expert masturbates."

Strangely, the boy seemed almost embarrassed - even to the point of showing a little color in his cheeks. The man leered down at the boy's exquisite body, his expression oozing a lust which the boy could not mistake. The man caressed the boy with his eyes, gazing methodically from his smooth flesh to his deep blue eyes. "Go on," the man urged again, and slowly, the boy reached down and grasped his manhood and began pleasuring himself. The man's eyes seemed to burn lustily, and that in turn seemed to ignite the boy. In short order, the youth seemed to be working on himself simply to please the man. More precisely, only by driving the man to abandon, could he achieve the incredible release his body was requiring of him. The effect was electrifying. The man could once again feel the waves of tension coursing though the boy's body. He could see the eyes dilate, the blood pound throughout his veins, the muscles tighten ever more, the life essence of the boy being transformed for one purpose, to cause the blessed release, and then for the fourth time, it came: shot after shot, splashing up onto the boy's chest. His cum was thinner now, but it was still copious and, almost immediately, the boy slowed his action on his still-throbbing five inches of rigid boycock.

"Oh God," the boy breathed, eyes closed. Slowly the man lifted himself off the boy's legs and stood beside the bed. Gently, he reached down and scooped the boy up. It was an effort, for the boy was considerably heavier than he had been just weeks ago, and when he had lifted the boy, he walked into the shower, and together, they washed the leavings of their love making from their bodies.

Sean's transformation had caused quite a stir among the residents of the island -- enough so that Jason, after talking to Sean about it, decided that a gathering to describe what happened would be helpful.

Sean knew what was coming and, though he dreaded it on one level, he also found the prospects of being displayed in front of his friends somehow strangely appealing.

His day was like every other. He'd resumed working out with Mark, and was already seeing some refined definition of his adolescent musculature - more pronounced pecs, slightly larger biceps, firmer abs, and stronger leg muscles. In addition he had fit seamlessly back into his classes with just a minimum of tutoring assistance.

During their afternoon free time, the kids talked endlessly about the meeting. What's going to happen? Are you going to talk? What did they do to you? What did it feel like?

For most of the responses, a shrug was all the questioners got. "I don't exactly know what it felt like, I was sort of asleep," Sean explained. "I don't know what Jason has in mind. We'll all have to wait to see, I guess." Sean did know that Jason would be showing some pictures of him, and he'd told the doctor that that was okay with him, although he also admitted it might seem a little weird.

Following supper, the group assembled in the theater. Jason suggested that Sean sit up with him, but the boy really wanted to sit with his friends, and that was okay with Jason. Sean ended up between Ralph and Keith. A month ago, Sean and Keith would have been about the same size, with Ralph towering over both of them. Now Sean and Ralph were about the same size, making Keith feel a little left out. Even as he sat there, Sean realized he was becoming "naturally" more interested in hanging around with Ralph than with Keith, since Keith was still only 11 and showing no signs of puberty. It was a little awkward.

Jason quickly explained that initial tests suggested that Sean had some sort of abnormality that was preventing him from maturing naturally. Then Jason described the surgical procedures that would essentially "fix" Sean, although he stressed it was largely experimental, and that everyone involved, including Sean, knew there were significant risks.

Then projecting a series of images, Jason explained about the cranial gland surgery. Sean hadn't seen any of the pictures, and he was as fascinated as everyone else in the group.

In the next series of shots, a semi-conscious Sean was being prepared for immersion. It showed technicians inserting tubes and needles everywhere.

"Sean, the human pincushion," Keith whispered, and Sean jabbed him in his side.

When Jason explained about the need to sample and to inject medicine directly into the testicles, there was an immediate discomfort observable in the audience of young boys, and when he showed the insertion of the tubes into Sean's testicles, there was an audible murmur through the group.

"Oww," said a kid softly just behind Sean. Sean nodded.

With the actual immersion, another audible sound -- this time a gasp -- spread throughout the room.

"You're drowning him," one of the girls said out loud.

"Well, it may seem like that, but really, we were taking him back to about the same environment as a mother's womb -- where you all were before you were born. And while he couldn't breath, in reality, he didn't need to. He was receiving everything he needed through the tubes going into his veins."

Jason explained that Sean had been placed in the suspension twice, and in that time he'd grown almost 14 inches.

Again a gasp filled the room.

"Now," said Jason, "Here are the real results of the experiment. We've assembled images of Sean over the course of his treatment and using the computer, created a kind of movie -- from start to finish." The series began with a Sean floating in the tub. "Now keep in mind," Jason added, "as you watch this, that this is essentially what each one of the boys here has gone through, is going through, or will go through in the future. Pay attention. It's pretty amazing." Magically, the boy began to grow. Stretching, widening, developing the characteristic teen-boy broad shoulders, to narrowing hips, the appearance of ever-thickening hair, and of course the development of his genitals. This occasioned the greatest comment, and as the series completed, the group erupted into a sort of spontaneous cheer.

Nothing that had happened so far had really embarrassed Sean. Rather, it was the clear sign of support and respect - and even a little awe - that his friends were now expressing that caused him to redden and look awkwardly down at his feet. Now Ralph stood up and everyone stood and someone began chanting "Sean, Sean, Sean" until finally, at Jason's suggestion, Sean came up, stood beside him and smiled shyly at the expression of love.

When they had finally quieted, Jason asked Sean if he'd be willing to stay up with him during the question time and the boy reluctantly agreed.

"Did it hurt?"

"Well, some. Really mostly afterward, that's when it really hurt, cuz my bones were like stretched and they sort of needed to settle in."

"What about when Jason stuck those things into your balls?"

"Well...I was sort of unconscious. I don't really remember it."

"Good thing," Ralph said so only Sean and a few others could hear him. Sean grinned for a second, then waited for the next question.

"What was it like being underwater all that time?"

"Like being underwater. Actually...I was kind of in a dream. Sometimes I knew where I was, sometimes I didn't.

"Once you looked all kind of curled up, like pictures of babies inside their mothers," a girl said.

Jason smiled. "Yeah, it was weird. Once I sort of remembered being in the same kind of place, and I finally realized that I was remembering before I was born." That elicited a series of whispered comments. Sensing his friends weren't sure how to deal with that information, Sean added, "Like I said, it was kind of weird."

"Any other questions," Jason asked.

One of the smaller boys raised his hand, "Jason, can you do it to me?"

Lots of people laughed, but Sean glanced at Keith and saw he shared that same desperate wish.

"Well, Billy," Jason began, "here's the deal. This was a very risky experiment. We learned a great deal, and a lot of what we learned had more to do with Sean's inner strength than with the actual medical procedures. If I knew then what I know now, I'm not sure I would have done this. Luckily, Sean is a very strong human being -- and I'm not just talking about physical strength, now. Anyway, what convinced me to try, and why Sean agreed, was because he wouldn't have grown otherwise. You -- and everyone else here, shows no signs of the deficiency Sean had. You will enter puberty and grow much like you just saw Sean grow, all by yourself when nature - and your hormones - decide it's time."

"And..." Sean added, with a quick glance at Jason, "maybe the hardest part for me is knowing that I've missed something that you won't, Billy. I kinda' grew up overnight. It may seem kinda' neat, cuz all of a sudden I'm so big..." A quiet murmur spread throughout the group and Sean knew they were commenting on just what "big" was referring to. "Anyway, I think I'd rather get to grow up one day at a time...and kind of discover something new everyday about myself...instead of just sort of waking up one day, and all of a sudden have it all done."

For a long time following the meeting, kids came up and talked to Sean, asking him more questions, shaking his hand, just standing there, grinning -- a response that was easy for sex-oozing young boys to understand.

Lily was one of the last to greet him. She whispered in his ear, "I guess I need to order you a new you-know-what!" He smiled sheepishly. Keith said very little, but hung closely to Sean. Ralph kept his eye on his fourteen-year-old friend, but held court on his own until all but the three boys and Jason were left.

"You boys better be getting to your homework, shouldn't you?"

Almost as a unit, they shrugged the teen-boy shrug, said good night, and started off. "Oh, Ralph," Jason called after them when they had just started through the door. Sean and Keith kept walking while Ralph returned. Sean welcomed the opportunity to be with the youngster, because he knew he had to reassure him of his continuing interest in him. Meanwhile, Jason had some brief business to attend to with Ralph. "He's been working out with Mark," Jason began, "so I know he's recovered now. You might want to drop in sometime, but remember it's all really new to him."

Ralph grinned a lusty grin. "Thanks," the boy said softly, and was off.

Jason was settled in at his residence. Sean had just finished in the bathroom and had returned. With just a few clicks of the mouse Jason had called up the video of Sean's room. The boy was alone, settling in to the now familiar routine of gazing at the computer screen and the collection of erotic photographs and self stimulation. Jason wondered if tonight would be different.

As if on cue, there was a knock on the door. Sean turned and called. Ralph entered, wearing only a pair of bikini briefs.

"Hey," Sean said.

"Hey," the older boy repeated. "You survive the big meeting?"

Sean grinned. "Yeah."

"Everybody was pretty impressed."

"I guess," Sean said simply.

By now, Ralph had stepped to just beside Sean, and as he spoke, he reached down to give the fourteen-year-old's genitals a quick squeeze. "I know I was," Ralph said enthusiastically. Sean looked quickly up at Ralph and smiled almost shyly. They looked at each other for a moment before Ralph seized the initiative.

"That was okay, wasn't it?"

"What?" Sean asked, genuinely confused.

"You know...to, ahh...grab a handful."

Sean broke into a smile and colored slightly. "Yeah, I guess."

"Well, good," Ralph replied brightly. "Stand up here, then..." Slowly, the younger boy stood, suddenly uncertain...as if knowing he was about to embark on a new journey with an unknown destination. There was the excitement of the experience, but also a little fear of the unknown. But stand he did. With his gaze locked on the younger boy's eyes, Ralph slowly lowered his hand to the bunch in Sean's thong. Sean lifted himself slightly at Ralph's touch, but didn't move away.

Ralph ground his hand into the rapidly hardening cock of the younger boy, occasionally dipping down to massage or cup the cloth-covered balls with his fingers. Sean submitted to this "exam" with a sense of expectation. He felt his whole body stiffen as he recovered from the initial uncertainty of the moment. Now his gently pressed himself onto the exploring hand.

"Ahhhh..." the younger boy moaned, and allowed his eyes to drift closed. Ralph seized the opportunity and, still massaging, placed his free hand on the back of Sean's head and pulled his mouth to his mouth.

The touching of their lips was like the detonator required to set off a much larger explosion.

Two stunning youths of about equal size, muscular, but not muscle-bound, firm, straight, the kind of kids that would turn heads should they appear on the giant billboards of Times Square: one blond with soft thick straight hair, one with dark curly hair, one with sparkling deep blue eyes, one with dark, almost black eyes that sucked you in, much as his mouth was now sucking in the younger boy's firm tongue. Sean, seemingly desperate for the contact, pressed his body closer to the other boy. Their pectoral muscles collided and each helped raise the nipples of the other to erection as they ground against each other. Their covered manhood also pressed against and around the other, always in motion. Ralph, when their bodies touched virtually from toe to head, moved his hand away from Sean's penis. Ralph moved both hands down now onto Sean's butt. His fingertips traveled up and down the furrow of the boy's ass. Ralph's touch excited Sean, and if Ralph's increased mouth action was any indication, it excited the older boy as well.

Now Ralph released Sean's mouth.

"You want to...?"

Ralph's apparent sudden shyness amused Sean.

"Have sex?" the younger boy asked with raised eyebrows and a broad grin.

"No," Ralph responded. "Go out and rake the lawn. Of course have sex...suck and get sucked, fuck and get fucked. Is that clear enough?"

Sean's eyes sparkled and a wide toothy grin offered all the answer Ralph needed.

"You know, those pictures of you in the theater got me really turned on."

Sean grinned some more. "You're one hot stud when you're underwater. And man, did that dick of yours grow. It was unbelievable. In thirty seconds, we saw you go from a little boy to...well...like I said...one hot, horny, sexy, dude."

Sean dropped his head a little self-consciously. "Hey, we being a little shy, all of a sudden?" Ralph asked. Sean grinned in spite of himself. "There was only one thing," Ralph resumed, "that made me a little frustrated."

Now curious, Sean looked up. "What?"

"I wanted to see you..." Ralph almost hissed the next word, "hhhhaaarrrddd. I wanted to see how you and me measure up."

"Well..." Sean began, "to be serious for a second, it was weird enough to have everybody see me without clothes, so I'm kind of glad they avoided my hard-ons, although I know I got 'em enough. Anyway...so you want to do a little comparative anatomy." Now it was Sean's turn to reach out and grab the older boy's crotch. It was a handful, and he knew immediately who'd probably win this contest.

In a flash both boys were helping the other out of their last vestiges of clothing. Ralph expertly slipped his fingers in Sean's thong and slid it down the boy's legs. Sean waited for Ralph to complete his task, then grasped the older boy's bikini and slid it down to his knees. Then, somewhat more awkwardly, he helped get them all the way off.

Now the two naked boys stood erect, facing one another. Their manhoods throbbed, pointing at the other. Ralph's was close to an inch longer, although Sean's was very nearly as thick. Both cocks proudly showed dark veins, which carried the blood that made their erections possible.

"You got some KY?" Ralph asked. Without needing further urging, Sean leapt across the bed, stretched out, and got it out of the nightstand. Before he could get back up, though, Ralph had pounced on him, pinning him to the bed. Straddling Sean's butt, Ralph slightly adjusted himself, and then began a slow up and down movement, with his penis being caressed along the other boy's crack.

"Mmmm," he moaned softly, as he nibbled on the skin covering Sean's shoulder blades.

Sean lay there unmoving as Ralph methodically moved his exploring tongue and lips down across the younger boys back. Everywhere, his touch sensitized Sean's skin. Now Ralph lifted himself, and moved even lower. Sean then felt the lightest of kisses on his right cheek. Sean had wondered if Ralph was "into" asses, and he didn't have to wait long to find out. Between Ralph's kisses and his breath and his fingers, Sean's butt was fully awake. The younger boy lifted himself, to press himself more onto Ralph's lips.

"You like that, huh?" Ralph asked.

Sean nodded silently.

Suddenly Ralph nipped down on the other boy's butt. Sean stiffened. Releasing the skin between his teeth, Ralph spoke authoritatively. "Then tell me."

"I...I like feeling you there."

"Good. Keep tellin' me how much you like it."

Now Sean felt his cheeks being separated. Fingers lightly probed all up and down the furrow.

"Y-e-e-s-s-s..." the younger boy murmured.

Ralph let his mouth wonder toward the true object of his attention.

"I...can...feel your breath on my..."

"On your what?"

"...on my hole."

Ralph pressed his nose against the spot and breathed in the musky scent of his friend.

"Ouuuu," Sean breathed in. Ralph felt the muscles of the boy's butt tighten.

"More..." Sean begged.

Ralph positioned himself, and ran his tongue around the pucker. He delighted in hearing the quivering breaths he was causing in his friend.

"Mmmmmm," Ralph moaned, then pressed his tongue home, deep into the boy.

"Ahhh." Sean sucked in a sharp breath as Ralph expertly moved his tongue around the muscle ring, and gradually, it relaxed. While he slurped around Sean's asshole, Ralph raised himself and felt for the KY. When he found it, he opened it and spread in liberally on his steel erection. Then, he pulled his tongue from its tight enclosure and quickly spread more lube between Sean's cheeks.

Sean thought he knew what was coming, and he wanted it real bad. "Please."

"You want me inside you?"

"Yeah," Sean said panting.

From his vantage point, Jason watched and listened with keen interest. Occasionally he'd make a note, but that was getting more difficult as he brought himself closer to orgasm with his hand. He knew Ralph's favorite tricks, and he hoped Sean would be ready enough to get through it.

"Really?" Ralph asked.


Suddenly Sean felt a sharp slap on his butt. Heat instantly radiated from the spot.

"Roll over then."

Sean did and he had a look of uncertainty on his face.

"First, I want you to taste what I tasted." Ralph knelt over Sean and lowered his face to Sean's. He grabbed his mouth and shoved his tongue in and ran it over Sean's tongue. Sean tasted a bitterness, pungent and strong. Then Ralph lifted away and spoke. "That's you, Sean. That's what your asshole tastes like. Mmmmmm. You like it?" Ralph didn't wait for an answer; instead, he mimicked the trademark sound of Hannibal Lechter in the Silence of the Lambs movie.

Now Ralph grabbed Sean's arms and pinned them down at his sides. "You still want me?"


Ralph smiled. "First, taste me." The older boy quickly switched position, crouching on all fours, jutting his butt toward Sean. "Kiss it...the way I did you." Ralph turned and looked at Sean and saw his hesitancy.

"Do it," he commanded.

Tentatively, Sean bent down toward Ralph's asshole. The younger boy's hands explored the other's back and sides, and hips. Ever so slowly, he leaned into Ralph's butt and kissed it. Suddenly, Ralph reached back and roughly pulled Sean's nose into his crack. "You want this, don't you?"

Again, the older boy abruptly flipped himself around, came to rest on his back, and stared at the confused youth through his now uplifted legs. "Don't you?" he repeated.

"Yeah," Sean said finally.

With his two arms supporting his hips, Ralph lifted himself so his asshole was again accessible. "Lick me."

Sean drew in a breath and leaned in once more, sticking out his tongue. Slowly his velvety smooth taste organ touched the older boy's pucker.

"Yessss," Ralph breathed. "That's not so bad is it?"

Truthfully, it wasn't. Sean pressed closer and breathed in again. He could smell the musky scent of his friend. Again he tentatively let his tongue explore the tight pucker.

"Stick it in," Ralph urged. "Nail me."

Sean complied and, as Ralph had done to him, rotated his tongue inside him.

"Ohh...yesss...oh...God...." the older boy moaned.

The pleasure he was giving his friend spurred Sean on and, with increasing abandon, he rimmed the asshole at his lips. Ralph pressed himself onto Sean as the younger boy, equally desperately, greedily ate his friend's ass.

"Okay....I'm ready..." Ralph announced with some urgency. "I need it, Sean. Give it to me."

Reluctantly, Sean pulled away. Copious drool flowed down his chin. He was panting just as wildly as his friend.

"Here," Ralph said, lowering his legs, grabbing the KY, squeezing out a generous amount in his hand, and reaching for Sean's penis. He lubed it well. "I want that cock of yours. I want it bad, Sean. Give it to me." Ralph now leaned back, raised his legs, and opened himself. He reached out and guided the younger boy's tool to its mark. "That's it. Shove it in me, Sean, let me have it."

Sean needed no further urging. He was like an animal possessed. "Yes," he hissed, and he pressed slowly into his friend.

When his pubic hair pressed against Ralph's cheeks, Ralph groaned loudly. "Do it."

Although driven by the fire that Ralph had ignited, Sean was new at this.

"Squeeze my nipples!" There was a tone of desperation in Ralph's voice. "Hurt me!"

Sean reached out and tweaked his friend's nipples harder than he would have liked.

"Harder!" Ralph commanded. Then Sean felt another sharp, hard slap on his butt. It startled him, and then he felt the place burning. "Come on," Ralph growled, "Don't be a pansy. Fuck me hard." He wrapped his legs around Sean as if to urge him onward. "Jack me, you fucker, jack me as hard as you can."

Sean reached out for the shiny hard boy-cock and began the rhythmic motion that he loved so much.

"Faster," breathed Ralph.

Sean complied. Only vaguely aware of what was happening, Sean was completely taken over by lust - driven by pure, raw, unchecked, sexual power. He wildly rammed his cock hard into the boy under him, spurred on by Ralph's commands - and slaps. His hand was little more than a blur as it jacked off the six inch rod. With each thrust, he grunted like some rutting animal. And he was not alone.

"...o-h-h...y-ea-h-h...o-h-h-h...ahghhnhng..." Loud moans of pain and pleasure came from the older boy. He'd begged for this and now he was getting it.

Both boys felt the change in their own bodies, and in the reactions of the other's. The moment of release was fast approaching. The younger boy, glistening with sweat, was suddenly wracked by a massive seizure-like ejaculation. His entire body quaked in hesitation for an instant, and everything seemed to be sucked into the base of his belly, balls and cock. And then, like a raging primate about to realize victory, with every muscle in his body tightened to the breaking point, he plunged into the hotness of the other boy and exploded with such force that Ralph had a momentary fear that he would tear him apart. A cry tore from Sean's mouth, and he actually threw his head back and shook it, like a lion successfully defending his territory. After that initial release, he fiercely commenced to withdrawing and re-attacking his prey again and again and again.

At the same time Ralph's body responded with equal abandon and force. Hot, thick boy-cum erupted like white-hot lava from the tip of his meat and flew up onto his chest. After the first bolt, Sean, still rubbing his friend's tool with ferocity, pointed it upward, toward his own face, and with his mouth, tried to catch rope after rope of the essence of his friend.

In fifteen seconds it was over, except for a long series of aftershocks, emanating from each body, each triggering more responses from the other. Both boys gasped for air in desperate, rapid breaths; each feeling deprived of vital oxygen. Both virtually collapsed. Sean, with his spear still deep inside Ralph, tried to catch himself and prop himself up over Ralph's chest with his arms at each side of the boy beneath him, but he didn't have the strength; the battle had taken everything from him. So he just collapsed, in slow motion, onto his friend, the left side of his face coming to rest against Ralph's right cheek. Sean's chin hooked over his friend's shoulder, as Ralph's naturally fitted over his. Ralph's legs now stretched out and entwined with Sean's. Both lay unmoving, except for their labored breathing. Their skin shone with sweat, testimony to the prodigious efforts each had expended.

In his office, Jason cleaned himself and his desk up with tissues. He felt as exhausted as his two boys. His heart pounded and he could only imagine - no, he corrected himself, he knew exactly - how Ralph and Sean were feeling. In the years he'd been studying and watching boys and their orgasms, none approached the sheer, untamed lust of what he had just witnessed. It actually frightened him some to see Sean, such a gentle soul, erupt into the wild, sex-driven creature on the screen before him. And Jason knew it wasn't over. Not yet.

Fully half an hour passed before either youngster moved.

"W...w...what are you doing?" Sean asked weakly. Ralph had twisted his head and was mouthing and licking his friend's face.

"You asshole, I'm cleaning my cum off you, what do you think I'm doing?"

Sean giggled as he turned so he could see his friend's face better. "Oh, asshole..." But he was interrupted by the older boy's desperate, aggressive kiss, full on the mouth. Ralph assaulted the younger boy's mouth with his tongue, thrusting it deep into him as soon as Sean opened up some. And Sean was not slow in responding, thrusting past the other tongue and into Ralph's mouth. As they lay there entwined, Sean was the first to sense the change. Under him, low at his belly, he felt Ralph's penis start to stiffen with the first easy stirrings of life. As if triggered by that awareness, he felt his own organ start to harden as well. A soft moan sounded in the older boy's throat. He had felt Sean's cock as well, for the younger boy was still buried inside him. Ralph abruptly drew in his sphincter muscles with all the force he could muster.

"Ahh..." Sean breathed in. Ralph broke their kiss.

"Like that, huh?"

"Mmmm." Sean purred, as he lifted himself away from his friend so he could once again study the handsome boy. He reached out and lovingly explored Ralph's muscular chest, capped with two nickel-sized brown rings centering on two steel-hard nips. Ralph reached up and responded in kind.

In less than a minute both boys had reached their full extension. Sean tried without success to suppress a smile.

"What's so funny?" Ralph demanded.

"Kids at school used to say one of the girls was a nympho. I didn't know what they meant..."

"...but you do now." Ralph completed his thought, and simultaneously rotated his hips upward to push his bottom up against the younger boy's pubs. "Okay, nympho, time to pull out." He reached down and pushed against Sean's hips. "But why..." Sean began.

Ralph smiled a wicked smile. "Why? Cuz' it's my turn, now, bottom-boy, that's why." Ralph continued to push Sean's hips away, and reveled in the friction the withdrawal was creating inside him. For a moment, he thought about stopping and letting Sean go at him again. He would have, except for the fact that he was overcome with the desire to have this beauty kneeling in front of him. His heart pounded as he thought about how it would feel to be ravaging this youth. Be careful: those were the words Jason had spoken to him earlier, as if reading what was on the older boy's mind. Yeah, right.

Ralph reached down and grasped the younger boy's penis, and gently pulled him out of his chute. Then he lifted himself upward to face Sean. The younger boy, seeming to sense the inevitable, wore a look of uncertainty. Ralph's hands reached out and began to caress the surface of Sean's body. His touches awakened the boy's senses. His outstretched barometer beat out the quickening pace of his being. The older boy moved closer, leaning in just enough so Sean's cock tip brushed against his pubic hair. The effect on Sean was electric. And that electricity flowed throughout his body. Ralph's hands continued to work their magic. The younger boy's eyes drifted shut. As his friends hands worked up and down his body he stretched, lifted his head, and breathed slowly and deeply in.

"Okay, Sean, lean back." Ralph gently pushed the younger boy backward. "Look at me, Sean-boy, I'm ready..." Ralph reached down, retrieved the KY and spread some over his finger. "How `bout you, Seany? Are you ready for my big cock?" Ralph leaned down on top of Sean and ground their organs together as he kissed the younger boy again, hard on the mouth.

At the same time, he reached down, and using his greased finger, sought out the younger boy's little-used hole. Even when just the tip of the digit came to rest at the opening, he felt the body under his respond. "Mmm, like that, huh?" he asked.

"Feels good," the younger boy answered, "but I'm kinda new at this." The note of uncertainty was unmistakable.

"Nice and tight," Ralph said, breaking away from his mouth work. He knew Sean was ready, and smacked his firm, smooth bottom hard.

Sean gasped at the assault, but didn't tell the older boy to stop. In fact, it seemed to spur the smaller boy on, for now he was in nearly constant motion. Ralph could feel his cock throbbing under him. "Let me in," he urged, wiggling his finger more firmly at his friend's nether entrance.

"Pull your legs up, then, open up for me."

Sean, ever the willing pupil complied. Ralph lowered himself. Sean could feel the bigger boy's slippery cock seeking out his hole. Then he found it, and it spasmed. Both boys were fully aroused now, breathing quick shallow breaths, blood pounding, eyes wide, cocks at full extension, pulsing to their rapid heartbeats.

When Ralph felt the boy under him begin to relax, he spoke one last time. "You're one tight little asshole."

"Un-huh...go slow..."

"Sure..." Ralph replied with a savage grin.

Sean felt Ralph press his arms harder into the mattress, then his cock wriggled around for exactly the right angle, and then in one massive lunge, the boy on top plunged the full extent of his manhood into the tight orifice of his friend.

"Augghh...." Every muscle in Sean's body spasmed. A loud groan sounded from the depths of the boy's very being. Tears filled his eyes.

"Yessss..." a cry of triumph tore from Ralph. "Oh, Sean....Sean, I'm so sorry. I know it hurts...hurts like hell, I know. Oh god, you're so tight. There...it's all over. Oh, god." Sean's ass muscles spasmed involuntarily, trying to push the intruder from him. And suddenly, Sean felt Ralph's manhood pumping his essence into him. Now it was Ralph's turn to moan. "Ohhhhhh...ooooooo" as his hips thrust again and again pumping his cum deep into the younger boy.

"Sean," Ralph said finally. "I want to stay in you and get hard again. Can I? It will be better for you."

"Okay," Sean breathed weakly.

"Oh god, you're so beautiful. You feel so tight. Feel it getting bigger?"

Sean could. After his ejaculation, Ralph's penis had softened, now just moments later, it was hardening again.