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Island Boy

A story in 13 Chapters
Will S

Chapter 2

Streaming sunlight filled the cabin of the plane. Sean squinted as he lifted his head and scanned the scene before him. The door was open and the stairs lowered.

The air was filled with the calls of unfamiliar birds - sounds that reminded him of movies he had seen. A soft rumbling sound surged regularly under the birds. He was alone. He stretched and pulled the blanket off his body. The white jumpsuit had a few wrinkles in it now, and someone - it must have been Jason - had taken off his shoes. He sat up and put them on, and stepped out of the plane. To his right, and down was a beach, perhaps 200 yards away, with gleaming white sand and sparkling blue-green water.

Palm trees provided shade along the shore for as far as it went. A long sloping hill led from the beach up to the runway and tarmac where he now stood. Stepping around the plane, he faced a few low buildings - again gleaming white like the sand. He started to amble off toward the closest building and was almost immediately met by a young girl perhaps 15 years old.

"Hi, I'm Lily." she said simply.

"Hi. I'm Sean." Sean replied.

"Welcome to the island." She smiled a broad inviting grin and glanced pointedly at his new outfit. The boy felt a flash of discomfort under her eyes. "Jason said to take you to the dining room. He'll catch up with you there."

They walked along in silence. The dining room was virtually an open-air affair. A wall of open French doors let the warm breeze flow into the room. There were about 20 kids there, ranging in age from ten or eleven to maybe seventeen or eighteen. There were some black kids, and one Asian boy, and some kids who might have been Hispanic, but everyone's skin was a rich shade of brown - except, he noticed, for himself. Most of the kids were boys; counting Lily, there were 6 girls.

Sean felt all eyes on him as he approached.

"I'm sitting there," Lily said gesturing to a table with another girl and several boys. You can sit anywhere, but there's space at my table." She smiled again, and together they moved to the table and sat. In a moment Jason entered. He had changed his clothes. He wore a light short-sleeved shirt, opened at the collar, a trim pair of light khaki shorts, and sandals.

Some of the other kids were dressed like Sean, most wore a pale blue tee shirt, white shorts, and sandals.

"Good morning," Jason began, addressing the group. "We have a new member of the family." He stepped to Sean and put his hands on his shoulders. "This is Sean." Then, quietly, to Sean, he said, "You were so sound asleep when we got here, we thought it'd be better if you just stayed on the plane." He patted the boy a couple of times, then moved around the table and sat down across from Sean. A boy - about 15 or so - next to Jason smiled at the man, and wrapped his arm around him and hugged him. "We're glad you're back," he said shyly. Jason hugged him back.

"Whose turn is it to say grace?" Jason asked the table.

"Billy," a few replied.

"Billy," Jason called, turning to another table.

A boy who seemed about 12 stood and offered a prayer. That was a little strange for Sean, but as he listened to what the boy was saying - about being grateful, he couldn't disagree.

Kids from each table served the meal and it was incredible - all kinds of fruit, cakes, cereal.

"We cook ourselves," the boy next to Jason explained. He gazed into Sean's face and Sean seemed drawn to this handsome boy - just as it seemed he was drawn to Sean. "Do you cook?" The question brought Sean back to reality.

"Umm, not really."

"You'll learn," another added, and most of the kids laughed easily, remembering, no doubt, when they had first arrived.

As they passed the food around, Sean noticed that every one of them wore a kind of bracelet, tight-fitting on their wrist.

When the meal was finished, everyone carried their dishes to a window leading to the kitchen.

"Well," said Lily. "We've got to go to class, but I'll see you later." She reached out and squeezed Sean's hand. "Bye."

"Hey." It was the boy who sat next to Jason.

"Hey," Sean replied.

"My name's Ralph."


"Nice to meet you. Oh, Jason asked me to take you to his office, but first, we've got to stop at the dorm.

The dorm was more like a four hallways that crossed in the center. Small, but comfortable bedrooms were on each hallway.

"There are kinda' like two dorms," Ralph explained.

"Boys and girls?" Sean asked.

"Something like that..." Ralph responded and again laughed easily.

"Here. This room's sorta for new kids. Later on, if you want to move, you can either pick a room up these hallways, or down those. It's up to you...but the rooms're all pretty much the same." Ralph laughed again and shrugged.

"Where's your room?"

"Right down there."

"Great." Sean said, smiling. Ralph sensed - he thought - some satisfaction on Sean's part that he, Ralph, would be so close to him, and he smiled his free and open smile back at Sean.

They stepped into Sean's room, and Sean looked around. The bed seemed huge - in reality it was a queen-sized bed. There was a bureau, a desk, some chairs, a bookcase, a wall length mirror, and a closet. Towels hung on a rack. What drew Sean's attention though, was a laptop computer sitting on a low stand next to his pillow.

"A computer!"

"Yeah...All yours to use for whatever. Jason or somebody will fill you in on how to use it." Sean got the feeling Ralph wanted to say more, but didn't. Instead, he changed the subject.

"Get your toothbrush and towel. Got'ta' brush after every meal." There was just a note of irony in Ralph's voice. Again, Sean thought this somewhat rigid feeling behavior was odd. So different from what he was used to.

Ralph led him out of the room to the bathroom. It was large. There were four stalls that housed toilets, and a half a dozen sinks. A doorway led to a large shower area.

Sean sort of took his lead from Ralph. With their teeth brushed and faces washed, they returned to their rooms. As the walked back down the hall, Sean asked, "What's that bracelet for? Everybody's got one...'cept me."

"Oh, this?" Ralph said holding up his arm. "You'll get one soon enough. Jason'll tell you all about it." And then Ralph led Sean to Jason's office before departing for class. The office was spacious and comfortable. Books lined the walls. A large wicker sofa was positioned across from Jason's desk. Other wicker furniture completed the scene.

"Well." Jason began. "How are you this morning, Sean?"


Jason smiled. "Good."

"They have to go to classes?" Sean blurted out.

Jason nodded. "Everyone."

Sean stiffened a little.

"Do you want to walk?"


They stepped out of Jason's office, and onto the grass. They found their way to a path and began a long rambling walk.

"Sean, it's time for me to put on my doctor's hat and tell you about this place."

Sean nodded, suddenly uncertain about what was coming.

"I study males going through puberty. Do you know what puberty means?"


"Puberty is the process that occurs when boys grow into men...girls into women."

"To do my research, I need subjects - kids who are changing from children into adults - like you."

"A subject?" Sean said with a note of fear in his voice.

"I know it sounds a little scary," but most of what I do, is just observe, listen a lot, take some measurements every once in awhile, that sort of thing.

Sean reddened suddenly, and then looked away.

"Something the matter?"

"Measurements," Sean said, and looked back at Jason. "I was just thinking..."


Sean grinned a little, then shrugged, "What the hell, I was just thinking you were talking about measuring my dick."

Jason looked into Sean's eyes. "Well, that's part of it, because if you know anything about puberty, you know that your penis - that's the medical term for a dick - grows a lot when you enter puberty. So, you're right. I'll take all kinds of measurements, including your penis. Everyone kinda gets used to it."

Sean thought about that for a moment, then Jason continued. "So, that's part of the deal. You're providing me with an important opportunity to research this crucial time in a boy's life. In exchange, I provide you with a place to live that's safe. Furthermore, nutrition - eating the right foods - is important during puberty, so we eat well. And we make sure everyone gets plenty of sleep, because that's also important. But there are other things, too. It would be wrong for me to simply study you as if you were some sort of specimen under a microscope, so I have also promised myself and everyone else here, that I will provide you with everything you need to become a good, important member of society. If you dream about doing something when you're older, I want you to be able to do that. That's why there are teachers here."


"Four of them. The best there is. In fact, there are other adults here, too - my support staff. People like Jack. When he's not flying somewhere, he keeps the computers all running."

"My room has a computer." Sean blurted out with excitement. Jason smiled at his enthusiasm.

"They all do. We'll get you up and running today. They're used in our work here, but you can also use them in your schoolwork, and for playing games and stuff like that - As long as it doesn't get to be a problem. Most of the time, I like to be hands off. I'm not big on discipline. If we all respect each other, nobody gets in trouble. You can do whatever you want with your free time. But if you start getting addicted to a game, or in a few cases, I decide the game itself sorta' teaches players to be disrespectful of others, then we have to make a change."

Sean thought again and nodded. What he was hearing seemed to make sense.

"Now, I know I'm throwing a lot at you all at once, so let me be clear: You can leave anytime you want, if something doesn't seem okay, or you decide you want out. But if you stay, then I guarantee you'll learn to like yourself, you'll get the best education possible, and when you're ready to go to college, if that's what you want to do, I'll pay for the whole thing. I need you for my research, but I also want you to be happy, to know how important you are, how much you're helping me. And feel like you can do anything you want."

They walked along in silence. Finally, Sean spoke.

"Everyone here is part of the study?"

"All the boys. And over the years, there've been about 65 others."

Again they walked in silence. Jason knew this was a lot to absorb.

"I never thought about college. I just figured I had no chance."

Jason looked down at the youngster, and suddenly he couldn't bear it any longer. He reached out and hugged the boy hard. "Oh, Sean. That's why I wanted you to come with me. You can be anything you want to. You are a great kid; your mom knew that, and I know that. And your mom would want you to become the best person you can be. That dream was almost killed these past three years, and it isn't fair." Sean heard a note of desperation in Jason's voice, and he looked up to see a tear rolling down the man's face.

"You are so special," Jason whispered, and leaned over and kissed the boy on the top of his head. As they stood there, the man felt the boy's arms wrap around him and squeeze him.

"Okay." Sean said softly. Jason released him and stepped slightly away from him.


"I'll do it. I want to do it."

Jason smiled. "You know, you can take a little more time to think about it. I want everyone to be sure. And there's more. There are rules."

"Like what?"

"Well you already know one: honesty. I think you're great with that one, so far, and it's not always easy. The second rule is related. I'm honest with you because I respect you. We respect each other here. There's no room for treating others badly. Another example. Nothing's off limits, stuff you want to talk about with others, things you might want to do together, so long as the other person wants to. You set your own limits. If someone asks you something you don't want to talk about, you don't have to. Does that make sense?

"Yes." Sean said soberly.

"But there's a catch here." Sean looked up with another flash of uncertainty. "If you say you don't want to talk about something, or do something, all I ask is that you write it down in your journal."

"What's that?"

"On the computer, everyone keeps a journal. Basically, sort of a diary. But there are some things I want you to specifically write down - there's sort of a form to remind you. It's easy." Jason paused for a moment. "Is it still sounding like this is for you."

"Well...yeah...I guess...I mean, yes."

"There's some hesitation."

"Well..." Sean thought about how to say this. "I do feel a little funny about being 'studied;' it does kinda' sound like I'm under a microscope. Then writin' stuff down...an' all the other stuff. I mean, I never brush my teeth every day. Or say prayers...that kind of stuff." He looked up at Jason, expecting - fearing - an angry response. Instead, Jason smiled at him, and he started to relax again.

"Thank you for being honest, Sean. I know that wasn't easy. I know it's going to feel kinda' strange at first, but everything we do is for one of two reasons. First, to help me with my work - the research - and part of that is understanding what's going on the mind of a teenage boy, and how that relates to the changes in their body...and believe it or not, most kids really start to like that part of it."

"And the second part?"

"It's part of helping you to become a caring human being. Take the prayers, for example. We don't have church here, and people come from all sorts of different traditions, but you know, I think the world is supposed to be an exciting, wonderful place. And I think that when it is, you can sorta' feel a good presence around you."

"Sorta' like in Star Wars - the force."

"There ya' go. That's it exactly. So why not take a few seconds and recognize that presence - or force - is a good thing - whatever it is." Now they walked along in silence as Sean processed what he'd been hearing. Finally, Jason spoke again. "But...after all is said and done...whether you stay or not is up to you."

By now, they had traversed much of the island and where walking under the shade of the palms along the beach. Finally, Sean opened up and shared his thoughts. "Jason," he began, sounding like the adult. "I'm sure. Okay? What's there for me back there? My aunt probably doesn't know I'm missing. Ya' know?"

"Okay, Sean. Okay."

Again they walked along in silence.

"You study just boys?" Sean asked.

"That's right...that's enough," Jason said with a smile.

"How come the girls are here then?"

"Well," Jason began, "If there were just boys here, it wouldn't be like the rest of the world, would it?"

The boy shook his head. "There are males and females in the world, so I want to try to have as normal an existence here as possible. Part of what I study is relationships and boys relate to girls just as they relate to each other."

Sean thought about that and shrugged.

"Do you think girls should be here?"

Sean thought about that. "Yeah...well...I guess...I dunno." It was not dishonest exactly, but Sean understood that Jason thought girls should be on the island, and he wasn't about to contradict his benefactor, not in the first moments of being in this idyllic place, but the truth was, for some reason he knew he'd have been just as happy without the girls - maybe happier.

Later, as he was beginning to build Sean's file, Jason would note Sean's ambivalence. It might mean something, and it might not. What he did know was that for the overwhelming number of heterosexual adolescent boys who'd been on the island, having girls present was a big plus! And even for the homosexual boys, it was important to include even casual day-to-day contact with females. The truth was, since Jason's study obviously included sexual activity, and since not all the boys in the study were gay, having females present was an absolute necessity. And given the circumstances, everybody was happy. He had his suspicions about Sean, but he would get some hard data (hard data, he smiled at the thought) as to the boy's sexual orientation before too long.

"So what do I do?"

"Well, come with me and we'll get started. We'll begin with a physical, and we can start filling in some of the forms."


Now, with a purpose, their pace quickened. From Jason's office, they walked down a hallway and down a flight of stairs. They were now in the basement. "You start with a shower. Here's a towel, and..." Jason searched through a pile of underpants. "when you're done, just put these on, and come back in. I'll just wait here. As Sean stepped into the shower area, he thought, another shower! I just had one last night. What's with this guy? But even as he did so, he realized he was sweaty from their time in the bright, warm sun.

In the outer room, Jason punched a code into the computer and instantly the shower room appeared on the screen. In a moment, Sean came in, undressed and stepped into the shower. He washed himself thoroughly. Jason paid particular attention to when he cleaned his genitals. Grabbing his penis, Sean squeezed it for a few seconds, then released it, and moved on. In a few more minutes, he had finished and was drying himself.

Jason wondered if Sean masturbated; most boys did, but Sean was so immature, that he might not have experienced that compulsion yet...but that would change.

Five minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Sean stepped into the room filled with medical equipment. He stood ready for whatever.

"Here, we'll begin with the easy stuff." Jason said, gazing down at the boy. His bony body, with the proper care would soon be close to perfectly proportioned. Now Sean looked past Jason and into a full-length mirror and snickered.

"What's the matter?" Jason asked.

Sean looked up at Jason hesitantly. After a moment, he spoke. "Honesty, right?" Jason nodded. "My underpants. They're kinda' skimpy." Sean swiveled his hips backward in an apparent attempt to minimize the little covered hillock of genitalia.

"Yeah. Some kids don't wear any at all. We have a place where you can order cloths, so if you don't like these, you can get another style. I kind of like 'em." Jason watched Sean's reaction. The boy relaxed a little and allowed his hips to thrust naturally forward, again. Jason smiled his approval. The boy was handsome. With the right food and exercise, he'd soon be a perfect specimen - given his developmental age. Jason checked Sean's temperature, then his mouth and throat, nose and ears. Heart. Reflexes. Weight: 75 lbs. Height 53 inches. For his age group, he was woefully undersized.

Jason asked about diseases - if Sean could remember any specific childhood diseases. All the while he was typing the information into a computer next to him. Then he asked about drugs.

"No," Sean said ruefully. "My aunt uses enough for both us."


"I used to."


"Yeah, once in a while, I'd steal some booze from my aunt. Once in a while. It just seemed to help when things were...you know...kinda' bad.

"There's no alcohol here...not even for the staff on off-hours. We don't need it. And no smoking for that matter. Or drugs."

Sean shrugged inconsequentially.

Jason then asked about diet.

"Like what do I eat?"

"Yes. In a sort of typical day, when do you eat and what kind of stuff?"

"I dunno...maybe a peanut butter sandwich when I wake up."

"Orange juice?"




"So, what else?"

"Sometimes I don't eat anything at all, I just go out. Then maybe in the afternoon, I get a slice of pizza or sometimes I go into the convenience and get some Twinkies or sumpthin'."

"How about for supper?"


"Do you ever eat a meal at night?"

"Naw, sometimes I get some candy an' a coke for when I'm watchin' TV."

"Any stuff like apples or vegetables."

"No...once in a while, I get an apple off a cart downtown."

Jason finished his note taking. He had already checked the boy's mouth. For such an undernourished kid, his teeth were in remarkable condition, although the dentist would be much more thorough later on.

"Now, I'm going to do a check for anything that shouldn't be. Get up on the table, lay back and just relax." Jason felt all up and down the boy's arms, then his legs. He massaged his chest, spending some time with Sean's tiny nipples. He smiled at the response, then, dropping his hands, pressed his fingers into the boy's abdomen. Jason glanced down at the small bulge in Sean's underpants to see if there was any sort of physiological response to his massage. He saw very little, if any indication, but Sean had a strange look on his face. Jason looked at him and Sean knew Jason was looking for him to say something.

"It kinda feels...not ticklish exactly...nice."

"Good." Jason finished, for the moment on the boy's front. "Okay, roll over." He checked the back of his arms and legs, then the back itself. When Jason ran his fingers down the boy's spine, an involuntary shiver passed through him.

"All right, Sean, now this part is probably going to be a little different from your last physicals. Roll over again. I need a urine sample. Do you have to urinate?"


"Urinate. That's the proper word for pee? Do you have to pee?"

"Um...I don't think so. I took a pi..." Sean stopped and corrected himself. "I urinated in the bathroom. Is that a problem?"

Jason smiled at the boy who wanted so much to please him.

"We'll take care of that another way."

"Lift here." Jason patted the boy's hips. He did, and Jason slid the underpants down and off. The boy's pure, pale body drew Jason like a magnet. He glanced down at the boy's genitals, and Sean followed his gaze. The boy looked up at Jason and looked so vulnerable, as if he were asking, am I okay? Do you like what I am?

"You going to measure it now?"

"Sure, we can take care of that, now if you'd like." Jason took a cloth tape and measured the circumference. 5.5 cm. Then the length. Sean lifted his head and watched as Jason took a kind of tool with two feet, a movable "backbone" and an arm extending out above the two feet. Carefully holding his penis, Jason placed the tool so one foot was on either side of it. Then he let the penis rest against the "backbone" and lowered the arm so it touched the tip of his penis. Then Jason carefully removed the device and read off a number from the side of the backbone. On the computer screen, in a space next to "Penis - flaccid:" Jason entered "3.5 cm."

"What's flakid?"

"Flaccid" Jason gently corrected. "It's fancy word for soft." Jason felt the small organ flex at one point in his hand. "Sorry" Sean breathed, a slight nervousness evident in his voice.

"It's fine." But Jason could see something else in Sean's face. "You want to ask something?"

"Umm...what does that mean - what you wrote down?"

"3.5 centimeters. Most of the time we use inches, but for science and actually in most parts of the world, people measure in meters and centimeters."

"Oh...what is it in inches?"

"Let's see...it's about an inch and a quarter.

Sean looked down at himself. "Is...is that okay?" Jason smiled at the boy. It pleased him to get an indication that the apparently asexual child was not totally unaware of his sexual apparatus.

"Well, Sean...everybody's different. Some big guys have little penises; some little guys have big ones. As you work through our study, I think you'll discover it doesn't always matter a whole lot. I think you're just about perfect." He smiled again at Sean, and relieved, the boy smiled back. "Now," Jason continued, "I'm going to check your testicles - your balls." Jason gently rolled the boy's tiny orbs around in his hand.

"Now," said Jason, holding onto one testicle, "Cough once...Good." He released that one, and cupped the other one in his fingers. "And again. Good." With another tool he measured each of those. He glanced up at Sean's face and smiled easily. "Everything seems okay down there." Now Sean returned his smile.

"Now, about that urine sample. Jason stepped to a drawer and removed a small plastic bag and a paper packet. As Sean watched, Jason ripped open the bag, removed a thin tube and attached it to the bag. Next he spread some lubricant on it, and turned to Sean. "Okay, now try to relax. I'm going to insert this in your penis for a moment, and move it up into your bladder...and get the urine sample." Sean's eyes widened.

"Will it hurt?"

"No...It feels a little strange, but except for maybe a little sting, no, it won't hurt." Jason sat down on a stool that rolled, and slid up near Sean's mid-section. He laid the bag on the table next to Sean's hip.

"Okay, you all right?" Sean nodded, albeit tentatively. "Pull your legs up at little. Bend at the knees." Sean complied. He took the end of the tube in one hand, and with the other, gently parted the slit at the end of Sean's penis. Then slowly, he slid the tube right in. Sean was amazed. He could feel it going right up.

"Okay?" Jason asked.

"Yeah, it doesn't hurt," Sean breathed.

"Just a little more." Sean could feel the tube moving deep inside him. And then as he watched, a yellow fluid filled the tube and drained into the bag. "That's my piss!" Sean said with some amazement.

"That's right. Your urine." After a moment, the flow ceased.

"All done." Jason then gently removed the catheter. And marked and stored the bag.

"Now, we might as well do the other side."


"Now, I want to clean your rectum out, so I'm going to give you an enema. Have you ever had one?"

"I...I...don't think so."

"It's a little uncomfortable, but it doesn't really hurt either.

Again Jason went to a drawer and pulled out a box and a towel. In the box were a plastic bottle and a tube. He shook the bottle, removed the cap, attached the tube, put some lubricant on it, and returned to Sean. "Turn over on your side and tuck your knees up a little bit. There." Sean felt Jason spreading his butt crack. "Now I'm going to insert the tube." Sean felt something pressing, then sliding into him. "And now, I'm releasing the fluid. You'll feel yourself filling up kind of, and you may feel like you need to go to the bathroom, but we'll wait for a few minutes, once it's all in. Take slow long breaths." Sean could feel the fullness building.

"I think I got'ta go," Sean said with a note of desperation. "

It's not quite all in...There." Now Sean could feel the tube being removed. Jason threw the empty bottle away.

"It's really..."

"Try to hold it." Jason took one hand and pressed the boy's smooth buttocks together. "A few more minutes." Jason let his other hand rest on Sean's abdomen. He could feel the boy's tenseness.

"I...I...really need to go," Sean said finally.

"Okay. Here, sit on this." Jason placed a bedpan next to the boy and he sat up and lifted himself onto it, sitting back to Jason. "There. Now just relax. Here...lean back." Sean did, and immediately rested up against Jason's chest. Jason's warm hands moved across the boy's belly. Jason could feel the boy's abdominal muscles contract and almost immediately, his body began to expel the mix of fluid and feces.

"Good," Jason murmured into the boy's ear. Sean was breathing a little heavier than he had been and clearly he was not comfortable with this.

"I guess I'm done," he said after a minute.

"Well...let's wait a while longer," Jason said as he massaged his fingers deep into the boy's abdomen. Suddenly he stiffened again, and more of the fowl substance was ejected. Again, he rested, and one more time, a spasm stiffened him and finally, he was finished.

"There." Jason said, drawing his hand up across the boy's chest. "Now, just sit down on the towel." Sean did, and Jason removed the bedpan. Then he carefully wiped the remains of the fluid off Sean's buttocks and anus. He wrapped up the towel and threw it into another bin. "Now, I need to get a sample."

"Of my sh..." Sean stopped. "Of my bowel movement?"

"I know...it's kind of weird, isn't it? But sometimes kids have parasites in their intestines, and that's not good. So...we'll test for that."


"Yeah...actually, worms."


"Yes...but I'm sure you'll be okay...and if not...it's easy to treat...although it may mean another enema."

After a moment, Sean spoke softly. "It wasn't that bad."

"Good. Now, while, we're giving your anus some attention, let me do one more thing back here."


"Yes. That's the hole were your bowel movements come out. So role over and get up on your hands and knees. There." Sean glanced over and Jason was putting on a glove. Next he got a clear plastic thing that sort of looked like the shot-glass in his aunt's alcohol cabinet. Jason put some lubricant on it. "Now...one more time, try to relax. I'm going to check inside." Again, Sean felt Jason's warm hand gently spreading his cheeks. Then there was a firm pressure on his anus. Sean knew the small glass-thing was being inserted inside him. It was tight, and Sean grunted once and stiffened. "Try to relax, Sean. I'm just looking inside." The doctor looked for any fissures or scarring. He was relieved to find none. He removed the scope, coated his finger in lube, and gently wiggled it into the boy. He stopped for a moment, as he felt deeper for other evidence of tears or scarring, then his finger slid in further. Sean could feel the finger exploring his insides, and he tried to relax, but it just felt too strange. Then suddenly the finger inside him hit something that caused the boy to feel another kind of pressure.

"Ahh..." the boy quickly drew in a breath.

"What?" Jason asked with mock innocence as he continued to massage the immature prostate.

"What...what are you doing?"

"I'm checking your prostate gland. Why? How does it feel?"

"Ahh...ah...good...I mean...I dunno...I've never felt anything like it before."

"Well, for a boy at your stage in development, it's about what I'd expect." Now Jason was withdrawing his finger and Sean realized he actually felt disappointed.

"Okay. You can lie down again...on your back. Sean did so, and as Jason took off the glove, the boy swallowed, trying to regain his composure. He glanced down at his penis, realizing that the exam had begun to make it grow. And that embarrassed him. He colored, which Jason noted immediately. "What is it?"

"Um..." Sean wasn't sure he wanted to talk about this. "Umm...what's that stuff that you put on the glove?"

Jason smiled. "It's called KY jelly." He reached for the tube and squeezed some out on Sean's fingers. "Pretty slippery, huh?"


Jason gave the boy a towel. "But that's not what you were really thinking about. Am I right?" The boy looked away. "Sean. It's okay. Remember, if you really don't want to talk about it, it's okay, but I think you can tell me, and it will be all right."

The boy looked up into his eyes. "It's just that...when...when you had your finger inside me, my...um...penis...began to get stiff."


"I...I dunno..." Sean said finally, and then lowered his head.

"I tell you what," Jason began. "It's okay if your penis gets stiff. It's called an erection." The boy's eyes flashed to the computer screen. Under "Penis - Flaccid," it read, "Penis - Erect."

"Boys and men get erections all the time," Jason continued, "and we'll have a chance to talk a lot about that. Do you get erections?"

"Sometimes," Sean said softly.

"And does it worry you?" Sean thought about that.

"Not really...well, maybe a little, I guess."

"Let's try this: try to remember a time when you were younger when you were aware that you had an erection or someone said something to you about an erection, and write it down in your journal. Will you do that?" Jason smiled at the boy.


"Good," the man said cheerily.

"Now, just a couple more things for today. First, I need to get some photographs of you. So if you could just stand up in front of that gray screen."

"With no clothes on?"

"Uh-huh. They become part of your record. Throughout the study, we see how you grow and when."

Shyly, Sean moved to the screen. "Just put your feet on those marks and stand up straight." Sean sort of had to spread his legs a little. "Oops, hands at your side, please...that's a boy." Jason aimed the camera and took a shot. "Okay, Sean, that wasn't so bad, what it?" Sean shook his head no. "Now, just a few more. Turn sideways. Good...Now...Back to." Jason surveyed those small, smooth globes and longed to throw professionalism to the wind and dive down and caress them with his hungry mouth. Instead, he just snapped another picture. "Okay, turn around front. I know this is kinda happening all at once, Sean, but now I need some closer ones." Jason moved in to a few feet of his face. "Relax. It looks like you just tasted something really bad. Still looking through the camera, Jason reached out and tickled his young subject. "That's better." Sean noted the camera didn't click the way most cameras did. "Now just a couple more." Jason dropped to his knees and aimed at the boy's genitals. One of his hands partially covered the area. "Remember: hands at your sides...Good."

Jason stood up again.

"Done?" Sean asked.

"Just one more, and I know this may be hard for you, especially cuz' of what we've just been talking about, but I'd like for you to try to get an erection. I need a photo and we have to measure your penis when it's hard, too." Jason tried to be reassuring, but he could see the uncertainty growing in the boy.

"How?" Sean asked with a note of desperation.

"Are there things you can think about or something you can do to make it get hard?"

"I don't know."

"I know I must sound like a broken record, but it helps if you can relax."

Sean tried to settle down and breathe slower. "Jason?" he asked finally.


"Do you...you know...get...um..."

"Erections? Sure."

"How do you do it?" Jason smiled. I picture a boy like you, with my mouth around his cock, Jason thought.

"Oh...Sean...honest?" The boy smiled and nodded.

"I think of something sexy. You know what I mean?"

"Like pretty girls?"

"Or boys. It's different for different people. Or sometimes, I touch myself." Something had happened in those last seconds. Sean was looking much more interested...not at all fearful, like he had been.

"How?" he asked with unabashed curiosity.

"Well..." Jason paused, wondering just how far to go. "Would you like me to show you?"

"Yeah," the boy breathed.

"Okay, back up on the exam table." Jason said as he patted the table. Sean jumped up and leaned back on his elbows.

"Okay, lie back down, and take slow easy breaths."

The man studied the boy. "Okay..." Ever so slightly, Jason brushed against the boys left leg. Slowly he worked his way upward. Then the other leg. With his other hand, he moved up onto his chest and his nipples. He glanced down at the boy's penis, and although still flaccid, it had rolled to the left, and thickened slightly. "How's that feel, Sean?"



The boy thought about it. He picked his head up and looked down his body to his penis. As Jason continued to explore his torso's skin, Sean put his head back down and closed his eyes. "Yeah...it...feels...good." A deep long sigh emerged from the boy.

"Good," whispered the man, who now lowered his hands closer to the boy's penis. Next his fingertips found a shallow path formed between the boy's abdomen and his legs. He traced with his fingernails, a course along that pathway. Instantly, the boy sucked in his breath, and held it. Instantly, the boy's scrotum began to tighten, pulling the tiny testicles closer to his body. Jason moved deliberately down the pathway, but carefully avoiding contact with the penis. "It's happening, Jason," Sean said excitedly. "It's happening."

"I know," the doctor said softly. "I can see." The boy picked his head up and watched as his penis slowly throbbed to life. Jason fought the urge to take the boy into his mouth, and to devour him, to suck all of him as deeply as possible, but he sensed the pleasure he was bringing to the boy, and for now that was enough. Finally, with just the tops of his fingernails, he caressed the boy's scrotum.

"Unnnh...ahhh..." the boy whimpered. His penis was now fully erect, pulsing with the flow of blood. Like a little rocket, it stabbed into the air, and the small gonads below it were drawn into a tight, small walnut of skin.

"Good boy," Jason whispered. He stopped his movements, now, and the boy opened his eyes.

"Why are you stopping?" Jason smiled reassuringly at his subject.

"Because, you have an erection, now." The boy glanced down at his throbbing penis. His breath was coming in short, shallow breaths.

"Please..." Jason looked down at the boy, who now had a kind of desperate look in his eyes. He knew Sean wanted the feeling to continue.

"Tell you what: first things first." Jason picked up the measuring tool and positioned it round Sean's rigid organ.

"How big is it?" Sean picked up his head and struggled to watch. There was a clear note of desperation in his voice.

"Five centimeters, even." Sean dropped his head and smiled. "And now, the photo. Hop down over here." With effort, the boy sat up and slid down off the table. He positioned his legs and Jason moved in for a close-up. "And finally, turn sideways, again." Sean turned and almost involuntarily rotated his hips backward. The effect of his movement was to draw his genitals inward. "Sean, you're doing great, and I know the first time this is really strange, but..."

"I know," the boy interrupted. "Relax."

Jason smiled and even chuckled at that. "Exactly." Now he put the camera down, and gently straightened the boy out, pressing his small buttocks forward and at the same time reaching under his scrotum and lifting. "There." He picked up the camera and completed the task. The he returned to the computer and plugged a wire from the computer into the camera.

Sean stepped closer to see what Jason was doing. "Here," Jason said. "Check it out." Almost instantly, Sean saw images of his naked body appearing on screen. He felt really strange, but kind of excited at the same time. When Jason showed the one of his erection side to, the boy let his hand drop down to the real thing. Jason finished making some notes on the photographs just as he heard a long slow sigh emerging from the boy next to him. Jason swiveled around in his chair, reached out, and resumed his gentle movements around the boy's abdomen. "Sean, do you want me to continue?"

"You mean doing what you were doing to make me have an erection?" Jason nodded. "Mmmm."

"First, though, I need to ask some questions. We're getting a little ahead of ourselves. Okay?"

Sean's hand hesitantly moved downward toward his genitals. He grasped his penis awkwardly, and held it not quite knowing what to do.

"Do you know what an orgasm is?" Sean shook his head. "Do you know what masturbation is?" Sean shook his head again. "Well...we'll talk tomorrow. But promise me, before you go to bed tonight, write down what you're feeling through all of this."


"Okay. Back up on the exam table." Sean hopped up and without prompting, lay down. After gently removing Sean's hand and gathering up some KY on his fingers, Jason grasped the still rigid little organ. With his other hand, Jason explored the boy's smooth body, constantly looking from the boy's eyes - sparkling with an anticipation of the imminent unknown - to other parts of his body. What he looked for was the least little response to his movements. When he found a sensitive spot, he worked at it, and reveled in the pleasure he was bringing to the boy. For the boy's part, his breaths were becoming gasps. As Jason held his penis in his lube-covered fingers, the boy's body began a, instinctual spasmodic thrusting upward - more a tightening of his buttocks muscles.

"What's...going to happen?" Sean's words were little more than shaky breaths.

"It's okay, Sean. It's a good thing that you're feeling. You're doing just fine." Until now, Jason had simply been massaging the boy's prick. Now, with just his thumb and two fingers, he began masturbating him in earnest. Sensations surged outward from his little cock and Sean suddenly needed more. Sean pressed his arms and feet into the table, and lifted his hips upward. Jason slid his free hand under the boy's buttocks and ran his fingers up and down his crack.

"Please..." the boy breathed an urgent need, "..."put it in me again." Jason smiled again. There were still the remnants of the KY surrounding Sean's anus and Jason covered his finger and entered the boy. As the greased finger slid easily in, Jason searched out the tender prostate. And when he hit it, he simply applied a steady pressure.

Sean responded as if every muscle in his body was stretched taut. His hips lifted even more, and Jason's hand - middle finger still inserted - supported his ass, helping the boy learn the rising and falling rhythms of sex. With his other hand, Jason's finger lingered underneath the boy's corona, on the underside of his penis - that most sensitive spot. Now he was literally gasping for air, seeming to breathe in more than he was breathing out. "Okay, Sean. I want you to take a breath, and this time hold it, and press with your muscles like you're trying to pee real hard. Do it now." There was a note of urgency in the man's voice. "Good boy. And now keep those muscles tight and try to squeeze my finger in your anus. Use all your muscles...There...squeeze....harder. Good boy." The boy did. Simultaneously, Jason increased his motion on the small dick in his hand, and pressed at the prostate with his buried finger. That was the trigger. Sean's body went absolutely rigid, and a series of small but violent contractions tried to expel something from his body that wasn't there. Six...seven...nine or more - Jason lost count of the number of times the small body spasmed. A cry of utter ecstasy broke from the spent boy's throat. Jason allowed the contractions to squeeze his finger from the boy's hole, but he kept jacking the boy until the quakes began to subside, and in desperation, the boy put his hand on the man's to get his to stop the exquisite pain. Then he helped the boy lower himself to the table. Neither of them moved.

Jason was himself tired, and he had an almost desperate urge to relieve the pressures building within himself. He longed to feel the boy's delicate hand on his own organ. But he realized that the boy wasn't ready for that, and it would have to wait for later. He gazed on the glistening figure, lying motionless before him - motionless except for the shallow panting which even as he watched was transforming into a gentle even lifting of the boy's chest.

Five minutes, then ten passed, and finally Jason broke the trance. "Sean..." The boy opened his eyes. "You okay?" Jason waited.

In response, a great, wide, toothy grin spread across the boy's face. "Mmmm..." he purred, "...What happened?"

"You had your first orgasm? Was it good?"

"Yes," the boy replied sleepily. "How...why..." The boy paused, trying to formulate exactly the right question. Finally he began again. "Can we do it again?"

Jason noted an almost desperate tone in the boy's voice and he smiled.

"Of course - as much as you want - you need to rest a little, and there's a lot more to learn about."

"Good," Sean said dreamily. "Am I done?"

"I'd say we both were done. I was going to take a blood sample, but then I wasn't planning for you to have your first sex."


"If that wasn't sex, Sean, then I better go back to school." The boy kind of giggled, and Jason rubbed his belly gently.

"I liked it."

"I'm glad, Sean. I'm glad you liked it. You ready to sit up?"

"I think so."

"Actually, just stay there for a minute. There's one more thing, I need to do." Jason went to a cabinet and picked out some more sealed packets. He ripped one open and removed a large wet pad. It smelled of alcohol.

"You're kind of sweaty all of sudden." Jason said.

"Yeah...I wonder why?" Sean said, smiling.

"Mmm, I wonder." Jason took the pad and wiped down the boy's body, gently rolling him to do front and back from his neck to his feet. Then from one of the smaller packets, Jason removed a small metal disk. He squeezed out some syrupy liquid from a tube and rubbed a small dot of it on the boy's chest just above his heart, then he placed the disk on it and pressed firmly.

"What's that?"

"It monitors your heartbeat. And this one..." Jason repeated the process, with a different sensor only this one with a strap on the inside of his wrist. "...monitors your pulse...and...there's one more." This time he removed a small band from the package. A thin wire went from it to another disk. Jason took the band and slid it down over Sean's penis. It fit snugly. Then he placed a trail of goo from the base of his organ to a spot about an inch away. Then he pressed the wire into the trial and the disk just above it.

Sean looked from his genitals to Jason. "I know what that's monitoring."

Jason laughed softly with the boy. His thoughts drifted back to little more than 12 hours ago. What a difference the right environment can make. Jason punched some keys on the computer. "These monitor all the time. The wrist one also locates you on the island. They feel a little awkward at first, but everyone forgets about them pretty quickly. If something happens to one of them, or if it somehow falls off, we get notified so we can fix it. We change 'em every week anyway, so your skin doesn't get sore. I think that's it for today, Sean, unless you have any questions. Thank you." Jason helped the boy to a sitting position.

Sean looked up at Jason. "I've got all kinds of questions...I sorta' don't know where to begin."

"Well, why don't you write them down in your journal. Okay?"

"Okay. But there is one thing."

"What's that?"

"Um...I want to say, 'thanks', Jason. It was awesome." Again, Sean smiled a fully unchecked, glorious, toothy smile. He reached out and hugged the man standing next to him, and Jason responded, letting his hands rove and loving the chance to touch that silky skin one more time.