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Island Boy

Will S
Chapter 3 of 13

Chapter 3

Day 1 Afternoon.


Jason showed Sean the commissary. A couple of the kids on the island were behind the counter, and they helped the new boy pick out what he needed: mostly shorts and tee shirts. Jason was right about the underpants. There was a wide assortment of briefs and boxers. Sean's eyes widened, and he stole a glance at Jason.  "Wow!" There were some of the skimpiest underpants the boy had ever seen! There were some weird-looking things, to. "Thongs" they called them, sort of like a jock strap but just one strap thing that must go up your butt crack. Tony, the boy behind the counter, even showed Sean a pair of loose-legged silky panties that looked like they were for girls.  "Yeah," the "clerk" blushed, "but I like wearing 'em all the same!"  In the end, Sean got more of the skimpy ones - the ones like he was wearing - but then Tony did a neat thing. He said the boy's eyes got big when he looked at the thong, so he'd order one of those just so Sean could try it out. Cool.


Sean and Jason then returned to the office, and they talked about school. Jason asked the boy if he felt like taking some more tests. He told him it was to see what classes he needed. Sean was sort of disappointed because he had a sudden hope that the tests might be more like the tests from the morning.

"I'll take 'em whenever," the boy said, and so they settled on a time later in the afternoon.

Then Jack, the pilot, came in and together, he and Sean went to his office, where he showed the boy how to work the computer. Sean thought it was just about the coolest thing he'd ever seen.  Jack showed him how to use the journal and other study areas, but he also showed him the games section.  "Go ahead," Jack urged, "poke around...explore."

The pilot then took the boy to a different section of the computer.  It was a map of the island, and it was labeled, "Locator."   It showed, the man explained, where everyone was on the island at that moment. There were symbols - the classic male and female symbols. The symbols for kids are red and blue for adults. When you put the pointer on a symbol, a small box appeared that showed who was where. It could be adjusted to see the whole island, or it could be zoomed in, to see just a room or even a portion of a room. "Cool," the boy said, and grinned at the man. Jack pointed to a red one and blue one together and told Sean to put the pointer on the red one and he did.  "That's me! Awesome!"  Jack showed the boy how to type in a name, and have the program locate the person. The boy typed in "Jason" and after just a second or two, the pointer popped right over to a blue dot. Sean looked up at the man and almost laughed out loud.  "Kewl!"

At lunch Ralph came over and sat with me again. He's cool. He asked me how it went. I said what and he kind of looked at me like he knew some secret or something and smiled. He leaned over and said, you know, the physical. I must of looked surprised cuz he said it's okay. Everybody has 'em. I relaxed then, and told him it was awesome. Did you get...you know...the monitors? Yeah, I told him. Then he kind of leans into me again and sort of whispers like - Sometimes I make it hard just to make some alarm go off somewhere. We just laughed, but it was kind of weird cuz he was talking about making his dick hard, and I started thinking about what his looks like hard.

Sean was in his room.  He'd taken his tests, and Jason had drawn blood for some more medical tests.  Now the boy was fooling around on the computer.  A knock on the door ended that.  Classes were over. Ralph and some others were going to swim down at the beach, and it pleased Sean that they'd wanted him to join them.  "Can I come?" Sean asked wide-eyed, and was somewhat mystified when one of the kids responded, "I dunno...can you?"  They all laughed at that as if it were some kind of joke, but the new boy didn't get it, and said so. 

"Hey, Sean, they're just being dorks," Ralph said, giving the others a look, which quieted them down.  "Forget it," he said.

"Umm...I don't have anything to wear," Sean said as they started off. 

"No problem," Ralph said, "Jeff's about your size.  He's got an extra." And so, in no time, Sean found himself in Jeff's room changing into a borrowed swimsuit.  Sean stole a peek at the other boy as he was changing. He swallowed hard, a bit nervous because he'd actually never seen another boy naked.  Except for the man in the ally, Sean had never seen any male.  Despite his uncertainty, Sean found himself staring at his new friend, Jeff, and thinking about the man's big thick cock - penis, he reminded himself.  And then the boy's guilt increased as he found himself wondering what Jason's penis looked like.  He forced that thought out of his head, and focused on the rather small penis just a few feet from him.  The other boy, an eleven-year-old had an organ that looked about like Sean's. Sean's guilt increased when he realized he'd been caught peeking at the other boy, but Jeff did not seem to care; in fact, Sean noticed, Jeff was too busy staring at Sean's package.  A sly smile from both of them drew the "peep-show" to a close and they pulled on their swimsuits.  Sean thought his suit was even tighter and smaller than his underpants. A new flash of discomfort flowed into his face, for as he looked down, Sean could see his genitals swelling out under the stretched cloth, but then, he told himself, so it was showing no more that Jeff's, and the other boy appeared to not to be a bit self-conscious about it.  In fact, Jeff gave Sean a stare - directly at his crotch, grinned, and then gave the thumbs-up sign.

Sean had a great time swimming. Many of the island kids were there. Everyone wore tight stuff so you could see all their bulges. Some of the swimsuits were so tight, he could even see the disk above their penises. And all the boys had a monitor disk thing on their chests and the wristband one. The girls also had a wristband, but it didn't seem to Sean that they had ones in other places like the boys did.

For perhaps the first time since his mother died, Sean found himself laughing and truly happy.  In the water, Ralph kept poking and tickling the younger boy until he thought he'd never catch his breath. They all laughed, as if they were carefree kids without a care in the world - and indeed they were. Ralph showed his young friend how to body surf. The kids said at the moment, the waves weren't really big enough to do real surfing, but they looked monstrous to Sean.

After they'd been in the water so long their skin had become like a prune, they reluctantly returned to the blankets.  Lily came over where Sean was lying down, and asked if  he wanted sun block, so he wouldn't get sunburned. The other kids said he should, so he shrugged his acquiescence.

Lily seemed only too happy to help out. Her technique was more like a massage than just coating Sean's back with the lotion. and it was having an effect on the boy.  He was beginning to feel strange the way he had earlier in the day with Jason - to the point where he began to worry he might get hard, and if he did, it would be painfully (!) obvious. But, in truth, he thought maybe he was safe from that embarrassment, because somehow the girl's hands on him were not - in his mind - quite the same as Jason's or another boy's.  But then that all changed, and his worries returned. Big time! 

"Hey, you don't get to have all the fun!"  It was Ralph, and as Sean glanced over his shoulder, he could see the older boy taking the bottle of sun block from the girl.  "Roll over," Ralph commanded.  After a moment's hesitation, Sean did exactly that, and Ralph quickly - hungrily, almost - began to massage the stuff into Sean's chest, arms and legs.  He quickly worked his way down onto his subject's stomach and inside his legs. Meanwhile, all other activity seemed to come to a halt.  To Sean, it seemed as if everyone were focused on him and his older friend's ministrations.  Ralph "teased" all around the younger boy's crotch, and as everyone watched, Sean half expected Ralph to do just that - to rub that thick cream right into his "privates".  "There," Ralph said finally. "How's that?  Sean desperately tried to act as if all of Ralph's attention had no effect at all, but he was failing miserably.  The only thing that prevented an all too obvious tenting in his swimsuit was the incredible tightness of the thing. If the younger boy hoped no one would notice, he was wrong.  Ralph kind of leaned over him and offered, "Hey, it's cool."   He pointedly glanced at Sean's crotch and quickly raised and lowered his eyebrows a few times.  Sean looked around and found practically every set of eyes there focused on him.  They're checkin' me out, he thought.  And they were  Ralph winked at Sean, and swung around and lay down next to him. Not long after that, some of the kids started to leave - mostly in pairs, some boys together, and some boy-girl pairs. Finally the few who were left decided to go for a quick swim before they headed off to get ready for supper.

 "Where'd the other kids go," Sean asked Ralph as they were heading back to the dorm. 

"Aw, they're just doing stuff," Ralph answered. A couple of the other boys laughed, and again, Sean found himself getting irritated because he didn't see what was so funny.

They headed straight to the bathroom. There are about eight guys and they all just went in and stripped. Sean gulped at the sight of all those naked bodies.  To him, as he compared their bodies to his, they all look like muscle men. Some of the older boys had matured, as evidenced by their developed genitals. One kid started giggling and said, "Shit, man, I'm suffering from cold-water shrivel! Check it out!" He pushed his hips out to display the "issue" he'd raised (or more accurately couldn't raise). Everybody laughed and commiserated with the "sufferer". But Sean could see he was still big; his cock was much thick than Sean's and he'd heard the boy say he was just fourteen - Sean's age. Sean also observed several of his new friends had dark hair in various stages of development at the base of their bellies. Sean especially noted Ralph's package.  He has a big one, the boy thought, and he's only fifteen. Sean stared for another reason, too.  Ralph's penis was uncircumcised.  There was only one other boy like that, an Asian boy.  The others had penises all like his - with a shiny kind of pink top sort of like a mushroom. Sean wondered what was wrong with Ralph's penis - and why it was easily twice as big as his own. It was, the boy observed, long and thick, and he had a lot of yellow hair. The hair wasn't real curly like some of the older boys, but it a little bit curly, and it even went up to his belly button. And Ralph even had a few hairs on his chest, too. When, Sean wondered, will I get hair down there. Or big. Almost everyone in the shower area was bigger than he was - unless they just little kids. At ten-years-old, Kyle is the littlest kid. At least someone has a dick smaller than mine, Sean thought. I know Jason said it didn't matter, but I wish mine was bigger.

Ralph caught me looking at him. He says so everyone can hear, Hey, Sean, you ever seen naked guys before? I want to say, sure, like all the time, but I'm supposed to be honest, so I say no, except for Jeff. I wasn't going to tell him about the man from my aunt's. I hope that's not telling a lie.

Cool, says Ralph. Hey guys, get in a circle. And Sean can check us out. In a flash we were all in a circle. I felt kind of funny checking everyone out, but they didn't seem to mind a bit. Now you gotta do sumthing, Ralph says to me. All of a sudden my hearts pounding. Let us check you out. In the middle, and turn around, slowly. I couldn't back out, so I swallowed and pulled down my suit. I turned around. All of them were looking at me.

16:48, Subject M241 (Sean): alarm triggered. M241 was in dorm 2 bath with 7 other males. Ralph appears to be key influencer. Penile Extension surpasses 15 percent threshold. Video shows Sean at center of circle being examined by other males. 5 males ID gay. 3 including Sean unconfirmed sx orientation. PE peaks at 20% then begins slow decline. ANNOTATION ENDS]


For Sean, in the middle of all those staring boys, standing there seemed to take forever. "Alright," said Ralph finally when he saw just how shy and uncertain the new boy seemed. "Let's get clean." Sean was relieved.  The boys showered off, and then, wrapping a towel around himself, Sean started walking back to my room. It was kind of weird, Sean thought, but a lot of guys didn't even bother to wrap the towel around them as they walked down the hall.  It was like they didn't care if they were naked and someone saw them or not - even if a girl walked by. Sean reddened at the thought.  I'd die if a girl saw me, he thought. But at the same time he had another thought as well: he started thinking it would have been sort of be fun if a boy had seen him naked. Yeah, he thought, that'd be so kewl!

When I was getting dried off, someone knocked on my door. It was Ralph. He came in naked. Um...are you okay with this...you know...being nude and stuff? I wasn't sure how to answer. I didn't want to sound scared, but I didn't want him to think I was a perv either (cuz I WAS kind of liking it) But I'm supposed to be honest so I go, maybe it's a little strange and he said yeah, at first, but you get used to it. Then he comes closer to me and says if he can tell me something. I say yes. I think you've got a great body he says and reaches out and rubs his hand on my butt. Right away, I think about Jason again, and I'm starting to feel strange.

17:07. M241 triggers at Penile extension of 15%. Subject is in room with M218. (Xref: Ralph db.) Both subjects w/o clothing. Ralph in physical contact with subject - btx,external. Subject is visibly entering arousal state.
Transcript follows:

"Is it okay, Sean, I mean touching you there."

"I dunno, I guess, I dunno."

"Hey, it's okay. Jason says we're in charge of what we do with anyone else." [Ralph withdraws hand from btx.] "Um, I kinda saw you checkin' me out in the shower."

"Well, yours looks different...I mean, it's like huge and your not that much older than me."

"Yeah. I do look different, ya know?"

"Yeah," Sean responds. "How come?"  [Ralph steps in front of Sean, and reaches down to Sean's penis. Subject's PE increases 20%.]

"See this funny brownish line around your prick?"


"It's a scar."

"No way, I never cut my dick."

"No. But the doctor did, when you were a little baby."

"No way."


"How come?"

"Got me, but when you were born, you looked like me. Here. Put your hand here." [Ralph places subj hand on Ralph's penis.] "Now, pull that loose skin back. Easy though." [Subj retracts Ralph's prepuce.]

"Wow! Now it looks like mine."

"Yeah. There's a big, long name for what they do when they cut it off." [Ralph looks into Sean's eyes. The look at each other for a moment, then Ralph speaks.] "Your hand feels great on my prick. Feel it gettin' hard."

Sean's face colors. "Yeah...um...ah...shouldn't we be gettin' ready for supper?" [Subj. withdraws hand.]

"Yeah...I guess." [Ralph steps to door.] "Hey...I'm glad you're here. I think you're cool."

"Thanks." [Sean smiles. Ralph starts to exit.] "Hey Ralph."


"What did you mean about making your thing get hard to make the alarm go off?"

"Well, it's just a rumor, but with all the computers an' stuff, they could do it, but every time you get a hardon, they say the monitor-thing sets off an alarm in Jason's computer ."


[Ralph shrugs.] "Who knows, but if Jason's studying teen boys, then getting hard-ons is a big part of it, cuz'..." [Ralph steps back to subj and grasps subj's genitals.] "...well...ya know what I mean?" [Sean giggles, lifts himself slightly, and presses into Ralph's hand. Subj is apparently surprised, but pleased by Ralph's action.  Subject's P.E. at 100%.]

"Yeah, I guess."

"Hey...I hope we can mess around sometime, cuz like I said, I think your hot." [Ralph exits.]

Subj initiates masturbatory movements, but ceases after 5-6 strokes.

...When Ralph came back and took hold of me, I didn't know what to do and I think he could see I was nervous, cuz he takes his hand away. But he says I'm hot. Does he mean like a girl. I used to hear those men with my aunt say she was hot. Can guys be hot too?


10:30 PM.

It's time to go to bed already. I always stay up to watch Lettermen, but I don't even know if anybody watches TV here. Definitely weird, except I haven't missed it yet.

This computer is like awesome. Everyone here has to write in their journal before they go to bed. so here I am. I'm gonna to answer the stuff that Jason told me to write about this morning. After each question, there's a box to write stuff in.

*What's your earliest memory of your genitals: penis, testicles, scrotum, related to the feelings you experienced this morning during the physical and what did you do?

My earliest memory was when I was 9. I was visiting a friend of my mom's with her. I had to take a shower, and my mom's friend had a shower thing on a hose. You could kind of turn this shower thing and the water would get hard and spurt out. I was kind of fooling around spraying it here and there, and then on my penis, and it started feeling good, but I stopped because I didn't think I should be doing that.

Hey...I just remembered. There was one time even longer ago. I think I was 6 or 7. It was a hot night, and I was laying in my bed, and kind of playing with thing with my hand in my pajamas. Jeez, how come I never thought about that till now. I think I must have been doing that at night for a while, but then all of a sudden my mom opens the door and sees me and I can't do anything. She comes over and sits on my bed and tells me I shouldn't be doing that stuff. She says my thing is just for peeing with and if I play with it, I could hurt it. I remember feeling really bad, cuz she seemed kind of mad, but then she hugged me and sang some songs to me and I must of gone to sleep. Weird. I never remembered that till just now.

*Have you ever masturbated before. Some boys call masturbating jacking off, beating off, jerking off or even rubbing. It means using your hand to rub your penis to orgasm. Orgasm is when your body stiffens and your penis starts to pulse and then you feel really warm and relaxed all over.

No, just like when I was 6 or seven like I said.

*Describe how you felt during the part of the physical when you experienced your orgasm.

Like awesome. I kind of felt weak and strong all at once and I didn't want it to stop cuz I didn't know what was happening but it felt so good and I was afraid maybe Jason was going to stop, but I couldn't figure out why that was making me feel so awesome. It was like I could hear my heart beating in my head. When it started getting really good, I thought at first I had to pee. I was kind of afraid I was going to piss right on the table, but then after Jason kept making me feel better and better, shit man, I really didn't care about anything but the feeling. And when it really hit (I guess that's what an orgasm is) it was totally incredible. It felt like every muscle in my body was stretched as far as it could go. And I couldn't stop if I wanted to. My body just kept jerking and jerking like all by itself. Hey maybe that is why they call masturbation jerking off! And then I got this awesome feeling like I was sort of floating and nothing mattered and then I was wicked tired. Jason kept telling me to relax, and like this is the most awesome way to relax I can think of!

*Was this the first orgasm you can remember having?


*List any questions you may have.

Can I do it to myself?

What if another person besides Jason wants to do it to you?

How many times a day can you do it.

When people have sex is this what they do?

I heard this boy say sex is when a man puts his penis inside a woman, so is masturbation really sex.

What if two boys do it (or a boy and a man), is that sex? Isn't that like gay?

Does it feel better if your penis was bigger?

Is it a bad thing like my Mom said.


Sean was almost finished when the computer dinged, and a voice said it was time to get ready for bed. Sean knew the rules: he had to wash and brush his teeth. He laughed to himself. He'd brushed his teeth more in the day he'd been on the island than the entire previous two weeks put together. Anyway, he went to the bureau to get his pajamas and then go out to bathroom. Only there weren't any pajamas; he figured he'd get some tomorrow at the commissary. He was the only boy in the bathroom with clothes on. The five other boys had just taken showers. Keith waved to him, as he brushed his teeth. "Hey, Keith," Sean began quietly, "I don't have any pajamas."

"Nobody does. We just sleep naked."

Sean nodded. "I guess it's warm enough that nobody needs 'em."

"Yeah, sumpthin' like that," Keith answered. "Well...good night." he said as he passed behind Sean, and as he did so, he let his hand drift across Sean's butt.

Sean returned to his room, put his toiletries away, and then finished up on his computer. He began poking around on it, and came across box with his name on it. When he clicked on it, it was the report Jason had been working on during his physical. Although he didn't understand all of it, some parts he did, and it was kind of neat to read it and recall what had happened to him in the morning. At the end there were another series of boxes and when he clicked on those, he was surprised to see the photographs that Jason had taken of him. He studied the frontal shot of him from top to toe. Ralph had called him "hot" and he tried to see what there was about him that made him "hot." He flipped through the other pictures until the last one, the close from the side of his erect penis. That's unbelievable, he thought, and allowed his hand to drift down to his now very unerect member.

It was while he was dreamily gazing at the photo that he heard a knock at his door. He opened it and was surprised to see Jason. He was dressed differently than during the day. He wore a thin, open shirt and shorts.

"Hi!" the boy said with sudden energy.

"Hi, Sean," Jason said softly. "I just thought I'd check to see how you're doing. Can I come in?"

"Sure. I was just getting ready for bed." Jason nodded. "I answered all my questions," Sean continued.

"I know."

"But how?"

"Everybody's computer is hooked to mine. Part of the study. Remember, Jack explained that?"

Sean thought. He did remember that, but somehow it still surprised him.

"Here, let me help you get ready for bed." Jason reached out and lifted Sean's shirt up over his head. Then he knelt down and drew his pants down to the floor. Sean placed his hand on Jason's shoulder to steady himself as he stepped out of the clothes. Finally Jason slowly removed the boy's underpants. He was close enough to smell the musky scent of the boy and he knew it was inevitable that he was becoming aroused. Again, he fought the urge to grab the boy, one hand on each butt cheek and propel his tiny genitals to his mouth. He'd seal his lips against the boy and suck the air out of his mouth, giving the boy a startling new feeling. Then he'd let his tongue explore every centimeter of the boy. He'd have Sean writhing in ecstasy. Jason shook the thought from his mind. Too soon.  He knew it was too soon for the boy; he'd be violating his own rules.

Instead, he simply gazed at the breathtaking boy. It pained him that Sean was almost perilously thin. "Sean, tomorrow, you're going to start a nutrition and exercise program."

Now they sort of swapped positions, with Jason sitting on the bed and Sean in front of him. The boy looked up at him, wanting more information.

"You'll be getting special diet to help you gain weight, and for an hour everyday, you'll get some help with some exercises to help your body convert that extra food into muscle. And we'll be giving you some extra vitamins. And that's going to be with a shot."

"Can't I just take a pill? I...don't really like shots."

"I know, Sean. The problem is, when you take a pill, you get some of the good stuff in the pill, but a lot of it just gets discarded - wasted. So, you have to take a lot more of it...and it takes a lot longer."

"But with shots, it's not like that?"

"Injections are a much better way to get medicine - or vitamins - to where they need to go. I don't know how long we'll need to do this, but I don't think it will be too long."

Sean looked into Jason's eyes and slowly nodded. Jason was sure the boy had no idea how unbelievably beautiful he was. There was an innocence about the him, but also palpable energy waiting to be released. Sean said he was 14. Jason would marshal his resources to check that out. He'd already had an initial report from back in the states. No one had reported a fourteen-year-old boy missing, certainly not the child's aunt, but if that were to happen, Jason would be among the first to know. Jason looked back at the child. Barring anything out of the ordinary, he must be on the verge of puberty. In fact, he was late; statistically the vast majority of boys started developing much sooner.

"So," Jason began, refocusing his thoughts, "how was your first day on the island?"

"Unbelievable. I thought you knew that already," Sean added playfully.

"Yeah, I guess I did. You were giving me pretty good clues anyway." Sean was confused by this and said so. In response, Jason just pointed over at the computer image of his hard on. Sean smiled shyly, but Jason thought he could see already a change in the boy's attitudes about his sexuality. "That's actually sort of why I stopped by. Your question: you asked is it wrong like your mother said it was."

Sean's gaze probed into Jason's eyes. "Is it?"

"Sean, sometimes parents want to keep their children from knowing about their bodies and how to make them feel good with sex."

"How come?"

"Well, I guess they think it might make the kid grow up too fast, or maybe they know just how powerful sex is, and they think their kid just couldn't handle it. I guess it's just that it's one of the things parents do to protect their kids. But I don't believe that."


"Because I think learning about what makes your body feel good is like learning almost anything else. You don't learn math all at once; you start off simply, then learn a little more, and a little more, and a little more. Some of the boys here now an awful lot about sex. Some of the younger ones don't know too much at all; but they're all learning according to their interests. That makes sense, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Good. I can tell you're hungry to learn as much as you can, and I want to help you do that. And I will do that, if you want me to."

"I do," Sean interrupted. "Can we start tonight?" he asked, drawing a smile from Jason.

"I think we should wait, but I guess I didn't want you going to bed tonight worried that what happened this morning might be bad. Now listen to me, Sean: How can anything that feels so good - and something you want to happen - be bad?"

"So it's okay?"

"What do you think?"

Sean thought carefully and was quiet for a long time. "I think if my mom was here, and you explained it to her, she'd think it was okay for me."

Jason smiled. "I think you're exactly right." He pulled the nude boy to him and hugged him. Sean straddled the man's leg. The boy nestled his face against Jason's neck, and the man could feel his lips on his skin. He could also feel the tiny penis pressing against his hip.

"Jason," the boy whispered, "will you make me feel good again?"

Jason felt like crying; that was exactly what he wanted to do, but it was too soon. He needed to be sure, first. So he lifted away from the boy. And explained that he needed to find out more about Sean before they shared in that way again. "I'd really like to, but I think we better wait for a while. We'll talk about it in a few days, and you can always write down how you're feeling in your journal. Here," Jason patted the bed. "It's past bedtime, and you've had a long day." Sean climbed up on the bed and laid down.

"Can you stay for a few more minutes?" Sean asked.

"Sure. Just let me check one thing." Jason stepped to the computer, clicked the mouse a few times, and checked out the map of the dorms. It was only on the screen for a few seconds, but long enough for Jason to see that Ralph was alone, and long enough for Sean to see that many of the rooms seemed to be empty; while an equal number seemed to have two people. Jason cleared the screen, then turned to Sean. "Now, roll over on your stomach." Sean did, and rested his head on his hands. Jason shut off the lights and only the glow of the moon and the glow of the computer screen illuminated the room. Jason sat on the bed, and slowly, gently started to caress the boy's back.

"Mmmm" Sean purred. "That feels good."

"Yes, it does," breathed Jason. Occasionally his hand would drift down and trace the mound of muscle that curved invitingly between the boy's back and his legs, but mostly, he just massaged his back. In just a matter of minutes, the slow, regular breathing of the boy signaled he was asleep.

Jason stopped his movements. "Good night, Sean." There was no response.

Moments later, a few doors down the hall, there was another knock. "Come in." The door opened and a figure stood silhouetted in the light in the hallway.

"I see you're alone tonight."

Ralph rolled over in his bed and put his light on. "Yeah. I guess I was kinda' hopin' the new kid might come over, or..."

"Now, Ralph," Jason said, "you know the rules."

"Yeah, but rules are made to be broken."

Jason stepped over to Ralph's bed and ran his hand down the side of the boy's face. "But we have to be sure about Sean. I need a little more information, first.  Besides, he's asleep. He's had a hard day."

"Little pecker, he's sure made me have a HARD day."

"I can see," Jason said and lowered his hand to the erect prick of the kid beneath him. "Me too."

"Well, maybe we can just do something to take care of our mutual 'concerns.'" Ralph raised up and grasped Jason's face roughly and kissed him hard on the lips. Jason opened his mouth and pressed his tongue into the boy's. Ralph returned the assault. Ralph's hands were busy unbuttoning the man's shirt and when he had removed that, his hands dropped down to the button, then zipper on his shorts. Jason shifted his position so he was now laying beside the boy and Ralph followed him as he reclined.

The boy aggressively sought out the man's cock with his hand, reaching under the briefs that the man wore.


Ralph broke away from the kisses.

"God, you're as bad as I am," the boy murmured.

"I want that boy," Jason moaned.

"So go in there, wake him up and shove it into him...or are you afraid it will fuck up your precious study."


"Yeah...eat your heart out."

"I want you to eat more than my heart." Jason took the boy's head and gently pushed it downward.

Needing no further encouragement, Ralph lowered himself downward, until his mouth was just above the researcher's eight-inch, uncut cock. The glans had poked through partway, and Ralph virtually sucked the big meat into his mouth. Then using his tongue, he pushed the prepuce back down the man's shaft, and began his sucking in earnest, quickly taking all of him, so the man could feel his cock head lodged in the boy's throat.