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Island Boy
Will S

Chapter 5 of 13

Chapter 5

By 8:30 A.M., Sean was seated in a room, taking more tests for school. It wasn't a lot of fun, but somehow being in this new place seemed to make it tolerable for the boy, unlike his experience in public school. For the past year, he had simply fallen through the cracks of the system - with few repercussions. Had the system taken only the slightest interest, they would have realized this bright child was in desperate need of help. But they didn't, and Sean's plight grew more and more serious. Now, thankfully, that had changed.

At 10:30, Jason met Sean and walked with him to the gym where they met Mark, one of the adults. The man wore only a tight swimsuit, and Sean was immediately struck by his gleaming physique.

After some initial discussion about why they were going to be doing what they were, Jason left. "Oh," Jason said, pausing before he disappeared, "Mark'll also be giving you the vitamins."

"Well..." Mark began after a moment, "First, why don't you change, so your clothes won't get all sweaty. Here..." Mark handed him a trim little Speedo swimsuit. "There're lockers in there." Sean followed his gesture and in a minute was back. Mark quickly surveyed his skinny little charge. Unlike most boys his age, this boy barely filled the swimsuit. Mark could count his ribs and virtually trace his entire skeleton.

"Here, come here for a minute." Mark patted a stool next to his at the computer.

Mark tapped a few keys and instantly two images of Sean, one front and one back, head to toe, appeared side-by-side on the screen.

With the food you're eating now, and the vitamins, and exercise, this is what's going to happen." With each click of the mouse, the image of Sean's body changed. Each time, the man would explain why the change was occurring - what they were going to do to effect the change. Mark glanced at the boy. He was riveted to the screen, with a wide grin of amazement. The man clicked one final time.

The Sean on the computer screen was now muscular and hard, with broad straight shoulders and a torso which tapered to narrow firm hips. His chest pushed his nipples outward; his pectorals lifted a good inch from his body. From the back, it was every bit as dramatic. His butt transformed to two muscle masses, with ridges of muscles extending upward along the sides of his back and downward to two strong thighs and farther down, calves. His arms were perfect, with biceps that even in their relaxed state were firm and well-defined.

"Wow!" the boy breathed. "I can really look like that?"

"You *are* going to look just like that," Mark confirmed.

Now Sean focused on another part of his anatomy -- one that hadn't changed all that much.

"How come...I mean...not every...um..."

Mark followed the boy's gaze. "You mean how come your penis didn't get any bigger?"

"Yeah," Sean said with a notable sigh of relief.

"Well...did you notice you didn't get much taller either? We're just working with you the way you are right now. Your penis will get bigger and you'll get taller once you've entered puberty. You know what that is?"

Sean nodded.

"But," continued Mark, "everything's sort of connected. Food, exercise, even sleep: all help to keep you healthy. And if a boy isn't healthy, then sometimes puberty needs sort of a jump start." Sean absorbed what he was hearing. "So," the man said. "Shall we start?"


Sean climbed up on a weight machine and for the next hour worked what seemed like every muscle group in his body. In the end, he was panting and sweaty. He ached.

"One more thing," Mark said, offering a hand to the boy and pulling him to his feet. "Let's go." And together they began running...out the door...down the path, toward the beach, across the hot sand, splashing into the waves, and finally plunging beneath them. When they surfaced, Mark was along side Sean swimming a sort of modified side stroke, so he could watch the boy.

"You've got your head kind of twisted backward," Mark sputtered. "Try straightening out your neck and twisting your head from side to side. Stretch out your strokes, and slow them down. Like this." Mark demonstrated, and in just a few strokes was ten feet from the boy. "Think you can do that?" Mark asked.

"I'll try." And he did.

"Not bad," Mark said. "We'll practice tomorrow, some more. And work on your breathing. But we've cooled down enough. Time to get back." This time they trotted back to the gym, and together they went into the locker. Mark got two towels, threw one to Sean, and went into the shower room. There they both stripped, and showered. Sean was kind of shocked by what he saw under the man's suit. He figured because of Mark's great build, his dick would be huge as well, but it wasn't. And another thing, Sean noticed. Mark had no hair. Nothing anywhere. I have more hair, Sean thought.

"What'cha lookin' at?"

The words brought the boy out of his thoughts. "Um...I..." Sean reddened. He swallowed. "I just thought you'd have some hair."

"Oh, that..." Mark smiled. "Nope. He lifted his penis and stretched it upward, to reveal a hairless scrotum as well. "When I was training with the Olympic swim team, I got in the habit of shaving. Someone said your body hair slowed you down. But I guess I kinda liked it, so I kept doing it." Mark released his cock, and it flopped back down.

"You were in the Olympics?"

"Well, I was supposed to be...but right at the end I was in a car accident, and they had to replace me."

"Oh...man...I woulda' been bull..."

"Yeah...I was...but eventually, I just kinda' realized that wasn't meant to be. And I probably wouldn't have met Jason if I'd kept goin' with the swimming...and..." Mark said, reaching out and tickling the boy in front of him. "I wouldn't have met you!" They both laughed. As they continued to poke at each other, Mark guided the boy under the shower and began washing him off. Sean responded similarly. It was done quickly, and Mark only lingered momentarily at the boy's genitals, though he did spend more time with his butt.

Sean shyly avoided the man's genitals until Mark offered a bit of urging, "Get me all clean, Sean." Gingerly, Sean reached out and soaped the man's organ and scrotum. Slowly he saw Mark's penis begin to respond, but before much had happened, Mark twisted, and Sean realized he wanted him to wash his butt.

In a few moments, they had finished, and were drying off.

Just before Sean started to get dressed, Mark reminded him of the injection. The man left for a moment, then returned with a hypodermic needle and sat down on the bench. He placed the boy face down on his lap. Sean's little cock pressed against the man's, and it brought a vague pleasure to both of them. Mark then massage one of Sean's butt cheeks and wiped it down with an alcohol swab.

"Okay, this is going to sting a little." The man jabbed the needle deep into the boy's muscle, and quickly injected the fluid. He quickly and smoothly pulled the needle out, and gently rubbed the spot with the alcohol pad.

"There. All done."

"I thought you were going to do it in my arm." Sean said softly.

"Sometimes I might, but I think the muscle in your butt gets better results. It may be a little sore, but I hope not. Tell me if it does, and maybe we'll try your arm or leg." Mark continued to gently stroke the little butt, and he could feel the boy's prick start to stiffen. "By the way, tomorrow when you wake up, you might feel a little stiff from all the exercise. But no pain...no gain. Okay...time to get dressed." The man gave the boy's butt a final pat and helped him up.

After lunch, Sean met Jason in his office.

"Today, we're just going to talk -- no poking or prodding."

"Oh," Sean said unenthusiastically.

Jason looked at the boy quizzically. "Do I hear disappointment?"

Sean looked up at him and grinned a broad, free smile. "No! I mean...well...you know...I was kinda' hoping we could do more...exploration."

"Ahh..." Jason replied, "I see. We'll have plenty of time to explore. I think talking is a kind of exploring, anyway, don't you?"

The boy shrugged. "Yeah. I guess. Sorta.'"

"But it's not the same," Jason said, reading his thoughts.

The boy grinned again. "Not really," he said softly.

"Well," Jason began, "D'you want to talk here, or go down to the beach, or somewhere else.

"The beach!" The boy shouted with enthusiasm.

In no time, they had spread a big, thick towel and lain down in the hot sun.

"Sun block." Jason commanded.


"You want to strip down or leave your clothes on?"

Without a word the boy stripped down to his underpants. With only a moments hesitation he removed them as well. Jason smiled, both at the infectious enthusiasm of the boy and the prospects of seeing this little boy nude once more. Jason had seen the same projections of Sean's weight increase that Mark had shown the boy, and he now tried to picture the boy suddenly transformed, but his skinny body fought the man's imagination. Even so, the boy was like a magnet. Sean stood with his genitals within arms reach of the physician, and to keep from losing all control, Jason reached for the tube of sun block.

"Okay, get over here." Jason commanded. He spread the stuff all over every part of the boy's body starting with his face and ears, then neck and arms, then legs, then torso and finally his beautiful butt and genitals.

As if wanting as much contact as possible, the boy thrust his soft penis and relaxed scrotum against the man's hand. After 20 seconds or so, the man commanded him to turn, and the boy similarly thrust his butt gently toward his mentor.

"Does your butt hurt where you got the shot?"


"Good...okay...all done."

Sean turned around. "Do...do...you want me to do you?" he asked tentatively but hopefully.

"Well," that's a really nice offer," Jason said, "but I think I'll leave my clothes on."

"Oh," Sean said sounding like a child disappointed by a rebuke from someone he desperately wanted to please.

"I've gotten some bad sunburns in my life, so when I'm out here, I usually stay pretty wrapped up. You like my hat?" Jason cocked his big brimmed straw hat, and reached out and tickled the boy, eliciting a glorious, unchecked peel of laughter. Oh God, he loved that kid.

"Okay," Jason said, patting the towel next to him. "We've got work to do."

Sean lay down on the towel and scrunched his butt so the sand would conform exactly to his shape.

Then he lifted himself up and rested on his elbows.

"You ready?" Jason asked and the boy looked over at him smiled, and nodded.

"I really enjoyed reading your journal. You did a great job."

Sean beamed. "I can do better."

"I'm sure, but you were honest and thoughtful and you wrote very well. I think what you did was great!"

Sean looked away, still beaming. "Thanks."

"Would you like to continue with what we were talking about last night?"


"Well...okay...let's start there. Did you masturbate last night after I left?"

"I..." Sean looked up at the man. "I...wanted to...but...I dunno...it felt different...not the same...I couldn't get the feeling."

"And how did that make you feel?"

"Kinda' bad...like I was doin' something wrong."

"I don't think you were doing anything wrong...You kind of have to be in the right mood. We can work on that. Masturbation is a kind of sex. Did you know that?"

"It is?"

"You seem surprised."

"I thought sex was between man and a girl."

"Well, it can be, for sure...but what about between a male and another male?"

Sean stole a quick glance at the man. He tried to appear casual. "Well...you mean like...gay?"

Jason nodded.

"Well...how do they do it?"

"What do you mean?"

"How do two...guys...like do it?" The intensity of the boy's voice belied his true interest.

"Sean, let's back up a minute. When you say, 'do it,' what are you picturing?"

"Well..." the boy said, then paused. "I know how a man and a woman do it...and..." Sean lowered his voice, "and one time I saw my aunt and this guy."

"And what did you see?"

Sean was clearly nervous. "I didn't mean to. I was asleep, an' woke up and was going to the bathroom, and I heard these noises in my aunt's bedroom and the door was open a little, so I looked in."


"They were in her bed, and they were naked and he was kinda kissing her all over, and squeezing her...you know..."

"Tell me, so I'm sure I understand."

"Her tits...and he was sorta' all sweaty and gruntin' like some sort of pig or sumpthin'. They were like wrestling pushing each other back and forth, and I could see my aunt's cunt and his dick...penis."

"You're doing a good job describing what you saw."

"It was big...his penis." Sean looked over at Jason and shivered once. "Like that man in the alley. And then he kind of got on top of her and she took it and it just sort of went in. And then he starts groaning and going in and out." Sean glanced down at his own penis, then over at Jason.

"Did you stay there longer?"

"Yeah. I mean until he kind of made this big groaning sound and pushed his thing into her really hard, and I thought he really hurt her cuz' she kind of screamed and then he just sort of didn't move. And she just kept sayin' 'oh baby...oh baby...what a load' ...you know - stuff like that...and I figured that was intercourse -- you know, like what they talked about in that sex talk they did at school."

"You had sex education in school?"

"Yeah, I guess. You know, the nurse came in and talked for a little while. It was kinda boring. She was supposed to do it some more, but then..." Again Sean looked over at Jason, worrying about disapproval. "I sort of quit going to school."

"How come?"

"I dunno." The boy thought for a long time. He felt the hot sun warming his body. It felt strange to feel the warmth of the sun on his genitals, and the cool breeze from the ocean. "I guess," he said finally, "that I just didn't like it. I'd go an' get all angry."

"When was this?"

"Maybe a year ago, I guess."

"D'you hang out on the street?"

"Some. But I didn't really like it. There were a lot of weirdoes."

"So, where'd you go?"


"You just hang out or did you read?"

"Both. An' when I could, I'd mess around on the computers."

"You remember anything you read?"

"Nah, not really." Again the boy paused. "Except for Huck Finn...an...Treasure Island."

"You read those?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"You like to read?"

"Yeah. And...oh yeah...that English kid...Oliver."

"Charles Dickens?"

"Yeah. Awesome."

"Awesome? How come."

Sean looked away, perhaps becoming a little self-conscious. "I dunno...Jason?"

"Yes, Sean."

"It was kinda like I could pretend he was writin' about me."

Jason nodded thoughtfully. "That makes sense. You think you're like Oliver?"

"I dunno...some...I guess."

"Awesome." Jason smiled at the boy. It was awesome; what a surprising boy he had found.

"Tell me this: when you saw that man and your aunt, d'you remember how you felt?"

"Kinda' strange. Like I was doing something bad, but I couldn't stop cuz' I really wanted to see what was going to happen. But I was scared they might see me."

"Do you remember if you got an erection?"


"No you didn't or no you don't remember?"

"Well...I don't remember, but I don't think I did...but..."


"Well the man's penis was so big, I kept staring at it."

"How'd that make you feel?"

"Kind of excited, I guess."

"Sean, I'm sorry to have to ask you this, but the other day when I found you...the man told you your aunt said you were a fag. Do you know what that means?"

"Yeah," the boy answered coolly.

"D'you think your aunt really said that?"

"Maybe." Jason could tell the boy was dreading this.

"Did she ever say anything like that to you?"

"Yeah." After a longer hesitation.

"Why, do you think."

"I don't know."

"Do you know what speculate means?"

"Sort of...like guess. Like in the Star Trek reruns, Captain Kirk tells Spock to speculate."

Jason smiled. "Right...can you speculate as to why she'd say something like that?"

The boy was becoming more upset.

"I'm sorry to have to talk about this. But it's important."

"One day she got kinda high. Usually she was gone when I came home, but this day she was home. She was mad and kinda crazy cuz' one of her dates didn't show up. She's kinda crying and saying he don't like me, and shit like that. So, she says to me, Seanie...don't you think I'm bitchin?"

"And I say, yeah, cuz' I wanted her to be happy."

"So she says, to me come here, my little man, I can show you how bitchin' I am."

"So she takes me into her room, and says, 'unbutton my blouse.' I don't wanna do it, but I don't want her to get mad, so I do. An' she's not wearing a bra, so I can see her tits, and she takes my head and kind of pushes me onto her tits, and she tells me to kiss 'em, so I do, and she tells me to lick around the nipple, so I do. Then she stands up and unzips her pants, and I start to say, that I have to go, but she says don't go, so I stay. And she makes me kneel down and kiss her down there. And it's all hairy and smelly. And then, she starts takin' my shirt off, then my pants, and I tell her no, but she says to shut up and be polite. And then she looks down and sees my prick and...and...just kind of laughs, and calls it her little toy. She lays down on her bed and tells me to kneel up on her tits, and I don't want to, but I do, and she pulls me so she...um...she..."

"Yes, Sean, what does she do?"

"She kinda kisses my penis. She like sucks it. An' I'm all afraid cuz' I think we shouldn't be doin' this. She like does it for a long time and finally she just pulls away, and says something's must be wrong with me, cuz' any real man'd be hard as a poker after a minute in her mouth." Jason could see tears forming in the boy's eyes and he wished he could stop him, but he had to finish this.

"Then what?"

"She says, 'What's a matter, baby? What, don't you like girls? Would that little rod of yours get hard in a man's mouth?' And then..." Sean gulped in mouthfuls of air.

"Then..." Jason encouraged.

A tear spilled down the boy's cheek. "She says, 'You're nuthin' but a fuckin' little faggot.'" Sean looked down past his feet to the waves washing over the beach.

Jason had heard enough for the moment. He reached over and just the slightest tugging on the boy's arm gave him permission to leap into the man's arms. Jason hugged him tightly. Hot tears soaked into the man's shirt. "It's okay, Sean. It's okay."

After a moment of comforting, Sean summoned his courage to ask what Jason was about to, himself. "Do you think I'm...what...what...she said?"

Jason smiled at the bravery of the boy. "What? Do I think you are gay?" The boy lifted his head and looked into the man's eyes with those eyes as blue as the ocean in front of them and waited. "The truth?" Sean nodded. "Sean, the truth is, I don't know. We can work to find that out, if you want, but here's the really important thing." Jason shifted the boy so he was squatting in his lap. They were eye to eye. "It does not make any difference to me if you are gay or not. There are boys here who are gay. I'm glad they are here. I will like you just as much either way. I will care about you just as much. I will want you to stay here just as much." Jason knew it wasn't exactly true, but it was what the boy needed to hear. The truth was, Jason would love him even more if he were gay. "Can I ask you a question?"

"I guess." Sean replied.

"Do you think you are gay?"

Sean was silent, and Jason now recognized the silence as being a kind of marker that something significant was being formed in the boy's thoughts.

"Sometimes I think I am," he said quietly.



"Well...Sean," smiled Jason. "That's not very helpful." The boy smiled and looked down.

"Most of the kids my age talk about doin' it with girls, an' I haven't...and they talk about how big their penises are...an' mine isn't."

"Well, Sean, size has nothing to do with it. Gay guys have all different size penises...and so do straight guys. Boys like to talk. It makes 'em feel big -- in every way, if you know what I mean." Again Jason smiled, and watched as Sean understood what he meant and gave a sort of half-smile in response.

"Sometimes boys think about other things in life as if they were contests that they had to win. So...you can't always trust what boys say they've done when it comes to sex...except here on the island. We play and compete here...but not when it comes to sex. There's no competition. That's not the way it works. Okay?"


"And now...back to size. Remember yesterday we said size doesn't matter a whole lot?"


"Gay males don't have smaller penises. Some gay boys have very big penises; some have small ones. Some straight boys have very big ones; some have small ones. There's no correlation. Do you know what that means?


"You can't use one fact -- like being straight or gay -- to predict the other fact -- like a big penis or a small one. And I should know, because that's part of what I've been studying for eight years. Okay?"

"Okay. Jason, how can we find out?"

Jason smiled. "About what?"

"About if I'm gay?" The boy was tenacious.

"More tests and just talking like we are now. I mean, I can't take an X-ray of you and say, oh, yeah, Sean's gay. It doesn't work that way. It's more what makes you feel comfortable when you think about being with another person in a sexual way."

"I didn't like being with my aunt."

"That's true. But you need to know that your aunt was wrong about what she tried to do with you. No one should ever force you to have sex. That's called rape, and it's wrong. If you don't want to have sex, no one should force you. You didn't like being with that man either. Right?"


"You also need to know that there are lots of different ways to have sex. You saw a man and a woman having sex one way...but there are other ways, too."

"Like how? If two boys are doin' it -- having sex -- where do they put it in?"

"You mean because a boy has no vagina?"


"Vagina -- you called it a cunt."


"Well, there are other places a man has."

Sean grew puzzled, then darkened. "That man wanted to put it in my mouth...and my bum."

Jason could see the fear building up in the boy.

"Remember, Sean, what that man wanted to do was very wrong. It was wrong because you didn't want to do it with him."

Sean thought about this for a long time before speaking.

"But if I wanted to let a man do that, it would be okay?" There was a kind of desperate look in the boy's eyes.

"If both of you wanted to do that, and both of you understood everything you needed to know...yes, of course."

Sean looked up into Jason's eyes, searching.

"What do I need to know," the boy asked innocently.

"Well, I can't explain it all today, because there'd be nothing to talk about tomorrow, or the next day, or the next." Jason poked the boy in his side, just under his ribs.

"Here, turn around, maybe we've talked enough for today."

Jason drew the boy into his lap. Sean lay back against Jason's chest and moved his legs so they hung over the man's.

"Oh, Sean," said the man quietly. "I'm glad you're here on the island with us. Let's just listen to the ocean...I love to hear the waves, and the wind and the birds."

They listened for a while, then Sean had a question that he had to ask a bunch of questions, actually.

"What about my questions?"

"Oh, Sean," Jason replied, poking him in the ribs, "don't you ever stop working?" The boy giggled and twisted in Jason's lap. "Like what?"

"How often can you do it?"

"You mean how often can a person masturbate?"


"There's sort of a process leading up to orgasm. Your body sort of has to get ready for sex -- it's called arousal...Your penis gets hard, and other things happen to your body, and then you have sex...which then climaxes with an orgasm. And after you have an orgasm, then you have to wait for a while before your body can get ready for sex again. Often people - especially old farts like me - wait a long time -- several hours or even a day or more, but the truth is, with the proper arousal techniques, most men can have sex and reach an orgasm in a half an hour or so. Doctors also say that women don't have to wait as long as men.

"Poor men..." Sean said with a twinkle in his eye.

"Right. Poor Sean, is what I think you meant, but the truth is boys your age can often do it again almost right away." Jason again screwed his fingers into the boy's side and was rewarded with squeals of utter delight.

"Really, though...almost right away?"

Jason smiled on e more at the boy who sat in his lap, driven by a little understood hunger.

"Sometimes. So, yes, you can do it as often as you want, but be careful because a circumcised boy -- like yourself -- can actually rub the skin off their penis in places, if they do it too much -- sort of like scraping your knee.


"Yeah, you bet. Just remember. Sex is to be enjoyed. When it starts to take over your life, it's not so enjoyable, and usually means you're unhappy about other parts of your life. So if it starts feeling like it's controlling you and not the other way around, talk to somebody. Otherwise, enjoy it."

"Is that an assignment, Teacher?"

Jason marveled at how the boy in barely 24 hours had blossomed into a truly miraculous human being. Now Jason gently pressed the boy backward and at the same time moved so he was kneeling over the child. "Yes, that's an assignment." He now mercilessly tickled the boy. The sounds of the ocean were punctuated with wild laughter from the boy.

"Stop...stop...you going to make me pee...stop..." The boy pleaded, between gulps of air and laughing.

"Oh, yeah? Not on my towel," Jason chided, and moving off the boy, but still tickling him, rolled him onto his side at the edge of the towel.

"Really...I'm going to..." Sean laughed.

"Prove it." And the two of them, still laughing, watched as a jerky stream of golden urine issued from the boy's organ.

"There," Jason said, when the stream had turned to a trickle, then a few drops falling down his right leg, "feel better?"

The boy rolled back, and looked up at the man. He reached up and Jason gathered him up in his arms.

"Jason, I do feel better." Both of them knew he meant more than an emptied bladder.

"I'm glad." Now Jason lay back, still with Sean clinging to him.

They had stayed like that for another 20 minutes, listening to the ocean and to each other's breathing, feeling each other's heartbeat.

"Hey. We've got to get going." Jason said. Sean thought he could hear regret in the man's voice. Slowly they gathered up their things, Sean got dressed, and they headed back. "By the way," Jason said as they reached the shade of the palm trees, "you know the problem about masturbating too much?"

"Hurting my penis?"

"Yes. Well, if you stop by the commissary, you can get some KY jelly. You know the slippery stuff I was using yesterday?"

"Yeah? At the commissary?"

"Just ask. They've got plenty."


"And before you go back to your tests, go get cleaned up."

Along about 3:30 in the afternoon, Sean finished up his school tests. The teacher who had been administering the tests gathered them up, and told Sean that Jason wanted to see him.

The door to Jason's office was open, and Sean walked in.

"Mary said you wanted to see me."

"Yes, Sean. Come over here and sit down." Sean sat in a chair behind the desk just a few feet from Jason's. "I need to ask some more questions."


"When you were little, do you ever remember being really sick or injured so you had to go to the hospital maybe or you went to the doctors?

"I don't think so..." The boy worked to recall. As he did so, Jason regretted not having access to the boy's medical records. Chances are there weren't any anyway.

"My mom took me to the doctor's once cuz' I got the chicken pox."

"Good. Anything else?"

"I don't...wait a sec'. Once I was playing soccer when I was 8 and a kid kicked the ball an' missed and got me in the nuts...I mean testicles."

"Did you go to the doctors?"

"Well, not at first."

"What do you mean?"

"Well it hurt awful...and Mom took me home...but I couldn't really sleep. And the next day, I was like sick or something. Mom said I had a fever...so she took me to the emergency room. I could like hardly walk. But I didn't want to go there."

"And what happened?"

"Nothing. This doctor kinda' checked me out down there, an' that was it. I was kinda' glad cuz' it was embarrassing. He gave my mom some pills."

"You said you could hardly walk. Was that because it hurt so bad?"

"Well, yeah. It was like my balls had disappeared up inside me or something."

"Do you remember how many days your testicles were sore?"

"Lots. I dunno. I missed some school because of it.. I think it happened on a Friday, and I stayed in the house all weekend, and then I didn't go to school, an' that was good cuz I was walking funny. Then when I went back my mom wrote a note and said I had a cold, which was good `cuz I didn't want to have to tell anyone why."



Jason looked at the young boy with concern, and he had pledged to be honest. "Your body has all kinds of incredible links and connections. Stuff that happens in glands in your head, sends stuff that triggers other things in other parts of your body. You understand?"

"I think so."

"And your blood, in addition to carrying oxygen to parts of your body, carries these substances that trigger stuff."


"So...when I was checking your blood today, I discovered something was missing."

"Is it bad?"

"No. Not right now...but...remember how I said that everyone matures at a different rate -- sort of on their own schedule?"


"Well that's true...but the stuff that's missing from your blood may be the reason why you haven't started to grow." Jason could see the fear building in the boy.

"There *is* something wrong with me. I knew it."

"Sean, look at me. There is something wrong, but we can fix it."

"How? I'm never going to big."

"You will be as big as you were meant to be. And there are several different ways to fix it; we just need to decide which is the best." Jason's heart pounded. This incredible child may be the perfect candidate for a radical new procedure -- in many ways the culmination of Jason's years of study. "Do you know what sperm is?"

Just a hint of color came to the boy's cheeks. "Yes. It's from the man and gets to the egg to make a baby."

"Right. Do you know where it comes from?"

Sean shrugged. "That nurse who did that talk in school said from your nuts." The boy reddened. "Testicles, I mean."

"Exactly. When a sexually mature male is having an orgasm, yes, the semen - the sperm - comes out of the penis, but it's manufactured in your testicles." As he spoke, Jason reached down and fondled the boy's balls through his clothing. "Okay, now, some other stuff is also made in your testicles, called testosterone. And that's what makes you all of sudden start to grow fast and make your voice change and get a beard, and hair under your arms and on your legs and around your genitals...

"And makes your penis get big?"


"And the problem is I see only a little tiny bit of testosterone in your blood, and I think I should be seeing a lot more."

"So what can you do to fix it?"

"Well, let's not rush into anything. Get up and look into the mirror." Sean moved to a large mirror on the wall. "Tell me what you see."


"Look closely. Can you find anything wrong?"

Sean studied himself. "No."

"Exactly. You're perfectly normal."

"Except for this testerone stuff."

"Yes, but my point is, people look at you and see a handsome, smart boy. Therefore, we have some time to check things out and decide the best thing to do. Okay."

"Okay. Jason?" The boy waited until he was sure the man was focused. "If it's just that I don't have enough of this tester...tester-stuff, can't I take a pill or something?"

Jason smiled at the boy's logic. "It's a little more complicated than that, but yes, that's one possibility. But I'd like to try to figure out why you're not producing testosterone. It may be that some of those glands in up near your brain aren't producing enough of something, or too much of something."


"Right now, I have to get a few more samples."

Together they walked down to the exam area, but this time, they entered a different room. It had a thick door, and stuff like foam rubber on the walls. In the center of the room was a table that was shaped like a human body -- with arms and legs. Straps hung from various points along its length.

"Okay, Sean, strip down, and hop up. Put your butt right here, and your legs here." The boy complied. "Okay, let me explain what's going to happen. I need to get a sample of material from both of your testicles."


"Yes, Sean." The child was fully aware of the serious tone of Jason's voice. "There's two ways to do this, one...to anesthetize you down there, then do, or just do it. To anesthetize you, I put some shots into your scrotum and testicles. Then I use another needle to collect the sample. Sometimes the anesthetic needle hurts almost as much as the other needle, and there can be complications with the anesthesia. I guess, Sean, what I'm saying is that either way it really hurts. That's why we're in this room. I can strap you down, so you won't move by mistake. If that happened, we could do even more damage. Which way do you want to do this?"

"Without the anesthesia."

Jason looked down at the boy and smiled. He was a brave kid. "Okay, Sean, lay back."

Jason strapped the boy across the chest. Then his arms on the outriggers. He adjusted the headrest. Then he strapped the boy's knees one to each of the lower outriggers. Next, Jason placed padded blocks on either side of the boy's hips, then adjusted a wider strap so it was low over the boy's pubic bone, and almost touching the base of his penis. The blocks would prevent any lateral movement. Finally Jason took two more wide bands, and, spreading the boys legs, placed a strap -- one on each leg as close to his groin as possible.

"Okay, Sean, first, let me do another blood sample."

He inserted a needle in the boy's arm and slowly drew back the syringe, filling the tube. "There. one down, two to go."

"That wasn't so bad," Sean said tentatively.

Jason smiled, trying to reassure the boy.

"I'm going to put this thing in your mouth. If you feel like yelling, just bite down and go to it." Jason inserted a soft gag. He noted that the boy was breathing more rapidly than usual. He got two syringes with larger needles and placed them in a tray then he sat down on a low stool with wheels and rolled around between the boys legs. "Now, I'm going to bend your knees and spread your legs a little more. Jason spread them as far he could. "Almost there. Now, I'm going to tilt your bottom up and your head down at little. Jason pressed a few buttons, and the table began to tilt backwards. The effect was to expose the boy's genitals. "Finally," Jason said, standing, "I'm going to move your penis so it is out of the way." Jason inserted the small organ in a kind of plastic sheath, bent it upward over the pubic strap and taped the sheath down to the belt. When Jason sat back down, he was face on to the boy's tiny gonads.

"You okay, Sean?"


"Good. Now this may feel cold. It's just a disinfectant, and won't hurt at all." The boy felt a cool wetness on his scrotum. It caused his testicles to be drawn up closer to his body. Jason marveled at the way nature had given the body an ability to sense changes and react immediately. Jason palpated the tiny organs. Now he swung an arm into position just touching the right testicle. He heard the boy suck in a breath through his nose.



"Sorry. I'm just making the testicles so they can't move."

Jason stretched the scrotal sac tight around the two testicles, so the skin was shiny and smooth. Next, he placed them on a platform which contained two shallow indentations. With his free hand, he slowly screwed a similarly-shaped top piece down on top of them. Between these two pieces of steel, approximately one half inch of scrotal sac was visible. The testicles were absolutely immobile. "Is that too tight?"


"Okay, Sean, are you all set?"


Jason picked up the first syringe.

"Okay," he said softly. "I'm inserting the syringe..." Instantly, the boy's body stiffened and became rigid. Jason heard the boy taking rapid breaths through his nose, but he did not cry out. The boy's body tried to recoil from the assault, but the restraints prevented all the slightest movement.

"I'm removing some material...and...there...I'm done. One more to go."

Jason stood, and walked to look in the boy's face. It was white. Jason removed the gag, and it retained the deep teeth marks made by the boy as he clamped down on it.

"How're you doing?"

"Okay," the boy said weakly.

"You want to rest a minute or get it over with."

"I think I better rest."

"Okay, Sean. You're doing great."

Sweat had formed in small beads on his forehead. Jason went to the sink, ran some cool water on a cloth and patted it across the boy's forehead. Then he wiped the tears from Sean's eyes.

"I'm ready," the boy said softly.

Jason replaced the gag, and returned to his position between the boy's legs. He picked up the second syringe. "Okay, Sean, soon this will be all behind you...I'm ready to insert the next one." The boy could feel the tip of the needle on his scrotum. "...And, I'm inserting it." The boy, still recovering from the first assault on his body, knew what was imminent. He sucked in a quick breath just as he felt a sharp and searing pain burst from his right testis and radiate throughout his body. As with his first experience, his abdominal muscles contracted violently, and if he hadn't been restrained, he would have doubled over in pain. This time, try as hard as he could, a cry tore out from his throat.

The next thing he knew, Jason was leaning over him. He was in a reclined position, the gag and the restraints were gone. Jason was gently patting his face with a cool cloth.

"Just rest. It's all done."

"What happened?"

"You passed out. But I've seen a lot of grown men do the same with a lot less." Jason reached out and smoothed the boy's hair with his hand. "You're a brave young man, Sean. You make me proud to have you as a friend."

"It still hurts."

"I know it does. It's going to hurt for awhile. Let me know when you feel like sitting up."

The boy lay still for several more minutes. Jason cleaned up and put things away.

"Jason, I'm ready."

Jason stepped to Sean's side and gently helped him to an upright position. An uncontrollable whimper escaped from the boy.

"Not too fast," Jason urged. "You did great, Sean."

Even in this extraordinary pain, Sean managed a smile. That seemed to help the color to return to his face, and the sparkle to his eyes.