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Island Boy
Will S
Chapter 6 of 13

Chapter 6

Journal Entry

Shit man, do my balls hurt. Nothing ever hurt so bad. Jason asked if I wanted to go to the infirmary for a few days, but I said, no. I just wanted to go to my room. When I got there, he gave me a pill to help with the pain.

One of the kids came over at suppertime, and asked if I wanted something to eat, and I said yes, but when it came, I thought I was going to throw up, so I couldn't eat. I did drink some coke. Mostly, I just slept.

Later on that night I woke up to find Ralph kind of leaning over me.

"Sorry," he said, "Hope I didn't wake you up, I was just wondering how you're doing?"

"Okay," I said. Truth was, the pain wasn't as bad.

"D'you need help going to the bathroom or anything?"

"No, Jason put this bottle thing here in case."

"You want some help gettin' undressed or anything?"

"I guess. What time is it?" I was kind of out of it. My clock was right there, and I didn't even think to look at it.



Ralph helped me pull my t-shirt up over my head. Even that set my nuts to throbbing (Sorry Jason, I know you'll be reading this...testicles). I guess he could see that I was still hurting, because he said, "Here...just wait for a few minutes. I'll take your socks off for you." My shoes were already off. I must of drifted off to sleep again, because I don't even remember him taking my socks off. Then I hear him saying, "Sean, you ready to take your pants off?"


He gets up on the bed and straddles me and unzips my shorts. Slowly I feel him trying to slide them down. "Can you lift a little?" I tried and I felt them go down to my thighs. Then I realize I'm naked. Jason didn't even put my underpants on after he did that.

"Holy shit, man," I hear Ralph say. "What happened to you?"

That kind of woke me up and I open my eyes and look down to see Ralph with his eyes, like, popping out.


"Cuz', man, your sac is like all dark brown, and geez, I think your balls are swollen."

"Tell me about it...or rather, don't."

"Oh...sorry, Sean, it's just....well...okay."

"He took a big needle and stuck it right into them," I said.

"How come!"

"Because I have some kind of medical thing, and he needed to do some tests, so he could figure out how to fix me."

"Man, I'da been jumping off the bed.

"No you wouldn't because he has you strapped down pretty good."

"Wow. But you're going to be all right. Right?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Jason will take real good care of you. He's awesome."


"Well...I better be going and everything. If you need anything, just call me."

"Okay. Thanks."

Journal entry ends

The next morning Sean woke up at 9:00. He felt a momentary panic, thinking he'd overslept, but then came to enough to realize that Jason was there sitting in the chair working on the computer.

"Good morning, sleepy head." Sean smiled sheepishly. "You feeling better?"

"Yeah, a little." And that was the truth. He didn't feel great, but he did feel a lot better than last night.

"I've got some stuff I need to do, but just take it easy today. Don't get up unless you feel like it, and we'll have some people stop by off and on. You want breakfast?"

He spent the day in the bed, reading stuff he found on the computer and playing games. By the next day, Sean was feeling a lot better, enough so that he went to his first day of classes, although he did skip his exercise session again.

Journal Entry:

Wow. If school had been this good I never would have quit. It's not like lectures and stuff. We do stuff and everybody kind of goes at their own speed. Most of my classes only have five or six kids in them, so everybody gets involved. Ralph is in two of my classes. He was real glad to see me.

My teachers are setting up a schedule so I can catch up to the rest of the class if I need to. In each class, there's someone from the class that is supposed to kind of help me understand what's going on. It's cool!

By the end of the day, I was pretty tired. Lily asked if I'd like to go down to the beach, but I told her no. She knew something was up with me, but I was hoping she wouldn't ask what, because no way am I gonna tell a girl about what happened to my balls.

Journal Entry ends.

On the third day of recovery, Jason stopped by in the morning. Sean was still laying naked on his bed. Jason came over and sat down on the bed beside him. "How're you feeling today?"

"Good. I feel fine."

"No pain?"

"Nope, I don't think so."

"Let's see..." Jason reached down and fondled the boy's balls, carefully, one at a time.

"No...oooh...just a little on that one."

"Well, I'd say you've made a great recovery. Here...maybe you'll be needing this." Jason reached into his pocket and pulled out a tube of KY Jelly.

Sean grinned, took it, blushed, and said thanks.

"How're the classes?"

"Great. I like them."

"And the teachers like you. They think you're a pretty neat kid...but then I'd already told them that."

Sean beamed. "Now...time for your morning ablutions."


"Ablutions. Bathing of the body. Off ya' go."

The boy rose up and swung his feet onto the floor. "Jason?"


"How long is my - um - ball sac...my...um...scrotum going to be brown like this?"

"It will go away pretty soon. Depends how often you wash. Does it bother you?"

"No...it's just that, when I'm in the shower, the boys kinda' check me out."

"Gee, I'd have thought they'd be doing that anyway!" Jason patted Sean's butt, and stepped out of the room.

While the other kids went to class, Sean went to his exercise session.

First thing, just after Sean had stripped his clothes off, Mark weighed him. "Well...you know how much you weigh?"


"Nope...76 and a half."

"It's working!"

"Yep, I told you, right?"


By the end of his afternoon classes, Sean was pretty tired. Rather than go with the kids to the beach, he went back to his room and took a nap. Just before supper, Lily knocked on his door.

"I work in the commissary every other afternoon, and I saw this, so I thought I'd save you a trip."

"Thanks." His face heated up when he remembered this must be the order that included the thong thing and he was relieved -- momentarily -- that Lily didn't know what she was delivering.

"D'you want to see how everything fits, while I'm here? You know, get a woman's opinion?" she asked innocently.

"No!" Sean answered. "I mean, thanks, but I'm a little tired."

"That's cool. Well, glad you're feeling better." She reached out and rubbed his arm. It kind of startled Sean. "Guess I better be going." Lily turned and stepped to the door. "Hey, Sean, I think you've got great taste in clothes. Hope I can see you model it someday." She winked at him and was gone.

Shit! She knows, he thought. God, how am I going to eat supper with her? Once he calmed down a little, he opened the package. Everything he'd ordered seemed to be there, but it was the thong that he was most interested in. He held it up and a paper fell out. He reached down and picked up the paper and turned it over. There was one hand-written word on it. "Nice." Again, he could feel his face redden. He looked at the thing. He wasn't even sure he knew how to put it on. He pulled off his clothes and tried it on. It was tight, and the skimpy pouch in front seemed to lift his dick and balls out away from his body. But the strap running up his crack felt really strange. As he stood there, he imagined how bigger stuff would swell that pouch and lift him even more. He decided to forget his other underpants for the night and wear this.

He did eat supper, and everything went pretty well -- until Lily came by, leaned over and whispered, "Everything fit okay?" The words were bad enough, but her soft hand managed to find its way down his back and toyed with the inside of his pants. "I know you've got it on," she whispered and then was off. Sean turned red. "Hey," Kevin said, sitting across from him, "What'd she say to you?"

"She, ah...she was checking on a commissary order, that's all."

"Right," Kevin snickered.

After supper, Sean went to one of the common rooms to work with a group of kids on a math project and then, at 9:30, returned to his room.

He thought he'd play a computer game for a while, so he sat down at his desk and clicked to bring the screen alive. Just about the time he was going to click on the games icon, however, his eyes fell on an icon he hadn't noticed before. He clicked on it, and was rewarded with a screen full of tiny pictures of kids. A few of the kids, he knew from the island; there was even a picture of Mark there. The others he didn't know. They all wore the same sort of clothes he wore. What's this all about, he thought.

He also noticed as he ran the cursor over the pictures, that it changed to a hand with a finger pointing, so he picked one of the kids he knew, clicked.

Instantly the screen filled with a larger image of the kid in virtually the identical pose, except with no clothes. These weren't the physical exam kind of pictures Jason had taken of Sean; these were different, sexy, and sensuous and they compelled Sean to watch. Sean's eyes grew larger as he studied the image. The kid was near a waterfall -- Sean knew exactly where that was on the island -- just kind of leaning back against a rock. He'd bent one knee back with his foot on the rock behind him. His small, soft penis and loose sac hung down on his leg. A thin, wispy patch of black hair covered the area around his genitals. He was smiling a kind of wicked smile. Below, on the edge of the window, there were tabs, labeled, "More". When he clicked on that, the image changed. Now Donny - the kid in the picture - had his hand on his cock, like he was masturbating, still with that smile. And clicking "more" again, revealed another picture. This one with Donny's cock fully erect and his balls pulled up tight against his body.

Sean's heart was beating faster. He clicked on a button that said, "Home" and he was back with the clothed figures. Who next?

He clicked on Mark. Mark was in a sort of body builder side pose. His muscles were unbelievable. In the next picture, he was stroking himself, and in the third, he had both hands on his waist, with his hips thrust forward and his penis pointing straight out from his body. It was not huge, but the image was big enough so Sean could see the veins in Mark's pumped up cock. It was a dark reddish color, and a small drop of stuff was kind of hanging out of his slit at the end of it. Sean wondered if that clear stuff was semen.

Sean clicked home, again, and his eyes fell on Ralph. Click. It was a picture of Ralph laying in his bed, propped up with his pillows. The camera was between his legs, so his soft penis and testicles looked huge. Ralph was licking his lips with his tongue. "More" Ralph's muscular body is hardening. His pecs and abs are popping, and with his hands behind his head, his biceps are rock hard, too His head is thrown back, so you can just see his Adam's apple and chin. His neck muscles are stretched. And the most exciting thing is that someone else's hand is jerking him off, but he's still not fully hard, unlike the third picture in series. Now the hand is cupping Ralph's balls, and his cock is like a monument, pointing straight up. Sean was amazed at the organ, fully five or six inches in length. It looks huge compared to his. Ralph has his arms supporting him on the bed, and he is thrusting his hips upward, adding emphasis to his genitals. And he's staring straight into the camera with a look of utter satisfaction. Sean studied the image for awhile longer, then clicked "Home".

Next, a girl caught his attention. He clicked on her, and again she appeared nude. The picture was sort of from the side and showed her breasts and her hair gathered in a triangle at the base of her abdomen. The next picture showed her front on with her hands spreading the lips of her vulva. Another hand held a sort of fake penis at her entrance. The third picture showed it inserted, and she seemed to be twisting with excitement.

Sean clicked back to home, and selected another boy. This boy was younger, more his size and appearance. He seemed like someone Sean would like to hang with. There was an innocence in the boy's face; he was handsome, if immature. Without his clothes, the boy's genital area made him appear even more like Sean. The second picture showed the boy masturbating, but with his legs pulled back, exposing his hole. And the third. The boy continued jerking off, but with his other hand had inserted his finger up his hole. The boy's eyes were closed and his mouth open. His teeth shone white. His tongue protruded slightly just above his lower lip.

Sean looked from the boy's face to his cock to his ass, and as he watched, he realized his own cock was pressed out against the thong pouch.

Sean now kicked off his shoes, and quickly dropped his shorts. In a flash he pulled off his T-shirt. He swiveled in his chair toward the mirror, and tried to imitate the pose of the boy in the picture. His eyes darted from the screen to the mirror, focusing on the dick in the boy's hand and the one tenting the pouch that covered his own tiny organs.

Sean became aware of his heart pounding faster like he'd been running. His body was sort of trembling, and the soft hair on his arms was standing up, with goosebumps covering his skin.

He moved to the bureau and quickly retrieved the KY, and then slowly lowered his thong. He felt the waistband scrape across his organ; he felt the back vertical strap slowly pulling out of his crack. All this he studied carefully in the mirror. He looked down at himself and saw his penis sticking straight out and he felt good because, in a flash, he thought, I could be in those pictures just like this kid.

Sean unscrewed the tube of KY and squeezed some of it out on his fingers. Then, slowly, tentatively, he reached down and touched his organ. He gasped at the contact. And slowly, like a child taking his first steps, he began an up and down movement on his penis. His eyes flicked from his own slicked up organ to the screen. He examined the technique the boy was using -- just a couple of fingers and his thumb -- and Sean mimicked him, and it brought an incredible feeling to his loins. Now Sean suddenly had another need, and he clicked back to the main screen and once again selected Ralph. Quickly he moved to the photo with Ralph's monster sticking straight up. Sean's action increased on his member. He stared mesmerized by the photo. He'd seen Ralph's penis, but he never imagined it could get this big. Now he thought for a moment, and with great reluctance, he stopped and, carefully squeezed some more KY out on his fingers. Slouching down in the chair, he lifted his legs, and spread some grease on the middle digit of his other hand. Like the boy in the other picture, he reached down beside his penis, and sought out his asshole. Then he stopped everything. He thought about the past four days. If someone had told him, then, that he'd be sticking his fingers up his ass, he'd have thought they were crazy, and that the suggestion was disgusting. Already, in these few seconds, the feelings that were driving him had begun to subside, and he didn't want them to, so he immediately started masturbating again -- "Jerkin' off," he breathed to himself, and he felt his penis start to stiffen once again. Now he moved his finger of his other hand downward. Glancing in the mirror, he could see the little pucker that was his target.

After one false start, Sean inserted the fingertip, but he was clamped shut. He pressed gently onward, and slowly he inserted the finger so the ring of muscle pressed on his knuckle. Determined, he pushed further, and then, as his other hand surrounded his prick and beat out a steady rhythm, so this hand began an at first awkward movement. The forces were converging. His heart raced, his face flushed, his skin was covered with goosebumps, and, everywhere, his body's energy was being pulling toward some unknown magnet in his penis. His breaths were shallow and rapid, his thoughts swimming. And then, suddenly, when he thought he couldn't bear it a moment longer, the crisis hit: Wave after wave, pulse after pulse, pumping some invisible ether from himself. When he could not stand it a moment longer, he slowed his hand action and extracted his finger from himself. He gazed up at Ralph's enormous cock one last time, exhaled deeply, and closed his eyes.