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Island Boy
Will S
Chapter 7 of 13

Chapter 7

As he was leaving his last class of the day, Sean's teacher stopped him and said that Jason wanted him to go to his office.

"Hi!" the boy said.

"Hey, Sean. How are you?" Jason replied.


"I just wanted to be sure you're feeling okay."

"Yeah...great." Stepping closer to Jason, he spoke confidentially. "I did it by myself, last night."

"Did it...oh...you masturbated?"

"Yeah! I used the KY and it was great!"

"How do you feel about that?"

"Great!" The boy thought for a moment. "Actually, it kind'a made me feel older, sort'a."

"I can see where it might."

"Jason, can I ask you something?"


"Do you know about the pictures on my computer?"

"Which ones?"

"The kids without any clothes?"

"Oh...yes...Sean, what did you think when you found those?"

"I dunno...I've never seen anything like those...only a Playboy, an' these..." He grinned. "Well, they were different!"

"I know we've talked a little about sex, but maybe I need to be a little more up front with you." The boy stood quietly beside Jason, but now the man patted on the seat of a chair and the boy sat. "At a certain point -- and it's different for every boy -- their hormones kick in. Hormones are sort of like chemical keys."

"I remember. We talked about that the other day `cuz of my testosterone problem."

"Exactly." Jason smiled. "Testosterone. Well, one part of your body sends these chemical keys. And then they go to another part and sort of unlock something. Now, with you, for some reason -- maybe something as simple as your diet or sleep -- either the keys that turn on growth never got sent out -- or -- they never properly unlocked what they were supposed to. We're working on why and how to fix it. But in most kids -- boys and girls -- when the keys that unlock their physical growth during puberty start up...then their sex drive gets really strong -- even a little crazy, sometimes, because the amount of hormones in the body can be really high or really low. Have you heard kids say they're really horny?"


"Well, that's just a way of saying their sex drive is really going through the roof. But it's all just part of being a teenager. And since it is part of being a teen, then it's part of what I study. And the best way to get rid of their 'horniness' is to have sex -- either with someone else, or by themselves. So I have to provide things that help them 'get off' -- that is, become aroused, engage in some sexual activity, then have an orgasm. If kids don't have someone with them, or even if they do, sometimes, sexy pictures can help them. Does that make sense?"

"Uh-huh. It does. So...it's okay to look at them?"


"Great, 'cuz I did feel a little guilty lookin' at them."

"There's no need to feel guilty. First of all, you don't have to look at them if you don't want to. All those kids have been here on the island at one time or another, and they all wanted to have pictures taken of them doing sexy things. But if you see something that doesn't interest you, just click to another page. "

"Oh, I'm not sayin' I did want to look at them," Sean said with a hint of latent excitement. The man smiled. "It kind of made me all excited lookin' at those pictures."

"Good. That's what they're there for."

"Jason, do other kids here have sex?"

"Maybe that's something you need to ask them, but yes, kids here have sex...just like they would anywhere else."

"D'you want me to have sex?"

"It's not what I want, Sean...it's what you want. I'm interested in what boys are naturally interested in." Sean nodded. "Anything else you want to talk about?"

"No...but Gwen said you wanted to see me."

"Yes...actually to talk about just what we were talking about. I think I know you well enough to know that you might have been having mixed feelings about those pictures, and I want you to be completely comfortable. Okay?"

"Okay. Jason?"


"You know I was just thinking. If I get this excited about doing sex stuff now, then I can't imagine what it will be like when I start having hormones."

The boy grinned a wide toothy grin. Jason laughed along with him, but as they shared this moment, Jason saw the smile drift away.

"...if...I start having them, I guess."

Jason scooped the boy into his arms, and hugged him.

"One way or another, we'll make sure that, before too long, you're going to start to see some changes -- even though you're pretty great right now. That's my promise to you, Sean, and I never break a promise. "

"Thanks, Jason. Ya' know sumpthin?"

"No. What?"

"I was thinkin' about my mom. I was tryin' to picture her if she knew where I am and what I'm doing?"

"Pretty unbelievable, isn't it?"

"Mmm-hmm. Well...See ya." The boy turned and started to leave.

"Oh, Sean, could you do me a favor?"

The boy stopped and turned. He'd do anything for this man. "Sure."

"Could you find Lily and Ralph and let them know I'd like to see them for a few minutes?"


"Now let's see..." Jason clicked on his mouse and called Sean back. "Here...they are right here, down by the little waterfall. Know where that is?"

"Yep. I'll go right now..."


Sean bounded out of the building and was off to the waterfall, but as he ran, he got a strange idea, and he changed course, and ran to his room.

He looked at himself for a few seconds in the mirror, and then quickly pulled off his pants and underpants, replacing them with his thong. Then he put his shorts back on. He wasn't sure why he did that, but he blushed as he raced out his door, imagining Ralph checking him out. As was the after-class custom with the other kids, he left his shoes off, and went bare-footed, still in the process of zipping up his shorts.

It took about five minutes to get to the waterfall. It was surrounded by thick growth. Just one path led down to the tiny pond -- more of a pool, really, filled by the fresh water falling from a stream about 5 feet above. When Sean got there, Lily was in the water, and Ralph was stretched out, his firm, tight butt getting a nice tanning from the warm sun. A large stone jutted out into the pool, and Lily had her arms folded, resting them on the rock, with her head on her arms. Sean thought she might be asleep.

"Lily," the boy said tentatively. "Lily." he said a little louder. The girl stirred, lifted her head, and looked up at him.

Her wet hair was slicked back and drops of water clung to her smooth dark skin.

"Hi," the boy said shyly.

"Hi, Sean. What's up?"

"Um...Jason asked me to give you a message. He'd like you to stop by his office...and Ralph, too."

"Huh..." Ralph mumbled dreamily as he rolled over and gazed - immediately wantonly - at Sean.

"Jason wants to see you," Sean repeated, blushing, as he felt the older boy's gaze raking up and down his body.

"Great. Thanks," Lily said.

"Um...okay...then...I guess I'll be going." The boy started to turn to leave.

"Hey, Sean?" Lily said.

The boy stopped and turned back.

"I think I'm ready to get out." She sunk a little lower in the water and held up her arms. She wanted help, and Sean stepped back onto the rock and reached down and helped lift the 14-year-old girl out of the water. Only then did he see she was totally naked. He drew in his breath and stepped back, almost losing his balance, and dropping his eyes.

"Sean," Lily said gently. He looked quickly up into her eyes.

"Yeah?" he said self-consciously.

She reached out and took his hands in hers. "You know, it's okay to look."

Slowly he dropped his eyes to scan her beautiful face and full wet red lips, gleaming white teeth and a tongue that rested easily between them. Then he dropped them even more to see two stunning outcroppings, like perfect, polished marble. Large dark circles surrounded firm upright nipples. Sean was confused. He shot a quick glance over at Ralph. The older boy rolled his eyes upward. Sean felt that he didn't want to be doing this, but Lily had clearly made an invitation, and she'd been nice to him from the first moments he'd been on the island. So he sucked in a breath and obligingly dropped his eyes further, tracing her smooth curving body, and gazed on a swelling mound covered with soft, thick, dark hair. Her legs extended downward, thin and lithe.

"Sean," Lily said dreamily. "You better start breathing, or you'll need CPR." She smiled at him, and he looked up into her eyes, once more. "In fact," she said coyly, "Maybe you do anyway." She leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. He drew in a quick breath. "It might be easier, if you were a little closer."

He inched toward her and she leaned into him and kissed him again, harder this time. This time he responded clumsily. She suspected that he'd never kissed before. She broke away for a moment, wet her lips, then kissed him again and again, and each time he mechanically responded in kind, pecking her face with a kiss.

Now Lily took Sean's hands in hers and drew them up to her breasts. Ever so reluctantly he explored them. It made him think of the time with his aunt. Lily could feel his fingers vibrating with nervousness. When finally, with some urging from her, he allowed his fingers to drift across her nipples, she let out a long sigh. Then she took his head in her cool, still-wet hands and gently pushed him downward. His awkward kisses marked a trail down her neck across her shoulders, and found her left breast. There he again, guided by her hands nestled in his soft, golden hair, his mouth circled in on her nipple. The boy's head was spinning. When he had completed his explorations on her left side, he moved to the right, and repeated his actions. He heard small moans escaping from the girl.

Now she drew him back up so she could drink in his deep blue eyes. "Now, my turn," she said quietly. She kissed him and as she did so, she pulled his T-shirt up and he allowed her to pull it over his head. All during this, his eyes were fixed on Ralph's naked body - a fact that the older boy had not failed to notice. He toyed with his boyhood, and Sean's own member began to stiffen now even as Ralph's stretched and grew erect.

Lily's lips trailed down to his own nipples, to his arms, even under his arms. While she was using her mouth to such effect, her hands were busy moving up and down his back. Her touches seemed to send shocks throughout his entire body, though whether it was that, Sean's glances at Ralph, or both, who could tell? Finally, Lily's hands drifted down to his butt. She ever so unassumingly inserted her fingertips under the waistband of his shorts. He felt her fingers run along the waistband of the thong, then press a little further down onto his butt, and, as Ralph began a full-blown session of masturbation, the younger boy found himself shaking uncontrollably. Then Lily broke away and smiled invitingly at him.

"So, Sean, how *does* it fit?"

The boy colored, but rather than looking down as he did the previous night, he looked directly into her eyes.

"Not bad," he said softly.

"I'm not sure I believe you," Lily said with a twinkle in her eye. Her eyes never left his, but the boy felt one of her hands leave his butt, and then felt her finger trace around his penis and balls through the front of his shorts. As he felt Lily's finger, Sean pulled back as if responding to a reflex test.

"What's the matter, Sean?" Lily said coyly, "Did I hurt you?"

"N-n-n-o-o," the boy stammered, trying to compose himself. "I couldn't help it. It's...just a little strange." He smiled weakly.

"Oh. D'you want me to stop, then?"

He seemed momentarily paralyzed. He wanted to say yes, but he didn't want to hurt the girl's feelings. "Ummm...I...I guess not."

Lily smiled at the boy, and he felt a gentle pressure against his front. With a look of nervousness, Sean resolved to respond, and so he pushed himself lightly against her hand. It did feel strange, and bewildering. Even as he was submitting to the girl's explorations, his gaze was focused on the older boy, who was jacking steadily now, his eyes fixed on Sean's and a lustful grin spreading across his lips.

Lily was enjoying this more than she had expected. There was something about feeling the boy's immature genitals pulse into a rock hard erection that sparked a surprising passion in her. When she had discovered all she could through the layers of cloth, she placed both her hands on the button above his zipper. With considerable deftness, she undid the button, then slid the zipper down. Now she lowered herself to her knees, and pulled his shorts downward. The boy, hardly able to stand, heard her offer an evaluation, "Oh God, Sean, it does fit pretty good. It's beautiful." Again, he felt her light touch explore his body, starting at his hips, tracing the silk of the thong around the back. Her hands sensitized the skin of his ass cheeks. Then her fingers followed the strap of the thong as it disappeared in his cleft.

When she reached as far down as she could go, her hands traced back between his butt and his legs and came to rest with her thumbnails outlining the narrow patch of pouch fabric. Her nails came to rest at either side of the tiny thong pouch.

Slipping her fingers under the waistband of the thong, she glanced up to his face, and sensing no clear objection, expertly pulled it down, leaving him as naked as she was.

His little rod had been like a tent pole under the pouch and now it stuck straight up, throbbing, demanding attention.

"You okay?" she whispered.

Sean glanced back at the girl. He felt a momentary irritation at having to look away from Ralph, but he nodded. Slowly she let her eyes drop downward, coming to rest their gaze on his penis. "It's beautiful, Sean." Then she reached behind him, again exploring his unblemished, boy-smooth butt. What was she going to do, he wondered. Each hand settled on a cheek, and the tips of her fingers drifted ever so slightly into his crack. She could feel him shaking. She reveled at the control she held over the boy. Then glancing upward to make eye contact once again, slowly pulled him to her waiting mouth. With contact, he shuddered and to avoid losing his balance, grasped her head in his hands. It was Ralph that had gotten him hard, but it was Lily's mouth that was now sending shock waves through his body. Now, as her hot wet mouth enveloped him, Ralph began to writhe and arch his back, thrusting his huge boyhood upward. Sean was overwhelmed, and it was his moans that broke the silence. The girl's tongue was everywhere, awakening unknown responses.

She had had many island boys. Some younger than Sean, some more mature and hung as finely as many 20 year olds. She knew the immature ones didn't come wet, but she understood that even the little ones with a dry orgasm could come really hard under her touch. She recognized the building signs in the boy she worked on now (she even knew that she wasn't the sole cause of his reactions, but she didn't care; something about this young boy was terribly exciting). She knew he was close, so she slowed, then released him, and looked back up at his gorgeous face.

"What's wrong," he breathed with a note of uncertainty.

She sat down on the smooth rock, reached up to his hands and pulled him down. "Nothing, Sean," she said, drawing him to her, and kissing him passionately. With a little effort, her mouth trained the novice to part his lips, allowing their tongues to explore each other. "Nothing's wrong, you sweet boy, but I do need some attention down there." She took his head in her hands once more and pressed his head downward, down past her navel, guiding his lips to hers under the thick blanket of jet-black hair. She released his head and reached down and parted the lips. "Kiss me, Sean."

The boy wet his lips and somewhat timidly leaned in and touched his lips to her labia. Her hands released her folds, allowing them to close around his tongue. Then she sought out his head and combed his soft golden locks. "Oohh...yes...Sean...Lick me...lick me good." The folds of her labia were soft and wet and warm and sweet. He alternated from feelings of almost paralyzing nervousness - and maybe even disinterest - to a feeling that he wished he was licking the throbbing penis of the older boy not ten feet from him, but he was nothing if not polite, and Lily's moans were clearly saying she was enjoying his attention. Now she was undulating under his stimulations, and he too was getting caught up in her excitement. Suddenly, he felt her hands grasp his head. "Okay, Sean...slow down." Her hands drew him up to her face once more. On the way, she made him linger at her breasts, so that he once again could explore those two outcroppings, then he continued upward and again they kissed. Always, Sean managed to steal little glimpses of Ralph, who seemed almost wild with lust as his eyes moved up and down Sean's body. The older boy's gaze was so...riveting, so lewd, that to Sean it was as if Ralph's eyes were another pair of hands, awakening his body to strange, new sensations.

Lily could feel his penis just above her pubic hair. It was like a little poker. "I think we're ready, now, Sean. Are you? Ready?"

"Yesss," he breathed, not fully understanding the full import of the question.

"Slide down a little." He did. He felt his prick surrounded by hair. She kissed him on his forehead. "A little more." He moved himself downward a little more and felt his cock lodge in the soft folds of her vulva. "There," she breathed. Her hands reached down toward his penis. "Lift your butt." He did and she reached underneath him, took his penis in her hand. "Okay, now, slowly...lower..." She guided him into her. Only then did he realize what was happening.

"Ooooh." he breathed. It was almost a little-boy squeal. For a moment, he lay motionless, but when she made a slight movement, he responded, slowly pulling out. "That's the way...not too far," she said, placing a hand on his butt to keep him in place. Then he slid in again. "Mmmm," she moaned. His little penis was fully surrounded by soft, moist, hot flesh. Then, impelled by nature, he began a humping motion that surprised him in its uncontrolled intensity.

As small as his member was, and as obviously inexperienced as the boy was, Lily herself was surprised at the response he was eliciting in her. She knew her climax was imminent, as was his. As he gazed over at Ralph, he could tell something different was happening to the older boy. He was changing; his hand's movement on his cock was changing. Sean's panting took on a desperate tone, and Lily could feel his body tightening. Now, as Sean watched, a thick bolt of semen shot from Ralph's penis. It splashed on the boy's chin. A cry tore from Sean's throat and he pounded into her one final time. Then little violent contractions shook him, and she responded with her own orgasm.

As a final act, he kissed the top of her right breast and collapsed exhausted on her, even as Ralph seemed to collapse as well. Sean's weight was of little consequence and, in fact, she enjoyed his utter release even though she understood she could not claim full credit. After a few minutes had passed, she drew her hands across his back and down to his now completely relaxed butt. She massaged it gently.


"Mmmm?" he murmured.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah," he said, exhaling slowly out.

"I think we need to get going."

"Okay," he said, and as he raised himself up off her, he knelt for a moment, straddling her torso so his now shriveled organ hung just above her breasts.

"Mmmm," she moaned, "I wish we didn't have to go." And she reached up and gave his little member a light brushstroke with the back of her fingertips.

He smiled kindly at her, stood, and reaching down and once again, helped her to her feet. Together, they quickly and silently dressed. Ralph cleaned himself up with his T-shirt and dressed as well. He gave the younger boy a coy look as he covered his limp tool with his shorts.

"Wait," Ralph said when Sean was stepping into his thong. He stepped over to Sean, and reached down and slipped the thing up his luscious legs and over his butt. When the pouch was in place, Ralph reached out and handled the now-hidden organs once again. He smiled, not shyly this time, but with a hint of pride.

From his office, Jason reset the video, which was displayed on the monitor. He leaned back in his chair. The boy was truly precocious. But the man was somewhat surprised at something else. There was in his awareness, a feeling of loss. He wanted this boy; he thought the boy had wanted him, but now he wasn't certain. He'd been watching the scene between Sean and Lily, and the boy was clearly aroused, clearly responsive, completely uninhibited sexually, and clearly involved in a way a gay kid who was simply curious would never be. The readings on the computer confirmed it -- they were off the scale for someone in his developmental range.

The report from Lily would provide a more "intimate" assessment, as would Ralph's report, but clearly she had been caught up in the moment as well. What had been at first merely an "assignment" for her had become a full-fledged expression of raw sexuality. Jason momentarily wished he had equipped the girls with telemetry devices as well.

Jason remembered the words of the boy earlier. "Sean, my sweet child, if this is what you're like now," he murmured still staring at the replay of his penetration of the girl, "then what will you be like three months from now?"

The boy was confounding him. Reviewing the previous night's data, Jason could have confidently predicted that the boy was emerging as a homosexual. The computer recorded the number of seconds the subject viewed any given image. While Sean had looked at some female images, his attention was overwhelmingly directed to images of males, particularly of erect penises and anal penetration. Images involving a second participant held the boy's attention even longer. Jason tried to make sense of the contradictions. In his frustration, he recalled Jack suggesting that they put sensors on the monitors, which could actually determine precisely what part of the image the subject was focused on. While the data would have been more conclusive, Jason thought it seemed like overkill -- except in this case. Perhaps here it would have helped.

He wondered how his next interview with Sean would go. Sometimes boys develop a reluctance to discuss their heterosexual exploits if they perceived that Jason was gay. He hadn't gotten any indication of that from Sean. As he thought about it, he doubted that the innocent boy had even considered it.

Jason also knew Sean's next sexual encounter would be a homosexual one. And that presented another dilemma: what should it be, and with whom. Any number of boys had already written in their journals of their desire to be the one to initiate the new boy into gay sex, but Jason knew it was down to just two. Ralph...or...and he thought about the ramifications...himself. He tried to separate himself from his feelings, but he was having a difficult time of it. And what type of sex? Would fellatio be enough? He was leaning toward anal sex, but he wondered if the boy's anus could accommodate either Ralph or him. Jason shifted position behind his desk. Why had this kid become such a dominating force in his life? "I love you, Sean." came the whispered answer -- and in a way very different from all the other boys on the island.

Jason forced these conflicting issues from his mind. A truly larger problem involving Sean was presenting itself. From the file drawer in his desk, Jason withdrew a folder containing perhaps 100 pages. He settled into his chair, and began reviewing the paper, which he had written 2 years earlier. At the same time, he tossed the now-empty file folder on his desk. A large label on the folder read, "Hyper Accelerated Hormonal Stimulation in Hypogonadic Prepubescent Males: The Theory of Hydro Suspension Therapy Under Suppressed Consciousness."