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Island Boy
Will S

Chapter 8 of 13

"Nice haircut," Jason said, almost startling the boy, he was so intent on studying the computer screen. The boy was stretched out on his bed viewing his own images chronologically from the time he arrived on the island to the present.

"Oh," the boy said, looking up. "I...ah...sort of got it for you." He smiled shyly, sweetly. "Ralph said you like a 'boy's regular'. I didn't even know what it was...until he showed me a Leave it to Beaver rerun." Sean's eyes sparkled, as he gently teased the man, and then he grew more serious. "Do you, Jason? Do you like it?"

Jason stepped up to him and lightly ran his hand through the boy's thick, blond hair. "I do," he whispered. The boy's devotion was visibly moving.

"Good!" the boy pronounced. "So...how're things going tonight, Sean?"

"Fine," Sean answered. He was wearing only a thong. It was a new one, since the old one was no longer comfortable. After five weeks on the island, the boy had changed dramatically. Jason suspected Sean could have walked right by his aunt, and she would never have recognized him. The combined therapies of nutrition, exercise and vitamin supplements had made him into a 4 foot 6 inch Adonis. Mark had done a magnificent job with the boy.

Where only a few short weeks ago, there was simply a ribbed foundation of a chest, now there were firmly developed muscles, handsome outcroppings of pectorals, and erect nipples surrounded by dark borders. Even in his prepubescent state, his torso tapered from wide strong shoulders to his slim waist. Mounded hillocks held his abdominals taut. His arms and legs had similarly developed. His 100 pounds of firm muscle was a sort of visual proof of the inner strength Jason has increasingly felt in the boy. The last pictures of Sean were virtually identical to Mark's projections of the boy little more than a month earlier.

"I see you're sort of in the middle of something." Jason gestured to the thong pouch stretched outright and to the images on the boy's computer. Sean snickered quietly. "Should I come back?" the man asked.

"No. That's all right. It might be a little hard...but I can wait."

"I'd say it definitely is hard," Jason said smiling and letting his hand drift across the boys barely covered genitals.

"No...I mean..." Sean caught himself and rolling his eyes at the tired joke. The boy smiled that infectious grin and breathed, "Yeah."

"I want to talk to you about something," Jason said.


Jason moved closer to the boy. "I've done some more testing and analysis."

The boy was immediately more interested. "Yeah?"

"I can't quite figure out what's wrong inside you. In so many ways, you look perfect."

Sean beamed. "I' still haven't gotten any taller."

"Well, we're working on that, right? But look at you. You're incredible." Jason reached out and grasped the boy's bicep. He flexed it easily under the man's hold. "You've gained 20 pounds, you're working out, and everybody's amazed how you've changed. You're eating better, and sleeping better, right?"


"So, I think we're ready to move to the next phase."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you know how we've been sort of on hold until we could get you really healthy again?"


"We've done that. Now we need to bring you into puberty."

"Really?!" the boy said.

"Really. Now, I could use a very safe and sure approach to treatment and, after two or three years, you'd be right where you're supposed to be."

"Two or three years!" Sean said with a pained expression.

"I know...but that's how long it takes, usually...then you need to take a pill everyday or an injection or wear a patch."

"A patch?"

"Yes, either on your arm or leg," Jason tapped the boy's upper arm and thigh, "...or...on your scrotum. The idea is to slowly put hormones into your body."

"There's no other way to fix me?"

Jason smiled. "Actually, most doctors would tell you no, but I've experimented with another process. I have hired some of the best science laboratories in the world to work on various parts of this process. And now I'm ready to put the pieces together. I think you are a perfect candidate to try this."

"What do I have to do?"

"Well, first, let me explain what happens, and what the risks are. Then you can think about it for a while, and we'll talk through your decision. How's that sound?"


"Good. First, one risk is that it's never been done before."

"Then how do you know it will work?"

Jason looked into the boy's eyes. "That's one of the biggest risks about this. I'm not sure it will. It works with animals, but..."

"...you don't know about humans," Sean completed the thought.

"Right. Let me explain. There are two parts to this treatment. First, we'll try some genetic correction of your endocrine system. For some reason, you're not putting out enough of one chemical to trigger the others - especially testosterone. The genetic treatment - if it works - will fix the problem permanently, so you won't have to take medicines for the rest of your life. And the second part of the treatment speeds up your maturation - that's growth - so it all happens in a few months."

"Great. I want to do that."

Jason smiled at the boy's enthusiasm. "No so fast. There's more. When we do this, you'll actually be growing about half an inch a day. There's a lot of technical medical stuff going on here, but when you grow that fast, your bones are gonna be real soft, so we need to add stuff to make your bones hard. And I'm going to tell you right up front, there's a lot of pain involved in this. Plus, we have to repeat the testicle sample again."

Sean shifted his body, and for the first time, looked uncertain.

"Actually, what I do is insert tiny tubes in your testicles, and leave them there throughout the treatment cycle. After awhile, they won't hurt, and I can put medicine directly into your testicles and withdraw material to see how the treatment is working. So that's one thing, the other thing is that the pain of your bones growing would be unbearable, so we'll put you to sleep for a week at a time and during that time, we put you into a big tank filled with a special liquid. You actually float underwater."


"You know when a woman's pregnant, the baby's inside, right?"


"Well, the fetus floats in a special fluid, and it actually provides equal pressure all around. We're sort of imitating that."

"But I'll drown. How will I breathe?"

"Actually, you don't breathe. We have tubes going directly into your veins, and we make sure all the nutrients you need are right in the blood."

Sean thought about what he was hearing.

"We also use that tube to put the medicines in. We'll do four treatment cycles. Each cycle consists of one week in the tank, then a week of recuperation and exercise to keep your muscles strong, and we'll help you to have sex, `cuz we think that orgasms help keep the chemicals active moving through your body, and then it all repeats."

"By myself or with somebody?"

"Whatever you want or more accurately, whatever's going to give you the greatest orgasm."

The boy's lecherous grin stretched from ear to ear.

Jason continued,: "In our research, we've found the more sexually stimulated a subject is, and the better the orgasm, the more effective is the stimulation to the endocrine system." Jason watched the boy closely. A flush of color ran across the boy's face.

"Yeah," Sean mumbled, "but you said that was with lab rats...you sure it'll work on a human boy?"

"Honest? Not 100 percent, Sean, but we're very confident. I think we can get you to grow just as I've described."

The boy was silent for a moment, then: "And lots of sex?"

Jason smiled.

"Well, that sounds pretty good to me...after all, you've kept me waiting a whole month." He offered a coy grin and feigned pique.

Jason smiled. "I know. I'm sorry about that. But I wanted all your energy to be used for your strengthening and weight gain. So, we had to limit your sexual activity. Even though you didn't honor my request completely."

Now the boy clearly colored.

"It...it was just too hard....I mean..."

"I know exactly what you mean." They both grinned like two little boys sharing a "dirty" thought.

"How much did you say I'll grow everyday?"

"It'll vary...maybe as much as half an inch - maybe even a little more."

"So...you said it'd be four treatments...with a week in the pool and a week off."

"That's right."

"And if I grow a half an inch a day...when I'm in the water" Jason watched the boy do the calculations. "...then I should be maybe fifteen inches taller at the end of the treatment."

"Very good."

"Will my penis get big, too?"

"Absolutely...and your testicles, and your prostate - all of your sex glands, everything."

"Jason, I can handle the pain. I did it once already. I want to do it."

"Okay, Sean, but it's not just the pain. I'm going to do everything I possibly can to be sure this is safe, but sometimes even when you think of everything, something can go wrong. I hate having to say this to you, but it's a possibility."

The boy was silent for a long time, and then slowly he looked up at Jason. "Could I die?"

Jason gathered the boy to him. "I wish I could say that could never happen, but I can't. If something went really, really wrong, you could die. Remember, Sean, this has never been done before with a human being."

The boy kept his grip tight around the man's waist. He leaned his head against the man's chest. They sat there for a long time without moving. Finally, the boy formed a thought and spoke. "Jason, the day you found me, I thought that man was going to kill me. When you appeared, I believed you really saved my life. I know you did. What kid could ever imagine a life like the one I've had while I've been here. So...I guess I'm thinking if I do this, and I do die, I've come out ahead anyway...'cuz these days have been so unbelievable."

Jason tucked the boy's head under his chin, and hugged him tightly. The boy actually made him feel weak with his openness and honesty. He was completely disarming. Jason closed his eyes and continued to hold the boy. Slowly he became aware that the boy was moving, pulling gently away from him, just slightly. Sean moved his right hand downward along Jason's torso. At the same time, he lifted his head up and gently kissed Jason on the lips. It was so light, so delicate, that he could actually feel the boy quivering with nervous energy. It was a completely unexpected and confounding act. At the same time, Jason felt the delicate hand settle on the soft mound between his legs.

"Jason," the boy said softly after breaking the kiss, "I want to have sex with you."

"Sean...I'm not sure..."

"But I want to. Ever since I've started looking at these pictures, I've been thinking about you doing it with me."

This is not what Jason had planned. "But, what about that time with Lily? You really seemed to like having sex with her."

Sean gazed up at the man. "I was ready for you to ask about that. I thought you'd call me in right away. But you waited until now?"

Jason shrugged. "Ahhh...I didn't think of it...until now." It sounded like a dumb, school-boy excuse that no one was buying."

"I know I did it with her...but...It was really Ralph I was thinking about...and you. Maybe I could do it again with her, but I don't really want to. I was sort of trying to be nice, because she'd been so nice to me. Ya know? But I really want to do it with you. Is that a bad thing?"

"No, Sean...it's not. I just want to be sure, you're sure."

"I am, Jason. When I look at the pictures of boys with boys, I always try to imagine it's you and me." Jason's heart pounded as did the boy's. "Really, I think about it all the time - ever since you did it to me in the exam. I wanted to make you feel as good as you were making me, but I didn't know if it was okay. I mean, you almost feel like my father, ya' know?" If the boy kept it up, he'd have Jason's eyes filling with tears.

"It's okay, Sean, as long as you are sure," the doctor breathed.

"I am sure, Jason. I want to."

"Now, listen to me, Sean. Listen carefully." Jason took a long breath. "I want to have sex with you, too..."


Jason smiled at the boy and lifted his head so they were looking into each other's eyes. "But I think we need to wait."

"Why!" Sean said with not a little frustration.

"Because I want to start the treatment right away, and I think it may help to save this until the right time during the treatment."

"But I don't want to wait. And I know you don't either."

Jason felt the boy gently squeeze his meat as it began to strengthen under his touch Now, Jason clutched the boy even more firmly to him. "You're right, Sean, but I want to do everything necessary to help this treatment work. I think it will be better to wait until later."

The boy didn't respond immediately, but finally spoke: "When will we start?"

"Tomorrow, if you're sure."

"I'm sure, Jason."

"Okay, then."

"And I know we can't have sex, but will you stay with me tonight, like you did in the plane that first night?"

Jason could feel the boy trembling, and he knew it wasn't sexual energy; it was uncertainty. "Of course, I will."

The boy stripped down, and climbed into bed. Jason went to the computer, typed some stuff into it, then shut off the light, and stripped and slid in next to the boy. In an instant, Sean nestled into the man's form, fitting his body to Jason's. "Jason," he whispered.

"Yes, Sean."

"It's kind'a scary."

"It'll be all right," the man said, trying to sound as reassuring as possible. He felt the boy relax, and as Jason stroked his hair, he felt his subject drift off to a deep, welcome sleep.

In the morning, the boy's stirrings woke the man. The man quickly shifted his position, rose, and slipped on his pants and shirt.

"Are you leaving?" Sean asked, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"I think I better."

"What time is it?"

"Six." The man paused, then came back to the bed and sat down next to the naked boy. "You're sure?"

Sean looked up at the man. "I am, Jason."

Jason stroked the boy's neck and shoulders. "Okay, then. I want you to come to the lab at 7. And don't eat or drink anything before you get there. Okay?"


"See you then." Jason smiled at the boy, patted him once more, and then left.

At the lab, all preparations were in place. Several technicians were busy at a variety of computers and other instruments. In the center was a large clear vat filled with an equally clear fluid.

Promptly at 7,t the boy arrived and Jason brought him into the lab. The boy was amazed at everything he saw.

"Okay, strip down, and hop up here." Jason indicated an exam table off to the side. "First, we're going to give you an enema." Immediately, Jason was handed a bottle, and he rolled the boy onto his side and inserted it into the boy's rectum.

After the bottle had emptied, Jason stood holding the boy's buttocks, with his other hand resting on his stomach.

"Let me know when you want the bedpan."

The boy nodded, then after a moment, felt some cramping, and spoke, "I think I need it now. Please."

Jason helped him up on the bedpan and waited while his large intestine was purged.

The boy's eyes were wide with anxiety.

"Okay, now we'll start an IV - that's a needle we put in your vein, and we use it to put medicine and nutrients into your system. It's going to sting a little bit. Jason inserted a line in the boy's lower left arm. By the time they were finished, the boy would have three more IV's working, not including the scrotal lines. But this first one was key. It would deliver the anesthesia and the glucose solution.

"There...how was that?"

"Okay," the boy said.

A technician adjusted the line and the solution began to flow. At the same time, Sean felt a hand on his penis, and he lifted his head - with some effort, which surprised him - and saw a nurse catheterizing him. Then he couldn't keep his head up anymore, and as he lost consciousness, he realized Jason was gently holding his head and lowering it to the table.

"We'll see you in a little while," the man whispered gently.

With the boy out, the table was transported to another room and repositioned near a CAT scan type of device (either it is a Computer Assisted Tomography or it is not. So, I would say: "near a CAT Scan."). The boy's head was adjusted so that his brain and pituitary gland and pineal glands were clearly visible to the technicians.

Jason scrubbed as the boy was prepped for surgery. Two surgeons entered the operating suite and prepared to make an incision in the back of the boy's neck. By then Jason was prepared and entered.

The surgeon worked quickly. As revolutionary as it was, what they were doing was actually fairly simple. Another member of the team - this one in Geneva - had purified endocrine system material. The hope was, and tests on animals had suggested it would work - that by injecting the material in the pituitary, it would permanently stimulate the pituitary to produce whatever substances were necessary to trigger puberty and provide normal hormonal activity for the remainder of his life.

After making a tiny incision, the surgeon inserted a fine tube into the blood vessel the cut had exposed. Following the probe's progress on the monitor, in a matter of minutes, the "repair" material had been deposited into the center of the pituitary, and the probe was being removed. Now the second surgeon stitched up the incision with just two barely visible sutures.

"Well, that went pretty well," the first surgeon said to Jason. "We should know in a few days if it's working." Jason nodded. "In the meantime," the surgeon said, "He's all yours."

Under his mask, Jason smiled. `I wish that were true,'Jason thought.

Now they wheeled the boy back into the other room. There, Jason took over. Technicians inserted IV lines into the boy's other arm and both major veins in his thighs. While these lines were hooked up to a heart-lung machine, Jason began to apply a sort of tiny plastic innertube around Sean's scrotum. Pumping air into it had the effect of tightening it, and pressing the boy's testicles outward.

Carefully, Jason inserted a short needle and IV line into one testicle, then the other. With all lines hooked up, the technicians began to administer a massive dose of human growth hormone - bathing the boy's entire endocrine system in HGH. At the same time, another technician inserted a small wireless earpiece in each of the boy's ears.

"Okay," Jason said finally, "I think we're ready, let's bring him around a little - only as much as we need to though. He's gonna be one sore little boy."

"Yes doctor," the technician replied.

"And adjust the lights, please."

Immediately, the bright lights faded, replaced by an almost ethereal blue glow that seemed to emanate from the vat.

"All right, then. Let's move him into the suspension."

Carefully, the boy was lifted and placed into the vat. The temperature of the fluid was constantly maintained at exactly the same temperature as amniotic fluid. In fact, except for special skin-softening agents and growth hormone, the solution was exactly like the amniotic fluid that surrounds a fetus.

The boy was gently released, except for his head, and his body floated easily in the bath. The boy's entire body, except for his mouth, nose and eyes were submerged. Sensor wires and IV's streamed from the boy as well as the catheter.

"Jason..." A soft, weak cry came from the boy.

"He's coming to, doctor."

Jason slapped on a headset and microphone. "I'm here, Sean. You're doing great."

"It hurts." The boy struggled to open his eyes. Slowly he was able to focus on Jason.

"Tell me where."

"My neck...and my...testicles."

"I know...it will be all right, though. You're doing great." Now Jason spoke to his project team. "Systems check." One by one, technicians reported in. Everything was affirmative. Everything was go. The boy was actually now functioning through the equipment surrounding the vat.

"Okay, now let's increase the anesthesia."

Jason spoke into the microphone. "Sean can you hear me?"

The boy stirred. "Yes..." he said dreamily.

"In a minute, I'm going to ask you to breath out as much air as you can, then take a slow, long breath in. Okay?"

"Okay." The boy was barely conscious. This was the part Jason dreaded. This was the part where he would drown the boy who was so important to him. Jason gazed at the boy's body floating in the fluid. The solution magnified it as it gently drifted in the easy currents of the vat. Jason glanced up at the technicians.

"Okay," Jason breathed, "let's do it." He leaned over the boy's head and spoke firmly. "Okay, Sean, breath everything out. As much as you can." The adults watched as the boy complied. "Now, Sean, relax, and whatever happens, don't worry. I'll see you in a little while. Now, breathe in slowly and deeply." As he made the request, a technician increased the flow of anesthesia. The doctor pressed the child so the fluid covered his face. Even in a deeply anesthetized state, the boy struggled, and Jason strained to hold him still. "Take him under more," he commanded.

Slowly the boy's struggling eased and his lungs filled with fluid. Over the next several hours, the rest of his body would reach an equilibrium - his stomach and intestines. As the struggles lessened, then ceased, Jason and the technicians monitored the boy's heartbeat. It remained strong. Slowly, reverently, Jason let his hands slide from the boy's head, and then he was alone, suspended in a bath of blue liquid.

Jason scanned the bank of monitors. Everything was as expected. "Okay," he breathed. "Now we wait."

Over the course of the next several hours, the technicians monitored the medication flowing into the boy in unprecedented proportions.

Slowly they backed the anesthesia off, until they determined, thatthe boy was just barely under. And then they settled back, monitoring the boy's functions and waiting for the first seven-day period to reach its conclusion. After the first 24-hour period, Jason was able to determine no significant changes.

Early the next day, Jason was awakened. "Nothing urgent, but we thought you should see this."

Jason forced himself to get up and walked into the lab. In the dim blue light, what he saw was amusing more than anything else. Sean, suspended for nearly 30 hours, had moved himself in the classic fetal position. As Jason stepped closer, he now noted something else. The boy had opened his eyes. Like a newborn, he seemed to be focused on one of the sources of the soft glow of light. Stepping away from the suspension, Jason spoke to the technician. "Has anything changed?"

"No, doctor."

"Well, I guess as long as I'm up, we might as well draw a sample."

They stepped back to the vat, and gently reached in and drew the boy to them. The technician rotated him, and Jason gently submerged a syringe, inserted it in one of the scrotal tubes, and withdrew a tiny sample of material. He handed it to the technician. Jason then withdrew a blood sample, and when the tech received that, he immediately left for the lab. Jason stood alone with his boy, and gently let the figure drift away from him.

While a half a dozen researchers watched from behind large glass walls, Jason studied the boy he loved so desperately.

So many separate components had to come together at just the right time. What he was attempting to do was chemically and biologically mimic the entire three years or so of life leading up to and during puberty. The subtleties of his long-term studies, combined with other research around the globe, had given him the tools. Now, in a bold leap, he was attempting not only to replicate all the chemical "on" switches - and "off" switches - but he was trying to do it in a fraction of the time it normally took, and this child was his guinea pig. "Oh God," he breathed aloud, "help me."

The physiological and endocrine systems were so complex that it was clear no one could fully understand them - at least not in the foreseeable future, but he thought he understood enough to make an attempt. Just the bone growth chemistry alone filled volumes. There were trigger components, then components that loosened the structures that held the bones together - ligaments, cartilage, etc., and then it all had to be turned off. More substances were being pumped into the boy probably than any other research subject in history. And here he was floating like a hundred pound fetus. Jason focused onto Sean's face and was startled to see his eyes apparently focused on him. Jason moved closer and smiled, wondering if it were a futile gesture.

Three days passed, still with little change in Sean. Everything was proceeding, but nothing was changing. It was 10:13 P.M. of the third day. Jason was in the chem lab, when a technician interrupted him excitedly. "His pituitary is working. Pumping out lueteinizing hormone like a little LH factory."

Jason went immediately to the sampling systems. The computer generated graphs told the whole story.

"It's working," Jason breathed. "It's working." And as he stared at the charts, they grew blurry, and he realized tears had welled-up and were blinding him.

Several more hours passed. All along, the team had been grabbing images of the boy and performing computer enhanced assays. String (as low tech a solution as ever imagined) had been attached to the boy's feet and under each arm. By gently pulling the strings, the boy's body could be straightened out and an image captured. Now, barely twelve hours after the LH breakthrough, the computer revealed a little more than one centimeter of growth.

"Check it again. I want to be sure."

They captured another image and redid the analysis. This time it revealed 16 millimeters of new growth. For the next several hours, repeated assays revealed almost constant growth at an astounding rate. After the next twenty-four hours, Sean had grown 37mm.

When they had reached the seven-day mark, the boy had grown 12.5 centimeters, and Jason called the team to a meeting. Several suggested changing the methodology and just continuing without waking him up. They reasoned it would ultimately be less stressful for the boy. Jason had a different take, however. He was unswayed by the arguments. The truth was, there was another issue...one he chose not to discuss with the researchers. He wasn't particularly worried about the physiological aspects of the experiment. He had, at this point, supreme confidence in his methodology. But there were the psychological aspects of the project - aspects for which no amount of study with rats could prepare him. In the end, he hammered home the importance of keeping the chemicals that bathed the boy's body within the protocols established in his previous research. The team, for their part recognized their leader had made up his mind, and they acquiesced.

If he had been apprehensive at the start, Jason was now barely able to contain himself.

They had already fed in the chemicals to halt the boy's growth for this phase. The data showed Sean's growth "spurt" ceased almost immediately. They left him, by plan, in the tank one more day and additional chemicals went to work triggering a hardening of the bones and connective tissue.

Now - slowly - Jason straightened the boy out. Technicians lowered a sort of cot into the fluid and under the boy. Gently they raised him so that only his head remained submerged. They cut the flow of anesthesia and with the boy's head now out of the liquid, and turned to the side, Jason pressed on his chest to force the water from his lungs. A technician put an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose when most of the solution seemed to have been removed. Another tube, previously inserted slowly drew the fluid from the boy's stomach.

Jason's heart pounded. "Breathe, Sean." he intoned. "Please."

The boy's chest slowly rose and fell, forced by the oxygen. Jason commanded the anesthesia be cut completely. Then he leaned into the boy's ear, removing the earpiece and spoke firmly. "Breathe, Sean."

An abrupt cough startled nearly everyone present, and then the boy began breathing on his own, taking deep, desperate breaths, not unlike those of a newborn.

"Sean, can you hear me?"

"Yes..." can the weak reply.

Jason leaned over and kissed the boy on the forehead, and slowly the boy opened his eyes.

"How do you feel?"

"It hurts..."


Sean was silent for a long time, then whispered, "Everywhere."

"Just rest."

They moved the boy to a bed that had a special water filled mattress. Jason sat by his side as technician's removed some of the IV's . Then for the first time, alone with Sean, he surveyed the boy. He was visibly taller. A lovely, thin patch of soft pubic hair had appeared. His torso had taken on even more of the classic adolescent male shape. And Jason knew Sean would be pleased to see how much his penis had grown.

They brought him out of the suspension at 10:43 A.M. By 3:20 P.M., Sean opened his eyes, and spoke to Jason. "Can I have something to eat?"

Jason looked down at his subject, and with tears again filling his eyes, he laughed and bent down and kissed the boy, this time on the cheek. "Welcome to puberty," he murmured to the boy.

"Can I?"

"Not just yet...let's let things settle down a bit. How do you feel?"


"Sore...like I've just had a wicked hard workout with Mark."

"Can you move your legs?"

Sean tried, and winced with pain, but he did move them. Jason helped the boy ease his extremities back as they were. The researcher could not prevent an easy smile. His specimen was as cute as ever - perhaps a bit more so, even.

"I want to try it again," the boy said with determination. And slowly, he pulled his knees upward. Tears flowed down his cheeks. "I'm okay," he breathed. "I'm okay." Next, he began flexing his arms, and finally, he asked Jason to help him to sit up. Jason took the bed's controls and moved them to the boy's hand.

"Here. You do it. Press that button until you want to stop."

Slowly the boy raised himself until he could look down and see his genitals. "Is...is...that hair?"

"Yes, Sean, that's exactly what it is."

"I'm bigger?"

"Yes...you're growing like a teenage weed."

The boy struggled to turn his head and looked at Jason. "I'm making hormones?"

"Yes, you're making all kinds of hormones!"

The boy smiled a broad boyish grin and tried to lift his arms to embrace Jason as he had done so many times before, but it hurt too much, so Jason reached down and caressed him.

"How big is it?" Sean whispered.

"How big is what?" Jason asked back.

"You know...my penis."

"Oh...that...well...when it got to twelve inches, we had to cut some off."

The boy's eyes sparkled. "No way...You've always got to tell the truth."

"Okay...you're no fun. It's five centimeters, flaccid."

"And erect?"

"Well...now...there's a little problem..."


"You were so anesthetized that you never got hard...so we don't know."

"But, we're going to find out, right?" The boy smiled coyly.

"Yes, I'd say we'll find out soon enough...but..."

"I know...I know...let's not rush things..."


The boy nodded and let his head fall back against the raised mattress. Jason stood there admiring the changed boy. It was amazing. In one week Sean had grown five inches. As Jason stood looking down on his creation, the boy spoke again.

"I could see you, you know, and sometimes, I could hear you." A tear formed in the boy's eye and spilled over, trailing down his cheek. "I love you, Jason."

The man leaned over and gently kissed the boy's mouth. Sean responded, and Jason felt the boy's hand on his. The kiss was a long, gentle one, and finally, when their lips parted, Jason whispered, "I love you, too."

The boy smiled. "I know."

When they had sat a while longer, Jason spoke again. "Do you remember what it was like?"

"Some. It was warm, and safe. I could see things. And sometimes hear things. Once I tried to say something, but I couldn't."

"When was that?"

"I could see you, and you were looking worried. I thought you thought something was wrong, but I knew it was okay, and I tried to tell you...but... I couldn't."

Jason reached out and brushed the boy's soft, smooth hair with his hand, letting it trail down onto his neck and shoulder and chest.

"Did it hurt?"

"No really. It just felt...I dunno...it felt...like I could feel myself growing. It was sort of like not being stretched...not like someone pulling me, but pressure...like something pushing me in all directions at once. It hurts more now."

"If you need some medicine to make it hurt less, I'll get you some.

"No, it's okay." As if to prove the point, Sean shifted his right leg downward, straightening it out. "Can I see a mirror?" Jason brought him one, and he gazed at his face. "My nose got bigger. I look kind'a funny."

"Nooo...," breathed the man, "you look great. You're a teenager."

The boy smiled and examined himself closely. "Do I have any hair on my face?"

"I think so...a little bit maybe, on your upper lip." Jason's finger softly brushed the cleft under Sean's nose. The boy smiled.

"And you've got some under your arms.

With effort, the boy lifted his left hand to find his right armpit. "Oh yeah," he said. All this was quickly tiring the boy, and Jason decided what he really needed was rest. He lowered the boy's bed a little, and dimmed the lights. "I'll see you a little later," Jason said quietly and started to leave.

"Jason," the boy called after him, and he stopped and turned to him. The boy studied him quietly for a long time, and then spoke softly. "I was there before."

Jason's heart was suddenly pounding. He didn't understand. He stepped back to the boy, and leaned over him. Sean reached out and held on to Jason's arm. "Where, Sean?"

"There...in...a...place like that."

"Like that?"

"Yeah...except it was darker, and the sounds were different...I could hear a thumping sound...no..." the boy suddenly understood something. "No...not thumping...it was a heartbeat. But I was there...and it felt warm and I was floating. Do you know where that was, Jason?"

"I'm not sure, Sean."

"I think it was a long time ago...because I didn't remember at first. But I think I know where I was."

"Where?" Jason asked scarcely daring to breath.

"It was when I was in my mother."

Jason bent down and rested his cheek on the boy's, then kissed him softly on the cheek. "I think you're right, Sean. I think you're right."

By the end of the second day, Sean was up and moving around in a wheelchair. By the third day, he had left the lab and spent some time with the other kids on the island. They might have been freaked out by his growth, but Jason had prepared them, and more than the curiosity, they were just glad to see him. Jason and he had giggled like two school kids the first time he'd tried to get dressed. The thong fit better than ever, but every other piece of clothing was too small. "I should have been better prepared," Jason laughed.

"I guess! Look my shorts are tighter than a Speedo." The boy thrust his hips forward, causing another bout of laughter.

The situation was quickly remedied, and when Sean finally got out to see his friends, he simply looked incredible. As Jason observed him, he noticed something that mildly concerned him. Most teen boys go through a clumsy stage, but for a boy who had just grown five inches in a week, the clumsy stage had hit with a vengeance. It was as if Sean had trouble figuring out where different parts of his body were - all parts, except one.

It was the morning of the third day, when Jason came by at 6:30. Sean was sleeping, but as Jason watched the boy and checked his vital signs, he stirred.

"Oh, hi," the boy said dreamily.

"Hi, how're you feeling?"

"Great." Sean swung his feet over the side of his bed and sat up.

"You're lookin' great...and the last set of tests came back with everything looking exactly as it should." Jason gestured to a clipboard in his hand.

"Let's see," Sean said.

Jason sat down next to the boy and together they went through all the measurements. Sean pointed to the sixth day of the suspension. "That day. I grew a two and half centimeters?!"

"You did!"

"But that's like...an inch!"

"That's right. We could almost see you growing." Jason finished making the measurements he needed. "Okay, Sean, you can rest a while."

"But..." the boy protested, "...there's still that one measure that's missing." The boy poked at the blank space on the form next to "Penis - erect".