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Island Boy
Will S

Chapter 9 of 13

"You know what I mean?" Sean's finger jabbed toward the "Penis - Erect" field on the computer screen. He looked up into the man's eyes.

"I know what you mean," the man replied. "It means I've got one horny teenager on my hands." Jason knew he could no longer put the boy off. His resolve had melted. He wanted him too much. What the boy's former appearance had only hinted at, had, in the past week, blossomed. His physique was breathtaking. The smooth, soft lines of boyhood were giving way to the more angular look of manhood.

"Maybe we can fill in that blank, now," the boy said quietly and turned more to Jason, and reached over and put his hand on the man's hip. Jason just sat still for a long time, studying the boy. Finally, wetting his lips, he spoke.

"Do you feel like walking?"

"I think so."

"Let's go for a walk, then."

Sean put on a robe and Jason led the way, down one hallway, then another and then, unlocking a door, he stepped into a room. Sean was right behind him. It was a bedroom. Jason led the boy to the bed and gently reclined him. "You sure you want to do this?"

"Yes," Sean breathed, "You know I do."

Jason climbed on top of the boy, straddling his hips. He would have to be gentle to avoid hurting him. His bones were still hardening; his joints still tightening up. Sean reached up and unbuttoned the man's shirt. Jason quickly slid it off. Now Sean glanced quickly down at the man's pants, then back up to his face.

"It's okay...go ahead," Jason said softly.

Slowly, the boy reached for the man's belt, loosened it, and then unbuttoned his pants. Even more tentatively, the boy reached for the man's zipper and lowered it. The man shifted his position, and slid his pants and his briefs down, revealing his manhood to the boy. He gazed down to the boy's eyes, and smiled. The boy, seeing the size of the organ, smiled in return.


"Yes," the man said, as he climbed back, and straddled the boy.

"You're going to have to show me how."

"All right, Sean."

"Please," the boy pleaded, and watched as the man's penis began to stiffen.

Jason looked into the boy's eyes - eyes of real longing. Again he swung around, off the boy.

"Stand up," Jason commanded softly.

Sean did. Jason moved the boy so Sean was facing him and standing between his legs as he sat on the edge of the bed. Jason slid the robe off the boy. He held the boy's shoulders and then let his hands trail down his arms to his hands. In the month that Sean had been on the island he had changed dramatically. He'd gained 25 pounds of body mass - most of it, hard muscle. Now thanks to radical experimentation, he was well into the beginnings of puberty. Jason gazed upon the innocent boy who stood anticipating, with a contradictory sort of calm urgency. His breathing, slightly shallow, slightly faster than normal, belied his true state of expectation. Cocking his head slightly to one side, Jason gently urged the boy closer and kissed him hard on the mouth. Pressing his assault - not violently by any means, but firmly, he moved his tongue between the boy's teeth. Their two tongues danced with each other and moved back and forth exploring and tasting the other. Jason felt a surge of satisfaction as he realized the boy was mimicking his every move. This was mentoring in the truest sense of the word.

When they momentarily broke their mutual exploration, Sean tentatively reached out and began to feel the man's chest and the sparse traces of hair around the nipples. Sean studied the man as the man had studied him. Jason's chest was smooth and strong. His nipples were large and erect, capping firm pectorals. Glancing downward, the boy noted the hard torso of the man, with equally spaced mounds of muscle forming hillocks and valleys down his abdomen. A trace of light hair flowed from between the man's pecs down to his boldly dimpled navel, and thicker and darker, downward, flowing into a thick reservoir of dark pubic hair. Now Sean looked up into the man's eyes. Jason recognized a look of uncertainty, of questioning.

"It's okay, Sean. Go ahead."

Slowly the boy reached down, following the trail and hair, allowing his fingers to comb the thick dark pubic hair, and then his haltingly dropped farther to grasp the man's hardening organ.

"Mmmm." the man moaned.

Jason now moved the boy around his knee and gently laid him back down on the bed. Sean's cock had already responded, testifying to his ready state. For an instant, Jason gauged the size of the boy's hard-on. He would be pleased, Jason thought, as in one move, he straddled the boy. He lowered his lips to the boy's and continued his explorations, and then when he was satisfied, he moved on the pubescent nipples on a tight developing chest. Everywhere the man's hot body touched the boy's, the youth became sensitized - simply the pressure, the warmth, the texture. For fully five minutes, Jason worked on one nipple, bringing it to its full erection - hard and proud. He nibbled at it. For his part, Sean feared for a moment the man might be going to bite it off. Then Jason shifted his attention to the other side, and then eventually, worked his way downward, bringing previously unknown feelings to every part of the boy's torso with his thick, wet tongue. It was warm and velvety soft, and the boy's skin responded as if each region were somehow distinct from the one next to it. Jason, sensing the excitement he was allowing the boy to discover, pushed on, exploring his navel with his tongue, then like painting sauce on a rotisseried piece of meat, Jason turned the boy as his tongue left a trail extending from his navel across his belly, around his side just at his hip, then onto his back. When Sean was flat on his stomach, Jason momentarily raised himself up, to see the fullness of the boy from behind: his adolescent, perfectly shaped boy-back; his tapering sides, squared hips, and two full, firm, inviting globes; his lithe, strong legs which disappeared under him.

Slowly Jason lowered himself and lathered the boy's butt with his saliva. When his tongue explored the boy's crack, he felt a shiver pass through him. Perhaps he would be another Ralph, demanding attention to his anus, but for now, Jason completed the back end exploration with hard kiss on the right buttock.

"Roll over," Jason commanded.

The boy did.

Slowly, Jason lowered himself to the boy's abdomen. He resumed his explorations. At the same time, he reached up with his hands, allowing them to seek out every bit of the boy's upper body. Soft moaning began to escape from the boy's throat, and his body began to undulate, alternately tensing, then relaxing. Jason worked his mouth lower. He could feel the boy's member poking at his throat, but he would not be hurried. Working his way around the boy's cock, he found one growing testicle. Carefully, he drew it into his mouth. His tongue found the capped tube which Jason had inserted little over a week ago. The boy drew in a sharp breath, and Jason quickly released the gonad, and spoke. "Did I hurt you?"

"A little. It's okay."

"I'm sorry."

The boy put his hands on the man's head, pushing him back toward the object needing attention.

"Quit talking," the boy urged.

Now the man relented and licked upward, his tongue finding the shallow valley between his two gonads, then upward, coming to the base of the boy's recently enlarged penis, Finally, sliding his tongue around it, he lifted his mouth upward and then suddenly moving downward, sucked the whole thing into his mouth. The boy cried out in ecstasy, actually whimpering - and not from any pain.

"Aghhhh....awesome...." and slowly, as Jason emptied his mouth of air, sucking in to form a vacuum, he began to work in earnest. The boy had never felt anything quite like this, and he put his hands on the man's head to urge him onward. The man could tell the boy was close, so, he slowed and stopped.

"What's wrong?" the boy asked pleadingly.


Jason got up quickly, went to a drawer, got some KY, and returned. "I don't want to hurt you, so only do as much as you can, okay?"

"Yeah," the boy said, heart pounding, desperate to get back to what had electrified him.

Jason knelt with his two thighs forming a comfortable incline.

"Here, rest your butt on my knees."

The boy positioned himself so the small of his back was on the bed, his butt on Jason's knees and lower thighs.

"Now," Jason said, "Pull your legs up against your body, then, if it doesn't hurt, bend them out some." The boy complied. "Perfect. Does it hurt?"


"Okay," Jason squeezed some KY out onto his fingers, and slowly began to spread it around the boy's asshole.

"What are you doing?" Sean asked.

"You'll see..." Jason replied. He offered the boy a lascivious look. Then, with one finger, he gently began his assault. His entrance was tight, but eventually, the pucker loosened and the slick finger slid in to the first knuckle. As it did, the boy sucked in a blast of air through his mouth.

"How's that feel, Sean? Tell me how it feels."

"Tight...awesome...Put it in more..."

The man complied, pushing the digit up to the next knuckle. The boy tried to press himself further onto the finger. Jason looked up and Sean's eyes were closed. He was breathing rapidly, and his head tossed and turned. Now, Jason lowered himself back onto the throbbing boymeat - fully four inches in length - almost twice as big as it had been just a week earlier. He'd have to remember to tell the boy how big it was.

When he had sucked down hard on the full length of the boy's shaft, a cry of ecstasy again broke from Sean's mouth, and again the man felt the desperate hands grasp his head and try to spur him on. Jason resisted. Instead, he continued his assault on the boy's asshole. When the finger was fully inserted, Jason began to explore the soft insides of the boy. Then he pressed against the adolescent prostate, and the boy sucked in a gasping breath. His cock, in all its glory, grew impossibly even more rigid, throbbing to the boy's rapid pulse. Sean's whole body tightened. The boy uncoiled his legs and let them fall across Jason's back, All while the man continued to work the boy. Running his finger in and out of the boy's sphincter, and pressing side to side, to open him more, Jason gradually felt it loosen, and he boldly tried to insert another finger.

"Ash...." Sean moaned, and began to emit an almost continual whimpering.

At the same time, he began an involuntary thrusting into Jason's mouth. And when the man pressed his two fingers deep inside the boy, he crossed the point of no return. With utter abandon, he pumped into the man. His orgasm was still dry, but it was with an intensity he had never before experienced. Jason's head rapidly bobbed up and down to compliment the boy's thrusts. And in utter ecstasy, the boy reached down, trying to stop the man's movements, but hoping the man would ignore him and continue.

When Jason finally did stop, he could hear the whimpers of the boy as he gasped for breath. Carefully, Jason withdrew first one, then the other finger, then untangling himself from the boy's long legs, he moved himself up to lay beside the boy. "I didn't make sperm, did I?" the boy asked breathlessly.

"Not this time, but I bet you will before another two weeks pass."

"It doesn't really matter...it was unbelievable..."

With great effort, the boy swung over and reclined on top of the man. He lifted his head just enough to gaze down at the man's face, and then he leaned down and kissed him tentatively on the mouth. Jason responded, modeling ways for the boy to make his mouth and tongue give pleasure.

"Thank you," Sean breathed, and when long minutes had passed, he spoke again. "Jason?"

"Yes, Sean." The boy looked deeply into the man's eyes.

"I...um...when you got the KY, I thought maybe you were going to put your cock in me." The boy's face, his searching eyes, his pouting mouth, tongue resting on white teeth, all communicated an innocent, desperate desire to satisfy an unknown longing.

"Oh God, Sean," breathed the man as he grasped the boy's head and pulled his mouth to his. He kissed him hard, and he responded as only two men can. "It's too soon, my sweet boy. But tell what you're feeling."

"I...I wanted you to do it. Sometimes I stick my finger in, and try to imagine it's you," the boy whispered.

"Ohhh, my sweet, sweet boy..." Then, as they lay there, Jason felt the boy's soft hand on his aching cock. After two or three uncertain tugs at his penis, the boy shifted himself downward. Jason hadn't been quite prepared for this.

"Sean," he said gently. The boy looked up. "This is your first time, you don't have to, you know. We can do it later."

"I want to try it now."

"Okay, then...but...I do make sperm...and sometimes, it takes some getting used to."

"What do you mean?"

"Sean, have you ever seen semen?"

"You mean like sperm?"

"Sperm is part of what's in semen, but, yes, semen, sperm...cum...jizz...juice...it's the same."

Sean grinned. "Well...no...not really."

"It's kind of weird stuff. Some of it's kind of watery, and some of it's thicker and kind of sticks together."

"What did you mean when you talked about getting used to it?"

"Well, if you had made semen, and ejaculated - if it came out of your penis - you would have come in my mouth." Jason watched as the reality of gay sex began to dawn on the boy.

"You get that stuff in your mouth?"


"What's it taste like?"

"Kind of salty...and thick." The man grinned as he explained these basics to Sean.

"You like it?"

"I do. I always have...but...not everybody does. For me...I don't know...I guess it sort of symbolizes the connection between two people."

The boy looked perplexed as he tried to imagine what it was like. "I still want to try."

"Okay, Sean, do you want me to tell you when it's going to happen so you can finish me off by hand?"

The boy thought for a moment. "Yeah," he said softly, sounding uncertain and somewhat disappointed in himself. But Jason couldn't be disappointed in this boy who loved him so much. Sean lowered himself and came face to cock with the biggest hard-on he'd ever seen, not that he'd ever really seen any - except for the pictures and some of the boys in the shower. For several seconds, he just stared at it. Then slowly, he lowered his lips to the top, and kissed it. A shiver passed through Jason.

Unsure how to proceed, the plucky boy pressed himself onto the cock even more.

"Slow...go slow..." Jason urged. "And be careful with your teeth."

"Aahhhh..." Jason could feel the first tentative movement of the boy's tongue. It traced down around the large head, and now it was Jason who moaned. He wondered if the boy knew what he was actually doing. These first delicate virginal explorations brought unexpected, powerful responses from the man. Unable to help himself, Jason raised his hips, pressing his massive eight inches farther into the boy's mouth. He pressed as gently as possible. "Let's hold it for just a sec."

Sean lifted off the firm manhood of his friend and glanced upward. Jason could see the boy was clearly nervous about his first attempt at cocksucking. "When you were little, did you suck your thumb?"

With Jason's penis seeming to stroke the boy's cheek, Sean spoke. "Why?" The boy's tone indicated a little frustration, something the researcher noted with interest. It was the first time the boy had been anything but compliant. Clearly, he did not like the interruption, but then he seemed to realize that his response wasn't his usual, and, after seeming to steel himself, he answered. "Well, yeah, I guess."

"Well, when you take me into your mouth again, try doing it like you were sucking your thumb. And Sean..." Jason reached down and caressed the boy's soft face. "Your tongue felt great." Now the boy seemed to relax some, and again lowered himself onto the penis. His lips formed a seal around the rim, and he sucked in until his cheeks sunk in. "Oh...yes...that's my boy....yes." Jason could feel the back of the boy's mouth on his glans, and he knew he had to be careful. "Can you take more of me?"

The boy was working too hard to respond, but he did press farther onto the cock, but it was too far for the novice and he gagged, and fighting panic, pulled off completely.

"It's okay, Sean, what you were doing before was great, just do that." Jason stroked the soft hair on the boy's head, and let his fingers dance lightly over the soft skin of the boy's neck.

The boy tried again, and between the vacuum and his tongue and the knowledge that this virgin was committed to pleasuring him, Jason moved close to the point where the crisis would hit. Sean pressed farther. This time, Jason felt his cock head against the back of the boy's throat. It spasmed, clamping down on the glans, and the boy pulled back. "That's great, Sean. Incredible." Jason reached down and with his hands, encouraged the boy to bob up and down on his cock. The boy needed no further encouragement and quickly responded, moving Jason's penis in and out of his hot, wet mouth. The man's body stiffened, and the moment was close.

"Okay, Sean, it's coming..." Jason summoned all his strength to speak. "It's coming Sean!" Jason tried to lift the boy off him, but Sean kept his action moving ever faster. "It's coming..." And Jason wrenched his body upward, thrusting his cock hard against the back of the boy's throat, and he exploded, sending blast after blast of come into the boy.

Sean wretched and pulled quickly back. No amount of instruction could have prepared him for the huge blast of semen that had been injected into his throat. With just the tip of the man's penis in his mouth, the boy regained some of his resolve. As the man's thrusts lessened, and the spurts ceased, becoming more a final oozing, some of the semen dribbled out, but the boy tried to hold as much as possible in his mouth. His eyes watered, for the goo was bitter and salty like Jason had said. When the man's thrusting quieted, he slowly pulled out of the boy, and looked down at him.

"You can swallow it, if you want, it won't hurt you...or...you can just spit it out...or...you can come up here and share it with me."

Sean looked up at his mentor, and slowly rose. Jason could see a tear in the boy's eye. Jason placed his lips on the boy's and then gently pried them open with his tongue. A mouthful of his own cum flowed into Jason's; he savored it and then swallowed it, smiling, showing the boy that he could learn to enjoy this. Sean watched with interest, actually finding the action of his mentor exciting in a surprising way. Jason then placed his mouth on the boy's once more, and with his tongue cleaned any remnants of the semen from the innocent's mouth. Sean lowered himself down and nestled his head so it pressed up against the man's chin.

Jason marveled at the boy's tenaciousness. They would have a lot to talk about today.

When they had been still for several minutes, the boy spoke. "I'm...sorry..."

"For what?" Jason spoke with a note of alarm. The boy had startled him, for he was on the edge of sublime unconsciousness after the exquisite treatment he'd received from the fourteen year old.

"Cuz' I couldn't do it right?"

"What do you mean, Sean?"

"I couldn't get more of it in me...and I choked on your stuff."

Jason's hands combed through the boy's hair. "Oh, my God, Sean, do realize how good you were?"

"Huh?" The look on the boy's face showed his did not know.

Jason now lifted the boy's head so they were again looking eye-to-eye. "You're incredible, Sean. Your mouth...what you did...was incredible." Jason could see the suddenly sulking boy was convinced. "And if you're still not convinced, then think about how hard I orgasmed. You really drained me. I haven't come that hard in a long, long time."

The boy blushed, slowly realizing the effect he'd created in the man - his lover. "Really?"

"Really. You were great. And the next time, you'll be even better. You'll know about the semen. Letting it go down your throat just takes some getting used to, because you kind of have to swallow a little differently. Okay?"

The boy nodded, and Jason felt his soft hair brushing the skin on his shoulder.

"And as for taking more of my penis, that really takes practice, but I can tell you'll get the hang of that soon enough. But you were awesome just doing what you were doing."

"How do I do that?"

"How do you take more?"


"Well, your throat isn't used to something that big in it."

"It's big all right," the boy interrupted with a smile.

"But you did great. Seriously!" Jason gave a coy grin, making Sean blush. "If you want to try to take more, you just have to sort of train your throat to get used to it."

"I thought I was going to puke." The boy sounded almost outraged at his first halting response to a man's cock in his mouth.

"The gagging happens to everyone. It's a natural reflex. Just be patient."

Sean groaned in frustration. Jason, of course, was used to that in teenage boys, but for this boy until this moment, it was something very out-of-character for him.

"It just takes some practice..."

"But I wanted to do it right for you!" Sean sulked.

"Oh, Sean..." Jason smiled and rubbed the boy's shoulders, pulling him closer to him. "It's sort of like riding a bike..."

"A bike! I don't think so!" the boy laughed.

"Don't interrupt," the man playfully commanded, and he saw a look of defiance flash across the boy's face. Jason ignored that (for the moment, anyway) and poked him in his tickle spot just under his armpit, his armpit that was adorned with newly sprouted hair. "Well...when you think about every little thing you have to do to ride a bike, it sounds impossible, then one day...hey...you're doin' it! Sucking cock is about the same."

"You said cock...I thought we were supposed to use the right word," the boy challenged. He lifted his head and looked up at Jason. He had a twinkle in his eye.

"Yeah, well, I guess there are exceptions...somehow cocksucking sounds better than penis-sucking, doesn't it?"

A wide grin was Sean's response.

Jason reached down and again began tickling the boy. Sean giggled breathlessly, and as he squirmed on top of Jason, the man could feel the boy's penis start to harden once more.

"Hey," Jason said, suddenly stopping.

"What?" Sean said with concern.

"Didn't I do a good enough job, or what?"

"What do you mean?"

"Here." Jason patted his chest. "Come up here...kneel down here, and kind of sit your butt on my chest." The boy complied. His four-inch hard-on pointed at Jason's chin.

"Here's what I mean." Jason brushed at the erection and looked up at the boy who grinned from ear to ear. "How come it's hard again, after I sucked you off so good?"

"I dunno...maybe you need some more practice." The boy grinned again and grasped his penis and eased it down some so it poked at the man's lips.

Jason let the tip slip into his mouth, and then holding the boy's hips, he began to work his tongue around and around, twisting, curling, and exploring the slit and ridges. The boy placed his hands on Jason's shoulders to balance himself. With his head tossed back and his eyes rolling, he was like some sort of wild primate affirming his alpha position. His bodied was wracked with ever-increasing tension. And then slowly, despite the man's restraining grip, he began a rhythmic thrusting and withdrawing. The tonguing he was receiving caused surges of energy to flow from his cock outward throughout his entire body. He shuddered and involuntarily thrust ever more aggressively. Finally, there was no more control, and, with eyes closed, praying for release, he simply and reflexively pounded into the man's mouth.

Now it seemed he was no longer breathing out, just successively drawing in short, sharp gasps of air: "Ahhh...ahhh...ahhh...ahhhhh...ahhhhhhhhhhhugggggg." He slammed hard into the man, as the man grasped him around his ass and locked him tight against his face. The violent spasms which had already started with the final thrust, continued as if the boy were being jolted with rapid shocks of electricity. Jason momentarily feared the boy might actually damage himself in his abandon. Countless desperate convulsions shattered him in just a few unbelievable seconds.

The boy collapsed, weakly lowering himself onto the headboard of the bed, burying Jason's head. When Jason felt the contractions turn to shudders, he knew the storm was ending and they would both survive. Tremors continued periodically to pass through the boy's penis and only when the four inch spike started to melt, did Jason release the spent member from his wet grasp, and gently lower the semi-conscious boy, so that once again, like a baby in his mother's arms, the boy's head rested on the man's chest. It was there, in that position, that they stayed for the next two hours, while the boy slept, utterly spent, in utter bliss.

The boy stirred, finally. "What happened?" he asked, sounding like a little boy being aroused from a deep sleep.

"I'm not sure. I guess you must have gotten bored or something...you fell asleep."

"Not," Sean chuckled.

"No? Hmmm...Well if it wasn't that, then it must have been that wild orgasm you had. Maybe that's what happened," Jason said as he patted the boy's relaxed, but firm butt.

"I guess. I thought I was dying..." the boy said with sheepish laughter. "Can you believe it?"

"Oh yes, I can," Jason said softly. "You made me a believer, Sean." He bent down and placed a light kiss on the soft blond "boy's regular".

The boy sighed, and still not fully awake, snuggled back against his mentor.

"Thanks, dad," he said dreamily.

Jason cocked his head. What had the boy just said?

"What did you say?"


"What did you just say?"

"I dunno...Thanks?"

Jason looked from the naked boy cuddled in his lap, to the walls beyond. This child...this subject...was suddenly much more. He had invested something in Jason that was truly humbling. In one sense, the researcher knew it was simply a slip of the tongue. The boy may not have even realized what he said, but somewhere, perhaps not too deep in the subconscious, was a need in the boy that Jason was fulfilling, and in a way that surprised the man.

"Why?" Sean asked, awakening more now.

"Hmmm...I guess maybe I just wanted to hear that sweet word from your lips one more time." He smiled at his young lover.

"Yeah? Well...thanks...thanks...thanks...than..."

"Okay!" Jason said, again finding that sensitive spot under the boy's arm and eliciting a fit of pure, unchecked boy laughter. "You're very welcome, Sean," he said simply, as he eased his tickling, and the boy drifted back to sleep. Gently, then, the man extricated himself from the boy's embrace, and straightening the boy's body into a more comfortable position, gazed down at the child-man, now once again utterly at rest.

Jason, in consultation with the team and Sean, decided to extend the stasis time - the time between the first and second suspensions - so for the remainder of those twelve days, the boy recuperated from the ordeal of the experimentation - and from the periodic sexual activity. Jason had been carefully monitoring the boy's internally produced hormones and, with each session of activity, there was a corresponding surge of chemicals bathing his body with growth hormones.

"Oh, do we have to do that again?," Sean cried in a mock expression of boredom at one point. The man looked at the boy, who grinned from ear-to-ear in anticipation.

"You know, you're right," the man said in deadpan seriousness. "Years ago, people talked about nymphomania. You know what that is?"

"I know what a nympho is - that's what kids at school called girls who can't get enough."

"Or boys...anyway, someone like you," the man said, tickling the pubescent boy who was simply breath taking in his beauty.

"All right...all right..." the boy said with a note of desperation.

"Okay, Mister I've had enough. Do you know how they used to treat supposed cases of nymphomania?"

"How?" the boy asked with a tone of expectation.

"They'd fill a large tub full of crushed ice and water and strap the person in it for three or four hours at a time."

"What!" The boy looked down at his naked outstretched cock and sounded truly horrified. He could imagine all too well, the effect. Even jumping into the cool ocean water sometimes caused his balls (he still couldn't quite get used to the fact that they'd nearly doubled in size) to react to the instant pain and pull tightly up into the safety of his body.

"Yeah...they did...and I've been thinking, maybe I need to prescribe that treatment for you."

For once, the boy was speechless. Jason savored the moment. "Of course..." the man began "...we could always try the opposite...a nice warm bath..." And he dropped to his knees, sucking the boy-rod quickly into his anxious mouth. Cocking his head sideways, he glanced up at the boy, reveling in the wave of realizations that flooded over his face.

"Well...okay..." the boy began, trying to sound doubtful "...if that's what the doctor ordered." And he leaned down, hands resting on the man's head, preparing himself for what he knew he would soon enough be experiencing.

On the day that marked the beginning of the second suspension, Sean arrived right on time. By now, he was on first name bases with most of the technicians who regarded the boy almost as their creation. He was an object of experimentation, to be sure, but his naturally engaging character drew them all in. At meetings as they studied, frame by frame, the changes in the boy, they marveled at him, and at their role in making it happen. Now they were about to do it all again.

The small bruises on his arms and legs, where the IV's had been the first time, had faded, but now, here they were again, sliding the needles back into his veins. Where before, he'd been unconscious for most of this, now he was fully awake. Jason had been called away for a moment, so he was alone with the team as they worked on him, his head propped up on a small pillow. One of the female technicians reached down and gently grasped his left testicle. She carefully removed the cap that had covered the opening of the tiny, almost microscopic tube that Jason had inserted into the gonad earlier. Then she attached an equally thin tube to the implant. As she worked, almost inevitably, the boy's penis began to strengthen. The boy knew it was happening of course, but he also knew there was nothing he could do about it. By the time she finished with his second testicle, the full four inches of erection was there for all to see. When she'd finished her work, she gently stroked the organ once or twice and looked up into his eyes, smiling, as if pleased by his response to her attention. With wires and tubes streaming from his body, he broke into a typically boyish grin, eyes sparkling and chest lifting slightly with rapid breathing. More than one of the technicians watched the boy with wistful memories of their own adolescence - of a time, when feelings exploded and energy seemed boundless. As they continued their work, they'd catch one another glancing at the rod at the center of their activity, then smile knowingly at one another.

Jason returned, and they initiated the anesthesia at his command.

"Okay, are you ready, Sean?"

"Yeah," he said, and the man could see that although he was ready, he was also apprehensive, knowing what was awaiting him.

"Jason?" the boy said tentatively. The man looked down at him, naked, muscular, perfect, jabbed with needles, and wires, and he could see the boy wanting him. Jason's hand drifted down to the boy's erection.

Leaning over him, Jason whispered in the boy's ear, "You're gonna' have to save that for later."

"...I'll...try..." the boy said dreamily. The anesthesia was already having an effect.

Now Jason bent over the boy and kissed him gently on his slightly parted lips. Sean managed a half-smile, and then drifted off. Again they began the baptism ritual: submerging the boy, getting him to expel all the air possible, and then pushing him under to breathe in the fluid.

Even though he had prepared himself for it this time, Jason was nonetheless shaken when the boy's reflexes caused him to try to escape the feelings of suffocation, but in a moment, it was over, and the instruments indicated that all the boy's vital signs were strong and everything was as it should be. Based on their previous suspension, Jason altered the protocols, and after the first 24 hour period, the boy again showed signs of growth.

The rate of extension was stunning. At the end of three days, the boy had grown almost 8.5 centimeters. Setting aside the first day of suspension, that meant his body was stretching at an astounding inch and a half a day. Simultaneously, his body hair thickened, most notably under his arms and of course around his genitalia, but even on his arms and legs it was more noticeable. On day 5 they began administering bone hardeners, again in adjusted protocols to speed the boy's post-suspension recovery.

By day 6, Sean body length had increased by nearly 23cm, and his flaccid penis was nearly 7.5 centimeters in circumference and about the same length. Also on that day, Jason, as was his routine, withdrew a tiny sample of fluid from the boy's testicles. From almost the beginning, he'd been manufacturing the correct levels of testosterone, but now Jason made a satisfying discovery. "Well, Sean," he breathed as he peered into the microscope, "now you'll get your wish." There on the slide squirmed a couple of dozen of the boy's sperm. Jason smiled with satisfaction.

On day seven, at 7 AM, they began the nerve-wracking task of extraction. This time, it proceeded without incident. Gently laying the lanky teen on the transport table, the technicians worked silently, in respect - and in awe. Their creation was nothing less than Michelangelo's David. He was an incredible, breathing work of art. None in that laboratory failed to recognize that beauty even as they monitored and measured the boy's body.

As Sean slowly came up to consciousness, Jason leaned down and again kissed him on the lips exactly as he had done seven days earlier. For the boy, in his dazed state, it seemed like one long kiss. He smiled and then, summoning every bit of focus he could muster, he asked, "How much bigger is it?"

"Overall length...173 centimeters, or about 68 inches."

The boy fought the effects of the anesthesia. His eyes rolled upward, but at the man's words, seemed to focus momentarily. In his still half-drugged state, he mumbled, "My cock?"

Jason glanced at his colleagues gathered around the boy. To a person, they all grinned like the Cheshire cat.

"Yep," Jason replied. "We've got it all coiled up like a fire hose."

Even in his drugged state, Sean recognized his lover's teasing tone, and he laughed once, but even that caused him to wince.

"I'm sorry; I won't make you laugh again. Just rest now..." Jason said softly.

"It's okay," the boy muttered. "You can if you want." He offered a hint of a smile, and then they wheeled him into the recovery room.