It Happened So ...

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Chapter 10

When I woke up, it was to some strange sounds coming from the floor beside my bed and it took me a few moments to remember that there were two other people in my room. I rolled onto my side in the direction the strange noise was coming from and was met with a wonderful sight. Jan had the sleeping bag open and was very busy wanking himself. His eyes were closed so I had the opportunity to watch as much as I wanted. I was intrigued to watch his one hand in a fist around his stem pumping away while his other hand gently fondled his balls for a bit and then moved up to play with his nipples before moving back down to caress his balls and massage the perineum just below the balls.
Of course having had some experience now with Willie, my cock got hard all on its own and I could not keep my hand away from it as I gazed on the scene before me.
Jan was being as quiet as he could but there were still some sounds which later on in my life I would come to know as the unmistakable signs of someone nearing his orgasm. As I watched, Jan's body tensed and his hips lifted off the sleeping bag as first one and then a volley of spurts shot white liquid out of his cock. Again, thanks to Willie, I knew what this was and wished that I could taste it.
As his orgasm eased, his body relaxed and I became aware of similar sounds coming from the other side of my bed. I rolled over and had the double pleasure of being able to watch Hendrik take the same method to sort out his morning wood. As I watched Hendrik I was struck by how different they each did it. Jan had a fist around his cock while Hendrik used his thumb and two forefingers. Hendrik was not only massaging his perineum, but also had stretched his free hand a bit more and had a finger over his pucker with his leg bent up to his chest to enable his arm to reach around behind the leg. But again he was doing his best to be as quiet as possible. When he shot his load, it squirted out in a ribbon of cream leaving a line down his stomach before the last bits dribbled out over his fingers and thumb. These he brought to his mouth and sucked. As he did so he opened his eyes and caught me looking at him with my stiff pecker in my hand. He gave me an embarrassed smile and put his finger over his lips telling me to keep quiet.
"Did you enjoy that one?" Jan asked in a whisper from the other side of the bed because having finished his wank he had heard the sounds coming from Hendrik and knew exactly what he was doing.
Hendrik's face turned crimson as he blushed and stuttered, "Not you as well."
"What do you mean as well?" Jan asked.
"Our little cousin here was watching some of it." Hendrik answered.
"And you both do it differently." I confirmed, unwittingly letting it out that I had watched both of them and this told Hendrik that his older brother had also rubbed one out that morning.

Jan had already cleaned himself up, using his underwear from the previous day and he climbed up on to my bed with me to look down on his brother as he cleaned himself up.
"So we have a little voyeur here with us. And it excited him." Jan said pointing to my hard cock with my hand still slowly rubbing it. "Hendrik, get up here and let's help this peeping tom to sort himself out."
Hendrik climbed up on the bed on the other side of me and then the two boys pushed me down so that I was lying on my back and Hendrik began to work my cock while Jan played with my nipples. Then while he was jerking my little cock, Hendrik moved his other hand in between my legs and slowly worked a finger down to push against and slip inside my bum.
"Are you doing his bum?" Jan asked Hendrik.
"Ja. My little finger is up it nicely." Hendrik replied.
"Do you like this?" Jan then asked me.
I nodded my reply as talking was far too risky at this stage in my experience.
"I think he will get on ok at boarding school when he goes next year." Jan said.
"I think so too. He is not cock shy and is willing to let older people have a bit of fun with him." Hendrik agreed.
"Sometimes I wish I was more gay than bi. It is so nice to be able to give pleasure to someone and know from first hand experience that they are enjoying it." Jan said.
Of course I had no idea then what he was talking about, but I was enjoying having my cock wanked and let them prattle on to each other while it was done.
Jan moved his hands down and took over my cock from Hendrik and proved what he had been saying by doing things to that little member of my body that carried it to new heights and when at last my orgasm came, I shot not one, but two largish drops of pre-cum from my cock.
"That's nice, one each." Hendrik said as he bent down and licked the one drop off my stomach. Jan followed suit moments later and all the evidence that I had had an orgasm had been slurped away.
Jan fondled my balls a bit and said, "Won't be long now before you are shooting the real man juice, little one."
"And then we will have to visit, and have you visit with us, more often." Hendrik said.

There was a knock on the door and Oom Cornelius called out, "Up you get, there will be others arriving soon and we need to be ready. The three of you had better use the bathroom together again."
"Ok," we chorused together and the two brothers retrieved their towels from where they had been hung and I had to slip some sleeping shorts on again, as we headed down the passage to the bathroom.
In the bathroom we stood around the toilet bowl together and relieved our night's build up of fluid. Then as one we moved over to the wash hand basin and tried to get our teeth brushed, but we could not all fit around the small basin with our heads over it to catch any drips as we brushed and so Jan jostled Hendrik and me out of the way and told us to get the shower ready for him while he brushed his teeth. I thought nothing of it and moved across the room to turn the shower taps on. Hendrik told his brother to fuck off and then proceeded to flick his backside with his rolled up towel as his brother presented it to our view bent over the basin.
Jan straightened up in a shot and turned with his mouth full of foaming toothpaste and his cock swinging around to slap against his leg as he shouted at his brother, "Jou bliksem piel! [i] I am going to get you for that!"
The trouble was that as he shouted all this out, it came out a bit muffled as the tooth paste all frothed out his mouth and sprayed into the air. I could not help but begin to laugh at the sight he presented and this caused Hendrik next and finally Jan to laugh as well. A few moments later and Jan turned back and bent over the basin once more to finish brushing his teeth and as his bum pulled tight again the red weal from the towel flick was very evident. I walked over to it and gave his bum a little gentle rub over the injured area and then bent down and "kissed it better". Hendrik whistled and Jan spat the last of the rinse water out of his mouth and stood up straight. In doing so he revealed that my little caress of his bum and kiss had caused him to harden up.
"You are a randy bugger!" Hendrik told him. "Imagine getting boned from a touch on the arse?"
"When the touch is from the lips of one as cute as this beautiful guy here, what do you expect? I bet if a girl touched your naked bum you would be hard before her fingers could leave you." Jan retaliated.
"Ok, just because you are gay and I'm bi is no reason to get too upset, but we had better get a move on or pa will be shouting at us." Hendrik revealed both their sexualities in one sentence and I did not understand it all.
Hendrik and I managed to get our teeth brushed at the same time and then we joined Jan in the shower for a quick wash. Again they both washed me, but I did not get the chance to wash them so just held onto their hard cocks while they were washing me. By the time they had finished drying they were able to wrap their towels around them without tenting the front out and my sleeping shorts were baggy enough that my semi-boner did not show in the quick walk back to my room.
I pulled on a pair of shorts and a t shirt and went out in search of some breakfast, with Jan and Hendrik close behind me.

While we were still eating the first vehicle arrived and Willie and Johannes came into the kitchen and gave me a hug and only then turned and greeted Jan and Hendrik with Willie telling Johannes who they were. Then Stephan and his parents came in and greeted all of us and moved on through to the lounge where ma and Oom Cornelius were sitting.
When we had finished our breakfast, we joined with them in the lounge and ma said we had better start thinking about getting ready as the funeral was not that far away. To make it possible for people to travel the distance to the farm, attend the funeral and the wake afterwards and still have time to travel home, the funeral had been set to start at 12:30. This meant that we had to leave the farm house with the coffin at 12:00.
The Du Preez family and Willie went over to Willie's house to get ready, while the rest of us went to our various rooms. Ma had bought me a suit for the occasion and Jan and Hendrik were to wear their Sunday best school uniform which was not far off of being a suit anyway. When the time came I saw that Willie and Johannes were also in their Sunday best albeit it was in different colours to Jan and Hendrik.

At the right time, we all moved outside onto the veranda and Oom Cornelius went around the back of the house and led the horses around as they pulled the carriage. Oom Jakob, Oom Cornelius, Stephan and his father then moved to the coffin and lifting it off the trestles they carried it and placed it on the carriage. Oom Cornelius then came and got ma and helped her to get up on the carriage into the one seat that was positioned just at the front of the coffin. Oom Jakob, took my hand and led me to the front of the horses and we started to walk with Oom Cornelius guiding the horses as he walked between them holding their reigns. Tannie Monica and Jan and Hendrik then fell into place walking behind the coffin and all the white people who had come to the house fell in behind them followed by the farm workers and their families. When we neared the graveyard, the Dominee met us and took up a place at the head of the procession with an open Bible and reading verses from it as we walked the last few hundred yards to the grave site. As we rounded the last bend in the road, we saw a number of vehicles and more people from the farming community waiting to attend the funeral. Many faces I did not know at all and others I had seen before but still did not know who they were. But amongst them there were a few familiar faces that I could put names to.
The whole way from the house to the grave the black women were singing and chanting but as we neared the grave they fell silent. The coffin was lifted off the carriage by Oom Cornelius, Oom Jakob, Dingaan the senior charge hand and Phineas the cook and carried and laid on the planks spanning the grave. The Dominee then went into a long sermon that covered everything from hellfire and damnation to making sure you kept your tithe payments to the church up to date. Oom Cornelius then spoke a few words on behalf of the family mentioning how great pa was and what a loss we were going to have to struggle with. Following that, Dingaan spoke on behalf of the employees. Dingaan spoke most of it in fairly good English and the final bit in Zulu and spent nearly as long as the Dominee, but he at least was extolling the virtues of pa and ma. When he had finished the Dominee began to pray and while he was praying the four who had carried the coffin lifted the ropes while Stephan pulled the planks out and they slowly lowered the coffin into the grave. At this point I could not hold it back any longer and I began to cry and wail worse than the women had. Ma was weeping yet she was still able to put an arm around me and then I felt another arm as Willie stepped to the other side of me and though he too was crying he hugged and comforted me.
Then the Dominee came to us with a bowl that contained some of the soil from the grave and offered it to us to throw some in as he solemnly said, "Dust to dust; and ashes to ashes." He followed this with a prayer for the resurrection of the dead at the second coming and then Oom Cornelius took a shovel and threw the first load of soil back into the grave. I remember clearly the dull thud as the soil hit the top of the coffin and then the women began singing and ululating again and this drowned out the sound of the soil hitting the coffin. Oom Cornelius put in three shovels full and then came and asked me if I wanted to help. I realised somehow that I should and so I moved and by myself put in one shovel before crumpling to the floor in sobs. Tannie Monica came and gently lifted me to my feet and led me away to join ma as we just watched the hole fill up. After I had done my bit, both black and white people came forward without the need to ask anyone to take a turn at filling the hole up and adding the rest to make the usual grave mound on top.

With the grave filled, we turned to leave and found Dingaan standing at a point on the road that everyone would have to go past with his floppy hat in his hands. Phineas came up to me and gave me a small stone and then gave one to ma. Ma bent down to me and whispered, "As we pass Dingaan, put your stone in his hat. I'll explain later." And so I did this and saw that others were bending down to pick up their own stones. Oom Jakob had turned the horses around and all the white folk who had walked from the house got up onto the cart to be carried back to the house for the wake. I did not remember there being a wake at Oupa's funeral, but being younger, I probably did not realise that it happened. The black farm workers went back to their compound where ma had supplied a load of tshwala[ii] and some food. Although it would not have bothered our family for the blacks to join with the whites, there were a number of whites present who would have been very offended by it and so the apartheid continued.
The caterers had laid out a mountain of eats on the tables in the main tent and when we arrived they began to serve tea and coffee. The beer and spirits would only be served later. Everyone stood or sat around chatting about all sorts of things and I found that I was just too upset to hear the laughter and chatter and so I took myself off to my room where I threw myself onto my bed and began to sob in a way that I have never sobbed before, or since. In my distress I did not hear anyone enter my room and so got a bit of a fright when a hand began to gently rub my back. But I recognised the pressure and pattern of the rub and so recognised that this was Willie once more taking care of me despite his own grief. How long we stayed there may never be known. I know that I have not tried to work it out. But we had been there a while when another person entered the room and as I was still sniffling, knew that I had been crying.
"Poor Pieter, it is ok to cry." Jan said as he sat down on the other side of the bed and added his comforting hand to that of Willie's. Silence reigned for several minutes when Jan broke the peace by asking, or rather stating, "You love him, don't you?"
To which Willie gave the simply monosyllabic response, "Ja."
"Tannie Sarie has told us how you have been a great comfort to Pieter since the accident. I want to thank you for that too. I am also gay and I love this little man very much even though we don't get to see each other much, but I am happy you are here to help him. Look after him for me, please." Jan said to Willie.
"I will look after him, and I am trying to help him be ready for school when he goes next year." Willie replied.
"Ja, That is good, and I think you are getting there by the way he acted with us last night and this morning." Jan said.
Somehow their talking about me as if I was not there, did not bother me at all. Perhaps it was the grief preventing me from taking part in the conversation, or perhaps it was because they were both talking about someone they each loved in their own way, that it did not seem to matter and even thinking back on it these years later and knowing more it still does not bother me. In fact the opposite would be more true as it fills me with a sense of joy and love to know that they cared about me, a pubescent and naive pre-teen, pre-cum boy while they were both sexually able and active; and were willing to share what they had with me.

Their comfort helped me to get more under control and after washing my face they helped me to go back out and meet with the others that were there. As soon as he saw us, Hendrik came charging over to us and asked if I was ok. Then Johannes came over followed shortly by his brother Stephan. With the assurance that I was ok, Stephan went off again and returned a short while later with a tray which had some glasses on it. When we saw the contents of the glasses we all smiled a little because he had got us some beer. Fair enough, each glass was less than half a pint, but we still were being given the opportunity to have a drink. To be honest, I don't think ma would have minded much if she knew either. Actually who am I fooling, of course ma knew. Maybe not right then, but when she came over to talk with us she would have smelt it on our breath and would have known then. And to give Stephan his due, he only let us have those single small glasses and after that it was back to soft drinks.
At about 4.00 p.m. the people started to leave and once the majority of them had gone, we moved from the tent to the veranda of the house where it was a little bit cooler. It was only then that we saw the hat with the stones in it lying on the decking by the door to the lounge. Oom Jakob picked it up and carried it over to ma for her to look at. Then they began to count the stones. They had got about half way when Phineas arrived with a small sack. He came up to ma and offered her the sack telling her it was what could not fit into the hat. The final tally revealed that there had been nearly five hundred people all told at the funeral.
With all of us out of the big tent, the caterers were able to move in and clean up there. They stacked the tables and chairs and packed away the table cloths This meant that there was now a sizeable cleared area in the middle of the tent. This gave Hendrik an idea and without discussing it with anyone else, he asked, "Pa, can all of us boys sleep in the big tent tonight?"
"That will depend on Tannie Sarie," Oom Cornelius said.
"If that is what they want, I don't mind. At least they will all be together then." Ma said.
And so it was decided. I am not sure some of us were actually given a choice in the matter, but with what ensued in the tent I don't think any of us were objecting.

[i] Jou bliksem piel a derogatory slang with a variety of translations; but mainly "You bloody prick!"

[ii] Tshwala African beer made mainly from millet and maize coarsely ground and fermented.