It Happened So ...

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Chapter 11

Thus it was that one preteen, four teens and a twenty four year old settled down in a big marquee to sleep that night. Knowing that they would be over-nighting away from home the families had brought extra clothing and bedding with them and so there was no shortage of sleeping bags or air mattresses, but by the time we got down to actually sleeping you would have thought so as there were a couple of bags and mattresses unoccupied.
Despite the fact that I was utterly whacked from the tension and emotion of the day, we stayed up quite a while after our parents had gone off to bed. With us boys being in the tent, there was a fair bit of room available across the two homes and so Johannes' and Stephan's parents were able to stay at Oom Jakob's house, while Oom Cornelius and Tannie Monica stayed in our home. Being the eldest of us six, we looked to Stephan for guidance; a role which he took great delight in filling. He started by suggesting that we put the lamps out, and then sit in a circle and tell stories and the only person with a light would be the one actually telling the story at the time and they would hold a torch to their face. We all agreed and Stephan made us hand over our torches to him. As it was we only had two torches between all of us as none of the others had anticipated being out in a tent for the night. Stephan then offered to go first and told a story about a hunter being attacked by a wounded buffalo in revenge for his poor aim. Of course he built the hunt and subsequent stalking of the hunter by the buffalo in staged whispers until suddenly he dropped the torch and clapped as the buffalo attacked the hunter. Naturally we all got a fright and jumped a little and Stephan started to laugh.
This forced the issue as we objected to being laughed at. So Stephan again suggested that we try to tell funny stories instead and the first person to laugh or giggle at the story, has to strip naked. Again there was a majority ruling and some of us did not even get the option of a comment much less a vote. Not that it mattered anyway because like the decision to sleep in the tent, it was a foregone conclusion that we would all agree to the new game.

This time the second eldest boy, Jan, had the torch and began to tell his funny story. To this day, I cannot remember a bit of what the story was about, but can vividly remember being the first to giggle at some silly comment he interjected into his story. Thus I was the first one naked and seen by the others. Of course this did not bother me because I had been naked in front of three of them already with a hard on that they each had had a turn in manipulating to an orgasm at least once and the other two would have seen me naked before much longer anyway.
Being naked they offered me the torch and said that I needed to tell a funny story. The problem was that what I found funny was not necessarily that funny for a teenage boy nor a young adult, and so my story had to have some acting embellishments added to it. This I achieved by having my little cocklet wag up and down like the mother in my story's finger as she admonished her little son not to play in the mud. The second waggle got Johannes stripping off and I was able to see his package for the first time. The beauty of Johannes' package was that his was standing up already as his trousers and undies came down and this allowed his heavy balls to swing freely underneath the cock. Also the head of his cock was showing a little bit under the tight foreskin so that there was the shape of the snake eye looking out at you through squinted eyelids. I pointed at his cock and said, "That looks like a snake's eye."
Johannes immediately brought his hand round and pulled his foreskin back behind the head to change the shape, but the other guys agreed with me and left it at that. The torch passed to Johannes for the story and this time Hendrik was the first to laugh and reveal his body to the rest of us.

There was one flaw in this stripping game in that being younger by a few years, I had less control of myself and found that I was the first one laughing at the stories and the others got away. Stephan then suggested an addition to the plan. "Ok, if the one who laughs first is already naked, he has to get up and do a silly dance to make someone else laugh. What do you think of that?"
Again there was a chorus of approval and the idea was adopted effective with the next story.
Johannes was telling the story and once more I was the first to laugh. "Ok you have to do a silly dance now." Johannes said.
I did not know quite what to do but I stood up and keeping my knees and elbows bent, rather like Steve Urkel from the sitcom `Family Matters' I began to prance around which generated some expressive smiles and grins, but no laughter. Although at this stage in my life I had not seen the program as I had watched very little television at all. With no laughter I had to up my game and I am not sure what made me do it, but I sidled up to Johannes and holding my hard little cock, I pushed the loose overhang of foreskin on the end of it into his ear and pretended I was fucking his ear. This caused all of the others to laugh out loud and a debate followed to decide who had laughed first. Finally I was asked to say who I thought had laughed first and my answer was that without a doubt it was Stephan. I was sure of this because it was his laugh that I heard clearly above the others. Stephan made little protest, mainly I think because he knew he had laughed first, and began to strip off. This was what I had been waiting for because I wanted to see another man's cock and compare it with Oom Jakob's. As his trousers came down he showed that he was commando underneath and so his cock flopped out of the fly as it came down. Once he was completely naked, his semi-hard cock swayed a little from side to side as his balls swung in their bag beneath that beautiful 7" cock. Just one of his balls was bigger than my full scrotum and my whole package could easily have been wrapped in his scrotum,

Stephan sat down next to me and pulled me into his lap. As I sat there I could feel his cock hardening and pushing into the crease of my bum. One hand held the torch as he began to relate another story while his other hand was caressing my body from my neck to my groin and making sure that I remained hard. The other thing that this did was distract my attention and as a result it was Hendrik who laughed first and had to get up and do a little dance. He managed to gyrate and move his hips and belly like one of those Eastern Belly dancers you see advertised in magazines and short tourism filmstrips. This did not get any laughs and so he tried my trick and mashed his cock up against his brother's face. Jan found this erotic and his boner tented his shorts rather obscenely. But alas no laughs. However as he turned away from Jan's face, his cock accidently poked Jan in the eye and this got Willie laughing and naked. This left Jan as the winner and suddenly it was suggested that his prize was to have an item of clothing removed by each one of us naked guys in turn. This time it was Jan who did not get a say in the vote as he was set upon by ten pairs of hands each trying to remove some clothes. Fortunately he did have five items of clothing on and as the smallest one there who had got pushed aside in the eagerness of the other four to divest Jan of his clothes I was left with his skants to pull down which I did with great relish and enjoyment.
As I freed his hard cock from its confines in the small pouch that formed the front of the skants, I quickly slipped my mouth over the end of it and then moved my hands up to tickle him on his sides. Jan was rather ticklish over most of his body and my tickling got him squirming a bit and worked his cock inside my mouth without my having to move my head at all. When the others saw how ticklish Jan was, they each pinned one of his limbs to the floor and then began to tickle him as well. Now he was almost crying as he tried to thrash his body out of the way of the tickling fingers, but I was squatting between his legs and had his cock in my hand with the tip in my mouth and I did not let him move away from the lapping my tongue was doing on his cock head. Because he had started to cry out and make a fair amount of noise, Stephan had gagged him with a pair of underpants and so he did not have the chance to warn that he was going to cum. With my inexperience I could not tell, either, that he was close and so it took me by surprise when he started to pump his jism into my mouth. I managed to swallow most of it and kept on sucking on him while the others continued the tickling. After a short while he got a bit frantic in his movements and I could not keep my mouth on his cock which slipped out of my lips, but I was able to maintain my hand hold on his cock which was a good thing because his frantic squirming was because the tickling had brought him to the edge of self control and he was about to wet himself. Fortunately we had not yet spread out the sleeping bags and so when his piss did begin to flow, I pointed his cock off the airbeds and most of his piss went onto the lawn with only one airbed getting a line of pee across one third of its width. When he started to pee, the others realised they had pushed it too far and let go of Jan as they also stopped tickling him.
"Sorry Jan," Stephan was the first to apologise and he set off a chain reaction as each of us added our apologies to his.
Jan was embarrassed but was also forgiving and he just said it was ok, but not to be surprised if he got a bit of revenge when the opportunity arose.
"Well at least you did not pee in my mouth." I got in and the others saw a smile appear on Jan's face as he suggested that I had maybe given him an idea for revenge. I asked what he meant by that and all he would say was "wait and see."

Jan's cock began to soften while he was peeing and once we had all said we were sorry his cock was fully soft while the rest of ours were hard and begging. Willie bent forward to where I was sitting on my haunches and swallowed my cock. Of course I was in heaven because although I was the least developed of all of them, I still had urgings and needed the release of an orgasm. Maybe I did not need it as much as the others, but since the beast had been awakened in me the need was definitely there.
Stephan had suggested the games because this was the way he wanted things to go with us all naked and enjoying giving and receiving some sexual gratification. As a result, he knelt on the air bed and pushed Hendrik backwards so that he could swallow Hendriks rampant hard on down; and soon was bobbing away gaily on that perpendicular member to his heart's content.
Jan moved around and placed a hand on Stephan's back and then let it slide down into his crack and paused with a little more pressure over Stephan's butt hole.
In a flash, Stephan had lifted off Hendrik's cock as he reared up and turning he hissed at Jan, "Leave my butt the fuck alone! Okay?"
Jan was taken by surprise and fell backwards to land on his bum on the mattress as he stammered somewhat sarcastically, "Sorr-ee! I didn't know that was off limits."
"Well it is. Nobody but me touches my bum. Have you all got that?" Stephan said in a calmer manner than his earlier outburst.
The rest of us were also still recovering from the shock his little eruption had caused and quickly acknowledged that we had indeed "got that".
"I'm sorry; I should not have reacted that way. It's just that I have this thing about anyone touching my naked bum" Stephan apologised to us all in a truly contrite tone.
"Sorry guys, I should have warned you, but I did not think of it." Johannes said.
"No! Johan, you should not have to feel you have to go around warning everyone of things about your brother. That is not a responsibility you should feel you have to bear. This is something that I should sort out and keep better control of myself." Stephan now felt quite guilty over his sudden explosion and thought that he needed to explain why he had this problem. "Please do not tell anyone else this. And Johan, you especially do not tell ma or pa. When I was a little younger than Pieter here, I was sent away on a week long camping trip with a certain youth organisation. I was the youngest boy in the group and as soon as the car carrying us to the camp had left the town, the other boys in the back seat with me set on me and stripped me. Then they played with my cock and balls keeping them hard for a long time. Even though I struggled, it was one little guy against two bigger guys who were a lot stronger than me. We had been driving some time when the car pulled off the road into one of those big lay-bys that has like picnic areas in it and we pulled up behind some trees that hid us from the road. I was dragged out of the car, still naked and laid face down on the picnic table. Then the man who was driving the car forced a large dildo into me and they fucked me with it for several minutes before they pulled that out and then each of the other boys had a turn first and they raped me and finally the man fucked me. I was crying and hurting so much I did not know what to do. They then pushed a tube into me and poured a lot of water in and left me like that for a while before they made me shit it out there on the grass beside that picnic table. When they were satisfied I was clean and would not mess the car, they gave me some toilet paper and told me to wipe myself which I did and saw that I was bleeding from my hole. After I had finished wiping I was put back into the car but was kept naked until we were nearly at the camp site. As we got out of the car, the man pulled me to one side and told me that if I told anyone about what happened on the journey they would cut my cock and balls off. I was really scared. Then for the time we were at the camp, as soon as we went to our tent for the night, I was stripped and the ones in the tent took it in turns to fuck me every night. Some nights after they had finished fucking me, I would be taken naked to another tent and get fucked some more. Now whenever someone touches my naked bum all I see is the bad time I had that week and I flare up. Sorry."

There was a stunned silence and as I looked around I noticed that no one had an erection anymore.
"Shit Stephan that is fucking awful. Do you think there is any way you can get over it?" Jan asked, breaking the silence at last.
"I guess if I went to one of those counsellors they might be able to help, but I'm not sure that I can face something like that yet." Stephan admitted.
"Yeah! I can understand that." Jan agreed. "Just wish that there was some way we could help."
"But we are just school kids. We know nothing about counselling." Johannes said.
"I don't think that Jan is talking about counselling. Maybe there is some other therapy we can help with though." Hendrik said.
"Like what?" Willie questioned.
Of course all of this was well over my head, but sometimes it takes a simple mind to see a simple answer and sometimes it is the simple mind that suggests something without realising how good it is. Thus I made what might have seemed like a silly comment which the others saw possibilities in. "We've got to love Stephan's bum." I said.
"That's it!" Jan exclaimed in response to my question. "Stephan needs to have someone (us) love his bum in a gentle way so that he gets a different picture in his head."
"How are you going to do that when I rear up at the slightest touch on my pucker?" Stephan asked.
"I don't know, but if we all spend some time thinking about it, maybe in a few days or weeks we can come up with a plan." Jan answered.
"Let him sleep naked with one of us and during the night his bum will get touched but it wont hurt him and he will not get upset because he will be asleep." I suggested. Another of these simple ideas that usually are meaningless, but this time was taken up seriously.
"That might work." Stephan said. "Let's all sleep naked together and see what happens."
"I am ok with that, but I need to cum before I go to sleep first" Hendrik said.
"I think we all need to cum first." Stephan agreed.
Willie grabbed me and pulled me to him as Jan paired up with Johannes and Stephan went back down on Hendrik. It did not take long for the soft cocks to harden up again and soon there was the sound of slurping as we had all got into three forms of a sixty nine and were happily sucking on a cock.

Pretty soon there were the expected groans muffled by the cock in the groaner's mouth but still audible as each boy neared his orgasm. Hips began to jerk as boys humped their sucker's face and sperm began to flow. The easy part of it all was that all the boys that received semen into their mouths were willing to swallow and did; so there was no mess to clean up. We gradually drifted apart from the one we were in a sixty nine with and just lay on our backs.
While we were lying there, Willie spoke up and said, "PP here is inexperienced and needs to learn a lot of things before he goes to boarding school next year. Will you guys help me teach him whatever we can to help him be as prepared as he can get before he goes?"
"Ja, of course, I think we all will whenever we have the chance to." Stephan replied for everyone and his response was met with a mumble of agreement from the others.
"I think we could start now and let him know all the terms for various things and this will give me a chance I have been wanting since I found out that he is like us." Jan said sitting up. "Pieter come over here to me and sit between my legs. We are going to teach you the different names that parts of our body are called." He told me, and then said to the others, "I am going to pick on a certain part of Pieter's body and I will tell him the proper name and then you guys can all chip in with the different slang terms that people use for the same thing. Ok?"
They all agreed and so Jan made a start.