It Happened So ...

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Chapter 12

Jan cupped my whole package and said, "These bits are known as your genitalia or male sex organs. But there are a number of other names you will hear boys at school use to refer to them."
"Your crown jewels." Willie said.
"Or your package." Stephan said.
"and gonads" Hendrik added.
"Crotch piece or junk" Johannes said.
"Right, do you get the picture of what we are trying to do now?" Jan asked.
"I guess so, but I don't think I will remember all that." I answered.
"No one's going to test you on it. We just want to tell you as much as we can so that when you hear someone else use the term or expression you will have some idea of what it means." Jan explained. Then his hand moved and he began to fondle my balls. "Now this pouch or bag like thing is there to hold your testicles so let's get the bag done first. This is known as the scrotum." He said as he stretched my little ball bag out.
"It is more commonly known as your ball bag." Johannes said.
"A few will call it your nut sack or just sack." Stephan added.
"Others might call it your ball sack." Willie said.
"Now inside it are two oval shaped bits which are your testicles." Jan continued as he rolled my balls around in the sack.
"They are also known as balls most commonly." Hendrik said.
"Or nuts." Added Willie
"Bollocks and goolies." Johannes suggested.
"Prince Charle's brains is one that is not so common." Stephan put in, "And you will also hear, eiers[i] and balle[ii].
"Moving on and up. This lovely piece of flesh is called a penis." Jan said as he began to wank my cock.
"Cock, dick, prick, rod, schlong, knob," there was a flurry of terms from the other boys.
"Willie, john thomas, percy, one eyed snake, budgy." Stephan continued to list the terms.
"Don't forget piel, either." Hendrik added, "and lat[iii] and wors[iv]."
"And when you do this with it that is called masturbating." Jan introduced the next subject as he continued to stroke my cock.
"We also call it wanking, or jerking off." Stephan told me.
"Or spanking the monkey," Willie said,
"Choking the chicken." Hendrik added
"Also jacking and buffing the banana." Johannes shared, "and skommel[v] or trek my draad.[vi]"
"In fact there are loads more like tossing and tickling the pickle, but we could be here all night because so many different people have come up with a different word or phrase for it." Stephan said.
Jan moved on with, "When you masturbate, your penis gets longer and harder and that is called an erection."
"Or hard on." Johannes chipped in quickly.
"Boner or stiffy." Hendrik added
"Wood or woody," Stephan said, "And when it is like that when you wake up it is called morning wood or a morning glory."
"And don't forget pitching a tent." Willie said.
"And then we have the orgasm. That happens after you have been wanking your hard-on for a while and you get a great feeling. This is accompanied with an ejaculation which is part of the orgasm." Jan instructed.
"And often the same term applies to both the orgasm and ejaculation like, cumming, or shooting your load." Stephan explained.
"Some people also call it nutting." Willie added.
"And the stuff that comes out when you ejaculate is called semen and contains the sperm that can make a baby in a woman." Jan told me.
"Semen is also known as jizz or jism also kom[vii], saad[viii] and skuim[ix]." Willie said,
"Or splooge, skeet and your load." Hendrik added.
"Spunk or penis pudding." Johannes said.
"Cock milk, or cream, knob nectar, human honey, love juice; again the list is almost endless, but I am sure you will learn how to recognise them when you hear them for the first time." Stephan said. "And now I think we need to end the lesson and get some sleep." Stephan brought this part of my education to a close.
I must admit I had enjoyed sitting in Jan's lap with his hard cock pressed in my butt crack while he fondled my balls and wanked me. I think he realised that he had brought me right near the edge with his cock play and so before he let me go, he wanked away on my cock furiously for a little longer while the other guys watched and saw my feet curl and then point the toes and then my whole body tense as my orgasm took over my functions and once more a couple of drops of clear seminal fluid dripped out of my cock onto his fingers which he quickly sucked off.

As we were all naked it did not take us long to get ready for sleeping. We all got up and walked to the end of the marquee that was furthest from the house and stepped outside to have a pee and then we went back in and spread some opened out sleeping bags more evenly over the air mattresses and got others to cover us with and then lay down still completely naked and in touching distance of each other. Apart from the sleeping bags and air beds the only other bit of bedding we had was our pillows and they were in a straight line touching end to end so that we could sleep closer together.
I found myself to be one of the ones in the middle with Willie one side of me and Jan the other side. As I lay there Willie reached across and found my hand and pulled it over to lie on his cock. I realised he wanted me to play with it and so I did. I had been gently stroking Willies cock for about a minute when an idea hit and I reached out my other hand onto Jan and moved it down his body until I came into contact with his hard cock. I proceeded to play with both cocks and had the pleasure of smearing their pre-cum over the heads of their dicks at the same time. Both boys moved their bodies so that it was easier for me to play with them, but in doing so they turned onto their sides and pointed their cocks at me. This was fine until they shot their loads and I ended up with their cum mixing together in pools on my stomach and running down through my smattering of pubes to drip over my perineum and onto the sleeping bag beneath me. I was not too worried about this at the time but when I woke in the morning and found my ball bag stuck to my skin with jism, I was not too sure I liked the idea. Fortunately it did not stay stuck for long because when Willie saw me working on my sack to try and free it he said he would help and pushing my hands out of the way, he lowered his head into my crotch and began licking me using his saliva to dissolve the dried cum and slowly but surely worked my ball bag free. He then went on to make sure there were no residues of cum to dry and stick again by giving my pubic area a good tongue washing finally sending me over the edge once more.

One good thing that happened was that Stephan woke up to find Hendrik spooned onto him with his morning glory pressed firmly into Stephan's crack. Waking up like that did not give Stephan the surprise of sudden touch and he found that he was able to cope with it and what is more quite liked it. He was also man enough to tell us all what had happened and suggested that maybe a few more times like that and he would be able to psych himself up to having a conscious connexion with some one else touching his bum. We all cheered him on and said we were ever ready to help him like that. I then leant forward and licked his hard cock and looking up at him I told him I was ready to help that side too. This brought a round of chuckles from the guys who all said that maybe I did not need as much training as they thought. Stephan did suggest that more practice at sucking would not go amiss and so allowed me to give him a blow job. I enjoyed moving his foreskin back and forth with my lips and letting my tongue dance over the snake's eye catching all the pre-cum at its freshest.
When I had finished Stephan's blowjob, I found four other already hard, glistening and dripping cocks waiting for me. This was great and I was in heaven for a bit as while I was sucking each boy off in turn, one of them was playing with my cock and the others were playing with my body. Tickling my nipples and bum, licking and fingering wherever they could get at so that by the time I had finished all five boys I was building very close to my second orgasm that morning and to finish me off, Willie swallowed my cock as far as he could get it in and still be able to manipulate the tip of it with his tongue. I quickly came and lay in the middle of the circle the boys had made around me as I recovered. We all pulled on some shorts then and went outside to a convenient bush or tree to relieve ourselves before getting the rest of our stuff out the tent and going inside to brush our teeth and get dressed in clean clothes.

The two households and guests all gathered at our house for breakfast and then the guests began to leave to go back to their farms. The du Preez took Willie with them again with Stephan taking Willie and Johannes back to the school while their parents went straight to their farm. Tannie Monica left with Jan and Hendrik to take them back to their school while Oom Cornelius sorted out getting wagon and horses back to his farm. By 11.00 o'clock Oom Jakob ma and I were the only ones left in the house. Oom Jakob said he needed to check on some things on the farm and asked if I wanted to go with him. I agreed knowing that I would get some more sex and wanted it, and ma said that would be good as she wanted to go back to bed and sleep some more as she was not feeling too good. Oom Jakob and I got in the bakkie and set off. We were only a short way from the houses when Oom Jakob said I could strip off if I wanted and then he asked me if we had done anything naked in the tent the last night. I was not sure how to answer that question and so just stayed silent which of course gave oom Jakob the answer anyway. I had not started taking my clothes off yet and oom Jakob said, "Come on PP, what are you waiting for? Get your clothes off!" I just looked over at him and grinned and began to pull my shirt over my head. Then my shorts came off and my takkies and I was naked as the day I was born once more.

Oom Jakob put a hand on my thigh and pulled to show me he wanted me to slide over the seat closer to him. I did this and then he suggested I undo his pants. When I had lowered the zip on his fly, he pulled up to a stop and then took his shirt off and lifting his bum from the seat, he had me pull his shorts down. He like me was going commando and so when his shorts came down, his hard cock sprang out and bumped against the steering wheel. I leaned down into the foot well of the bakkie and helped to get the shorts over his veldskoene[x].
"Now come and sit on my lap, and I am going to teach you to drive." Oom Jakob instructed. I moved over and he helped me to settle into his lap with his hard cock resting in the cleavage of my bum. His hands were soon resting in my lap and fondling my cock and balls for a bit before he started to give me some instruction on steering and changing gears. Sitting on his lap I was too far away to operate the foot pedals and so Oom Jakob said he would do that and I would do the rest. Of course with his cock in my butt crack I was getting some stimulation which kept my little pecker hard; Oom Jakob's fondling also helped to get it hard and keep it hard. Looking back I wonder what sort of comments people would make if they knew that my first driving lesson was done in the nude sitting on lap of a naked adult man and enjoying having his hard cock rubbing in my crack.

Oom Jakob kept one hand on the steering wheel and one on my cock and we set off with me steering and Oom Jakob correcting my eagerness on the steering wheel. When it came time to change a gear, Oom Jakob told me and indicated which way I had to move the gear stick on the steering column by moving my cock in the same way. I am not sure I really was able to tell which way he was moving my cock, but it was most enjoyable and as we twisted around the farm roads and tracks there were a lot of gear changes to be made. We had been driving like this for about half an hour when I felt some more fondling on my chest while he was still changing my gears and I realised that Oom Jakob had relinquished his hold on the steering wheel and was letting me do the steering by myself. He did at times have to make a sudden grab for it when I lost concentration as I tried to change the gears and looked at the gear stick instead of the where the bakkie was heading on the road. Eventually we came to a spot where we could pull off the road and get out to have our lunch. Once more the picnic rug was spread on the ground and my naked body was told to sit on it while Oom Jakob went down on me and gave me a blow job. Then he fed me his cock and let me suck on it for a bit before pulling out and having us sit down to eat the actual food he had brought. When we finished eating he lay down on the rug and pulled me over him into a sixty nine position and he gave me a good rimming before he began to suck on my cock again. I just concentrated on his cock as I could not reach around to his bum and the thought of that actually did not sit too well with me at the time. Oom Jakob's naked knob head seemed to lock in behind my lip covered teeth and I used my tongue to probe the solitary eye as it wept happy tears of pre-cum into my mouth. Then I would make my tongue do swirls around his cock head and tease him into pumping into my mouth; all the while I had one hand playing with his balls and holding his cock in place as I sucked. My mouth had to stretch to take in the head and a bit of the shaft of his cock and so when his orgasm was getting close I knew it because the swelling cock in my mouth forced my jaws wider and he started to pump his cock rather than relying on me to bob my head.

But before Oom Jakob could have his orgasm, I began to buck against his mouth and the hands that were caressing other parts of my body as I slipped uncontrollably into my second orgasm under the ministrations of Oom Jakob for that day. Then before I could get any rest, Oom Jakob's hands took a strong hold on my head to hold it in place as he shot his load down my throat and into my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed and still his jerks pumps out shot after shot of jism. I could not consume it fast enough and so it started to leak out of my mouth at the corners where I could not get a tight enough seal because of how my mouth was stretched to accommodate his beautiful member.

After oom Jakob had cum, we sat on the rug for about another half hour soaking up the sun's rays and working on an all over tan before we got back into the bakkie, both still naked and me once more on oom Jakob's lap as we continued the driving lesson and oom Jakob went back to fondling me and showing me which way to move the gear stick. Needless to say, I boned up and stayed that way for most of the afternoon.Oom Jakob had done me a great favour taking me out in the bakkie that day because when I got home after yet another orgasm, I was so tired out that when I went to bed it was lights out for me and I slept through to Monday morning without even rolling over in my bed. Or at least that was how I felt about it.

[i] Eiers Litterally eggs, but also used by Afrikaaners for testicles.

[ii] Balle Litterally balls

[iii] Lat literally whip

[iv] Wors Literally sausage

[v] Skommel Afrikaans slang for masturbate

[vi] Trek my draad (or draadtrek) Literally pull my wire or masturbate.

[vii] Kom cum

[viii] Saad literally seed but also used for semen and sperm

[ix] Skuim literally foam but also used figuratively for sperm.

[x] Veldskoene a type of suede shoe that was popular amongst the southern Africans because of their comfort and durability.