It Happened So ...

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Chapter 13

Although I had slept well, I still didn't wake that early but was in time to get in on the porridge and toast for breakfast. Ma then told me that she had not had time to prepare my lessons so we were going to have a play day with some physical fitness training in the play. The form this took was to pack a back pack, which I had to carry, with a few things and then we headed out on a walk through the bush to one of the dams on the farm where we could go swimming. Or at least I would go swimming while ma sat back on the rug and read her books as she prepared for the more formal lessons she was intending for the next day. I had worn my shorts to hike in and so needed to change into some swimming trunks and ma said I should just do it there as she had seen me naked before and anyway would not look. So I did and fortunately did it with my back to her because as soon as my shorts started slipping down my legs I sprang a boner and if ma had of seen that with my knowledge I think I would have died. If nothing else, the boys were teaching me that there are times when it is ok to be on display and times when it is not ok. The fact that I was commando was already known to ma because she knew that I did not possess any underwear and that was going to be another hurdle to get over because the intention had been for pa to take me to get those, when the time was right.
I swam for about an hour playing around trying to catch some of the small baby fish that came to investigate this great disturbance in their environment. When I got out of the water, my boner had gone down and so I had no fear of ma seeing it. But I also wanted to get as much skin open to the sun as possible and so I pushed my swimming trunks down until the waistband was sitting just above the swelling of my cock and cut across the middle of my bum. I then rolled the legs up until they were tight into the crotch of the trunks. This left a strip approximately five inches wide where there was some covering of material. If I felt brave enough I might have tried going au-naturel; but I wasn't and ma did not suggest it.
Ma signalled the end of my sunbathing by announcing that we needed to eat and then head back to the house. So we got the food out of the back pack and had our picnic lunch. Afterwards I changed back into my shorts and once more sprang a boner as I did it and had to make sure it was tucked under the waistband of my shorts to hide it from ma.

After this Monday we began to get back into a routine where I would have lessons in the morning and then have to amuse myself in the afternoon while ma managed the farm administration. As agreed Oom Jakob would take me out every Friday with him and I spent the day mostly naked and hard while with him. He continued to give me driving lessons and I was getting quite good at it. When he felt that I had enough control of the steering and gear changes, he arrived one Friday with a cushion and when it came time for the driving lesson, he slid over and put the cushion in the driver's seat and had me sit on it. He made sure I could see properly and then he slid the seat forward until my feet could reach the pedals. He explained how the pedals worked and off we went again with me doing all the work and I actually found it easier to co-ordinate my gear changes with me doing the pedal movements as well and I soon was driving and changing gears smoothly. Oom Jakob said that he would give me a couple more lessons in the bakkie and would then teach me to reverse and if I got that well we would move on to one of the tractors. But he did say I would need to build up my leg muscles a bit to be able to operate the tractor pedals as they had a much stronger spring on them.
The only problem with driving like this was that Oom Jakob's cock was not massaging my bum crack and neither was he using both hands to fondle my cock and balls. This meant that even though we were both naked, I was soft and oom Jakob was not much better. But then we had our lunch time stops and I was becoming a regular cum taster, as I would suck oom Jakob's cock shortly after he had sucked mine and enjoyed my two drops. Sometimes after we had eaten our lunch we would lie in the sun still naked and he would begin to fondle me again and make me cum by wanking me rather than sucking me to a second orgasm.

A full three weeks after the funeral had passed before Stephan arrived on the Monday morning to help where needed. Ma explained how she was tied up with teaching me for the morning, but would be free in the afternoon to discuss our needs with him, and in the meantime, perhaps he could give oom Jakob a call on the radio and see if they could pair up to get some work done. Stephan was ok with this idea and so ma used the two way radio we had on the farm to call oom Jakob. As it happened oom Jakob had seen Stephan's car arriving and started making his way back to the houses to see if it was something that he was needed for so when they called him he was just a minute or two away. My excitement at seeing Stephan was short lived as I watched him and oom Jakob drive away shortly after finishing the cup of coffee ma had made for them. My excitement faded even further when ma sent me back to the classroom and restarted the lesson from where we had left off. However, when the lessons ended and Stephan miraculously appeared just in time for lunch I began to perk up again; only to drop into another low when ma, oom Jakob and Stephan went into the office for a meeting. I am not sure how long they talked for but it did not seem that long when the three emerged and Stephan came looking for me. Apparently it had been decided that while I was still at home, I would get taught as much as my brain could manage about the farm. Stephan was to be my teacher some of the time, and oom Jakob some of the time while ma would impart her wisdom also; but as she was also my school teacher, she did not want to be teaching me the farm stuff all of the time as well. Of course with my level of maturity, the business side of the farm meant little to me. Later on it would mean a lot more and then I would understand better some of the reasoning for why we did other things as well; but at least I was beginning to get a good grounding in the working of a farm and the employer employee relationship that was needed with the farm labourers. Fortunately both oom Jakob and Stephan came from the same stock as our family did concerning the way the labour was treated and so they continued to build on what ma and pa had already instilled in me and I learned to be firm but fair with all the employees. I also found out that I needed to improve my knowledge and understanding of their languages and customs. There again, Phineas had already helped me with learning Zulu from a young age because pa had insisted that he speak to me in Zulu in order for me to learn it. As a result I was already fairly fluent in Zulu, but still only had a smattering of Xhosa, and my Tswana was as good as non-existent. This meant that I had to talk to some of the labourers through an interpreter and I could not be sure the interpreter was actually translating what I was saying accurately. It is a common custom amongst the southern African indigenous people to tell you what they think you want to hear rather than the direct truth. This is why when you ask a Xhosa man how far the place you want to get to is, he will always tell you that it is "doozie"[i] because he believes that is what you want to hear. Thus even if it is far he will tell you that it is doozie instead of kutshana[ii].

Stephan had been elected to be my afternoon teacher from lunch time until four which is when he would have to leave to get back to his family farm before dark. So every Monday and Wednesday afternoon I would spend with Stephan, and then the whole of Friday would be spent with Oom Jakob. This first afternoon with Stephan was not going to be that long, because they had used up a bit of it in their meeting deciding my fate. Not that I minded because I liked both Stephan and oom Jakob and it was going to be far more interesting to be with them than to play by myself for the afternoon. This first time with Stephan would also not be very eventful on the one side because we were going into the workshop to work on one of the tractors that needed some repairs and servicing. Stephan had some overalls to put on, but I did not have anything like that. Ma looked out an old pair of shorts and a t shirt that she said it would not matter if they got greasy and they would get me some overalls the next time we went into to town for supplies. Stephan it turned out was the mechanic on the family farm and so was well suited to be left alone in our workshop to teach me what he knew. Oom Jakob was relieved because he needed the tractor the next day and it would normally have meant him having to work on it in the evening when he came back in from the fields. By the time I had finished working on the tractor, greasing all the moving parts and cleaning the grass and dust off of everything, there was possibly more grease on me than what I had put on the tractor, but I was in a buoyant mood with this new change to my routine. It made me feel more grown-up as well. Somehow, I had managed to get grease in my hair, under my t shirt and even on my cock, but ma did not see that part.

Ma took one look at me as Stephan and I came over to the house to clean up before Stephan left for his home, and stated, "You are not parading through my house like that. Leave your tackies here and go straight to the bathroom for a shower. Wait for me and I will bring you a bag to put those clothes in and when you have finished your shower, you can bring the bag back to me to get them in the washer."
"Tannie, I have brought over some paraffin to help get the grease off, so if you like, I will help him in the shower and use the paraffin to remove the grease and then he can wash properly after that." Stephan offered holding up a gallon can of paraffin.
"Oh, well done, Stephan, yes please do help him, and please try not to get grease over everything in the bathroom also." Ma accepted. "Wait a bit here and I will get the bag and towels into the bathroom and then the two of you can go straight there. And Pieter if you so much as get close to a wall I will tan your bum for you." Ma warned sternly.
Now the day was getting even better because I would be naked in front of Stephan again and he was going to help me to wash. What had not crossed my mind was that Stephan also was going to be naked and I might get a chance at some play with him.
Ma did not take long to get the things ready and soon was telling us that we could go through. Both Stephan and I left our footwear at the door and walked barefoot through the kitchen and the short way to the bathroom. Stephan also had not worn socks so by kicking our shoes off we had ended up barefoot automatically.
As soon as the door was closed, Stephan told me to stand still and that he would help me to get my clothes off and in the bag so that they did not leave any grease behind on the floor. So I stood still while Stephan pulled my t shirt up and off and then he laughed at how much grease I had managed to get under the t shirt, and while some of it had soaked through the t shirt, the majority of it had got there when I put my hand under the shirt to scratch an itch or something. When Stephan undid my jeans and lowered them, he laughed again and rather more harshly when he saw my greased smeared cock. "How did you manage to get grease on your wors[iii] also?" he asked when he had to stop laughing to get his breath back.
"I had to go for a pee!" I replied rather indignantly.
"Well, we will enjoy getting that clean." Stephan said and told me to get in the shower cubicle. He then stripped off himself before he approached me with a clean rag he had brought from the workshops and the can of paraffin. Soaking the rag, he began to wipe the grease away leaving a watery smear behind that the soap in the shower would be able to get rid of. Stephan started with the hair on my head and worked his way down cleaning my face and neck and then my arms and hands before moving on to my torso and finally my cock. Surprisingly I had not got any grease below my pubic line apart from one little spot on an ankle where I had scratched an itch. Degreasing my cock got me as hard as a nail and Stephan had started to chub up, but then he turned the shower spray on and got in the cubicle behind me and moved back to my head and started to shampoo my hair. I was loving this intimate connection and so just stood and did exactly what Stephan asked of me. When he had finished shampooing my hair, he bent down and smelt it and realising that there was still the odour of paraffin in my hair he gave me a second shampoo. Following that he washed my back and bum with his finger passing more than once through my crack and over my rosette. With the soap rinsed off my back he asked me to turn around so that he could do my front. To give me room to turn, he had straightened up so when I turned I came face to cock tip as his cock was now rock solid and pointing up the tip of it was level with his navel which was the same height as my chin. Before he could do anything, I bent forward and without using my hands, I sucked his cock into my mouth. Stephan was not expecting this and so was not quick enough in his actions to prevent me taking nearly half of his seven uncut inches in. I put my tongue to work right away and that was enough to prevent Stephan from trying to stop me. Instead he soon was holding my head and pumping his cock into my mouth as he fucked my face. Stephan had obviously needed this and it did not take him long to cum; but I did manage to get my tongue to slurp all over that head as I used a hand on the half of his cock I could not get in my mouth to pull his foreskin back and reveal his bulbous head.
I can clearly remember how using my tongue as a touch tool, I was able to recognise the shape of his fireman's helmet brim and the flap of skin that still held the foreskin to the under part of his cock head. As I explored more with my tongue I found his piss slit and I pushed the tip of my tongue into it to lick away his offering of pre-cum. While he was pumping his cock in and out of my mouth, I put my hands around the back of his legs and held on while I pressed my tongue up against the underside of his cock forcing the top of it and that sensitive head to rub against the roof of my mouth. With a stifled groan and controlled grunt, Stephan's cock swelled in my mouth and the first shot of his jism blasted against the top and back of my mouth. The second shot coated my tongue because he was on the backswing for that one and the third shot almost missed my mouth completely as he reached the furthest in that his cock was going. I swallowed and gulped and in doing so, took his cock a bit further into my throat than I thought possible, but because Stephan was pumping he could not control his back swing to keep his cock down my throat and I got a mouthful of cum before Stephan pulled out and dribbled the last of his shots onto my face. I looked up at him and grinned. Stephan smiled back and then bent down and took my cock into his hand first for a good wash with soap and after he had rinsed it, he took it into his mouth and gave me a great blowjob receiving a paltry spot or two for his reward.
Orgasms over, we finished up our shower and Stephan smelt all over me to make sure I was not still stinking of paraffin and grease before he let me out of the cubicle while he finished his shower and made sure all the greasy suds and scum had been washed down the drain. Stepping out we dried ourselves off and then we realised that I had not brought any clean clothes in with me to wear. Stephan had driven over without his overalls on and so had a change of clothes to put on which he did; while I wrapped my towel around me and went off down the passage to my bedroom to get dressed. Well pull on a pair of shorts and some slippers and I was out of there to say good bye to my older friend. Stephan promised that he would see us on Wednesday and so my wait began.

[i] Doozie nearby, or close.

[ii] Kutshana far, or very far.

[iii] Wors literally sausage, slang for penis.