It Happened So ...

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Chapter 18

I was the first to wake up the next morning which makes sense as I had really only had two beers and went to sleep several hours before the others. I woke up as naked as I had gone to bed and with no covers over me, simply because the weather was warm enough that we did not need covers and when I had basically passed out I had not yet attempted to pull the covers up. I was in desperate need of having a pee and so could not languish in the bed for long. Once I was standing, I discovered that even though I had only had two beers, I still was suffering the consequences of them and had something of a modest hangover. As a result I did not really comprehend much and made my way outside to stand on the edge of the veranda to relieve my bladder. I guess it was still in my head that this was what we had done the day before as well and so I did not consider using the toilet.
With the pressure off, I thought I might just go back and lie in my bed for a while longer in the hopes that this muzzy and painful head might sort itself out with a bit more sleep. It was only as I walking back to my bed that I noticed the other guys all asleep still but also still naked and lying on the beds totally uncovered. Stephan had an erection that I knew quite well as did Willie. Johannes who was lying in the same bed as Willie was on his stomach so I could not see if he was hard. I also realised that of the three beds on that side of the room, only the two double beds had actually been slept in and they were pushed together anyway and so I guessed that the one I had got out of a few moments earlier, had also been occupied by Stephan without me realising it.
This got me curious and so instead of climbing back into bed, I walked to the other side of the room to see what the other four had done. Once again there were two double beds pushed together and all four guys were sleeping on the two beds, all naked and all hard and uncovered.
I was in a bit of quandary as to what I should try to do, and this helped me to realise that I had a raging thirst and so I headed to the kitchen area and opening the fridge pulled out a can of coke and snapping the top, I lifted it straight to my mouth and began to drink it down. I had swallowed about half the can before I had to come up for air, and then finished it before I took a second breath. Setting the can down, I got a second one out of the fridge and started to drink that too. This time round, though, I took it much more slowly and only had a mouthful with several breaths and many whirling thoughts between each mouthful. I walked back out into the main part of the room and just wandered around slowly from one end to the other looking at naked bodies while I finished off the second can of coke. I did not realise it happening but discovered just as I finished the coke that my cock was both rigid and the tip was glistening with a bead or two of precum. My time spent ogling the raw flesh before me had gone to both my heads.

Forgetting that Stephan had a thing about his bum, I climbed back onto the bed and then moved in behind him as he lay on his side facing towards the other two on the second bed and spooned in behind him with my hard cock pushing straight towards his butt hole. I reached over with my hand and took his hard cock into it. I slowly started to jack it and as the pre-cum appeared, I smeared it over his cock and my fingers lubricating the cock so that I could jack it better. This movement forced me to move my body in closer to him and the precum on the tip of my cock smeared into his crack and over his rose bud. I slid my hand down his cock and stretched my little finger out to stroke over his ball bag as my hand moved up and down the length of his hard tool. This movement must have startled him awake because Stephan gave a little jolt as he came awake and began to try to work out what was happening. That jolt forced his bum down onto my hard cock which pressed against his pucker. Stephan just as quickly pulled away again with a little shout and then realised that he was somewhere safe and that there was a hand on his cock. He immediately calmed down again and twisted his head and shoulders to confirm that it was me who was gently wanking him.
"Morning PP, sorry I shouted, just got a bit of a fright." Stephan said and then he turned back onto his side so that I could reach him properly again, "And you can keep that up too."
"Morning Steph," I responded, using a short form of his name for the first time. I don't know why I did that as no one else used the short form but it happened. I pushed back up to his back to let my arm reach over his hips and into his crotch as I continued to wank him. Subconsciously, I also began to hump him as my body called out for some excitement and release as well. The precum I was producing managed to lube up his crack a bit and my little cock was slipping along it quite comfortably glancing over his pucker when I pulled back a bit further at times. The more I moved my hips, the closer I got to cumming and the faster I began to both pump Stephan's cock and hump his bum. As my orgasm drew close I began to jerk my hips strenuously and lost a bit of control and with one of the movements I came back a bit farther than usual and then shoved forward hard and my cock head caught against his pucker and began trying to force it's way in.
Stephan, to his credit, did not make a scene of it, but he quickly pulled his body forward, forcing my hand to let go of his cock and pulling his hole away from the point of my cock.
Stephan rolled over onto his back and pulled me closer to him as his hand sought for and found my cock and with a few strokes he took me over the edge and my few drops of spunk shot out over the bed clothes. I then turned my head down and started to lick his cock a little before sucking the head into my mouth which was enough to bring Stephan's load on and into my mouth.
"Sorry about your bum." I whispered, once I had finished swallowing his jism.
"No, it's ok. I was rather enjoying it and it was only when the head started pushing into my hole that I kind of lost it and reacted on instinct. I think you have helped me a bit with that now." Stephan comforted me as I was really sorry to have upset Stephan.

Through all this, the other six had slept and needing a piss himself, Stephan got up and like me walked out to the edge of veranda and let rip. I knew he would be thirsty because I knew from talk that drinking dehydrates you and so while he was pissing I got another can of coke out and opened it. I took it to Stephan on the veranda and he was really thankful for it.
"You are such a nice guy. So thoughtful. Thank you. You know I think you will have no problems getting on at boarding school." Stephan praised me and I believe it would not be wrong to say that I glowed.
We sat out on the veranda chatting for a bit while Stephan finished his coke. "You ready for a bit of fun?" He asked.
I nodded my head as I said, "Yeah."
"Come with me then." Stephan instructed.
We went back inside the cabin and down to the end where the two sets of brothers were still sleeping. Stephan made his way to the side where Kobus was and whispered that I was to go to the other side where Hendrik would be closest to me and to do the same to Hendrik as he did to Kobus.
Stephan waited until I was around that side and then he leaned forward and started to stroke Kobus' cock and so I began to stroke Hendrik's cock. Fortunately both of the guys were sleeping on their backs which gave us ready access. After stroking for a short while, Stephan wrapped his hand around Kobus' cock and began to pump it more earnestly. I wasted no time in copying that move and was blessed with a bead of precum to begin lubricating the action.
Hendrik was the first to wake up and after a small start of surprise he looked at me and smiled. "Nice way to wake a fellow up." He greeted me and let me continue wanking him.
When Stephan realised that Hendrik was awake, he moved his other hand up onto Kobus' chest and began to massage his nipple. I saw this and began doing the same to Hendrik who just groaned and began to writhe a bit. Moments later he was tensing his body and pointing his toes as his orgasm built and the dam burst shooting a load of cum up into the air to come splattering down over himself and his brother who was lying next to him in the bed.
"Thank you cousin PP. That was the best way to wake up. Now why don't you climb up here with me and try to wake your other cousin up in the same way." Hendrik suggested.

By this time Kobus had also woken up and realising what was happening had also allowed Stephan to carry on the service. Kobus being a kind person lay there enjoying his wank and tit-ilation and reached across with his inside hand to where his brother was and began to give him a similar penis service as he was receiving.
I accepted Hendrik's invitation and climbed up beside him and then as he moved to the side I got between him and Jan and reached for Jan's cock. Again I began to stroke it gently and then moved on to wrap my hand around it and begin to wank him properly. As I wrapped my hand around Jan's cock, I felt fingers at my own cock and looked down to see Hendrik beginning to feel me as a prelude to wanking me while I wanked his brother. Of course I was going to take a bit longer to orgasm and probably would not really cum because I had cum just a short while earlier at the hands of Stephan. Jan and Adriaan both woke up at about the same time with the same sort of start and then got a smile as they realised they were being jerked off. Jan looked at me and just nodded and then lay back closing his eyes as I continued to pump his cock.
Kobus started to groan out loud and then the bed started to shake as he humped his cock into Stephan's hand lifting his bum off the bed a few inches with each thrust. Fortunately this did not affect the rhythm I had going with Jan and soon Jan was spurting out globules of cream over himself, me, Jan and Adriaan.
Stephan was more adept at directing and got most of Kobus' spunk to land on Kobus. Once Kobus had shot his load out, he rolled onto his side to concentrate on his younger brother and brought him to a head shortly after Jan had cum.
Hendrik was still pumping away at my cock and he suggested that I just move up to straddle his chest and feed my cock into his mouth. I liked the idea as a blow job beats a hand job in my book any day and was soon getting sucked on like a stick of rock. As my cum approached I started to move my hips to increase the length and speed of the stroke and soon was trembling in the throes of my second orgasm in the space of an hour.

The four guys then got up to go and use the biggest urinal in the world as they stood on the edge of the veranda while Stephan and I went across the room to wake up the two sleeping beauties over there. Stephan moved towards Willie and so I got up on the bed and moved over to get at Johan who was lying on his side facing the bed that Stephan and I had slept in. I began fingering Johan's cock trying to tease it back to hardness as it had softened since I had first looked at that morning. It did not take long to get it hard and it was only about a minute after that, that Johan woke up with the words "What the fuck? ..." coming out of his mouth loudly enough for the guys out on the veranda to hear and this brought them in to see what we were doing. As soon as Johan had realised he was being wanked, I pushed his shoulder to get him to role onto his back and went down on him with my mouth with the intention of swallowing some more cum that morning before breakfast. Johan had no objections to this and lay back to enjoy his blow job.
Johan's call had been enough to jolt Willie out of his sleep and he woke with a bit of a start but soon was lying back just like Johan enjoying having his cock jerked by Stephan. Although Willie was the last to wake up, he was the first out of Willie and Johan to shoot and I got splattered once more with his cum as I sucked on Johan.
Willie then in urgent need of relieving the pressure in his bladder went out to the veranda while I remained bobbing my mouth on Johan. I heard the others talking but was not able to make out what they were saying until Jan came closer and said he was going to give me a hand and I saw out of the corner of my eye, his hand come between Johan's legs and start to fondle his balls while a finger snaked along his crack to find and penetrate Johan's backside. Adriaan moved over as well and began to fondle Johan's nipples while Hendrik fed his cock into Johan's mouth. No one objected and Johan clearly was getting more stimulated and soon was humping his cock into my mouth with greater ferocity. I got no verbal warning of his cumming as he had a gag in his mouth. But I saw his balls pull up and felt his cock swell as his body tensed and he emptied his load into my waiting mouth.
As soon as his spasms stopped he pushed my head off and said he desperately needed to piss and jumping up he almost ran to the toilet. The only one to use the toilet that morning but we could both hear and see what was going on because his need was so desperate he did not have time to close the door.

Stephan put the kettle on to boil water for the coffee filter and Kobus began to look for what we could have for breakfast. Stephan told him that bacon, sausage and hash browns with baked beans was what had been planned and so he set about starting on getting that ready. The kitchen was not big enough for all eight of us to fit in there and so we agreed that we would take it in turns to prepare food and left Stephan, Kobus and Hendrik in there preparing the food while the rest of us went out onto the veranda and found a nice sunny spot to move the chairs and table to and set it up for our breakfast. Then we sat down and chatted while we waited.
"What are we going to do today?" Willie asked.
"I'm not sure, but I hope we will be able to go out on the water." Johan said.
"How are we going to do that? Is there a boat here?" Adriaan asked.
"I don't know, and if there is I don't know if we have access or permission to use it." Johan admitted.
"Let's go and look." Jan suggested and so we got up and went back inside to put some trainers on and then walked down to the shed by the water's edge. It was only then that I realised that the shed was probably a boat house. We got to it and discovered there was a window on the far side from the house and peering in we could see a nice 18 foot speed boat on a low trailer inside.
"Well there is at least a boat in there and I also noticed some skis on the wall so maybe if we are allowed to use it we can go skiing." I suggested.
"Come and get it," got our attention first though and we made our way back up the rise to the cabin to eat our breakfast. We were all hungry and the smell of the breakfast cooking had got our saliva running such that we had all had to swallow several times before the call to breakfast rang out.