It Happened So ...

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Chapter 2

Willie came home from school half way through December and we spent a little bit of time together before Christmas. On Christmas day, Oom Jakob and Willie joined us for Christmas lunch. Willie and I were allowed a beer each during lunch and then after that it was coca cola or similar. We all had to gather in the back yard at about three in the afternoon when pa gave out the Christmas boxes to the staff and their families. This was a tradition started by my great grandfather that had been continued every year without fail for some fifty-six years now. This being the second year that my father was doing it as the patriarch of the farm. The staff and their families would be called forward in order of their rank and each person would be given a small box of goodies. For the actual employed staff there was also an envelope containing cash, equivalent to an extra week's wages. Pa started by addressing the gathered crowd in Zulu as this is what most of them spoke and then as he called firstly the senior charge hand forward he spoke to him still in Zulu and gave him his gift and then his two wives and their combined total of nine children each got a smaller box. Pa was really good because he knew each one by name and addressed them by their name as he gave them the box and wished them a good Christmas. By the time pa had got to the last person who was one of the herd boys and the most recently employed member of staff we had all been standing and handing out boxes for nearly two hours. Pa had spoken to each person fluently in either Zulu, Xhosa or Tswana as these were the three languages represented by employees on the farm and called each and every employee and family member by their correct name which meant that he had spoken with one hundred and eighty four different people including the little three month old baby which he had helped to deliver on the back porch of our house and I had got to watch and had seen my first birth and woman's fanny in one go. Of course I was not meant to have seen that, but my bedroom looked out onto the porch and I had a grandstand view kneeling on my bed at ten o'clock at night. The commotion of the incident had woken me up but everyone thought I was still asleep.

Once all the workers and their families had received their gifts they returned to the compound[i] and started their Christmas celebrations because work for the day was officially ended and even the cooks were now off duty. There would be a lot of tshwala[ii] consumed and some dancing and probably the odd scuffle or two between some of the staff who were of different tribes. Normally there was no need for pa to intervene in any of this and they were left to their partying which would continue into the early hours of the morning. Boxing Day would see only a few essential tasks performed as the staff basically had a day off. With their lack of sleep and hangovers they were fairly useless for any work anyway.
This also gave pa, ma and Oom Jakob the opportunity to drink a bit more than they usually did and so Willie and I were left to get on with things by ourselves. We had been playing cards in my room when pa came in and said that he and Jakob were going to be out most of the night and so Willie was going to sleep at our house. Pa and Oom Jakob were actually going out hunting. Ma came to see us shortly after that and suggested we both share my bed because it like Willie's was a three quarter bed and so big enough for us to both sleep in. Neither of us had any objection to that and at ma's suggestion, we went off to shower and get ready for bed. Willie said he did not have any sleeping shorts and so Ma said he could try a pair of mine and that she would also leave a pair of pa's on the bed for him to try in case mine were too small for him.
We left our shirts in the room and walked down the passage to shower just in the shorts we had been wearing all day. Once in the bathroom we took our shorts off and both got in the shower together. Willie immediately started to wash me as if this was a normal thing to do and I accepted it in the same manner. I for one did not think anything more of it except that I knew I quite liked being washed by someone else. I was discovering that I especially liked having my bum and genitals washed by someone else. As I had had very little interaction with other people my age by this time in my life I was very naive and did not know that this was not what most people did. Willie washed me sufficiently to get me hard but not enough to bring me to an orgasm so I was still to experience this in my life. I returned the favour and found his cock already hard when I got to wash that part of him and it kind of excited me that he was the same as me. He let me wash him as much as I liked and even pumped his cock into my hand when I was washing it; but I did not know the significance of this and so did not wash him enough to bring him off.
After our showers we went back to my room with just our towels wrapped around us and once the door was closed, we both dropped our towels and I pulled on a pair of sleeping shorts and passed one to Willie to try on. Willie was quite a bit bigger than me and found my shorts too tight at the waist to get over the globes of his bum so he went for the pair of pa's which ma had left out for him. They were a bit on the big size but with the elasticated waist they held up -- just. We then went to say good night to ma who kissed both of us and this caused Willie to blush crimson and ma to have a little smile.
"You can stay up a little longer, but don't make a lot of noise and stay in your room" ma said, "I am going to shower and go to bed and I don't want to be kept awake by your nonsense."

We promised ma we would not disturb her and went back to my room. After closing the door, I took a short running jump and landed on my bed on my back with my feet lifting into the air much as we had done in the hay loft over seven months previously. Willie stood on the chair near the table which passed for a desk in my room and then jumped off it onto the floor. I don't know why he did this, but as he landed the jolt was enough to make his shorts lose their grip and fall to his ankles. We both giggled at this sight and I got a good view of his bum when he bent to pull them up again. He must have known that I was looking at him, because he gave his bum a bit of wiggle before straightening up and covering it with the loose shorts. Willie sat down on the chair with his legs spread apart which gave me a full view up his shorts at his cock and balls. A view I was fast coming to appreciate, even if I did not know why.
"What do you want to do?" Willie asked me.
"I don't know. Standing out there with the Christmas boxes was very boring and tiring." I said.
"I am quite tired also. Let's just go to sleep and at least we will not be disturbing your ma." Willie said.
"Ok. I am sorry she kissed you and made you go red." I apologised for her.
"Actually I kind of liked it. I miss my ma a bit and so that was kind of a help." Willie said as he climbed into the bed next to me.
"What happened to your ma?" I asked as I reached over and turned off the light plunging us into darkness.
"She went away with another man. Pa says she traded him in for a younger model, but I am not too sure what he means by that." Willie said and gave a little sniff.
Somehow I realised that he was hurting and so I did what came naturally and rolled onto my side and put an arm over his chest and pulled him into a hug. Willie quickly put his arm around me and returned the hug. I found I quite liked being hugged by him and so we lay like that for a while. Then we relaxed our grip and slowly rolled onto our backs.
"Thanks." Willie said simply.
"Thank you too." I replied equally simply.
Willie put his hand across and rested it on my thigh and gave it a bit of a squeeze and then we just lay like that. I drifted off to sleep with Willie still resting his hand on my thigh.

When I woke up in the morning it was to find Willie spooned up against me with his hard cock pressing into the crack of my bum. Willie was still asleep but his shorts had come down during the night and somehow his cock had got up the leg of my shorts and so was pressing directly into my crack. Something I was not used to but was not against either. I might have enjoyed it for a bit longer also had not the reason that I had woken made itself clearly urgent and I had to get off to the loo pretty smartly if I was not going to have an accident and wet somewhere I shouldn't. When I returned from the loo, Willie had rolled onto his back but still seemed to be asleep and still had a good hard on. I took my sleeping shorts off and gently climbed back onto the bed and sat so that I could look at Willie's cock and also touch it if I reached out my hand. I looked for what seemed like a long time, but in reality was probably barely a minute before I reached out my hand and touched his cock. Knowing that I liked to stroke mine, and that Willie had not stopped me in the shower the night before, I guessed that Willie liked having his cock stroked and so I did it. Quite when Willie woke up, I will never know, but I think he was awake a while before he let me know he was.

As soon as I became aware he was awake, I pulled my hand away from his cock, but Willie reached for it and smiling at me he placed my hand back on his cock, "It is ok. I don't mind if you want to feel it. Just only do it when there is just the two of us." He told me. He also reached over and began to play with my cock which was soon as hard as his.
"Why don't you and Oom Jakob have skin over the end like mine and Johannes' have?" I asked innocently.
"That is because the skin has been cut off. It is what they call circumcision. Some people believe it is better for you and so they do it when you are a baby." Willie explained.
I didn't really understand what he meant but did not actually know what to ask to get a different answer. My arm was getting tired and so I stopped stroking his cock even though I was intrigued with the clear sticky and slimy fluid that was coming out. I had not yet experienced any pre-cum in my playing with myself. I was also too embarrassed to ask another question about his cock and so did not ask Willie what it was and what it did.

As I stopped stroking Willie's cock we heard the sound of the bakkie coming back and then some chanting and ululating by the workers who had followed the bakkie back in. I jumped up and ran still naked to the window to see what the noise was about. Pa had pulled the truck up under the gantry which was used to hoist the tractor engines with when they were being worked on and two of the farm workers were standing on the truck operating the chain drive that worked the raising and lowering of the hook. Willie had joined me at the window, also naked, and as we watched we saw them lift two big Inyala antelopes by their hind legs up into the air. When the buck were clear of the bakkie, pa drove the bakkie away and one of the workers immediately started to wash the blood that had pooled in the back of the pick up away while pa and Oom Jakob began to skin the two animals. A couple of the workers helped by pulling the two beasts apart and also holding the loosened skin out of the way so that the two white farmers could finish skinning the animals safely. Once they had got the skin off, they cut the stomach open and removed all the entrails into a couple of wheelbarrows which labourers had got ready. The heads came off next and the fleshy parts of the head including the tongue and brains found their way into the wheel barrows and pa told the workers to go. With many thanks, the workers took the wheelbarrows and headed back to the compound where the prized fresh meat would be argued over for several hours before it was divided up amongst the families who would then treat it and dry most of it as they did not have refrigerators to keep it fresh in.
Pa and Oom Jakob finished butchering the two animals and worked out what they wanted to keep for their freezers and what they would use to make biltong[iii]. When that was all sorted, pa sounded the work horn and back came some of the workers with the wheelbarrows because they knew they were being given what was left of the carcasses. This included the lower legs and feet as well as any good meat that was left over from what we kept for ourselves.

Of course by this time, Willie and I had got dressed and even had some breakfast made by ma who thanked us for not being noisy and disturbing her the last night. Pa and Oom Jakob went for showers first before sitting down to their breakfast which ma had got ready for them. Having been up all night they were both tired and so ma said she would have Willie and me for the rest of the day and the two men could go over to Oom Jakob's house to sleep for a couple of hours. The two men agreed to this and off they went. Ma then asked us if we wanted to have a picnic for our lunch. We both jumped at the idea and so ma said we should disappear and play for an hour but not to go too far from the house as she would call us when things were ready and it was time to go for the picnic. The hay barn was too far away and so we contented ourselves with climbing trees and have a mock battle.
We heard ma's call and went running to the back door to leave our takkies there so that we did not track the dust we had picked up in our playing through the house.
Ma had us help her to load the picnic stuff into the back of the bakkie and we all climbed onto the bench seat in the cab of the bakkie. Ma started up and we headed off down the road that leads to one of the larger dams on the farm. This dam was kept free of the cattle so that they did not stir up the mud in the water as it was used to pump out of for the irrigation of the crops which pa grew.

At the dam there was a special spot where we would go for our picnics as it was around a promontory an a bit shielded from prying eyes giving some reasonable privacy for us to enjoy our meal with.
We spread out the picnic blanket on the ground and then unpacked the picnic which we began to eat straight away. We were hungry enough and wanted to spend the rest of the time playing and so to eat first was a reasonable idea. After we had finished eating ma told us that she was going to relax for a bit and we could do what we wanted so long as we remained close enough to hear her call. Willie led me down to the shore line and taught me how to select the best stones and then how to throw them so that they skipped across the water several times before sinking to the bed of the dam. Willie had one good one where with a swing of his shoulders and forearm followed by an accomplished flick of the wrist; he sent the flat stone whizzing out to skip sixteen times before it succumbed to the pull of gravity and disappeared under the water.

Having grown tired of that exercise we made our way back to where ma was relaxing in the folding chair she had brought for herself. We sat around a bit and ma must have seen we were at a bit of a loss for something to do. "Why don't you go swimming?" she suggested.
"We didn't bring any trunks," Willie told her.
"You don't need trunks here. There is no one else around so just go skinny dipping." Ma told us.
"In front of you?" Willie asked incredulously.
"Why not? I have seen naked males before and you won't show me anything different to what I know already." Ma reasoned. "Besides which, I will have my eyes closed most of the time and will not be looking at you for some of the time when they are open."
Again my naivety played a role by not knowing that I should be concerned about being naked in front of anyone really, I decided it was too good an opportunity to miss and so stripped off and made my way towards the edge of the water. Willie must have decided that if I could do it, then so could he and stripped off as quickly as he could and made a dash into the water going out as far as he needed to cover his pubic area with water and render his balls and cock indiscernible to the distant eye of my mother. We frolicked about in the water for while bending down and digging mud from the bed to throw at each other. Of course the shallower the water the easier it was to get the mud out and so without thinking about it we gradually moved closer and closer to the shore line and as a result when we stood to throw the missile we had just made at our opponent, we were revealing our naked bodies from below the knee up and when we bent to dig up some more mud we were in effect giving ma a brown eye. The two of us were virtually covered in mud when ma called out to go a bit deeper and wash the mud off as it was nearly time for us to go back to the house. Despite our best efforts we were still very dirty when we eventually walked out of the water and made it back to where ma was. By this time, Willie had realised that he had put himself on full display to ma several times and so it did not matter if she saw him some more and so he did not even try to cover up as we approached ma.

"You are not putting your clothes on over all that mess. They will never be the same again if you did. Neither are you sitting in the cab and messing that up. You two sit in the bakkie and I will drive you home like I am your chauffer. Then you get straight in the shower and wash off with a good deal of soap and shampoo. When you are clean, and only when you are clean can you put on some clean clothes and we will go over to wake your fathers up." Ma instructed us and so we remained naked and helped to pack up the picnic and then joined it all in the back of the bakkie as we rode to our home. Of course no one could see that we were naked so long as we did not stand up or sit on the edges.
Back home we helped to unpack the things and carry them into the kitchen before we headed to the shower. Willie began to wash me again and this time he spent even longer washing my cock and bum and I am sure that both were clean long before he finished making sure they were. It was getting on for about four in the afternoon before we were ready and ma walked with us over to the van Rensburg's house to collect pa and leave Willie.

About three days before Willie was due to return to school and I was due to start my last year of home schooling, pa was working on one of the bigger tractors which had been giving some trouble. He had instructed his assistant who was just one of the labourers who had shown some interest in the mechanics of the tractor and so pa was training him up, to undo some of the mounting bolts with a view to lifting the engine so that he could work on it more easily. The assistant was not sure of what he was supposed to be doing and instead of asking he undid the wrong bolts which allowed the tractor to pull apart in two halves. The two halves both fell inwards with the heaviest part landing squarely on pa's chest and crushing the life out of him.

[i] Compound -- The workers living area. All the farm employees and their families had homes on the farm which were inside a fenced area where they basically were allowed to do what they wanted.

[ii] Tshwala -- African beer. A coarse beer brewed from millet or another cereal crop if millet was not available. This beer had a consistency of thin gruel and a fairly low alcohol level enabling people to drink fairly large quantities of the brew.

[iii] Biltong -- raw meat that is marinated in spices and herbs overnight and then hung in strips to dry and air cure. A very tasty delicacy that is not that dissimilar to American Jerky.




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