It Happened So ...

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Chapter 3

As soon as the accident happened, the trainee came running to the house screaming in panic and terror. Ma went to see what the commotion was all about and the labourer led her back to the workshop where pa was lying crushed under the weight of a couple of ton of half a tractor. The first thing ma did was to order the labourer to connect the hoist to the part that was on pa while she ran back to the house and called for an ambulance and then got on the radio and called for Oom Jakob to come. Willie and I had been playing in the hay barn near his house and the senior charge hand came to us and told us we had better go to the other house as there was `big trouble'. Willie and I took off running and were guided by the noise to the workshop area where I saw my pa still under the tractor. I ran to him screaming meaningless words and phrases and Willie came running after me. Just then, Oom Jakob arrived in his bakkie and quickly took charge of the situation. Willie was ordered to take me to my room and to stay with me and under no circumstances were we to come back to the workshop until we were told it was ok. I am sure Oom Jakob knew that pa was already dead. Something my brain told me this was the case but the rest of me refused to acknowledge it. Willie likewise had guessed that pa was no longer and he just encouraged me to lie down on the bed and cry. I lay face down and sobbed more from fear than a sense of loss at this stage. That crying would come a bit later. Willie crawled up and lay down next to me on the bed and softly rubbed my back. His movements were so light that he was more stroking than rubbing, but it was very comforting just the same. As he rubbed his hands kept catching in the folds of my T shirt and so when my sobs were a bit under control, I pulled my shirt off and used it to dry my face. Now I was sitting up and Willie still stroked my back moving his finger tips over the skin in a light circular pattern that was so calming for me and brought me great comfort.

I could still hear a lot of shouting and other noises going on outside and as long as those noises were reaching my ears I was not able to stop crying. Tears flowed and the sobs would wrack my body in waves sometimes causing me to lose muscle control and flop about a bit. When that happened, Willie would grab me and hold me in a hug for a while. It was after one of these floppy moments that I just lay down on the bed and buried my face in my pillow so that my tears had something to soak into. Willie resumed his gentle stroking and as he circled my back, his hand would go lower and lower down until he was gliding over my shorts and sensitive arse cheeks which caused me to twitch just a bit. Willie stopped and said he was sorry. I lifted my face to look at him and as I looked I saw that he too had tears in his eyes. Somehow this moved me more than anything else and I began to cry some more. Willie pulled me into a hug and as he did so, he pulled my body up the bed a few inches. This movement enabled my body to slide out of my shorts a little bit so that when Willie resumed his rubbing of my back and got to bottom arc of his circle, instead of encountering the waste band of my shorts he was still stroking his fingers in direct contact with my skin. As his fingers moved further in this arc they slipped into the top of my crack which made me shudder with the pleasurable feeling that it gave rise to.

I wasn't holding myself up and Willie did not have the stamina to do it for long so we both slid back down to me lying on the bed on my stomach. Now when Willie's hand ran down my back it bumped into the waste band of my shorts and pushed them down just a fraction. Despite, or maybe because of, my emotional state at the time, I knew I wanted Willie to stroke my whole bum area and so I lifted my hips up and used my hands to push my shorts down and expose my bum to Willie. He accepted the invitation in this act and sitting up a bit, he brought two hands into play and began to tickle more than stroke my back and bum with both hands going down the outside edge and then swinging inwards to meet at my crack at a point roughly in line with my pucker. Both hands would go up my crack and follow straight on up the knobbly bits of my spine only to part between my shoulder blades and start the dual cycle over again. Even in my naivety and physical immaturity this caused my cock to get hard and I had to lift myself and use my hand to move my cock so that it was more comfortable when I lowered my bum down again. When I did that, Willie's hands were at the lower end of their cycle and so he made use of the opportunity to push my shorts down a little more and give him access to my whole bum.

I don't know how long I had been lying and crying in my room, nor how long my cock had been hard and the tickling and stroking had gone on for, but Willie was still stroking and rubbing my bum and back when we heard the sirens of the approaching emergency vehicles. Willie bent down and whispered, "Someone might come looking for you now. We had better get you covered up and presentable. Let's go and have a quick shower and then I will help you to get dressed so that you are ready if anyone needs to see you."
I nodded numbly and simply let Willie help me up and pull my shorts up before leading me to the bathroom where he got the shower ready and then stripped himself and pulled my shorts off. Gently guiding me he got me in the shower and washed me. The water was refreshing and reviving and I did feel a lot better after we had finished. Willie was sporting an erection of his own when he undressed and was still sporting it when we had finished the shower. My erection had subsided to a semi while we walked to the shower and Willie got things ready while I just stood there; but once in the shower and he was washing me it soon firmed up again so that by the time we had finished we were both hard and ready for it. But Willie restrained himself and carefully lead me naked but for a towel back to my room where he started to look through my cupboard and drawers for clothing which he thought would be suitable.
"Do you not have any skants[i]?" he asked me.
"No, never had any." I answered.
"Cool. Commando it is then." And he brought over a pair of jeans and an open necked shirt for me to put on.
I was still in a bit of a shocked daze and Willie had to help me to dress. He got my shirt on and had me sit on the bed while he got the jeans over my feet and lower legs. Then he asked me to stand up so he could pull them the rest of the way up. He did up the button on the waist band and then carefully got my still hard cock in and safely away from the zip before he did that up. Then he put some socks and takkies on my feet and combed my hair.
At least with all this distraction I had stopped crying and although I was still in a state of fear and shock and uncertainty, I did not start crying again. Willie finished getting himself dressed and used my comb to tidy his hair and then he sat down next to me and put his arm around my shoulders.

We sat like that, in silence for some time and I think that Willie realised that I was beginning to think things through and was coming to the realisation that my pa was dead as from time to time I would shudder and draw my breath in through my mouth and nose at the same time because I was crying inwardly. In an attempt to push my thoughts onto other things, Willie asked me, "Do you mind when I rub your bum or your piel[ii] PP?"
I shook my head indicating that I did not mind, but did not say anything.
"Do you like it?" Willie asked.
This time I responded affirmatively with just the one word, "Ja."[iii]
"That's good. Do you ever touch your piel the same way?" he asked.
"Sometimes." I answered without giving any further details.
"Do you get a good feeling at the end?" the interrogation continued.
":Nee."[iv] Was my honest answer. The truth is I did not know what he was referring to and so could not answer any other way.
"Would you like me to show you how to get a really nice feeling in your piel?" Willie asked.
"Ja." I replied. I think at that time I would have agreed to anything that would mean that someone would stay with me. Willie had been fantastic and had not complained or looked at me in annoyance once since we had seen the scene in the workshop. I was totally unaware of the passage of time, but found out later that Willie had stayed with, and comforted me for over five hours before he was relieved of that duty and not once had he done anything to indicate he would rather be doing something else.
"Ok. We can't do it now, but maybe another day I will be able to show you. But you must not tell anyone. It must be our secret and I will explain why another day too." Willie told me.

There was a gentle tap on the door and ma called out, "Pieter, darling, can I come in?"
"Ja, tannie[v] Marie." Willem called out and pulled me into a tighter squeeze by the arm around my shoulders.
"My poor, poor seun[vi]" Pieter's mother began, "It is bad news, baaie slegs[vii] baaie, baaie slegs. Pa is dood[viii]. Ek is baaie jammer[ix]" She continued speaking in Afrikaans more than English which showed the state she was in because ma tried to speak in English to us more so that we would learn to speak the language better as our mother tongue of Afrikaans is not well known outside of our country. Ma bent down and pulled me into a hug and held me. Willie gave a little sob as the confirmation of what he had feared but had not put into words hit home to him. He was not related to pa, but had grown to like him very much in the year they had known each other. Perhaps because pa had told Oom Jakob he could teach Willem to drive the tractors and the bakkie on the farm. Something most farm owner's children did by the time they were Willem's age and so he was able to hold his own against the other boere[x] kids and have one over the townie kids who did not get such opportunities normally. Most farmers' children could ride horses before they were big enough to be able to get on them without help. And could ride motorbikes and drive tractors and Landrovers by the time they were fourteen or fifteen. They would also be able to shoot rifles and shotguns by the same age and many of them were practised marksmen by the time they were ready to go to university.
I was too cried out and numb by the time that ma confirmed the sad news to me and I showed very little emotion. Ma kind of looked at me in shocked horror, but Willie was quick to the rescue and grabbing my soaked pillow, and showing it to ma, told her that I probably had no more tears left in me.
Oom Jakob had come in by this time and heard how Willie explained my reaction to ma and he was filled with pride. He could not smile at a time like this but his face glowed with that pride such that I can still picture it today.

"Marie, what else can we do to help? If Willie is willing, I am happy for him to stay here tonight with Pieter." He asked as he looked at Willie who simply nodded his head.
"Jakobus, thank you. I really don't know what to do or say. I am going to stay here, there is no point in going in to the town tonight and if Willie wants to stay and Pieter would like it, then I am happy for that too. I guess I will have to get on and cook some food for us. Will you stay for dinner please?" ma answered.
"You are not in a fit state to cook. I will cook the meal and then we can decide what you want done. But first I think we need a good drink. Why don't we all go out onto the veranda and I will get some sundowners sorted." Oom Jakob responded. He stepped into the room and putting a hand under ma's arm helped her to stand up and just as Willie was doing for me, he guided ma out to the seats on the veranda.

What met our eyes when we got out there was both shocking and comforting. Every member of the farm workforce and their family was gathered just outside the garden perimeter, and when ma walked out onto the veranda they surged forward. The women began to ululate and wail which was their way of showing their sympathy and respect for pa. Again in strict order of rank, the workers came forward and kneeling just off the veranda in front of ma each offered their sympathy and walked away shaking their heads. It was very moving and as the wailing got louder, I found I could not help but cry with them. Willie too, had tears running down his face, but he did not forget me and knelt beside me with his arm back around me; holding me tight. Oom Jakob saw this and again swelled with pride for his son who was showing such a mature and kind approach towards me in my time of deepest need. Oom Jakob likewise did his best to help ma. He stood behind her chair and rested his hand on her shoulder giving her a gentle squeeze each time one of the workers offered a word of praise for pa. And this was something every worker offered. Although it was in their custom to do so, the praise was genuine and heartfelt because they all had tremendous respect for the man who had not only given them work and somewhere to stay, but had also shown them kindness and helped them in times of need. And unlike so many others, he had taken the trouble to learn their languages and was able to speak four of the vernacular languages as if it were his mother tongue. Many of the white farmers in South Africa treated the black labourers harshly and with little respect, but pa had learnt from his father to treat them firmly but kindly and in so doing got much more work out his employees and genuine loyalty that would be a godsend to ma as she tried to pick things up and run the farm.

Once the last person had left and returned to the compound, Oom Jakob went back inside the house, returning a few minutes later with a tray bearing some drinks. There were Sherries for Willie and me and stiff whiskies and sodas for ma and himself. Oom Jakob did not even ask ma for permission for me to have a drink and after giving me the sherry, he said, "It should have been brandy, but we don't seem to have any in this house."
"Oh, it is in the kitchen. I cook with it more than we drink it." Ma said and then realised that the `we' would have to change to `I' now and suddenly she burst into tears with her whole body heaving as the sobs tore her apart. This was the first time ma had allowed herself to cry and it was only because she had lost the battle against her natural will. Oom Jakob came around in front of her and put his arms around her as she rested her head on his shoulder and sobbed. Of course seeing mom so upset got me going as the truth came home to me that I would never see my father again. As I began to cry again, ma held out her hand and I automatically got up and moved into her embrace. Oom Jakob then put his arm around me as well and looking up at Willie used his eyes to signal to him that he too could join in. Willie began crying properly then as well and even Oom Jakob's eyes were moist when we eventually pulled apart.

We did not get to see too much of his moist eyes though because he quickly picked up his whisky and went into the kitchen to begin cooking, digging around in unfamiliar territory to find what he needed to make a meal for the four of us.
While we were eating it, Oom Jakob told ma that she was not to worry about the farm as he would help her look after it and would go with whatever she decided to do. "And these workers will give you 100%; I am sure of that!" he concluded knowing how respected pa was by his workforce.
"Thank you so much Jakobus, and you also Willie. We really needed you today and you have not let us down." Ma said.
"Ja, Willie, you have made me a very proud father today. You have been very good and I also thank you." Oom Jakob said allowing himself to smile with the pride he held for his son. After we had finished eating, Willie got up and collected up the dirty dishes and carried them to the kitchen. Then we heard the water running in the sink and knew that he was about to start washing them. I began to get up to go and help him, but Oom Jakob stopped me saying he would as he needed to talk to his son privately. So ma and I were left sitting at the table and both of us found we were unable to talk and so we just remained quiet. We could hear the other two talking, but could not make out what they were saying, possibly because we were not trying to eave's drop on their conversation.

With the dishes done, they came back to us in the dining room and Oom Jakob asked, "Pieter, will it be a help if Willie stays here with you tonight, or do you want to be alone?"
"No, I don't want to be alone. But does Willie want to stay?" I asked hoping a thousand times over that Willie would say he wanted to stay.
"We've already discussed this and Willie is more than happy to stay with you but only if you want him to. I made it clear to Willie in the kitchen that he did not have to stay if he did not want to, but he was equally clear in telling me that if you wanted him he wanted to stay." Oom Jakob said letting us in on what at least part of the conversation in the kitchen had been about.
Ma then told Oom Jakob that he did not need to stay as well and as she was tired she was going to try and go to bed shortly and thought that we had better do so as well.
Oom Jakob responded by saying that he needed to try and get as good a night's sleep as he could because he was going to be very busy the next day and needed to be able to think clearly. And with that he took his leave and getting in his bakkie he drove himself home.

[i] Skants -- Southern African term for underwear that is a bit smaller than briefs but not as small as a slip of thong.

[ii] Piel - penis

[iii] Ja -- Afrikaans for `yes'.

[iv] Nee -- Afrikaans for `no'. Usually used in the form of a double negative with the word "Nie"

[v] Tannie -- colloquial Afrikaans for aunty. Often used by people who are not related but too close to use the formal Mrs.

[vi] Seun -- Afrikaans for `son'

[vii] Baaie slegs -- Very bad.

[viii] Dood - dead

[ix] Ek is baaie jammer -- I am very sorry.

[x] Boere - Farmers