It Happened So ...

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Chapter 37

John was true to his word and did not have Mark and me start skivvying properly until the Monday which meant that we spent a few days without getting our rocks off and were really randy by the time we got to strip off in his room that Monday evening. Yes we had been in his room in the morning, naked and hard but there was never enough time in the morning for anything more than a good feel by John. But that Monday evening was special. John told us that it was Mark's first training evening and to do that he was going to fuck me and then Mark was going to fuck him and if Mark was willing I could then fuck Mark. John showed Mark how to spread some lube around first and then use his fingers to gradually stretch me and finally to penetrate me with his cock. For this I was lying on my back and had my legs raised and pushed back towards my shoulders and when John entered me I wrapped my legs around his back. Mark sat there with his eyes glued to my bum and his boner bouncing to his heartbeat. John did not take long to shoot inside me and then I lay there for a bit while my bum closed up and John's offering leaked out. I was still leaking when John told me to move so that he could lie down in the same position as me and let Mark have a go at his bum. Mark was not too shy about getting involved this time and his hard cock showed that he wanted it. John obviously kept himself ready because it was not long before Mark had three fingers pumping John's chute and then at John's suggestion Mark entered another guy for the first time in his life and I was there to witness it. Needless to say because of his inexperience and totally excited state, it was over almost before it started and Mark only got in about half a minute of actual penile penetration before he gave a few rapid pumps and deposited his load inside John. What surprised me more was that Mark was up for getting fucked right off and so once he had shot his load in John, he lay on his back and let me start lubing and stretching his hole. It was only then that he realised there was some pain involved but he was willing to try continuing and I took it slowly and eventually got him ready to try taking my cock. He gave a bit of shrill cry when my head popped his cherry and I had to sit like that for a while as he adjusted to this invasion of his inner reserve. Like the others I was really horny and having been fucked already that evening with the stimulation that gave to my prostate I was pretty quick at reaching my limit and began shooting inside Mark. When I had finished we still had over half an hour before we needed to get back to the dorm and John used the facility of having a basin in his room to clean us up and then have us clean him. That done, we sat back down on the bed either side of John and he wrapped his arms around us and pulled us into a hug.

"Are you guys any good at swimming?" John asked.
"I can swim but have never been in any races or anything." I answered.
"Same here. We would swim in the dams on the farm but I don't know how good I am." Mark added.
"That's too bad because it probably means that you will not make the school team this year at least, but could make it for other years. I was kind of hoping that you would be sure things for the team." John told us.
"Why do you want us on the swimming team?" Mark asked before I had a chance to say anything.
"Because then you would have a good reason to be shaved and I could have the pleasure of actually shaving your balls." John replied.
"Why would we have to be shaved for the swim team?" Mark again got in.
"Because it reduces the drag and you can swim that tiny bit faster." John explained.
"Well if we don't make the team we will have to think of another reason for shaving and see how it goes down in the dorm." I offered.
"Do you really mean that?" John asked seriously.
"Ja. If we have a plausible story for it, why not?" I responded.
"Well I don't have that much anyway, the guys probably would not even notice it is gone." Mark said with a sheepish grin.
"Ok, we will put our thinking caps on then. Now it is time to get some clothes on and go back to the dorm. By the way, I would prefer it that when you come to skivvy, you arrive with no underwear on. Leave it in the dorm for me please." John dismissed us and we went back to the dorm to wait the few more minutes to lights out time.

Over the course of those first few weeks of the term we also learned of some of the other things that Dawid had to go back to apologise to his darker skinned playmates for. Some of them were not very nice at all. His little group was made up of six black boys and two black girls all either the same age as he was, or a couple of years older, but being the big baas' son they all towed the line as far as doing whatever Dawid demanded of them. I am sure that some of them had spoken to their parents about the way they were being treated and probably their parents had ordered them to go along with it because they were scared that if something was said and it got back to Dawid's father that parent would lose his or her job on the farm and with that the housing and kids schooling that all came as part of a farm labourer's work package. Dawid did tell us that the girls did not always join in because being girls they also had chores to do in the compound. I think that they also used that as an excuse to stay away as much as possible because one of the things that was forced on this group was for them to strip off as slaves and stand in a line while Dawid examined them as their prospective purchaser and owner. While there was no slavery in South Africa at the time, Dawid had read a book about the slavery in America and so had some ideas of how a slave sale would go and what would happen as the purchaser checked the goods on offer before buying. Of course in the game, he was also the seller and so spent some time pointing out the features of each slave and then changing roles spent some time checking those features out. This involved masturbating each piece of merchandise but not letting them cum. With the older boys in the group this was a bit of hell because it meant that it got them randy without any release and sometimes he would have them naked, padlocked by their thumbs in a circle around the tree and he would just keep going round the circle masturbating each one a little and moving on. He did not know that this was called edging at the time; he just did it at first because he simply did not know about orgasms until he discovered them for himself.
As Dawid's games repeated themselves they became a little boring and so he had to keep thinking of new ideas to spice up the games. More and more often the games involved the black boys being naked and once or twice also involved them inserting their cocks into the girl's pussies, but not actually cumming inside them. Some more torture for the boys. Another new idea that he put into practice not long before leaving for boarding school was to link the boys together with the thumb locks and then to tie some stout string from one ball bag to the next and take them on a walk that needed them to go over or under obstacles that would stretch the string tight and tug on the balls painfully. When Dawid started to mature and learnt the real pleasure to be had in masturbating he would not let a day of play go by without having one of the girls, if they were present masturbate him to orgasm, or if the girls were not there one of the boys had to do the chore. Oddly enough, he had not had the pleasure of experiencing a blow job in all of this because there was no way he was going to let his cock go in one of those "black's dirty" mouths. If only he had known that their mouths were no worse than his own he might have enjoyed the experience of having his cock sucked. But that is what prejudice does for you.
The more Dawid told us about how he had basically tortured these six boys the more we wondered at where he got his ideas from because some of the things he did while cruel and causing a lot of pain to the victim, were born out of a very vivid imagination and one that did not seem to fit with the maturity and inexperience of a pre-pubescent boy. Dawid always claimed the ideas were his own and never admitted to having received inspiration from any other source.

Mark and I both tried out for the swim team but did not really stand a chance against some who had already been in teams and had formal training. So we kept our pubic hair for all of the first term because none of us could come up with a plausible excuse for losing it. I got involved in the gymnastics squad, but the dress for that did not allow for denuding the growth I had and Mark made it onto the athletics team and that also did not provide a good enough reason for losing our hair. So we simply continued to skivvy and enjoy either a wank, suck or fuck most days of the week. Whispered private conversations with others revealed that some but not all were getting their release at the hands of their sixth form master whether prefect of not while others were finding places and opportunities to get a wank in without letting others in the dorm know that that was what they were doing at the time.
It was only when we were in our last week of the first term that I had an idea and discussed it with John. John said it might work, but he would need to think it through and then cautiously approach some of the others to gauge their opinion before the idea could be implemented and this meant that we would have to wait until at least the new term before we would know if it was going to work.

That last day of term was actually a day of mixed emotions. I was glad that I would soon see my ma and Lionel, but I was also sad to be leaving the new friends I had made. At least it was only going to be for the holidays and not for ever and so that made it easier to cope with. By and large I think we were all feeling a little mixed up at that time but also had a lot smiles and genuine joy to see our parents as they arrived to pick us and so were able call a cheery goodbye to our friends as we left. Ma arrived to pick both me and Willie up and I thought I saw a real note of sadness in Willie as he said goodbye to Johannes who was being picked up by his father rather than Stephan. Ma was full of questions and it showed me that she had probably missed me more than I had missed her. Some of that would have been because of the newness of everything to me and all the different experiences I was having almost on a daily basis to begin with whereas with ma the only real difference was that she did not have me making all sorts of noise around the house and she was not having to prepare for and home-school me. Such was the volume of her questioning that poor old Willie did not get a chance to squeeze a word in edgeways and not long after we had set off for home, he fell asleep and slept most of the journey home.