It Happened So ...

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Chapter 4

The dust had not settled from Oom Jakob's departing bakkie before ma said she had to get to bed and asked us to do the same. "I know it is a bit early, but today has been a very hard day and I think we need to try and sleep as much as we can, because we are probably not going to sleep very well any way." She explained.
"No problem tannie," Willie replied. "I know that I am tired and I am sure PP is also."
This was the second time Willie had called me PP and I was not too sure why he had done that instead of calling me Piet or Pieter which is what everyone else used. The three of us got up and ma set about locking the house up while Willie and I just trundled off down the passage to brush our teeth.
It was only when we were in the bathroom that we realised that Willie did not have his toothbrush with him because his stay was unplanned and he had not brought anything with him.
As a result I shouted out to ma, "Ma, do you have a spare toothbrush for Willie to use please?"
Ma came to the bathroom to find out what I had asked because with my mouth full of frothed toothpaste my words had not been that intelligible. When Willie had explained the situation, ma was apologetic saying we did not have a spare brush, but that he could just use his finger this once and smear the toothpaste around as although it would not do as good a job as a toothbrush, it would be better than doing nothing.
When ma had gone, Willie said to me, "I don't have sleeping shorts either and I don't want to ask for a pair of your pa's tonight."
"I'll look and see if I can find something. Do you want to use my brush?" I asked.
Willie shook his head as he already had his finger smearing toothpaste around over his teeth. We then went back to my room and I began to undress. Then I remembered that Willie did not have any sleeping shorts and so I began to dig through my clothes in a vain attempt to find something that might work. I couldn't find anything that was of a size that Willie could get his bum into and so Willie said it was ok as he would just sleep commando. Willie had used this phrase with me earlier and I was not sure what he meant by it and so asked him.
"Well a lot of soldiers when they are on operations in hot areas go around without wearing underwear as this helps to prevent heat rash by allowing the area around the genitals to dry more quickly as there are no underpants to hold the sweat in and to cause more sweat because it is hotter with the extra layer of clothing. And as the soldiers who first started doing this were commandos, they call it that now. And when someone sleeps in the nude, they call that commando also." Willie explained.
Even with that explanation the penny did not drop until Willie stripped off and climbed naked into bed with me.

"I am sorry about your pa, PP, he was a very nice man and I liked him a lot too." Willie said.
"Why did it happen?" I was beginning to question things now as the shock began to wear off.
Willie with wisdom beyond his years said, "I don't know, but maybe God knew that there was something really bad in the future for him and because he is such a good and kind person wanted to spare him that problem and so took him now."
"But what about us? Why do we have to suffer because God took him too early?" I asked, and began to weep again.
Willie turned onto his side and put his arm over my chest and pulled me up close to his naked body so that I could feel his body down the full length of my body. "I can't answer that question, but all I can say is that I hope that it will get easier to cope as time goes on." Then he began to stroke me like he had been doing most of the afternoon. Only this time he was stroking my chest and not my back.
I guess that I must have been more exhausted than I thought because I dropped off to sleep fairly quickly while Willie was still stroking my chest.

At some time during the night I woke up and felt Willie spooned against me. I found that very comforting, but it did also serve to remind me about what had happened to make Willie spend the night naked with me. That reminder set me off weeping again which in turn must have woken Willie up who pulled me into a tighter hug and began to whisper to me that it was alright to cry. Then he started to stroke my chest again moving on down to my belly and on some strokes he would linger with his finger in my navel giving me a gentle belly tap. Once again I was soon fast asleep and this time I slept through to the morning. When I woke up, Willie was still spooned up against me and his morning wood was pressing into my butt crack, but I had yet to learn what that meant; however, this day was not the day for that education.
We could both smell the breakfast bacon and this got us to move our bodies into the bathroom and get washed and ready to eat.
As we walked into the kitchen the cook looked really sad and said he was sorry for our loss. He then asked us how many eggs we wanted and began to fry them for us. Before long we were sitting down at the breakfast nook in the kitchen eating bacon, eggs and toast. We had nearly finished our breakfast when ma walked in still dressed in her pyjamas with a gown over the top.
"Môre, How are you two today?" she asked.
"We are both fine, dankie[i]." Willie answered before I could get enough room in my mouth to talk.
Once I had finished what I was chewing on I answered, "Ja, I am good. How are you?"
"I am better than I thought I would be and slept better too. Thank you." Ma answered. Then went on, "Pieter, darling, I have to go into the town to sort out the funeral and all that sort of thing. I am afraid you will have to come with me, it will be boring and hard but there is no one I can leave you with here."
"He can stay with me if you want." Willie offered.
"Oh Willie, you have done so much already, I can't ask you to do more." Ma responded.
"You don't have to ask because I have offered and I would like to help PP some more. This is not the time for me to be selfish, that can come later. Also, I don't know if I will be able to be here for the funeral with school starting soon so I would feel better if I could do some more now." Willie countered.

Before anyone could say anything more, there was a loud knock on the door and Oom Jakob walked in without waiting for the door to be answered. "Morë alles[ii], how is everybody?" he asked.
There was a chorus of `good mornings' as each of us greeted him differently. I called him Oom Jakob, while Willie called him pa and ma simply gave him his name, Jakobus. Oom Jakob was quickly down to business. "Sarie, I have seen the charge hands and given them their duties for the day, and I have warned them that if they mess up they will have both you and me to answer to; but I am confident that for a few months at least they will be putting in their best efforts to show their respect for Kristian. So I am now free to take you into the town and to see the Dominee[iii]. I think Willie can be responsible enough to look after Pieter if they don't want to come with us, or they can both come with, I don't mind."
"Thank you Jakobus. I don't know what we would have done without you two fine people here to help us." Ma thanked him.
"It is the least that I can do. Kristian gave me a job when many others would not have and he also became a friend to Willem here letting him learn to drive the tractors and all. Besides which, you also have been kind to both of us and let us join you for Christmas which otherwise would have been a bloody lonely time for us two. I may be your employee, but I also feel that I am a friend and this is what friends do when their friends are in need." Oom Jakob replied.

The phone rang and before ma could move, Oom Jakob had taken a few strides and moved from the kitchen into the dinning room where the extension from the office was and answered the phone. We could only hear the one side of the conversation but it amounted to Oom Jakob giving some assurance that ma would be in town later on in the morning and would be able to attend at the police station. Evidently there were some more forms to be completed and ma had to make a formal identification of the body as the police had failed to get her signature on the form when they had attended at the farm the day before. The thought of having to see pa again clearly shook ma and Oom Jakob moved over and put his arm around her and said, "Don't worry, Sarie, I will be with you and will help you. Now Willie and Pieter, I think with this it would be better if you stayed here. What do you think?"
"I would like to stay here." I said quickly because I did not want to go anywhere at the moment.
"Willie, will you look after Pieter, please?" Oom Jakob asked.
"Pa, I have already said I would. I will not leave him alone and I will sleep here with him tonight again if he wants me to." Willie answered, putting his arm around my shoulders.
"Right that is settled then. Sarie, when you are ready to go, give me a call on the radio and I will come back here and collect you. In the meantime I am going to make a final check on the workers." Oom Jakob said. I don't why, but I was pleased that Oom Jakob did not refer to the farm labourers as kaffirs. It was common amongst the farming community at that time, but neither ma nor pa ever let that word cross their lips and if Oom Jakob had used it in the past, he certainly had not used it on our farm. I did not understand the significance of the word at that time, yet I distinctly remember being pleased that he had not used it.

Oom Jakob left the house and drove away in the bakkie while ma finished her breakfast, and Willie and I stayed at the table with ma.
"Tannie will it be ok for PP and me to go over to my house so I can get some stuff for tonight please?" Willie asked.
Normally ma would have jumped on Willie's incorrect use of `me' when he should have said `I' but this morning she let it ride unnoticed giving her permission. "You don't need to ask to move between the two houses Willie, just as long as the two of you are together and you let someone know where you are going." Ma gave her permission and also a tacit consent for us two to go off on our own at times. Of course Willie was old enough to go off on his own anyway, but as a not quite twelve year old, I was considered a bit young still. In this, ma also intimated that she believed Willie was responsible enough to look after me.
When ma had finished her breakfast she announced that she had to go and get ready and so we were free to do what we wanted. We went back to my room and Willie sat down on the bed beside me and put his arm around me again. "PP, today is for you so apart from going to my house to get some clothes you get to choose everything we do. OK?"
I nodded and then began to weep again. I don't why it just happened, but it did and it kind of threw me. Willie hugged me tightly and began his back stroking again which soon got me easing up and drying the tears.
"PP, don't be embarrassed or anything. When ma left I cried and I was older than you are now, and sometimes I would be fine and then suddenly somebody would say or do something and the tears would flow. No warning, nothing." Willie consoled me.
I just turned to face him and buried my face in his shoulder and let the tears flow in a silent cry. All the while Willie just held me and used one hand to stroke my back like he had done for hours the day before.

I stayed like that enjoying Willie's comforting for some time. Then I got control and straightened up. Willie used his thumb to scrape away the tears on my cheeks and then suggested I go and splash some cool water on my face. I did that and as I was returning from the bathroom, ma called out that Oom Jakob was on his way back to collect her. We went out to see them off and then straight away began the short walk to Willie's house. The sun was up and blistering already. So much so that by the time we got to his house we were bathed in a sheen of sweat. As we entered the house, Willie's house servant came to see what the noise was from and when he saw me he got down on his knees to put his head lower then mine as he offered his condolences. I was always uncomfortable with this custom of the Zulu people; especially as they are such a proud people and for a grown man to do that to me who was not even a teenager let alone his master was very hard to take. I told him he did not need to be lower than me to talk to me as I was not his boss. To which he replied, "But you are the man now and I am your servant." Which explained everything to him in his patriarchal culture, but at that time did not explain it to me so I had to stay content with being uncomfortable and accept it as their custom which I did not understand.

Once we had got past the cook, we went to Willie's room and he began to get some clothes out.
"Fuck, I am all hot and sweaty; I need to take a shower again." Willie began using a cuss word for the first time since the accident happened. "Do you want to shower with me?" he asked.
"Ok." I responded because I was also hot and sticky and a nice cool shower would be good.
Willie stripped off in the room and indicated that I should do so also. "We normally walk around the house naked when it is just pa and me here." Willie explained seemingly ignoring the fact that the domestic was still in the house, and might see them. We walked naked down the passage to the bathroom and then Willie got out a towel for me and hung it on the rail with his. We started off with a warm shower which later would be gradually turned down until it was a cold shower to end with.
As soon as I was wet, Willie began to soap and wash my back. As he was doing this, it felt so great to have his hands sliding over my back again and even better when his fingers brushed over the tops of my bum cheeks. I was relaxed enough to ask him the question that had been burning me since he used it for the second time the day before, "Willie, why do you call me PP some times." I asked.
"Well it is a combination of things really. PP are your initials for your first names but a pp is also a way of referring to a cock but generally a smaller cock. Now you call me a cock every time you use the name Willie instead of Willem. So I thought that as your cock is smaller than my willie, it would have to be a pp." He answered.
I had no reply to that and so just remained quiet and found a great bit of enjoyment when Willie washed my bum and ran his fingers up and down my crack. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushing on one while pulling on the other he turned me around to face him whereupon he began to wash my front. As his fingers ran over my nipples I noticed my cock began to harden and I got a tingly feeling in the end of it but the best was when he got that far down and took my cock in his soapy hand and washed it till it was a hard nail standing tall and proud.
I began to wash his front too and with soap covered hands I grabbed hold of his already hard cock and began to wash that in the same way he was doing mine. It might seem unbelievable, but Willie stopped us before either of us reached orgasm in the shower. "I want to show you better later on." He explained as he stopped me and we began to rinse the soap off our bodies. By the time we had both finished drying off we were soft again and made the naked walk back to his bedroom without bumping into the cook.

[i] Dankie -- Thank you

[ii] Alles - all

[iii] Dominee -- pastor, priest. Leader of the congregation in the Dutch Reformed Church.