It Happened So ...

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Chapter 5

When we were back in Willie's room he sat down naked on his bed. I moved to where my clothes were and picked up my shorts. Before I could start putting them on, Willie called me over to the bed asking me to stay naked. I moved over and stood in front of him. He reached out with his hand and took my cock into it. As he began to rub it, he said, "I think you like this. If I do anything you don't like, then you must tell me and I will stop straight away, ok?"
"Ok." I was not sure what he really was talking about but he was right that I liked having him play with my cock like he was and so I was willing to let him carry on. Added to this because of the insulated life I had led being homeschooled on the farm and also an only child, I did not know that this sort of thing was not acceptable by most of the people in a community. Having had the opportunity to watch animals mate, I knew that the cock was used for more than just peeing, but nevertheless, I still was too naive to know that gay sex was not acceptable and was in fact illegal in South Africa at the time. But I did know that the feelings in my cock were very nice and I wanted them to continue.
After a few moments of doing me like that, Willie got me to lie down on the bed and he worked himself in alongside me so that he could wank me properly. Stopping for a few moments Willie knelt on the bed and then leaned forward over me to reach his bedside cabinet and pull open the drawer. I remember being fascinated by his cock which was hard and, nestled in his bush of black pubes, sticking straight out with no cover over the head and a small pearl of pre-cum glistening on the tip. He got out a small tub of Vaseline and moved back to the position he had been in. Scooping a dollop of Vaseline out, he began to smear it over my cock and told me that this would make it feel much better. Once he had got me all slicked up he began to give my cock what I later learnt was a good wanking. None of this `slam, bam, thank you man' stuff from Willie. He delivered quality and that is what I got that day.
"You know that you must keep this secret. You cannot say anything about it to your ma or my pa or else we will not be allowed to see each other and do it again." Willie told me as he pleasured my cock.
"Ok." I said a little nervously, but went on, "Why must it be kept a secret?"
"Some people don't like this at all and they can make life very hard for us so it is best not to tell anyone until you are absolutely sure. When you get to high school and learn of different things from the other guys there you might begin to understand how it is that some people seem to get all the good things and none of the bad and they don't understand other people's needs; and that there are things in the world that you just don't talk about with other people until you know that person so well you already know what they will do when you talk about it. And believe me, you think you know your mother just as I think I know my father but then something is said or done and we find out that we really don't know them at all. And that is why you don't tell your ma anything about this." He explained.
My head was in a whirl because if truth be known, I really did not understand a thing he had said.
"Fairly soon now, you will think that you are going to need to pee, but don't worry, it is not that, just relax and let happen what happens and if you do pee on my bed, too bad." Willie warned and assured me.

All this while, Willie had been steadily masturbating me and by watching my actions he was able to judge when I was getting closer and he gradually increased the speed his hand pumped at. Without missing a beat he changed hands on my cock and using the now free hand he began to stroke my chest and play with my nipples which got my cock feeling more sensitive than I had ever experienced it in the past. Letting my foreskin slide backwards and forwards over the head spread the Vaseline in a gooey film over the head and made it feel that much nicer too. Suddenly, I could not help it. I got the urge to pee and arched my back as my body tensed up. Letting out a scream I shot over the edge into the first orgasm of my life. True to Willie's word I did not pee, and in fact for all intents and purposes I had a dry cum. The tiny smearing of clear liquid that oozed from the tip of my cock was not cum even though it was a little slippery.
Suddenly, I could take it no longer and had to stop Willie from touching my cock any more. My vision was hazy and I was covered in sweat and panting as if I had just run from the one house to the other. I do not know how long I lay there but gradually things returned to normal and I looked up at Willie who was still leaning slightly over me and smiling.
"So PP did you like that?" Willie asked as he saw my body return to something close to normal.
"It was very nice. I liked it a lot." I answered still at a loss for words to describe what had just happened.

"Do you want to try and do the same thing to me?" Willie asked.
I nodded my head and began to sit up. Willie moved until he was lying down the length of the bed with his legs splayed and the little tub of Vaseline in one hand. "You will need to use some of this." He told me holding out the tub.
As he had done, I scooped some of the jelly out and began to smear it over his cock.
"Spread it all around and over your hand," Willie advised and then lay back to enjoy my slow and steady stroking of his cock. We heard the back door bang shut and knew that the cook had now gone for the rest of the afternoon and would not return until later when it was time to begin to cook the evening meal for Oom Jakob and Willie. In fact, we did not know it, but Oom Jakob had given the cook the rest of the day off because he intended to bring home something for the four of us for supper from the town. Then all that would be needed would be to heat it up as no matter how hot it was when they left town, the two hour drive home would be more than enough to allow the food to get completely cold. Willie knew that now we had at least three hours when we would be completely alone and he intended to make sure that we stayed naked for that whole time. Part of this was to let me wank him so slowly that he would continue to get the good feelings, but would not hit his orgasm for a long time.

I was persistent even in my ignorance and when one hand got tired, I swapped it for the other hand and continued to wank Willie's cock for some time. How long? Who knows, or even cares at this time. My arms would tomorrow because they were going to be as stiff as if they had hand sawn logs for the whole afternoon. I must have been doing the sixth or seventh hand change when Willie told me to start stroking it faster and also to add some more Vaseline because even though he was leaking pre-cum, the lube had all rubbed in and was now not doing such a great job. I added the Vaseline and found my hand felt better for it also. Next time I would not need to be told to add more lube as I would do it before it got this far along. Willie began panting and writhing on the bed and then just as I had done, he arched his back and began humping his cock into my hand hard and fast. With a loud groan his whole body went rigid and the first spurt of cum shot out and right over his head to smatter on the wall above his pillows. Although I got a bit of shock as stuff started shooting out his cock, I remembered how he had not stopped and so I continued to pump his cock. More and more of the stuff came out and eventually it was just oozing out and running down my fingers. It was at about that point that Willie stopped me stroking his cock and looking at me he smiled.
Not waiting for the question, Willie explained what the stuff was letting me know that it was called semen and had sperm in it and then telling me I would also hear it called by many other names such as cum, spunk, jism, boy juice, cock snot, and some others which I don't remember as I write this.

"I am thirsty." I said, practical as ever.
"Come on then, let's go to the kitchen and get a drink." Willie responded getting up and grabbing his T shirt to clean the spunk off his chest and tummy. He then led the way, naked, to the kitchen. Getting out two glasses he poured a tot measure worth of fruit concentrate into the glasses and then topped then up with chilled water from the fridge. Willie then went to another cupboard and pulled out two sticks of biltong[i] and handing me one we began to chew on them with relish as we had not had any lunch. Taking his glass of juice, Willie led the way out the kitchen to the back garden where the vegetable plot was. It did not matter that we were naked here as the garden fence was thatched with grass and we were hidden away from any eyes that might look our way. It felt nice to have the sun shining down on us and somehow that feeling got my cock moving again and when Willie turned around to say something to me he looked directly at a semi hard cock with a little grin of pleasure on his face.
"I'm glad to see you recover quickly and could be up for another round soon. I also do and we could fit one more in before we have to go back to your house." He told me.
I guessed that he was talking about what we had done in the bedroom and because I had enjoyed it, I did not raise any objections. Willie led me over to where there was a small patch of soft green lawn amongst the vegetable beds and we sat down there to finish eating our biltong and drink our juice. Willie had some fat on his hand that had oozed from his biltong and he leaned across and rubbed it into my semi-hard pecker making it rise to full hardness again. Then he twisted his body and began to lick the fat off my cock. I was shocked, but also found it to be very exciting and the feelings were just wonderful.
After a short while he sucked my whole cock into his mouth and ran his lips and tongue up and down it for a bit and then he let it fall out of his mouth and looking at me with a smile on his face he asked, "Did you like that?"
"Oh yes!" I answered rather enthusiastically.
"Ok, you want to try that on me?" he asked and I could see he really wanted me to lick and suck his cock.
"I'll try." I said, and squeezing some of the juice out of the strip of fat still unchewed on my stick of biltong I rubbed it onto his cock and then leaned down and very nervously put out my tongue and licked up the length of his hard rod. Of course, all I could taste was the fat from the biltong and so I was not put off and began to lick him more earnestly and finally I did as he had and slipped his cock into my mouth. By now I had already licked all the fat off and so when my tongue came into contact with his pre-cum I picked up on the different taste. I did not know what it was but neither did I find it unpleasant and so I just continued to bob up and down for a short while. Not know how long to go for. I stopped and straightening up again I asked how I had done.
"That was just great. Come on, lets go back inside and I will show you how to 69." Willie told me.
We stood up, both with full hard-ons bobbing to the movements of our body and went back inside. Leaving our empty glasses in the kitchen we went back through to Willie's room and bed.

Willie then explained to me that to suck on someone's cock until they got the good feeling and made cum was called a blow job; and when two guys did it together at the same time this was call a sixty-nine. He then showed me how to lie on the bed so that we could be on our sides facing each other but the opposite way up to each other. Willie also taught me how to wrap my lips around my teeth to make sure they did not scratch along his sensitive cock and how to flick my tongue over his cock tip and massage the fraenulum hot spot with my tongue. To give all this instruction, Willie used my cock and his mouth for the practical demonstration; talking a bit and then showing me and back to talking. As a result, I was hard and roaring to go on and experience my second orgasm of my life under the working of his tongue. But Willie prolonged this cunningly by making me practice on him while he kept his mouth free to instruct me as I quickly learned some of the intricacies of this exercise. When Willie thought I had enough knowledge to achieve success, he went back down on my cock. Because I had had that rest period when Willie instructed me during my practical I was back at square one and had to build up to my orgasm the complete journey. This coupled with my inexperience but in effect starting earlier on Jeremy's cock brought the two of us to orgasm almost simultaneously. I doubt that I produced even a drop of the clear pre-cum, but Willie managed to spurt enough to fill my mouth, despite having cum just a short while earlier.
Of course I had not thought of this aspect and so was taken by surprise again. In that surprise I swallowed the first offerings and also liked the taste of them. The last spurts stayed in my mouth a bit longer and gave me the opportunity to really savour the flavour. I found it ok and so swallowed the rest apart from a little bit that had leaked out of the corners of my mouth.

When Willie saw those dribbles he turned around and licked my chin to clean them off. "Do you like the taste of my cum?" he asked.
"Ja[ii] It has a strange taste but not bad. Biltong is better though." I answered which made Willie laugh and his laugh was so infectious I also began to laugh. The first real laughter since the accident.
As our laughter eased off naturally, Willie pulled me into a hug and said, "PP, I really like you and would like to be able to teach you some more stuff and get you ready for going to boarding school next year."
"I like you too, Willie, and if what you teach me is as nice as what you have done today, then I want to be taught. It is much better than the lessons ma gives me." I answered pulling my face into a deep frown with the last bit.
Willie smiled at that because he knew all too well how boring being homeschooled was for he suffered a few years of that under his mother before they moved to a place where he could finish the last two years of his primary education at a conventional school. And it was knowing how green he was when he went to school that he wanted to help Pieter to be more prepared concerning things of the teen world.

"The next time Johannes comes to stay, we will see if our parents will let us go camping for a few days and if that happens we will be able to teach you more. But each holiday, I will spend some time letting you learn some things from me that you will never be taught by any adult, but which you will need to know for being with your class mates." Willie promised.
"That would be nice; to go camping. I've never been camping before, what do you do?" I asked.
"Well if we are allowed, we will take a tent and some food and go off to some of the wild part of the farm where we will put up the tent and then we will cook food and sleep out there for a couple of nights and goof around the rest of the time." Willie explained. This still did not give me much of an idea, but then if Willie had given me any more detail it would not have helped much because without the experience it is difficult to understand what he was talking about. But it did make me feel a bit more grown up that this boy who was four years older than me was spending so much fun time with me and explaining things which I was totally ignorant of. It did make me feel special and I guess it was where it first started with me; but of course at that time my feelings were so mixed up and confused I did not recognise it for what it was.

"Ok we need to get dressed now and go back to your house because I guess pa and tannie will be home soon." Willie said.
Reluctantly I got up and moved over to where I had let my shorts drop earlier when Willie had called me over to him asking me to stay naked. Willie also got up at the same time and when I bent over to pick up my shirt first, he let his hand slide over my bum with one finger following the crack down as it lightly bridged both cheeks. This caused me to have an involuntary shudder and Willie giggled and said, "I see you like that too."
"Ja," I agreed as I stood up and lifting my hands I began to pull my T shirt over my head. Again Willie took advantage and two sets of fingers tickled into my smooth and hairless pits forcing me to squirm and pull away, but giggle at the same time. Willie would find out before much longer just how ticklish I was and use that to his advantage many times over. Not that it was a problem to me either because I actually liked to be tickled.
Once we were dressed, but before we left his room, Willie pulled me into another hug and after holding me close for a while, he slid his hand down my back and into my shorts to cup my bum cheek. Then pulling away slightly he slipped his hand around to cup my cock and balls and give them a bit of a caress. "You know we can't do this if there is anyone else around! We have to be careful, so for the first bit, I think you should let me decide when we can and cannot do anything like this." He suggested as he continued to rub my now hard pecker. I simply agreed to that as he was the teacher and all knowing one and with that we left his house and walked back to my house with both our shorts tented for the first part of the short journey until the excitement of the last grope in the room had dissipated.

[i] Biltong -- spiced and dried raw meat similar to American Jerky.

[ii] Ja -- Afrikaans for "yes"