It Happened So ...

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Chapter 6

Although it was much later in the afternoon when we made the walk back to my house, it was still stifling hot and we were covered in sweat and a fine layer of dust, partially due to the fact that we had stopped part way to look at a stone in the gravel road and had kicked at it to get it loose kicking up clouds of dust in the process. This meant that we were again uncomfortable and so Willie suggested another shower. I had no objections to that and we stripped off in my room and walked naked to the bathroom as we were the only two in the house. We had our showers and as before washed each other such that we were once again sporting boners by the time we had finished. We walked naked back to the bedroom and I turned and reached for Willies cock as he closed the bedroom door.
"No, not yet, PP. Let's wait till after dinner and we have the whole night to do something and can do it nice and slow. Also it will give us more time to build up a supply." Willie stopped me.
"I don't have a supply like you do." I responded.
"Of course not. You are not as old as me and have only just started to change into a man." Willie said. "But that does not matter. You can still find a wait makes the whole experience more enjoyable."
I was not so sure that I actually wanted to wait, but Willie was in charge and I was the follower. That was very clear and I would have had it no other way had I been mature enough to know better. As it was I think I was still happy to let him be in control as I needed some sort of rock to cling to with my emotions in such turmoil as would be expected with the situation. So it was with some reluctance that I got dressed noting that Willie put on some scants[i] before putting his shorts on.

As it turned out, it was for the better because we had only been dressed for about five minutes when we heard the engine of the bakkie as ma and Oom Jakob returned. Our cook had clearly heard the sounds too and came running up from the compound to see what was needed to be done. It was quite common for the cooks and house servants to have a break during the hot part of the afternoon and then come back to work to prepare and clear up the evening meal. When Phineas arrived Oom Jakob told him he could go home again as there was nothing to be cooked and he could clean the dishes in the morning. Normally Phineas would not have accepted an order from someone who was not in charge of him, but he recognised that in this situation Oom Jakob was helping ma out and so he simply said his thanks to the boss and left.
Ma went and sat in the lounge while Oom Jakob prepared drinks for her and himself and offered us each a coke which we readily accepted. We then all sat down in the lounge and ma said, "Willie, thank you for looking after Pieter today, it would have been very difficult for him and also you in town today. There was so much we had to do and you two would have spent more time sitting in a hot car than anything else."
"It was my pleasure, tannie. PP is a nice boy and we had some fun together and even managed to laugh once." Willie told her.
I nearly wept when I saw how pleased ma was when Willie told her we had managed to laugh once.
"What did you laugh about?" Oom Jakob asked.
Before I could say a word, Willie quickly got in with, "I can't remember, but I think it was some joke or something." Giving a very evasive answer so that we could avoid telling them that we were naked at the time and doing things to each other which would have been frowned upon.

"Ok, now this is what has been arranged," ma began. "The police have agreed that it was a genuine accident and so there is no need for any further investigation and that means they have been able to release the body already. So the funeral will be held here at the farm next Saturday." Ma had to stop then to get a bit of control of herself.
Oom Jakob went over and standing behind her chair he put his hands on her shoulders and continued, "Willie I have been to see the school and you have been allowed out for the weekend, but because I will be too busy helping Sarie with all the preparations, the school have agreed to allow Johannes out as well and his parents will pick both of you boys up at lunch time on Friday and come to the farm for the weekend."
"Dankie, pa, I was so worried that PP would be all alone, but now there will be two of us to help him so you can concentrate on helping tannie." Willie said, showing again a maturity beyond his years and also a caring side which I was to come to know very well over the next few years.

We talked some more about what would happen and what would be expected of me as the son and heir at the funeral and I must admit at my tender age it all seemed a bit a daunting and as I was being told I reached across and took hold of Willie's hand and squeezed it tightly. Willie just disengaged his hand and put his arm around my shoulders and said softly, "Don't worry PP I will be there to help you."
"Will you stay with me tonight again, please?" I asked as a small sob shook my body. I was getting rather emotional again as the thought of pa being dead started to sink in.
"Of course I will. I promised you, didn't I?" Willie assured me. "I'll hold you all night long if that is what you want and need."
"Oh Willie, thank you, you are being so good to Pieter." Ma said.
"Ja Willie, you are making your father really proud as well. Thank you." Oom Jakob said and his face was glowing with pride.
"Oh Jakobus, thank you too. I could not have managed today without your help and level headed thinking." Ma said.
"I would have been very surprised if you had. That is why I organised the labourers early to free me up to come with you." Oom Jakob told her.
"Ma, what will happen with the farm without pa to run it?" I asked.
"I am not sure yet, Pieter, I have not had a chance to think about that, but when I have worked something out, I will let you know." Ma answered.
"And in the meantime, while your ma is looking at what to do, I will help her as much as I can to keep things running." Oom Jakob promised me. "And Johannes' older brother has offered to come and help from time to time as well." He added.
"Cool." Willie said, then turning to me, "You'll like Stephan. He is a cool guy and will help you to learn some things."
Of course I knew he was talking about teen worldly things, but the two adults in the room assumed that Willie was referring to farming tactics.

Oom Jakob then excused himself to go and get the oven on and the food warming up. It was only a bunch of boerewors[ii] rolls along with potato crisps and some salad ingredients fresh from the garden. The salad was going to take the longest and give the most work in preparation but even then, supper would be ready in less than half an hour.
Willie and I had straight cokes with our meal while ma and Oom Jakob added some brandy to their cokes to help with the stress of the day. After we had all finished eating, Oom Jakob said he needed to check on a few things and then he was going to go straight back to his house to sleep as he had a long day ahead with the unspoken task of getting the grave dug. Of course I did not know that he was going to oversee this and did not even think about it. I guess having not been to any funerals other than oupa's a couple of years previous I had no experience to call on to make me think of such things. With oupa we arrived at the family cemetery under the big phallic symbol rock that gave the farm its Stywe Piel Plaas name to find the hole already dug and when we left the labourers had all taken a turn at shovelling the dirt into the hole while the women sang.
Shortly after Oom Jakob had left us, ma said that she was very tired and needed to go to bed also and asked us to go to the bedroom and we could stay up, but needed to keep quiet. We accepted this and Willie said we would just check the house was locked up first and then we would go to bed and ma could head straight off. Once again ma thanked Willie for his help and taking him up on his offer she headed straight off to her room to get what she needed for a bath.
It was a funny thing this locking up. We would go around the house and make sure the windows in rooms where we were not sleeping were closed tight and that all the doors to the outside were locked except for the back door that the cook would come in through in the morning. Then the bedroom windows would all be left open to allow some of the cooler night air into the rooms to be swirled around by the ceiling fan which was never turned off during the long hot summers. If truth be told, there was no need to actually lock the house at all as there was no threat of danger or robbery because the family living in the house was too well respected by the workforce and the chance of some transient coming onto the farm was remote. When new labourers were required there was always a relative of one of the existing labourers needing work and generally they were employed without much of any process but to put the word out and wait for the senior charge hand to come and tell us who was available. And there was a definite pecking order among the labourer's families as to who was next in line to provide a relative. This sometimes led to fights among the workforce because the working conditions on Stywe Piel Plaas were well known to be some of the best in the region and so there was some real competition to get a job on the farm.

Once we were in my room, we both changed into our sleeping shorts and noted that they were both made from the same sort of satin like material and were soft and smooth with plenty of room. Willie could put his hand up the leg of my shorts and wank my cock without having to take the shorts off because there was enough room that it really was like wanking just under the sheets.
We were not as tired as ma and so were not yet ready for going to sleep, but knew that we could not risk doing anything of an interesting nature until we were sure that ma had gone to sleep. We sat on the bed and Willie began to give me a bit of a lesson on life.
"You will find when you go to boarding school that there is a lot of things you don't know. One thing is that everybody is at a different level of maturity and while the guys in your dorm will all be close in age, some like you will already have hair, while others will still look like little boys down there. Some of the guys will make fun of the poor ones that have no hair and small penises, and you might feel that you should also to try and fit in, but I hope that you don't because those guys who are not as developed as the others will be having a hard enough time without the added burden of being picked on and having their deficiencies pointed out regularly. The other thing is that most boys use bad language and talk about wanking and sex all the time. Don't be intimidated by this as most of it is just talk and lies made up to make the guy look more of a guy than he really is. But Stephan will help you to see some of this as well, I am sure of that because he has helped Johannes and me also. Just one word of warning, if you and Stephan are doing anything together, make sure you do not stroke his bum or put your finger or any other part of you near his bum hole. He does not like that at all." Willie told me.
I just lay there on the bed, not understanding all that Willie was telling me and knew that I would not remember most of it, but I would remember his warning about Stephan's bum. That was one thing I did pick up on Stephan also liked to do things with other guys' private parts, and once again it would have to remain secret.
Willie talked a lot more about things of the outside world that did not mean a lot to me, but as he was going to repeat himself quite a bit whenever we got together during the school breaks, I would at least have something of an idea and be better prepared for the shock of boarding school than going in totally green as I would have been if Willie had not taken me under his wing.
At last we heard ma leave the bathroom and shortly after that her bedroom door clicked shut. That was when we discovered that Willie could do an awful lot under my sleeping shorts as he snuck his hand up my leg and covered my balls and cock with his hand before I had even registered that ma was in her room. It did not take my cock long to react and soon Willie had his fingers around it and was jerking away at my cock quite happily.

I put my hand over and ran it down his chest over his belly and when I got to the waistband of his shorts I worked my hand under it and moved on down until I felt his pubes and then was able to take hold of his cock and began pumping it like he was doing mine.
It did not take long for me to feel the slickness as my fingers spread his pre-cum over the naked head of his circumcised cock. Willie was fortunate in that he produced a lot of natural source lube and after a short while of my fingers spreading the lube, it was being worked down the length of his cock shaft until my whole hand was gliding along the cock without catching anywhere and his flow continued to keep the whole hand lubed with sufficient to dribble on over his scrotum. Of course I did not know this was not the normal way of boys and it was only when I got to boarding school that I really learnt we are all different in the volume of pre-cum we produce.
I was really giving his cock a good whacking off when he stopped me. "No, let's take it a bit slower and make it last." He suggested. "Also I don't want to cum inside my shorts." He added smiling.
It took a few seconds for the penny to drop, but then I got it and moved to where I could pull his shorts off of him. As I grabbed the waist band and began to tug down, Willie lifted his bum up so that the shorts could slide over them without being trapped against the bed clothes. I threw his shorts to the side of the bed where they fell in a small heap on the floor; then I slid my hands up his hairy legs enjoying the feel of that as I still had to produce some hair on my legs in place of the light bum fluff that was still there. When my head got level with his cock, I stuck out my tongue and ran it up the underside of the cock which of course was now facing outward as his cock lay against his lower abdomen pointing towards his chin. I recognised the taste of his pre-cum from licking it off of my fingers earlier and the taste I had had earlier that same day; and I still preferred the taste of biltong juice on it.
I continued my lick over the head of his cock and on to the navel which now held a small pool of precum that I lapped up before beginning to follow the faint route of a developing happy trail up his stomach. Willie put his hands on either side of my head and by gently tugging he encouraged me to move on up his body until I was lying on top of him and our faces were level and looking at each other.

Willie moved his head to one side as he moved his arms to cross over my back just below my shoulders and he pulled me into a tight hug that was more of a squeeze and whispered in my ear, "I really like you PP and I want to help you to learn as much as you can so that you are more ready than most of the others when you get to school. I will get Johannes to help me when he stays with me during the holidays and I will ask Stephan to help you as well."
I lifted my head and forced my shoulders up a bit as well so that I could look into his eyes when I replied, "I like you too Willie and I am so glad you came to live on our farm."

I think we could easily have replaced the word `like' with `love' and not been wrong, but neither of us had realised it at the time; and wouldn't realise it for a while yet. But Willie did move his arms from holding my back and put his hands either side of my head again and then lifted his head to give me a small peck of a kiss on the lips. Something like my mother normally does when she says goodnight to me. Perhaps that is the way that Willie was feeling toward me at the time; like he was the mother caring for her hurting child and although he was showing a remarkably high maturity for his age, he still was not sure of what to do or say. But that did not matter because all that he did do was helpful and comforting, encouraging and strengthening at the same time. I think because the kiss was so much like ma would give me when sending me off to bed, I thought nothing of it at the time and so did not raise an issue over it. Whether Willie took that as a good or bad sign, I shall never know because he has since told me that he does not remember much of these days that I am describing now as he knows he was more concerned with making me feel good in all the ways he knew how.

After the kiss, Willie's hand slipped down my back and under the elastic of my sleeping shorts and hooking them with his thumbs he began to push them down until I lifted up so that he could get them past my bum at the back and my cock at the front and as far down my legs as he could reach, which was not that far. Not content with me lying on top of him with our hard cocks pressed against each other, between our stomachs, Willie rolled me over so that I was lying on my back and he was on top of me. Then he began to kiss and lick down my chest giving my nipples some great attention before continuing the south bound journey to end at my cock which was licked and engulfed and then licked some more. While my cock was sitting inside Willie's mouth, his hands pushed my shorts further down my legs and once they were past my knees, I lifted each leg in turn and allowed Willie to pull the shorts off over my feet. Yet again we were in the state that we seemed to have spent the majority of the day in naked and hard. Willie then moved around on the bed and got us into a sixty nine position with him on top and me below. Moments later I felt the wet warmth of his mouth closing over my penis and the strength of his jaws as he clamped down on my cock with lip covered teeth to work my foreskin back so that his tongue could go to work on a sensitive cock head. As the pupil I copied his moves and although I could not push his foreskin back. I could push the rest of the shaft skin back a bit so that his cock head was tight and hard with a substantial supply of blood inside it. As he flicked his tongue over the head of my cock, so I flicked my tongue over the head of his cock and was rewarded with a big dollop of his pre-cum juice which was flowing freely again. Willie kept his fingers on my ball bag and every time he sensed I was getting close to shooting my wad, he would ease up and let my cock rest a bit till the sensations had died down before going back down on my cock and raising those same feelings to another height. At the same time, when he was getting close he would lift his pelvis up and release his cock from my mouth for a bit to let his cock cool it in order to prolong our orgasms as much as possible.
I don't know how long we played the lick and rest game, but I do know that when Willie eventually allowed me to go all the way, I learnt what he meant when he told me earlier in the day it would be better to wait and build up supplies. Sure, I was still shooting nothing worth talking about, but the orgasm was so intense it literally took my breath away and I believe I did pass out for a few seconds. But of course I also had a cock in my mouth and when I was experiencing a mind shattering orgasm, the strongest in my life to date, he was pumping his cock in my mouth. So as I came too again, I clamped down on that pistoning sausage and took up a bit of tongue tantalising tasting again as he built up to an equally strong orgasm, albeit not the strongest he had experienced so far but ranking up near that at least. And he had built up a reserve that he flooded my mouth and nose with as I gagged on it and the reflex forced some of the cum to blow out through my nose. I swallowed and in doing so swallowed once when he pushed his cock deep into my mouth and the swallow took it down into my throat which caused him to pulsate strongly again and shoot some cum into my stomach without giving me a taste of it.

Collapsing forward onto my groin, Willie pulled his cock out of my mouth while it was still oozing the final drops of his semen and he left a string from my mouth down over my chin and onto my chest. A few moments later, still panting, Willie rolled off of me and turned so that our heads were both the same end of the bed.
"Thank you, that was awesome." He said, "And worth the wait."
I could only agree with him and told him that he knew best.
Willie was on the side of the bed where the table was and so he leaned over and turned off the light plunging the room into darkness. Then he snuggled up close to me and feeling his nearness, I rolled onto my side so that I could pull up against his front as he spooned into me. He put his arms around me and rested his hand against my breast and just that presence put my nipple on edge and caused a tingle in my still tingling cock which began to get hard again. Clearly the closeness was also felt by Willie as his cock also began to get hard and he used his hand to get it lying between my legs, pushing against my ball bag from the back and smearing a layer of fresh pre-cum over the scrotum.
"Willie, you make so much of that slippery stuff. Why did you say I needed to use the oil as well?" I asked remembering how earlier he had made me use some lube.
"There are some that do not make enough natural lube to keep things slick and smooth while all the jacking is going on and so I felt you needed to learn to use lube unless your partner asks you not to. Willie answered me.
Willie let got of my tit long enough to used that hand to pull the covers up over us and then replacing it back on my bosom we both fell asleep to sleep through the night and well into the daylight of the morning.

[i] Scants or skants Southern African version of briefs. Not quite a slip but a bit skimpier than common briefs.

[ii] Boerewors Literally, farmers sausage. A long sausage made with a lot of seasoning and usually at least two different types of meat. A favourite at the Southern African form of BBQ