It Happened So ...

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Chapter 7

We eventually woke the next morning because we simply could not sleep any more. The oppressive heat of mid-morning was causing us to lie with a glow of perspiration over our bodies and where we were touching each other there were little rivulets trickling along creases and cascading down in miniature water falls to the mattress below. Added to that, all the sounds of a working house and farm were building and knocking at our subconscious as sleep began to elude us.
Willie pulled the bed covers back and revealed that like most teen boys he had woken with a morning glory and after giving it a few strokes, he got up off the bed and pulled his baggy shorts on and holding his hands in front of him in case there should be someone else in the passage who might witness his erection, he made his way to the bathroom and tried to pee, but his hard erection prevented him from relaxing enough to let the pee flow.
This is how I found him when I got into the bathroom a few moments after him. His sleeping shorts were concertinaed around his ankles while he stood at the toilet bowl clenching and relaxing his bum cheeks as he tried to force a dribble out of his cock which, hard as it was, was held pointed down towards the bowl.
I don't know how I knew it could help, but I suggested that as we needed a shower he could just get in the shower stall and let it flow whichever way it was pointed as the water would wash it away just as well as flushing the toilet would.
Willie gave me a look of gratitude and moved over to the shower cubicle and stepped in with me right on his heels. We were both standing in the small area facing each other when his piss began to flow through a cock that was still pointing skyward. We were so close together that it was impossible to avoid getting any pee on me, so I just stood there and let the piss flow over me. Fortunately it did not fountain high enough to reach my head as I might have found that a bit gross.
I also needed to piss and let fly as we stood there, but as I did not have a hard on at the time my piss mostly went between Willies legs to splash against the corner where the floor and wall meet in that convenient curve. However if either I or Willie moved a bit, some of my piss would slam into his leg and splash back against my legs. We just stood there looking at each other as our piss flowed and then as it died down, we turned the shower on and began to adjust it to get the water temperature just right. Not freezing cold, but just a bit below body temperature to try and cool us down and stop our perspiration for a short while. Of course we washed each other and massaged each other, but again Willie suggested we wait till later. This was his last full day at home as the next day he would go back to school for four days before coming home again for pa's funeral.

By the time we had washed all the soap off and towelled dry, we were both soft and so putting our unused sleeping shorts back on; we walked back to my room and got dressed. This time I noticed that Willie did not put any underwear on and when he saw me notice it, he winked and gave a little conspirrational smile. Not being as wise to the ways of the world as I am now, I did not understand what he was getting at but let him have his little secret as I pulled my T over my head.
Dressed we went to the kitchen in search of something to eat. Phineas told us that the porridge had been finished and we could have cereal. This did not exactly please us, but we also saw that we had little choice and so I got the milk out while Willie put the cereal into two bowls. We took our breakfast out onto the veranda and ate it there. When we had finished we put our bowls down on the table and Willie sitting opposite me spread his legs so that I could see his cock up his shorts. I looked at it while he made it move a little bit by flexing his rectus abdominus muscles. I watched the little show for a bit and then felt his gaze on me and so looked up to see him smiling at me. I got embarrassed although I don't know why as we had seen and looked at a lot more of each other than that in the last few days.
"I need to go home and pack for school. Do you want to come and help me?" Willie asked.
"Ja. I'll just check with ma." I answered and stood up to go and find where ma was as I had not yet seen her this morning.
I found ma in the office and she readily gave me permission to go with Willie as she thought it would be good to have something to occupy my mind so that I did not think too much about pa. Of course thoughts about pa were never far away and it was not uncommon for me to give a little sob every so often when something happened or was said that brought those thoughts to the front. Willie was so good because every time something caused the little uncontrolled weeping he would stop what he was doing and come and put an arm around me and stroke my back. This had a real comforting effect that I was going to miss sorely for those four days he was back at school.
What pains me the most though after the pain of losing pa and knowing how sad ma was, was not realising how much Willie was also struggling with the loss as he had come to really like pa and looked on him as a true uncle. So his death also brought grief and pain to Willie, but he kept himself strong for me.

We walked over to Willie's house and entered by the kitchen door because that is always unlocked. Willie greeted the cook and we moved further in to go to his room. Willie pulled out his regulation sized and marked tin trunk and opening it he began to put all that he needed to take with him into it. I was not surprised at the clothing that went in as most of it was school uniform and his underwear and socks along with a few things of a personal nature for when they were allowed to wear something other than uniform. I also was not surprised when he put in more than one set of sleeping shorts as he would need to use them and then get them washed by the laundry.
But what did perk my interest were some other items which he packed and as he packed them he kind of hid them under his uniform.

First to go in were a couple of glossy magazines on which I fleetingly saw a picture of what I thought was a naked guy.
"What are those magazines for?" I asked.
"My friend at school lent both me and Johannes some to help us over the holidays and so I have to return them to him. I will show you another one that belongs to Stephan which he will want back after the funeral." Willie said and then immediately stepped over to embrace me as my eyes welled up and a little sob escaped my lips. "I'm so sorry, PP." He apologised as he comforted me.
After a short while I got back in control of myself and Willie continued his packing. He left me in the room while he went off to fetch something and returning he brought in a small squeeze bottle. Then digging in his bedside cabinet, he pulled out a large bottle of baby oil. He decanted some into the small bottle and handed it to me to hold while he closed the bigger bottle and put it into a plastic bag which he sealed by a tying a knot in it before he put it into his trunk also covered by clothing.
I knew what the large bottle was for, but asked, "What is this little bottle for?"
"Well, we might use some on you before we go back to your house today and Johannes will need some when he comes at the weekend." Willie explained. Fortunately this time I did not put Johannes' coming for the weekend with my pa and so did not break down again.
Willie dug under his mattress and brought out what looked to me like a piece of a plastic broom handle. Before he had a chance to put it in the trunk, I asked what it was. Willie turned towards me and held the item out for me to take and look at. Now I could see that the one end was shaped to a rounded point and it had some bumps and ridges on it. At the other end it looked like it had a screw cap on it. I did not notice that the little bump on the end of the screw cap end could move and so Willie took it off of me and showed me the bump and then he flicked it with his thumb and a soft buzzing noise started. Still I was ignorant and Willie could see the confusion in my face and so he came closer to me and pulling the waistband of my shorts out, he pushed the pointed end down into my groin and only then did I realise that the thing was vibrating. As Willie moved it around it vibrated against my cock and ball bag and into my groin and got my cock rising very quickly.
"It's called a dildo and girls use them in their pussy to imitate a man's cock, but us guys use them like this on our cocks and also to stick up our bums when we are doing things with each other." He explained, as he slowly pushed my shorts down using his one free hand. Willie turned the dildo off and guided me to lie on his bed. Then he took his shorts and trainers off and pulled my shorts the rest of the way off and also my trainers. Taking the small bottle of lube he dribbled some onto my groin and then using the dildo he began to smear it around while the vibrations sent me into a kind of trance. After letting he dildo play on my cock where the foreskin attaches to the underside of the cock head, he gently used a hand to ease my foreskin back and let the vibrating machine tease my cock head for a bit longer before he began to use a hand to wank my cock while he used the dildo to massage between my legs and under the ball bag. Willie asked me pull my knees up so that they were as close to my shoulders as I could get them. I did not see him dribble more oil onto me but felt the coolness of the drops as they landed on the perineum and he used the dildo to spread the oil around again. Gradually he worked the dildo closer and closer to my bum and when he actually passed it over my bum hole I nearly died. I also nearly hit my orgasm on the spot and Willie must have realised this as he stopped jacking my cock and just held it tight. Somehow that seemed to help ease the feeling in my cock and when he started moving the dildo around again I was not as close to cumming as I had been for a while. The next time he passed the dildo slowly over my bum hole I groaned in pleasure and Willie asked if I liked that. I could not talk and merely nodded my head in approval so he moved it back and let it go in little circles around the hole. He began pumping my cock again also but this time he was doing it slowly and holding it tight enough that it pulled the foreskin all the way back off the head and then pushed it forward again to cover the head. Willie had been vibrating my bum hole steadily for about a minute when he put a bit more pressure on and the end of the dildo began to push into the hole. I was too far gone with pleasure to really notice the slight intrusion and so did nothing about it yet. Willie saw this as a sign to go a bit further and pushed again. This time about another inch of the dildo went in and my bum hole was stretched to about three quarters of the diameter of the dildo. The vibrations must have caused a bit of numbness and so I did not feel any distress with this and Willie took the opportunity to push it in a bit further. Gradually he pushed it in even further and it started to vibrate against something else inside me that sent a weird feeling to my cock. I now was writhing on the bed and struggling to hold my legs back. Willie began to slide the dildo in and out and each time he went in he hit the spot that sent shivers down my spine and a tingling to my cock. Willie did not need to ask, he could see that I was really enjoying this and as my orgasm built and came to its crescendo, Willie pushed the dildo in as far as he could get it while my cock throbbed and single big drop of clear seminal fluid shot out onto my belly. It still was not cum, but Willie said that I could not be far off of being able to produce the proper goods and predicted that before I went to boarding school I would be shooting a load. Time would tell if he was right.

I had to ask Willie to stop rubbing my cock because the sensations were too strong, and he did, but he kept pumping the dildo in and out of my bum and this made my cock stay hard and tingly. But eventually even that became too much and I asked him to stop. Willie kept to his promise and immediately stopped pulling the dildo out and then going off to the bathroom to get some toilet tissue to clean it with. I heard the tap running and then the toilet flushing and shortly after that a naked Willie returned to the room with a clean dildo. "Next time we must make sure you have had a shit before we do this. I think you should go to the bathroom and try to shit and then give yourself a good wipe to make sure you are clean." Willie advised me. I did as I was asked and when I returned to the room, Willie was just latching the trunk closed and still naked he dug in the back of his chest of drawers and brought out a magazine.

Both still naked we sat side by side on the edge of the bed and Willie began to show me the pictures in the magazine. It was a gay mag which if the police found out about it someone would go to jail for because this type of pornography was totally banned in South Africa and carried a prison sentence without the option of a fine as punishment. Of course I did not know that at the time but I did know from Willie's repeated warnings that I was not to talk of this with anyone else. And this mag was one of the worst because it showed adults and younger boys who were only a little older than I was at the time. This was a real education for me and as the pages turned, Willie put his hand back on my cock to find it hard again and I followed suit and found that his cock which had got soft while he finished his packing was now a raging boner running with pre-cum which I quickly started to spread around. The pictures moved from just individuals to older guys masturbating young boys and then the young boys sucking the older guys and it was at one of these pictures that Willie stopped for there was a young boy, probably about thirteen years old. He had his mouth around what looked to be a very thick cock attached to a young man of about twenty five, but at the other side of the picture was a similar aged man and his cock was lying in the crack of the young boy's bum. Having just had the dildo in me, I guessed what was coming next and as Willie turned the page, I saw that I was right and learnt later that this was called "spit roasting". Willie tossed the magazine to the side and lying back he asked me to suck his cock. I did as asked without hesitation and soon Willie was groaning and humping his cock into my throat and suddenly he stiffened and his cock jumped as the first spurt of his cum hit the back of my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed as each spurt shot out and kept on sucking until Willie stopped me. When he did I licked up the few drops of cum that had escaped my mouth and lay down next to Willie, picking up the magazine to finish looking at the pictures. I certainly learnt a lot and both of us were hard again before we turned the last page of the magazine. Willie put it away and then said that we should get back to my house as my mother would probably start worrying if we were gone too long.

We got back to my house in time for lunch and ma asked if Willie had managed to get everything he needed packed.
"Ja, Tannie, dankie."[i] Willie replied.
While we were eating our food, ma talked about how proud she was of both of us and how well we had behaved over these last few days and thanked us for being so good as that had made it easier for her to cope with all the other things she had had to do. Willie and I remained silent through this as there really was nothing we could say and I for one was struggling to control my emotions as ma's talking brought home even stronger that pa was gone. Fortunately she stopped and put some food in her mouth just in time and as I gulped to try and stop my mouth from quivering, ma must have realised the struggle I was going through and just changed the subject. With that we got through lunch without me crying again and ma said that she had some other work she needed to get on with and asked us to amuse ourselves again. Then just as she was leaving the room, she turned to Willie and said, "I guess you might want to spend tonight at your own house with your pa and that is ok with me. Pieter will have to be on his own from tomorrow and if that happens a little sooner then he will be able to cope with it."
"I will talk with pa, but I think he will expect me to stay with PP tonight again." Willie responded.
"Well it is your and Jakobus' decision to make." Ma stated and left the room with that as the end of the discussion.

We decided to go outside and play and once we were away from the house a little bit and we could not be overheard, Willie turned to me and asked, "What do you want me to do?"
"I would like you to stay with me again, but if you want to stay with Oom Jakob then that is alright with me also." I answered truthfully.
"I would like to stay with you and I will talk with pa and tell him that. After all I will only be gone for three nights." Willie reasoned.
We left that subject and began to concentrate on the need to occupy ourselves for the afternoon. We climbed a couple of trees and Willie always led the way giving me a lot of opportunity to look up the legs of his shorts at his free swinging cock. The last tree we climbed was a big old mango tree with branches which were as big around as some tree trunks and we could walk along the branches almost as easily as walking on the ground. Willie encouraged me to go the next level of branches in this big tree and once I had got up there, with his help as I was a bit on the short side to reach well enough, we found that the one part where three branches came out side by side, we could lie across the three branches without the fear of falling out of the tree. Willie had me lie down closest to the trunk and then he sat on the middle of the three branches and spread his legs to place a foot on each of the other two branches to balance himself. When I turned my head to look at him, I could see right up his shorts and noticed that his cock was hard and tenting his shorts leaving his balls lying in the pants leg I was looking up. I wondered what had caused him to get hard when he leant forward and began to pull my shorts down. I looked up at his face and saw a little gleam in his eye which I was coming to know meant that we were in for a bit of fun.
"Lift your bum a little please." Willie asked me and without thinking I did just that. In a flash Willie had my shorts half way down my legs and then he had me bend my legs as he took them right off. Next he removed my T shirt leaving me naked in a tree. This was really the first time I had been naked outside with the exception of when we had gone into Willie's vegetable garden at the back of his house the other day. Of course, even though I was still only just starting down the road to puberty, this action had caused my cock to harden and Willie gently took it in his fingers and began to wank it. The thrill of doing it in those circumstances got me cumming quickly and once more I produced a little pearl of clear pre-cum. I then told Willie that he had to be naked as well and I would do him if he got naked up the tree. Willie soon had his shirt and shorts off and then he lay back along the middle branch and spread his arms and legs out over the two outside branches leaving him spread-eagled and open to my actions. I leant forward and took his cock into my mouth and sucked and licked for all I was worth. It only took a couple of minutes for me to receive my reward and soon I was drinking down Willie's offering of semen. But then disaster struck. As Willie was moving to sit up he slipped and in his effort to prevent his fall, he managed to knock our clothes off and they fell all the way to the ground. We were left with no choice but to climb down naked and hope that no saw us until after we had managed to at least get our shorts on. Willie helped me to get to the lower branches again and then joined me on them before dropping to the ground from there. He quickly pulled his shorts on and then threw my shorts up to me, but I was not brave enough to reach far enough out to catch them. I too, had to get to the ground and pull them on quickly. We left the tree carrying our shirts and giggling at the situation we had been in.
"I like being naked outside." I told him, "But it is a bit scary too." I confided.
"I know. I like being naked everywhere, but we can't be all the time." Willie agreed with me.

We then strolled to the front of house and were just sitting on the front lawn when Oom Jakob drove up. Willie immediately got up and went to talk to his father. I could not hear the conversation clearly enough to make out what they were saying but then, in a voice loud enough for me to hear, Oom Jakob suggested, "Perhaps Pieter would like to sleep at our house tonight. Let me talk to Marie and then I will let you know."
Willie came back to me and asked me how I felt about the possibility of sleeping at his house. I said I was ok, except that would mean that ma would be all by herself and maybe she would not like that. Willie's face fell a bit because he could see that I was right and that it would not be good for ma to be left all alone. We fell silent for a bit as we did not know what to do or say to each other that might help the situation as with any of the options we had thought about so far, one or the other of our parents was going to be alone, or we were going to be separated. I felt thirsty and so suggested we go inside to get something to drink. We got up and started heading towards the lounge doors which were open onto the veranda and as we reached them, Oom Jakob called out to us, "Willie go and help Pieter get some things ready to sleep at our house tonight and then get in the back of the bakkie[ii]."
"Why in the back?" Willie said, he was disappointed because he had hoped his father would let him drive the short distance back to their house.
"You have to get in the back to keep Pieter company because there is not enough room for four people in the cab." Oom Jakob said.
Even then the penny did not drop and it was not until ma came out carrying a little bag that we realised ma was also going to stay at Willie's house for the night.

[i] Ja Tannnie, Dankie -- Yes Aunty, thank you.

[ii] Bakkie -- slang for small pick-up truck