It Happened So ...

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Chapter 8

We got to Oom Jakob and Willie's house and Oom Jakob took ma's bag and carried it inside showing her which room she would have, and then went and got sheets and blankets to make the bed up in that room. He was very good and remembered to give her a towel and face cloth as well. Willie led me to his room where I just dumped my bag and we went back to the lounge where we waited until supper was ready. Ma and Oom Jakob worked together to get the supper ready and they talked while they did it. Suddenly I heard a peal of laughter coming from the kitchen and realised that it was my ma who had laughed and I got a big smile on my face because it was the first time I had heard her laugh since the accident. Willie also smiled and then put his arm around my shoulders and gave me a squeeze before taking his arm back and we just sat there for a while in silence.

After dinner we were sent to play in Willie's room for a bit before going to sleep so that ma and Oom Jakob could discuss some business matters before they also went to bed. We had our shower together and managed to get each other hard again in the shower but we did not go all the way to an orgasm. Then we pulled just a pair of sleeping shorts on and went to the room to talk. I wanted to look at the magazine again, but Willie wisely said it was too risky and we would have to wait until another time. Of course I had not thought about the visible evidence that would be present if we were looking at the magazine even if we did manage to hide the mag before anyone actually got into the room. Being farmers we all got early nights and so it was a little after nine that ma came and knocked on the door and wished us a good night and then went off to bed and Oom Jakob made sure that ma was ok and then locked up the house before coming to see us. I am sure that as we sat there on Willie's bed, Oom Jakob spent more time looking at our crotches than he did at our faces, but I could never prove it. He left us after a short bit of conversation mainly between him and Willie, and as the door closed, Willie turned to me and began to pull my shorts down. I moved to make it easier for him and when he had me naked and had run his hand over my package to help it to get hard, he let me pull his shorts down and we climbed into bed.
Willie turned the light out and then asked me to lie on my side with my back to him. I did it even though I thought it was odd that he did not want me facing him. But he soon showed me his reasons as he spooned up behind me and worked his cock till he was sliding between my legs. He asked me to lift my head and put one of his arms under my neck and used his hand on that arm to fondle my tits as much as he could reach. His other hand came over my torso and grabbed my cock, just holding it. We lay like that for a bit; his hard cock sandwiched between my legs and my hard cock enveloped in his hand.
Willie let go of my cock and rolled away slightly so that he could reach over to his bedside locker and grab the bottle of baby oil. Bringing that back he put some on his cock which had pulled free of my legs when he rolled over to get the oil and then squirted an ample amount between my legs before sliding his cock back in. He rolled away again to put the oil on the locker top and then rolled back with his cock sliding in unaided. His hand returned to my still hard cock and it too had a supply of oil on it which he proceeded to smear all over my cock and balls. That done, Willie started to hump me while he jacked me off with his hand.
When Willie started getting close he increased his speed and as a result he kind of lost some control over the length of his stroke. He pulled back too far and his cock left the warmth of my legs. Pushing forward again his cock bumped against my pucker before sliding up my crack; he had enough oil and pre-cum on his cock that it moved easily and with the underside of his cock having the most contact with the skin in my crack this actually gave him more stimulation than going between my legs and so he kept on humping me that way. His hand which was pumping my cock kept up the timing with his own thrusts and sped up the onset of my orgasm which had me spurting my little drop of pre-cum once again a short time before he sprayed his cum up my crack and my back.

Willie got his cum rag from under his bed and wiped his cum off of me but did not wipe up the lube on my cock or between my legs. Then he placed his still semi hard cock back between my legs, pulled me back into an embrace as he spooned me and whispered, "Good night PP; you're a great guy and we are going to be good friends."
He gave me what felt like a little kiss on the back of the neck and holding my cock in one hand and my tit in the other we slipped off to sleep. If Oom Jakob came in and saw us like that I don't know because I did not wake during my sleep and he never said anything about it.
I woke the next morning to the pleasure of having my cock wanked while Willie humped between my legs again. This time he stayed more in control and when he shot his load it sprayed onto the back of my balls and my legs and my little drop disappeared into the bed linen. We then got up and pulling our sleeping shorts on, we headed to the bathroom and released our bladder pressure before jumping in the shower together and getting the sweat and signs of our night's activities off and washed away.
At breakfast, ma suggested that I might want to accompany Willie and Oom Jakob on the journey to take Willie to school. I looked at Willie to see if he would like that and got a definite smile and vigorous nod of the head. Then I asked ma if she would be ok while we were all gone.
"Of course dear, I have lots to do and it will help me to not have to think about looking to your needs while you are in the care of Jakobus." She answered me.
"How do you feel about riding all the way home with just me for company?" Oom Jakob asked.
"I don't know." I answered truthfully as the idea of that happening had not even entered my head. The fact that we were going to leave Willie at the school had not permeated into further calculations that it would be just me and Oom Jakob for the return trip.
"Well there is one way for him to find out." Willie said leaving the obvious answer unsaid.
"Ok, Pieter, its decision time. Do you want to come with Willem and me or do you want to stay at home with your ma?" Oom Jakob asked.
"I'll come with you." I answered, surprising myself because I actually was still not sure about the return trip.
"OK then, lets get everything in the bakkie and we will run Marie home and carry on from there." Oom Jakob said.

Oom Jakob carried Willie's trunk out to the bakkie and ma and I carried our overnight bags out and we all got in drove the short distance to my house where we dropped ma and our overnight stuff off and then Willie and I climbed up into the cab with Oom Jakob and off we went with me sitting in the middle between the two. The journey took a couple of hours as the school was in the nearest town big enough to warrant having a boarding school. This was my first time to see a school and I was amazed when Willie pointed out that all the buildings I could see were part of the school. He pointed out the boarding hostels and then the classes and finally the admin block where he said I needed to be careful not to go; as it usually meant that you were in trouble if you had to go to the admin block because that was where the masters' offices were. "More than likely you leave there with bruise stripes across your bum after a caning," he explained and Oom Jakob just smiled.
While Willie had been explaining all this to me, including what a caning was, Stephan and Johannes Du Preez arrived and Johannes shouted out a greeting to Willie as he got out their bakkie. Stephan had driven his younger brother in leaving their parents to carry out the work on the farm. Johannes and Willie then started to drag their trunks into the hostel while Stephan came across and chatted for a few moments with Oom Jakob. Oom Jakob spoke for a while and then realised I was still there and quickly introduced me and Stephan to each other. Even though he had all his clothes on, I got that tingling feeling in my cock when I looked at Stephan and this left me a little confused.

Johannes and Willie came back to join us and after saying our good byes to each other, Stephan got in his bakkie and left and we followed a short time after, once Oom Jakob had given his last instructions to Willie, reminding him to change his underwear everyday. This was said in a loud enough voice for others nearby to hear and Willie went bright red, while Johannes packed out laughing. Not having yet ever worn underwear, I did not understand the meaning of Oom Jakob's comment nor why it was both so embarrassing and amusing at the same time.
We left the school and drove into the town centre where Oom Jakob picked up some supplies for the farm and did some other business. We then went off to a tea room where Oom Jakob bought lunch for the two of us. After that we set off on the road to home.
We had only just cleared the town when Oom Jakob started to talk to me about what Willie and I had done together over the past few days when Willie had been helping me. Naively I talked about climbing trees and playing games and sleeping together.
"Did you touch each other?" he asked.
"I guess. When we were asleep or when he helped me up a tree or gave me hugs when I was sad." I answered.
"No, I mean did he touch you here," Oom Jakob asked as he leant over and put his hand over my package.
"No!" I lied. After all Willie had impressed on me the importance of not letting anyone else know we had done things down there.
Oom Jakob had not removed his hand from my package and he began to feel around as he asked, "Are you sure?" and then taking my cock out the leg of the shorts he began to stroke it like he had in the shower when I had slept over with them the last holidays. "Did he not have you do something like this to him?" Oom Jakob asked again and I could not say anything because I was too enthralled in having a man play with my doodle. I also did not make any moves to stop him and he took my acceptance of what he was doing and my silence as confirmation that I had done stuff with Willie.
"Do you like this?" Oom Jakob asked as he continued to wank me.
"Ja," I just managed to squeak out.
"Ok, take your shorts off. Don't worry no one can see and you will have them back on before we get home so your ma will not know." Oom Jakob ordered.
I did as I was bid and he had me slide over the bench seat a little closer to him so that he could reach me more easily. His hand was bigger and rougher than Willie's but he was just as gentle as he fondled my cock and balls and occasionally made a foray around towards my bum.
After about fifteen minutes of this he let go of my package and took my hand and guided it to pull his cock out of the leg of his shorts and then he asked me to massage his cock like he was doing to me. Like Willie he had also been circumcised and so his helmet stood out and I had to cover it with his pre-cum as it oozed from his cock to prevent it being rubbed raw. Once I was doing what he wanted me to do to his cock, he resumed fondling me and keeping me up without cumming. We were still like that when we turned off the main road and went through the gates for the farm. Pa had installed a cattle grid at the road gate and so we did not need to get out and open any gates yet as the road followed the fence line for a while and pa had simply fenced both sides of the road to where the road turned away from the fence line to begin cutting across the farm towards the farm houses. We still were a few miles from the houses at this point and totally out of view. When we came to the gate, Oom Jakob had me get out to open it. I reached down to get my shorts from the foot well where I had left them after taking them off, and Oom Jakob stopped me and told me to do it without shorts on. I found this to be quite sexy and of course remained standing by the open gate while Oom Jakob drove through and then I closed the gate and got back into the cab again. We drove for a short way and Oom Jakob pulled off the road into a fairly dense area of thorn scrub. Again I was ordered out of the car without my shorts on. Oom Jakob also got out and fishing behind the back rest of the seat he pulled out a picnic blanket and led me around to the front of the car. He spread the blanket out right in front of the bakkie and told me to take off my shirt and takkies and then lie down on the blanket.

I obeyed and then watched as Oom Jakob also stripped surprising me when he showed that he had no underwear to remove. When he was as naked as I was, he sat down on the blanket next to me and leaning forward a bit he took my hard cock into his fingers and began to masturbate me. After a while he asked me to do the same to his cock and I had to shift position a bit in order to reach his. His cut cock was already leaking pre-cum and I spread it over his cock head first and then as more and more became available, I moved the lube down his shaft till it was all as slick as a grease pole at the country fare. With all the stimulation I had had with him massaging me on the road and the thrill of being half naked in the bakkie while out on a public highway and now seeing and feeling his hard cock as I wanked it, I was soon tensing up and getting ready for an orgasm. Oom Jakob spat onto my cock and used his fingers to smear the spit around as I was not yet producing enough pre-cum to leak it out during the massage. With the slipperiness provided by the spit my heightened senses could not hold out any longer and I convulsed into my orgasm spitting out the one pearl of pre-cum I had managed to push along my cock for the spasm of orgasm to force out. Oom Jakob quickly bent down and licked the tiny drop up and then licked the end of my cock before he let my foreskin go forwards again to cover the sensitive end. Then he moved to kneel between my legs and started pumping his cock rapidly and a short while later gave a grunt as he shot a ribbon of cum out that left a dividing line down my body from my nose to my navel. He continued to wank his cock as he shot out more splattering my chest and tummy with dots of spunk.

With my mouth open I tasted the dribbles that ran into it from my nose and lips and then as he slowed on pumping his cock I scraped up some of the cum from my stomach and licked it off my fingers. When Oom Jakob noticed this he began to help me to scrape up the cum and let me suck it off his fingers while my fingers were scraping more up. When I was left with just smears on skin, Oom Jakob moved around and offered me the tip of his cock to clean also. I licked it and then sucked his head in to get the last drops off. Oom Jakob pulled his cock from my mouth and sitting back on his heels asked, "Did you like that?"
"Ja, it was nice." I answered.
"Good, you and I are going to be good friends." Oom Jakob said, "But now we must get home before your ma begins to worry."
I pulled my takkies on and then pulled my shirt over my head and went around to the cab of the bakkie to retrieve my shorts which were still lying in the foot well since I had shed them at Oom Jakob's request out on the road. I was about to put them on when Oom Jakob stopped me and said he wanted to have a bit longer to look at me before I hid it away in the shorts. So I sat on the seat of the bakkie and he got in behind the wheel and had me slide over closer to him so that he could reach my groin easily and fondle me some more. The houses were in sight before he stopped and told me to put my shorts on. Fortunately the struggle to get them on in the cab was enough to take my mind off of other things and by the time we pulled up outside my house, I was both dressed and soft. Oom Jakob delivered me over to ma and then after discussing some business with ma he took his leave and went to his house.

Ma and I worked on getting dinner ready together as she had sent the cook off for the rest of the day. I managed to carry the potatoes to the sink and wash them and that was about all I was allowed to do, but at least we were together. After dinner ma and I sat in the lounge for a little bit and then she said we needed to get to bed and so I went off to spend the first night since the accident alone in my bed. This was not actually as much of a problem as everyone feared and I was soon sound asleep as if I did not have a care in the world. Without knowing it at the time, this helped ma because she could see that I was coping and this left her with more time to spend on other concerns. Ma and I spent all of the next day, Wednesday, together as she drove around the farm to check on things and then came back to the house and left me to my own devices for the rest of the morning. This was not a problem to me as I was very used to having to entertain myself as I had generally been my sole company during the day ever since I could remember.

Thursday, Oom Jakob arrived as we were finishing our breakfast and suggested that I go with him for the day as I might as well start learning a bit of what it is like to look after a farm and the labourers.
Of course I knew that Oom Jakob had some other plans as well and I was eager to do that and so begged ma to let me go with him. Ma actually seemed grateful and so I hurried off and got some takkies on and a hat and then walked out the door with Oom Jakob wishing my mother a cheery good bye. I climbed into the cab and slid across the seat to be close to Oom Jakob with the certain knowledge of what he wanted. He got in the cab and told me to move over to the window a bit as we would not be able to do any of that yet. We set off going around the farm and Oom Jakob was pointing out things that I needed to learn and how as he was going around he was looking for where things needed to be repaired or sorted out. He showed me where one of the wooden fence poles was broken and how to repair it without getting hooked up on the barbed wire strands that made up the rest of the fence. We went to the dam and the pump houses and checked on the pumps and their fuel levels and Oom Jakob explained how with some of the up coming things we would not be able to do the checks on the regular day and so needed to make sure there was enough fuel to carry us over those days. He also explained to me how the water tanks the pumps fed all had level switches and when the water level fell below that switch it would turn the pump on automatically. Of course I was not going to take it all in, but at least I beginning to get an introduction into it. When lunch time came we were at the furthest point from the homestead we could be and still be on the farm. This was the cattle grazing land and we were checking the perimeter fence for damage that might need repair. I am sure Oom Jakob had planned it for us to be here at this time because where we were the dam had a little loop that bent around behind a hillock and left us in a very secluded spot. Out came the trusty picnic blanket and this was spread on the ground. Oom Jakob then produced our lunch hamper and said that if we wanted to get in a cooling swim we should do it before we eat as it is not safe to go swimming on a full stomach.

"Do you want to go swimming PP?" He asked me. Oom Jakob had started calling me PP instead of Pieter when we were not near ma, but in front of ma he called me Pieter.
"Ja, Oom Jakob, it will be nice." I answered.
"Good. Take your clothes off and leave them in the bakkie," Oom Jakob instructed me as he started to pull his shirt off. I watched and matched him as he took each garment off and because like me he was commando again we each had the same amount to take off. Naked he picked me up and carried me down to the water and after wading in a short way he threw me into the deeper water and then chased after me. Fortunately I can swim rather well and so this was not a problem for me. Oom Jakob caught up with me and grabbed me, he then dunked me and lifted me back up out of the water and swung me around to sit on his one shoulder facing forwards. His one hand held me by my arm to balance me on his shoulder while his other hand made a dive for my cock and began wanking me. I was delighted and let him carry on. He rubbed me until my cock was a hard nail sticking out of my crotch and then once again he threw me out into the water and chased after me catching me by slipping his hands down my body until he could latch on to my cock and balls again. I wriggled around and began to climb his body until my foot found a toe hold on top of his cock and then I let my foot slip down a bit with his cock being squeezed between my big toe and the one next to it. We played around in the water a bit longer and then Oom Jakob tucked me under his arm and carried me out onto the blanket. He kind of dumped down there and then began to wank me again. This time he spat onto my cock early on and played with it and my balls for some time before I hit an orgasm. Oom Jakob's cock was rock hard and he pulled my face towards it and had me lick it before sucking the end into my mouth. He worked away at fucking my mouth for quite a while and some times when he tried to get deeper penetration, I would gag and he would pull back. I am not sure how long it took, but it was some time before he began to tense up and moments later began pasting the inside of my mouth with his cum. I tried to swallow it but there was more than my mouth could keep up with and so some started to dribble out of the corners. When Oom Jakob eventually pulled his cock from my mouth, he saw the dribbles and used his fingers to feed the cum back to me. We then relaxed for a short while and stayed naked while we ate our lunch. Oom Jakob had brought a coke for me to drink with my lunch and beer for himself and he allowed me to have a small sip of his beer to get see what it tasted like. When he had finished his beer he held the can over my package and let the last drips run out and splatter onto my cock and balls. Then he pushed me back to lie down and lowered his head onto my cock and licked the drops of beer off before sucking me into his mouth and giving me a full blow job until I came. At the same time he was sucking my cock his hands were feeling and teasing my tits and my bum. But he still only massaged my rose bud and did not try to penetrate my bum with his finger. After I had cum again, we stayed lying there getting an all over sun tan for about half an hour. We packed up (or at least Oom Jakob packed up while I sat around looking pretty for him) and climbed into the bakkie again. Oom Jakob did not let me put any clothes on and we drove along the fence line checking it with me totally naked in the cab and him with just his shorts and vellies[i] on. Each time the rough track allowed for it, Oom Jakob would put his hand down between my legs and fondle me. Most of the time this kept me hard but on occasion the gap was long enough that I had begun to get soft before he was able to risk having only one hand on the wheel. It took us most of the afternoon to check the fence line and so I spent a few hours naked in the bakkie. Oom Jakob told me when to get dressed again and just before dinner time he delivered a very tired but extremely happy nearly twelve years old to his mother.

I was sent straight to the shower while Oom Jakob explained how good I had been and how much help I had been to him and that he would like to take me out on other days as well when the school work would allow for it. Ma said that she was sure she could work out a schedule that would allow me to go farming one day a week. This is what I heard as I walked out onto the veranda dressed only in my satiny sleeping shorts with my little cock tenting them out a bit as I was once again hard after it giving it a bit of a special wash in the shower. That night I would certainly sleep well.

[i] Vellies slang for Veld Skoen which directly translated is "bush shoe" and refers to a particular type of leather shoe that had a suede finish.