Jack and his PE teacher

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Jack was a 16 year old secondry school student living in London, England. He was tall, had black medium length hair (down just past his ears), green eyes and his body was skiny as he hated doing PE or any other excercise. For as long as he can remember he had a crush on his PE teacher, mr. Lintlowe who was short with black short hair, brown eyes and a very muscular body, and almost every night Jack would masturbate to sexual fantasies of his PE teacher.

On monday morning Jack got up for school and as his first lesson would be PE he decided to leave his kit at home in an attempt to avoid doing it. He got the bus to school and went into the changing rooms for registration and PE.
"Where's your PE kit Jack!" Shouted mr. Lintlowe.
"I forgot it, sir." replied Jack.
"You're going to stay behind after school and do the lesson with me." said mr. Lintlowe
"But sir, I'll miss the school bus." complained Jack
"So I'll drive you home myself." replied mr. Lintlowe
"OK sir" said Jack as he caved in to mr. Lintlowe.

Mr. Lintlowe always wore shorts and t-shirt, Jack knew that he never wore any underwear and sometimes Jack could swear he could see mr. Lintlowes shorts tenting slightly as he shouted at him. This nearly always made him horny and he just felt like getting onto his knees and ripping down mr. Lintlowes shorts and sucking him off...but fortunatly he was able to restrain himself.

When the rest of the day had finally gone and the last lesson had finished he went to the PE staff room to see mr. Lintlowe and to hope that he wouldn't get a massive hardon in front of him.
*knock* *knock*
"Enter!" Shouted mr. Lintlowe.
Jack slowly entered the staff room and mr. Lintlowe was the only person in there.
"Well Jack, thats the third time in two weeks you've forgotten your PE kit." said mr. Lintlowe.
"Sorry, sir" exclaimed Jack.
"Take these swim shorts Jack and follow me to the changing rooms." Jack took the swim shorts and followed mr. Lintlowe to the changing rooms.
"You get changed i'll be right back" said mr. Lintlowe.

Mr. Lintlowe had been gone for quite a while but he eventually came back with a second pair of swim shorts and started to take off his own clothes.
"What are you doing?" asked Jack, somewhat taken aback by seeing his fantasy guy stripping in front of him.
As mr. Lintlowe pulled off his shorts Jack could see that he already had a hardon and he quickly glanced at it then looked away but mr. Lintlowe had already seen him.
"Do you like that Jack?" asked mr. Lintlowe
"Yes" Jack replied reluctantly.
"Why don't you suck it?"
At those very words Jack fell to his knees and sucked mr. Lintlowes dick.
"Ooooh, aaaah" groaned mr. Lintlowe
"Mmmmmm, yes oh yes!" mr. Lintlowe began to shout.
"Suck it harder Jack...thats it all the way."
Jack could feel mr. Lintlowes dick hitting the back of his throat and he masturbated to the rythm. Mr. Lintlowes dick begain to throb.
"AAAAH! OOOOH! YES!! MMMMMMM!!!" and a long stream of cum came rushing down Jacks throat, one load after another and Jack came at exactly the same time and got cum all over the changing room floor. Then once it had finished Jack got up and mr. Lintlowe kissed him and finished putting on the swim shorts.
"Shall we go for a swim then?" Asked mr. Lintlowe.
"Yes mr. Lintlowe, sir" replied Jack.
"Don't call me mr. Lintlowe anymore. Call me Martin." said mr. Lintlowe.
"OK then, Martin" replied Jack.
They both smiled and walked out to the pool for a swim.
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