Jack and his PE teacher - Part 2

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Jack and Martin were in the pool swimming when Martin came up behind Jack and started kissing him. They both got instant hardons and Jack could feel Martins big dick touching and rubbing on his ass.
"That was great, Jack, you really are an expert at sucking guys." said Martin.
"You really think so?" replied Jack.
"Yeah, definitely. You wanna give me another session?" Martin asked.
With that Jack pulled down Martin's swim shorts underwater and removed them. He then proceeded to slowly caress Martin's dick and it got even harder, harder than in the changing room. Then Martin sat up on the poolside and Jack put his dick in his eagerly waiting mouth and began sucking him.

"Yeah! Ahhh! That feels so fuckin' good!"
"Ooooh, i'm gonna cum!" Screamed Martin.
With that Jack stopped sucking and asked Martin to get back into the pool, which he did. Jack then removed his swim shorts as well and he slowly began to press his asshole to the head of Martin's throbbing cock.
"Aaaah! Yeah!" Shouted Jack as he could now feel Martin's cock almost completely embedded inside him.
"Mmmmm" mumbled Martin.
Martin slowly began to thrust his hot, stiff cock backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards into Jack's asshole.

"Aaaah! Yeah! Ooooh! Mmmmm!" moaned Martin in pure pleasure as he fucked Jack.
"You like that?" asked Jack, moaning slightly under the amazing feelings he was experiencing.
"Oh yes!" Shouted Martin as a reply.
"Cum in my ass!"
"Ooooh! Yeah! AAAAH! I'm gonna cum!!"
Then Martin began to cum even more that when he was being sucked in the changing room. Jack came at exactly the same time, in the water and turned it slightly white.
"That was amazing." Stated Martin.
They both retreived their swim shorts and left the pool.
"What are we gonna do about the mess we made?" Asked Jack.
"Oh yeah, about that, unfortunatly there was a leakage in a pipe under the pool over the weekend and it caused the water to go slightly white." Replied Martin.
"Oh, what a shame" exclaimed Jack with a small chuckle.

They both re-entered the changing room, took a shower, dried off and put their clothes back on.
"So would you like to come round to my house over the weekend and stay for some extra lessons?" asked Martin.
"Yeah!" replied Jack almost instantly.
"OK then i'll drive you home and you can ask your parents and get some of your things together."
They both left the changing room and got into Martin's car smiling, as they drove off to go to Jack's house.

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